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Post subject: Re: Genetic Techniques Presuppose Genes to Manipulate

PostPosted by Steve:

Thu Aug 14, 2008 11:03 am

As the fascinating story that Anton Parks tells continues to unfold in continuing breadth and depth, we reach the intriguing prospect of how far back we can push the "origins" questions and whether his sources can give us any further insights here.


For here we have Reptilian, Amphibian and other alien entities (who are connected with the Kadistu who are in turn connected to the Source) who claim to have fashioned human beings through genetic manipulation and hybridization.


The story is amazing in itself, of course. But this leaves us wanting more, does it not?


So I am more than a little curious as to whether Anton Parks has received any information on the following questions. They are not "new" in any sense, and we will all recognize them as versions of the really big ones we all continue wonder/obsess about.


Some of the intriguing supplemental lines of questioning then become:

  1. How does "indigenous stock" (i.e., life forms which are not at inception genetically altered and on which genetic techniques can then be practiced) get to exist in the first place? In other words, how does any particular life form come to be?

  2. More specifically, the existence of biological life forms as we humans are aware of them "all" use genes as a template. The existence of genetic material in biology is thus the foundation of life as we know it. How did the genes (DNA), given their complexity and their necessity, arise so that DNA could be used as the universal (or at least such to our knowledge) template for biological existence?


    Presumably being a "protein factory" is the most modest of DNA's functions. Recent Russian research suggests that DNA is a receiver, transducer and transmitter of energy/information from what is called the Vacuum in modern physics (a serious misnomer as it is a teeming energetic field of virtually incalculable energetic/informational potency).


    If so, what is the nature of the Vacuum? Is it "alive"? Is it in some sense the Source? Does the Vacuum, if it is alive, use DNA as its means of "breathing" life into biological life forms?

  3. In what does being "alive" consist? Presumably from the Parks story so far, there are souls which are conjoined to the bodily part of existence and runs on that system while it is so conjoined? If there are 'souls' which reincarnate or otherwise are connected to the body (which then would appear to be a computer program of sorts running on DNA as a biological chip perhaps using holographic laser light technology in some sense) then presumably the "energetic" and "informational" body is not "all" there is to life, as the materialist science would maintain.


    If this is so, how do souls "mesh" with their bodily computers? Do monkeys have souls? Insects? Bacteria? Does the soul have energetic/informational structures that need to somehow "correspond" to any structures of the DNA to which it is conjoined?


    Is the soul itself some sort of distinct energy and/or information field? If not, what is it?

  4. Finally, is DNA in fact a universal biological template or can "life" (ensoulment?) also exist in "inorganic" templates such as silicon? Or is anything animate of that sort really just a robot, albeit one that (while likely lacking "emotion") can seem in all functional respects to be a biological life form?

I suspect the questions could go on forever, or at least I could, but I'll stop at this point to give everyone a rest.



Post subject: Re: Genetic Techniques Presuppose Genes to Manipulate
PostPosted by Zeitlin

Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:41 pm
Location: Oswego, New York



Your posting of course contains the greatest question of all time, embedded in some others. Let's see what we can do with this.

Anton Parks has not been a member of this forum and I really don't know if he has ever even seen it, so I forwarded your posting to him by e-mail. It happens that he is travelling at the moment so we probably won't be receiving any form of response until next week, earliest.

In the meantime I would like to take the opportunity to respond in a peripheral way to a few issues that your questions bring to mind.

There is so much here. This reply will confine itself to your opening paragraph.

About the alien evolutions, the Kadištu, and the Source...

The war that came to our solar system left us with a minority of beings who recognize the Kadistu (readers who don't understand this term should see here) and links to the Source, and a majority who do not, but see THEMSELVES as the only source. Furthermore, the majority of humans have believed them, i.e., the second group, hence all the religious wars that we have.

Who is right? That is something each person must decide. All we do on these pages is to try to alert people to the issues.

Anyway I mention this here because you see that your first paragraph already is couched in one of two major systems of understanding. This should be recognized.

Not much more to say about your first paragraph except to mention that both sides are highly adept at genetic manipulation. We have a chart (The Two Adamic Lines: Abel and Caďn), which also now appears in Parks' Ádam Genisiš, that provides some information about the manipulations that were performed subsequent to about 500,000 years ago - that is, even prior to the war.


We have done another one for the future publication The Awakening of the Phoenix, showing more of the major modern human races, plus "bigfoot" and others, and taking it all back more than 65,000,000 years, and even THAT is not the beginning, possibly not by a long shot.

And now WE are learning the tricks of it. There should be no doubt that our so-called genetic science with its explanation of random mutations is not out of the baby carriage itself. But it's a beginning, underscoring how universal this is.

Ok, enough for this reply.


I'll continue with your paragraphs, maybe one per day, not sure.



Post subject: Re: Genetic Techniques Presuppose Genes to Manipulate
PostPosted by Zeitlin

Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:24 pm
Location: Oswego, New York


1. How does "indigenous stock" (i.e., life forms which are not at inception genetically altered and on which genetic techniques can then be practiced) get to exist in the first place? In other words, how does any particular life form come to be?

We don't know that that is the way it works, do we?

As far as the scenario on Earth is concerned, it would be good here to review the section "Uraš / Deep History" to get a sense of what "indigenous stock" means in this context, if anything.

In the larger context, is it possible that all life forms are in a sense laboratory productions, modifications of something earlier and more primitive?

Could there be or have been perhaps some single proto-life form from which all the rest sprang? And if so, how did they "spring" and when did they learn the arts of genetic manipulation? Yes, it is mind-boggling.

We're going to have to wait for deeper information from Anton Parks on the very earliest stages of this process, if indeed he has any.

Meanwhile, since it has been quite some time since I wrote that "Deep History" section, based on Parks' materials, I am going to reread it myself. If I get any bright ideas from that, I'll post them here.



Post subject: Re: Genetic Techniques Presuppose Genes to Manipulate
PostPosted Steve

Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:51 pm

Yes, everything could be a laboratory production, 'except' I take it the manipulator/creator itself. The old unmoved mover problem. That entity then needs to operate on "raw materials". The genetic code is pervasive in all life forms that we know of so it must be involved. Yet DNA may not be "fundamental" in that it may be sourced in some less complex substrate.


But whatever the raw materials and the substrate, "life" issues. If the materials and substrate do not themselves "self-organize" into life (the purely mechanistic hypothesis featured in Darwinism), then we need to determine the modality which does that. That modality, whatever its precise characteristics, would appear, based on the latest thinking (which surely may not have it right, either), must have an "energetic" component which carries "information."


Matter, as such, would then becomes a special case of energy and information. Hartmut Muller (for one) suggests that this modality is a logarithmic universal gravitational scalar standing wave. This is 'all' there is, according to Muller and all that exists springs from it.

One physicist's candidate for the Source.



Post subject: Re: Genetic Techniques Presuppose Genes to Manipulate
PostPosted Steve

Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:19 pm

I found another bit of information on Mueller and the late physicist/Sumerian scholar (!) George Merkl.


Here are some quotes from this website: Merkl believed along with Enderlein and Naessens that the protit or chondriana was primary for life. Here are the quotes:

According to George Merkl these particles which he calls chondrianas (protits/somatids) are,

"composed of tiny, pyramid shaped crystals of ATP, adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel that powers the machines of our bodies. ATP is the energy molecule of the body, the muscles 'burn' ATP when they contract.


These crystals are what spawned in the oceans of all worlds to transduce Life down from the bi-directional electromagnetic wave structure in the scalar potential of vacuum".

(Genesis II, George Merkl, pg. ii)

These Protits are the physical elements that transduce the energy called Life from the infinite, scalar potential of vacuum, down into this three dimensional, physical world where they physically manifest, pop into existence, protits, for ever, always moving, always, an infinite source of new Protits/Somatids/Chondrianas.


Where do they come from, what Power keeps creating them, what energy keeps them moving, for ever?


We are immersed in a sea of infinite energy called here the scalar potential of vacuum, a Power that is beyond our... it can't even be discussed.


This scalar potential of vacuum is the electromagnetic potential of vacuum which is;


"...the energy of nothingness, of vacuum, of chaos. This is the energy that holds all this corporeal existence together. It is Free Energy and it is infinite."

(Tapping The Zero Point Potential, Moray B. King, pg. iii)

Later on, we get this:

George Merkl, PhD was also a Sumerian scholar!


The following quote from Manna, Gold of the Gods by Henry Kroll, begins with by research done by Dr. Müller with frequent reference to George Merkl, PhD:

"Contrary to popular scientific belief, Dr. Müller's research reveals, much to the chagrin of human genome geneticists, that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands. Instead, DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms which are in resonance with, and driven by, specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar gravitational wave. Every living cell resonantly receives the appropriate data in the form of weak electromagnetic coded signals from the universal scalar wave necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis.

"Remarkably, in order to shield advanced biogenetic knowledge from the eyes of the profane, the simplistic images depicted on Sumerian clay texts by the Shemsu Hor, contain encoded data appertaining to protein synthesis and the manufacture of an elixir which repairs damaged cells and restores dead cells to life. Some 50,000 Sumerian clay texts contain coded images of cytoplasm, black protein, nucleotides and reticulated endoplasm. The Sumerian textual code was broken by the late George Merkl, PhD, that incredible genius whose suspicious death does not appear to be from natural causes.

"The basis of Dr. Müller's research was the discovery of a non-electromagnetic interaction between physical biotic systems. It was later found by Russian scientists that this previously unknown "biofield" interaction even occurred between supposedly inanimate objects such as rocks or interstellar material. Later, in 1988, microbiological experiments conducted aboard the Mir spacecraft determined that the biofield was actually gravitation and amazingly, modulated gravitation possessed the unique capability of transmitting biological data-a fact independently verified by the distinguished physicist and Sumerian scholar George Merkl, PhD.

"It appears to be the intent of the Russian government never to release the contents of the papers into the public domain, for they are based upon experimental data which not only disproves Einstein's gravitational theory but also renders much of presently accepted theoretical physics unacceptable. In other words, the world of theoretical physics requires a major overhaul.

"Russian experiments conducted during the 1960's and subsequently suppressed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed that,

  • gravitational waves are able to travel at a minimum of twenty times the accepted velocity of light

  • a "biofield" pervades the entire universe

"The universal logarithmic scalar standing wave is the only source of energy within the universe. All other physical objects, ranging from the sun to human cells merely draw energy from the universal wave by means of resonant coupling. Because of this harmonic coupling, the universal wave determines the physical form and growth characteristics of all living creatures, from simple protozoa to mammals, thus invalidating Darwinism. The distribution of matter within the universe is controlled by the universal wave, allowing for a flow of matter toward node points of the wave, thus preventing random and uncontrolled galactic growth. The logarithmic wave could be considered as the engine of God."

The interesting thing here, of course, is the Sumerian scholarship.


One wonders what Anton Parks might add to or subtract from this material.



Post subject: Re: Genetic Techniques Presuppose Genes to Manipulate
PostPosted Zeitlin

Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:16 pm
Location: Oswego, New York


Good piece of work on your part, finding this. And I can't fault it, either. This is serious information, unlike so much of what we see in these areas.

Resonance with something built into the very structure of gravitation? Who knows? It is provocative.

However, I feel quite unqualified to comment on it further. Given time and motivation, I could study it, and this would mean acquiring more background for it than I have at this point.

We'll have to see if Anton Parks feels that it resonates with any information that he may have, when he returns next week.

A big thank you!