Part 5


Status Report



An extract from what appears to be an entry that Parks imagines Sa'am/Enki/Osiris might record into the Gírků today:

...The wish to acquire eternity has permanently divided our line. The blood of the divine Menu (trees) [Decoder] flows in the veins of the Gina'abul males. It is dispensed in the shining cups but not for the benefit of our progeny.

Our children have traversed the shifting ages in search of longevity and power. Their quest is laborious and ceaseless, even today; it never ends. The great inundations succeeded one another, the continents are brought down upon themselves due to our vanity and our utopian science. The A'amenpteh (Atlantis) is in fragments and Káskara (Mu) lies in a watery grave. The Lú (humanity) has finally picked itself up and is now scattered over the surface of Uraš (the Earth) like the grains of sand in a dry lakebed while our lineage fights endlessly over the four corners of this wounded world.

Ti-ama-te (the solar system) shows almost no trace of the presence of the Kadištu (the Designers of Life). I live with most of my own people in concealment between the Abzu and the Gigal (ancient name of the subterranean network found under today's Gizeh plateau), the ancient base of the Urmah Life Designers. My eyes yearn to see the light of the exterior sun...

I am weary of this planet!

In the past, I have crossed the searing deserts and the frozen waters; I have toured Uraš thousand of times. I have transgressed the forbidden territories of my adversary - the despotic tyrant - and all I could see was fear and misery. The psychological impact that the great Šatam (territorial administrator) has never ceased to make on the ensemble of my children has finally affected me. I will never again return to Kalam (Sumer) and still less to Eridu -- places forever imprinted with furious winds that sweep away my hopes...

The Lú have raised colossal cities dedicated to our glory, but they kill each other in our name. They blindly serve the causes of the two adversary parties in the hope of benefitting from our benevolent auspices. In the final analysis, they know nothing of our internecine war.

What more can I do for them without again putting my own people in peril?

It makes one dizzy to see, every day, the thousands of examples of pain caused by love and fear, yet to appreciate the richness of the personalities... The luckless Lú, disconnected from the Angal (great heaven), can rarely see beyond appearances, though a person may shine in the night like an incandescent jewel and the being has awakened as a star...

Ugur, how time has passed since our arrival here on Uraš. I have just reread the information that I entered into your heart when we placed our feet here and Mam had instructed me on the mores of the Namlú'u (primordial humanity). I see that I was still in the wrath of this war and the schemes that projected us here... I was so young then!

What have I not done to preserve my people? My Kuku (ancestors) made me the underling of their Hermetic political formation. They made me the lord of artificial procreation. But we secretly reconstructed the [genetic] sequences. The recombination was executed successfully...

After all these Muanna (years) of quest and doubts, I have finally found ease for my Ba (soul). Today I have been assured that the "salvation" of the Lú will spring forth by surprise when they are ready. However long it will take, the natural cross-breeding between the Lú will influence their genes and thus their future comportments. This is under the control of the terrestrial clock...

There is discussion of this statement in the Chronicles of the Gírků forum: A sudden, surprising arousal of the human race?


Perpetual War

From the Nexus interview [N]:

It's always the same story: sectarianism, religious fanaticism, and racism.

These behaviors are not exclusive to the Earth; one finds them elsewhere and among the most evolved peoples of our universe.

The war is without doubt unfinished. The conflict between the Ušumgal and Kingú royals has endured the millennia. It relates to the very origin of the Ušumgal. They were apparently cloned in the very distant past by the royal albino Kingú-Babbar, but they will not hear of that for reasons too remote in time and not even part of the space-time that relates to the episodes I have received.

The Ušumgal are pretentious and very arrogant, doubtless because of their great height that rises above the rest of the breed composing the Gina'abul family.

The female Gina'abul are caught up in these quarrels and at times, as Kadištu (Designers of Life), have had to repair the damage caused by each of the two parties [Ušumgal and Kingú].

The conflicts that directly make up the part of the history that occupies us relate to the events surrounding the creation of the Anunna. The ancient and up-to-the-minute war is between the descendants of the Anunna and the Kingú-Babbar... with humanity caught in the middle!

Continuing now from the Karmapolis [K1] interview:

The reptilians have been in conflict among themselves for a very long time and this war is always a reality on Earth. The entire human race pays heavily for it!

The Earth is of considerable strategic importance for the Gina'abul male caste. Current geopolitical events are not my specialty but the information available to me today, thanks to that which I received during ten long years, leads me to conclude the following:

Since he is no longer in contact with his re-creators, the human being tries to give himself the impression of being master of his own history and destiny. He takes refuge in the official version constructed by the dominant authority, itself manipulated from the wings by the Gina'abul males....

The Anunna and their terrestrial descendants are at war with the royal Gina'abul called Kingú who believe themselves to be the owners of the Earth. This very ancient war [would] not have any effect on present-day humanity. However, the Gina'abul males use humanity as its cannon fodder -- humans who count, in their eyes, no more than the Á-DAM, who destroy each other for the two clans through skillfully-interposed conflicts.

More simply, I think that the Anglo-American armed forces work for the Anunna faction and their direct descendants, while the royal Gina'abul used the Nordic countries to fight their blood-brother enemies. Those who consider themselves at the top of the Gina'abul social pyramid are the royals denominated Kingú-Babbar, that is to say, albino Kingús!

They are extremely feared white-skinned reptilians. They have a horror of the Ušumgal, their Anunna and their descendents, which does not prevent them from dealing with them when it serves them.

The incredible story of the pure (Aryan) race comes from this.

ANET 585

King Šulgi of Ur (2094-2047 BCE), sovereign of Sumer and Akkadia. He was deified during his reign, signifying his divine origin. One sees him on this clay seal facing a Dragon who transmits to him the divine power. One of his anthems specifies "that Šulgi possesses a fierce regard and that he is born of an Ušumgal (Grand Dragon). (ANET 585)
Many sources attest that the U.S. would still be at war with Germany today. Note that no peace treaty was ever signed between the allies and Germany at the end of WWII. Was this really an oversight?

The Anunna and the Kingú (royals) use humans as pawns and the Earth like a grand chessboard. They have settled their accounts in this sordid fashion for millennia. Each like the other believes they hold the most powers and therefore rights on Uraš (the Earth).

The Ušumgal-Anunna and their descendants conceal themselves in caves and other cavities in the Earth. The most "pure" or uncorrupted of them do not tolerate (to say the least) the 3rd dimension (Ki) [see Dimensions], which continues to rise - or rise again - in frequency as time goes on. Certain among them frequent more the 2nd dimension [KUR-GAL] which, by means of its particular density on the Earth, could well correspond to the 3rd dimension on another planet.

According to what I know, the royal albinos do not have this problem with frequencies. Those who live on the Earth are situated more at the poles or near the openings of the Abzu (subterranean world). I have no knowledge that they actually live in the Abzu itself. The royals also possess areas under certain mountains and bases throughout the solar system, including on the moon....

The Gina'abul group to which belongs the being whose chronicles I relate in this series, was positioned between these two consanguine opposed collectives. This "rebel" group, consisting essentially of Amašutum (female Designers of Life), Ama'argi (female Gina'abul terrestrials), and Nungal (cloned Designers of Life), spent its time in coordinating with these two enemy collectives -- and this created political complications on the Earth.

The humans, whatever their skin color, always served their re-creators. This is indicated in the African term Wazungu, "the people or the whirling demons," a plural term used by numerous African tribes for the "Nordic" type of extraterrestrial.

The explosion of the original language into thousands of different idioms (decomposable into Sumero-Akkadian) resulted from these oppositions between the Gina'abul rebels (serving the Kadištu Designers of Life) and the two other clans who disputed the legitimacy of the Earth. The progressive disappearance of the language of heaven in the mouth of humanity was devised, not to better rule, but to disorganize the human subjects by the (royal) Kingú and the Anunna.

Shouldn't one see in this a resounding hope? Those who guarded the garden and who offered a minimum of autonomy to humanity knew very well what they were doing. The religious traditions transformed them into enemies of God, while actually they acted to the contrary. These beings - for the great majority serving the Designers of Life - have not ceased to codify the languages of the Earth in order to avoid a globalization which would have for its goal only the centralization of powers (toward you know who) and to robotize humanity.

Do you now understand what is actually happening?

The global conflicts, the assassinations, the growing instability are there only to serve the carnivores! They follow thus their little interposed war; they try to reduce the frequency of the KI (3rd dimension) which is meant to serve as a stepping stone to the higher levels, and they enfeeble the human....

The time has come to decode what has been hidden. As I have demonstrated in The Secret of the Dark Stars and a little bit here, the decomposition of numerous terms from the four corners of the Earth is possible thanks to the language code of the Gina'abul rebels. This information is precise, because it reveals the origins of humanity and also the path to follow....

This spiritual road is no other than that of the spirit and of the light which reunites one and all with a universal consciousness which is not limited to this planet.

The term "spirituality" is taken from the Latin SPIRITUALIS, itself from SPIRITUS (spirit). That gives us in the language of the "gods": SI (light), PIRIG (brilliant) and the verbal form US (being near, to follow, attend), thus SI-PIRIG-US "to follow the brilliant light."

It is truly this light that will come into us all one day, humans as well as Gina'abul.



An Anomalous Excursion into the KUR-GAL?

Would it be possible for a human being to enter the Earth's KUR-GAL dimension?

Author Whitley Strieber may have done this. He reports an unplanned, unexpected penetration into a reality space similar to ours but still unmistakably different, and connected by... a phantom highway intersection! His little excursion occurred as he drove in his jeep through a busy, built-up area of New Jersey, and he had a passenger in the vehicle who shared the entire experience.

Strieber seemed to have encroached on what appeared to be a residential area with highly unusual structures, decorated with images of "snakes." It was definitely a break from the ordinary world he had just left; even the weather was different.

He and the passenger in his jeep saw no other vehicles there, nor any living beings.

After finding his way back to normal reality, Strieber was unable to locate that neighborhood again.

Could this have been a glimpse of the Earth's KUR-GAL? Functionally, it would meet the requirements. Recall (see Dimensions) that the KUR-GAL is the dimensional level on which the Gina'abul reptilians took up their residence on Earth.

Strieber relates his experience here in a short audio clip, taken from his Dreamland Internet broadcast of August 18, 2005.

This clip (and many others) can be found on the website Beyond Communion. Whitley Strieber has given his kind permission for its use here.


Possible Extended Encounter with Imdugud

The various civilizations and their interactions described in Anton Parks' reports (his published and as yet unpublished books and communications) cover a time span of at least hundreds of thousands of years. If the reports are veridical, then, as we have been saying, it would be foolish to believe that the powerful forces that swept us into existence have now faded into the mists like a child's fairy tale, leaving us to play out our destiny in a vast uninhabited universe, ours for the taking, or not, as we wish.

We may indeed have a destiny, but it cannot be the one we were thinking of.

If we cannot determine "where everybody is" and what they are doing, then we had better work on that problem because there is no way that they don't know where we are and what we are doing. Since we have no assurance that we are under the protection of any "prime directive" so beloved by science fiction fans, aware humans should be distinctly disturbed by this asymmetry in information flow.

That said, we do not in these websites (Open SETI and The End of Enchantment) devote space to "UFO sightings" or other common experiencer reports, however important those may be. We do go deeply into bodies of data, ideas, and analysis that show promise of putting an end to the asymmetry and significantly improving our knowledge of our situation.

Especially now that we have Parks' reports, we can look for correspondences... signs of current activities of specific species, for example.

And as it turns out, we may have an extensive, independent report that qualifies.

Charles Hall, an ex-USAF weather observer, spent several years living part-time and working in isolation out on the Nellis Range north of Indian Springs, Nevada. During his assignment there, Hall had extensive, daily experience with an unearthly race of humanoid beings whom he dubbed "the Tall Whites." His description of these beings corresponds in many respects with Parks' description of the Imdugud race (see Races) who in his understanding were created in our solar system and have inhabited it continuously for hundreds of thousands of years.

Exactly what do they have in common? Here's a short list:

  1. Very tall humanoid "Nordic" with white skin

  2. Often have blue eyes

  3. Emit barking or whistling sounds

  4. Solitary

  5. Warriors/soldiers

  6. The Tall Whites used Egyptian-style hieroglyphs and cartouches. Possibly the Imdugud did as well; see below

The Tall Whites frequently wore detachable claws in Hall's presence on the range (because they actually feared him); he noticed that they would remove them for forays into Las Vegas (in favor of gloves). In Parks' memory, Sa'am always found the Imdugud to be clawed. And they had good reason to fear him too, due to his reputation of having killed Abzu-Abba by using his great internal powers. And Sa'am was the son of An, creator of the Anunna. (A most important topic, yet to be discussed on these pages.)

Parks does not know whether or not the Imdugud's claws were natural. The genetically-related Urmah displayed claws when Sa'am met with them on several occasions. The Nungal, blood brothers of the Imdugud, had hands with fingers like humans. The important point, however, is that he did see claws on the Imdugud.

Hall's Tall Whites make frequent trips to the moon. The Imdugud have numerous bases there.

I asked Parks if he remembers anything about the Imdugud's possible use of hieroglyphs. He says he was never shown this in his downloaded experiences, but it would be reasonable for that to be the case:

Egyptian was spoken by the Life Designers on Mulge and its moon (the future Venus). It thus appears to be an ancient language that was used in the solar system by most of the Kadistu (perhaps those who came from Orion, the home of the Urmah?) In any case, the Urmah must have spoken it, I am convinced of that. And thus it would not be surprising to find that their children, the Imdugud, also spoke the Egyptian language. That seems logical enough to me.
This discussion of the use of hieroglyphs raised a question: why was this language not mentioned in the earlier discussion of the primacy of the "Matrix Language", Emeša, to the Mesopotamian and other human languages (see Languages)?

Parks' reply:

It is actually difficult to affirm at this time that Egyptian descended from Emeša. I have not worked sufficiently on the decomposition to be able to make that claim loud and strong. That said, it would follow, since (and this is the case with practically all the ancient languages), as we have shown in Ádam Genisiš, we can translate Sumerian terms into Egyptian. That is still more remarkable!!

This makes me think that the original Egyptian must have been spoken by the beings who spoke Emeša, if only as a separate language that was perhaps as important as the Emeša of the Gina'abul priestesses. Recall that the message from the Urmah written to Sa'am's attention in the Gigal was in Emeša...

(The reference to "Sa'am in the Gigal" relates to an event that has not yet been covered in these Notes.)

Returning to our comparison of the Imdugud and the Tall Whites...

Neither group can tolerate the Greys. This distinguishes the Imdugud from the Kingú-Babbar, who make use of the Greys, who are at their service and are even their creatures.

Like the Kingú, the Imdugud detest associating with others, doing it only in their self-interest. They are difficult to approach, even by a Gina'abul or a Kadištu. As to the Tall Whites, Hall was shot and left to die merely because he took one step toward one of them in order to better hear what the being was trying to say to him. That peculiarity is a striking correspondence.

Hall is not able to explain to our satisfaction what these beings were doing with their base at Nellis, and in fact what they do anywhere. Hall did see numerous "scout craft" based at Nellis, capable of travel throughout the solar system. According to Parks, since the Imdugud were in some sense the guardians of Tiamate, they had bases throughout the system, and many on the Earth.

They know well the humanity that they watched being (re)created and reaching maturity.

They were programmed by the Urmah to play the role of conciliators. They are solitary, but must be able to enter into contact with the entire world. Negotiation is their mission. Combat is their final recourse.

In any event, their situation on the Earth was very difficult and it was almost impossible to negotiate with the arrogant Anunna, with whom they were at war. The Imdugud spent more of the time "saving their skins" and their territories than negotiating with the invaders.

Parks agrees with my suggestion that the group at Nellis may be a military or security unit directing a logistics center.

But the Imdugud have always been heavily armed, he says. This brings to mind an event in which Charles met a U.S. security patrol on the range who were quite hostile and threatening to kill him, although he was fully authorized to be there. During the tense encounter, a "Tall White gunship" drifted onto the scene and tried to maneuver to get a clean line of fire at the security patrol, while Hall had to move to protect the security team without inciting them to open fire on him!

While all that was going on, Hall relates, the Pentagon was on the phone to the guard post, trying to get them to call off their people.

"If the Tall Whites are the Imdugud, it is not astonishing to see them having relations with the U.S. government. It is even more reassuring because you well know that they are great strategists and very intelligent."
Why "reassuring?"

Keep in mind the affiliations of the Imdugud (see Races). For their part, the Anunna have a much darker origin, co-created by An and Ninmah on Duků for purposes of conquest. (This is perhaps the centerpiece event of Les Chroniques which we have begun to report at length in these Notes.)

Parks describes in great detail the relations of the Anunna/Anunnaki with humanity in his second work, Adam Genisis. And so this remark of Parks can be considered a hint as to our present situation.

For more information, read Charles Hall and the Tall White ETs.

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