Yarbro 1, 2 & 3 defines the factors defining human (and alien) personality in terms of soul cycle (or level), soul type and the Overleaves. A more complete discussion appears in ASTRO-METRICS' Appendix H. These factors describe the core personality and, as such, are relevant to all sentient beings throughout the universe. These are, so to speak, the "bones" of the personality. Astrology merely fleshes out these "bones". Biological twins, born at the same time, may have the same astrological configuration in their horoscope, but be of completely different soul cycles, soul types, and have different Overleaves. Thus, they could have personalities as different as night and day. However, it is through astrology that a given sentient species is tied to its home world. It would be difficult (but not impossible) for an extra-terrestrial alien species to settle and thrive on planet Earth. A great deal of co-mingling of the biological and astral organism would be required, and that task does not come easily. For example, lifetimes would dramatically change, often for the worse.

The soul goes through five Levels Of Evolution on the physical plane, each with seven sub-Levels:

  1. The Infant Soul Level: Those who are just emerging, like aborigines.

  2. They Baby Soul Level: Those who religiously follow the rules of society.

  3. The Young Soul Level: Those who are the movers and shakers of society, the rich and famous.

  4. The Mature Soul Level: Those who seek to try to understand the universe, like scientists and philosophers.

  5. The Old Soul Level: Those who are seeking to find the others whom with they were (spiritually) cast, like bums, hobos and caretakers of large estates.

There are seven Soul Types. See Table H-0. They are:




ARTISEN - seeks structure


SAGE - seeks communication.

Positive Pole: Creation

Positive Pole: Expression

Negative Pole: Artifice

Negative Pole: Oration

SLAVE - serves common good.


PRIEST - serves the higher good.

Positive Pole: Service

Positive Pole: Compassion

Negative Pole: Bondage

Negative Pole: Zeal

WARRIOR - seeks challenge


KING - seeks to lead/mandate.

Positive Pole: Persuasion

Positive Pole: Mastery

Negative Pole: Coercion

Negative Pole: Tyranny


SCHOLAR - seeks knowledge

Positive Pole: Knowledge

Negative Pole: Theory

These, and five Overleaves, each with seven elements that are organized into Neutral, Ordinal and Cardinal components of the Assimilation, Expression, Inspiration and Action polarity. These are:

  1. The Chief Feature - the focus of one's fears. See Table H-1.

  2. The Goal - the focus of the personality. See Table H-2.

  3. The Mode - how the Goal is achieved. See Table H-3.

  4. The Attitude - how one views the world. See Table H-4.

  5. The Centering - how one acts/reacts to a situation. See Table H-5.

Love is infinitely strong, but fear is infinitely seductive. Fear's hallmarks are illogic and a lack of reason or rationality. It takes courage to overcome fear, and that is the key. It must be confronted directly with logic and reason. Militarily speaking, we must know our enemy and do what is necessary. To do that, we must understand fears seductive influences on the core personality. Fear acts out of the negative pole of Soul Types, Evolutionary Level and Overleaves.

Humans, like our fellow sentient beings, are cast in groups of seven. This group is called a Cadence. Members of this Cadence together represent a soul. Alternately, we each have one seventh of a soul to ourselves. The average level of evolution on planet Earth is fifth sub-level young. The evolution of Cadence members is such that they remain within one or two sub-levels of each other. Cadence members are "soul-mates", but this is often not to be thought of in a sexual manner. They do make the best of friends (or lovers when romance is involved). Usually, at least two of them same co-descend into the physical plane, being of the same peer group. Often, another pair, in the form of young children, co-descend and the older ones help the younger ones begin their life's work.

The soul types are reflected in the structure of the entire sentient culture, (e. g. all of mankind). Consider the expression "As below, so above" as defining this analog. These sentient cultures, analogous to our soul types, are dubbed Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms, or EILFs. Actually, seven EILFs are cast or formed at about the same time (to within a few thousand years). All seven of our group operates out of the Ordinal of the Inspirational polarity and could be considered "SLAVE". But the seven within it have a sub-flavor of Scholar, Warrior, King etc. So, technically, these are SLAVE-Scholars, SLAVE-Warriors, SLAVE-Kings etc. The collection of seven EILFs is called a Combo.

The EILFs of some of the sentient beings we come in contact with are designated by this sub-flavor. For example, the Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) are our Sage (e.g. SLAVE-Sage) EILF and we humans are a Warrior EILF. The Hill aliens are our Scholar EILF. There is another EILF that regularly visits Earth and flies about in small saucer shaped craft sometimes only a few meters in diameter. These small vessels fly in formations like birds, so they are called "birds" or "clams". They are designated as our Priest EILF and are thought to be associated with the Hill aliens (our Scholar EILF).

The cosmos is structured so one solar system can support at least two EILFs, and they can help each other evolve. The Sage reflects the actor, so the cetaceans find it easy to "show off". The songs of the whales are carried worldwide. Mankind, (a Warrior EILF) finds "fighting" easy, so Christ could prophecy "There will be wars and rumors of wars". These reflex giving each a flavor of the other.

The human EILF is about 58,000 years old and its Level Of Evolution is fifth sub-Level Young. Thus, it has advanced through more than 19 sub-Levels Of Evolution. Assuming a linear rate of evolution, we are advancing at about 3,000 years per sub-Level. Combo EILFs, like our own Warrior EILF and the Priest EILF are cast at about the same time (to within a few thousand years). Their evolution is such that they remain within one or two sub-Levels of evolution of one another.



Expression Polarity
Self Destruction: The fear of loss of control.

Positive Pole: Sacrifice - Negative Pole: Immolation

Those so afflicted are often well-disciplined people. They tend to avoid social contacts and do their socializing in very controlled situations like company luncheons, family reunions and cocktail parties. An intimate dinner for four is about as large a gathering as they can handle, and still keep some degree of control of the circumstances. They are often thought of as rather difficult people as they tend to be very authoritarian giving the outward appearance of success and tranquillity. Often they have a feeling of no accomplishment or a sense of being directed by others. This Chief Feature encourages terminal diseases such as cancer as it offers a way out of situations they cannot control.1

Inspiration Polarity
Self Deprecation: The fear of inadequacy.

Positive Pole: Humility - Negative Pole - Abasement

People suffering from this fear often inform others not to expect too much from them as they have many other "irons in the fire", all of which demand their time and attention. Often, they will take on far too much, then fail to "deliver the goods" because they are overloaded. Their self-effacing behavior can appear modest and they learn early to "bring others out of themselves" in order to accommodate the expectations of others. They lavish praise on others hoping that some will be returned to shore up their sagging confidence.

Action Polarity
Martyrdom: The fear of worthlessness.

Positive Pole: Selflessness - Negative Pole - Mortification

These people will find a myriad of ways to "tempt fate" in order to establish their worth. They undertake an almost constant search for the illusive grail of worthiness. They put themselves at the disposal of others, whether it be a family member or just a friend on the phone. They are hard working, often volunteering their services to committee chairmen who keep heaping tasks upon them. They feel that if they suffer enough, someone will assure them that it is all worthwhile. This fear can bring on thankless families, wasting diseases, gallstones, sabotaged careers, destructive personal relationships, etc.1


Expression Polarity
Greed - The fear of loss or want.

Positive Pole: Egotism - Negative Pole - Voracity

.There is no such thing as enough of whatever the greed is fixed on. This person is hardest to live with, as they are completely ruthless trying to satisfying their greed. They are rarely trusted by others, and rightly so. The Egotism makes these people self-centered, and appears outlandish unless they are public figures. Those who have greed centered on public recognition find that it makes accepting attention both easy and satisfying.

Inspiration Polarity
Arrogance: The fear of vulnerability.

Positive Pole: Pride - Negative Pole: Vanity

These people are truly shy, although this behavior might not appear so during casual encounters with them. They will avoid anything that smacks of exposure. Sometimes, they will go out of their way to develop a very strong public image so that their true personality need not be exposed. These people are determined not to reveal any aspect of their vulnerability and even deny that it exists. If they have been wounded through their vulnerability, they will deny it and if they cannot, they will claim they can "take it".

Action Polarity
Impatience: The fear of missing something.

Positive Pole: Audacity - Negative Pole: Intolerance

These people feel that whatever they have missed is more important than what they are currently doing. They have difficulty completing things. This fear is the hardest to live with since it causes constant restlessness and dissatisfaction. However, others around them find it exciting and intriguing.

Stubbornness: The fear of change or dealing with new situations

Positive Pole: Determination - Negative Pole: Obstinacy

Someone so afflicted will tend to make a new situation as much like the one they are already familiar, or find inventive ways to avoid the new situation entirely. They develop skills in the social graces and can be very entertaining, going out of their way to make others comfortable in the old situation. Even if acted out of the positive pole, the determination is likely born of panic or other less obvious forms of fear. This is humanity's most common fear.

The Chief Feature is the most apparent Overleaf and the most agonizing characteristic for the individual. It masks one's greatest strengths. The Chief Features are listed in Table H-1. Primary and secondary Chief Features often manifest themselves in the personality. It can (and should) be neutralized during one's life. To do so, it must be confronted directly. This sounds easy, but those who attempt it will find that fear has them by "the throat." As the fears are basically survival mechanisms, they will find endless reasons why the individual should not abandon them. Further, fear will find a way to punish those who try to break free. It is as if fear was saying to the individual "you should have known better". The elements associated with the remaining Overleaves are organized in Tables H-2 through H-5. They have a positive and negative analog polarities. That is, the magnitude does not assume discrete values, but has a varying value. Fear acts out of the negative polarities.

There is a strong cross - influence in the Overleaves. For example, if one naturally exists in the positive pole of the Goal of Acceptance (Agape), fears (e.g. activated by abuse or abandonment) may cause one to slip into the negative pole of Rejection (Prejudice). Alternately, if one is trapped in the negative pole of the Attitude of Cynicism (Denigration), one can escape into the positive pole of Realism (Perception). Reflexes of this and similar types are commonly found in astrological computations, and astrologers should always be on guard for them when reading horoscopes.

The Modes are how the personality pursues the Goals of the personality. The Goals are achieved as one ages and nears a normal death. For example, one with the Goal of Acceptance becomes more accepting and accepted as they age. While often shunned in youth, they become more and more acceptable, even though they have acquired strange ideas and customs along the way. As the Overleaves are chosen before birth, most times (and body types) are acceptable to them. They often appear to be "nerds" in youth, but honored relatives when old. By contrast, those in Rejection are often particular about their cloths, partners, etc. They make skilled business men for they are very "discriminating" in making decisions. Females in Rejection often choose times of birth with great care (discrimination) so they may acquire an "attractive" body type. Most men can easily pick these women out in a crowd. They are the well dressed pretty ones (with a very picky personality).







Positive Pole: Discrimination

Positive Pole: Agape

Negative Pole: Prejudice

Negative Pole: Ingratiating




Positive Pole: Atavism

Positive Pole: Comprehension

Negative Pole: Withdrawal

Negative Pole: Confusion




Positive Pole: Devotion

Positive Pole: Leadership

Negative Pole: Subservience

Negative Pole: Dictatorship



Positive Pole: Suspension

Negative Pole: Inertia







Positive Pole: Deliberation

Positive Pole: Authority

Negative Pole: Inhibition

Negative Pole: Oppression




Positive Pole: Restraint

Positive Pole: Self - actualization

Negative Pole: Inhibition

Negative Pole: Identification




Positive Pole: Persistence

Positive Pole: Dynamism

Negative Pole: Immutability

Negative Pole: Belligerence


Observation (85 % of humans)

Positive Pole: clarity

Negative Pole: Surveillance

Attitudes are how we often approach life. They seem to "sink" into the personality as we age. Spiritualism is a particularly interesting Attitude. Its negative pole, Faith, offers a particularly insidious fear that is pervasive among humans. We are taught from childhood that Faith is a positive trait, but it is not. Faith inherently assumes that we should accept something that may or may not be true. Then, it will become "true" through Faith. It will not. We may be lucky (or make a fortuitous guess) but Verification, not Faith, is what deserves our trust.







Positive Pole: Investigation

Positive Pole: Coalescence

Negative Pole: Suspicion

Negative Pole: Abstraction




Positive Pole: Tranquility

Positive Pole: Verification

Negative Pole: Resignation

Negative Pole: Faith




Positive Pole: Contradiction

Positive Pole: Perception

Negative Pole: Denigration

Negative Pole: Supposition



Positive Pole: Practicality

Negative Pole: Dogma






Higher Intellectual

Positive Pole: Thought

Positive Pole: Integration

Negative Pole: Reason

Negative Pole: Telepathy



Higher Emotional

Positive Pole: Sensibility

Positive Pole: Empathy

Negative Pole: Sentimentality

Negative Pole: Intuition




Positive Pole: Amoral

Positive Pole: Enduring

Negative Pole: Erotic

Negative Pole: Energetic



Positive Pole: Atomic

Negative Pole: Anatomic

Humans (unlike some alien EILFs) can, and often do, mix the Centers. This makes them "tricky" to understand. Some commonly used combinations (among humans) are shown in Table H-6.



Expression Polarity: Intellectual Center
Verbal centers involving logic.

Positive Pole: Thought - Negative Pole - Reason

  • Moving Part of the Intellectual Center; e.g. those who think about it first, then act on or do it.

  • Emotional Part of the Intellectual Center; e.g. those who think about it first, then feel about it.

Inspiration Polarity: Emotional Center
Mute centers dealing with feelings.

Positive Pole: Sensibility - Negative Pole: Sentimentality

  • Moving Part of the Emotional Center; e.g. those who react with great expression or feeling.

  • Intellectual part of the Emotional Center; e.g. those who use words to express feelings.

Action Polarity
The Kinetic Center involving Sex or expressing
the entire sexual aspect, not just through intercourse or clothing.

Positive Pole: Amorality - Negative Pole: Eroticism


Expression Polarity: Higher Intellectual Centers
Creative logical center.

Positive Pole: Integration - Negative Pole - Telepathy

Inspiration Polarity: The Higher Emotional Center
Creative feelings center

Positive Pole: Empathy - Negative Pole: Intuition

Action Polarity: The Moving Center
Kinetic center involving motion.

Positive Pole: Enduring - Negative Pole - Energetic

  • Intellectual Part of the Moving Center; e.g. those who "shoot" first and think about it later.

  • Emotional Part of the Moving Center; e.g. those who "shoot" first and feel about it later.


Instinctive Center
Centers for those people considered insane.

Positive Pole: Atomic - Negative Pole - Anatomic

  • Intellectual Part of the Instinctive Center; e.g. those Idiot Savants good with numbers.

  • Emotional Part of the Instinctive Center; e.g. those Idiot Savants with artistic abilities.

  • Moving Part of the Instinctive Center; e.g. those insane people known as feral children.

Humans often combine two Centers when defining their personality, like the Emotional part of the Intellectual Center. The cross-connectivity of the two halves of our brain may offer a reason for this capability. While each one of us has access to all Centers, the Higher Centers usually manifest only briefly. The Moving Center is the only Cardinal Center which human beings habitually access on a long-term basis, because we are an independently mobile EILF. Mankind treasures "action" not logic because we are the Warrior EILF and operate out of the "Ordinal of the Action" polarity.4

Expanded access to the Higher Centers occurs for humans in their Mature soul level. Such access is required if both they (and the collective human EILF) are to understand the pan dimensional universe. Examples of such individuals include Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla. Ssee Table H-7. However, the access to the Higher Centers (especially the Higher Emotional center) often brings recognition of one's Essence Twin as well as the potential implications of such a relationship.



  1. Ballad: Essence Twins: Singer and friend in "You Don't Know Me".

  2. Ballad: Essence Twins: Singer and friend in "My Happiness".

  3. Ballad: Essence Twins: Cowboy and Mexican dancer in "El Paso".


  1. Story: Essence Twins: Adam and Eve in Genesis, "The Holy Bible".

  2. Story: Essence Twins: The rich playboy and the nightclub singer in the American movie "The Marrying Man".

  3. Story: Essence Twins: Taoist Master, Hua Ching Ni , in his explanation of the I - Ching hexagram number 43 (symbol Kui). Master Ni may also be aware of his Essence Twin, but not necessarily by this name.

  4. Story: Essence Twins: Lancelot and Guenevere in "Camelot".

  5. Story: Essence Twins: Scarlett O'Hara and Ashley Wilkes in "Gone With the Wind". A partially true story.

  6. Story: Essence Twins: The paper merchant and the tea house girl in the Japanese movie "Double Suicide". (One of the Reischauer series shown on public television ). This is very close to a true story.

  7. Story: Essence Twins: The Princess and the Frog (Prince) in the fairy tale "The Frog Prince".

  8. Story: Essence Twins: Beauty and the Beast in the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast"


  1. Essence Twins: Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) and Costanza d'Avalos (1460 - ?) Duchess of Francavilla.
    Gift: The Painting of his Essence Twin (The Mona Lisa). The gift was never accepted.

  2. Essence Twins: Hans Christian Andersen (1805 - 1875) and Ryborg Voigt.
    Gift: Fairy tale(s): "The Top and the Ball" and maybe "The Ugly Duckling".

  3. Essence Twins: Nikola Tesla (Midnight between 9 & 10 July, 1856 - 1943) and Marguerite Merington .
    Gift: One square block in New York City . Tesla intended to finance this gift from his AC power distribution system and induction motor patents. The gift was never accepted.

  4. Essence Twins: Ed Leedskalnin (1887 - 1951) and Anges (his "Sweet Sixteen").
    Gift: The Coral Castle (near Homestead, Florida). The gift was never accepted.

Recognition is often delayed until the Mature soul level, but younger souls speak of it (in the language of the times) through ballads and stories. Actual physical recognition of one's twin can be a devastating experience. This is especially valid when the individual so involved is experiencing the first of such lives in the Mature level, and if they are employing the Intellectual part of the Higher Emotional Center. Those experiencing such recognition become perplexed with the intensity of the feelings. Collective humanity encourages the formation of these difficult relationships while fear vigorously opposes them. Even attempting to form these relationships drives many fears from the personality, but not all.

Collective mankind seems to recognize those who attempt to form these Essence Twin relationships. See Table H-7. They are rare and valuable, with the Essence Twin recognition (usually by only one of the parties involved) briefly occurring about 25 times in the entire cycle of incarnations.5 Consummate relationships represent the ultimate of joy and evolution in our lives. Thus, they are treasured by all humanity. Unfortunately, the collection of fears acquired by our culture stands in the way of forming these relationships, and most are denied by the individuals involved. Always remember how seductive fear can be.

The personalities of Essence Twins appear to split along the Cardinal/Ordinal axis of the Overleaves. For example, if one has the Goal of Acceptance, the other usually has the Goal of Rejection. If one has the Attitude of a Stoic, the other one is often a Spiritualist. However, the neutral Attitude of Pragmatist can be substituted instead. This splitting of the Overleaves results in personalities which "rub each other the wrong way". So in addition to fear, there is yet another barrier to be overcome.

Avatars, such as Christ, Buddha, Sri Krishna and Lao Tzu, have unique Overleaves in that they are everyone's "Essence Twin". This is why they are sometimes referred to as "Infinite Souls". Christ could "walk on water" because he had the proper Overleaves. Peter did likewise, for a while. Then fear (probably in the form of stubbornness) overcame him, and he began to sink. Peter "did the impossible" for a while until fear set it and he realized that it was supposed to be impossible. The touch of Christ removed "fear" and Peter walked again. Incidentally, Buddha is reported to also have floated in air. Others (but not most) may be able to do likewise, but there may be a time dependency to this phenomena. Instead, it is so much easier for all of us to just walk or run. The proximity of one's Essence Twin will make the "impossible" easier - if the proper magnitude and combinations of Overleaves are available.

Such Overleaves may have made Ed Leedskalnin's construction of the Coral Castle possible, with its massive (11 ton average and 30 ton maximum) bocks of coral. He claimed he knew how the great pyramids of Egypt (with its four ton blocks) were built. The Coral Castle stands today in mute testimony to his claim.

Understanding the Overleaves is the key to understanding Ensouled Intelligent Life Forms (EILFs) throughout the universe. For example, the sentient beings of a given EILF may not be independently mobile but may often have access to the "Higher Intellectual" center. However, only a few may briefly manifest the "Moving" center. The negative pole of the Higher Intellectual center (telepathy) would be used for communication between "themselves" and other sentient species. Thus, these beings may be very intelligent, but only briefly move. Remember Christ saying to the crowd who who wanted to stone the adulterous woman "He who is without sin cast the first stone"? Telepathy could be how He knew the "sins" of the remaining three men who wanted to stone her. He wrote their sins before them in the sand.



There are seven EILFs that form at approximately the same time and relatively near to one another. These seven EILFs are called a Combo. These are listed in Table H-0. Natural alliances will be possible between EILFs of the same Combo. Though physically and culturally very different, they will be at much the same evolutionary level from a "freedom of choice of the individual creatures" point of view. After they get to know one another through direct interaction, each EILF will find the other's body type attractive or acceptable, and they will feel comfortable in an alliance with one another. This provides a basis to deduce body type, even in the absence of direct physical contact.

Each EILF is sub-consciously aware of the other members of its Combo (even if they have not physically met) because they are all part of the same fundamental spiritual unit. This awareness often finds itself expressed in the entertaining arts or literature of the EILF. Following is a tentative example of how we, and two of our Combo EILFs, may have chosen to incarnate. Tables H-8 through H-13 considers six EILFs. This attempt should be viewed as a starting point to determine the nature of our Combo EILFs, not the final conclusions. The examples are very terrestrial in nature and it should be remembered that most sentient species are likely to exist in an aquatic medium.



The Warrior EILF: The species occupying the ordinal component of the action polarity of the Combo. See ASTRO-METRICS, Appendix G-2, Section 33.4.

  • Motto: "Power comes out of the barrel of a gun".

  • Species Characterization: Buck Rogers, Dick Tracy, Rambo, John Wayne's characters. Mankind itself, based on the words of Christ (Matthew 24:6-7; Mark 13:7-8; Luke 21:9-10).

  • Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Stubbornness.

  • Body Type: Human, Simian mammal

Warrior EILF Description: The Warrior EILF is prone to both wars and exploration. Therefore, they prefer to incarnate in independently mobile creatures such as a Simian mammal, squid or hive/school creatures. They are very loyal, and have little tolerance for those who are disloyal. They tend to ally themselves to groups such as tribes, nationalities, races or institutions and maintain this alliance with no rational basis other than belief itself. Being of the ordinal rather than the cardinal polarity (see Table H-0), they are highly active on the physical plane. They tend to be technological because technology is required to drive their military and exploratory ambitions. Their planets are characterized by numerous major and minor wars with high death rates. Their societies are infused with police. Sex and larceny (rape and pillaging) will be popular. Since our Combo is postulated to be "ordinal of the inspirational polarity", military and police units will be highly organized and contain various supporting units.

Their loyalty extends to races and nationalities, and encourages racism or nationalism. Their loyalty extends beyond racial or national boundaries and includes various cliques, sects or religions. They are both loyal to their own institutions as they are loyal to opposing others of different institutions. This loyalty encourages faith rather than test and verification. Fortunately for other EILFs in the galaxy, this loyalty (stubborness) acts as a brake on their technological prowess. Without it, they would run rampant throughout the galaxy.

The Simian mammal body type was chosen by humanities' Warrior EILF to support their exploration and warfare needs. Critical factors included the opposable thumb (needed to firmly grasp weapons); binocular vision (effective reconnaissance); omnivorous digestion (adaptability needed for survivability); a large brain (data analysis) and a tongue and palate (efficient communication). The Brachiator movement patterns encourages exploration.



The Scholar EILF: The species occupying the neutral or assimilation component of the Combo.

  • Motto: "Knowledge is power".

  • Lifespan: theoretically 6.9 times the mean human lifetime with 350 to 400 years reported.

  • Species Characterization: The Elf Or Leprechaun. They are viewed by mankind as beings who can drive shrewd deals.

  • Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Self Destruction.

  • Probable body type: Simian Mammal (Biped with four digits per limb).

Scholar EILF Description: This EILF will seek knowledge for knowledge's sake and demonstrate low-keyed emotions. We will perceive their sexual organs to have atrophied as they perceive our brain to have atrophied. They often incarnate in an independently mobile species so they may search for knowledge. Their character will be a little like that of "Spock" in Star Trek.

Their societies will exemplify technology. Wars, while they may exist, will be low-keyed. Their quest for knowledge will drive them early on into space travel. They will sample and investigate the creatures of other planets, but they will seem to do surprisingly little with their vast store of knowledge. They will set aside certain of those among them as great teachers or masters and treat them with reverence and respect. Mankind will view these beings as creatures with too much knowledge and too little ambition. Like idealistic students, their institutions will be democratic.

Their societies will be relatively free of racism or nationalism, but there will be great jealousy of the amassed knowledge among various groups. Their technological advancement will be rapid because they will not remain "loyal" to beliefs. Their hands have two large followed by two small digits. They naturally count in binary or octal on their fingers from 1 to 255 as easily as we count from 1 to 10.

The diminutive extra-terrestrial creatures who briefly detained Barney and Betty Hill are likely our Scholar EILF members. They claimed to seek biological data about humans. They were unwilling to share any information with Mrs. Hill. They reneged on their promise to permit her to retain a stiff leafed book containing alien text that they had let her scan (for pictures). They purposely induced amnesia and confusion of this "alien contact" in both her and her husband's memory. Their appearance (Figure 12-1) was probably intentionally distorted by hypnotic suggestion (e.g. the Hills could not recall their hands). This likely was an attempt to deny the Hills' the ability to retain any of alien's jealously guarded knowledge. They jealously guard their knowledge just as we jealously guard the retention of our weapons.



The Priest EILF: The species occupying the Combo's cardinal component of the inspirational polarity.

  • Motto: "It's for your own good".

  • Species Characterization: Superman, etc., Super heroes, flying overhead and serving the higher good, represent our subliminal association with the Combo Priest creatures.

  • Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Impatience.

  • Body Type: The ensouled fowl or aquatic ray?

Priest EILF Description: The fundamental nature of this EILF is to serve the higher good of those on their planet and elsewhere. The character "Yoda" (Star Wars) floating Luke Skywalker's ship, reflects this species nature as do the aliens in the movie "The Abyss". While this kind of EILF may incarnate in both independently mobile and non-mobile species, they often prefer the former so they may move about and influence those on their planet. Those that incarnate in non-mobile species often influence others by communicating acoustically through water or telepathically.

These creatures have a subtle, but profound influence on their planets. At first glance, their planet will often appear as a pristine natural wonder. Ecological balance will abound, and there may appear to be little likelihood that intelligent life is even present. Upon close examination, the influence of these creatures can be observed. For example, their influence may manifest itself on the migrating patterns of herds, the disbursal of seeds by flocks of birds, etc. Their interaction with the flora and fauna of their planet will border on the absurd and ridiculous.

Their dwelling units, if required at all, will be tucked away in un-obtrusive places (like underwater). They will be capable of manufacturing, but will do it in a very "environmental" way. Everything will be cleverly structured and system engineered with even intermediate steps in the manufacturing process generating a useful product. Waste will be almost unimaginable for them. They would consider our atmosphere and rivers as we would a cesspool. They would view even the most sincere of mankind's environmentalists as shameless exploiters of our planet's abundance. The useful nature of our Priest EILF may be appreciated by our other Combo EILF members to the point that they may be willing share their technology with them and offer their wise advice.



  • 61 Cygni is in the Sentient Life Zone, see Table 13-4.


  • Found In The Bible Code - Yargans from 61 Cygni Yargan - Cygni - 61 - star - denizen - creature -constructive/beaver - beaver

The King EILF: The species occupying the cardinal component of the action polarity of the Combo.

  • Motto: "Follow the leader."

  • Species Characterization: Lassie.

  • Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Self Deprecation

  • Body Type: The Ensouled Canine/Feline; (Man's best friend).

King EILF Description: This King EILF will exhibit leadership and organization everywhere. Being of the action polarity, they will chose an independently mobile species. This will be a society of too many "Chiefs" and not enough "Indians". These creatures seek to reign. Fortunately, the ordinal component of the inspirational polarity coloring our entire Combo encourages some members of this EILF to follow others and, on occasion, even work and produce. Chains of command will run from the "top dog" to the lowest "cur". These will be cultures with an immense pecking order. If technology exists, its prime function will be to provide a medium on which to display organization charts and issue orders. Other than that, technology will be exploited mostly for creature comforts, the arts and scientific investigation. Their society will be the "organization man's" dream - or nightmare.

All will want someone or something to lead. The most fortunate will lead others. The slightly less fortunate will lead animals, herds or other non-ensouled creatures. The lower class will take charge of plants, and hope that they will produce food enough to sustain the others. The lowest in the socio-economic system will even take charge of inanimate objects, and treat them as objects to be commanded. The oversoul will cover many similar (canine?) species. Race (species), nationalism, sect, color & spotting, cliques, etc., will be important in their culture, especially if it leads to organization.

Since the Warriors and Kings both relate to the action polarity, humanity will be most comfortable with this EILF. We will admire their organization and leadership ability, and they will admire our courage and discipline. Initially, we will find each other necessary for survival in the galactic jungle.



The Sage EILF: The species occupying the cardinal component of the expression polarity of the Combo.

  • Motto: "The show must go on."

  • Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Greed (centered on recognition)

  • Species Characterization: Flipper - the dolphin or Moby Dick - the whale. The "save the whales" movement is actively under way throughout the world, and shows a deep-seated recognition that this species is unique.

  • Probable body types: Cetaceans - Whales and Dolphins

Sage EILF Description: This EILF generally prefers evolution in a medium which is not physically demanding. Independent motion is not necessarily always favored, but their choice for their body type is, in some ways, forced upon them by the conditions on planet Earth, especially that they share the planet with a Warrior EILF. They are viewed by our Warrior EILF as most often friendly and non- technological (therefore, they are currently regarded only as animals). However, Whales possess the largest, most complex brains on Earth. They enjoy a good time, and are generally not too ambitious. They enjoy sex and will approach a human female. Their Sage - like (actor or preacher) expression manifests itself in natural planet wide song (carried long distances through the water medium) or dance (acrobatic swimming and jumping). They are great communicators if we would listen.

Our terrestrial "Warrior EILF" and their aquatic "sage EILF" exist in separate mediums, thereby providing them with some protection from our dangerous Warrior EILF. Moreover, the "actor-like sage EILF" can hopefully entertain the "Warrior EILF" and thereby survive.

The choice of this body type permits grace of movement and melodious communications that are almost global in nature. This warm-blooded creature has the run of the Earth's oceans (and some rivers). The mammal, yet fish-like body type is most acceptable (and non-threatening) to our Warrior EILF which co-habits the planet.

Sage (actor) like traits will find great acceptance among mankind. Our Warrior EILF will greatly appreciate entertainment of all sorts. Mankind accepts religion (which takes on a theatrical motif) and the troops must be entertained if they are expected to give their lives in battle. Similarly, the Sage EILF will appreciate a good fight, and will ally with mankind in battles in the future












  • Determined By Analysis

  • The Sirius system is in the Sentient Life Zone, see Table 13-4.

  • Found In The Bible Code Dagon - Nommo from Sirius. Sirius - triple - star/planet/orb - white - dwarf - Emme Ya (Name for third star) - Nommo - musari - Dagpm/alien - monitorial - mission - brown/warm - inhabitant/inhabited - aquatic - anthropoid - paternal - sage, clever - angelic - angel - creator - Noah - ark - space - moon - space ship - Saturn - Phoebe - hollow

The Artisan EILF: The species occupying the ordinal component of the expression polarity of the Combo.

  • Motto: "Made by XXX."

  • Species Characterization: Mermaids and Mermen.

  • Principal Chief Feature of this EILF - Martyrdom?

  • Probable body types: Anphibians

  • First contact with this species was made by the Dogon people 3,200 years ago in South West Africa. They are regarded by these peoples as "saviors of mankind".

This species will love structure and construction. This is both in physical structures like Noah's Ark or the structure of poetry, music or philosophy. They will build on land, water or in outer space. They are the most magnificient of engineers, and, as such, will be well versed in the physical laws of the universe.

They will leap at a chance to build. While humans pay builders and contractors, they will seek an opportunity to build just for buildings sake. If anyone would build a Dyson sphere, it would be the Artisans.

These aquatic beings will finde great compaibility with the cetaceans (the communicators) just as humans will find cultural compatible with Iargans. While on Earth, they will likely prefer an aquatic domain. In fact the Dogon report that "When the Nommos left they returned to the stars, but the Dogon say they will return and when they do it will be called The Day of the Fish and they will rule from the waters."

They have proven generous with their knowledge to humans most supportive at at to us at a time of crisis, e. g. Noah's Great Flood.

Descriptions of our Slave Combo EILF is not carried in this web site as little information about them exists.

The EILF descriptions reflect the soul or Essence type descriptions found in ASTRO-METRICS' Appendix B, Table B-5a. The influence of the "ordinal component of the inspirational polarity" (see Type B in Table 12-2) is apparent in nearly every example.

At least one EILF of each ordinal Combo will eventually be capable of space travel, either by its own or borrowed technology. If binary groups of these EILFs are scattered on stars far removed from the densely populated galactic center, at least one EILF from each Combo may be capable of space travel. Table H-9 discusses some of the general characteristics of the Hill Alien species. Their general physiology is presented in ASTRO-METRICS' Appendix G-3.



Much of the following is taken from the ADDEMDUM to ASTRO-METRICS. Table H-10 is the ASTRO-METRICS' initial attempt to define the description of our Priest Combo EILF' body type. Matching the predicted body type to some UFO data collected by Ray Palmer indicates that he has found our Combo's Priest species . He reports that in 1925, a Mr. Wood observed a UFO crash land on the top of Flat Mesa (near Battle Mountain, Nevada) after he and a friend had landed their WW I vintage Jennies there to "look around".6

The saucer shaped UFO that landed was about 8 feet across and reddish in color on the bottom. It was moist, and glistened on top. But the most surprising observation was that it was a creature, and a wounded one at that. This "flying clam" had a mica like shell body. Its upper shell would rise and fall about six inches all around the periphery as if it breathed. The creature (without eyes or legs) skidded about 30 feet as it crash landed on top of the mesa.

The creature had a wound or gash at a point on its rim, with some metallic looking froth oozing from the wound. When fearlessly approached by the aviators (within 10 feet), it started "breathing" faster and tried to fly away. However, it rose only a few inches, then fell back to the ground.

After about a 20-minute rest, it started pulsating (glowing) again. It grew extremely bright, then tried to rise back up only to sink back down again. Shortly thereafter, a larger one (about 30 feet in diameter) appeared and rescued the smaller one. It settled over the smaller one and extended (and affixed) four sucker like tongues. Then it grew dazzlingly bright, rose straight up and flew away at a high rate of speed carrying the smaller one.

These creatures, or the froth which emanated from both the smaller one's wound and from the edge of the larger one, made an awful stench. The froth, resembling aluminum wire, finally melted in the sunlight and disappeared.

They are bird-like because they often fly in formation or exhibit unusual maneuverability as shown in Table H-14 (a condensation of related UFO reports ). They even play "cat and mouse" with our jet fighters. They seem to glow during flight, and darken merely by landing. The creatures are reminiscent of "sentient" gull in "Johnithan Livingston Seagull".

The nature of the creatures organs has not been resolved. They may not even be animals, but perhaps may be akin to plants. Their bodies apparently can sustain high G maneuvers with ease, perhaps due to an exo-skeleton.

Many reported UFO sightings may be attributed to these creatures and they are in (the Air Force) Project Blue Book's feature attraction, "the Tremonton Movie ".7 This movie records about a dozen disk like objects "milling around the sky in a rough formation". They were compared to gulls soaring on a thermal current (our Priest EILF species would appear bird-like) While this movie did not reveal the fine details of the disks, the person who made it got a good look at them. He indicated that the UFOs were like two pie pans, with one inverted and on top of the other.

All UFOs are not like these (biological?) vessels. The Hill aliens fabricated ships for their journeys around Earth, as do these creatures. Both Palmer and Table H-14 shows that these bird-like creatures are associated with "cigar shaped" UFOs. Case K directly makes this association by reporting the entry of one of these creatures into their ship. Case C indicates that their ship uses some form of jet propulsion for thrust. Cases F and G suggests that lift is provided in another way. This is consistent with the creatures being able to fly utilizing a mechanism involving pulsating or glowing light. Additionally, cases C and G indicates a ship with portholes.

The flying "birds" or "clams" are an enigma. They fly about in formation resembling a flock of birds, often riding air currents. They are associated with cigar shaped ships sometimes considered to be rocket ships. However, often the exhaust emanates from the wrong end (like the upward end). They may sometimes travel with another sentient species which have "eyes" because these cigar shaped ships have portholes. As the creatures may have no eyes (as we know them), perhaps another alien species, like the Hill aliens, are present.

ASTROMETRICS' Chapters 11, 12 and 13 indicates that our Scholar Combo EILF (the Hill aliens) are trading partners with our Combo's Priest EILF in the Alpha Centauri star system. Specifically, Table 13-1 identifies them as creatures of the Alpha Centauri star system. Thus, the creatures' cylindrical and saucer shaped ships may be fabricated by the Hill aliens. In return, the Hill aliens may employ the creatures' lift capabilities by attaching cargo cupolas to them, obtaining transport of beings or equipment from Earth's surface (as in the Travis Walton UFO case). Together, these two EILFs appear to have mastered interstellar space flight, and together they are exploring new worlds.

Dowsed data also indicates that they come from the Alpha Centauri (although the UV Ceti system is a distant possibility).8 It has been reported by the Greys themselves that they have trading partners. The Hill Aliens section (of this web site) indicate they come from Alpha Centauri A. Thus (according to the Hill star map) their trading partners must come from Alpha Centauri B. They are likely from planet i' or h' (or their satellites) which are orbiting the K class B star of this system. See Appendix F, Table F-2. Thus, the dowsed results and `the Hill Aliens section offer consistent conclusions.

Further dowsed results indicate that:8

  1. The "clam shell" mechanism is only a vehicle, not part of their biology.

  2. It opens and closes to permit observation.

  3. A food supply is contained within the "clam shell" and limits their time of flight to about 18 hours.

  4. Their "flight time" makes them appear to be "creatures of the air", but they are not.

  5. They "fly" in their home environment only a small percentage of the time.

  6. Their native environment is not liquid, and their atmosphere is about 3/4 oxygen.

  7. They cannot breath in our atmosphere.

  8. The accompanying foul smell is part of their metabolism, probably recycled excrement.

  9. They are animal like (13% sulfur, 22% carbon) and have four appendages supported mostly by cartilage.

  10. There is more than one per clam shell, but pregnancy may be involved.

  11. There normal life span is 180 years. One in this report was 59 years old.

  12. They physically rejoin in their "ship"

  13. They occasionally fight, possibly bleeding angle hair.

  14. This "bleeding" is really part of their stomach contents similar to excrement. Such "bleeding" is not fatal.

Such co-operation by members EILFs of a Combo is directly relevant to their co-evolution. The next section further clarifies their past association. Further, there visits here, and to other members of our Combo EILF (as discussed in ASTRO-METRICS) will prove enormously productive to all concerned. Remember the analogy. EILF's are like our one-seventh of a soul for an individual human. On that level, they are part of us. Specifically, we have soul mates, called cadence members, to help us through our life's work. They help us evolve, which is the main purpose of mankind's existence on the physical plane. Our Combo EILFs will likewise help us evolve.



Type: Date: Place


Bird: July 1, 1948: Rapid City, Idaho
12 oval disks maneuver over AFB.
Bird: July 17, 1948: San Acacia, N.M.
7 UFOs fly in J, L & O formation.

Cylindrical Ship: June 15, 1948: Miles City, Montana
Reddish glow with jet exhaust.

Cylindrical Ship: July 20, 1948: Netherlands
Wingless V-2 like rocket, 2 decks.

Cylindrical Ship: July 21, 1948: Hague, Netherlands
Rocket like UFO, 2 window rows.

Cylindrical Ship: July 24, 1948: ?
Seen by DC-3 crew? B-29 fuselage with rocket flames.

Cylindrical Ship: July 25, 1948: ?
Seen 4X by pilots Wingless V-2 like rocket, 2 decks.

Cylindrical Ship: Aug. 3, 1948: Moscow, USSR
Wingless V-2 like rocket, 2 decks.


Bird: Jan. 22, 1950: Kodiak, Alaska
2 UFOs roll in formation.

Cylindrical Ship: Jan 31, 1950: Airlines crew
Wingless rocket drifts from cloud.


Bird: Aug. 25, 1951: Lubbock, Texas
15 - 30 UFOs fly in V formation. Non UFO explanation possible.

Cylindrical Ship: Aug. 31, 1951: Texas, USA
B-29 fuselage with porthole drifts near the ground, then rapidly rises and disappears.


Cylindrical Ship: 17 Oct. 52: Orlon, France
Cylindrical UFO, cocked at 45 degrees, moved southwest with 40 discs. Many in Orlon saw a cylinder with about 30 small red spheres, each with a yellow ring leading it. They moved in pairs in short zig-zag paths. When they separated, a white "arc" formed between them. Angle hair rained down, turned to gelatin and disappeared.


Cylindrical Ship: Feb. 6 1954: Carswell AFB, Texas
Long fuselage UFO with oval wing (Could disks be escorting it?).


Cylindrical Ship: June 29, 1954: North Atlantic ocean
Small UFO enters cigar like cylindrical ship.

Bird: June 29, 1954: North Atlantic ocean
6 small UFO pace cigar shaped ship.


Bird: October 27, 1955: Burlington, North Carolina
8 UFOs that looked like shiny steel balls appeared high in the air over Whitsett elementary school. At the same time, "wispy angel hair" fell around the school area. It was analyzed at an industrial laboratory


Bird: July 30, 1976: Fort Ritchie, ?
3 oblong UFOs with reddish tint.

Bird: Sept., 1976: Tehran, Iran
Large/small UFO operate together and exhibit multi-color flashing light. An Iranian F-4 fighter attempted to intercept and a small glowing UFO separated from the larger UFO, apparently acting as a decoy and drawing the F-4 after it. The light from the small one disappears upon landing on the ground. The engaging F-4s lost communications and weapons control during the attempted intercept.



Most astronomers believe that extra-terrestrial life exists, but few accept that we have been visited by it. Quite the opposite may be true. We may have been visited frequently by such beings, not only in this last century, but in the distant past as well. The Akkadian seal (discussed in the "Our Solar System" section of this web site) was probably derived from information provided by an "extra-terrestrial alien" contact. This is the only reasonable explanation. If true, this contact would have occurred about 4,500 years ago.

Could other unusual, and well documented, events likewise be the result of extra-terrestrial alien contact? The "Soul Type" and "Overleaves" theory (offered herein) provides a means to explore this possibility. That is, they offers a means by which we may consider the characteristics and attributes of an alien species. While far from proven, a possible encounter (other than Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel) may be found in the Bible. The famous "Ark of the Covenant" story can be interpreted as such an event. Consider the following properties of the Ark. Page references are to Hancock's book.9

  1. A troop (of angels) left it (the Gral or Tablets of the Ark) on earth and then rose high above the stars, as if their innocence drew them back again - pg. 67.

  2. The Tablets of Stone within the Ark were really two pieces of a meteorite - pps. 67 & 350 - 352.

    • Made of a Sapphire-like stone.

    • Less than six hands (54") wide and long.

    • They were very heavy.

    • Although they were hard, they were also flexible.

    • They were transparent.

  3. The Ark possessed a kind of sentience. It employed the power of "choice" as in the time it chose the path the Israelites were to take through the desert and where they were to camp - pps. 70 - 72.

  4. Two sparks (or fiery jets) could issue from the Ark and destroy (kill) people (two of Aaron's four sons and Israel's enemies among others) - pps. 274 - 275.

  5. The Ark of itself, leaped into the air, sometimes carrying its bearers with it. When Moses took the Tablets from the mountain, they bore their own weight, but when the celestial writing disappeared, they became enormously heavy - pps. 66, 67 & 276.

  6. Often when the Ark was about to do something, a "cloud" appeared between the cherubim. Then, even Moses dare not approach it. Moses' sister Miriam developed a serious skin condition (thought to be leprosy) after being exposed to this cloud, but the malady disappeared - pps. 275 & 342.

  7. The Ark parted the Jordan river and destroyed the fortifications about Jericho - pps. 277 - 278.

  8. The Ark is estimated to be 45" long, 27" wide & deep and made of gold covered acacia wood - pps. 127 - 128.

  9. Moses broke the first pair of tablets on his return from the mountain (were they fragile?), but acquired a second set from "God" upon return to the mountain. Moses remained on the mountain for about 40 days (while the second set of "tablets were being prepared. After he descended the mountain on his return, his face glowed (or was burned) to such an extent that he wore a veil thereafter.

The ancient Israelites considered that the Ark (also called the Holy Grail or Gral) was a manifestation of "God". Consider instead that it was a manifestation of a visit by members of an extra-terrestrial EILF. At first blush, both explanations seem to be explaining an enigma with another enigma. But we have tools herein to examine the latter postulation.

The Ark possessed these "magical powers" for the 40 years the Israelites crossed the desert. About 150 years after Joshua's (victor of Jericho) death, the Ark was no longer carried into battle. But it again was at the battle of Ebenezer. The Israelites lost that battle and the Ark was captured by the Philistines. Death by disease (for both Philistines and Israelites alike) followed until the Ark was returned.

The Ark did not perform all miracles. It did not make it rain, raise the dead, turn water into wine or drive out devils. It did not even always win battles (although it did most of the time). It is alleged to have continued performing in much the same way up to the time of David (1,000 BC), but it seemed to have disappeared about 700 - 600 BC. Hancock tries to explain its properties by considering the following three (now four) possibilities. 9

The Ark certainly does not seem to be the "God of love" Christ speaks of. Killing Philistines and Israelites alike does not seem like an act of love on the part of God. Thus, in retrospect, the contention that these are divine miracles derived from "God" seems to be ruled out. Additionally, the miracles of the Ark continued after the death of Moses. He was the most likely individual who could have performed alleged mass hallucinations, for he was schooled as a prince. Further, there is no evidence Moses had access to a technologically advanced human civilization. The only remaining reasonable possibility is the one that postulates that contact with the Ark was tantamount to contact with beings of an advanced alien civilization.

Perhaps the "flexible" tablets were a pair of non-independently mobile extra-terrestrial aliens (like jellyfish) delivered to the mountain top by another group of independently mobile extra-terrestrial aliens employing a saucer or UFO. This could be a beneficial alliance since the immobile aliens could have frequent access to their Higher Intellectual (cardinal) center while the mobile aliens would have access to their (cardinal) Moving center. See Table H-5. The immobile aliens could acquire data telepathically from humans, process and analyze the data, and transfer it back to members of their own species or select members of the mobile alien species. Additionally, the immobile aliens would pose less of a threat to humans. Therefore, they could gain the trust of humans more easily. The purpose of these immobile aliens would be simply to understand mankind's primitive, but sentient, culture. Basically, they were curious.

The burns on Moses' face could be due to his exposure to radiation from an Aerodynamic Augmentation Device (patent # 5,797,563) operating on the UFO which is used to ease its passage through the atmosphere. The aliens "death ray" could be no more than (the already patented) two laser beams, each ionizing the air permitting it to carry a violent shock, much like the high voltage Tasers some women today carry as a measure of protection. But its use to kill Israelites and their enemies is out of step with the "Ten Commandments" they allegedly offered us. Perhaps they just used this weapon to "stun" and occasionally it accidentally killed people. The Israelites may have finished off stunned enemies with sword and spear. The immobile aliens could have been knowledgeable about our propensity to "kill" and offer us "The Ten Commandments" as a way to avoid the hideous repayment of the resulting karmic debts in a future life.

Consider that these Aliens of the Ark were normally immobile, but could only briefly operate from their Moving Center just as we can briefly operate from our Higher Intellectual or Higher Emotional center. We, like the mobile aliens, commonly operate out of our Moving center. Selection of the immobile aliens may have focused on ones who could briefly operate out of their Moving center - in case an emergency arose. They could float (or levitate) in air as Christ and Peter did when they "walked on water". They probably traveled in pairs for medical and social purposes. If they were Essence Twins, these abilities would be greatly enhanced, particularly their resistance to diseases of the Earth. As Essence Twins, only one of them may have had access to telepathic communications, so the Aliens of the Ark would appeared to speak with "one" voice as "God" supposedly would do.

Perhaps Moses could also briefly access his Higher Intellectual center. Brief periods of telepathic communication between Moses and the immobile Aliens of the Ark would be possible. A two-way dialogue could be set up, an ideal situation for both the immobile aliens and the Israelites. Moses would be an ideal intermediary. Incidentally, Moses' "burning bush" could have been merely an example of Saint Elmo's fire. His "communications with God" then suggests that the aliens had been "watching" him for some time and had chosen him early on as a possible intermediary.

The aliens, with their strange technology and their ability to telepathically communicate with him would make them seem like they were a manifestation of God. It may not have been as easy for the Aliens of the Ark to recognize Moses' brother Aaron, who may have frequently approached them. Perhaps the Urim and Thummim Aaron was suppose to wear was a communications device (a transmitter and receiver) or a proximity detector.10 These were fabricated in a special "breastplate" in the shape of a square about nine inches a side. It was suppose to help Aaron make decisions for the Israelites which presumably carried the blessing of "God".

The Manna from heaven could have been intended to feed both the immobile aliens and the Israelites. The Israelites placed Manna into the Ark for some unknown reason.11 The Manna was gathered in one or two quart sized containers after the dew had evaporated. It evaporated in the heat of the day.12 This phenomena seems similar to the UFO related "angle hair". This material appeared during multiple UFO events near Orlon, France on 17 October 1952, Gaillic, France ten days later and over Whitsett elementary school near Burlington, North Carolina in 1955.13 See Figure V-2. During the first event, a cylindrical UFO (flying at a 45 degree angle) was accompanied by 30 small disks that moved in pairs. When they separated, a white "arc" formed between them and "angel hair" rained down (turning into a gelatin) which latter disappeared. The cylindrical UFOs involved often glow and this one emitted a cloud from the top of the cylinder. Such a cloud did not appear to be a "jet" or rocket exhaust. However, this kind of vessel would offer a fine "pillar of fire" for the Israelites to follow in the night and a cloud for them to follow during the day. Co-incidentally, Nostradamus (Century I, Quatrain 46) predicts meteor/comet strikes in France also (at 43.5N, 05E). But the locations do not seem to quite match, although Gaillic (44N,02E) is close. It is as if this 1952 event were almost intended to remind us of the Exodus.

Figure V-2. A Glowing Cylindrical Ship, Many Disk Or Spherical UFO's, With Angel Hair Raining Down.

The "angel hair" collected from around Whitsett elementary school was analyzed by a local fabric manufacturer since it was thought to be a synthetic fiber. It was found to be a protein matter, not known to be any kind of synthetic substance "known to man". One of the children at the elementary school tasted the "stuff" and is reported to have said that it tasted "salty". A salty protein substance would offer the Israelis a nutritious "manna" from heaven to sustain them on their journey through the desert.

The cloud observed to form between the cherubim could have been a way to dispose of the aliens' bodily waste. Perhaps it was a little like the foul smelling froth which came from the "wound" of the one that landed near Flat Mesa, Nevada. The winged cherubim could be placed on the Ark to remind other humans that these "aliens" could fly like "angels" if they so chose, and that there were two of them in the Ark.

These immobile aliens would perceive being carted around Earth by the Israelites as a great adventure and it would fulfill their mission that was one of gathering knowledge by which they could understand mankind. In exchange, they would offer wisdom and prowess in battle. The Israelites would offer them mobility and experiences (which they could telepathically send to others of their own kind). This could be "The Covenant (bargain) the Aliens of the Ark" made with Moses. They would experience our wars, our sexuality, our religious zeal and our culture. Incidentally, such beings would view the Israelite's worship of the "golden calf" as sinful. Faith is equivalent to fear, and they may have so warned Moses three thousand years ago. The shock of witnessing the Israelites worshipping the "golden calf" may have been transmitted to Moses causing him to drop the tablets (immobile aliens). If they had been enclosed in a fragile glass container, it may have shattered killing them. Moses waited on the mountain for 40 days (perhaps while a more flexible shell was being constructed for the next pair of immobile alien "volunteers"). It appears to have proven more substantial.

Disease could be the result of the Philistines opening the Ark (to see God). Perhaps all they found was toxic decomposition of the aliens' bodies and residue from their life support system. The life-span of the Hill aliens (members of our Scholar EILF) is reported to be (and calculated to be) about 350 to 400 years. The mean lives of our Priest EILF was dowsed to be 180 years. Perhaps 200 years on Earth was too long for them (the Aliens of the Ark), and they died. The remains of their alien bodies may still be resident in the Ark.

Alternately, perhaps succeeding generations of Israelites did not properly care for them. After all, "God" should be able to take care of himself. Worse, the Israelites may have broke the "Covenant" by either not moving them around frequently, or in fact, imprisoning them in the Ark or Temple. The Ark's "leaping into the air" may have been an attempt to escape. Hankock himself describes the Ark's resting place in Solomon's temple as a "prison". Normally, the loss of the Aliens of the Ark, or their escape, would be unacceptable. To the Israelites, the Ark was a "secret weapon" through which they could (and did) vanquish their enemies.

The Ark appeared about 3,200 - 3,500 years ago, near the time a postulated comet strike may have caused the collapse of our Bronze age civilization.14 The comet swarm, Phaeton, would soon, or may just have, passed. The collapse may have also stimulated, or caused, the exodus of the Israelites. Could the parting of the Red sea been caused by one of these comets falling into it, and causing a tsunami. Alternatively, the tsunami could be simply due to an earthquake. As the tsunami raced down the Red sea, it withdrew water as its giant wave approached. The Israelites rushed across on the sea floor. Then, the large wave arrived, inundating the Egyptians following them.

Could these extra-terrestrial aliens have been monitoring mankind before and after the Bronze age collapse? Are we about to see history repeat itself? The Hebrew Pentateuch was written by Moses and discusses the great flood of Noah about 5,000 years ago. The passing of Phaeton's comets could have been fresh on his mind. The Aliens of the Ark could have dictated the Hebrew Pentateuch to Moses. This contains warnings of an impending comet strike. The date for the next strike is found encoded in the Hebrew Pentateuch and is decoded by the "Bible Code".15 That date is about 2006 to 2012. If they were space mobile beings, or associated with others who were, they certainly could have had an understanding of celestial mechanics and been able to predict such an event. They also may have had an "earthquake" prediction model, whose use may have been demonstrated at Jericho. Earthquake predictions are published in the Bible Code, and at least one has already come to pass.

This action by the Aliens of the Ark imply that they are our "Priest Combo EILF" because:

  1. It is the nature of the member's of our Priest EILF to seek or serve the higher good.

  2. They exhibit the characteristics of the Priest EILF as defined today:

    • Their Cylindrical ships (or Pillars of Fire)

    • Their Angel Hair (or the Manna from heaven)

  3. Priest species members are observed to be independently mobile in their ships, seldom by themselves.

  4. There has seldom been a reliable description of an Priest species member outside of their vessel.

  5. Our Scholar EILF (Hill Aliens) often accompany them and appear to be from the same star system (Alpha Centauri A star verses Alpha Centauri B star).13 The Hill Aliens are an independently mobile species.

  6. Our Priest EILF visit at the time of Moses is consistent with the nominal one or two sub-Levels Of Evolution difference (three to six thousand years) between us and them.

The theoretical characteristics of our Priest EILF is listed below in table H-10.

The collective human EILF seems to recognize Essence Twin relationships. See Table H-7. This could be true even if the relationship is an "alien" one. Collective humanity certainly has remembered Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu and Sri Krishna. It is postulated that the collective conscience of our own Warrior EILF could (and likely would have) seized on this alien Essence Twin "visitation" and made it memorable, just as it has done with da Vinci/Mona Lisa et. al. Essence Twin pairs (where a recognizable action by at least one has been taken). Specifically, it would embellish the comet strike warnings made by these Essence Twins. Over time, it would use combinations of letters as found in the Hebrew Pentateuch and decoded by the "Bible Code". Our collective conscience used these letters and turned them into words and events that are relevant today. Specifically, this implies that the great 1929 depression, the atomic holocaust of cities of Japan, certain political assassinations, Einstein's brilliant ideas, the naming of cities and many other momentous events were performed by humans acting almost by script (e. g. by pre-life agreement). Unlike comet strikes and earthquakes, the fulfillment of these events would be subject to the laws of human choice. That is, they will not always be fulfilled, and if revealed, their prophecies may certainly be avoided. All these actions by the collective conscience of our own EILF would be done to recognize the visit of the Aliens of the Ark. Such extreme action would only be taken if the Aliens of the Ark were a pair of Essence Twins. Then, these pro-active means would be used to keep the memory of their visit in the forefront of our culture (e.g. by means of the Bible and the recent "Indiana Jones" saga).

These actions should not be viewed as an attempt at alien control of mankind. The Aliens of the Ark encoded the warning (in the Hebrew Pentateuch) as a "heads up" to awake mankind to the catastrophe a probable comet strike could bring. They were serving the "higher good" as they perceived it. See Table H-0. The related actions by our Warrior EILF are simply both a (voluntary) "Thank you (two) for your visit!" and (to a lesser degree) a "Thank you for the warning!".

The Israelites of that day were a primitive people. It is quite understandable that they would have mistaken the visit of the Aliens of the Ark for a manifestation of God. Many, if not most, today (who are aware of the "Bible Code") consider it to be an example of God's handiwork. The Israelites are to be commended for their accurate recording of the visit. Indeed, they were the "Chosen People". Maybe not by God, but possibly by two of our related alien species visiting Earth. That does seem like quite an honor for that day, or this.

The Old Testament is right, in a way. The Ark did contain a manifestation of God. All sentient beings are a manifestation of "God". The sentient beings of the Ark left us more than the miracles of slaughter and devastation of the Israelites' enemies. They left us with the "Ten Commandments" and an early warning of an impending comet strike. Christ reduced the commandments to two, and likewise warned us of an impending comet strike.

Still, most of us will likely prefer religious mysticism to this model and like to remember the Ark as "a manifestation of God in a box". Such an explanation requires only "faith", not logic and reason.



We are a Warrior Ensouled Intelligent Life Form. So what does that mean? Here is a summary of some of our know characteristics:

  1. As Warriors, we much prefer action to thinking. We excel at fighting and exploration.

  2. We like to be lead (or have a "commander"), as opposed to "thinking for ourselves".

  3. Our primary Chief Feature is Stubbornness, the fear of change. We fear change, yet are best at doing it.

  4. Our secondary Chief Feature is likely Self Destruction, the fear of loss of control.

  5. Our most common Mode is Observation. We are good at gathering information, not thinking about it.

  6. Our stubborn reliance on Faith verses Verification has resulted in numerous ridiculous religious wars.

  7. We appear to be 3,000 to 6,000 years retarded in our evolution as compared to other Combo EILFs.

Considering the first item. We are a Warrior EILF. All over the world, the military finds it easy to get funds from the country they support. Humans are willing to "fight" (as soldiers) almost for free. As warriors, they are expected not to "miss a trick". If they do, many of their comrades could die. They use very pragmatic approaches when facing new problems. Specifically, they must consider new and unusual approaches and techniques. If they don't, and an enemy is successful at applying those against them, they can lose lives, a battle, or worse ... the war. Those in the military must find the courage to free themselves from fear to fight on the battlefield. Freedom from fear opens the mind to new possibilities, and thereby increases their chances of victory.

Soviet Admiral Gorshkov observed "that the best sailors come farthest from the sea". These sailors were expected to be ignorant of naval matters. They grew up far from the sea where they had no one to teach them about "its ways". Their fear of making "stupid mistakes" was reduced. Their minds were opened and they learned to be superb seamen. Still, many in the military are still susceptible to the seductive influences of fear, especially those in the weapons procurement organizations. For example, the Italian military failed to recognize all the great ideas of Leonardo da Vinci. He invented the tank, ironclad, breach loading cannon, double hulled ship, the exploding cannon shell and more. With these weapons, the Italian military of that day would have been invincible. These weapons have found their way into most military arsenals 400 years later. Even with this example (and other similar ones) in mind, few have the courage to risk their careers in building new capabilities or weapons. Usually improved weapons of the last war are anticipated to be the great weapons of the next war. The course of warfare is changed when new weapons are introduced (like the tank, aircraft-carrier and the atomic bomb).

Failing to publicly recognize the existence and visitation of alien species is a cowardly act because we are a Warrior EILF. This is probably based on the belief that they are the stronger, or more superior, culture. We may think that, given a chance, they will extinguish us (the weaker or more inferior culture) just as we have extinguished the weaker ones here on Earth (e.g. the White man versus the Indian). This is how we, as warriors think, not how the aliens think. They likely could barely exist and reproduce in our solar system and their aging process may behave strangely here.

Considerering the second item - leadership. There are many politicians and clergy willing to lead us. Believe it or not, few - if any - of the politicians are statesmen, and even fewer of the clergy are repositories of divine wisdom. The wage differentials for leadership (that passes for management in this EILF) are ridiculously high. As warriors, we exult leadership, but leadership and management are two different things. Considering the latter case, within the Kings EILF, the differential salary/wage like rewards for work is about 3:1 when compared the worker of "highest" to "least" value. On Earth, its 400+:1, and growing. We are anxious to pass off leadership (and the associated thinking, responsibilities and consequences thereof) to someone else. . . like the President.

The best soldiers thinks for themselves, and in a Warrior EILF, this is amazingly useful when trying to stay alive. Further, this may be a useful concept to apply as our entire civilization may soon be at risk of a comet strike, which could annihilate the bulk of us. A man well known in the academic community, Plato, 2,400 years ago offered us this warning.9 He had acquired the story from an Egyptian priest who told him the story of the destruction of Atlantis. The priest said, in part:

"In our temples we have preserved from earliest times a written record of any great or splendid achievement or notable event which has come to our ears whether it occurred in your part of the world, or here, or anywhere else. Whereas with you, and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured, so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what has happened in our part of the world or in your early times."

The dating of the glacial surge (melting) of the Laurentide ice sheet (raising the oceans three or four hundred feet) corresponded to the date Plato reports that Atlantis was submerged. One might expect our scholarly geologists to wonder what caused this correlation, but one would be wrong. Despite other supporting collateral evidence, most geologists are skeptical and advise "that this version of the Atlantis flood story be taken with many shovels of salt".16 That an advanced human culture was extinguished 11,600 years ago is just too much for them to accept (Stubbornness). And might astronomers wonder if Plato's reported "periodicity" could corresponded to some object in the solar system? What could happen from the heavens to cause such a deluge? Rain doesn't come from the stars and planets! Well, don't expect too much from our scholarly astronomers either. Our Scholar EILF is resident in the Alpha Centauri solar system, not ours. It is our Cetacean Sage EILF (in our solar system) whose theatrical characteristics resonate in our culture as our warrior characteristics resonate in theirs. The comical Search for Terrestrial Intelligence web site is bitterly too true.17 Even though billions of lives may be at stake; even though new worlds may be opened to us, we will seek verification and validation of Vulcan's existence and the comet swarms it brings only if we have the courage to overcome our fears (e.g. Stubbornness) ... and that courage does not come easily.

We are nearing the point in the global history of our culture where the Warrior EILF and the Scholar EILF must recognize each other for what we are. This has two immediate ramifications, one affecting the astronomical community and the other affecting the military:

During the recent past, there were the days when those in the astronomical community had to scrounge for every dollar and their role in society is still not esteemed. For example, astronomer's telescopes were provided by rich philanthropists. Astronomy (a scholarly study) was not an important activity for mankind. This seemed to change in the 1970's & 1980's with the Hubble and IRAS telescope projects and the Moon walks. These happened about ten to twenty years after information in certain salient UFO contact reports could be interpreted as projecting the presence of another major planet in our solar system. The late 1980's and mid 1990's saw scientific recognition of the magnitude of a catastrophe that a comet strike could cause (something that Winston, Newton and Halley spoke of in the 1600's). Its very, very hard for us to consider new ideas.

Consider items three, four and five - our acultured fears. Everywhere in our society, fear easily runs rampant, especially mankind's most widespread fear, Stubbornness (the fear of change). Joel Barker18 has even made videos and writes books about this matter for corporate America. Managers show these to their employees, but they seldom review the material themselves. And they need it the most . . . , not because they are dumb, but because they are our designated leaders. They truly have important decisions that require their wisest consideration. Still, fear clouds their judgement. Stubbornness blinds them to new ideas, it literally turns off their minds. Greed, centered on power and money, reduces their trustworthiness. And Self destruction, the fear of loss of control, closes them to their potential allies and business compatriots. Seldom is the importance of the decisions they are making of more interest other than how those decisions may allay their seductive fears.

We think we are an advanced culture, but we are not. While we are technological, we are still largely driven by fear. There is a typical human reluctance to employ logic and reason (even among the educated) and to fall back on countless seductive fear-based reasons (such as "faith") as to why we should not do anything. For example, Greed, centered on fear of inadequate wealth, is often used as one of the selection criterion often used for executive (leadership) positions. Such greed has replaced the Roman "whip" and is used to drive our slaves (white or blue collar workers). Money has become an instrument of fear, not the great invention our leaders tout it to be. Why do we send our children to college? Certainly its not because they love to study and learn. Its so they can get a good job and earn a lot of money, the substance needed to survive in our current culture. Fears are all basically survival mechanisms and we are feeding our children this same poison as we have in the past. We are fit to be only a Warrior EiLF, and one with only a little intelligence at that.

Professional astronomers easily fall victim of fear. For example, many of them are still competing for the same scarce research dollars. They feel they must be careful when investigating new and unusual theories lest they be denigrated by the public, bureaucrats or politicians. Should others succeed in denigrating their research, their careers and livelihood could suffer. What's more, the leaders of the technical academic institutions have just that on their minds, leading or remaining in charge. Thus, they must be careful to fund research programs that will find few critics. The technological value of the research is frequently less important to them then risking their positions. Amateur astronomers, or those from unrelated fields, can be more outlandish with their theories as they have no reputation or funding to lose.

Consider the last item - our evolution. Our Scholar and Priest Combo EILFs have teamed up and are exploring near-by solar systems. Consider our companion Sage EILF. In Japan, we are turning them into food and fertilizer. It makes good economic sense, in that it satisfies our greed, but poor scientific sense. They are the species that can aid us in inter EILF communications, and we are wasting this valuable resource... for economic considerations, and poor ones at that.

We have much to learn from our Combo EILFs. The Scholars can teach us the value of knowledge, and how to acquire it. The Kings (not considered in this web site) can teach us the value of true management. They do it almost for free just as we fight almost for free. On Earth, the wage or salary differentials for knowledge are ridiculously small. We do not treasure thoughtful analyses of various issues. Our scholarly and managerial ability are a joke compared to those found among the Scholar and King EILFs respectively. That's why they have so much to offer us. We show few signs of "waking up" to their presence and the benefits they offer. What's worse, we may be headed towards another mass annihilation that will keep our species under agonizing influences of fear until we again re-build our decimated culture.



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* Nasam Abraham - Theological Advisor.

*Lawrence P. Giver - Astronomical Advisor.