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The SPECTRUM - Volume 3, Number 6

November 13, 2001

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The Contact Has Begun

We will begin our exploratory journey into matters extraterrestrial with author Phillip H. Krapf.


Mr. Krapf worked for 25 years as an editor on the Metro copy desk at the Los Angeles Times. During that career, he shared a Pulitzer Prize as a member of the Metro team that covered the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Before his retirement in 1993, Krapf had spent a total of 30 years in the newspaper business.

If you had asked him eight years ago what he thought he’d be doing in retirement, the LAST thing he would have imagined was what happened to him that has resulted in his authoring of two books. Shortly after his initial 1997 abduction, he wrote The Contact Has Begun.


That has been followed, after a second time on alien craft in 2000, by his latest book, The Challenge Of Contact: A Mainstream Journalist’s Report On Interplanetary Diplomacy.

First consider what several professionals have to say about this matter:

“I ask that people regard the revelations in Phillip Krapf’s book with the same attention they directed to the Pentagon Papers in 1971. I personally view The Challenge Of Contact in the same vein. I say this as one of the attorneys for the New York Times who worked on the Pentagon Papers case.”
— Daniel Sheehan, chief counsel for civil litigation in the Iran-Contra affair, and chief counsel, Karen Silkwood case.

“I have been aware of the possibility of imminent contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence ever since I began my research over 35 years ago. I have concluded that contact of some sort has been under way for at least 20 years. Phil Krapf’s The Challenge Of Contact is, in my opinion, an honest, bona fide and courageous report of a real and explosive new reality for modern twenty-first century humanity.... I commend Phil’s courage in speaking out.”
— Retired Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean

“There was just something about Phillip Krapf that rang true. I guess that’s all I can say. Over several hours the story held up—he held up—and you came away with a feeling, “Well, maybe....”
—Art Bell, Late-Night Coast-To-Coast Talk-Radio Host

And from the book cover we read:

The Challenge Of Contact is Phillip Krapf’s continuing story of the secret deliberations between a race of alien observers, called the Verdants, and hundreds of human leaders known as “Ambassadors”—an interplanetary liaison that will soon lead to a public announcement of contact. This book chronicles the dramatic events of Krapf’s second period of sojourn on the Verdant craft [called the Goodwill] that occurred in 2000.”

Since the very recent publication of The Challenge Of Contact, there have been several substantial developments, which are all outlined in the following three updates, which we are presenting here before getting into the actual interview with Phillip Krapf.

Eduard “Billy” Meier photo from: UFO—Contact From The Pleiades, Volume I.


So you won’t be wondering while reading these updates, Phillip Krapf physically describes the Verdants as just over 5 feet tall, with dark, narrow eyes, nearly imperceptible noses, no visible body hair, and skin tones from grayish white to slightly tan.

“They were wearing satiny robes of varying muted colors. They even spoke to me in English, though their thin lips didn’t move.”

In his first book The Contact Has Begun, Krapf writes:

“After about 1,000 years of closely observing the human species as it crawled laboriously toward the point where it is taking its first preliminary steps into outer space, the E.T. visitors have determined that the time is ripe for contact between our two species.

“The aliens, who call themselves Verdants, come from a planet in a solar system 14 million light-years from Earth.

And, yes, they have been benignly abducting humans for the last 50 years or so, although they refer to the incidents as “unsolicited visitations”. Also, on occasion, their shuttle craft have been sighted by humans, but not to the degree that many people believe or that have been reported.

“They pose no threat to Earth or its people and simply are here to help smooth the way for humankind to become space explorers and to welcome the species into the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets, a consortium of approximately 27,000 species on as many worlds scattered throughout the universe.”

As one can surely imagine, the shocking events of 9/ 11/2001 were observed by everyone. These events were of such a magnitude that there was a change of plans by the Verdants.

Let’s begin now by reading the “Contact” updates, in sequence, and then we will speak with Phillip Krapf about his remarkable experiences.


Updates on The Contact Project

Decision 2001 - The Plan Will Proceed

August 23, 2001

The Verdant High Command has approved a decision to proceed with efforts to attempt to establish Verdant-Human diplomatic relations.

This long-awaited decision follows a series of lengthy and exhaustive sessions between representatives of both species. After the conclusion of these inter-species discussions, an authorized panel of Verdant diplomats met in executive session for nearly a year before voting on the matter. A full review of the findings by these diplomats was then conducted by the Verdant High Command, which subsequently endorsed the decision to proceed.

Shortly thereafter all human Ambassadors were instructed to be prepared to begin executing their individual plans and proposals. As indicated in my two books, The Contact Has Begun and The Challenge Of Contact, these are the working blueprints designed to provide the groundwork for the planned summit conference between delegates of the two species with the ultimate goal of establishing formal diplomatic ties between Earth and the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.

Presumably, some preliminary work is already in progress and—if the informal timetable is reasonably accurate—many human Ambassadors will begin briefing their peers and public and private leaders sometime in the year 2002. It is presumed and anticipated that a free flow of information should also begin concurrent with these events.

I am authorized to reveal that the decision to proceed was approved in the early months of this year, 2001, although I was not informed of it until early in March by a human intermediary while I was attending the International UFO Congress convention in Laughlin, Nevada. I initially thought that I was expected to make an immediate announcement, but I actually was sworn to secrecy at that time. For reasons that I do not yet understand, a decision was made to withhold the information for a period of time.

It was explained that I was being informed to help put my mind at ease in that I had expressed growing concern in my latest book and in media interviews and public appearances that I was the only one, as far as I was aware, who had gone public while all others remained safely anonymous.


I had gone out on a limb and my reputation and credibility were on the line. In fact, my second book was about to be printed at the time. If this project didn’t proceed, or if I didn’t get some support from other delegates soon, there was the very real possibility that I could be ruined, my reputation and credibility sullied beyond repair.

Yet I didn’t see how I could keep this secret because I was constantly being asked about any new developments. The only options I could see out of this predicament was to either go into hiding or lie, neither of which was acceptable.

I was instructed to respond to such inquiries by saying that I hadn’t had “any further contact with the Verdants since my last visit to the ship in January of 2000”.

Well, I suppose that wasn’t really a lie, since my informant was a human, but it was a bit evasive. However, I couldn’t see any alternative—and the literal truth was that I really hadn’t had any Verdant contact since that time—and so that’s the way I dealt with questions on this issue in the months ahead.

However, I have now been informed—in August of 2001—that there would be no objections to my releasing this information at this time.

I will have further updates as they occur, including but not limited to a stepped-up campaign to try to discredit me by the forces of opposition.

Phillip Krapf’s Presentation To The Bay Area UFO Expo

September 16, 2001

I am going to depart from my usual format in which I talk about my extraordinary experiences of June, 1997, and January, 2000—as detailed in my two books:

  • The Contact Has Begun, published by Hay House [P.O. Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100; phone: 800-654-5126; website:] in January of 1998

  • The Challenge Of Contact, published in June of this year by Origin Press [1122 Grant Avenue, Suite C, Novato, CA 94945; phone: 888-267-4446; website :]—after which I typically take questions from the audience.

I know that many of you have not read either book, although some of you may have read one or the other. Nevertheless, at the risk of leaving many of you in the dark, since you are not familiar with the story, I would like to quote a few passages from The Challenge Of Contact.


We begin with this item from page 21:

“Is it possible that the human race simply is incapable of getting along?” he asked rhetorically. “Will the ancient tribal mentalities always predominate? It’s almost as if there were an organized, deliberate attempt to create worldwide turmoil, to put our worst foot forward, as though this insanity is being orchestrated.”

Also on page 21, and continuing on page 22 is the following passage:

“In my view this opposition in and of itself wasn’t enough to scuttle the program, and I believe Chip tended to agree with me. But he did add the caveat: “...if we don’t blow ourselves up first.

“It would be a tragedy of unparalleled proportions to miss such a golden opportunity” he said wistfully.

Those snippets of information were taken from a conversation that took place on Easter Sunday of 1999 in Pinole [town North of Oakland, California] between me and an Ambassador—a human who had been recruited to serve as a liaison between the aliens and humans in helping to lay the groundwork to establish diplomatic relations that would lead to formal contact between our two species.

On page 64 of the same book, there is the following passage:

“Ominously, he suggested that a grand conspiracy may have been concocted by forces that oppose the contact, and that there appeared to be a deliberate campaign to stir up as much trouble as possible to discourage the Verdants from following through on their plans.”

That last statement was made by a Verdant while I was aboard the ship on my second visit.

The following passage comes from pages 135 and 136 of the same book:

“Right before I left the ship, I asked Gina one more time if any major decisions had been made between the Ambassadors and the Verdants.

“Only one decision is under consideration, and it hasn’t yet been made. The Ambassadors gave our people their input, our people listened, and the High Command will make a choice sometime in the near future.”

“What do you think it will be?” I asked.

“I don’t know and I’m not at liberty to speculate. I do have a bit of advice for you, though. Maybe it can by your first official announcement as our spokesperson.”

She paused.

“Get your act together. There are grave concerns that have permeated up to the highest levels.”

“My act?”

“No, humans.”

An ominous farewell. Then, in a breath, I was gone, back in my bedroom. It was Martin Luther King Day.

That conversation also took place in January of 2000 right before I left the starship after two days aboard. In summary, high-level discussions had been conducted aboard the ship between ranking human and alien delegates in which critical questions were raised about whether the planned contact should go ahead as planned. As was noted, the Verdant High Command was going to review the testimony and then make a final decision on the matter. It was possible at this point that a decision could be made to delay, postpone, or abort the program.

About a year later, the decision was made. The effort to establish diplomatic relations would proceed. I learned of this decision from a human emissary in Laughlin, Nevada, in March of this year, at the International UFO Convention. However, I was sworn to secrecy at that time.

Then, in August, last month, I was given approval to make the announcement. I immediately wrote a news release to that effect and dispatched it to my publisher and asked that it be posted on the website for my book ( I have copies of that news release here for anyone who would like a copy.

Like you, I spent Tuesday of this week [9/11/01] sitting in rapt despair in front of the TV set for most of the day, trying without much success to comprehend the horrific events unfolding before me. Like you, I grieved for the loss of life and the unimaginable suffering. At one point, I got up in a daze, retrieved from the closet the American flag that usually flies from my house only on July 4th and Memorial Day. I secured it in its holder on the eaves of my house. I desperately needed to do something, and that was the only thing I could think of at the moment.

About 6 or 7 p.m., the by now familiar bluish-white iridescent light suddenly appeared, filling the room, didn’t even flinch. It was as though I were almost expecting it. I knew what was coming—I was going on another journey.


Under normal circumstances—with two previous visits to the ship under my belt—I would have been excited. But these weren’t normal circumstances, considering the events of the day, and instead of feelings of unbridled enthusiasm and happiness, a foreboding knot of anxiety clutched my insides in an icy grip. I knew this couldn’t be good news.

I appeared in a comparatively small room, probably the smallest one I had ever been in on the ship. It was more like a private office. I was standing before Sarah, Gina, and Martin. Because of time constraints, I won’t attempt to explain who they are, but their rankings, roles, and levels of authority are explained in The Challenge Of Contact. Sarah was seated behind what I suppose could be described as a desk of sorts, although, with its array of lighted consoles and other high-tech gadgets that I couldn’t even describe, it was nothing like I had ever seen before.

Martin and Gina were seated in chairs beside the desk, and all three Verdants were facing me. I was standing alongside another chair in front of the desk that was facing them.

The meeting lasted about half an hour, after which I was returned to my home.

As I suspected, the news was not encouraging. Essentially, I was told that we—meaning humans—are not ready. I didn’t need an explanation in light of the condition of the world at the moment.

I have copies of a summary of the meeting that I compiled from my notes, which I made upon my return, and I will be glad to make them available for anyone who would like one.

I must confess that I actually gave serious consideration to keeping this incident to myself, to suppress it.

Byron Belitsos, CEO of Origin Press, labored tirelessly and diligently for more than a year, with a sense of dedication and purpose that goes well beyond the call of duty, to bring The Challenge Of Contact to fruition. In addition, he committed considerable financial resources to the undertaking.

In that light, let me say that the book still has significant relevance despite this latest development. I hope most people will appreciate that fact. Byron and I will continue to man the table until the end of the expo.


We Have Not Given Up
Summary Of A Briefing On September 11 Aboard The Goodwill

Gina got up and approached me.

The Verdant face is virtually expressionless. But after some exposure to them, the astute observer can at times detect some very subtle, albeit almost imperceptible, expressions of emotion. If I was reading her face correctly, there was a certain muted sadness to her demeanor as she took both of my hands into hers. She told me to be seated and returned to her own chair. Sarah and Martin had remained sitting.

I cannot, of course, recall the exact words that were spoken, but the quotes I use here are true and accurate representations of the intent, meaning, and tenor of the conversation, if not the precise words themselves.

“I shall come straight to the point,” Sarah began. “The Verdant High Command, after reviewing a report on the current state of affairs and viewing the regrettable scenes of carnage occurring on your planet, has decided that the human species is not yet ready.”

No words came to my mind. I was not surprised. Heartbreakingly disappointed, but not surprised.


I simply stared vacantly into her dispassionate face. Gina still seemed to be wearing the same look of subtle sadness. On the other hand, although I can’t be certain, I thought I detected something else on Martin’s face. To the untrained eye, his features remained bland and impartial. Yet, there was something just below the surface.


What was it? A certain self-righteous smugness?


An aura of condescension that said,

“I told you so”?

Whatever it was—if it was anything at all—I found it irritating.

“It’s over, then?” I said.

Grammatically it was an interrogative, but I inflected it as a declarative, as though I already knew the answer before I even posed the question.

“All Ambassadors and Deputy Envoys will be instructed to abort their assignments for which they were recruited. That process has already begun, but we expect it will take several days before all of them can be contacted.”

Well, that was pretty direct, but it was a bit too diplomatic. The words left room for interpretation.


I like my information straight, direct, and unencumbered by polite tip-toeing around the point.

“Is the contact still going to take place or not?”

I fairly demanded.

“Or are you saying that it’s down the toilet?”

Photo from:

Sarah turned to Gina, who immediately grasped the significance of the action—apparently it was a questioning look.

“It’s a colorful term for something that has gone or has become lost.”

Gina responded without having been asked, at least orally.

“I see,” Sarah responded. “The official decision is to halt the proceedings. Call it a hiatus, if you want. What’s going on right now is unacceptable. What you do on...”

“Your whole world is insane!”

Martin interrupted. Sarah merely had to swivel her head in his direction to regain the floor.

“I was saying that what you do on your own planet is your own business. However, Martin is overstating it. More precisely, what he should have said is that what is occurring is insane. But we still stand by the 80-20 percent hypothesis. No, you are not insane as a people. We still believe in the 80 percent.


And it is known that some of your undesirables—the 20 percent—practice ritualized insanity. That has always been so. It can be contained with the necessary will and resolve. But that hasn’t been demonstrated. We have an obligation to preserve cosmic peace.”

They were being released from their assignments; none will be expected to go public—although they are free to do so—and that efforts to establish diplomatic relations have been put on hold.

“For how long?” I asked.

“We don’t know,” she replied. “That’s up to your people. We will continue to monitor the planet.

“We have not given up. It will happen someday. That is inevitable... unless...”

The words hung there in space, almost palpable.

“Unless?” I said.

“Unless you blow yourselves up first,” she replied.

That wasn’t the first time I had heard that phrase.

And then Martin said something that was like a dagger through the heart.

“You foolish people will not be going into space, I guarantee you that. And, quite frankly, I think you are going to blow yourselves up. We’ve seen it before.”

I gazed wildly at each face in turn.

“We won’t go into that issue right now,” Sarah said.

“We desperately need your help,” I said. “You have the means. You can help us.”

The plea bordered on hysteria.

“I’m sorry,” Sarah said. “We don’t interfere or intervene.”

And that was the end of it.


During the course of the conversation, incidentally, I was informed that several Ambassadors had been assassinated, none of them Americans. These killings were reported in the mainstream press. Since the victims hadn’t publicly identified themselves as Ambassadors, reports of their deaths were simply reported as political murders.

Martin left the room without another word. Sarah stood behind her desk and wished me good luck and thanked me for my efforts. Gina approached me and uncharacteristically squeezed me in a surprisingly strong hug considering her diminutive size. I was choked up and mentally chastised myself when I felt the moistness on my face as our cheeks were pressed together. I didn’t want to lose control.

And then I realized that the single tear that stained our faces wasn’t mine.

It was hers.


Coping With The Reversal

September 25, 2001

I have received many e-mails expressing anger and disappointment with the Verdants for their recent decision. Therefore, I think it is important to emphasize once again as I have done on numerous occasions that they have not come here as our saviors. Also, there were ample warnings in my books regarding the potential consequences about our rash and irrational ways.

There is a force at work in the universe that I have been calling a sort of cosmic Darwinism. If a species has the resolve, stamina, intelligence, courage, strength, and moral fiber to take control of its own destiny, to guide it in the right direction, then it probably has a pretty good chance of survival. Lesser species that lack any or all of these qualities probably have a slimmer chance. This is Nature in its purest and rawest form.

I also repeat what I have written and said many times before as related to me by the Verdants: Humankind’s destiny is in humankind’s hands.


If we can’t handle our own affairs, well, that’s life in the cosmos. And it can be cruel—more than 95 percent of all species that have ever lived on Earth are extinct.

Quite frankly, one of the overriding reasons for the Verdants’ presence here is one of self-interest to ensure that no hostile or barbaric species that would represent a threat to its cosmic neighbors or the peace of the universe is allowed to go into deep space. That’s a survival instinct. We all have it. We cannot fault anyone for exercising it.

I understand the anger, and I am sympathetic. However, the decision is not mine, nor is my opinion sought. I know there is much fear in the world at the moment, but I think it’s important for people to have faith in the future, work for world peace, and hope that we have the necessary qualities of character to ensure that our journey to a better and brighter future remains on track.


I, for one, continue to believe that is our destiny. I remain upbeat and do not subscribe to the hypothesis that we are going to incinerate ourselves.

It has never been more important than now to keep our spirits up. Peace to all.

With that background, I would like to now share a personal interview I conducted with Phillip Krapf on 9/20/2001.


You can imagine the jolt he was experiencing from the abruptness of the halt in plans due to the recent “terrorist” happenings, after several years of emotional buildup to the contact mission getting underway.


We jump right into the discussion, past our introductory conversation.


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