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April 17, 2011

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"we found him over there"
"We found him around two hours ago"
"It must have been lying here for days"

Alien body found near UFO crash site in Russia, video
Michael Cohen

Around one month ago this publication reported on a major UFO event that occurred in the region of Irkutsk in Russia's Siberia.


Hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, hurtle towards Earth before loudly impacting the ground in a wooded area . The event received widespread coverage in Russia and was reported by Inter-fax, Russia's government news agency (article here). In the West the event was completely ignored if not deliberately kept from public view.

An enormous team of government officials, including military personal, secret service agents and science ministry officials made their was to the UFO crash site within hours of the event occurring.

Now it seems a video has been leaked onto the Internet showing a dead Alien (see video below), found in the Republic of Buryatia, not far from the site of the UFO crash.


Is the alien seen in this video a survivor of that crash who managed to leave the area only to die as a result of Russia's harsh conditions?










Massive UFO Event in Russia

Crashed Flying Saucer?
by Michael Cohen
17 March 2011

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A UFO event of Roswell proportions has taken place in Russia and is being ignored by Western media. In Russia itself, the incident has been reported by Interfax, the official Russian government news outlet (see article here).


On March 1 in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, a huge object, glowing pink and blue according to some accounts, was seen by thousands of locals as it hurtled towards Earth. An enormous explosion was then heard over a wide area. Curious and frightened residents inundated various police and rescue departments with phone calls.


The military soon confirmed that it had not been doing any exercises in the area and therefore cannot be responsible for any reports of UFOs.

One villager, Mr Sergei Ivanov, described what he saw:

"It did not look like an aircraft, more like a UFO or some other unexplained object".

Soon a large array of officials inundated the area:

  • Army chiefs

  • Air Defense personnel

  • Ministry of Defense officials

  • heads of police

  • Emergency Ministry staff

  • geophysicists

  • avionics experts

  • members of the secret service

These officials made their way towards site of the alleged crash, declared the event classified and announced to the media that the specific area of impact would not be revealed.

Meanwhile a sizable number of journalists arrived in the region and fanned out to the area's various settlements in search of witnesses: And they found them in the hundreds. Some locals blamed the event on a alien UFO base said to exist beneath Lake Baikal.


Others talked of intense UFO activity leading up up the event.

The head of a primary school in the town of Vasilevka recounted how she saw a giant pyramid shaped UFO in the skies above the area in June 2010. The mayor of the village of Bayanday, Anatoly Tabinaev, talked of a giant flying saucer that shot a ray of light onto the ground near his house. Another group of residents talked about an odd object that "crashed" near the village leaving behind only mysterious footprints.

Only hours prior to this event, air-traffic controllers in Yakutks, Siberia claim to have picked up a UFO on radar travelling at 6000 mph at a height of 65000.


When they tried to speak with the crew of that craft they heard bizarre cat noises being uttered to them.

  • Are these two events connected?

  • Was this the craft that crashed later that day?

  • And finally: Did the craft actually crash at all or was this just a noisy landing?

The video below shows some footage taken of the event.





Identify a UFO
March 11, 2011

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Residents of several villages of the Irkutsk region claim that they saw an alien craft crashed. However, the place to be falling not found. asked the experts what they think about it, and conducted a survey among readers.


Moscow, March 11 - INTERFAX.RU

Early March marked another surge of interest in the UFO-related reports from the Irkutsk region, where it was alleged that residents of the district Osinsky witnessed the passage of unidentified object.


Thunder, pink glow, the calls to the MES with the message that foreign ships crashed.

"I believe I do not believe, but I saw with my own eyes," - said witnesses a strange scene.

The mass nature of calls has led to validation: a helicopter with the task force EMERCOM Russia's Irkutsk region has taken off in the district, which allegedly crashed in a flying machine. As reported on the results of the survey and overflight areas, information about the possible occurrence in aircraft has not been confirmed.


The press-service agency "Interfax-Siberia" made it clear that the glow of an unknown flying object, followed by cotton, residents watched the sky a number of settlements Osinsky area - Obus, Barahal, Highgate, Kutanka, North.


In order to verify the information received was organized by the interaction with the head flight VostSibAeronavigatsii (Irkutsk), a shift supervisor of the zonal center of the search and rescue (Novosibirsk), operational duty 3rd Air Force Command and Air Defense (Khabarovsk), the duty of the Baikal branch of the Geophysical Service of RAS, the duty of the military unit 03 759 air defense operations duty officer of the FSB and the police department of the Irkutsk region, the duty of the investigating police department management in transport.


In place of the alleged incident in the area of the village Obus also traveled Osinsky Task Force Police Department. The surveyed area police any objects not found, the press-service.

After a version of the UFO was rejected, began a discussion of what could watch people Obus, Barahala, Highgate, North and Kutanki.


So, the director of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk State University Sergei Yazev informed "Interfax", that he does not rule out the fall of the meteorite.

"I contacted the witness, and, judging from the description, the meteorite exploded at high altitude. If so, then the consequences will be dangerous, stony meteorite at the time of the explosion collapsed into dust, because its speed is about 20 kilometers per second. There is a possibility that fell to the ground small pieces" - said the scientist.

Ufologists comment this situation very cautiously. So, Nikolai Subbotin, director of the Russian UFO Research Station, said that events in the Irkutsk region, rather similar to an operation of war.


Assessing voiced the idea that in the area of Lake Baikal observed increased activity of some extraterrestrial force, he said that the number of observations depends on the population of the region and the presence there of major research organizations, "but because it is possible that the area of local UFO activity and attracting attention."


According to Subbotin, for example, from Perm, in the last year reported on the order of 50 such observations. It was twenty years engaged in the study of the anomalous zone Molebko, where quite often there are strange glow. However, according to him, these events (e.g. the appearance of glowing balls) must be tied not to the actions of space UFO, and with geomagnetic anomalies, which are most clearly manifest themselves in periods of high solar activity (note that we are now just one of those periods).

The expert noted that over Moscow is also quite often seen unidentified objects - in the month received one or two letters with a description and photographs of such events. Subbotin said that accurate data on the materiality of the UFO still there: "And the visual, and auditory illusions can be photographed and detect the radar."

A small survey conducted among users Glavtwit Twitter, which is known in Russia as a rule, young people with higher education showed that the UFO advanced users trust.


Exactly half of those surveyed said that admits the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. 19.4% of respondents said they have seen with my own eyes some unidentified objects. Consider the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations crap 16.7% of respondents. 11.9% claim that they even stole the "green men", and 2.8% believe that "they need us to take over."

Note that the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and their envoys admit and representatives of various faiths. For example, in 2008, chief astronomer of the Roman Catholic Church priest Gabriel Funes said that admits the possibility of life on other planets.


In an article entitled "Aliens Are my brothers," published in the Vatican newspaper "L'Osservatore Romano", he noted that the space can inhabit other intelligent beings created by God. According to the priest, the search for extraterrestrial life does not contradict faith in God. He also did not rule out that some of the aliens, if they exist, can be free from original sin.

President of the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations of Russia (KEROOR) Rabbi Zinovy Kogan, once pointed out that Judaism in its classical version of any extraterrestrial life is not because,

"everything that exists in a universe created by God for man on earth."

However, in his opinion, God - the cause of all things, but knowing it exists - is a process, each opening only causes a person to see otherwise, "the glory of the Lord." And contact with extraterrestrial civilizations would not have an exception to this rule.

Acknowledge the possible existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the Muslims.

"According to the Holy Quran, Allah says about the creation of different worlds. We know the world of men, jinns, plants and animals. Something, perhaps, unknown to us. Maker can create any works. Those worlds that are inaccessible, can be populated by other beings, " -  said in 2006, Head of International Department of the Council of muftis of Rushan Abbyasov.

Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev thinks that the probability of the existence of life on the newly opened American scientists the world is not contrary to Christian teaching.

"When in the eighteenth century was open to the atmosphere of Venus, Lomonosov hypothesized that there might be people. If they are there, then one of two things: either they, like us, have fallen into sin, or perish," - said Father Andrew the correspondent of "Interfax-Religion."

Thus he commented on the message that American astronomers have discovered a new planet, where conditions are most similar to Earth, giving them reason to assume that their "finding" may be habitable.


Father Andrew said that he fully shares the view of Governors,

"who believed that if aliens are not sinners, then Christ's sacrifice on Golgotha, they do not need, and so they live with God, and if they are sinners, then the atoning sacrifice of Christ and brought to them too - As for the people erdzya, which the apostles knew no more than the inhabitants of Venus. "

However, there is among Orthodox theologians and skeptics.


The well-known theologian, professor at the Moscow Theological Academy, Alexey Osipov said that Orthodoxy does not allow for the existence of extraterrestrial life, endowed with reason:

"From the point of view of Orthodox theology there is no reason to talk about the possibility of the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations that have reason and something to create".

According to him, that position is based firstly on the fact that the mention of extraterrestrial intelligent life forms "is missing in the New Testament."