by Alfred Lambremont Webre

April 12, 2010
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

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Recent whistleblower, direct witness and documentary evidence have led to the development of new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations.


The new typology establishes the following types for extraterrestrial civilizations and extraterrestrial governance bodies as concerns extraterrestrial law. The new typology for extraterrestrial civilizations was developed by Exopolitics author and researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd in response to a request by Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, U.K.


The new evidence-based typological model divides extraterrestrial civilizations into

  1. Extraterrestrial civilizations (3rd dimension), that is,

    1. Solar system civilizations (3rd dimension) based in the third dimension in our solar system, such as the intelligent human civilization living under the surface of Mars that reportedly enjoys a strategic relationship with the United States government

    2. Deep space civilizations (3rd dimension), that is, intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are based in the third dimension and on a planet, solar system, or space station in our or another galaxy or in some other location in this known physical, third dimension universe

  2. Hyper-dimensional civilizations, that is intelligent civilizations that are based in dimensions or universes parallel or encompassing our own dimension and that may use technologically advanced physical form and/or transport when entering our known dimension or universe

  3. With regard to extraterrestrial law and governance, the new extraterrestrial civilizations typology identifies Extraterrestrial governance authorities: Legally constituted extraterrestrial governance authorities with jurisdiction over a defined territory, such as the Milky Way Galactic Federation, which has been empirically located in replicable research.

Conventional typology is “the study of types”,

  • in anthropology a typology is “the division of culture by races”

  • in archaeology a typology is “the classification of things according to their characteristics”

  • in psychology a typology is “the classification of things according to personality types”

Existing typologies of extraterrestrial civilizations are limited and do not reflect the manner in which extraterrestrial civilizations exist and are self-governed in the multi-verse.


The Kardashev scale typology that Nikolai Kardashev and Dr. Michio Kaku have developed is based on “a civilization's level of technological advancement,” rather than on the multi-verse dimension in which the civilization exists, which is a more fundamental typological, locational and developmental criterion.


The extraterrestrial typology developed by Dr. Michael E. Salla, classifying extraterrestrial civilizations by race or approximate location and whether they are “cooperating with or outside earth's Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex,” again neglects the dimensional anchoring of extraterrestrial civilizations.


This specific typology appears to be too anthropocentric and subjective for universal application.



Introduction to dimensional typologies of extraterrestrial civilizations

The following is a brief introduction to the various dimensional typologies of extraterrestrial civilizations.

(A) Extraterrestrial civilizations (3rd dimension)

Solar system civilizations (3rd dimension)
Recent witness and documentary evidence establishes, by the law of evidence, the existence - more probably than not - of a third dimension humanoid extraterrestrial civilization in our solar system, based on the planet Mars, and living in underground cities as well as on the surface of Mars.

As Examiner has reported,

“Andrew D. Basiago, a Cambridge-trained environmentalist and attorney, has publicly confirmed that in 1970, in the company of his late father, Raymond F. Basiago, an engineer for The Ralph M. Parsons Company who worked on classified aerospace projects, he met three Martian astronauts at the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Company facility in Wood Ridge, New Jersey while the Martians were there on a liaison mission to Earth and meeting with US defense-technical personnel…”

“Mr. Basiago’s involvement in US time-space research as a child, as well as Courtney M. Hunt’s identity as a CIA officer, have been confirmed by Dr. Jean Maria Arrigo, an ethicist who works closely with US military and intelligence agencies, and by US Army Captain Ernest Garcia, whose storied career in US intelligence included both serving as a guard on the Dead Sea Scroll expeditions of Israeli archaeologist Yigal Yadin and as the Army security attaché to DARPA’s Project Pegasus.”

There is independent whistleblower evidence of the existence of Martian humanoids.


Examiner reported,

“On July 25, 2009, at the European Exopolitics Congress in Barcelona, former DoD scientist Arthur Neumann publicly stated,

“There is life on Mars. There are bases on Mars. I have been there.”

The following day, Mr. Neumann participated in Futuretalk, a Project Camelot documentary interview, in which he provided details of his teleporting to a base on Mars and participating in a one-hour project meeting, which was also attended by representatives of an intelligent civilization that lives in cities under the surface of Mars.


Arthur Neumann has stated that he teleported to Mars in order to participate in a project meeting there at which Martian humanoids were present.”

Documentary evidence for a solar system third dimension extraterrestrial civilization
Examiner has reported,

“A representative sample of documentary evidence supporting the existence of indigenous Martian intelligent life is set out in “How to Evaluate The Evidence for Indigenous Martian Intelligent Life”.


This documentary evidence consists of images enhanced from selected portions of NASA rover Spirit photo PIA10214, a composite photo taken of the Columbia Basin on Mars (about the equivalent Martian latitude of Columbus, Ohio) in November 2007 and released by NASA onto the Internet in January 2008.

“These enhanced images are documentary evidence of indigenous humanoid and animal life on Mars. This reporter first began examining these images on December 7, 2008, in Portland, OR, when I was invited by Mr. Basiago to examine images he discovered during the course of 2008 in NASA rover Spirit photograph PIA 10214.

“As this reporter can attest, viewing and cognizing these often novel and strange Martian life forms requires imagination and persistence by the observing Earthling. The immediate visibility and certainty of this documentary evidence of indigenous Martian humanoid and animal life should improve with advancements in photo-analytic technique.

“Ms. [Emily] Cragg, who has reportedly analyzed over 4,000 NASA photos, as well as the evidentiary documents in this document, states that NASA manipulates scale, contrast, color, skewing, consistency, integrity, content, and up to five levels of image within NASA Rover photos to conceal indigenous intelligent Martian life on Mars’ surface.”

In developing the new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations, researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre concluded that,

“the witness and documentary evidence meet the standard of reasonability and more probably than not demonstrate the existence of contemporary indigenous Martian humanoid and animal life.


To wit:

  1. Mars is - more probably than not - an inhabited planet - The evidence suggests Mars surface has a fragile, post-collapse ecology, inhabited by humanoid and animal life. There is prima facie witness evidence to support a conclusion that a sub-surface contemporary indigenous intelligent Martian civilization exists.

  2. Indigenous Martian intelligent humanoid life exists - more probably than not - The evidence suggests Mars surface is inhabited by humanoid beings like and unlike us and by animals that are like those that exist on Earth at this time, that once existed on Earth in pre-historic times, or that are hybrids with the traits of two or more Earth species.

  3. Hybrid human and animal Martian species exist - more probably than not - The evidence suggests that animal species on the surface of Mars include human-insect hybrids and human-lizard hybrids that do not exist on Earth and that to our knowledge have never existed on Earth."


Deep space civilizations (3rd dimension)
These are intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are based in the third dimension and on a planet, solar system, or space station in our or another galaxy or in some other location in this known physical, third dimension universe.

At this time, the existence of deep space civilizations that are based in the third dimension in our or some other galaxy in this known, physical third dimension universe can be posited from the existence of a humanoid extraterrestrial civilization based in the third dimension in our solar system, living under in cities under the surface of Mars.

As will be explored below, there is evidence for multiple types of hyper-dimensional civilizations, that is intelligent civilizations that are based in dimensions or universes parallel or encompassing our own dimension and that may use technologically advanced physical form and/or transport when entering our known dimension or universe.

Whether evidence for specific hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilizations may in fact be evidence of a technologically advanced third dimensional civilization with hyperdimensional cloaking or travel abilities or quantum access abilities such as teleportation or time-travel is presently not yet in the public domain.


(B) Hyper-dimensional civilizations
Hyper-dimensional intelligent civilizations that are based in dimensions or universes parallel or encompassing our own dimension and that may use technologically advanced physical form and/or transport when entering our known dimension or universe.


These extraterrestrial civilizations may be located in upper dimensions in our own solar system, our Milky Way galaxy or other galaxies, or in dimensions or universes parallel to or encompassing our own third dimension.


Jon Kelly: Chart - Hyperdimensional vehicle vs Perseid meteor


Examiner reported on one recent experimental example which produced both witness and documentary evidence of a hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilization was reported by Examiner stating,

“Aerial UFO nocturnal lights over Vancouver B.C. have been filmed by Jon Kelly, the reverse speech expert and witnessed by 3 independent witnesses. The sighting occurred on September 12, 2009, shortly after the passage of a meteor widely reported by the news media.

"Kelly, who filmed similar UFO nocturnal lights over Mt. Adams, WA during the 2009 Science, Spirit & World Transformation conference over the July 4 2009 weekend, states in a written witness statement that the Vancouver, BC nocturnal lights are 'potentially extraterrestrial interdimensional vehicles communicating with earth-based observers in urban environments while being recorded on camera.'

"The reported extraterrestrial interdimensional vehicles can be seen in a video below. The photo (Figure A above) is a comparison chart of the photo of an interdimensional vehicle versus a Perseid meteor track."







Hyperdimensional civilizations - witness statement of Jon Kelly
Examiner reported that Jon Kelly states,

“At approximately 9:15pm on Saturday September 12, 2009 night I observed a large, high altitude luminous object traveling from west to east across the night sky over Vancouver. The sighting lasted for less than two minutes.

Mr. Kelly continues, “I was accompanied by three other independent witnesses who also observed this event. We watched as the object traveled silently, absent of navigation lights, before fading from view against a clear night sky. I was able to record infrared video of the object just before it began to fade and observed that it maintained visibility in this spectrum of light for some period of time after it ceased to be visible to the naked eye.

“We were not the only people who saw luminous objects in the sky that night. Canwest News Service reports that ‘At approximately 8 p.m. Saturday night, a great, big ball of yellowy-white light streaked from east to west’ and that ‘the fireball was probably a meteor’.

Mr. Kelly states, “While the timing and direction of the object cited in the Canwest report are not a match for my documented observation, the report supports my statement that luminous objects were observed in the sky that night.”

It is not possible to determine the hyperdimensional race or species behind this documented multi-dimensional encounter.

Witness reports of hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilizations
There are many reliable witness and documentary reports of hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilizations, in humanoid, reptilian, insectoid, grey, hybrid and other species.

Hyperdimensional grey and reptilian civilizations
Author Jim Sparks is an informative source with 18 years of eyewitness experience with hyperdimensional grey and reptilian civilizations.

To listen to an exclusive interview with Jim Sparks by Alfred Lambremont Webre on ExopoliticsRadio on the subject of secret U.S. government liaison programs with grey and reptilian civilizations, click on below media controls:







Hyperdimensional human extraterrestrial civilizations
There is witness evidence to hyperdimensional human extraterrestrial civilizations.


Project Camelot sponsored an hour and 45 minute Project Camelot presentation by Alex Collier on co-mentoring with ethical hyperdimensional human extraterrestrial civilizations with whom he has had direct eyewitness interaction.



For video, click on above image


Alex Collier's eyewitness evidence on hypedimensional ethical extraterrestrial civilizations
The following are excerpts from Alex Collier's Project Camelot presentation regarding Earthling humanity's co-mentoring relationship with hyperdimensional ethical human extraterrestrial civilizations.

Alex Collier (AC): Extraterrestrial civilizations no longer use that power structure - the pyramidal power structure. They have been using a holographic ever since the end of the Orion Wars -- which would be in our linear time about 360,000 years ago.

Since then, most of the civilized, benevolent civilizations, including some of the rogue regressive groups - and they are a minority - have been using a holographic social structure, and we’re going to talk about that today.

AC: We’re also going to talk about creating a new Domain of Knowing, a space in which we can create an opportunity for Earth to be mentored, because we need some help here. We are a little bit in over our heads. [laughter]

Open mentorship is our destiny. It’s going to happen anyway, but we cannot wait for the government to turn itself around. It can’t because it’s not in control. Right? It is not in control. So, we have to turn our focus away from all that drama and figure out another way.

What I want to do now is read to you what I was given way-back-when regarding creating a Domain of Knowing. This also came from Vissaeus:

Create another Domain of Knowing, communicating, and being. In other words, the domain of calling forth or generating your intent needs to be more distinct.

Your physics, as you call it, is a good example of this calling-forth. There have been men on your planet who have called forth new domains of thinking that never existed before here.

They invented it. They didn’t fantasize it, they didn’t pretend. They literally created this new context from what you now call physics.

Your humanity is strong with this kind of example. No being, however, makes the distinction that this is what they are.

AC: I would like to give you an example: your concept of human rights. It wasn’t so long ago that no such thing existed on your planet. It just simply didn’t exist. You Terrans did not have any rights. Only the kings and the priests had their rights, but most of you Terrans do not have any rights. So you and other Terrans created human rights from nothing.

You created the domain that created not only the rights to come forth, you created the language and then you communicated it, and this communication that you gave had power because it was full of intent. It has the power not only to represent and to invoke, but also to literally bring it into being.

This is what your races need to do in order to clearly know yourselves.

AC: Now, in creating our holographic model of a civilization or a social structure, do we want to have a monetary system? Do we actually need a monetary system? Because we’re the only ones that I’m aware of in our Galaxy that still use a monetary system.

In fact, many, many years ago I had been asked by Morenae, Vissaeus to put together a short presentation on money. They already knew about it, but I did the best that I could.

When it was over, Vissaeus just looked at me and he goes: I don’t understand.

And I said: What do you don’t understand?

He says: I don’t understand why you have to pay to live on a planet you were born on. [laughs]

Ladies and Gentlemen, that has haunted me ever since. That little bit, just that one little thing, takes you completely out of the box. For the first time you begin to think: Well jeez, what would it look like not to have a currency? You know?

Advanced civilizations: all their needs are taken care of. All of their standard day-to-day life needs are met by the government, no strings attached, and then you donate your time and your expertise and your skills to do something you want that benefits the whole. I’m not talking about communism, either. It’s something bigger than that, but we need some help in defining what that is.

AC: The Law of Consistency is that every truth is spoken, everyone is forgiven, there is no monetary system. There is an absolutely free healthcare system, but it has nothing to do with pharmaceuticals. [applause] It has to do with color, light, and sound, which is what we are, even in our physicality: color, light, and sound.

It has to do with the advancement of the soul. We have a damaged DNA structure, so when we reincarnate, we do not always remember things. There are people who do great jobs doing past life regression and people can pull some of those pieces. But to have cognizant memory when you come back into physicality is something we don’t have presently. They have that because they don’t have a damaged DNA structure.

Can our DNA structures be repaired? According to them, absolutely yes, but we need to make some changes.

We need to create the space for us to be free enough to explore those possibilities. We cannot do that with the power structure that’s in existence today, so we need to create another Domain of Knowing, and that begins with yourselves.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime. It all begins with us, each one of us individually.

AC: It is believed that an ancient race - some of them call them The Founders, other cultures call them the Paa-Tal - created not only the wormholes, but created most of the physicality in what we know as our universe.


Because, as they travel, they are finding civilizations and the ruins of civilizations far beyond anything that even they know... and we’re talking fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth-density space travelers who are traveling not only in, and moving in, our physicality and other physicalities, but even their own.

The wormholes is the best example that I’ve been given. No one, no advanced space race has any idea how they were actually built, but we know that they exist. In fact, there are several that have snapped, connecting our Galaxy to some of the other nearby Galaxies.


They’ve snapped and no one knows how to fix them because we don’t even know how they were built.


Antonio Urzi's encounters with hyperdimensional ethical extraterrestrial civilizations
Antonio Urzi in Milan, Italy has documented a number of encounters over 10 years with vehicles of hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilizations.


His encounters reportedly include “4th dimensional Pleiadians, 4th dimensional Alpha Centaurians, and 5th dimensional extraterrestrials who reside in Earth’s sun, Sol.”

In this video, Mexico City-based extraterrestrial researcher Jaime Maussan documents a number of Antonio Urzi’s filmed encounters.






At a March 19-21, 2010 conference sponsored by Jaime Maussan in Mexico City, Mr. Urzi reportedly was in a restaurant with colleagues and stated that hyperdimensional extraterrestrials were about to appear.


Mr. Urzi then reportedly went outside the restaurant to witness a hyperdimensional extraterrestrial vehicle, which was documented on video.


(C) Extraterrestrial governance authorities

Extraterrestrial governance authorities are the legally constituted extraterrestrial governance authorities with jurisdiction over a defined territory, such as the Milky Way Galactic Federation, which has been empirically located in replicable research.


The jurisdiction of extraterrestrial governance authorities, by the available evidence, may extend across dimensions within a single galaxy such as our own.

Researcher Alfred Lambremont Webre has written,


"The Exopolitics model and science

“The essential structure and dynamics of the Exopolitics Model - that the Universe is populated by intelligent civilizations, organized under governing bodies and operating according to law - is preliminarily confirmed by replicable scientific remote viewing data developed during the 1990s.


Data from scientific remote viewers suggest that a spiritually and technologically advanced galactic federation of worlds exists. It can be described as a sort of loosely organized spiritual government of our Milky Way galaxy.

“This is a transcript of a scientific remote viewing session with a galactic federation leader:

Remote Viewer
“As soon as I went into his mind [a galactic federation leader], I reemerged in space. That is where I am now. I am outside of the Milky Way, looking onto it. Dotted lines have been drawn over the image, dividing up the galaxy-like quadrants.

“I am being told that there is a need for help. They need us. I am getting the sense that they need us in a galactic sense, but I seem to be resisting this. They are so much more powerful than humans; it just does not make sense why they would need us.

“The leader is sensing my resistance and redirecting me to a planet. OK, I can see it is Earth. I am being told that there will be a movement off the planet in the future for humans. I am just translating the gestalts now into words. But the sense clearly is that Earth humans are violent and troublesome currently. They need shaping before a later merger. Definitely humans need to undergo some sort of change before extending far off the planet.”

“Ask if there are any practical suggestions as to how we can help.”

Remote Viewer
“I am being told in no uncertain terms that I am to complete this book project. Others will play their parts. There are many involved. Many species representatives, groups.”

“Ask who else we should meet using remote viewing, or another technique?”

Remote Viewer
“Only the Martians. Hmmm. I am being told that our near-term contact with extraterrestrials will be limited to the Martians for now, at least in the near future.

“Ask if there is new information that we need to know but do not know.”

Remote Viewer
“This fellow is very patient. He knows this is hard for me. He is telling me that many problems are coming. There definitely will be a planetary disaster, or perhaps I should say disasters. There will be political chaos, turbulence, an unraveling of the current political order. As we are currently, we are unable to cope with new realities. He is telling me very directly that consciousness must become a focal concern of humans in order for us to proceed further.

“He is right now tapping into your (my monitor’s) mind. It is like he is locating you, and perhaps measuring or doing something. He is telling me that you are very important in all of this. We must come back here - their world - at later dates. We will be the initial representatives of humans as determined by consciousness. He is telling me that consciousness determined our arrival point. There is more. We are not saviors, just initial representatives. He wants me to get this straight.

“I am getting the sense that he wants us to understand that we have responsibility to represent fairly. This is not to go to our heads. This is just our job now, and we all have jobs. He is also telling me that I am doing a fairly good job at writing this down. He likes your sense of humor. He says that there will be lots of activity in the future, of the day-to-day sort. But for now, we are to focus on the book. The book is important, and they will use it.”

End of transcript

“As the transcript of this fascinating scientific remote viewing session reveals, we are in the early stages of Exopolitical research.


Primary scientific databases for Exopolitical research and activity can be derived via the scientific method from a wide variety of non-official sources, including at least the following 14 formal categories of data:

  1. “Voluntary Conscious Physical Contactees with Off-Planet Cultures

  2. Involuntary Semi-Conscious Physical Contactees (Abductees)

  3. Voluntary Semi-Conscious Alter-Physical Contactees (Star People)

  4. Voluntary Psychic Contactees (Channelers and Visionaries)

  5. Neutral Psychic Contactees (Scientific Remote Viewers)

  6. Whistle-Blowers from Inside the Secret Government

  7. Documentary Evidence from Government and Official Sources

  8. Superficial Excited Witnesses and Sightings Reports

  9. Astute Debriefers, Debunkers, and Interpreters

  10. Alien Artifacts

  11. Independent Archeology, including Exo-Archaeology

  12. Shamans and Occult Societies

  13. Science Fiction

  14. Revelations authorized by Universe Governance Bodies.”

From Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe

What are the implications of the new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations?


  1. Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations, is the proper discipline for a new typology of intelligent civilizations.


  2. Dimensionality

    Dimensionality appears to be the key criterion by which extraterrestrial civilizations in the multi-verse should be typed.


  3. Human consciousness

    Earthling human consciousness and our ability to comprehend the dimensionality and political organization of intelligent life in the multi-verse is a key to our future evolution as an organized species in the society of organized intelligent life in the multi-verse.


  4. Martian civilization

    By the evidence, Earthling human society’s first overt exopolitical steps as a society should be the establishment of transparent, public-interest planetary relations with the third dimensional solar system humanoid civilization living under and on the surface of Mars.


  5. Collapse of Earthling power structure

    Both the Galactic Federation leader contacted through replicable scientific remote viewing, and experts such as Mayan Calendar scholar Dr. Carl Johan Calleman predict the collapse of the current world power structure. See “Expert predicts end to hierarchies and value of money, more ET/UFO disclosure starting July-Nov 2010


  6. Whistleblower and eyewitness witnesses

    The personal courage and contributions to exopolitical science and a positive human future of whistleblower and eyewitness witnesses such as Andrew D. Basiago, Arthur Neumann, Michael Relfe, and Laura Magdalene Eisenhower should be acknowledged by Earthling human society.


  7. New typology of extraterrestrial civilizations and extraterrestrial disclosure

    The new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations will facilitate and accelerate the comprehension of UFO and extraterrestrial-related data and information by the Earthling human public, and scientific, governmental, educational, and media organizations. The new typology will thus accelerate the pace of extraterrestrial disclosure, including disclosure by the extraterrestrial civilizations themselves.


  8. Caveat lector

    This article contains only a representative sample of empirical data in each category of the new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is a journalistic and not a scholarly article. The new typology itself is a matrix for classification of ongoing and new research into extraterrestrial civilizations.