July 8, 1995

Freddie, Laura, Terry, Jan, SV, Tom and Cherie.

Q: Hello.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?
A: Tqv.

Q: (L) What does TQV mean?
A: Was interrupted.

[We were using a new table which required several adjustments. We finally gave up and got out the old table.]

Q: (L) Okay, what is your name, please.
A: Tora.

Q: (L) And, where are you from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) As you can see, we are doing the board this evening.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) We think it is a little more convivial. When Freddie is zonked out, he can’t participate.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, we have a number of questions. Is it alright to start questioning now?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there a Jewish conspiracy to subjugate the world?
A: Not Jewish, we have told of this extensively before, curious that you should need review so soon!

Q: (L) The only reason I ask this question is because JW was here for a long time today and [Laughter and groans] I whipped out my Dachau memorial book and laid it in his lap and we got into the thing, and he is just so convinced that there is a Jewish conspiracy to dominate and rule the world that I just thought I would throw the question out to see what further comments might be made about it other than the obvious. Thank you so much for that response. Next question: In reading about crop circles; I know that we have been told that they come from sixth density, but I would like to know the exact mode or mechanism by which they are made. Is it like electromagnetic imprinting, is it like a whirlwind. Can you tell us a little bit about how they are actually physically created?
A: Field transfer.

Q: (L) What kind of field?
A: Magnetic.

Q: (L) Are they transferred directly from sixth density to third density?
A: No.

Q: (L) Are they manifested by an object that has come into third density, such as a craft of some sort?
A: No.

Q: (L) Can you give us a clue here?
A: We can give “clue.”

Q: (L) Okay, what is the clue?
A: See Hoagland.

Q: (L) What does Hoagland say?
(T) He says that basically what we see in this density is a 3rd dimension reflection of 4th dimension and that it can be seen mathematically by looking at the cloud patterns on the different planets. If there was not another dimension above us, circular would be circular and the circular motion of the clouds would be maintained, but if it is a transfer from fourth density to third density, when you are looking at a fourth density object, what the third density version of it would look like would show a hexagonal figure with angles to it, and that the photographs from the Voyager Probe that show that the cloud patterns from the North and South poles of most of the planets are not circular, they are hexagonal.
(L) Okay, in sixth density, what are crop circles?
A: Thoughts.

Q: (L) Who is thinking these thoughts?
A: Yours truly.

Q: (L) Okay, if they are thoughts...
(J) They are messages so they could be thoughts before they are messages.
(T) Well, they have described sixth density as pure energy, therefore there is nothing physical in sixth density to reflect back through the densities. So the only thing that can come from there to here is thought. Because, that is all there is there.
(L) So, it is a field transfer of thought.
(T) So, when sixth density thinks and they pass that down, most likely skipping fifth density to fourth density, and then stepping down from fourth to third, we end up with a three dimensional crop circle. But what does a crop circle look like in fourth density?
A: “Look” is not point.

Q: (L) What is the point?
A: You need visual stimuli in order to remember.

Q: (L) Oh!
(J) What did it say, you need visual... ?
(L) So, in other words, these are thoughts designed to make us remember by looking at them?
A: Yours is a physical dependent existence.

Q: (J) Yes!
(L) Okay, if we made diagrams of the crop circles, and put them up on the wall and looked at them or meditated on them, would they do anything to our brains, our electromagnetic patterns, or would they bring up information from within for us?
A: Not likely.

Q: (L) Well, what are we supposed to do with them?
A: Nothing in particular.

Q: (L) Are they doing something to us?
(T) I had a feeling it was going that way...
A: Wait and see.

Q: (L) Okay. We have been talking a bit about the maze on the floor of Chartres Cathedral...
A: Your media resists, why? Suggest discussion.

Q: (L) The media resists crop circles and I know this is so because when I went to the Library to research them, there was not a single, solitary book, magazine or article on the subject of crop circles in the entire county system.
(J) There wasn’t anything in Barnes and Noble either.
(L) Now, the two books on the subject I do have, I had to order special. Why would the media resist crop circles?
(Susan) The same reason they resist everything else.
(F) But, they don’t resist everything else as much as crop circles.
(T) Are we looking at this from the wrong perspective? They’re not resisting or overlooking them any more than anybody else does. We were just told that crop circles themselves were not important to us.
(F) I don’t think that is what they meant.
(L) I said what are we supposed to DO with them, and they said nothing in particular.
(F) And then you asked if they were going to have any effect on us and they said “Wait and see.” (T) Could this be because no one is supposed to pay any attention to them? Is this part of it. Maybe we are looking for something that is not there by saying “Oh, the media does not recognize them and do a bunch of stories about them and alert everybody to them. Maybe they are not supposed to. Maybe the circles are supposed to work on their own without major attention.
(F) I don’t think so.
(L) Here is something I got of the net recently. “To some people, the circles which began appearing about a decade ago represent the handiwork of extraterrestrial invaders or crafty tradesmen bent on mischief after an evening at the pub, or even hordes of graduate students driven by mad professors. To others, the circles suggest the action of microwave generated ball lightening, numerous whirlwinds or some other peculiar atmospheric phenomena. These scenarios apparently suffered a severe blow late last summer when two elderly landscape painters, David and Doug admitted to creating many of the giant, circular wheat-field patterns that cropped up over the last decade in southern England. The chuckling hoaxers proudly displayed the wooden planks, ball of string, and primitive sighting device they claimed they had used to construct the circles. But this newspaper orchestrated, widely publicized admission didn’t settle the whole mystery. Gerald Hawkins, a retired astronomer who now divides his time between an apartment in Washington and a farm in Woodville, felt compelled to write last September to Dave and Doug, asking how they managed to discover and incorporate a number of ingenious, previously unknown, geometric theorems of a type that appear in antique textbooks, into their “artwork” in the crops. He concluded his letter as follows: “The media did not give you credit for the unusual cleverness behind the designs and the patterns.” And then he says that he is finding ratios of small whole numbers that precisely match the ratios defining diatomic scale. These ratios produce the eight tones of an octave in the musical scale corresponding to the keys on the piano. That was surprise number one, he said. He began looking for geometrical relationships among the circles, rings and lines and then he found that measurements reveal that the ratio of the diameter of the large circles is drawn so that it passes through the centers of the three original circles to the diameter of one of the original circles, and is close to 4 to 3. What he discovered were geometric relationships which simply are not taught anymore in the modern math. And yet, essentially he says that these guys that came forward and claimed that they did it could not possibly have done it.
(F) Well, the thing that is so strange to me is that since 1992 there hasn’t been any reporting in the American media about this phenomenon at all.
(Laura to Tom) Is there any way you could check that? [Tom is a reporter with a major newspaper.]

(TF) I already have.
(L) You have? What have you found?
(TF) There’s a lot. (L) What is it and what does it say? When?
(TF) I didn’t notice the dates. I didn’t notice if there was any turned out after 1992...
(F) There’s not...
(TF) I liked my photo so much I had someone check it out. One of the librarians. Some things you call up you get material that is that thick... this is only this thick. [Indicates file thickness large to small] (L) So, there is something?
(TF) But I don’t know what years any of it is.
(F) Well, it is not after 1992, I can assure you because I have been keeping very close track.
(TF) I know it hasn’t been in the news. I don’t remember seeing anything in the news for several years.
(F) It hasn’t been here, but it has been in Britain.
(TF) Right!
(F) It is very strange when we are hooked up to the cable news channels that there has been a television black-out on it here. The other thing is Linda Howe showed the new ones from 1994 and they are more spectacular than any that have appeared. Now, if these artists are still going around doing this...
(T) This is strange, Michael made me copies of Cornet’s lecture and Linda Howe’s lecture. When I played the tapes, the Cornet tape was fine. Mike’s equipment is good. But the Linda Howe lecture didn’t record. I have two hours of black with flashes of light crisscrossing the tape. I called Mike and told him and he said, oh boy, I did it late at night and must have hit the wrong switch.
(L) Well, I hate to get paranoid, but, do you suppose this Dave and Doug were set up to make this claim so that the media would have an answer they could tout and then just drop the whole thing? If so, why?
(F) Because it’s too frightening. I remember in 1991 and 1992 this thing was heating up and heating up.
(TF) That’s true.
(F) It was unusual because this type of subject matter is usually not attended by the mainstream media to any great extent. When there is a big UFO wave there might be a little blurb about strange lights reported by various people. This subject was actually focused upon by all of the major networks, it was on all of the major wire services, it was everywhere. All of a sudden, these two drunken artists appeared and they all said: “Oh! That’s it! Okay, forget about it.” That was so strange because my impression of journalists has always been, at least it used to be, that they want to dig up the truth, and here, mere placebo, surface type explanations that don’t explain anything and which are not adequate, suddenly caused them to lose interest. It would be like Watergate: “Oh, the 18 minute gap... well, Mary what’s-her-name stepped on the pedal. Oh, okay, no problem!” Obviously that didn’t happen! This just didn’t make logical sense for those of us who had looked at the crop circles, and even people who don’t follow this type of subject matter closely, who I have talked to, people who brush off the subject of UFOs, have told me that this explanation just doesn’t add up! These two guys did all of this under the noses of thousands of researchers who were trying like the dickens to see anything that happened in the middle of the night - in the middle of this, a simple, ridiculous if you get right down to it, explanation is offered and the whole subject is brushed off?!
(J) And, the explanation would only work if the crop circles were within their physical reach logistically speaking.
(F) Well, not only that, if you have ever calculated what is involved, they started in 1973 with just a handful throughout the summer and by 1992 it was hundreds all over the planet. These guys would have to be working non-stop, 24 hours a day, flying all around the globe... [laughter] ...and I thought, how can they accept this brush-off explanation? The other thing is, you would expect, obviously if that were the true explanation, as crazy as it seems, if they could actually, physically do this all by themselves, which is physically and mathematically impossible, but never mind that; it has happened since then. If these two guys are pulling a hoax and nobody is going to pay any more attention, why would they bother to continue to do it each and every summer since that time. Wouldn’t somebody catch them by now? There are just a hundred arguments against this explanation that come to mind. Yet, in this country it is completely ignored. My own theory is that it is too sensitive an issue. Here is something that can be photographed.
(L) It proves that there is somebody else out there.
(F) It doesn’t prove it...
(J) there’s something else going on...
(F) I don’t think it proves it, but it makes it very hard to ignore. As I have stated before, my father was a physicist and he was also a skeptic. A very brilliant man... when we would see on television... I remember one night in particular, we saw a very comprehensive segment on crop circles, and he actually got angry when I pointed out to him that this phenomenon seemed awfully bizarre, awfully intense, widespread and so on. He tried to brush it off: “Oh, I think it is a fad,” were the words he used. This is a scientist!
(L) He dove headfirst into the deepest river in the world! Denial.
(F) Like a whirlwind is going to form a pattern like an intricate geometric figure? Come on! Sure! He grasped that whirlwind theory and when I pointed out to him that this was not logical, he got angry which I perceived as fear. Being very defensive because it stabbed into the heart of his whole life’s work.
(L) That right there is the answer, culturally speaking.
(F) Exactly!
(L) It stabs into the heart of materialism.
(F) In this country somebody does not want this to be reported on because you can’t brush it off. You can brush off UFOs... well, not if you really study the issue, but if you don’t pay too much attention to it you can brush it off...
(J) Because there is no physical evidence. You have evidence with crop circles. They are there. You can see them.
(L) And, they are astonishing! Just to look at them is astonishing!
(F) Any of them, really, except for the very simplest ones, I mean, just using pure, simple logic, who would have the time, the energy, the expertise to do these things...
(J) And to do it in the dark, without any light...
(F) And in just short periods of time! It just doesn’t make sense. Just imagine, Mr. French, it is your assignment to go out into the wheat fields of England, in the dark and to make this intricate figure... (TF) I would ask them to do it for me and show me how they did it! (F) Right!
(Susan) I don’t know if it was Sightings or Encounters, but one time they had a segment on crop circles in Mexico, and they even appear on rock cliffs...
(F) Yes, and it’s happening in Puerto Rico. And, the alleged report on this one was that Army type vehicles came in and destroyed it so people couldn’t see it. Which leads me to believe, with my suspicious mind, that somebody doesn’t want this stuff going on, for whatever reason.
(L) Yes, what are you going to do with a population that suddenly asks you: “Well, you’re in charge; what is this? What’s going on?” And, you can’t answer them. You have lost credibility as the authority.
(F) And, none of the answers you can come up with are safe. It offends the church because they can’t explain it. It offends the scientific community because they can’t explain it.
(L) Yes, the church calls everything they can’t explain “The Work of the Devil.”
(T) Which one?
(L) We think we have come up with an answer. Are we anywhere on the right track?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Anything further you would like to add to what we have said?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, we have really kind of worn out the subject at this point. Going on to the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral, we have the idea to reproduce this and use it.
(J) Is this in the same line as the concept of the spiral and spinning?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Which figure would be the most advantageous to use, the spiral, the cho ku rei or the labyrinth?
A: You did not ask preliminaries.

Q: (L) What is the source of this labyrinth?
A: Open.

Q: (L) What preliminaries do you want? Who built it?
A: Open.

Q: (L) What preliminaries do you want?
A: We would ask the same of you.

Q: (J) Great!
(L) What we want to know about this particular figure is if it is beneficial to walk, to use...
A: Okay, now we are on the right track! Up to you to discover.

Q: (L) So, you are not going to give us anything on the spiral, we have to play with it.
A: And experiment, that is one method for learning.

Q: (T) Well, it wasn’t a real good question as to whether or not I was going to do anything with it as a group, I was already going to do something with it.
(L) Well, then they are not going to tell us anything if that is already in the works.
(T) I knew it as soon as I picked up the book, I said “We’ve got to do this. This is not a choice here, this is something we’ve got to do.”
(L) Okay, is there any information you can give us about this figure. What does it mean? [Displays written glyph given to Jan by Ken Eagle Feather.]
A: Creator implies importance.

Q: (L) So, the person who drew this implied importance?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it, in fact, important or significant?
A: Open.

Q: (T) What do the symbols mean?
(L) Well, the sideways figure eight is the symbol for eternity, this is just a triangle...
(J) Is it an equation...
(T) Is it a formula?
A: One question at a time.

Q: (L) Is it a formula?
A: The creation is, because it was created.

Q: (T) What does the triangle symbolize?
A: You are not grasping message.

Q: (J) I guess not.
(L) Well, I got that the guy who drew it wanted it to be seen as mysterious and wanted to imply that there was something important and mysterious about it when, in fact, it is just a meaningless drawing?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Okay, so it has no meaning whatsoever?
A: Incorrect.

Q: (L) It has meaning, the meaning the person who drew it implied into it. In terms of being a mathematical formula, I can tell you right now that it is not that.
A: Ask creator for meaning.

Q: (T) So, only the person who drew it knows what it means.
(L) Because he is the one who drew it. Without the meaning he gave it, it has none.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Next question. Are you still with us?
A: As always.

Q: (L) Thank you. There is a phenomenon going on today where a lot of people have accused their parents of childhood abuse which is later proven to be false, and it causes a lot of problems. This has led to a lot of problems about the practice of hypnosis...
A: Preconceived notions by biased therapists, i.e. the improperly used power of suggestion.

Q: (L) This has led to much speculation that all UFO abduction memories are false memories, and that hypnosis, itself, in general is a useless or flawed technique. Is there any possibility that many of the people who think that they have been abducted by aliens are merely responding to the suggestions of the therapists?
A: Two concepts at once.

Q: (L) Is there any possibility that certain people think they have been abducted and they have not?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it possible for a therapist to suggest these ideas into someone’s mind through hypnosis and have them...
A: Yes.

Q: (T) It can work the other way around, too.
(L) What do you mean?
A: What do you mean?

Q: (T) You asked if some people who think they have been abducted were actually abused and they said “yes.”
(L) No, that’s not what I asked.
(T) What did you ask.
(L) I asked if some people thought they had been abducted who had not been abducted, or if some people thought they had been abducted and the idea had been planted in their mind by the therapist. And, they said “yes.”
(T) Okay, have some people who thought they have been abused not been abused. The same question only using the word abused, instead of abducted?
A: Already answered yes.

Q: (L) But, the next question is: Are there some people who have been abducted who think they have been abused?
A: All combinations exist.

Q: (L) Is there any...
(T) It depends on the therapist and what the therapist believes as to the results of the therapy...
(J) Yeah, are relying heavily on Freud?
A: No. Depends upon actions of therapist, not beliefs.

Q: (L) Is there any particular personality type that is more likely to be abducted than another?
A: Ridiculously open question.

Q: (L) Well, I didn’t want to lead!
(J) We have an anniversary coming up.
(L) Yeah, I know. The sixteenth.
(J) No, I mean OUR anniversary, Terry’s and mine. (L) Oh.
(J) Your anniversary is on the 16th and ours is on the 17th.
A: Same.

Q: (L) What do you mean, “same?”
(J) Well, you would have started on the evening of the 16th but worked into the early hours of the 17th.
A: Yes.

Q: (J) Good grasp of Time!
(L) Okay, back to the question. What I want to know is; in all of the articles I have been reading about abduction, there are many that claim that persons who experience abduction are of such and such a personality type, i.e. fantasy prone. Well, I am definitely not a fantasy prone personality and I don’t think the others here are either.
A: What is a “personality type?”

Q: (L) Well, I don’t really think there is such a thing if you want to get down to it.
(T) Let’s just say that the personality types are something developed by individual researchers to pigeonhole people for statistical analysis. It really has nothing to do with abduction itself.
(J) Or anything else.
A: Good one, Terry!

Q: (L) I was talking to my cousin the other night when I was up in the boondocks, and we were talking about abductions and UFOs and space/time and so forth. He made the remark that he thought that it was very likely that there was another universe where this one “ends” in which the constant of light was the “minimum.” Is this a valid or usable concept?
A: Too simplified.

Q: (T) What did they tell us before about the speed of light? That the speed of light is a “time” measurement and time only exists in our illusion, therefore there is no speed of light.
(L) So, there would be a state where the constant was not a “speed” but just what is. There is no speed of light because there is no time.
A: All imaginable combinations exist because they are imagined!

Q: (J) I like that.
(L) Okay, on December 9, 1965, there was a reported UFO crash at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. This was purported by the military to be a crash of a Soviet spy satellite. There is a lot of stuff that has gone around about this and it was even portrayed on “X-Files.” Was the event that occurred on December 9, 1965, in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, a crash of a UFO?
A: Define please “UFO?”

Q: (L) A UFO as in “Alien space craft.”
A: Close.

Q: (L) It was not a Soviet spy satellite?
A: No.

Q: (L) Now, you say “close.” What, specifically, was it?
A: We have taught you new methods of imaging, we are patiently waiting for you to use them!

Q: (L) What do you mean “new methods of imaging?”
(T) To talk about it?
(L) We don’t know enough about it... that’s all we know.
(T) Well, working with what we know about it we could probably talk it out and figure out what it was.
A: Density 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, now, how does the concept of “craft” apply here?

Q: (L) Was it a projection? A trans-dimensional atomically remolecularized object?
A: Closer.

Q: (L) Piloted by, I would assume, the Grays?
(T) Not necessarily.
A: ! If you prefer.

Q: (T) Well, if it was a craft as they have been telling us, brought in from 4th density, it would be the Lizards or someone else of the other side, the Union.
A: The point is the mode of transfer.

Q: (L) Okay, so it may be that it didn’t crash there, it was... did something happen and something came through the dimensional curtain? Is that it?
(T) Well, it didn’t crash, it landed! Or materialized, or became solid.
(L) I think NORAD tracked it.
(J) It was seen as a fireball.
A: Colder.

Q: (T) Okay, this is just a theory, a thought, just something I am throwing out here, nothing positive... the military was “Johnny on the spot.” They made a big production of hauling it out of there and threatening everyone. What if it was put there, or sent here for them? No that it crashed, but it was something being sent from there to there and the Uncle came and picked it up?
A: No.

Q: (L) The point is the “mode of transfer.”

(T) The point is that it was “cross density.”
(J) Well, we know that they all are “cross density.”
(T) No, not all of them, some of them come from this density.
(L) The point is the “mode of transfer.” What are they trying to say?
(T) It was materialized here from 4th density. It didn’t fly here.
(L) Okay, it was not a UFO because it never “flew.”

(T) The trail that was seen coming in was it materilizing into the atmosphere.
(L) Actually, it was materializing in the same spot, the atmosphere moved.
(T) There was a visible path left...
(J) I think we should stop using the term “UFO.”
A: Isn’t this fun?!

Q: [Laughter and groans] (L) Okay, what is the point?
(T) The point is the “mode of transport.”
(L) Okay, it was projected through the dimensional curtain; it was a time traveler...
A: The point is why look for “nuts and bolts.” Do you want to join Gene and his

Q: (L) So, in other words... are you saying that something happened and the military went in and DIDN’T get anything?
A: No.

Q: (T) Okay, we are trying to figure out the “mode of transport” and why it was significant.
(L) Was this something that the military knew was going to happen at that place and that time?
A: Maybe, but still not issue behind this query.

Q: (L) Well, what is the issue? I just wanted to know if the blasted thing was a UFO or a spy satellite? Was it not a crash?
(T) It was REPORTED as a crash, but we don’t know if it crashed or landed.
(J) We don’t know what really happened.
(L) Was it a crash of a craft?
A: What defines “crash.”

Q: (L) Did it do something it didn’t want to do? [Laughter] A crash is when you go bongo-zongo without intending to.
A: Do thought forms crash?

Q: (L) I guess not.
(J) Okay! It was a thought form; it came through the density and yet they hauled something away on a truck. What did they haul away on a truck? Or, did they haul away something?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What did they haul away?
(Susan) Thoughtform! [Laughter]
A: Sorry! 64,000 dollar question!

Q: (L) I hate it when they do that!
(T) What did they haul away. They hauled away an object...
A: How do you learn if we don’t?

Q: (J) What?
A: Do “that!”

Q: (J) I guess the point is that we don’t really know what the military moved!
(L) We don’t know if they hauled anything away at all. It is all rumor.
(J) Exactly.
(T) The only thing known is that on December 9, the residents of Kecksburg, PA saw something come down, or thought they saw something come down...
(J) A light come down...
(T) They saw the military come in...
(J) And they saw something come out...

(T) And they saw the military take something away...
(J) So, what does that tell you?
(T) There are residents who said they saw a large, metallic object in the woods, and we only know what they said they saw... Most of the town and the police department and the fire department did see the military come in because they commandeered the fire department...
(L) Okay, here’s what we know: “The case in question involves the alleged crash of the so-called ‘Kecksburg UFO’ recently featured in magazines and even re-enacted on television. The ‘acorn’ shaped object supposedly fell to the ground in Western Pennsylvania on December 9, 1965. As the story goes, Air Force search teams cordoned off the wooded area and hauled a large object away. It was later reportedly seen at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio...” How come everything goes to Wright-Pat, for God’s sake! What a boring place! “One suggested identity for the mysterious intruder was the Soviet Cosmos 96 satellite which actually did fall back into the atmosphere that day. But, according to Air Force spokesmen, that craft had plummeted 12 hours earlier over another part of the planet. It was a shame, of course, because Cosmos 96 would have been a wonderful UFO... In May of 1991 the Pittsburg Press decided to verify the Air Force claims on its own. Toward that end, reporters obtained official space tracking data from the archives of NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain. The decades old data finally arrived in the form of 8 snapshots of the satellite’s orbital position. The last snapshot, when projected forward into space and time by a leading satellite watcher who does not want his name revealed, seemed to confirm the official Air Force account. But, going on a hunch and tapping my own expertise in space operation and satellite sleuthing, I decided to check the data myself. The released tracking data could not be positively identified with pieces of the failed probe. Why in the world would our government lie? In the 1960’s U.S. Military intelligence agencies, interested in enemy technology, were eagerly collecting all the Soviet missile and space debris that they could find. International law required that the debris be returned to the country of origin. The hardware of Cosmos 96 was it’s special missile warning shielding; too valuable to give back. Hardline skeptics still doubt that anything at all landed in Pennsylvania. Robert Young, an investigator from Harrisburg, keeps finding new ‘holes’ in the claims of witnesses. ‘I am now more convinced than ever that nothing came down in Kecksburg,’ he says. And, arch-skeptic, Phillip Klass...” [Hooray, Phil!] “...attributes the NORAD data to foul-ups, not cover-up. But those of us who study the relationship between U.S. Military Intelligence and the former Soviet Union, still wonder, after all, what better camouflage than to let people think the fallen object was NOT a Soviet Probe, but, rather, a flying saucer. The Russians would never suspect; the Air Force laboratories could examine the specimen at leisure and, if suspicion lingered, UFO buffs could be counted on to maintain the phony cover story protecting the real truth.” And that is all we know about the purported Kecksburg landing.
(T) Why would anyone fly in a small, acorn-shaped capsule?
(L) They wouldn’t want to fly in it. And, remember, it can appear very small on the outside but be huge on the inside.
(T) And, they hauled something away that may or may not have... whatever it was, it went over! Something went over at that time. My folks saw it when it passed over the Great Lakes! I missed it. I was over at a friend’s house. We walked out of the house ten minutes after it happened and everybody was saying: “Did you see that! Did you see that!” How about this: The mode is the important thing. Let’s just lump all non-human types under the word “alien.”

(J) Let’s use “non-terrestrial.”

(L) No...
(T) No, you can’t use “non-terrestrial.” Could this have been a human experiment using technology from WWII, from the Einstein work, the Philadelphia Experiment Work, could they have been messing with something and it came down where it wasn’t supposed to?
(L) Good question!
(T) It was described as a small acorn-shaped capsule, a lot like what we shooting up at that time on rockets...
(J) That’s right!
(L) Is Terry on to something here?
A: Maybe...

Q: (T) Was this a continuation of the Philadelphia and Montauk work?
A: Now this poses some interesting questions, does it not?

Q: (T) Yes it does. That was 30 years ago!
A: Do you want to be the ones who tear away the veil?

Q: (T) Sure! I’m always into veil tearing!
A: Are you sure that is wise?

Q: (T) If we don’t start tearing some veils away from some of these questions, we are not going to be able to progress much farther. You keep toying with this and then you tell us it is too dangerous.
A: Not point. It is okay to learn truths for yourselves, is it wise to do it for all others?

Q: (L) Is this another one of the things we can’t tell.
(T) No, I think that was
more aimed at the fact that it is okay for ME to learn truths, but do I want to expose you all here...
(L) No, I think it is more that other people don’t want to know it...
(J) Or aren’t ready.
(L) If the government is, in fact...
(T) Well, that was 30 years ago, and if it was a...
A: Who is the “government?”

Q: (T) Well, I suppose that if we saw a list of names of who is the real government, we wouldn’t know who any of them were! They are certainly never on the ballot.
(L) Okay, what we have so far is that this was not a UFO in the sense of being a craft, but that it may have been an object that the government was playing with in their own little experiments in moving things through space-time...
(J) And they weren’t real good at it.
(L) They screwed up! Okay, next question: Is it possible to create resistance to abduction by generating sound? Like an internal sound?
A: Vague.

Q: (L) Well, this article I was reading said that different people used several
techniques where they think it has helped them to halt or avoid abduction by “aliens.” One is to generate an “internal” sound, a high-pitche “thought hum,” and another is to invoke angelic spirits such as the Archangel Michael, and another is to “Just Say No,” and these people think they have avoided being abducted thereby. Are any of these usable techniques?
A: Potpourri.

Q: (T) Sweet smelling dried flowers are potpourri.
A: Sage, salt, ooohm, any other rituals you like?

Q: (L) In other words, nothing works?
(T) It’s not going to stop them! I keep a heavy shield around the house and all that stuff and they still get through!

A: How about the hula hoop dance with green peppers stuck up your nose!
[Hilarious laughter]

Q: (T) Thirty-three times! Mirth! [Tom French sits at board] (TF) Freddie, what is it you feel that you do here?
(L) Ecstasy! Sorry!
(Freddie) Well, you will feel it shortly. It is not like you feel anything, really.
(L) When you put your fingers on, usually just two, you want to put them on lightly but firmly. You don’t want to create any drag, yet you want contact. Most people usually put too much pressure or not enough and it either leaves them behind or they stop the motion. Well, the rest of the UFO loonies are not going to want to hear this because they all like to think that they have all kinds of techniques of resistance and they have these psychotronic weapons and machines, and they think they are all-powerful with tricks up their sleeves...
(T) Mike has a UFO detector in a cigarette pack.
(TF) What?!
(L) Yeah. Mike Forte, our nemesis.
(T) He has an electronic thing he carries around in a cigarette pack which he says beeps or something when UFOs are in the area!
(Freddie) It is funny that you should mention that because when we were at the MUFON meeting in Clearwater, I did hear a distinct, high-pitched beep coming from him.
(TF) Who did he say it to?
(L) Oh, he’s told everybody!
(J) Is it anything like a B.S. detector?
(TF) Now, if I start reading out the lyrics from “Born to Run,” you know there’s something wrong.
(T) It’s a lizard. [Discussion of lizards, roaches and toads] (L) Alright, now, reading about the Linda Cortile case, the woman supposedly abducted out of a high-rise apartment building; rumored to have taken place in the sight of Javier Perez de Cuellar and his bodyguards and driver.
(TF) The U.N. guy.
(L) Was the man who witnessed this really Javier?
A: Yes, but not only one.

Q: (L) So, there were others? Okay, of the two people who were supposed to be the bodyguards of the “VIP,” one of them exhibited some extremely bizarre behavior after this event. What was the cause of this bizarre behavior? Was it him trying to freak-out Linda Cortile, or was he simply freaked out himself?
A: Simple shock.

Q: (L) So, he was having a hard time dealing with it himself. During the discussion of this case, it seems that this particular incident really involved a mass abduction because a number of women in the neighborhood have subsequently claimed that they not only were abducted at the same time on the same night, but that during the course of time that they were being taken to this craft, they saw other women walking out on the street together. Was this, in fact, a mass abduction?
A: Some was hysteria.

Q: (L) Do mass abductions ever occur?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Did Linda Cortile make up any of this story.
A: Open.

Q: (T) Is Budd Hopkins ever going to come out with the story?
A: Open.

Q: (L) I read a recent article by a woman named Dr. Hulda Clark, and she claims that all cancer, depending upon certain variations, is caused by parasites.
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, if Hulda Clark’s theory isn’t it, what is the cause of cancer?
A: There are many causes.

Q: (L) Well, the reason I asked is because TG has had to go back to Houston for tests because of pain in his arm. Is this, or is he heading toward, a recurrence of his cancer?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there anything that can be done in that situation? [Tom suggests that he and Freddie work alone and Laura removes her fingers.]
A: Open.

Q: (Susan) In the bodywork I have been doing, I have found myself doing a lot of spiralling on people’s bodies. I have been getting great results, but I was wondering about the difference between moving clockwise and counter- clockwise?
A: Careful!

Q: (Susan) Well, I better not do that anymore!
(L) No, they just said to be careful.
(Susan) Well, is there any difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise?
A: Suggest learn more.

Q: (Susan) How do I learn.
(Tom to Freddie) Do you feel it moving and your fingers sort of follow or do you feel something generating through your fingers telling them where to go?
(F) No, I don’t feel anything generating through my fingers.
(L) No, none of us feels anything at this point. Which is not to say that the fingers involved are not moving the planchette. It is just wholly unconscious.
A: Need energy flow.

Q: (L) I guess they are saying that they need the energy flow of the different people or that the movement is an energy flow through us. There have been occasions where the planchette has flown off the table out from under everybody’s fingers. Anything else, Sue?
(Susan) Yes, from whom do I get this training?
A: Look, listen, open!

Q: (L) Okay, you can experiment on me!
A: Carefully.

Q: (Susan) Is there any danger in doing this?
A: Maybe.

Q: (T) Is it because the spiral pattern creates an energy flow that is too
strong for the person?
A: Close.

Q: (T) Has this technique been used before?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is it being used now by anyone besides Susan?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is this someone in our area?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Any other questions?
(TF) Last time I asked about the mountain dream. I would like to know if there was anything behind my father’s “M” dreams? Dreams in which he was repeatedly terrorized by the letter “M.”
(L) You asked that the last time and I think they said it had something to do with the war.
A: Open.

Q: (L) Anything before we shut down?
(T) What was the purpose of the attack that we were under?
(L) The purpose?
A: Already told you this.

Q: (T) Here?
(L) It’s in the transcript.
(J) Yes. It’s in the transcript, did you read it? And I thought it was very interesting. I didn’t realize that you guys were doing the session, and right at the point where it says “Terry needs to discuss...” the phone rang and it was us calling.
(L) That whoe issue was ....
A: To discover.

Q: (L) They said at that time that the attack was to break up the group and that all attack was essentially rooted in attack on faith. Did you read that part?
(T) Yes, but it didn’t make sense.
(L) Well, they said if you look back over the pattern, all attack is an attack on faith.
A: Yes.

Q: (T) What faith were they attacking?
A: Open. Discover.

Q: (T) Was I being prevented from learning something about the information gathering process?
A: Up to you to discover.

Q: (L) Well, it will sort itself out.
(T) It wasn’t an attack on the group. And it wasn’t an attack on me that would really make a difference one way or another. Was it a practice attack?
(TF) Who was behind the mask at the Veiled Prophet Ball? It is a coming out ball in St. Louis for debutantes.
(L) Is it someone who is dressed up?
(TF) They are just there and preside over the ball.
A: Victor Moeller.

Q: (TF) This is before I was born.
(J) Interesting that they give a name!
(TF) Can’t get much more specific than that! It was 1958.
A: Goodnight.

End of Session


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July 19, 1995

Freddie Direct Channeling, Laura, SV

Q: When the connection is complete will you indicate by saying “I am ready.” Are you ready?
A: Yes. [Positional adjustments made]

Q: (L) We have several questions this evening. Who do we have with us?
A: You keep requesting a name. Remember this mode of communication has different qualities and different necessities, therefore identification by name is not necessary.

Q: (L) What is the protocol?
A: Protocol is not the word. Protocol suggests restriction. There is no restriction here. It is merely a different mode of communication.

Q: (L) Why does there seem to be difficulty in transmission right now? [Freddie is talking very low and slowly.]
A: That is your perception only.

Q: (L) Ordinarily the voice is strong and clear...?
A: Your perception, however the voice will become stronger and clearer as the session progresses as has been the case in each of the previous sessions using this particular type of communication, also one possible problem may be physical blockages of the sound wave paths.

Q: (L) Caused by what?
A: The physical obstructions in front of the pathway. [We make adjustments with pillows.]

Q: (L) Is that better?
A: The results will be up to you to determine.

Q: (L) Alright. Our first question is: In a previous session we were given a small dissertation on the process of abduction. It was described for us in some detail. Now, what we would like to know is, if our souls are abducted from our bodies and then used as a pattern for remolecularization in fourth density, is there ever, at any time, a remolecularized clone that is retained in fourth density even after the soul has been returned to its original body?
A: No, it’s not possible.

Q: (L) So, they don’t keep a pattern or clone of any of us after they have abducted us, “they” being a general term?
A: No.

Q: (L) Okay. Is any process used to affect us at a distance from fourth density?
A: That question is vague.

Q: (L) Do any of the STS beings have the ability to cause us physical problems, or mental or emotional problems when not in direct contact with us?
A: Certainly.

Q: (L) How is this done?
A: A number of different methods used.

Q: (L) Can you describe the most frequently used methods?
A: That’s a non-applicable question.

Q: (L) What do you mean?
A: There is no frequency determination by way of mathematical calculation.

Q: (L) So any and all methods may be used at any given time?
A: That is correct.

Q: (L) Could you give us one or two examples of how this is done?
A: There are many: sound wave manipulation of the ultra high frequency range would be one.

Q: (L) What do these sound waves in the ultra high frequencies do?
A: They can alter chemical balances within the body of the subject, thereby also the brain, using the physical path to cause distress by altering these chemical imbalances into place.

Q: (L) Do these ultra-high frequency sound waves ever carry messages in terms of pre-coded suggestions that are triggered by these waves?
A: Messages are not carried in ultra-high frequency sound waves. Now, you are
talking about an entirely different method.

Q: (L) Could you describe this method to us?
A: This would be very complex and time consuming for you, but also, there is one more method used than what your mental capacities are able to perceive.

Q: (L) And what is that?
A: There’s no possibility for an adequate response since the information would not be perceptible for you.

Q: (L) I don’t understand. You say there is one more method that would be beyond our ability to perceive...
A: That’s correct. If you cannot perceive it, how can you expect to understand it?

Q: (L) Well, perhaps if we were helped to understand it we would learn to perceive it and could thereby negate it.
A: The best analogy would be trying to explain calculus to a two-year old. Would this be possible?

Q: (L) To a very clever individual, possibly.
A: And would it be possible for the two-year-old human to perceive calculus correctly?

Q: (L) If the two-year-old human was extremely bright.
A: Well, now you are adding conditions into a situation which were not there to begin with.

Q: (L) Well, my question is: why mention something that is non-perceivable and unexplainable if it cannot be discussed?
A: It still can be documented, can it not?

Q: (L) Well, how do we document it?
A: Exactly as given.

Q: (L) If we don’t know what we are looking for, how can we document it?
A: Exactly as explained. There is one method which cannot be perceived by you. Is it not possible to document that as such?

Q: (L) If documentation is simply writing that there is one method that we cannot perceive.
A: Precisely.

Q: (L) And then others will come along and ask: “What is it?” And we will have no answer. Not even a remote estimation of what it could possibly be. And that is a highly unsatisfactory condition to be in, to have a hint...
A: It is? What about all the other answers that were once questions?

Q: (L) Well, they are far more satisfactory since they have now become knowledge.
A: How did they become knowledge?

Q: (L) By being answered.
A: And how did they exist before they became answers?

Q: (L) As questions.
A: Correct.

Q: (L) And, our question is: What is this other method?
A: It is not perceivable by you.

Q: (L) What are the mechanics of it if it is not perceivable?
A: That’s part of what you cannot perceive. Do you not see that there is a question here for you to begin to study yourself, and this is the only way that it can be done, by planting a seed, as it were, for you then to follow until it eventually leads to the answer. But, in order for you to receive the answer, you need information in between the question and the answer which is not yet available to you because conditions do not exist currently that will allow for that in between information to be available.

Q: (L) Alright then, moving on to another subject, how are pre-coded information signals sent?
A: Would you clarify, please?

Q: (L) Well, before we got off onto this subject, the suggestion was that messages could be sent via sound-wave focusing.
A: No, sound wave focusing is designed to alter body and brain chemistry in order to alter such things as feelings, emotions, and so forth, which then may lead to the altering of mental thought patterns. But messages are not sent by ultra-high frequency sound waves.

Q: (L) How are they sent?
A: Messages are sent by something called Free Formal Imaging.

Q: (L) And what does that describe?
A: That describes the transference of thought.

Q: (L) And how is that done? At what frequency is it done?
A: Not correct concept. There is no “Frequency” as such involved. There is methodology that, again, unfortunately, you do not understand. However, since you seek answers to all questions, the only possible way to explain is to simply say a thought is formed in one realm and sent to a second realm, which is yours.

Q: (L) Okay. Can it be sent to a directed target?
A: Absolutely.

Q: (L) Now, the question has arisen that, since other dimensional beings have the ability to kidnap or abduct or forcibly extract souls, do they also have the capability of manipulating our soul essences after they have left our bodies during the transition to fifth density?
A: Not correct.

Q: (L) They do not?
A: No, you see when your physical body expires, and you enter fifth density, this is done one way and one way only: by passing through a conduit which opens specifically for the purpose of transference from third density to fifth density. Now, something often referred to in your terminology as a silver thread, is like a closed line which opens when this conduit is needed. That’s rather awkward, but it’s the only way to describe it. So that when the physical body terminates, this line is opened forming a conduit through which the soul passes naturally. However, part of the existence of this conduit is that it is absolutely impenetrable by any force from any density level. Therefore, souls in the process of transferring from third density to fifth density are not in any way able to be molested or tampered with. And it should be mentioned here, also, that the soul imprint of the physical body always has a connection to fifth density and that is through the so-called “silver thread.” That always exists as the third density soul’s doorway to fifth density. It can be opened at a moment’s notice whenever needed. When it is opened it becomes a conduit. Through that conduit the soul passes. And it is not subject to interference by anything. This is not a deliberate construction, it is merely the natural process similar to what could be described as the protection mechanisms existing on second level density for creatures which are not capable of protecting themselves through their own conscious thought processes. For example, your turtle is contained within a shell that protects it. That shell is impenetrable by any natural forces, therefore nothing that is natural can harm that turtle. However, the same can exist for any creature when it is connected by the silver thread to fifth density. Once it is passing through the conduit produced by the opening of the silver thread, then, of course, it cannot be tampered with. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes, but why do so many souls, when they leave the body, not traverse this conduit, and why do they stay earthbound, and why do they attach to other bodies? Why does this condition exist?
A: That is a complicated question, however the best answer is choice is involved there for those souls who wish not to leave the plane of third density. The only possibility to do this is to be detached from the now expired physical body but still be within the third density plane, which, of course, is not natural, but nonetheless can occur. In situations such as this, though it has been incorrectly reported, the silver thread is still attached and still remains a thread rather than a conduit. The soul is still attached to the silver thread but detached from the host body which has now expired. So the effect is very similar to being consciously aware of third density surroundings without a third density unit to accompany. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes. Okay...
A: Also, please be aware of the fact that once the soul leaves the confines of the physical body, the illusion of time passage is no longer apparent even when the soul remains on the third density plane. Therefore, it appears to that soul that no time whatsoever has passed. And, we mention this merely for you to contemplate all of the various meanings behind this.

Q: (L) Okay. Now, earlier we had a discussion about crime, the involvement in crime of black people versus white people, and, looking at the numbers, it seems that there is an inordinate number of black people involved in crime or criminal activities, or negatively oriented behavior than white people; the figures are really outstanding: blacks are eight times more likely to commit crimes than whites. And many of the explanations that are used, such as poverty or discrimination do not seem to account for this disparity, considering the poverty and discrimination exhibited toward many other ethnic groups with no such relationship. Is there something significant in this fact, and is there some reason why this condition exists?
A: Perhaps you should try one question at a time.

Q: (L) Why do blacks commit more crimes than whites?
A: That is too broad spectrum a concept to be answered simply. Please try to break down the question into several parts so that the answers can adequately explain.

Q: (L) Can you suggest a way for me to break it down; it is a difficult subject?
A: Normally this is not the procedure, however, one suggestion may be, for example, to ask, first of all, what is it that causes individuals to commit crimes; secondly, is there any connection between one’s race and national origin or physical state of being and one’s proclivity to commit crimes, etc. In other words, this is a broad spectrum subject. In order for it to be answered adequately, it must be broken down into many consecutive questions.

Q: (L) What is it that causes individuals to commit crimes?
A: Well, now you see, that too, has many answers. We will choose one and then let you contemplate. One answer is, of course, as we mentioned previously, the alteration of blood, body and brain chemistry through the use of ultra- high frequency sound waves. Of course, as you can well imagine, one effect that this may have would be what you would refer to as anti-social behavior. Do you not see this?

Q: (L) I do. Okay, is there anything about a person of a particular race or body type which makes them more susceptible to this manipulation than another race or person?
A: Well now, that brings into question the physical differences between races, including the obvious body chemistry differences, a subject that has not been adequately explored on the third density level of existence. For example, it is very obvious the different “races” as it is called, are human beings that have different chemical make-up in their bodies. Would you not say this?

Q: (L) I would say that might be probable.
A: Now, if one takes this one step further, perhaps if one race has a brain chemistry make-up or blood chemistry make-up that can alter the emotions in such a way so as to commit what is called anti-social behavior, at least in social environment to which you are accustomed, then this, perhaps, would explain why there may be a higher percentage of crimes committed by persons of a particular race as opposed to persons of a different particular race.

Q: (L) Are there any specific chemicals that we could isolate or name that would be involved with this condition?
A: Tumoxifene.

Q: (L) And, what is that?
A: A hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. You’ll find this particular hormone to be in high concentrations in persons of what is referred to as the Negro race.

Q: (L) And why does this hormone make a person susceptible to these ultra-high frequency sound waves, so that they exhibit anti-social behavior?
A: That’s actually a question that skips over some necessary ingredients, however the best way to answer that is that when this hormone is in high abundance, then one’s aggressive nature is heightened, since it already exists in higher levels within individuals of the Negro race, it does not require much alteration to increase it to what would be referred to as the danger level. Therefore, aggressive or anti-social behavior can be more easily facilitated in those of the Negro race, and those of other races.

Q: (L) Is it possible, or does it happen, that people of the other races, white, hispanic, or oriental, to have individuals born into those races, who, by some fluke, have higher levels of this hormone?
A: Are you asking: “Do some individuals of other races besides the Negro race have high levels of that hormone?” Well, obviously each individual situation is different. It is averages that make up the important composition.
Q: (L) So, this is what we could call, in a general sense, the “Crime Hormone?”
A: It is certainly one of them, anyway. Although, aggressive behavior does not necessarily translate into criminal behavior.

Q: (L) True. What is it in the blacks that tends to make aggressive behavior translate into crime?
A: That question is not answerable when put in that way. Please reverse and ask a more basic foundational question.

Q: (L) Well individuals such as members of the Celtic background are historically and evidentially quite aggressive, yet they do not as frequently, in fact less frequently, commit crimes as a result of their aggression. Why is this?
A: Well, there is more than one answer, of course. Everyone’s chemical nature or make-up is oriented toward their native environments. Of course, if one thinks of the Negro race as having lived for many thousands, in fact millions, of years in the general climate and environmental situation they are native to, then perhaps it could be said that a greater level of Tumoxifene would be needed for survival in that environment. Now, when removed from that environment to an entirely different environment whereby such chemical balance is not correct for the new environment, then increased amounts of this chemical may produce aggressive behavior of one or two particular types. Whereas other races or cultures, when exposed to any stimuli which causes increases or changes in various brain chemistry, this may cause aggressive behavior of a different sort which can be channeled into more acceptable pursuits within the given society.

Q: (L) Is there anything that can be done chemically to alter this aggression or crime hormone to reduce it or to convert its effects into other behavior?
A: That’s an extremely complicated question because any tampering with chemistry of the brain is similar to what you would describe in cliche as shooting in the dark at this point in your development, because you do not understand all of the intricacies involved. Therefore, it is very difficult also to positively answer that question when put in that form.

Q: (L) Is there any form that question could be put into where it could be answered more simply?
A: That is up to the one asking the questions to determine. Obviously the answer is yes, but if you are asking how to formulate the question, we cannot do that for you because that is part of your learning process. If we now are reduced to asking or rather telling, how to ask questions, this is rather like leading you by the hand, is it not?

Q: (L) Yes. Is there a simple, practical action that could be taken to assist members of the black race in reducing this aggressive behavior?
A: Well, again, you keep asking nearly impossible questions because, you must realize that this is not a simple black and white issue, no pun intended. What it is is trying to answer an extremely difficult question with very simple answers and this will not work because there are so many different directions involved here. There is just an impossible number of difficulties involved in trying to deal with this. Apparently you don’t see that it is not something where one can simply formulate an injection, for example, and line up all the members of the black race for this injection. Can you imagine the extreme difficulty in even trying to contemplate such a thing? And, all of the resistance that would be received from every imaginable corner of your society at even the mere suggestion of such a thought? Obviously this is a problem that will only be taken care of at a later time, as you measure time, when the shift from 3rd density to 4th density takes place. There really is no point in trying to climb backwards up the side of a mountain with nothing but your slippery bare feet and hands to work with. That is what you would be trying to do if you tried to answer such a problem so simply.

Q: (L) Okay. I would like to know who was responsible for the vision seen by the Emperor Constantine which caused him to convert to Christianity and impose Christianity on his world?
A: The answer to that is, mainly and primarily, merely that the Emperor Constantine had been predestined to do such a thing by the planning process that exists in fifth density prior to the reemergence of a soul in third density.

Q: (L) Is there any particular significance to the fact that the imposition of Christianity on the area of Constantine’s reign also brought on the Dark Ages?
A: Possibly.

Q: (L) Do you have any comments on that?
A: No, not really.

Q: (L) What is the true significance of the Masonic Apron?
A: In what way?

Q: (L) There are hieroglyphics and carvings from ancient Egypt showing high priests wearing aprons and there are many secret societies down through the ages for centuries and possibly even further back than that where the initiates wore aprons. Now, the aprons have been either white cloth or sheepskin. What is the significance of the apron? Why an apron?
A: It is simply a tradition born of ritual.

Q: (L) What was the origin of this tradition? What did it symbolize to put on the apron?
A: Perhaps it could best be described as attempts to shield from negative or evil spirits.

Q: (L) Okay, Susan and I did some research on all our past sessions and we came to the realization that after other people began coming regularly there was a significant increase, in fact a doubling, of the number of answers received through this source, that were basically refusals to answer, as in: up to you, open, maybe, close, and so forth. In general, what we noticed was a great reduction in the level and type of information we were being given. Could you give us a reason for this?
A: The best answer to that is that when you have a greater and greater number of subjects present for any formal channeling sessions, of course the mental energy and the thought waves are more of a conflicting nature, and of course the answers must be carefully given in order to avoid conflict that is unnecessary by the observers or within the ranks of the observers, so, therefore, some questions are better left unanswered if it is felt or known that the true answers will cause grave distress by some who are receiving them. And, the more subjects you have present, the more likely that this situation is to be apparent. Therefore, sometimes questions must be either passed over or each individual subject must find a way to answer the question for themselves that they feel comfortable with.

Q: (L) That seems to say that the way that is most conducive to receiving information is to limit the number of individuals present, thereby limiting the amount of conflicting thought patterns.
A: That is one possible outlook.

Q: (L) Does it require a state of absolute openness to receive the information?
A: No, it does not, however to receive absolute information in uninterrupted flow, such a state would be required. But, such states are very rare on third density.

Q: (L) Well, it seemed to me that in the initial six months or so that we were receiving the information, that the information was much more open and the answers were more open. It seems that when I ask questions I ask because I really want to HEAR what may be said without putting any expectations on it whatsoever. I have realized that with all of the enormous work I have done in this life, that I have not been able to figure out the answers, and I am ready to shut up and listen... When other people ask questions, it often seems that they are just asking just to confirm the answer they have already formed in their own mind against whatever answer may come through.
A: This is a correct perception on your part, however such prejudice as described is something that all on third density are guilty of to a greater or lesser extent at various question and answer opportunities. Therefore if you were to study the answers more thoroughly, you might also find that there are varying degrees of what you describe as openness or willingness to dispense information even during those sessions where fewer people were present.

Q: (L) That is true. The thing is, from my point of view, to continually strive to reduce the number of prejudices, to expand and broaden the willingness to hear the information, and to not have a preconceived notion of what the answer is going to be. In the initial stages, of course, I was testing and examining what kinds of answers came through and what the parameters were, and I actually think, interestingly, that even with my, more or less rigid testing process, that better and more complete answers were given than were given in later sessions where others were present.
A: It’s possible.

Q: (L) What would be the reason for this?
A: We have already described this in the previous answer. The more subjects you have present, the more opportunity for prejudice, obviously.

Q: (L) Okay, recently I went to a neurologist, Dr. Vincent DiCarlo. Now, it seems that Dr. Di Carlo was quite animated and indicated that he felt like he had met me before even though he knew that he hadn’t. There seemed to have been some very strong subliminal psychic interaction between myself and him. Could you give me a clue as to why this was?
A: There may have been some karmic interaction there.

Q: (L) Will this involve any interaction in the future?
A: That is obviously up to you to find out.

Q: (L) Well, Susan and I have been talking and she is baffled as to what to do for me therapeutically. Can you help?
A: That, of course, is a very complicated situation, however, one of the possibilities is the nerve passages can be altered by physical stresses caused by a number of different factors stemming from activities undertaken in the past, for example buildup of scar tissue around the musculature of the extremities and appendages, has perhaps blocked the natural flow of electricity which then pass from the center of the nervous of system to the extremities. This can cause some starvation of necessary passages of electrical elements through the nerve passageways which, in turn then, may cause a certain degree of starvation to those same extremities through lack of proper oxygenation. Alleviation is difficult because it requires several steps. The best suggestion is a gradual but steady improvement in health as facilitated by a number of different programs to reverse damage having been caused. The information to facilitate this is available to you.

Q: (L) It is reversible?
A: It is reversible. All damage is always reversible until either the physical host body in part or in whole is terminated.

Q: (L) Is Susan’s manipulation of the tissues and electrical currents through her various techniques, is this beneficial at this time?
A: It is beneficial, however, it is very likely more will be needed. We mean more types of activities in order to facilitate complete improvement.

Q: (SV) But, the main problem is the scar tissue?
A: Any form of blockages which block the proper firing of the neurons, thus preventing oxygenation which takes place as a result, including the build-up of scar tissue.

End of Session


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July 23, 1995

Freddie Direct channeling,Laura, SV, Terry and Jan

Q: (L) When you are ready please indicate.
A: Okay.

Q: (L) We have a number of questions and I think Jan wants to lead off this evening.
(J) First off, who do we have with us?
A: Curious that you should ask that? What is the expected answer?

Q: (J) A name.
A: You still desire a name. We’ll say: Toren.

Q: (J) If it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.
A: What matters is what matters to you and our desire to comply.

Q: (L) Toren, the first thing on my mind is an experience I had several nights ago. It seemed as though there was some sort of interaction between myself and something “other.” Could you tell me what this experience was?
A: Was eclipsing of the realities.

Q: (L) What is an eclipsing of the realities?
A: It is when energy centers conflict.

Q: (L) What energy centers are conflicting?
A: Thought energy centers.

Q: (L) Whose thoughts?
A: Ahh, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, are we not? Thoughts are the basis of all creation. After all, without thought nothing would exist. Now would it?

Q: (L) True.
A: Therefore, energy centers conflicting involve thought patterns. You could refer to it as an intersecting of thought pattern energies.

Q: (L) Could you be a little more explicit.
A: We sense you are leading. The true effort to gain knowledge should always be to be open to any response, any question. Therefore asking to be more specific is assuming that the answer is not explicit.

Q: (L) Well, it seemed to me that something happened to me that blanked out a period of my experience, and you say this was an eclipsing of energies caused by an intersecting of thought centers. Now, this intersecting of thought centers, did this occur within my body or within my environment?
A: They are one and the same.

Q: (L) Was this eclipsing of though centers brought on by any of my activities?
A: Well, again we must ask you to slow down in your own perceptions for just a moment, for one sees the truest of answers when one is open to all possible responses and is not prejudiced. And again, unfortunately we sense a leading in your seeking of answers which indicates prejudice which is perfectly alright, however one would assume that one seeks the truest of all possible answers and prejudice does not allow that. So, if it would be possible, please try to ask questions that do not lead to any particular type of conclusion.

Q: (L) Can I ask about my specific perceptions of the event?
A: That is what you are already doing. We sense that you desire the truest of all possible answers and if one desires the truest of all possible answers, one must avoid expressing one’s own perceptions to any great degree and simply allow the answers to flow. The best advice to accomplish this is a step-by-step approach - to ask the simplest of questions with the least amount of prejudice attached.

Q: (L) Alright. I was lying in bed worrying about being able to get to sleep. The next thing I knew, I came to myself feeling that I was being floated off my bed. Was I?
A: No. When you say “I” you are referring to your whole person. There is more than one factor involved with one’s being to any particular definition.

Q: (L) Was some part of my being being separated from another part of my being?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was this an attempt to extract my soul or astral body?
A: Attempt is not probably the proper term.

Q: (L) In other words...
A: It is more just an activity taking place. Attempt implies effort rather than the nature present in a conflicting of energies and thought centers.

Q: (L) I also seemed to be aware of several dark, spider-like figures lined up by the side of the bed, was this an accurate impression.
A: Those could be described as specific thought center projections.

Q: (L) I seemed to be fighting and resisting this activity.
A: That was your choice.

Q: (L) Was I successful?
A: Now, we are back to leading again.

Q: (L) Alright, was this the ending of an abduction that had already taken place?
A: Not the proper terminology. It was the conclusion to an event, not necessarily what one would refer to as an abduction, but more what one would refer to as an interaction.

Q: (L) What was the nature of the interaction?
A: The conflicting of energies related to thought center impulses.

Q: (L) Where are these thought centers located?
A: Well, that is difficult to answer because that is assuming that thought centers are located. And, of course this is a concept area in which you are not fully familiar as of yet. So, an attempt to answer this in any way that would make sense to you would probably not be fruitful. We suggest slowing down and carefully formulating questions.

Q: (L) At what level of density do these thought centers have their primary focus?
A: Thought centers do not have primary focus in any level of density. This is precisely the point. You are not completely familiar with the reality of what thoughts are. We have spoken to you on many levels and have detailed many areas involving density level, but thoughts are quite a different thing because they pass through all density levels at once. Now, let us ask you this. Do you not now see how that would be possible?

Q: (L) Yes. But what I am trying to do is identify these conflicting thought centers. If two thought centers, or more, conflict, then my idea would be that they are in opposition.
A: Correct.

Q: (L) And, what I want to know is, was this in opposition to me, or was this an opposition in which I simply was caught in the middle, so to speak.
A: Well, you are drifting away from the true nature of your experience, because you are making suppositions. And we are not trying to scold you, we are merely trying to guide you and this is not always easy. But, let it be known again that the simplest way for you to gather knowledge on this particular subject matter is to ask the simplest questions without prejudice.

Q: (L) Okay, you said I wasn’t abducted, that an event of some sort occurred. What was the event?
A: We have already described this, but the problem that you are having is that you are assuming that the description we are giving is more complicated than this. It is not.

Q: (L) Did I leave my body?
A: I’m very sorry to tell you that you are drifting again.

Q: (L) Well, I am trying to ask simple questions.
A: The problem is that you are pre-supposing answers. Please limit prejudice.

Q: (L) What is my prejudice, what is my presupposition?
A: Well, just to give you an example: how do you know that you ever “leave” your body? The question is not: do you ever leave your body, its how do you know that you do?

Q: (L) I guess you don’t.
A: Let us give you a parallel. If you saw a rainbow in the sky and that rainbow was later no longer visible, would you then say: “Did that rainbow spill onto the mountain?”

Q: (L) I don’t get it. No I wouldn’t because I would know that the rainbow is the refracting of light on water or ice in the atmosphere.
A: That’s what you know. But, then again how do you know that anything you know is, in fact, the true representation of reality?

Q: (L) We don’t.
A: The only way to solve this problem when asking about a complicated issue is to ask very simple step-by-step questions without prejudice. In order to do that, one must pause and reflect, and take one’s time, as it were, to formulate the questions carefully in order to make sure that they are very simple, step-by-step questions and not questions containing prejudice.

Q: (L) Okay, in the experience I felt a paralysis of my body, what caused this paralysis.
A: Yes. Separation of awareness. Which is defined as any point along the pathway where one’s awareness becomes so totally focused on one thought sector that all other levels of awareness are temporarily receded, thereby making it impossible to become aware of one’s physical reality along with one’s mental reality. This gives the impression of what is referred to as paralysis. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes. And what stimulates this total focus of awareness?
A: An event which sidetracks, temporarily, the mental processes.

Q: (L) And what event can sidetrack the mental processes to this extent?
A: Any number.

Q: (L) In this particular case, what was it?
A: It was an eclipsing of energies caused by conflicting thought centers.

Q: (L) What energies were being eclipsed?
A: Whenever two opposing units of reality intersect, this causes what can be referred to as friction, which, for an immeasurable amount of what you would refer to as time, which is, of course, non-existent, creates a non- existence, or a stopping of the movements of all functions. This is what we would know as conflict. In between, or through any intersecting, opposite entities, we always find zero time, zero movement, zero transference, zero exchange. Now think about this. Think about this carefully.

Q: (L) Does this mean that I was, essentially, in a condition of non-existence?
A: Well, non-existence is not really the proper term, but non-fluid existence would be more to the point. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes. Frozen, as it were?
A: Frozen, as it were.

Q: (L) Was there any benefit to me from this experience?
A: All experiences have potential for benefit.

Q: (L) Was there any detriment from this experience?
A: All experiences have potential for detriment. Now, do you see the parallels. We are talking about any opposing forces in nature, when they come together, the result can go all the way to the extreme of one side or all the way to the extreme of the other. Or, it can remain perfectly, symmetrically in balance in the middle, or partially in balance on one side or another. Therefore all potentials are realized at intersecting points in reality.

Q: (L) Was one of the energies that was intersecting with another energy, the energy that constitutes who and what I am?
A: Well, now, you are drifting again.

Q: (L) Was one of the thought centers me?
A: That is presupposing that you, what is defined as you, or how you define yourself as “me” is of and by itself a thought center.

Q: (L) Well, I am trying to find this out by asking these questions. I am not presupposing here, I am just trying to find out what is going on here!
A: Part of what is you is a thought center but not all of what is you is a thought center. So, therefore it is incorrect to say: “Was one of these conflicting energies or thought centers me?”

Q: (L) Was one of these conflicting thought centers or energies some part of me?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) And was it eclipsed by interacting with a thought center energy that was part of or all of something or someone else?
A: Or, was what happened a conflicting of one energy thought center that was a part of your thought process and another energy thought center that was another part of your thought process? We will ask you that question and allow you to contemplate.

Q: (L) Was it?
A: We will ask you that question and allow you to contemplate.

Q: (L) Does it ever happen that individuals who perceive or think they perceive themselves to have experienced an “abduction,” to actually be interacting with some part of themselves?
A: That would be a very good possibility. Now, before you ask another question, stop and contemplate for a moment: what possibilities does this open up? Is there any limit? And if there is, what is that? Is it not an area worth exploring?

Q: (L) Okay, help me out here...
A: For example, just one example for you to digest. What if the abduction scenario could take place where your soul projection, in what you perceive as the future, can come back and abduct your soul projection in what you perceive as the present?

Q: (L) Oh, dear! Does this happen?
A: This is a question for you to ask yourself and contemplate.

Q: (L) Why would I do that to myself?
(J) To gain knowledge of the future.
A: Are there not a great many possible answers?

Q: (L) Well, this seemed to be a very frightening and negative experience. If that is the case: a. maybe that is just my perception, or b. then, in the future I am not a very nice person! (J) Or maybe the future isn’t very pleasant. And the knowledge that you gained of it is unpleasant.
A: Or is it one possible future, but not all possible futures? And is the pathway of free will not connected to all of this?

Q: (L) God! I hope so.
A: Now do you see the benefit in slowing down and not having prejudices when asking questions of great import? You see when you speed too quickly in the process of learning and gathering knowledge, it is like skipping down the road without pausing to reflect on the ground beneath you. One misses the gold coins and the gemstones contained within the cracks in the road.

Q: (L) Let’s pause for a moment. [leaves room]
A: Does anyone else inquiries.

Q: (J) I think I’ll wait until Laura gets back.
A: If that is your choice.

Q: (SV) Laura is in great conflict with herself; I know this for a fact. Can we help her or is this something she has to do on her own?
A: How do you know this for a fact?

Q: (SV) When I am doing bodywork on her, it is how I perceive, what I hear and what I feel and see.
A: We suggest that you explore that further.

Q: [Laura returns] (L) Now, getting back to this eclipsing of energies. Is an eclipsing of energies, such as we are discussing, is this something that can and does happen to everyone at one or many points in their existence where choices are made.
A: We regret to inform you that you are speeding up and jumping ahead of yourself.

Q: (L) Okay, when this experience occurred, am I to assume that some part of myself, a future self perhaps, of course they are all simultaneous but just for the sake of reference, came back and interacted with my present self for some purpose of exchange?
A: Well this is a question best left for your own exploration as you will gain more knowledge by contemplating it by yourself rather than seeking the answers here. But a suggestion is to be made that you do that as you will gain much, very much knowledge by contemplating these very questions on your own and networking with others as you do so. Be not frustrated for the answers to be gained through your own contemplation will be truly illuminating to you and the experience to follow will be worth a thousand lifetimes of pleasure and joy.

Q: (L) Okay, just a few days prior to this experience, I experienced a couple of headaches brought on by marital interactions. I would like to know what was the source of this sudden, extreme pain.
A: Have you not answered that for yourself already?

Q: (L) Not satisfactorily.
A: No. It is that you perceive it as being not satisfactory.

Q: (L) Well, I have a couple of choices and I haven’t selected one as being the one.
A: Well, then select one.

Q: (L) What if I select the wrong one?
A: You won’t.

Q: (L) Okay, also seemingly tied in with this experience, because all of these things have happened in a circle, was an experience when Susan was doing some bodywork on me and I suddenly saw a flash of myself tied to a crossed beam, crossed in the shape of an X, in expectation of being devoured by a lion that was working on tearing my arm off at the shoulder. Was this an opening up of a doorway to another life?
A: How does one normally access that information?

Q: (L) Well, it is normally done through hypnosis, but since there is nobody around to hypnotize ME, then I usually get left out in the cold on that one.
A: You say there is no one around to hypnotize you?

Q: (L) Who?
A: We asked you the question.

Q: (L) Well, it seems that way.
A: Very interesting. Hmm. Apparently the world is much more limited than we thought it was.

Q: (T) Was Freddie’s dream significant?
A: Before we answer that question, we heard one of you say “pick on Laura night.” That is not the point of any of this. The point is to help you to gain true knowledge which can only be done by opening up your own channels. We are more than happy to assist you in any way possible in doing this, however, it would be detrimental to you to focus in entirely on our assistance rather than on your own abilities which are truly and completely unlimited. Now, as far as the perception of being picked on, as you describe it, this is merely a perception. The process of learning is sometimes difficult when the greatest amount of progress is being made and we commend Laura for making efforts to learn that are sincere and persistent. There is no reason to ever perceive that she, or anyone else present, is being picked on when one is learning, when one is attempting to gain true knowledge, this may be perceived as difficult, however, it is, in the long run, very beneficial. And again, while we may seem to scold, we caution that we do not scold, we merely direct when asked to direct. And, if we sense that one’s mental energies are diverting or dispersing, oftentimes we return with what seems to be a rather sharp answer merely in an effort to refocus one’s attention. Because that is the way with which all of you are familiar for that purpose. As you will now know as you access your memories, it is instinctive in your minds and in your souls. We suggest that you pause and reflect on this because you will see, if you do, the truth in what we have said.

Q: (L) Speaking of truths, we had a discussion earlier, and we are somewhat curious as to whether the law of free will would require that some of the information we receive through this source be a.distorted, b.false?
A: Well, we do not wish to close off any possibilities for an answer to that question, but we will suggest that if there is any falseness, perhaps one possible answer as to why would revolve around what we were speaking of earlier, which is prejudice. Prejudice may be contained within the question itself or it may be contained within the expected answer. Either one can interrupt or divert the flow of energy in such a way as to produce varying degrees of what one would perceive as correctness of response.

Q: (L) So, prejudice on the part of anyone in the room as to what the answer should or should not be, or could or could not be, can, in effect, create an answer?
A: It can divert the energy flow as we mentioned earlier when you asked about your own experience. If you recall, we cautioned you repeatedly not to involve prejudice either in your questions or in your expected responses. This was an effort on our part to help you to gain valuable information and to help you to learn how to gather valuable information, thus leading to an extensive expansion of your own knowledge base. Again we also cautioned you not to perceive our efforts as scolding, but as assistance.

Q: (L) So, the prejudice was my assumption as to what did or did not happen, that it was an “Abduction,” or whatever and my questions were framed on that assumption? And, I wanted to hear answers that confirmed my perceptions?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where else can prejudice enter in?
A: Well, you have described the most important possibilities. And your own reflections, your own perusal of your own thought cneters can and will produce any and all possible answers.

Q: (L) Could prejudice that inhibits or deflects the information also originate from spirit attachments on any or all of us?
A: That is possible, though very doubtful.

Q: (L) If one or any of us had an attachment which altered our thinking or emotions, could our altered thinking or feeling create the prejudice which would deflect the information.
A: Well, it is doubtful that there is any limit to the possibilities. There are only varying degrees of potential. However, again, we caution against any prejudice when asking a question either of yourself, or of you accessing of the universal bank of knowledge which is always there at your disposal. For, example, when you say “Spirit attachment,” that is presuming, or again, expressing prejudice, that such a thing exists, or that it exists in such a way to be a common problem. Either one of those two possibilities, on the path of prejudice, is present. For example, what is spirit attachment?

Q: (L) What is spirit attachment?
A: No, we asked you first.

Q: (L) Well, my thought is that it is just as it has been described and exhibited throughout centuries of interaction.
A: Who described and exhibited it?

Q: (L) Many individuals have exhibited it and it has been described by doctors, psychiatrists, priests, shamans, psychologists, exorcists, my own experience working with it; and I don’t say that it is necessarily another entity or being, although it may identify itself as such, my thought is that it is entirely possible that it could just be something, some energy that is packed or contained within that person, that is of that nature, and takes on a life of its own, perhaps.
A: That’s good.

Q: (L) My thought also is that when one goes through the actions of spirit release, it really doesn’t matter if it is cousin Harold who has come to live in your left shoulder or whether it is years of anger, packed in your right hip or past life pain in your heart, none of those things really matter. What matters is: does the technique work to release you from it?
A: That’s a nice theory, but we suggest further study. Because, in truth, as you know, deep within yourself, you cannot know that these things are actual. And, if they are actual, in what segment of reality they reside. You can only suppose that their existence is as you have described.

Q: (L) Well, I said that it doesn’t matter what they are, it just matters that the releasing process works.
(J) Or that you perceive that it works.
(L) It gives you a script to make changes in yourself.
A: The original question we asked was: How this relates to the prejudice that affects the energy flows of informational dispensation.

Q: (L) Well, if a person has the attachment energy, whatever it is, can that type of prejudice or that type of energy create prejudice which then restricts the energy?
A: Well, that is certainly one possibility. But, as we said, we suggest further study.

Q: (L) Study in terms of books or in terms of working with individuals?
A: All of the above and then some.

Q: (T) Was Freddie’s dream significant?
A: May we ask that you be more specific in your question?

Q: (T) The dream that Freddie relayed to us earlier this evening about there being another force, another entity or group of entities involved in what’s happening.
A: Well, that is not the area we wanted you to be more specific with. We are aware of the dream as described, but we are asking you to be more specific about the term “significant” because...

Q: (T) Well, is it important to what we are doing? Was it factual information?
A: Again we caution that you not be prejudiced in the formation of your questions because the terms “important” and “significan” imply a generalization of levels of intensity of reality, that they can be seen differently from different vantage points. In other words, what is important to one is not important to another. What is significant to one is not significant to another. It all can be confused as to what is important and significant and what the definitions of important and significant are. Therefore, we ask you to remove those two terms, carefully ponder the question, and re-ask it in more specific terms.

Q: (L) What was the source of the information Freddie received in his dream?
A: Well, actually that is jumping ahead of the previous thought pattern as expressed by a different individual, which creates confusion and also restricts the energy flow by diverting it.

Q: (T) Is the word ‘accurate’ acceptable?
A: Acceptable for what?

Q: (T) In reference to the question.
A: We ask you to carefully formulate the question you wish to ask, and then ask it in complete form.

Q: (T) Is there another force involved in what is happening on the planet, that is manipulating the Reptoid beings the way they are manipulating humans?
A: We do not wish to appear to be scolding, but we are trying to help you to gain knowledge. And, as we have stated previously, the formulation of questions is very important in this process. It has been asked previously, in this particular session, if anything can cause the response to questions to be other than factual in the best definition of what factual is. And, the answer given was any degree of prejudice or expectation of response. Therefore, we must caution you again, to please try to refrain from having any prejudice or expectation of response. And, prejudice can be, again, in one sense, a presupposition of existence. Do you follow.

Q: (L) So, we don’t even know if the Lizzies exist or not.
A: Well, we have previously given you information that such entities do exist. However, the question is not tantamount to the existence of what is described or referred to as Lizzies, therefore it would be best to leave that out of the question until confirmation that such entities exist and that they are an important part of the question being asked. Please bear with us and be patient. The results gained will be beneficial for all.

Q: (T) I don’t understand... Is there another force involved with the events on this planet, in third density, that we have not yet discussed in previous sessions?
A: Perhaps it would help to have a review of what forces it is you have in mind. And then, once those forces have been described, we can answer your question more completely and, more importantly, more accurately.

Q: (L) May I ask a question?
A: You may always ask a question.

Q: (L) Was Freddie’s dream an accurate representation of the interplay of energies on the planet at the present?
A: Well, as described to those present, in general terms, it was moving in the right direction, however, the information given was somewhat splintered or fractured. There was not beneficial cohesiveness due to the fact that the subject referred to, did not have complete recall of the information given. It could be considered a basic guideline, but not a complete database.

Q: (L) Could you give for us, at this time in toto, the information that was given to Freddie in the dream?
A: Well, yes that would be conceivable, however it would require your attendance for approximately 52 units as you measure hours of time, to give an adequate breakdown of the information previously given to Freddie. And, we believe that you would be unwilling to participate for that length of time, or that you would be able to physically hold up.

Q: (L) Can I give post-hypnotic suggestions to Freddie that he would remember all of this?
A: Certainly.

Q: (L) May I ask if Freddie’s exposition as to why I seem to be under such severe attack was correct?
A: That is difficult to answer because it is close, as we are accessing the thought patterns, to being factual. However, there are conflicting thought patterns. The thoughts coming from you in this particular instance are confused. If you could be more specific, it would be helpful.

Q: (L) Then, just let me ask it straight. Why have I been under such severe physical, material, and emotional attack in the past 6 months. Freddie thinks that I am under such attack because I work and move too fast in the gathering and attempts at dissemination of information; that I charge ahead and do things, thereby exposing myself to retaliatory attacks.
A: That has the potential for being partially correct in the sense that you disseminate information, perhaps less carefully than you should. The gathering of information holds no potential for attack from any particular realm. However, dissemination DOES, because those whom become aware, become empowered. And, in any struggle between opposing forces, there is always danger in allowing anyone to become empowered without realization of the ramifications.

Q: (L) So, I can continue to seek information, as long as I keep it to myself?
A: You have free will to do that which you please. But, when you are framing it in terms of the question: where is the danger, this presupposes that you are concerned about dangers to yourself. And, if this be the case, we will be happy to give advice where and when needed.

Q: (L) Well, right now it is needed. I am almost completely debilitated physically and materially, which creates a severe barrier to focus and concentration, and also my ability to assist other people.
A: Well then, perhaps it is true that you should be careful as to how you disseminate the information and how you disseminate knowledge gained, and where, and when. This is not to say that you must stop, but rather to think carefully before you do it, as to what the ramifications will be. And then your instincts will lead you in the proper direction. The dangers are always that when one proceeds too quickly, the instincts may be overrun and become confused with other thought pattern energies, and thereby opening one up to attack and other unpleasant possibilities.

Q: (L) Well, if I promise not to tell, make a vow, can’t we just stop all this other?
A: It is not necessary to stop, it is just to be careful as to how one does it. The flow of information is never a harmful thing. As we have previously described, the Service to Self involves the constriction and restriction of energies, and the focusing within. The Service to Others orientation involves an outward flow of energies, the focus being from within to without. Therefore, the passage of information, or dissemination is very helpful and is of Service to Others orientation. But, one must also be aware of the dangers involved. One must not lose control of the flow and the possibilities that can result. This is where you need to be more careful. You need to regulate. And, attack can come from any number of sources for any number of reasons. It is not always for the same reason. And, of course, there is the short wave and long wave cycle. The short wave cycle is one which closes rather quickly. The long wave cycle is one that closes more slowly, therefore take a longer amount of time, as you perceive it, to close. Therefore it also involves a more complicated issue. This is just one example as to how attack can be the result of what we were just describing.

Q: (L) Can attack be a left over from another cycle?
A: That is one possibility, certainly.

Q: (L) Can you give us any advice as to how to navigate our way out of such situations?
A: That is a VERY vague thought concept.

Q: (L) Well, Freddie and I both seem to repeatedly face the financial flow issue, and it seems to be one of the primary modes of attack against us at this point. How can we overcome this?
A: Are you asking us how to make more money?

Q: (L) Yeah!
A: My dear Laura! You are already in position of literally thousands of possibilities to accomplish that end, are you not?

Q: (L) Everything takes money!
A: There goes that prejudice again. We have given much food for thought in that
area to help you to learn, to contemplate, to meditate.

Q: (L) It is rather difficult to do that when one is worried.
A: That is interesting. You can’t meditate or contemplate when you are worried about your next meal. I guess then that this means that no one on third density has ever been able to contemplate or meditate while worrying what was going to be eaten at the next meal. Hmmmmmm.

Q: (L) The point is that a constant state of worry, another crisis every day, the perpetual worry, eventually wears a person down to the point where one can no longer focus on any other issues.
A: Perhaps one can solve the crises by focusing on other issues? You see, when you constrict the flow, you constrict the channel. And when you constrict the channel, you close down possibilities. And, you make it difficult, if not impossible for you to see that which is there. In other words, the obvious becomes oblivious because of constriction of the flow. This is why we have recommended against all rituals, because ritual restricts the flow, thereby restricting the possibilities. And, what you are describing is a situation of “dire straits,” as you call it, and financial pressures of great magnitude which is restricting you. But actually, it is your concentration on same that is restricting, not the situation itself. And we realize that it is difficult for you to focus your attentions, or, more importantly to open up the flow of the channel. But, it is certainly not impossible. Especially for an individual as strong as yourself. It is what you choose to do, not what you MUST do. It is what you CHOOSE to do.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that this situation is a result of my own constriction, rather than as a result of attack?
A: No, the situation can be a result of anything or any numbers of things. But, the sought after resolution to it may be impeded by your own choice to concentrate on the problem, rather than opening up the channels to seek the solution. We never suggested that you were solely responsible for creating your own financial situation, only that you may be partially responsible for preventing a resolution to the problem, that is all.

Q: (L) Is that also the case with Freddie?
A: Of course.

Q: (L) Anything further on that subject? You say ‘opening the channel...’
A: And not concentrating on the problem, but rather the solution by opening the flow. The answers come to you when you open the flow.

Q: (L) And what might that answer be?
A: That is for you to discover!

Q: (L) That’s what I thought.
(T) What is the cosmic wheel?
A: Cosmic wheel? Whatever gave you the idea that there was a “cosmic wheel?”

Q: (T) It was just something that popped into my head awhile ago.
A: Well, our best suggestion is: when anything pops into your head, to follow it as far as you can, because therein lies your answer. Do you not do that?

Q: (T) As far as I can...
A: As far as you can? What prevents you from doing that?

Q: (T) Well, thank you for your answers tonight.
A: Have you then answered your own question?

Q: (T) Several of them. Thank you.
A: You are most welcome.

End of Session


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