by Noel Huntley


excerpted from

"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"

from GoogleBooks Website



If the personality we identify by the name 'Jesus' came to Earth again as an adult (that is, not through birth) he would be an extraterrestrial.


It is well recognized throughout the New-Age field that the soul of the personality Jesus is operating on the inner planes under the name Sananda, who is a commander of spacecrafts. Some people regard the name Sananda as a higher-self name of Jesus. His role was as a planetary Christ and now is a planetary director.

Note that the personality 'Sananda' need not be the same as the Jesus personality, though it would be the same soul. This soul would have numerous personalities being expressed in different dimensions, even simultaneously. Channeling from Zoosh tells us that this great soul is embodied at this time on Earth as a female child.


This child is being kept well hidden and will remain so for some years.


Zoosh states she is, even as a child, researching the future probabilities of planet Earth. The child is feminine since it is necessary at this time to bring in the feminine energy to balance up the excessive logical, intellectual, and masculine energy. All souls can express themselves as many personalities, simultaneously; something that is inconceivable to our linear, serial conscious mind.

As Commander Sananda, Jesus is still working for the benefit of planet Earth. Nevertheless, there are other incarnations of 'Jesus' prior to his life 2000 years ago, such as the great spiritual master Melchizedek and others.

Note that the subject of reincarnation was removed from the Bible in AD 553.


Byzantine Emperor Justinian convened a meeting of the Ecumenical Church Council at Constantinople with the purpose of influencing his Council to erase all mention of karma and reincarnation from the Bible. The source of this intention was his wife Theodora - a tyrannical woman - who came into conflict with the Church of Rome.


Not able to reconcile her crimes with the laws relating to karma and reincarnation, she wanted the laws erased.

Emperor Justinian achieve this rather sweeping amendment to the Bible by justifying the invitation of members to the meeting of only six bishops favoring reincarnation, and 159 against, on the basis of making 'minor changes' to the scriptures.

A list of numerous past lives of Jesus are given in Dr. Stone's book The Complete Ascension.


The Explorer books add that Jesus was once a well-known and respected medicine woman in South Africa and North America in a much earlier lifetime, who studied all probable pasts of humans and the human race, and in addition that he also had lives on Arcturus.


It appears that he was not just a highly developed member of our human life stream but that he was a special messenger, a creation from the Source to bring more direct aid to the planet.

Jesus apparently had the ability to apply an invisibility technique to avoid those who would destroy him. He could annul the karma of others if this was deemed appropriate.


He taught that the true approach to God does not come from outside, as demonstrated in his statement:

'Seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven which is within...' Thus he attempted to teach the concept of withinness, which we might realize was one of the failures (of man). He readily referred to the 'Father within' or the 'closet within'.

This is the true inner space that science is searching for in the form of nonlinearity but not recognizing that it is internal and not along the 'surface' or 3D, the plane of linearity.


The negative forces came in heavily on this and programmed man to believe that Source was external; Christians to believe that God is external, and science to have the belief system that the universe, environment, is objective and external.

Another 'failure' in the advent of Christ on this planet was the unexpected degree with which man idolized Jesus, in spite of Jesus treating others as equals. The very act of putting the great master on a pedestal separated ordinary humans from that which they sought. He demonstrated successfully by the events of his life how to care for others, to love and forgive. He also played a part in the demonstration of life after death.

Possibly the main difference between Jesus and the people was that he remembered who he was.


This means he was fully soul-awake at the human level, that is, while in human embodiment. If any normal human received the soul energy it would destroy the body due to the high frequencies. To accomplish this, Jesus had to be operating with a 12-strand DNA (see Appendix), which we shall discuss shortly.

The so-called lost years of the Nazarene were attributable to a long journey at the age of 14 years in which Jesus went to the Himalayas, then spent a great deal of time in Egypt, learning about the energies of the pyramids. Next he went to India and Persia. He also spent time with the Essene Brotherhood which played a significant role in his life.


The Explorer material clearly indicates why and how the Essenes had such an influence on Jesus.

Although recorded history indicates that the Essenes were established around 200 BC, the original Essenes dated back to before the human race. And in fact they have some of the genetics of the Andazi (fully realized beings) mentioned earlier.

Of these original Essenes there are never more than about one hundred on Earth - no more is needed - and they are very influential. Their knowledge was obtained from the Guardian Alliance and they achieved grace, and the ability to continue their work to this day, now discreetly since the discontinuation of the recognized group around 100 AD.

Who was Jesus? That is, who was the man, Jesus? Some say there was no such person, others that Jesus was not his name; still others that he was not crucified, etc.


Other names associated with the man Jesus had been Jeshua, Esu, Immanuelle, and there is also a reference to the names (spellings), Jesheua and Jeshewua but as separate individuals in the 'three Christs interpretation' of the crucifixion.


Let us explain this revealing account described as the 'three Christs'.

The early well-known Seth material supported this 'three Christs' explanation of the crucifixion but in particular it is described more technically and specifically in the Voyagers books, volume 2. What this is saying in effect is that Jesus, as we know him today, is the result of merging the events of three personalities who lived about 2000 years ago.

The first of these 'Christs' was a spiritual avatar by the name of Jesheua. According to the Guardian Alliance he possessed a 12-strand DNA. This means his body could accommodate the full soul energies.


He knew who he was and where he was from. He apparently accomplished his missions and left this planet dimension at the age of 39 years by exiting through a spiritual portal. The missions he completed were the restoration of the Jewish genetic lineage, and the realignment of the Sphere of Amenti (see Appendix).

The second 'Christ' personage was a 9-strand DNA avatar by the name of Jeshewua.


This spiritual teacher was the one the Romans were seeking. As a result of this danger, the Elohim, in Harmonic Universe three, created a diversion by obtaining permission from the soul of the man Arihabi to pose as, that is, believe he was Jesus. The soul having agreed to this, the man Arihabi was programmed to be deluded into believing he was Jesus.


Thus the Romans crucified Arihabi.

According to the Voyager material, as a result of Arihabi's great sacrifice, he was brought back to life and lived another thirty years. The actual resurrection was said to be a holographic insert (which of the two avatars was involved in this was not stated).


We might add that the Pleiadians who channeled Barbara Marciniak's books state also that the crucifixion event, etc. was a holographic insert - not explained though. Nevertheless we must stress that most other sources assume that a genuine 'crucifixion' of Jesus took place and they continually reference it.

What is important is that the principle of the crucifixion did 'occur,' which demonstrated the crucifixion of the lower-self and ego and the ascension to the soul reality.