Com. Sgt. Maj. Robert O.Dean

by David Sunfellow

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Robert O. Dean is a highly decorated veteran who fought in both the Korean and Vietnam wars.


After having successfully passed a series of high level security checks, Dean claims he was given the highest top secret clearance NATO had and assigned to the Supreme Headquarters Operation Center (SHOC), located just outside Paris, France. In January of 1964, the SHOC controller on duty went into a NATO vault and handed Dean a massive, highly classified document.


Called, "ASSESSMENT: AN EVALUATION OF A POSSIBLE MILITARY THREAT TO ALLIED FORCES IN EUROPE," the 12-inch thick document was one of only 15 copies in existence. The document was the result of two and a half years of research, which had been funded by NATO.


It had been put together by military representatives of every NATO nation and also included contributions from some of our planet's greatest scientific minds.


All 15 copies were numbered and classified. They were kept under lock and key. They had been published in English, German, and French. The Super Top Secret document dealt, exhaustively, with UFO's.

According to Dean, the NATO-produced document on UFO's contained the following information:

  • The UFO study team that compiled the document had traveled to Cambridge, Oxford, the Sorbonne, MIT, and other major universities for input on chemistry, physics, atmospheric physics, biology, history, psychology, and even theology. These areas were listed with separate appendices.

  • The document contained reports of civilian and military encounters with UFO's--and their occupants. Some of these reports contained interviews with people who claimed to have been taken aboard UFO's. In one of these reports, a Danish farmer claimed that the aliens he encountered--two little beings and two human looking beings--spoke to him in his native language.

  • One appendix, entitled 'Autopsies', contained photographs of a 30-meter disc that had crashed in Timmensdorfer, Germany, in 1961. According to the report, the British army reached the crash sight first and established a perimeter. Since the craft had crashed in very soft, loamy soil, it hadn't been destroyed.


    The United States and Russian governments also joined in the investigation.

    • Inside the craft were 12 small grey bodies, all dead. There were pictures of the bodies being laid out and then put on stretchers and loaded into jeeps. There were also autopsy photos. These autopsies said that the small grey creatures looked as if they were clones of some kind, with no alimentary track. They did not ingest, or process food as we do, nor did they have any system for elimination. Furthermore, it appeared that they were incapable of reproduction.

    • The craft was cut up into six pie-shaped pieces and flown off to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio.

  • The NATO report contained 5 major conclusions:

    • 1. Our planet, and the human race, have been studied by several different extraterrestrial civilizations. Four of these races have been identified visually. One race looked the same as the human race. Another race was about the same height, stature and structure as we are, but had a very grey, pasty skin color. The third race was the small, large-headed and small-bodied Greys. And the fourth race was reptilian, with vertical pupils and lizard-like skin.

    • 2. These alien visitations had been going on for at least 200 years, and probably longer.

    • 3. These extraterrestrial visitors did not appear hostile.

    • 4. Flybys, and various other UFO maneuvers were designed to demonstrate their capabilities.

    • 5. A carefully orchestrated program of some kind seemed to be underway. It began with flybys, then landings, and eventually culminated in contact.

An Article that appeared in the April 1994 issue of OMNI MAGAZINE contains a longer version of Dean's story. In this longer version, Dean lists the names of commanding officers who were aware of this document and also discusses the ongoing trouble NATO had dealing with UFO's that would regularly appear over central Europe.


In 1961, Dean claimed that fifty large, metallic, circular objects were spotted on radar. They were flying in formation from the Soviet Union towards Europe, at about 100,000 feet.


Although Dean claims the UFO's only appeared on radar for nine minutes, they caused both NATO and the Soviet Union to go to red alert and scramble war planes. According to Dean, a major military confrontation was narrowly averted.