Can we include a god in a book about extraterrestrials?


The term 'extraterrestrial' means not of our planet; thus since god is supposed to be everywhere it would strictly not be appropriate. To a lesser degree we might also question whether the members of the spiritual government or the creators can be regarded as extraterrestrials.


The point is that there is really no separation between anything, atoms or people, at the most fundamental level.


There is no more separation than there is of, say, the mountain peaks rising above the surface of the ocean. They are apparently separate but beyond the barrier of the surface of the water (compare dimensional barriers) all the mountains are one within the body of the Earth and are merely projections from it.


(The key is context: all separation is apparently absolute separation but only because the context of the separation is hidden or unconscious. When the context is known the separateness is seen as only relative - but wholeness will be found to be absolute.)

Our consciousness projects 'back' (or 'upwards') or more correctly 'inwards' through the spiritual government and creators to the Source. Clearly God is not an ET, though this definition that he is, would be corroborated by most current viewpoints.


The ego sees God as separate - the 'large mountain' somewhere cross the ocean.

Let us take a look at this model of mountains and ocean in a little more detail since it gives us an insight into the understanding of 'withinness' as opposed to the external-world reality. This also gives us a relationship between the whole and parts and the role the barriers play. Again, imagine an ocean with mountain peaks above the surface, all separate.


Let these peaks represent any thing, such as particles, atoms, people, objects, etc. Now, if we go below the surface (of the ocean) barrier we would see all the mountains connected in the body of the Earth.


More accurately we should imagine many surfaces of the ocean, one on top of another. We go below (into slightly higher dimensions) the first surface and see the mountains are a little more connected or closer (some peaks in close proximity would be connected at this level). Then further down through more barriers, would be revealed increasing degrees of connectivity until it was found that all separation merged into the body of the Earth, the One.

In this analogy the religious population have been brainwashed with the idea that God is a very large mountain peak somewhere across the (first) surface of the ocean. Thus on this basis atheists are correct; there is no such God. We see, however, that the real God is, in this analogy, the body of the Earth. It is internal, within, and of inner space; each particle, person, etc. (mountain peak) is an extension of God.

Even in terms of theory, that we are all One is logical. (The concept of One has simplicity, perfection, symmetry, consistency, and generalization.) Note that all the advanced ETs we have referred to acknowledge the Law of One.

It appears that this One is fundamentally impersonal - no right or wrong - and we might use the term unmanifest to describe it: a state of infinite potential, creativity and absolute subjectivity, containing all possibilities.


We might reference the Urantia book that is stated to be written by 196 spiritual authors.

'Touching the Infinite, we cannot find him out... the divine footsteps are not known. His understanding is infinite and his greatness is unsearchable... the blinding light of the Father's presence appears as thick darkness to the unevolved'.

We receive some idea of the mystery of this condition from studying these viewpoints of the spiritual authors, clearly of very high intelligence.


Let us continue with the mechanics of the Infinite becoming finite.

It learns about Itself by projecting out images of Itself: what we might call objectified fragments - initially large, which in turn fragment further, endlessly. Thus quality is turned into quantity but the subjectivity is still within each fragment with reducing degrees of freedom (reducing probabilities) as we go towards greater fragmentation (and lower frequencies).


Each level of fragmentation has a barrier (in the lower levels, where we are, it is called the veil of forgetfulness). Without this barrier it would be all pointless since each fragment would know it was the source and just go back to it (automatically use it). The barrier hides the context and holds the separation in place.

The quantitative fragments interact with each other creating new qualities, new aspects of consciousness, new expressions of the infinite possibilities within. All this information 'passes' back into the One which is forever becoming and qualifying Itself.

Now it must be very difficult for people to arrive at an understanding or perception of the idea of God being everywhere, and in and of everything, although what we have stated covers this to some degree.


This is not surprising considering that almost the entirety of our education is directed at utilizing and developing left-brain thinking, which is fragmented and insists that the final analysis of all understanding is in the part, the particle, the smallest pieces of information (put together as a composite to form 'wholeness') - all manipulated by (3D) logic.


The right brain is suppressed and also its relationship with the heart, of which the latter is apparently the equivalent of a vast information centre in that it connects to probably just about all knowledge. This right- brain ability is required to understand true unity or wholeness (same root as holy).

Let us describe a model for demonstrating the property of the God essence as being everywhere.

We could begin with the idea of a uniform consciousness spread out everywhere, like an ocean. There is nothing outside it. It is energy. It has a frequency spectrum (which could be regarded as in a virtual state - capable of being manifested).


This ocean of consciousness could be the first energy manifestation of the unmanifest, the undefined, the Absolute, unqualified creativity of infinite potential and possibilities.

We now consider that this consciousness (which is function) condenses into structures; separate regions. An analogy for this would be to think of steam instead of consciousness but to ignore anything to do with temperature. We know that steam can condense into water, and water can freeze into ice. Thus we can imagine an ice structure, say, hollow inside and patterned so that it acts like a template when the steam flows through it.

Now let it be emphasized that the purpose of using these ingredients in the analogy is to show that the steam, in effect, created the ice structure, but the steam, which is infinitely flexible, is now formatted by its own structure - the ice mould.

Let us now return to the real situation of consciousness condensing structures. The importance is to recognize the rigidity of structure which enforces its shape on the infinitely flexible energy of consciousness flowing into it.

Now nature's computer system, or in other words, the universe, operates on geometrical intelligence. It is a frequency-coded universe. Shape of energy plus frequency (and dimension) is information.

This applies to all manifestations.


Everything is or is represented by information in the form of packets of energy with shape, frequency and dimension.

We might wish to imagine a very complex structure - a system of geometric hollows and tubes. This could be the human body or brain. The purpose of structure is to cause consciousness to be formatted (focused, limited, defined, etc.) in a manner to express appropriate information.


The structure will extract (mould, focus, distribute, absorb, elicit) from consciousness the appropriate energy patterns, frequencies, according to the structure that consciousness created in the first place.

A learning pattern in skills is a structure, which when the input (consciousness) activates it, it selects a preset focus (governed by the learning pattern) of energy from consciousness so that consciousness does not have to concentrate hard and struggle to make accurate movements as in learning a skill, endeavoring to find the correct positions of limbs, etc.

Thus we can imagine a complex structure within this ocean of consciousness to be a personality, and at a distance, another somewhat different structure for another personality, etc.


We can include all other forms, objects, atoms, etc. Hence consciousness is being formatted, defined, qualified by these structures that are enforcing their pattern. And a pattern means information, knowledge, memory, programs. An atom is a structure condensed by consciousness according to certain rules or programs, which in turn is a coded package of frequencies.

Consciousness is function and its creations are structure. A rough guide to this process would be that an ideation of consciousness creates a template (mould or format) which is a morphogenic field (a form-holding pattern). This pattern then attracts by resonance appropriate energy frequencies of consciousness to form the entity.

We can imagine now an ego structure developing around the personality, causing less consciousness to freely flow through the structure (the person). What happens now is that the consciousness begins to think it is the structure since it is being the same shape and frequency - the medium poured into the template becomes the template.

This is the state of man today - he thinks he is a brain and a body. Note also how this can apply to more subtle areas such as when a learning pattern is activated. We think we are the learning pattern and don't realize there is actually an interface between the learning pattern structure and the input function.


We identify with the learning pattern - actually think we are creating at that moment complex movements when in fact we are using the machinery to do it for us.

The next step is to envisage one of these structured personalities as becoming enlightened and breaking through the ego structure. The consciousness energy now flows freely and the individual realizes he or she is not the structure but consciousness.

Now since this consciousness is everywhere, it can be another's viewpoint while simultaneously retaining the information in its own structure. Note that this gives a reality on the spiritual notion that God is everywhere and everything; it is all one thing - one type of energy that is basically whole.

This model is very simplified. It is not ideal in terms of tests of truth in physics. There is an apparent strange disparagement between the consciousness energy and the abrupt change to a rigid structure, such as the brain or body.

We have to imagine a potential range of structures from the heavy 3D one, such as the physical body, through other structures for memory, programs, mind, and also etheric, emotional, spiritual structures ( bodies), etc. ranging up through dimensional structures of greater expansiveness, probabilities, more flexibility, greater dimensions and back to the infinite form of the energy of consciousness (capable of being any information).


That is, a complete range of structures will be inherent from low frequency, heavy density, to high frequency finer structures (containing many more probabilities) merging back to the characteristics of whole.


Now, in addition, one should imagine the larger structures housing the smaller ones - that is, the smaller ones are inside, within, the larger ones; consciousness is within consciousness.


For example, the lower-self or soul extension is within the soul, which in turn is within the higher-self or oversoul, going back to the One.

All is a focus, however; a framework or format of consciousness. Thus all forms of consciousness are equivalent to hypnotic states. We are hypnotized within the third dimension. A learning pattern hypnotizes one to focus energies in a certain way. A fixed belief system is a hypnotic trance-like condition.

On this basis, it means that one can only know what the consciousness energy can be. One can't know what is outside the focus or framework unless the consciousness expands into it. And the focus itself is achieved and held by resonance of frequencies within the template. If we change our frequencies the third dimension will change, just as one changes channel on the television.

We see that at the level of the Source there is no separation of anything.


The projection from that 'Oneness' is nonlinear but by putting in barriers (veils of forgetfulness) we create the appearance of linearity and separateness. For example, if only the ground-floor workers in a company were visible, then the information from the president, executive and managers, etc. would be nonlinear as received by the workers.


The behavior of the workers at the ground-floor level wouldn't make sense with respect to an observer of them only (except during a break), since they are receiving 'invisible' information acting on whole groups. During work time they are all controlled by wholeness, that is, organized by managers, executives, president, regarding the development of the company products.

These separate fragments (the Trinity, the Elohim, any spiritual being, humans, particles, etc.) are in a constant state of learning from this objective ('projected out') representation of Itself, which activates, extracts and discovers (inherent within Its subjectivity) new states of consciousness.


This 'knowledge' is 'returned' to the One, developing a Personal God which is forever becoming. It won't mind if its fragments learn all about negativity in the process. But as a safeguard it apparently has designed into life the property of duality. This type of duality only occurs on the lower levels since negativity can exist only at this level.


The two poles of the duality allow one pole to express the negativity, and the other to act as a debt (it is a fourth-to-third dimensional mirror-image of the other). Thus the person will have to pay it back - the negative action returns to one and the two poles come together seeking wholeness and unity. And all negativity of this kind is cancelled.

Note that everything that is projected out, that is, all energy, can be considered to be structure. Only the God essence, the unmanifest, non-energy aspect, the Oneness within this structure, is function.

The Trinity is probably the first 'fragmentation' or projection from the One. (There could be many such projections for different universes - which don't concern us.)


The next projected level would be nine entities - or seven, according to the Urantia book. Both are mathematical. The nine (say) then projects further, and so on, down a hierarchy of decreasing frequencies, dimensions, and increasing fragmentation.

We see that in effect the Infinite reflects outwards Its inner condition in order to know Itself. Each of the fragments will similarly reflect out the inner-condition for further fragmentation. When, however, we come down to the third dimension - the bottom rung of the 'ladder' - where energies are out of phase, that is, flows are not in phase with the Infinite, then the reflection will include expressions of misaligned energies.


Thus problems are reflected out in the third dimension, in addition to harmonic inner-states.

If everyone carefully observed the extraordinary synchronicities throughout each day (mainly negative for humans' present condition) it would become apparent that only a whole, one condition with the ability to think infinite things simultaneously could bring about coincidental events, even of a mundane nature, at a moment's notice.


Everything is in fact synchronistic (even when negative).


And everything 'begins' with a whole, or the One.


Almost magically we are selecting from this wholeness (of infinite probabilities), data and experience according to our inner-condition. This would be the true meaning of the statement that all knowledge and energy is contextual - what one observes is influenced by the observer.


Thus the God concept gives us the final interrelationship of all things.