The Goblin Universe
A non fiction book by
Ted Holiday
and Colin Wilson



About Colin Wilson
Colin Wilson is a renowned authority on the paranormal and is the author of over fifty books, with subjects ranging from mysticism, to criminology. He has also written numerous articles and plays and contributed to several newspapers and journals.


He regards himself primarily as a philosopher concerned with the meaning of human existence.






Goblin Theory

Or how the universe really is


For many, many years scientists have been struggling to understand the vast and varied mysteries of our universe.


Many have tried, and failed, to unify the apparently conflicting theories of relativity and quantum mechanics into a single truth that would define the whole mess that is our space and time.

However, until now, that truth has remained hidden under layers of superstition and religion at one end, and scientific super-jargon at the other.


The theory itself is uniquely beautiful and elegant, with one central premise: the existence of supremely powerful other-dimensional beings known as "goblins".

The theory was first brought into being in Manchester, where all good things begin, by a being of the Guernsey race of Guerins as an explanation for various astrophysical phenomenon such as active galactic nuclei.


The theory, once born, was seen to be easily reducible to smaller scales, as long as the size of the goblins was variable.

As yet there is no direct evidence for the hypothesis; the goblins have been seen so far only in their effects, as intangible as the wind but just as real. However we hope to bring you experimental breakthroughs as they happen.


In honor of the Thoughts for the Day that brighten the electromagnetism lectures of many poor students, the following quote seems appropriate to the theory:

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

M. Rees