June 6, 1995

Freddie, Laura

Q: (L) Hello.
A: Stop.

Q: (L) What does that mean?
(F) Don’t ask me! (L) Hello!
A: Hello. Azoref from Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Who was it that said stop?
A: Static.

Q: (L) There was static?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the source of the static?
A: Not important, static always present to some degree.

Q: (L) I want to ask some fairly quick questions.
A: Okay.

Q: (L) With whom were we communicating on Saturday night?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Was there any corruption in Saturday night’s session?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Well, I am not looking for a maybe. I felt somewhat offended by the atmosphere that was generated. We had guests and it was important...
A: If corrupted, came from 3rd level.

Q: (L) Can you only identify the corruption that comes from your level?
A: No.

Q: (L) Was there an element of... I don’t want to lead here... my impression was that the group was in a state of tension, is this correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why?
A: Jan was unhappy because of guests.

Q: (L) Why?
A: Not notified ahead.

Q: (L) Well, I expected Jan and Terry to arrive early enough to tell them and I was saving it until then as a surprise, but they came late so I just figured things could happen as they happened.
A: Jan feels you should keep her “abreast.”

Q: (L) Well, essentially, that is how things have been done, but, at the same time, a lot of things happen spontaneously. If it wasn’t long distance, I would probably keep her more ‘abreast’ as you say. And, besides, I am a big girl. I don’t need another mother. Freddie and I have been doing what we do, more or less directed by our own inner urgings for close to four years now. I don’t think we should fix it if it isn’t broken!
A: No need for explanation, just answered question for you.

Q: (L) Well, I felt a little strange when I was accused by Jan of “showing off” for our guests, and then the channel reflected this same attitude. What’s the story here?
A: If there is strong prejudice by any member or members of level three channel participants it may cause messages to be altered at the point of reception.

Q: (L) Well, then that must be what Jan feels. But, what she doesn’t realize is that it was important to me for ALL of us to appear in our best light and that what we are doing to be seen as intelligent and professional. I mean, I didn’t ask to be picked for the Times series. But, at the same time, I have certainly paid my dues and worked very hard for a very long time. And, Freddie and I have sat here for almost four years in a dedicated and open way when no one else would bother to participate. And that is not even considering the 20 or so years before this that I have obssessively pushed for a breakthrough. I mean, it’s not like I just woke up one day and said: “I think we will channel the Cassiopaeans today and go out and find a Times Reporter to write about it!” I spent a lot of time preparing questions and it seemed that whatever was making it through the “prejudiced channel” did not even want to deal with questions that were quite similar to many we have asked in the past—so it seems that the prejudice came through toward me in a specific way.
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, if people can be so easily subjected to prejudice and emotional thinking, would that not be considered psychic attack?
A: Result of. Careful not to make hasty moves based upon events which may be transitory in nature.

Q: (L) Well, I feel like we have all been under attack...
A: Attack does not emanate from Terry and Jan.

Q: (L) Well, the whole session seems ruined. Even the answer about the lights in the sky was verifiably wrong. You have said that the channel is “grooved” and cannot be corrupted, yet obviously wrong answers were given, and it seems that you are saying that the attack is “through” Terry and Jan and the garbled emotions they are experiencing, correct?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, even the answer about the lights in the sky. Mars is 120 degrees away from Jupiter... the answers given to Tom and Cherie may have been based on this “prejudice” as you call it... Tom and Cherie were upset by this, I was upset... the whole thing was very upsetting! I need some help here!
A: Patience pays!

Q: (L) Well, do Freddie and I have any strong prejudices right now creating any corruption?
A: No.

Q: (L) Well, what about Tom and Cherie’s article?
A: 20 or 30 months.

Q: (L) What about the Times being taken over?
A: Eventually will happen.

Q: (L) Is it imminent?
A: Define imminent.

Q: (L) Within twelve months?
A: Not likely, but possible.

Q: (L) What is the source of the attack on Terry and Jan? If their emotions are being attacked, I don’t think it would be possible to get a clear answer to this question with them present...
A: Lizards.

Q: (L) What about the information about Tom’s grandfather’s watch?
A: Open, if concerned, suggest new session.

Q: (L) Well, that whole thing just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. V__ wants to attend soon. Is that alright?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Well, V__ has a lot of “prejudices” which could restrict the information. Is this correct?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) You understand that I am trying to protect what Freddie and I have worked so hard and long to achieve...
A: Of course.

Q: (L) And, I am trying to protect the integrity of the information, and I am trying to protect the reputation of the information. And, if we invite somebody who is, for God’s sake, a newspaper reporter, and somebody can come in and blow the whole session with attitude or prejudice, no matter what the source... do you see my point here?
A: Yes. Suggest Tom and Cherie attend smaller session.

Q: (L) Well, what am I going to do?
A: Follow your instincts, but strongly suggest patience, or attack is successful!!!!!

Q: (L) Oh! So, this is a very subtle and concerted effort to break up the group!?!
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, even without the attack syndrome, we all have very strong personalities and there seems to be a control issue going on here too.
A: Part of attack!

Q: (L) Well, how long is this attack going to continue?
A: Open according to learning cycle length.

Q: (L) Should we temporarily suspend the sessions?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Would the attack end sooner if we do not suspend the sessions?
A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Would it help to end the attack if I did suspend the sessions?
A: Less likely.

Q: (L) Okay, that’s the clue. We shall just carry on.
A: Yes. Goodbye.

End of Session


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June 9, 1995

Freddie and Laura

A: Zauto.

Q: (L) Is that your name?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) I like Z names. Where are you from?
A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) I have several questions tonight. Are you open for questions?
A: Sure.

Q: (L) The first one is: On Tuesday night, I did a spirit release on a fellow named V__ M__. It seemed to get a little rough. What type of entity were we dealing with?

Q: (L) What density level?
A: Fifth.

Q: (L) Was I successful in freeing V__ from this domination?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Is that STS entity gone for at least this time?
A: From direct attachment.

Q: (L) Is that entity going to try to return?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Does V__ have further attachments at this time?
A: Slight.

Q: (L) So, the next session it will be a cake-walk?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Will it be possible for me to release the attachments to his girl friend
at a distance?
A: No.

Q: (L) Should I attempt it?
A: No.

Q: (L) Is there anything about V__ I should know?
A: No.

Q: (L) Violette is worried about her living situation. She was meditating and tried to send light into the apartment near her because the people there are very negative. She felt like something slammed back her. She would like to know what this was?
A: Violette seeks protection, but does not promote it.

Q: (L) Was it karmically an error to direct light into someone else’s living
space without their permission?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Would it have been better to just surround herself with light?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) When I do the next spirit release with V__, would it be alright to have Tom and Cherie present?
A: Up to you.

Q: (L) What about their “prejudices?”
A: Okay.

Q: (L) I went to the doctor for the final check-up. When can I expect a settlement and how much?
A: Open.

Q: (L) Well, how much?
A: Worry not, we have instructed you to have faith in such matters. Otherwise, valuable energy is wasted, and besides, “a watched pot never boils!”

Q: (L) Well, the thing about that is that I wonder if you guys were behind that whole accident thing in order to provide funds to me...
A: Maybe. So have faith!

Q: (L) It is not a lack of faith, just curiosity!
A: Which killed the cat!

Q: (L) But satisfaction brought him back!
A: Oh yeah?

Q: (L) Yeah! And, when I get satisfied I feel good all over! Is the attack still going on?
A: Most likely.

Q: (L) I read in a book about a monster called the “Beast of de Beauvan which appeared first in 1764 and was supposedly done away with in 1767. Who or what was this beast?
A: Other dimensional “window faller.”

Q: (L) You mean it fell into our dimension from another through a dimensional window?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, that would explain a lot of things about it. What about the creature known as “Spring Heel Jack” who terrorized England some time ago?
A: Same.

Q: (L) What about the Mothman in West Virginia?
A: Same.

Q: (L) So, windows to other dimensions are the explanation for a whole host of strange things?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why is Arielle so afraid of sleeping in her own bed lately?
A: Simple blossoming of awareness and consciousness evolvement.

Q: (L) Why is Freddie so tired lately?
A: Depression.

Q: (L) Is there anything I can do to help?
A: Let it “run its course,” karmic in nature.

Q: (L) Well, Freddie has such a lovely aura, how can he have such icky karma?
A: Not “icky” karma, has to do with adjustment factors.

Q: (L) As soon as he adjusts in some way, he will stop having these depressions?
A: Not point.

Q: (L) What is the point. I mean, he is suffering. It is awful to have to spend so much time suffering.
A: Adjustment process.

Q: (L) What is he adjusting from to?
A: Not to be answered at this point.

Q: (L) Edgar Cayce said you could just stop karma at any point by opening your awareness and making a decision. Why can’t Freddie do that? Can anybody do that? Can you just say: “I’ve had enough,” and stop it?
A: No, because not usual circumstance.

Q: (L) Is Freddie’s karma “special” karma?
A: Subjective. Different.

Q: (L) Different from the usual. Is there any thing that he could do to make it better? Any clue? Any word of encouragement?
A: Won’t change until environment does.

Q: (L) Do you mean the environment as in the whole planet, or his personal environment?
A: Former.

Q: (L) Does this mean he is going to have this until we all go to 4th density?
A: Until status quo is abridged.

Q: (L) What is the status quo?
A: Self explanatory.

Q: (L) So, it doesn’t mean going into 4th density necessarily, but until the status quo of the planet is abridged, or some change occurs in the status quo?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, when some sweeping changes in the status quo of the planet occur, Freddie will “come into his own?” Is that correct?
A: Close.

Q: (L) Is this going to happen soon?
A: Open.

Q: (L) I couldn’t help myself! Thank you so much!
A: Goodbye.

[Definition of status quo: the existing state of affairs. “Temporal,” perhaps? Abridged: to lessen, reduce in scope; lessen or curtail rights or authority.]


End of Session


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June 10, 1995

Freddie Direct Channeling, Laura, SV, Terry and Jan [Laura induces hypnotic trance in Freddie]

Q: (L) Who do we have with us this evening?
A: We are not a single entity; as always, that’s not changed.

Q: (L) Is anyone in particular representing, or do you prefer to not designate thus?
A: Well it brings up an interestin point because in your previous sessions using the board, we’ve noticed that you tend to refer to us as though we were a single entity. In actuality, that is not the correct way of thinking of us. We are multiple entities in union with each other with a singular voice when communicating with you.

Q: (L) We are all gathered here this evening for this experiment to discover if we can receive information through this method as opposed to the board method. Is there anything we can do to enhance the use of this particular method?
A: Define enhance, please.

Q: (L) Is there anything we can do to make the channel more comfortable, anything to do to make the induction more effective?
A: Is it not effective at this point?

Q: (L) Yes, it seems to be effective, but if there is anything we can or should do to make it better, we would like to know what it is. Any particular induction process that would work better than another aside from getting the numbers straight.
A: That is not necessary at this time.

Q: (L) Okay, then can we begin addressing questions?
A: Certainly.

Q: (L) The first question I have is concerning last Saturday night’s session, which nobody seems to have been happy with. We would like to understand why the information seemed to be so garbled and distorted and, quite frankly, incorrect.
A: What makes you feel it was incorrect?

Q: (L) Because one of the answers was that what I was seeing outside was the planet Mars. It could not have been the planet Mars because Mars was 120 degrees away from the planet Jupiter.
A: Perhaps the question was posed in such a way as to receive that response. Suggest you check the material more closely.

Q: (L) It was also said that the children were seeing airplanes and helicopters. When I went out, what I saw was most definitely not a helicopter or an airplane and was only ten degrees away from the planet Jupiter, and was a red, pulsating light. Can you tell me what I saw?
A: Well, if you desire to believe that what you saw was something other than any response given, that’s perfectly acceptable. But, when inquiring upon such things as visual reference, one must be prepared for any and all answers.

Q: (L) That seems to be rather evasive.
A: Evasiveness may also indicate a desire to help one learn about oneself and one’s environment.

Q: (L) What I saw out there was not an airplane or a helicopter; it was also not the planet Mars. Whatever it was, it was not there the following night or any night subsequent to that. Therefore, it was some sort of object that wasn’t of a sort that we usually see, and it baffles me as to why it would be conducive to learning for me to...
A: May we ask a question?

Q: (L) Sure.
A: When seeking to identify visual reference, would it not be wise to be patient with the outcome of the analysis?

Q: (L) Well, sure.
A: You state that what you saw was not a plane or a helicopter. We are interested to know how you can be certain of that?

Q: (L) Because I stood and watched it for a considerable period of time and it never moved.
A: Does that indicate that it was not a helicopter?

Q: (L) Yes, because even helicopters, when they hover, there is some lateral or horizontal movement or motion, and they also have different kinds of lights on them. They don’t sit there and look like a single, large, reddish orange, glowing light that pulsates .
A: Okay, well all of these various...

Q: (L) Could you speak more loudly and clearly?
A: We will try to accommodate your request, however circumstances may not make that completely possible. Remember, we are using a different mode which requires cooperation of physical capability and other factors.

Q: (L) Okay. Do you have any further remarks to make about the session last Saturday?
A: No. If you have any questions or further comments?

Q: (L) Anybody else have any further questions about it?
(T) Did Tom understand the information that you gave him last week?
A: Could you specify, please?

Q: (T) At the end of the session you spoke to Tom about his university learning and about his work and about the company that he works for and that there was a possibility of takeover in the not-too-distant future. Do you feel that Tom understood what you were talking about?
A: Tom understood the message given, but was resisting the information, which is his prerogative.

Q: (T) What about Cherie? Did she understand?
A: Certainly to the extent that was necessary for her level of development.

Q: (L) Which is?
A: That is a vague question. That is difficult to answer properly, please understand, we do not mean to criticize, but objectivity is necessary for progress with these sessions. When you state a question asking if a subject’s level of development is sufficient, that is subjective because who is to determine what is sufficient and what isn’t? All are at different levels of development. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: Now, if the question is: “Is Cherie’s level of development relative to others present, greater or lesser,” the answer would naturally be lesser. Which should not be surprising because the exposure level has been lesser. The same is true for the subject referred to as Tom French. The exposure level has been to a lesser degree there, too, so therefore, naturally, the understanding level is lower, relatively speaking.

Q: (L) In a previous session, comments were made regarding remolecularization, and you gave us a rather cryptic remark, and I quote: “learn 4th level assembly.” Could you tell us what 4th level assembly is?
A: That is a fragmented question. The response to the question you are referring to is adequate. However, turning it around and posing a question with no further data to compare it to is not adequate. If you would, please, we ask that you build your question up more carefully. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes, and I don’t have that particular segment of the transcript in hand so I am at a loss as to how to build the question up.
(T) Is that particular subject something that we can work with through the board, or is it too complex a set of answers for the board to handle?
A: The problem is never the method. The problem is merely caretaking in discussion, learning, or a question and answer session. For example, if one seeks an answer to a complex question, one must be patient for the absorption of information is most important and missing any part of it will cause the entire answer to be misunderstood or incomplete. Therefore, any method can be used for receiving knowledge about complicated issues, however, patience is the key, otherwise the information will not be properly absorbed.

Q: (L) We have been looking to make contact with a fourth density individual as we were advised and we would like to know if there are any specific ways or means that we can go about seeking out this individual, and how would we recognize said individual if we found them?
A: All of that will fall into place when the situation is right for you.

Q: (T) At the time of that session you advised us that we needed to find this 4th density individual. Are you now saying that...
A: The message given was merely to prepare for eventuality. Remember, knowledge is important because it is protection. Think of it also as a foundation for progression to further knowledge and experience. Therefore, gaining of knowledge can sometimes best be facilitated by giving information which prepares one for more important events in succession, understand?

Q: (T) I believe so. The context of that transmission was that we were under attack and it would be best to facilitate, as I understood the information, to finding this individual. Is the level of attack not that sufficient that we need an immediate intervention by this individual, but that the timing will come on its own, in the future, as we reference time, that this individual will contact us?
A: All of that statement was correct with the exception of the very last part. The individual is not necessarily going to contact you. Most important element of the experience has been the foundation that the original statement allowed. In other words, you are now prepared for the eventual meeting of one of a 4th density STO nature, and because the information was given, you are, in fact, aware of the possibility of this occurring. Therefore, you are more on the look-out for those individuals who may fit that profile, and they are prevalent in your midst, though you were not fully aware of that prior to the information being given.

Q: (L) Are these 4th density STO individuals what is currently being talked about in many circles as “angels?”
A: Incorrect.

Q: (L) Are there, as is being talked about widely, such beings as “angels?”
A: Yes, but they are not of the 4th density.

Q: (L) What is an angel?
A: Sixth density light being in service to others.

Q: (L) Do they appear as humans?
A: May appear as a human projection.

Q: (L) Are they appearing as often as it is conjectured they are at this time period?
A: That is a vague question.

Q: (L) Is it possible for other density STS beings to appear as and project themselves as angels and to be misnamed or mistaken for angels?
A: Certainly.

Q: (L) Is this happening to a certain extent?
A: Very likely. Deception is part of any and all processes directed toward the manipulation of others for purposes of self gain. And, as we have warned, those of the 4th density service to self nature are interested solely in their own advancement, gain or condition, and will facilitate any and all processes which will further this cause including deception of the nature described.

Q: (T) Going back with the 4th density beings that we are interacting with without knowing it yet, now that we are becoming aware of it. Can I be right in the assumption that because they are aware of us which you indicated in that session, and what you have said so far this evening about them, that even though we may not be interacting directly with them, they are, in fact, helping us without our knowing it?
A: Who said that you are not interacting with them directly?

Q: (T) Okay, let me phrase that dif...
(J) We are interact...
(T) We are not aware that we are interacting with 4th density beings, we still see them as just humans cause we don’t know which one...
(J) We don’t recognize...
(T) We don’t recognize them yet. Can I assume that they, if necessary, they are assisting us already?
A: Think carefully, now, do you really not recognize them?

Q: (T) Well, I am trying to become more aware of the people I interact with on a daily basis.
A: Are you not more aware already?

Q: (L) What’s the criteria for being a 4th density STO being?
(J) Yeah, what’s the profile? You mentioned profile before.
A: It depends on what your definition of profile is.

Q: (J) Profile would be a list of criteria, a checklist, if you will.
(L) What do they look like, are they this tall, or ...
(T) Do they look like that?
(L) Do they have any special abilities in manipulating 3rd density reality...
A: Perhaps so, but there may be restrictions as to use of such.

Q: (L) Why would there be restrictions?
(J) 4th and 5th...
A: Service to Others orientation means service to others. Usage of unusual powers or abilities, if you will, can cause disruption to those who do not possess these powers or abilities. Also, remember, a 4th density being inhabiting 3rd density, is not inhabiting their own density level, therefore they are in, if you will, foreign territory, which requires, for many reasons which will not be completely described here, that they do not do anything that brings attention to themselves.

Q: (J) You have also said that about 4th density STOs it is difficult for them to maintain in 3rd density.
(T) No, STS.
(L) STS. (J) What’s the difference?
A: The difference is an STO orientation tends to expand one’s state of being, STS tends to contract one’s state of being.

Q: (L) Are you saying that association with this kind of person can be expanding to the individuals associating with same?
A: Well, that is true, but that is not what the statement meant.

Q: (L) I know, I was just taking it a little further. And, association with an STS...
(T) Now, you say we are already interacting with these 4th density beings?
A: Statement...

Q: (J) And that we may be aware of it...
A: Statement was rather a question, do you feel that you are not interacting with 4th density STO individuals? It was a rhetorical question demanding reflection on your part. Your statements in return indicated the possibility did exist that you were. That was all.

Q: (L) Okay. The possibility does exist and this is just to make us aware and keep our eyes open.
(J) Can you give us any kind of an indication of a way to recognize such beings?
A: No, what we ask you to do now is ask yourself, and you may use us as a, if you will, sounding board for your discussion, to determine how one may recognize a 4th density STO individual, which will help you to learn, which will help you to progress, and so on.

Q: (L) Would a 4th denstiy STO being be someone who was born in this density in the normal way? ***********************************
A: You are still asking a question. What we are asking you to do instead is ask yourselves, discuss and come up with the answer.

Q: (T) Well, a Service to Others Being would be someone who is, first off, in service to others. That would be a major indicator.
A: Correct. This is the correct way to go about discovering the answer to this question rather than demanding all of the answers of us. You have the capabilities to pull the answers from within. We are more than happy to assist, but out goal is to help you strengthen yourselves for future use, if you will. It all helps one to advance and progress. All there is is lessons. It’s all learning. Therefore, the quickest, the strongest way to learn is to use your own capabilities to that end. Asking us questions is certainly permitted, and helpful, but trying to seek all of the information from this particular source, in the long run, may be detrimental. Now, if you will continue, please...

Q: (L) Well, my idea was that a STO individual would not be someone who was born in the normal way because there would be too great a risk of such an individual losing themselves in the illusion. Therefore, my thought is that a STO being would be somebody who had, maybe, some mystery about their past; or some...
(J) How would we even know that unless we were standing there when they were born or not born...
(T) We have to consider what we would observe...
(L) Well, maybe they would be somebody who wouldn’t talk about their childhood?
(T) Not even that... in a group setting or a passing acquaintance we would have to be aware of how they act. How they speak. What kind of compassion they show...
(J) What kind of feeling you get from them...
(T) Yes, it wouldn’t so much be a physical thing as an awareness... a connection.
(L) But, on the other hand the thing about feeling is that negative entities can counterfeit feelings or control your feelings and they might induce a negative feeling when you are in the presence of a positive individual just to throw you off track. That would be entirely part of the deception process, wouldn’t you think? I mean, we all know...
(J) It’s been that way...
(T) But it’s something we have to learn account... that’s part of the learning process.
(L) So, we can’t just say that we could feel it...
(T) Who have you interacted with in the last six months who was outward going, caring giving, offering to do things, to go places, to... to...
(L) Well, just the members of this group as far as I can see and that is limited in many ways...
(J) Yeah, that’s true...
(T) Well, maybe one of us is the being. Maybe one of us is a fourthe density being.
(L) Well, don’t you think we would know it?
(J) No... (T) Not really. Not if one of us is a fourth density being and has decided that it is not yet time to enter into the dialogue.
(J) Could it not even be...
(T) We have to...
(J) that they are not aware of it?
(T) They are aware ...remember, the Cassiopaeans told us that they are aware of us... they know about us already as a group... they know what we are doing. Maybe not all of them, but those who we need to talk with or need to know already know about us.
(L) Well, in general, I have to say that most of the people I have interacted with in the last year or two have been one experience after another of...
(J) Pure STS...
(L) Yeah. I mean, it has been like a learning thing for me to go and...
(T) Who of those people has offered to do something for you as opposed to taking from you? We are not looking at a whole lot of beings. We are looking at maybe one or two out of the total number that are here that are going to assist us. Or, that we can go to for assistance...
(L) I can’t say anybody outside the group. I mean, there have been people who have offered to do this or that, but the price they expected me to pay was a little too high or I found out that they were not telling the truth...
(J) Well, then, that is obviously...
(L) I assume that people mean what they say and...
(T) Let me ask a question... do all 4th density beings that are here on the planet at this time know that they are 4th density beings? Are they aware of who they are and what they are?
A: Well, that is an interesting question because it leads to another question: Are all 4th density STO beings of the same nature, physically, psychically, spiritually, et cetera?

Q: (J) In other words, is there a connection?
A: No, that is not the point being given. The point being given is: Are they all of the same orientation? Or is it possible that they are of different orientation?

Q: (T) Orientation... how so?
A: Physical nature, spiritual nature, psychic nature, awareness of self and

Q: (T) Just off the top of my head I would have to say that no, they would all be different because they are all different beings to begin with.
(L) So, they could be short and dark, tall and blond... (J) I don’t think that physicality has anything to do with it...
(T) One of the things I have always felt is that when we are dealing with, in this case, the being we were told to be looking out for was an Orion...
(L) Nordic type...
(J) No, we said Nordic...
(T) When you speak of Orions in New Age and Ufology circles, they automatically flash on the Nordic type... the Aryan, blue-eyed blonde. But that is not necessarily what all Orions look like... that would only be one manifestation. They will not all look the same... they will not look like Semjase from the Pleiadians... they are not all going to look like Fabio, or something because they are going to try to blend into human society across the planet... they can’t all look alike. I had a thought that they not only would not look all the same in that type of physical nature, but they would also look different ages in order to blend into whatever setting they were using. In other words, they could be 95 years old or look 95 years old if that is where they felt they needed to be... in finding out who they were. Am I anywhere close to an idea here?
A: Now, the point of our response a while back was to make you aware of the tools that you possess for discovering the answer or answers to your question or questions regarding awareness and identification of 4th density STO beings in your midst, or the possibility of same. And, we have observed that you have made some small progress toward that end. However, one problem that has, if you will, cropped up, is that you have now scattered or separated into two divergent thought patterns on the same subject. We suggest that you reorient yourselve so that your questions, goals or objectives to be answered are one and the same.

Q: (T) Okay.
(J) Well, we started off asking are all of them aware of state and then we went off into what do they look like and how to recognize them...
(T) Well, physically, I believe that they would all look different in order to blend. They can’t all be the same.
(SV) Would they be aware that they are a 4th density being?
(J) Yeah, that’s, that’s...
(T) Awareness, the Cassiopaeans have indicated that the awareness may be at different levels.
A: Maybe at different levels, but, more importantly, the orientation of a 4th density STO being or beings may be of a different nature.

Q: (L) Do you mean orientation not in terms of STO versus STS, but orientation regarding what?
A: Nature of physicality, spirituality, psychic ability or awareness.

Q: (L) So, orientation means that they could be a Baptist...
(T) A Moslem, catholic...
A: Incorrect...

Q: (T) Spiritual attainment levels... they may be very psychic or they may not be psychic at all...
A: No. You are on the wrong path...

Q: (L) What do you mean by orientation?
A: Nature of being, physically, spiritually, psychically...

Q: (J) They might not be human?
A: That is one possibility. But, there are many others. And, the subject matter, or the definition of subject matters can be a cross reference. For example have you not heard of the popular written work by one referred to as Ruth Montgomery, known as “Strangers Among Us.”

Q: (T) Yes.
A: And what does that written work detail?

Q: (L) Isn’t that the one that is about “Walk-Ins?” (J) I was just going to ask about walk-ins.
(SV) No, that’s different.
(T) No, it’s not about walk-ins.
(SV) This is about aliens that are here, living amongst us... it could be the butcher, the cashier... I read it so long ago...
(T) There’s a series of them; she has five or six books.
A: You have the written works confused.

Q: (L) Which one is this?
A: Strangers among us refers to the phenomenon identified by Ruth Montgomery as “Walk-Ins.”

Q: (L) But, you have said in previous sessions that this rarely occurs.
A: Rare is relative.

Q: (SV) Ruth Montgomery also said that sometimes walk-ins don’t realize who or what they are.
A: Rare also may be transitory in nature.

Q: (J) You mean walk in and walk back out again?
A: No. Frequency is not necessarily static according to the time line, as you measure time.

Q: (T) I have not done a lot of research on walk-ins, what is the definition of a walk-in?
A: A walk-in, as described by Ruth Montgomery, is a soul that has chosen to take over the body that was vacated by another soul that has chosen, at some level of awareness, to depart for varying reasons. In this way, a higher level entity can enter into the body that was previously occupied by a different level entity, in the form of a soul, that is to say.

Q: (T) A fourth level soul can then enter the body of a third level?
A: Or perhaps a fourth level soul... remember, as we have described to you before, levels one through four, more appropriately density levels one through four, all involve short wave cycle recycling, or, as you refer to it, reincarnation. Because, each and every one of these density levels has a soul and a physical body marriage, as it were, in progressive life experiences. Each and every one of these density levels involves movement to the fifth level of density for contemplation during the cycling process. It is level six, which is the first level where short wave cycly recycling is no longer necessary because there is no more physical orientation. Therefore, all levels, one through four have a soul reflection of the physical body at all times when in physical state. And, therefore, reincarnation of various types, is at various points on the short wave cycle always possible, and, in fact, quite probable. Do you understand?

Q: (T) Somewhat. That’s a lot to digest.
(J) So, physicality is involved in levels one through four short wave recycling.
(L) So, this means that a fourth density being can recycle through fifth density into a third density body?
A: That is one method that can be used, yes.

Q: (L) Can it also be that they can come directly from fourth density into a third density body, just as one of the options?
A: Yes.

Q: (T) As a walk in.
(L) And either could be considered a walk in?
A: That is correct.

Q: (T) I’m going off on a tangent on what we have been discussing here... what happens to the soul that’s in the body that the walk in takes over? Where does that go?
A: Most likely to the fifth level for recycling and contemplation.

Q: (T) And then returns?
A: Returns, yes.

Q: (L) So, in other words it would behoove us to get this book, reread it to get a clue here... is this advisable?
A: That, of course, is up to you.

Q: (L) We can’t keep him under much longer...
(T) To be aware of a fourth density being...
A: This is putting the subject under physical stress, more than in most circumstances.

Q: (T) Can any of us be put into a trance under these conditions so that you can use us as a vehicle?
A: That is certainly possible but there are varying degrees of difficulty depending on the individual being used.

Q: (T) Would I make a good relief subject?
A: Again, we ask you to please try to refrain from subjective sequence questions as it is nearly impossible for us to give adequate answers.

Q: (T) I guess it is something we would learn ourselves by trying it.
(J) That’s right.
(L) Okay, we’ll get this book and find out what we can from there...
(T) Has anybody else encountered anyone that they have felt an infinity toward who seems to be an open and giving person?
(SV) I find many people that...
(J) I had an interesting conversation today with Mary B...
(T) We had an interesting experience with Brad today...
(L) I would like to ask about Victor before we wrap it up. At any point in time, were Freddie and I in any danger?
A: Please, be more specific.

Q: (L) At any point in time was there any danger of Freddie or I being attacked, attached, or in any way molested by the entity that was attached to or attacking Victor?
A: Well, this possibly would be a danger under normal circumstances, however the knowledge that you have already gained through contact and communication with us as well as your own efforts makes it less of a danger for you than perhaps most others. But, it certainly is true, that there was some interaction there which possibly could have proved to have been less than desirable in its results.

Q: (L) Is there any further attachment of that nature or of that order with this individual, Victor?
A: It certainly is a possibility.

Q: (L) If I did another session with him, would it be safe to have observers who do not have the knowledge I have?
A: Well, again, we regret having to continue to answer questions with what you may believe are evasive maneuvers, but it is important to have clarity when discussing matters such as this, and therefore, we must ask that you please try to be as specific as possible when asking the questions. For example, when you say: “Is it safe to have observers,” this implies that if there is a lack of safety present, there may be a calamity of some sort resulting from this, and then one must ask what sort of calamity is acceptable and what sort is not. This is why we ask that you please be specific. And, we are not trying to irritate you, merely trying to help.

Q: (L) Alright, specifically: Does Victor M. have another heavy duty attachment like the one we dealt with the other night?
A: It is certainly possible that the one you describe as Victor M. may indeed have entities around him that could be described as attachments.

Q: (L) And, if I do another release with him...
(T) Would it be wise for her to have someone else there in case it gets out of hand again?
(J) If you feel the necessity for it, then do it...
A: Well, all we offer to this subject is that, perhaps it would be wise for more care to be taken in matters such as this when possibilities do exist for complications, than has been taken up to this point. That is probably the best way to answer that question, as we do not wish to hinder development and experience or to improperly steer experience when it is necessary for development. But, it possibly could be helpful to suggest more caution.

Q: (T) A point to be taken: now that you are aware of what could happen...
(J) Exactly...
(T) that you know now whats...
(J) Exactly...
(T) that things are gettin more intense with these spirit release sessions, especially you know that it would behoove you to have someone else there that is awake and conscious... someone, in addition... don’t do it alone anymore...
(J) Yes, definitely...
(T) And make sure that the person who is with you knows what is going on...
(L) And that is going to be the tough one because there are very few people who know what the heck is going on...
(T) Knowledge protects...
(L) I mean, the only people who have a clue in this area are the people in this room...
(T) You knew this was coming by the way things had been going and this was the one that really did it.
(J) It was good... (T) You need to have someone else in the room with you.
(L) Is this...
A: Let us stop you right there. Do you not see how discussion, and, as we have frequently referred to it, “Networking,” is an extremely valuable tool.

Q: (L) Now, it does seem to me, that through no real drive on my own part, I have been moved like a chess piece throughout my life, to the point where, at various intervals, I have interacted with spiritual entities. And each interaction has been progressively more complex than the previous interaction. And, it seems that a lot of this has led up to doing the exorcism and spirit release work. Now, during that particular session, it occurred to me that this is really kind of an unpleasant work, and at the same time I understand that not many people can do it. It scares me. I am just wondering if this is something I continue doing or is it okay if I just quit!?
(T) That’s up to you...
(J) Up to you, Laura...
(T) What we are doing here, even though the effects that have been described as the culmination of the work, its ongoing in other places, it isn’t going to happen for many years. But, the learning process had to start some time. This learning process might be very important in the coming times...
(L) You mean doing spirit release?
(J) Yes... (T) Not only the spirit release, but the channeling... to start doing this on down the road would probably be too late... it’s going to take several years to really understand what is going on and be able to handle oneself in the situations that may arise...
A: The most notable comment we have is that we are happy to see discussion progressing more freely... and what a tremendous amount of learning takes place in interaction and sharing of ideas, notions, feelings. It does tend to advance learning and also a more grooved type of learning, and we have talked about “grooving” before indicating a channel or a pathway which leads more clearly to a desired goal, and therefore, we are pleased to see this progress being made and hope that our participation has helped to facilitate this process.

Q: (J) We’re learning.
(T) Your participation is what has made it possible for this learning.
(J) I see you as a facilitator.
(SV) One thing that Laura said about her fear during the exorcism the other night. It was fear that opened Victor up to attack. If she experiences fear would this also open her up to the same sort of attack?
A: That is a vague complex of ideas...

Q: (J) She had awareness along with the fear. Victor did not have awareness and I think that is the difference.
(L) I hope so.
(T) The point is, you have now reached the point where you know you cannot continue doing this by yourself.
(L) No.
(T) The intensity is getting physically dangerous. The last thing you need is to have the cops knocking on the door or kicking the door in and finding bodies laying around! But, the work you are doing is important... it helps other people. The subject is not going to be aware of what is happening.
(L) They are helpless...
(T) But, the people you are going to have to involve in this from here out are going to have to be aware of what they are getting into. They have to know the level of intensity, the severity of what is going on and the implied danger.
(J) Yeah, and aside from the people in this room, how many know that?
(T) Opening up people’s subconscious and letting it out... you never know what’s going to come crawling out of there.
(J) Yeah... it’s opening up Pandora’s box every time! (T) What happens the next time you do this with a subject and the subject turns out to be an STS walk in that doesn’t know what they are yet?
(L) Ouch.
(T) What do you do with that? You don’t want to be alone with it. And, Freddie, in a trance state, unable to defend himself physically, and have something like that come crawling out.
(L) You’re right. It can’t be done like that again, but there is so much need right... I think we have to bring Freddie up here. We want to thank you for your presence tonight unless you have something further to say.
A: Not unless you have further questions.

Q: (L) Well, we have plenty of questions but Freddie has been down long enough and we have to bring him up. We would like you to leave some positive effects, perhaps in the form of suggestions, for his well-being.
A: We would suggest that you be aware of the fact that the subject is the channel and, as such, we are in constant communication with each other, as it were. This we have told you before, therefore, you need not worry about the course of destiny of this particular subject. Do you understand?

Q: (L) I understand, but I also am the one who watches him go through torments and I would like to see that alleviated for him as much as possible.
A: We understand your care and concern, but it may also be true that the torments are a precursor to explosive developments that would not be possible without the “torments” occurring.

Q: (T) We would like to thank you for your assistance.
A: You are most welcome.

Q: (L) We will release then. Good night.

End of Session


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June 17, 1995


Freddie Direct Channeling, Laura, SV, Terry and Jan

Q: (L) When the connection is completed, please indicate by saying “I am ready.” [Pause] Are you ready?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, we do have questions and I think Terry will start us off this evening.
(T) How did FDR die?
A: Due to a cerebral hemorrhage.

Q: (T) It was a natural death, then?
A: Yes. All death is natural.

Q: (T) It was not a death contrived by someone else?
A: We don’t understand the reference.

Q: (T) He wasn’t assassinated in some way?
A: No.

Q: (L) What about Pope John Paul I? The pope who served for one month? Please speak as loudly and clearly as possible.
A: It is the comfort of the subject being used as channel or conduit that is the
most important factor in clear speaking and increase of volume. This can be a more useful method for channeling information if all circumstances are optimal levels.

Q: (L) What else can we do for comfort?
A: Placement of object to right of subject’s head is somewhat inhibiting flow of energy. Please place some form of sustaining object or brace to the left subject’s head.

Q: [Adjustments made] (SV) Is that better?
(J) I reccomend you get him settled before he even goes into trance.
(L) I would but he is so hard headed he won’t listen to my suggestions. He says “I’m fine,” but then he isn’t. Back to the question, what caused the death of the Pope, John Paul I.
A: Unfortunately, as has been indicated by us before, sometimes you ask questions that we will not be able to answer for you. Not because the answers are unknown, but rather because knowing the answers could prove harmful to you.

Q: (T) Well, that is an answer in itself. He didn’t die naturally.
A: Speculation is harmless when compared to irrefutable, confirmed knowledge.

Q: (L) Okay, Susan had a question that we discussed earlier this week as to what is taking place when craft that are described to be belonging to “aliens” begin to strobe as opposed to pulsating or merely blinking or other configurations. In other words, what are the different configurations of light emanations and what do they indicate?
A: It is interesting when you pose multiple questions. Please choose one.

Q: (L) Is there something indicated by a UFO as to its condition or status or proposed activity when it changes its light emanation?
A: That is a confusing thought pattern.

Q: (L) Okay, say a specific UFO is seen. When it is first seen it appears metallic. In a bit it begins to glow with light of some or another color. Then, after a few minutes of glowing, it begins to strobe - flashing a very bright light. What could this indicate?
A: We do not mean to be difficult, but the term “Strobe” is still not completely clear to us. That seems to be an artificial construction of your plane that we are not familiar with.

Q: (L) Well, just moving from a glow to a blinding flashing.
A: Well, you must be aware, first of all, as we have told you before, and as you have, in fact, gained knowledge from other souces prior to your communications with us, the entire subject matter referred to as “UFOs” is extremely varied and multi-faceted in nature and does not represent any one condition, entity, source of entities, mode of transport, density level, or anything else related to these.

Q: (L) So, in other words, we would have to specify a specific sighting and condition in order to obtain an answer to this particular question or type of question?
A: Well, let us ask you, would that not be the wisest course of action?

Q: (J) I think I have a way out of that. Possibly we are referring to the type of sightings that are typical in the Gulf Breeze area where they...
A: Be aware of the fact, please, that the whole Gulf Breeze situation is rather interesting in many ways. And, when we say “rather interesting,” we are being subjective viewing the subjective from your point of view. There is more going on there... [(J) Um hmm] than meets the eye... [(J) Agreed.] again, from your point of view... [(J) We are aware of that.] not from our point of view, for we know what’s going on there. And this brings us to another point that should be taken at this point, no pun intended, that is that your line of questioning, in this particular session, does seem to be developing a pattern; that being trying to find answers to mysteries which, if found, could cause difficulties for you. Example one being Pope John Paul’s death, as you call it, and example two, Gulf Breeze. If you were to know the answers to these questions, we can assure you that it would not be long, as you measure time, before ramifications would result that would not be pleasant for you. This is because all entities concerned with these various subject matters are strictly STS, and, in fact, involved in practices that, if revealed in their entirety, would be damaging to the efforts of those seeking to serve self in the ways that they are seeking service of self. So, it is not possible for us to go into any great detail about lights seen at Gulf Breeze as it would be possible for you to infer from the information given, various bits and pieces of information, which could lead you to knowledge that it would be best that you not possess currently. Do you understand?

Q: (T) Are you suggesting that sometime in the future that it might be possible and helpful for us to know these things?
A: Well, we sincerely try not to suggest, but rather, communicate, and the communication intent was to indicate that it would be more beneficial, perhaps, to gain awareness of these subjects in detail in what you would describe as your future, than would be the case in what you would describe as your present.

Q: (J) So sometimes knowledge is [Terry interjects and both comments lost] (T) Knowledge without understanding...
A: Incorrect. [(J) I was...] knowledge protects, but there is an old saying on your third density world [(J) I know what’s coming...] a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing... [(J) Got it!] and we will add to that “a little bit of knowledge is no knowledge at all.” Understood?

Q: (L) Yes...
(J) Is this kind of like along the line of “Knowledge out of context is dangerous.”
A: That would be accurate as well.

Q: (L) Well, since we are not going to go anywhere with that question, I have another one... a couple of nights ago I did a session with my son to examine the events that took place on August 16, 1993, over my pool, wherein a couple of objects were seen by all of us, kind of casually drifting by. In this hypnosis session, after two or three passes through the subject, he indicated that, in fact, that was not merely a sighting of something going overhead, but was actually and abduction situation. Would that be correct?
A: What do you think?

Q: (L) Knowing what I know now, I think so.
A: The reason we ask this is, again we must reiterate, your learning is to be more and more accomplished by utilizing the tools you have within you, and, we are happy to see that you are, indeed, doing this. But you must trust in your own ability to access the information you need through your own efforts.

Q: (L) One remark he made during this session, and this startled me a little, and I would like to get a little amplification on the subject, was that toward the end when I asked what happened, he said that he was “taken apart and beamed back down without benefit of a pain suppressor.” This meant that when he was demolecularized some sort of device that is used to suppress pain was not used, and the process of atomic demolecularization or remolecularization can actually be painful, and can cause distress. Is this correct?
A: Possibly. The whole process of abduction can be stressful, but, to varying degrees and, of course, we must remind you that, as with everything else, it is your own perception of reality that is the most important factor, not some notion of your own perception of reality.

Q: (L) I don’t understand what you mean. Is there some device that... does it hurt to be taken to pieces molecularly, beamed aboard a space ship and then sent back.
(J) Can this be painful to the body?
A: Well, first of all, you are getting way ahead of yourself. Do you honestly believe that a beam of light came down and “took you to pieces,” moved your body physically onboard a space vehicle, did some form of examination or some such thing and then reassembled your entire body without a pain suppressor? Is this what you believe?

Q: (L) Well, he didn’t say it happened to me, he said it happened to him.
(J) We have never heard the term “Pain suppressor” before.
(L) Yes, we have never heard anything about anything like this; and do I believe a beam of light could have come down and disassembled us and reassembled me, and then something was done to me? Well, from what I have studied I would say it is possible. I mean, knowing about the time manipulation capabilities of said entities, it is entirely possible that it could have happened without any awareness of any loss of time whatsoever.
A: Yes, this is true, however, we have told you in previous sessions, in detail, the methodology... [(J) Not true.] that is used for what you refer to as
“abduction.” And, if you are familiar with the transcripts that you have now created, you know precisely how this is done. Your description of it is not completely correct as referenced in the hypnosis session you speak of, or at least your interpretation of the information given during the hypnosis session given is not correct. Now, it must be noted here, that when we make such clarifying statements such as “this is not correct” or “that is not correct,” it is unusual for us to do this because the nature of your state of being and all others is one involving various degrees of bonded illusion. Therefore any and all possibilities are present in most instances. However, when two or more of these bonds of the illusion are misaligned, then, indeed, absolute correctness or absolute incorrectness is possible. In this case, there is a misalignment of the bonding. Therefore, it is, in fact, completely incorrect. And, furthermore, to explain exactly the process again, even though we do very much desire for you to learn, and we sense that perhaps you are getting ahead of yourself in the learning curve, as it were, which is somewhat distressing, but we will worry about that later; the main thing is that you have been told how this process takes place. We will now repeat it. Please do try to retain this knowledge as it is very important not only for what, perhaps, has happened in your reality as you would refer to it as your past, but also in possible variations of your present and in what you refer to as your future. These experiences must be known in their entirety as to what they really are. You are not normally removed as a physical third density being from one locator to another. What happens is very simple. The time frame is normally frozen, and we use the term “frozen” for lack of a better term. What this means is that your perception of time in your physical locator, third density body, ceases to pass during this period of time that is called “zero time” variously by members of your human race. What happens is that the soul imprint occupying or of that particular host body is removed forcibly, transported to another locator, and remolecularized as a separate physical entity body for purpose of examination, implantation, and other. Then, it is demolecularized, the soul imprint is used for the purpose of duplication process; it is then demolecularized and the soul imprint is replaced in the original body at the original locator. That is the process that takes place. On occasion, the fourth density beings doing the abduction can actually make a mistake in the time referencing points of the third density illusion. This may create the effect of the appearance of an alternate or duplicate experience, when, in actuality there has only been one experience. This was what happened in your case. As you perceived the passage of two “ships” for lack of a better term, when in actuality, there was only one. That is because the time frame reference illusion was not completely matched from beginning of event to the end of the event in zero time. Normally, however, that is not a problem. On rare occasions, the host, or the subject of the abduction can actually find themselves replaced in the time frame illusion in what could appear to be several hours, day, weeks, or even, sadly, years prior to the beginning of the event, which, of course, could cause side effects such as total insanity and other such things. Fortunately that did not occur in your case, but there was some fracturing of the time frame reference illusion. This is why you thought you saw two ships when in actuality you only saw one. Now, it is most important that you understand that this is not a physical, third density experience in its entirety. There is the soul imprint that all first density, second density, third density, and fourth density beings possess, as you already know; that is extracted. From that soul imprint a duplicate copy or cloning, if you will, which appears on fourth density, can then be made and studied and the soul imprint is then replaced into the original body at whatever density it was taken. This is normally how the process is done. Most often, if the third density being is removed in total physicality, there is no return of that being to third density. They are permanently removed to fourth density. Most often that is what takes place although on rare occasions there can be return. However, there is no need for this as complete duplication for all purposes of examination, alteration of sensate, and implanting; need not be done on third density; can be done completely in the fourth density duplication process. Do you understand?

Q: (T) How does the implant come back to the third density body that’s originally still here?
A: The process we are describing, which involves the remolecularization; it is very complex to try and describe how the fourth density is translated into third density, except that once the duplicate, the fourth density cloning, or duplicate is present, all fourth density realities surrounding that fourth density duplicate will be matched in third density whenever and wherever desired. Because, in effect it is the entire density level which is being exchanged, not just the object contained within.

Q: (L) So, in other words, just as the soul imprint, when it goes into fourth density, can be used as a template to create a carbon copy, so to speak, then anything that is done to the carbon copy then becomes a template that recreates that same manifestation when it is sent back into the third
A: Precisely. With the only variance there being that technology is used to make sure that implants, or added material that comes from fourth density, is such that it will also translate equally into third density through the remolecularization process.

Q: (L) Is there any method that we could or should know about to remove or deactivate implants.
A: No, you are not capable of doing that without causing death of the host. And, by the way, please don’t believe those who claim that they can do such things as they cannot.

Q: (L) So, in this particular case, something was done, something occurred here, which affected me. My subsequent physical condition makes me curious as to whether the physical reactions I had for six to nine months, and still have occasionally, following this event, were a third density reaction to the, what you call, fracturing of time. Was this an aberration or was this intentional?
A: My, my my. My, my, my. You take one subject and launch forward into another. You create your own reality, Laura. That really is impressive! But, of course, incorrect, sorry to say! It does not occur as a result of the “fracturing” of the time frame reference illusion. It occurs as a result, simply and merely, of your psychic impression imprint of the experience itself reflecting back into your third density physical reality. As we have told you before, of course, and we don’t mean to sound snide or condescending, however we are just a bit perturbed that you do not seem to be keeping up with your own transcripts.

Q: (L) Well, since that question was never answered...
A: It was never answered incorrectly in that way. However if you were familiar with the transcripts, you would realize that it was answered.

Q: (L) Well, it just gave me food for thought hearing about the “Time fracturing.” (T) Is the pain that Laura’s son described not what he said it was, but rather the pain that is related when the fourth density being removes the life force?
A: Life force is never removed. The soul is extracted. In answer to your question: Laura’s son is merely expressing the discomfort and distress that
most third and second density beings experience when abducted by fourth density service to self entities.

Q: (L) Why did they only abduct Jason and myself and not the girls?
A: Did they?

Q: (L) Well, that is what he said. And, you have said that the girls have not been abducted.
A: Well, I guess that answers the question then.

Q: (L) Well, why? Why only him and me?
A: Why not?

Q: (J) Just random?
(L) Was it a random abduction?
A: As we have said before, you have been making progress in learning through your own resources. But, we would hate to see you fall back.

Q: (L) Well, I don’t want to fall back and I have no intention of not pursuing this matter through my own resources. But, using myself as a case in point, I am trying to find out a little bit about the nature of the abduction process in general. I mean, is it done randomly or is it done to specific persons for specific reasons? My though is that maybe specific people are targeted to put them out of commission. But, then, that seems a little egotistical and I don’t want to stumble over ego and say that I am being abducted to put me out of commission and somebody else is being abducted randomly.
A: Well, I hope this following statement will not disturb you. Any STS being who possesses a greater power than you do will not have any extreme difficulty in “putting you out of commission” if they so desire. This has happened, of course.

Q: (L) I would like to ask a little bit about synchronicity. I would like to know what is the source of synchronous events. Is it a multiple source or is it something that comes out of the percipient’s own mind or...
(J) is it random?
A: Imagine a young school child walking along the street, standing beside a rose bush, picking one of the flowers, and asking the flower: “Would you please explain Einstein’s theory of relativity to me today.” Now, the analogy here is, while humorous, perhaps, is also to point out to you that we admire and appreciate the challenges that you bring to us to answer such complex questions in such a simple form, not to mention such a simple format. However, if we were to answer these accurately and adequately for you when you ask such complicated questions, it would require a session lasting approximately twenty-four of your days non-stop. Needless to say that this would render the subject rather useless and, of course, yourselves as well. So, we aren’t simply not able to answer a question as complex as “What is synchronicity” as it is incredibly complex. It involves aspects in every imaginable state of reality merging together in what could best be described, if seen visually, as a massive mosaic in perfect balance. But, that is not adequate to a response for your question...
(J) Ummm it’s adequate enough.
(Cass) ...however, hopefully, maybe you can contemplate the visual image presented and help yourself to learn...
(J) I like it.
(Cass) ... a more complete answer.

Q: (T) Several sessions back when we were discussing “Perpendicular Realities” you were talking about something that happened to me and that I had to look back over my life and analyze my relationships with other people from a certain point up until now and you said that this was a perpendicular reality. What is the definition of a perpendicular reality?
A: The perpendicular reality primarily, though not exclusively, refers to one’s life path and how one’s life path fits together in the cycle or in a wheel when connected with those of a similar life path. And, oddly enough, relates very closely to the previous question involving synchronicity... [(J) Yeah...] If you can picture an inlaid wheel formed by a circle within a circle, and adjoining partitions in a perfect balance, that would be the best representation of perpendicular reality for it does not completely involve one individual’s experience, but rather a group of individual’s experience for the progression of a greater purpose, if you understand what we mean. This is what we mean when we say: perpendicular reality. Picture again, a circle within a circle adjoined by equally spaced partitions in a perfect cycle. That is perpendicular reality.

Q: (T) You had us draw this symbol and put seven spokes or partitions between the two circles.
A: Correct.

Q: (T) Is seven the optimal number?
A: Seven is always the optimal number. There are seven levels of density. This reflects through all phases of reality.

Q: (T) The people that I interacted with during this time, they also have gone on to do other things that they were supposed to be doing because of their interaction with me in this perpendicular reality that we all existed in?
A: That’s correct.

Q: (T) You also said that each of us in this group came from a different perpendicular reality.
A: That is correct.

Q: (T) Is it at this point where we merge our different perpendicular realities in order to learn from each other’s experiences?
A: That could be described as correct.

Q: (L) It was said at the time that the inner circle was the connection with this reality and that the outer circle and connecting segments were where the perpendicular reality is “joined with The Wave.” Is it implied in that statement that the forming of this conduit through these perpendicular realities is instrumental in bringing forth this wave, bringing forth this change, this dimensional shift, or density shift, and is that something that is being done in other places?
A: We wish to congratulate you for asking six questions in one. [(T) One more question and you would have a perfect perpendicular question!] Mirth!

Q: (L) Are we connected in some way with the Wave, individually and as a group?
A: Well, of course. Everything is connected to the wave.

Q: (L) Are we, by connecting into this wheel, so to speak, activating the wave in some way?
A: We are not clear about your interesting interpretation there, but it is true that you have an interactive relationship with the wave... [(J) We ought to add...] ...however... there is an interruption... as stated before, you are in an interactive relationship with the wave in a sense, in that the wave is a part of your reality, always has been and always will be. And, of course, it does involve your progress through the grand cycle. And the perpendicular reality, again is, of course, an advancement from the core outward which is yet another reflection of all reality and all that exists. Now, we wish to return to the visual representation as mentioned previously. If you notice the core circle connects with all seven sections to the outer circle. Now, picture that outer circle as being an ever expanding circle, and each one of the seven segments as being an ever expanding line. Of course, now, this will expand outward in a circular or cyclical pattern. Please picture visually an expanding outer circle and a non-expanding inner circle. Contemplate that and then please give us your feelings as to what that represents.

Q: (L) Does it represent an expansion of our knowledge and consciousness?
A: That’s part of it.

Q: (L) Does it represent also expanding influence of what and who we are on that which is around us?
A: That is correct.

Q: (L) Does it also represent a more...
A: Oop! We detected a slippage of your visual representation! Contemplate, if you will, the ever-expanding outer circle and the non-expanding inner circle, and, of course, the seven partitions also moving outwardly. What type of shape does that form in your mind’s eye?

Q: (L) A wheel?
A: Is that all?

Q: (T) A pie?
A: Keep going.

Q: (L) An eye.
A: Now we are starting to turn it into a sphere! Why would it turn into a sphere?

Q: (L) How can it turn into a sphere?
A: How can it not!

Q: (SV) It is going in ALL directions, not just flat...
A: Is a straight line a straight line or a...

Q: (L) Oh, you’re not talking about a circle?
A: We are talking about a circle. What becomes of a circle if you expand it outward forever?

Q: (J) It disappears.
A: It disappears? How can it disappear? Where does it disappear to? We ask you that, Jan? Jan?

Q: (J) Visually, as the outer circle expands, the inner circle becomes smaller and smaller until it disappears. As you continue to expand out with the outer circle, the inner circle disappears.
A: But where does it disappear to?

Q: (J) A black hole?
A: A black hole. Well, that’s a possibility. But, we really didn’t want you to concentrate so heavily on the smaller circle, now did we? It’s the outer circle.

Q: (T) The outer circle is used to encompass more and more.
A: And what shape does it begin to take on? I want you to look at this outer circle expanding outward!

Q: (J) Are we to assume that the seven spokes remain the same size in relation to the circle?
A: Well, answer that question for yourself.

Q: (L) Okay, we are looking at it as a plane representation. As a flat surface.
A: Well, what happens to a flat surface if you extend it outward forever?

Q: (L) Well, we don’t know. That, that...
(SV) It keeps on going.
A: It keeps on going?

Q: (L) Yeah, bigger and flatter!
A: It does? What happens to a line if you extend it forever and ever?

Q: (Laura and Susan) It keeps on going.
A: It does?

Q: (L) Um hmmm!
A: Where does it go to?

Q: (SV) Forever.
(J) Back to itself.
(L) We don’t know that.
A: Oh, someone said “Back to itself.”

Q: (J) Like a snake taking hold of its own tail.
A: Why don’t we know that?

Q: (L) Because we don’t. It is conjectured that space is curved...
A: “Because we don’t know. Now, why don’t we know?

Q: (L) Because we haven’t been there.
A: Had Columbus been outside of Italy and Spain?

Q: (L) Okay, we are going to assume that if it keeps on expanding it will eventually come back to itself...
A: No, no, no wait! We asked a question!

Q: (L) Well, of course Columbus had an idea that there was something but he hadn’t been there, no. But he went and checked it out.
A: Did he have just and idea?

Q: (L) Well, pretty much, I guess.
A: Hmmm. That’s not the way we remember it. The way we remember it is that he had instinct and imagination and when he married his instinct with imagination, it became reality. And, when it became reality, he had created a reality which he was fully confident would be manifest in the physical third density reality. It wasn’t that he was confident. He knew it to be so. He didn’t stop himself by adding prejudice to the equation which is what you are doing when you say:
“Well, we don’t know what happens because we have never been there!” Think logically, please. We have told you so many times that everything is a grand cycle. If it’s a grand cycle, we have told you about circles within circles. We have told you about cycles. We have told you about short wave cycles and long wave cycles. Now, after all this information that you have asked of us, which we have more than happily given to you, would you expect that a straight line would just go out forever and ever and ever as a straight line? How could it possibly do that? What happens, [(J) remark lost.] if you take, on you third density earth, and you draw a straight line to the East or to the West [(J) remark lost] or to the North or to the South...

Q: (J) It comes all the way back to itself.
A: Right...

Q: (L) Okay, so we’re living in a big globe!
A: Are we?

Q: (L) Well, that is what it sounds like, a big circle?
A: Oh, my, my, my. You need more study and learning, my dear. Need more study. Even your Albert Einstein had a theory about what happened.

Q: (L) Yes, but that was just a theory.
A: Oh, well I guess then... [(J) Not to him.] I guess then it must be dropped. We’ll never know. It’s just a theory. Well, we’ll just forget about it.

Q: (T) I’m still expanding the circle...
(SV) Me too.
A: Very good, that was the idea. It keeps going and going and going.

Q: (L) Well, mine does too, but it hasn’t come back and met anything. So, what’s the point?
A: Does there need to be a point?

Q: (L) Of course!
A: Who says? We are trying to help you learn. When do you expect to shut down this process?

Q: (J) Never.
(L) Gee, I hope never.
A: Then there never is a point!

Q: (J) Point taken! (L) There is no point. [Laughter.] Well, if you expand the circle outward and continue expanding it in all directions, it pulls the seven spokes with it which encompasses more and more space in a cross section, and then turn that circle, you have a sphere.
A: Precisely. But Laura says that means we are living in a big globe. And, maybe we are.

Q: (T) Well, it wouldn’t be a big globe, so to speak, it would only be a big globe within the circle. If the circle continues to expand, it would just continue to go outward and outward and the globe would become bigger and bigger and bigger...
(L) You’re making me nervous...
(T) But it goes outward forever... cause there is no end to going out...
A: There isn’t?

Q: (SV) Nope.
A: Well, then maybe there’s no beginning.

Q: (T) Well, there wouldn’t be a beginning, just a big, open void. An infinite void...
A: If there’s no end and no beginning, then what do you have?

Q: (L) No point.
(J) The here and now.
A: The here and now which is also the future and the past. Everything that was, is and will be, all at once. [(J) As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be...] This is why... [(J) world without end, amen.] this is why only a very few of your third density persons have been able to understand space travel, because even though traveling into space in your third density is every bit as third density as lying on your bed at night in your comfortable home, the time reference is taken away. Something that you hold very close to your bosom as if it were your mother. And, it is the biggest illusion that you have. We have repeatedly told you over and over that there is no time, and yet, of course, you have been so brainwashed into this concept that you cannot get rid of it no matter what you do, now can you? Imagine going out into space. You’d be lost when confronted with reality that everything is completely all at one? Would you not? Picture yourself floating around in space!

Q: (L) I don’t want to.
(J) There is also no space! (T) Does the sphere keep expanding... as the circle expands and you turn the circle 180 ‘, you get a sphere. As the sphere continues to expand it, you take a point on the outer edge of the sphere in order to take the sphere about itself, you get a donut, an ever expanding inner tube.
(L) With a black hole in the middle! (SV) Why does it have to be a black hole?
(J) It’s a spiral.
(T) If you take that and twist it, you get an even larger inner tube. It just continues to expand and encompasses more space...
A: And now, when you merge densities, or traverse densities, what you have is the merging of physical reality and ethereal reality, which involves thought form versus physicality. When you can merge those perfectly, what you realize then, is that the reason there is no beginning and no end is merely because there is no need for you to contemplate a beginning or an end after you have completed your development. When you are at union with the One at Seventh density, that is when you have accomplished this and then there is no longer any need for difference between physical and ethereal forms.

Q: (L) On the subject of time as we discussed the other day: we talked about the fact that at the constant of light there is no time, there is no matter, there is no gravity, but that any unit, infinitesimally small to the downward side of the constant of light, suddenly there is gravity and suddenly there is matter. And we asked what is it that congeals this matter out of the energy of light, so to speak, and I believe that the answer we received was that it was consciousness from 7th level. From our perspective, would it be possible to achieve this constant and move through to the other side of it, or at least stay fixed with it, without de-materializing? Is the speed of light interconnected with the state of no time and no gravity?
A: No in an absolute sense, in a third density sense.

Q: (L) Okay, if you are in fourth density, for example, does everything move at the speed of light and is that why there is no time there and no gravity?
A: No. That is an incorrect concept... [(T) There is no speed of light, light is everywhere.] Precisely. There is no speed of light in fourth density because there is no need for any “speed.” Speed, itself, is a third density concept. You remember, all there is is lessons. That’s it! There’s nothing else. It is all for your perception. For our perception. For all consciousness. That’s all there is.

Q: (L) Well, I am still trying to get a handle on what it is, what is the source of this gravity, this state of time because they seem to be so intimately connected.
A: Let us ask you a question now: Do you remember going to school?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: What did you do in third grade?

Q: (L) A lot of things. I learned cursive writing. I learned to multiply and divide.
A: Do you remember what you did in first grade?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: Please name one.

Q: (L) I walked to school and took tests. Learned to count in several ways. Learned to read and write.
A: Okay. [(T) Did you learn to multiply and divide in first grade?
(L) No.] When you were in the process of learning to multiply and divide, did you drop your pen or pencil and steadfastly return in your mind to first grade and try and figure out why you had to learn the alphabet?

Q: (L) No.
A: Why not?

Q: (L) Because I already knew it.
A: You already knew it. In other words, you did not need to learn the alphabet because you already knew it. Correct?

Q: (L) Yes.
A: Are you going to need to learn about the speed of light when there is no longer a speed of light?

Q: (L) Well, that is what I am trying to do. Once you learn it, maybe you are not subject to it’s lessons anymore. I mean, you get concepts presented, you absorb them, practice them, they become part of you and then you go to the next thing.
A: Yes, but you are asking about the speed of light as relates to fourth density and above density levels and we are telling you that there is no speed of light there because there is no need for that, because once you reach fourth density level, you have learned the lessons of third density level.

Q: (L) Well, if a person on third density gets into some kind of vehicle and achieves light speed, does that automatically translate them into fourth density?
A: Could you please point out one of these vehicles?

Q: (L) Well, we don’t have any... yet.
A: Do you expect to have any before you go to fourth density?

Q: (L) No.
A: Then the lesson is learned, yes?

Q: (L) Sort of.
A: If you trust in what we are saying, which is in response to what you are asking, then the lesson is learned. Now, contemplate, because all there is is lessons.

Q: (L) Well, you talk about time being an illusion, time being something we hold dear to us like a mother, and that sort of thing, and I would be perfectly happy to let go of time...
A: You do! Let go!

Q: (L) Well, it is one thing to want to do it in your mind and another thing altogether to do it in your system, your internal operating system.
A: Your internal operating system?

Q: (T) Is that DOS or WARM?
A: Could you please explain what an internal operating system is?

Q: (L) I guess it is the subconscious mind.
A: It is?

Q: (L) Maybe.
A: My, my.

Q: (T) The subconscious mind has no idea of time.
(J) Time is an artificial constraint...
(L) For example: a person can have a belief about prosperity in their conscious mind and can talk about it and say affirmations and all kinds of postive things for themselves, and yet, for some reason that individual continually lives on the edge of poverty because something keeps happening that they keep screwing up to keep themselves at the level of poverty. And, when you start digging around in their subconscious mind you find out that somewhere there is the belief in poverty or there is a past life connection where they feel they need or deserve to be poor, so, their internal operating system takes precedence over their conscious beliefs and thoughts. That is what I am talking about here.
A: Yes, but what is your point.

Q: (L) The point is that you may say that you would like to get rid of time and you may understand it conceptually, but something internal keeps you tied to it. How do you get rid of that internal connection?

A: Something internal keeps you tied to it?

Q: (J) Like circadian rhythms, its physical.
A: We feel you are missing the point.

Q: (L) Well, maybe I am.
A: You see, we speak to all of you when we say this. It’s now time for you, as individuals, to try to move away, as much as possible, not to force yourselves, of course, but to try and move away at your own pace as much as possible, from the constraints of third density. You have all learned lessons to the level where you are more than ready to begin to prepare for fourth density. Third density involves a level of physicality and restriction and restraint and all of the things that go along with those, that you no longer need. So, therefore, even though we understand that at times it may feel comfortable to cling to this, there is time for you, and there is that word again, it is time for you to consider moving ahead and get ready for fourth density and not to be concerned with such things as time or how to free yourself from the illusion of time. That really is not important. That’s like the third grade student delving into mathematics and stopping everything to go back and contemplate the ABC’s and why it isn’t CBA or BAC. There really is no point. It is what it is. They are what they are.

Q: (L) That is what I want to know, what is it?
A: Why do you need to know this?

Q: (L) Because I am curious. What is time?
A: We have already told you that it is a non-existent, artificial creation of illusion for the point of learning at the level where you are at or were, and once you have left that level, you no longer need it.

Q: (T) Maybe one of the lessons is to learn not to worry about time. Once you learn that time is not real...
(SV) Tell that to your boss!
A: If something is not real, is there any concern in worrying about what it is?

Q: (T) Not, for me.
A: Imagine a conversation between two people: Billy and Gene. Billy says to Gene, “There is no such thing as time.” Gene says, “Oh, really? But I want to know what it is.” Billy says, “But I just told you there is no such thing. Time does not exist. It is not real in any form, in any frame of reference, in any form of reality, any level of density. It simply does not exist.” And, Gene says: “Oh, that’s interesting. Now, again, what is this time?”

Q: (L) Point taken.
(T) Do you wear a watch?
(L) No.
(SV) I have to because of my schedule.
(T) But, you wear the watch because other people believe in time?
(SV) Yes.
(T) And that is out of courtesy for their belief, not your belief.
A: That is precisely correct. While you are still in this third density it is still necessary for you to conform, to a certain extent, to the ways of others who are more comfortable within the realm of third density. But, as we have stated previously, perhaps it is “time” for you to begin preparing for fourth density and not concern yourself any more than is absolutely necessary with all the where’s and why’s and what for’s of third density reality. This truly is behind you, now, and we know that because we can see from all levels six through one and back again in full cycle.

Q: (L) Going along with that statement, and this is going to have to be the last question; preparing for fourth density: not too long ago I asked a question about the purpose of this group and the answer was that if we knew, or, more specifically if I knew, I would become “unglued.” Was that meant literally?
A: Oh, yes certainly. Every single bone in your body is going to unglue itself from every other.

Q: (J) You are going to turn into a puddle.
(L) Well, since you are saying that it is time for us to begin preparing for fourth density, maybe it is time to deal with that question?
A: Well, perhaps you are trying to steer us, now. This is amusing because, of course, you sought our help, now I guess you are going to put us in your place and vice versa. But, actually, in a way, that is what is already happening, because, again, we must remind, that we are you in the future and we have already experienced all that you are experiencing. And, of course, we are experiencing as it is always being experienced. But, it is important to note that you have been making progress despite our occasional chidings, and we are very proud of the progress you have been making. Also, we want to remind you again not to worry about the extent of the progress or the direction it is taking. Just let it happen. All knowledge that it is absolutely necessary for you to gain to sustain this progress will be gained at the appropriate point in ... [chorus] TIME. Therefore, not to worry as it will all fall into place, as we have told you. Now, we do not feel that you are ready, as yet, to know what your ultimate purpose is, nor is it necessary for you to know, and it certainly would not be helpful in any way, so we ask again that you please not worry about that because when the “time” comes for you to know, you will.

Q: (SV) I want to ask one question: If there is no time, there is no past and no future; there are no past lives and no future lives, there is no such thing as reincarnation, then how can you be us...
A: Yes, there is reincarnation. You are getting ahead of yourself there. We never said there is no reincarnation.

Q: (SV) But, if there is no time?
(J) It is our perception of it. (L) It is all happening simultaneously. We are having all of these lifetimes at once.
(SV) Is there a way that we can connect ourselves with all our other selves?
A: Picture it this way: we will access some of your memory banks and give you another reference which, interestingly enough, fits very closely with the perpendicular reality wheel that we described earlier. You know what a slide projector looks like? To give you some feeling of what this expanded nature of reality really is, picture yourself watching a big slide presentation with a big slide wheel on the projector. At any given point along the way you are watching one particular slide. But, all the rest of the slides are present on the wheel, are they not? And, of course, this fits in with the perpendicular reality, which fits in with the circles within circles and cycles within cycles, which also fits in the Grand Cycle, which also fits in with what we have told you before: All there is is lessons. That’s all there is... [(J) I have a comment...] ...and we ask that you enjoy them as you are watching the slide presentation...

Q: (J) In that analogy, the light that shines through the slide, as it projects it upon the screen, is our perception.
A: And, if you look back at the center of the projector, you see the origin and essence of all creation itself, which, is level seven where you are in union with the One.

Q: (T) Can we ask one more quick question? NASA has announced that the space telescope, Hubble, has detected clusters of comets, is this, in effect, the beginning of the government’s of the world preparing the people for what is to come?
A: It certainly is a possibility, but, again, you are accessing a very touchy area. Too much knowledge for you to gather in this particular area would not... [(T) I understand that the knowledge...

End of Session


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