The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

...of the UFO Scene

by Richard Boylan
Apr 1, 2006

from UFOFieldYahooGroup Website



With all the fiction and disinformation circulating in ufology, it seems useful to catalogue some of the good leaders in the field, and distinguish them from those not to be trusted.

What follows is a listing of "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of UFOlogy", found on the Internet, with which I happen to agree.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.





THE GOOD GUYS/GALS in UFOLOGY - (a partial list)

  • David Adair, former contract scientific consultant to NASA on UFO
    propulsion technology

  • Colin Andrews, crop circles investigator

  • Richard Boylan, Ph.D., psychologist/Star Visitors-encounters researcher

  • Professor Courtney Brown, remote-viewer of UFOs and Star Visitors

  • Scott Catamas, UFO investigative journalist-TV producer

  • Major Gordon Cooper, USAF, (ret.), Apollo astronaut, UFO reality publicist

  • Lt. Colonel Phillip Corso, USA., (ret.), custodian of Roswell UFO; UFO reality publicist [RIP]

  • James Courant, commercial pilot, UFO investigator-journalist

  • Marc Davenport, UFO investigator/journalist

  • Command Sergeant-Major Robert Dean, USA/NATO, (ret.), UFO reality publicist

  • Standing Elk/Golden Eagle, an Ihanktowan Dakota spiritual teacher and Star Altar Keeper, convener of Star Knowledge Conferences joining Native and non-Native information on the Star Visitors

  • Jose Escamilla, UFO photographer, “rods” investigator

  • Timothy Good, top UFO investigator/documentation publisher

  • Donna Tietze Hare, ex-NASA Johnson Space Center employee/discloser of NASA UFO cover-up

  • Paola Harris, Italian photo-journalist, investigator and lecturer on UFO/ Star Visitor reality

  • Richard Hoagland, scientist, investigator of Star Visitor artifacts on Mars and the Moon

  • Ruth Hover, Ph.D., LCSW, diligent researcher and therapist specializing in human-Star Visitor encounters

  • Jack Kasher, Ph.D., professor, UFO investigator

  • Captain Guy Kirkwood, USAF, Special Projects (ret.), (aka “Mel Noel”), UFO investigator

  • Barbara Lamb, M.A., MFCC, psychotherapist/hypnotherapist-researcher into Star Vistor encounters

  • Robert Lazar, former physicist at Los Alamos and Area 51/S-4, UFO reality publicist

  • Roger Leir, D.P.M., implants investigator-extracter

  • Michael Lindemann, UFO writer-publisher, lecturer

  • Ted Loman, UFO investigative journalist-TV producer

  • John Mack, M.D., Harvard Psychiatry Professor, Star Visitors encounters researcher-therapist [R.I.P.]

  • Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., son of Intelligence officer at Roswell Saucer, UFO reality publicist

  • Jim Marrs, investigative journalist, UFO reality publicist

  • Jamie Mausson, Mexico investigative TV journalist-producer, UFO reality publicist

  • Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., Apollo astronaut, UFO reality publicist

  • Brian O’Leary, Ph.D., Mars Mission astronaut

  • Richard Sauder, Ph.D., underground bases investigator, UFO reality publicist

  • Tech Sergeant Dan Sherman, USAF, NSA (ret.), Star Visitors communications expert/UFO reality publicist

  • R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., psychologist, Star Visitors encounters researcher

  • Colonel Wendelle Stevens, USAF (ret.), UFO investigator/journalist

  • Dr. Bob Wood & son, Ryan Wood, careful researchers into UFO documentation

  • Michael Wolf, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., J.D., repentant member of NSC’s Special Studies (“MJ-12”) Group, UFO reality publicist



BAD GUYS/GALS (Bad=harms UFO truth - partial list)

  • Colonel John Alexander, USA, DIA, INSCOM, (ret.), Ph.D., head of Bigelow’s NIDS; member, Aviary; suspected highly placed in the UFO Cover-Up Cabal

  • Walter Andrus, USN-ONI (“ret.”), director, MUFON, sophisticated disinformer

  • Robert Baker, Ph.D., psychologist/debunker

  • Barbara Bartholic, UFO writer, propagandist of Star Visitors as “evil”

  • Al Bielek, disinformation peddler

  • Bob Bigelow, Las Vegas/New Mexico casinos billionaire/suspected money-laundry

  • Peter Brookesmith, writer/UFO debunker

  • Jerome Clark, editor, IUFOR/super-sophisticated disinfomationer/agitator

  • Alex Collier, spreads fantasy star-being “channelings”, other disinformation

  • Major Ed Dames, DIA, INSCOM, (“ret.”), disinforms about remote-viewing

  • Sergeant Richard Doty, USAF-OSI (“ret.”), UFO “secrets” disinformer

  • Stanton Friedman, M.S., engineer, agitator against relevant researchers

  • Christopher “Kit” Green, M.D., Ph.D., General Motors officer, ex-top CIA UFO official, ex-head, Bigelow’s NIDS Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board

  • Richard Hall, Intelligence mole within Fund for UFO Research

  • James Harder, Ph.D., “abductions investigator”/Intel mole

  • Budd Hopkins, artist, “abductions investigator”/disinformer

  • Admiral Bobbie Ray Inman, USN (“ret.”), “ex”-NSA official, head of Science Applications Inter-national Corporation (SAIC) and its UFO black-ops twin, Decision Science Applications, Inc

  • David Jacobs, Ph.D., historian/”abductions investigator”/disinformer

  • Phillip Klass, aerospace writer/UFO debunker

  • Kal Korff, UFO debunker

  • John Lear, Jr., “former” CIA-operative/disinformer

  • Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., Naval Weapons physicist, disinformer

  • Sheldon Nidle, dispenser of fake “channelings” supposedly from Star Beings

  • Ted Oliphant, UFO “investigator”/Intel mole/”information vacuumer”

  • Ronald Pandolfi, Deputy Director, Science & Tech Div., CIA, disinformer

  • Michael Salla, Ph.D., investigator, spreads anti-Star Visitor disinformation

  • Jack Sarfatti, ex-govt-contract physicist, disinformer, denies UFO reality

  • Derrel Sims,”ex”-CIA operative/”abductions investigator”/disinformer

  • Dan Smith, fronts for UFO disinformation from CIA DDO Ronald Pandolfi

  • Dennis Stacy, ex-editor, MUFON Journal, disinformer, debunker

  • General Al “Bert” Stubblebine, USA, DIA, INSCOM (remote viewing)/Intel mole

  • Val Valerian”, (cryptonym of John Grace, Air Force Intelligence operative), disinformer and prolific false anti-Star Visitors propagandist

  • Jacques Valle, Ph.D., scientist/super-sophisticated UFO disinformer

  • George Wackenhut, head of black-ops security organization for Area 51/S-4, other sites utilizing stolen Star Visitor technology



The “UGLIES” (“Ugly”=unreliable or obscures UFO facts - partial list)

  • Art Bell, publicist of UFO stories, fails to discriminate between the true, the made-up and the absurd

  • Graham Birdsall, editor of UK magazine UFO loaded with disinformation

  • Glen Campbell, Area 51 “investigator”, super-sophisticated disinformer

  • Martin Cannon, disinformer about Star Visitors as “mind control fiction”

  • Steven Greer, M.D., director, Committee for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), suspected “sleeper agent”

  • William Hamilton, III, UFO investigator/dispenser of disinformation

  • Norio Hayakawa, investigator, spreads disinformation about “evil aliens”

  • Michael Hesemann, UFO investigator/information-vacuumer for Prince Hans Adam of Lichenstein, and Opus Dei

  • Linda M. Howe, “useful fool” for super-sophisticated Intel information-vacuuming/propaganda

  • Commander Scott Jones, USN (ret.), Ph.D., “ex”-Intelligence officer and “paranormal investigator” for Rockefeller interests

  • Bob Oechsler, UFO investigator, spreads sophisticated UFO disinformation

  • Kevin Randle, UFO investigator, agitation-propaganda operative

  • Yvonne Smith, abductions investigator, spreads sophisticated UFO disinformation disguised as “abduction stories