The Abduction Process

“Your base genetic structure in combination with your sociological evolution named you the prime candidate ...”

Some of the most common questions asked concerning the whole abduction phenomenon are also the most complex. People want to know how the process is actually carried out and whether it is actually a physical, energetic, or psychological experience. At this point in time, the tip of the iceberg has not even been approached. The interactions with the Zeta Reticuli occur on physical levels, dream state levels, quasi physical levels, and probably any level we can imagine.

Before we can really begin transforming our relationship with the Zeta Reticuli, it will help us to have more solid information about their reality and how they view us. By examining some in-depth technical information about how they perceive their human interactions, we can gain significant insight into their world. Let us not forget that this is the perfect opportunity to observe the observers!

The following conversation may shed light on some of these technical questions.


Harone speaks candidly about his reality and how he views the agreements between the Zeta Reticuli and humans. He also answers pointed questions about several of the most common concerns individuals have about the abduction phenomenon. Though the information is by no means complete, we take one more step toward understanding the enigmatic race of the Zeta Reticuli.

I’d like to open this conversation with a question.


What is the nature of the agreement or permission perceived by the Zeta Reticuli that allows them to abduct, detain, and experiment with humans?


Harone: The nature is simple. We view your collective soul as being a part of ours and therefore by that unification, permission is granted.


How is that perceived on your part?

Simply because we are able to carry it out. Permission is there. If we were not able to carry it out, then there would have been no permission.


But initially you must have perceived something before you first started carrying this out. There must have been some type of logic that allowed you to carry this out in the first place.

Our logic may not be accepted by humans with their rational minds, perhaps. However, because we possess the ability of time travel, we are aware of probabilities. We are aware of probabilities for Earth. We also know our past. We know that Earth has a very strong probability of heading in the same direction that we did. Therefore, as a member of the universal races, it is our responsibility and also our gift to assist planets in their evolutionary steps. When we became aware of your planet, there was an instant recognition that we could give you something and you could give us something.


I am trying to get this into perspective for people who view this situation as definitely not one of agreement and consent.

There is no way for us to change their minds. You see, this aspect of agreement is part of the evolutionary steps you are taking on your planet. When individuals continue to deny that they have agreed to any given thing in their reality, it halts their evolution.


Okay. This level of agreement doesn’t take place with the individual, true? Meaning that many individuals who are part of your activities have said, “No. Don’t do this.”

Part of them have. The greater part of them that is linked into the Whole has said yes.


What does it sound like? What does it look like when you communicate with that part?

It is an allowance. It is as if a gift is given to us.

When we discuss these matters among ourselves, an agreement must be written on apiece of paper. Or it must be spoken verbally. If someone agrees to do something with me, I have heard them verbally.


How many times have you experienced nonverbal agreement?


You experience nonverbal agreement nearly every moment you exist. It is just more subtle, so you do not understand that it occurs. Every time you have an interaction with a person you are experiencing a nonverbal agreement. Therefore if you draw someone into your realm of being your reality there is automatically an agreement. It cannot be otherwise.

You see, for humans the idea of agreement is that it is separate from existence. This means the agreement is something that stands out from the flow of your life to prove to yourself that you can have a certain experience. We perceive flow as agreements reality as agreements. The fact that we are here that we are with you is agreement. You place cause before effect, however, cause actually equals effect.


I think what we don’t have an agreement about is the definition of what an agreement is.

These agreements do not conform to human definitions. They cannot, because your definition of agreement (as you have said) is either oral or written. Even when oral or written agreements are created, there are loopholes to protect yourself. It is not freely given. These agreements go beyond physicality. They exist within the very fundamental nature of your being your soul.


We view agreement as also an act of the will. It is a decision.

A decision of the ego. You separate the ego from the other portions of yourself.


In our definition, that would be the nature of agreement. It is a separate act.

It is the nature of your type of agreement, but you are evolving. You are changing. There are agreements surpassing the ego’s viewpoint of agreements that are much more powerful in your lives.


So the decisions of the individual personality carry very little weight, if any, for the Zeta Reticuli?

With your words, it seems to us that many of you will not allow yourselves to understand what we say. You somehow feel we insult your persona. We do not.


My current questioning is formed by what I perceive much of the population thinks and feels.

There may be several types of agreements created. For example:

  1. Some other extraterrestrial species who feel they own you could give the “ownership papers” to us. Therefore you would be our property. That is an illustration. That would be a concrete agreement you would understand. But that is not the case.

  2. Your species could take a mass vote: “All those in favor of interacting with the Zeta Reticuli, please raise your hands.” This is also not in effect because you have not yet allowed yourselves to accept even our existence. Thus that type of agreement is not applicable either.

The only applicable agreement at this time is the agreement on the most basic level, which is the agreement of our collective souls together. From that point of view there is no difference between our races.

Your theorists on your planet have much difficulty in understanding our motives because they are not willing to challenge their intellect or their fear of the unknown. Once you ponder our motives, you must take into account the nature of your own soul. If you do not, a great portion of the equation is missing.


I personally follow you very well. But what I understand may not help others who need to benefit from this information.

We cannot put it any other way, for we state the truth as we know it. We certainly do not wish to tell you that your “ownership papers” have been given to us. Although that might comfort many on your planet (so they would have someone to blame), it is not the truth.


That is an idea in accord with our mass consciousness we can be owned, because we have owned others.

Exactly. That may bother people. But beneath that sense of bother, there might be for some a great sense of relief because they can then understand the dynamic. You have had thousands of years of slavery. Our relationship with you is a relationship of equality, and that is the lesson that needs to be learned.

In our ideas of agreement, there must be an inquiry and an answer. That is where some of the confusion is. We as individuals who make up a species do not ever recall hearing the question. Therefore as far as we are concerned, consent cannot have been given because the question has not been asked.

Consent is given on the level that the experience takes place. For the most part we do not interact with you in your waking, day-to-day reality. We interact with you during states of altered consciousness. During those states of altered consciousness you very openly give agreements.

Even now on your planet you have allowed yourselves to believe that your day-to-day reality is the only true reality and the other states of consciousness are sub-realities. As you have learned from your metaphysical studies, this is not so. Actually, the day-to-day reality is more the dream than any other. Permission is given on the reality in which you exist all the time, not the dream reality you find yourselves in when you are awake during your daytime.


Is there an actual inquiry done on those other levels?

There is only an inquiry in the sense that the vibration is put out and those who wish to be a part will signal us.


Would it be to your benefit for those of us involved to receive the inquiry and answer it in this reality?

In the long run it would be beneficial; however, for a period of time it would throw a great amount of confusion into our work as well as yours. We would not get accurate readings if we were to listen to your waking voice more than your “real reality” voice. Also, the fear this would bring up would permeate your day-to-day lives in such a way that there would be distraction and confusion from the things you feel you need to be doing on your planet.


Right now our interaction is existing in the only balanced way it can. However, the eventual plan is for there to be a waking recognition of our interactions; this will gradually seep into the waking consciousness of your planet at a rate that the mass consciousness can accept. To do it any faster than that would be a shock to the system.


So in your eyes we appear to have multiple personalities? It seems like you have to be somewhat careful with us.

That term, we understand, has negative connotations in your society. We do not view you as negative or positive. But we do view you as fragmented, for you do not have an awareness of what occurs on other levels of your own consciousness.


So our identities in our waking state are fragmented. Are they fragmented on our other levels of consciousness?

Your other levels of consciousness are more integrated. You are in the process now of integrating those other states (such as the subconscious) into the conscious so that you will become more integrated beings. Therefore you will know more of what is occurring on other levels of reality rather than just this sub-reality.


Back to the agreement being given on other levels: There are numerous cases where people are experiencing trauma in the waking state. What is your reaction when they experience that?

Simply the idea that the information the understanding has broken through the barrier between the unconscious and the conscious, and that this is the way that particular individual has chosen it through trauma. You can say that their revelations, their understandings, are actually felt throughout the mass grouping of your consciousnesses; eventually, that type of traumatic understanding does serve the whole. It is like breaking through a plastic barrier and releasing the pressure so that everyone may feel the release.

This we neither condone nor prevent you from experiencing. Your mass consciousness will choose how to process our experiences with you in the way that you need to. We have no control over that; we choose to have none.


How do the Zeta Reticuli initially choose the abductees? How do they find the person in their location? How does your authority, your Network, make that decision?

There are several answers to this question. The most common answer would be that those from our mass mind will choose to live lives as Earth humans. As we go into those lifetimes we will go with the thought, the knowledge, the motivation that we are going into the lifetime for the purpose of interacting as a human with us, the Zeta Reticuli. We encounter again a barrier for people on your planet who do not embrace the idea of a soul or who wish to look at life as finite. Those who wish to continue with this point of view will have their intellectual processes stymied very strongly.

As individuals from our civilization come into existence on your planet, they carry with them a signature vibration that is coded within our computers. You may consider it a homing mechanism. At certain points in the development of the physical being the homing mechanism will be triggered. It will register on our mass computers and we will be able to find the person through the registration of that homing mechanism. This is very easy.

Also, periodically we will generate a beam of electromagnetic energy with the request for contact encoded within it. The vibration within this beam speaks to the overall reality (not your conscious sub-reality) and asks for volunteers for part of our work. Those who respond with a return vibration are noted and catalogued. They are found when it is appropriate.


Back to the homing method: How is the original signature decided on? Is it implanted or catalogued first?

We catalogue their personal vibratory signature. The vibrational signature has a set of instructions (so to speak), and at a certain developmental stage (which is decided before the incarnation) there will be a burst of signal returned into the ethers and we will home in on it.


But how do you initially get that information?

Every living being has a signature vibration. Even inorganic matter has a signature vibration.


But how do you initially program the computer to listen for that signature? How do you make the decision? Does the soul get coded in your ship so it can later be called up?

Yes. To put it in primitive terms, a fingerprint is taken to be used later.


The signal goes out, the computer finds the fingerprint, and then you start the relationship with the person?



Are there other ways that you take the fingerprint from people who are not of your mass mind?

The second example we gave you was when we generate random electromagnetic beams looking for volunteers. When a volunteer “raises his or her hand” we catalogue that signature vibration, which can be done at a distance. We note the position in the space/time continuum. We evaluate their developmental age, their circumstances, and we pay them a visit when the timing is appropriate. Sometimes we interact with someone who has volunteered and then realize that their genetic structure is not adequate for what we need. Then we ask them to be surrogate mothers for the hybrids, or emotional support systems for other abductees. The services they can provide are infinite. They do not have to be direct “abduc tees.”


You mentioned only souls from your mass mind. Is that method used with other souls?

Yes. There are souls from other civilizations any that you can think of, including Earth who choose interaction before incarnation, so we catalog them from their energy state.


Is there some sort of conversation before the incarnation? Are these matters discussed?

Not in the way you understand discussion. Do not limit your sense of communication. Understand that there are beings of Zeta origin who exist in very high vibrational realities approaching non-physicality. They are the bridges to communicate with these beings who are about to incarnate.


Okay. Let’s say that back at “Computer Central” a particular vibratory frequency has been activated. The computer signals someone that you can visit one of us. What is the next step?

The next step is to insert ourselves first in what you would consider to be the dream reality of the person. This allows them to begin forming a relationship with us, in an archetypal sense. This will be carried out several times until the unconscious structure of the person becomes acclimated to our energy. Then there will be more of a direct communication that can take many forms.


We have skipped a part of the scenario. I want to know how the Zeta Reticuli get here when they first receive the signal to begin the communication.

We are already here.


You are in local space?

Yes. We are in interdimensional space that requires simply a flip of a switch in order to enter your reality and time continuum. We are not limited by time and space.


Is it a physical ship that is housing the decision makers?

It is not that clear-cut. Obviously the ships in which the abductees are taken are indeed physical. When you talk about interdimensional realities, the terms “physical” ”non-physical” become moot points. If something is not in your dimension, you call it nonphysical. However, it can be very physical in that other dimension; it just does not share physical space with you.


The first time a person experiences contact, where do the Zeta Reticuli come from? How did they get there?

They are generally from a ship that has been interacting in the interdimensional space in the vicinity of your planet.


Is there any traveling back and forth to Zeta Reticuli?

No. We are entirely self-sufficient.


So I suspect that many of the Zetas in the vicinity have never been to Zeta Reticuli?



But the term “Zeta Reticuli” still applies?

It is what you call us.


Do you have a name for yourselves?

One People.


So we have a crew sitting on a ship. A signal comes in. The command to make contact comes in on computers or communication devices. Give me a typical scenario of a first contact, before a familiarity sets in with that person.

From our point of view, there is no familiarity. Let us give you an example. Understand that we will simplify greatly so you will understand it. (This is not meant as an insult.)

When a signal is sent, the computer translates it, matches its signature vibration with the catalogue of signature vibrations, and automatically sets the ship’s course for the location in space/time of the signal’s origin. We simply do our job and do not worry about the driving.

Now again we simplify. Bear with us. We then go into the transportation device and are automatically transported to the place in space/time where the person exists. There is no doubt who it is when we get there. Many things are taken care of before we arrive.


What you are describing is some type of massive computer system.

It is linked with our mass mind.


So it is not something that is entirely separate from your mass mind. Is it linked with any computers or mass minds back on Zeta Reticuli?

Most of this operation is not generated from the system you call Zeta Reticuli. There are remnant groups still living there, but it is mostly generated from our vast network of ships, for we are living (as you would call it) in space. There is no reason for us to return to our planet.


Do you intend to return to any planet?

Not in the form we are in, no. There is no reason to.


Do your brains actually form part of that vast computer?

Yes. Through harmonics, not through wire connections.


Is there a central processing area?

There are multiple processing areas. A very crude example would be that you can generate a harmonic frequency within your head. As long as you generate this harmonic frequency, you are linked into the mass whole. You can sever the harmonic frequency at will and thus sever your connection to the whole. There is no reason for us to do this. However, we will do it in case of “capture” or “accidents,” as in the case of crashed disks. We will deliberately sever ourselves from the computer.


Why sever yourself?

For example, if one of your limbs were to die and became totally useless a leg for example and was still connected to your body, it would actually be more difficult to drag it around. It would be much easier to sever the connection with that leg, and, as you say, lighten the load.


Do these crews spend most of their lives on that ship?

Yes. There is no reason to leave it.


When the signal comes in to go and communicate with someone, what does a member of that crew see, hear, and think?

We are signaled by the massive computer when it is time to conduct an interaction. We cannot tell you it is bells ringing or an announcement over the loudspeaker. It is not. It is a telepathic signal knowingness that it is time.


But it has to come through as hard data somewhere. It has to be in the ship’s navigation system.

We are downloaded all the information we need into our brains.


But you do have onboard computers, correct? Or are they more of a reference device to allow greater accessibility to the mass mind?

You would consider the main brain system of the computer to be organic. From there are extensions of inorganic hardware with which we can interface.


Reports from people who have been on ships describe lots of controls, though screens, lights, etc. Does anything show up on a screen?

Some of the interactions recounted on your planet are embellishments by the subconscious in order to make sense of the situation. Some are examples of cruder technology that other of our races possess. Thus there is not an across the hoard description of technology on our ships.


Okay. So the ship gets the data on this person and it goes through space and time to find them. When it comes to that area, does it stop and hover over the house? Does it signal the occupants that it is there?

There is no need to signal us that we are approaching the target, for we are ready for the interaction. It is instantaneous. There is no “finding.”


So the ship translocates itself to the homing signal.



Does it occur at the proper time, or does the crew choose when to begin the communication?

The crews make no conscious decisions. The mass mind makes all decisions according to data available and will transport exactly at the time and space that is necessary.


So if a person is due to be abducted that night but they are awake and using the bathroom, does the crew wait for the person to finish? Do they simply appear when the person has gone back to sleep?

There will simply be an appearance when the time is right. They will automatically appear when the person is in the appropriate state. Even if we surprise the person in the bathroom, it is meant to be that way. It is not calculated by the crew. The mass-mind computer calculates it all.


Interesting. That is a rather overwhelming thought to us ...

Because of your individualistic nature. You feel as if you have given your power to something else.


Yes. It feels like the individual has no power.

But yet there is no difference between our reality and yours. You simply create the illusion that you are not moving with the flow, that you can strain against the flow and make conscious decisions against the flow. But every decision you make is in the flow. It is the decision you need to make. There is no difference between our reality and yours. It is only a difference in perception.


Since you are time travelers, why don’t the Zeta Reticuli travel back into their own time to get what they need?

Because it is our understanding that our past does not possess what we need. We do not possess in our past an integrated version of the genetics of the galactic family of which we are both a part. Your planet does.


Genetically ”integrated”?

Yes. More than we were.


But yet you have all the genetic variance in your own past. You can integrate them as you choose to.

But our past does not possess the thousands of years of evolution genetically that you have.


So it is the experiential value of the genetics that you don’t have?

Exactly. Experience affects genetics in a very strong way. For example, a primate learns how to use a specific tool; the use of this tool is picked up gradually, primate by primate until, through birth, it has become a natural instinct. This is how experience can affect genetics.

The past of the Zeta Reticuli does not possess the same experiential processes as the human race does. The genetics that you possess is a more advanced version of our base genetics. If we were to get genetic material from our past, we would be getting only a more primitive version of our own genetics.


Aren’t there any other societies out there who have what we have?

There are some societies who were tested; however, they possessed the base genetics in ratios different from yours. Your base genetic structure in combination with your sociological evolution named you the prime candidate.


How do the Zeta Reticuli actually bring humans aboard their craft during an abduction?

Some of this experience is generated by our mass-mind energetic field before we even arrive. It will place the human in an altered state of consciousness. When we arrive, we generally immobilize the human through what some of you call paralysis. This is only so that humans do not hurt themselves physically.

The transport can occur in several different ways. One is by altering the molecular vibration from matter to energy; then a shift in the space continuum brings them onto our ship. They resolidify into matter once again. Another form of transport reverses the polarity of the body in relation to the Earth’s gravitational field; we can thus guide you physically into an awaiting ship as if we were pulling a balloon on a string. The accounts of humans passing through walls and doors is simply an altering of the molecular vibration of the human enough for it to become less dense and pass through solid objects. It is really a very simple procedure. Our intent is to do it during a state of unconsciousness in the human so as not to frighten them unduly. However, some retain memory of this transport.


Have you ever tried asking a person in the waking state to come aboard the ship?

We do have some contacts who are aware and volunteer in the conscious state. However, we cannot communicate with you in the conscious state. It is like you have a dog whistle that only dogs can hear. Our states of reality are so different that your conscious mind cannot hear us when we “blow the whistle.” Therefore you generally can hear us only in altered states of consciousness. However, sometimes when your brainwave patterns fluctuate, you can perceive us very briefly while you are awake.


What about the probes that are inserted? Describe the various ones you use and their purposes.

The most common is a probe of an organic nature that is inserted into the brain. It can be inserted through the sinus cavity, the ear, or the eye. Its purpose is to collect and catalog neurochemical data. This is of great assistance to us in our genetic understanding, for it assists us in giving the hybrids a balanced neurochemical makeup. These probes are inserted and left within the human for a given amount of time and then taken out for the data to be catalogued. It is not a painful thing, where the human would know it is there, for though it is organic, it is composed of a very condensed plasmic light energy. It can be dissolved at will if there is a chance of detection.

There is another probe that many have been concerned about and frightened of. This is to probe the anal region of humans and is done for several reasons. It is our understanding that humans would like to be made as comfortable as possible, and we understand that sometimes in traumatic experiences there is a loss of bowel function. This process cleans out the colon area so that does not occur. The fecal matter also provides us with data about the human digestive system. Also, in males we can extract secretions from the prostate gland through this probe.


People frequently have reported painful irritations in areas where your devices have touched them. Can you talk about this?

These irritations are not in any way directly related to the physical insertion of these probes. It is actually more related to the idea of memory loss. For instance, if someone has a nosebleed, it is indicative of the memory wanting to break through. The physical body generates the trauma it has been exposed to. It recreates the trauma to trigger the memory recollection. This is a common psychological reaction in humans, we have found. This is also applicable for all repressed traumatic experiences that humans have throughout childhood. These spontaneous painful experiences are merely your own healthy psychological processes attempting to reveal information to you.


Do the devices you touch and probe humans with have any organic or inorganic substances on them? Can a human react allergically to them?

Our environments are totally sterile. There would be no chance of this.


So rashes or sores that would come from being poked and prodded would fall under the explanation you just gave us?

Yes. We would say that there are some groups that are much more clumsy in their experiments, and sometimes they may indirectly cause discomfort to the human. But we would say that in most cases 80% of the time it is simply a way for the body to establish a recollection of the memory by triggering the physical traumatic response.


How is paralysis generated during the examination or insertion of probes?

Simply by exposing certain areas of the brain to an electrical charge that causes the paralysis in the person. It is entirely harmless and actually serves the body in a positive way like rejuvenation.


How is it applied?

Sometimes the electrical frequency is generated by our mass-mind computer before we arrive. Sometimes we do this through a long, slender, needlelike apparatus.


Does this penetrate the brain?

No. It feels as though it does, but that is simply the electrical current.


What is the significance of the emotional visions that abductees have during an encounter? For instance, some people have seen a nuclear holocaust. They’ve seen their own death, or other visions that evoke a lot of emotion.

It has been mistakenly thought that we are giving humans prophetic visions. This is not the case. After insertion of probes into the brain, it becomes essential for us to gather the neurochemical data by providing stimuli for the human to react to that will allow their brains to secrete the chemicals we can later study. Such traumatic visions like nuclear holocaust and death are merely holographic scenarios created within the brains of the humans however real they may seem in order for them to react and secrete the chemical we wish to study.

Let us express something: Though this process may seem like a cruel form of torture, it is our understanding that we are generating in humans a way for them to face their deepest fears, which will actually allow them a transcendence to another state of evolution. We do not perceive that we are intruders in the night from outside of your world. We perceive that we are visitors from your internal world who are facilitating a co-evolution for both of our species.


Memory loss and missing time does the ego protect against trauma also?

There are times when we will deliberately induce memory loss in the humans that we interact with. This will be done simply because in our evaluation of their psychological state it will be obvious that the conscious memory of such an experience will not be of service to the human at that time. However, it is very common for us not to induce memory loss. The natural psychological functions will take over in the human that will either create a screen memory or block out the experience totally. Understand that these experiences will take place for the most part in altered states of consciousness. Because the experience is not conscious, it is dreamlike for the person and therefore much easier for the defense mechanisms to block memory systems.

How are the Zeta Reticuli able to use time travel in their experiments and the breeding program?

We have attempted an answer to this question in the past, and we understand that it is very difficult to comprehend with linear thought. However, if you imagine a single line and a point above that line, we exist from the point and you exist in the line. From the point we can enter any area on the line. We can go into the future; we can go into the past. From our position within that point, we discovered your race. That is when we decided to begin observation and interaction. From that point we simultaneously projected ourselves into nearly every segment of the time line in which you exist.

So as I speak to you now from a certain point in our experiments, there are others existing simultaneously in other time frames. It is our understanding that the heaviest interaction we are having is between the years 1935 to approximately 2020give or take 5 to 10years. So we are not limited by your progression of time.


Is that where some of the confusion comes from? Because we have little choice but to use our linear model of time to interpret our experiences?

Yes. Our reality is nonlinear in the most extreme sense. Your reality is very linear in the most extreme sense. It would be like apples and oranges.


Therefore much of our relationship with you is misinterpreted because of our two different types of reality?


That is why what we think happened is not necessarily what you think happened?



In view of allowing us to understand the experience more, you mentioned yourselves as visitors from the inside. Could you expound on that to assist us in understanding our relationship with you more?

Again, we must speak about the metaphysics of the universe. Reality is a creation from within. Though you can look in your telescopes and see stars and distant galaxies, you are really only looking at the walls of the outermost portions of yourself. Everything you see is a reflection of you. Everything you experience is a reflection of an aspect of you. We are visitors who come in the night because you have not yet been able to openly accept us in the daylight. We are still a frightening experience and thought for you. We can exist with you right now only on those archetypal, subconscious levels within you. You are still creating us in your altered states of reality; yet you argue about our existence in your conscious state of reality. But your altered state knows the truth.

We are visitors from within. We have lives and existences separate from you, yes. But we are within your consciousness as you are within ours.


So are we visitors to you from inside of you?

Yes. You are facilitating our evolution from within us as well. You allow us to face our deepest fears fears we are only now beginning to understand we possess. Co-evolution.

Humans have within their power the ability to bring us out from the depths of the shadows of the night and into the daylight of your waking, conscious selves. It is your choice. But it will require you to confront head on the unknown and that which you fear. If you are ready, you will find that your fear is but an illusion.


But you will never know unless you attempt it.

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Hybrids and their Creation

“...We are picking up where your forefathers have left off. We are facilitating another species leap for the human race for both your benefit and ours.”


Something is going on.


The data from contemporary abductees can at times be quite haunting. Some speak of the removal of sperm and ova. Others speak of being pregnant and suddenly having the pregnancy terminated with no after indications of the previous pregnancy. Some of the more bizarre stories speak of genetic laboratories where half human infants struggle for survival. One thing is clear: These stories reflect a consistency in detail and emotional flavor from all over the United States, Europe, Japan, South America, Australia, and other countries on Earth.

If this isn’t an actual physical phenomenon, then something is happening on a species level within the collective psyche of humankind. The phenomenon itself cannot be ignored any longer. It is time to plunge headlong into the depths of those black and shiny eyes.

In this chapter, a conversation with Harone (the project leader for some genetic projects) is presented. He addresses some of the most common questions asked about the creation of hybrids and the purpose for their apparent desperation to create a new race.


There are still many more things to discover, but perhaps his information can trigger a deeper level of understanding for individuals who grapple with these questions daily.


In regard to your genetic work, let us talk about the etheric and physical aspects of your activities.



To us, both etheric and physical aspects are equally important. Upon your world, you understand only half of the process of creation because you are looking only in the physical realms. So we will attempt to give you information to show you how we conduct this work on both the etheric and the physical levels.

First we will begin with the etheric levels. Your scientists have discovered atoms and the aspects that make up atoms protons, electrons, neutrons. Your science is only now exploring even smaller particles. There are still smaller levels of reality from the electron level that are gaining a lot of attention. The etheric work that we do is done on a meta-atomic level. This level surpasses the level you can now see with your most finely tuned instruments. It is a level that exists outside of the physical dimension, although you simultaneously exist on this level. The primary means for manipulation on this level can be considered light plasmic in nature. Light plasma is induced in various areas to create specific codings, or a language. The physical matter adjacent to this nonphysical state forms itself according to the light plasmic language that is set up.

When we do our genetic work in the creation of hybrids, we first begin on the most basic of levels, which to us is the meta-atomic level. We will create a template around which physical life will eventually form itself. What you call your genetic structure-chromosomes, DNA, RNA represents some of the smallest genetic codes you can read right now. But there is a world beyond that. That is the world in which we begin.

We begin, first of all, by harnessing the template that exists for all forms of life in the reality we share with you. This template is a triadic structure that represents one polarity, its opposite, and the integration or the joining of the two. Life forms the way it does because of this template, which exists in the reality we share with you. We begin with this triadic template.

Within the energy dynamic of this template we then insert plasmic light energy with the language encoded into it at the most basic levels. It is difficult to describe exactly what this language “says,” because it is a language that does not exist in physical reality. Its components eventually instruct physical matter how to create body structures.


The language first affects the nonphysical, and then the physical realms. Work on the etheric level can be likened to building blocks. From the most basic level, the plasmic light language instructs the physical matter to arrange itself according to the these etheric templates. We always start with the triadic template. We have been working on many different strains of hybrid beings to find the most resilient ones, so we alter the light plasmic language attached to the triadic template in order to find the most perfect body structure that can serve us.


Before you talk about the physical work, can you bridge the two? Can you talk about how your work in the etheric connects with your work in the physical?

Physicality is always connected to non-physicality, so what is done in non-physicality will always affect the physical realms. There may be, in your terms, a time lag between the nonphysical work and the physical manifestation, but that is only because of the idea of growth in an exponential sense from non-physicality into physicality. You see, matter is matter because it has compressed itself enough from the energetic state to form a densified field. When the template is given enough light plasmic energy, it becomes compressed and enters the physical realm. This is the bridge.


Thank you. Now can you talk about the physical aspects of your work?

Your scientists may consider that the physical aspects are much more easily manipulated. But once we have what you would consider to be a fetus, we then can monitor and direct its biochemical development so it will have the right mixtures and proportions of chemicals needed to develop the type of being we would like to create.

The physical genetic work continues throughout the life of the hybrid simply because we have not perfected the strain. We must continue to achieve the perfection that we seek. This is done through experiments in neurochemicals, adrenal chemicals, and basic chemical function in the body. It is also achieved through directing various light and sound frequencies on the developing fetus that will give it the signature vibration it needs in order to develop according to our plans. On all levels, then, the genetic work is done. The etheric level is the most basic, but yet is instrumental in the forming of the physical level.


How are the hybrid fetuses taken from the human host mother?

As you know, the fetuses are either implanted or are naturally conceived and later worked on genetically. Anywhere from one to four months (usually no later) they need to be taken out of the human embryonic environment for the next stage of work to be done on them. The methodology of removal would depend, of course, on the individual Zeta group taking the fetuses. We do have our different ways. But the most common way would be through a method that requires the “surgeon” to vibrationally alter the molecular structure of the host mother so that she becomes less dense. The surgeon is then able to insert his hands into the womb and remove the child with no scars or blood. It is, in your terms, a method of psychic surgery.

Other forms would be a more sophisticated method of removal through the vaginal tract. There is no pain, and also there are no scars left to ever show there was a pregnancy. This has baffled doctors on your planet. Those are the two primary methods of fetus removal.


Are any surgically removed in which incisions are left?

Only the less adept of researchers will remove fetuses through surgery. But that is very, very uncommon. Even if it is removed through a surgical manner, there will not be stitches. The skin will be closed up with lasers. If there are any detectable traces, they will be very fine.


Any other methods?

There is one other method that is used infrequently. It has to do with the isolation of the fetus into a different vibrational continuum. The space of this vibrational continuum is altered so that one moment the fetus is in the womb and the next in our laboratory. This method is frequently used for diagnostic checks and sometimes the fetus is reinserted into the female host.


How are human males used in the hybrid experiments?

The role of the human male, as you know, is different from the female because males cannot be hosts for embryos. But they provide vital genetic samples (such as sperm) that are altered in our laboratories and used for further fertilization. Also, there is a substance extracted from the prostate gland that is very useful to us in understanding how to reestablish our reproductive capabilities. This research is not in any way complete, but we are recognizing the value of some of the substances extracted from human males.

Human males are also used as support systems for the females. Frequently (not all the time) when the primary subject is female, the secondary subject is a male spouse. The male spouse will provide emotional support for the female not only on the physical waking level, but also during encounters with us in altered states of consciousness. We have found that having the male as a support is of significant value.

Both male and female neurochemical data differ, and our working with the males is helping us to understand the differences between male and female. This will assist us in the creation of stable hybrid beings.


Tell us something about the strains of hybrids, both the successful and unsuccessful.

As you may be aware, as we speak to you in your present time continuum we have not achieved the stable hybrid strain that we are seeking. But we have made much progress. The unstable strains primarily have dysfunctional immune systems, which resulted from the differences in vibrational reality between Earth plane and the realms we exist within. They still need immune systems different types of immune systems and we have not had sufficient data or understanding to provide them with these immune systems. So frequently they would appear to be quite sickly and would not live long.

There was one strain that would live for approximately three to five developmental years, and then the body would consistently begin to deteriorate. This specific strain, we discovered, was not able to process nutrients that we thought their bodies were absorbing. So in a sense you could say that their demise was caused by starvation. We were not aware that this was occurring. Once the degeneration began, it continued until the entire body was lost. This occurred at a very rapid rate.

The difficulties we have had include the processing of toxins and the taking in of nourishment through the skin. We have not been able to create a skin covering that is a strong combination of our species and yours. This is something we still work on.

We have had problems with the pituitary hormones and growth regulation. We have had hybrids whose bodies grew much quicker than was healthy for the body. We have had hybrid strains who would grow very slowly from child to adult, and a form of deterioration would occur because of this slow growth. It has not been an easy creation process, but vital data was collected along the way.


When you speak of immune system difficulties, what exactly do you mean? I suspect in your laboratory conditions you don’t have many biological organisms floating around.

True. When we speak of immune system difficulties in our realities, we are talking about the body’s ability to screen out harmful cosmic radiation. On our level of existence, that is how the immune system functions. You, as part of a planetary ecosystem, have a natural ability to use ultraviolet light and to adapt yourselves to the specific radiation you are exposed to from your sun. This is due to millions of years of development. These hybrids do not have millions of years to adapt and so it is trial and error, as you say.

Some of the hybrid strains that were unsuccessful displayed symptoms of radiation sickness-loss of hair, inability to process nourishment, loss of appetite, and general weakness and malaise.


What about the successful strains?

We have had some success in creating rudimentary reproductive tracts in some of the hybrid beings. So far, as we speak to you in present time, only one of these hybrids has actually been able to conceive and give birth to a live child. There have been some stillbirths a great many, actually. But we consider the successes to far outweigh the failures because our work on the creation of reproductive tracts has been quite successful.

We have not yet been successful in creating an emotional expression system that we would consider to be perfect, though we have had success with some of the neurochemical data we have received from you, which has allowed some hybrids to experience a small range of emotion. This emotion would primarily be joy and enthusiasm. Some have experienced laughter and the emotion of compassion.


What about negative emotions?

Not yet.


Loneliness? They are somewhat a one-of-a-kind being.

We would say the emotion of loneliness would transfer into the emotion of compassion, for a given hybrid would not feel loneliness for itself but compassion toward another. They have not yet developed the ability to feel loneliness for the self, because that is still an idea of individuality.


What would the source of laughter have been?

The source was through interactions with humans who have been teaching hybrid beings human behavior play, laughter. This is done with the humans in an altered state of consciousness. It is not consistent, but it has been known to occur.


What can you tell us about the Essassani species the hybrid species?

This is where it gets tricky. Let us give you some background. The species Essassani exists in contemporary time that we share with you now as members of the Association of Worlds. They are known as the civilization that has evolved from our hybrid work. However, in our real time they have not been created yet. So the key to their creation is not yet totally understood to us; otherwise we would already have created them. But we know (and they tell us) that as we continue with what we are doing, we will achieve their creation.

It is through the marriage of you and us. That is really all the clues they will give us.


You personally have been in the physical presence of an Essassani. What was that like? Was it a bit confusing?

It was curious, but I wouldn’t say confusing. It was a source of great curiosity. In your terms, we would have liked to have gotten the Essassani under a microscope, but we all understand that is not part of the agreement, for that would be like taking a short cut. This is a process that we must achieve. None of them would volunteer.


Have you asked?



If they did, wouldn’t it be like the continual weaving of the tapestry?

Yes, and it is not illogical to think that perhaps sometime in the future one of them will volunteer. It will be their way of ensuring their own creation. But at least for now, none have volunteered. We are speculating that right now your civilization and our civilization need each other. The extent of this need is not understood yet by either of us, but as soon as we no longer need each other perhaps that will be when one of the Essassani will volunteer and we will have the key we need to create them.


We know that the Zeta Reticuli are taking our DNA. But are they doing anything to us?

The wording of the question would suggest that you have nothing to do with this, and we would certainly deny that. It is a co-creation between our two races. But yes, we are facilitating something within you that is the culmination of a very ancient agreement.

The genetic work on your planet with your species began from a more primitive form of life over a million of your years ago. This genetic project was not consistently undertaken, but left to simmer for thousands of years at a time. The last phase of the in-depth genetic work done on your planet was just before your “missing link” developmental period. At that time, it was not the Zeta Reticuli doing that work. In this time that you call the present we are picking up where your forefathers have left off. We are facilitating another species leap for the human race for both your benefit and ours. We recognize you to be a very valuable force in the galactic family, and we understand that your development will be beneficial to all. We also understand that you, as souls, have agreed to this millions of years ago.

We know that there are scientists and researchers on your planet involved in the empirical understanding of the “abduction” phenomenon who would wish to discount the key element the soul. There is a part of you on an inner or mass conscious level that knows exactly what is going on. We say to you that this part cannot be discounted, for that is like using an equation and leaving out a missing piece.

The common question is, what is it we are doing? We spoke about the light-plasmic language that we use on meta-atomic levels. This is one of the ways we are helping you to achieve a species leap. When you partake in experiments with us, yes, you give us something. But we also give you something. That something is more codes, more activation on the light-plasmic language level. This is occurring with literally thousands of people on your planet. There will be a critical mass reached, and when this happens, the species leap will occur in force.


What type of code? Can you explain the ideas that are represented there?

The ideas are primarily representative of vision, meaning that your vision has been limited since your inception. You have seen yourself as a being whose country or family was only as far as you could see. You are now (in the last forty years) achieving a global vision so that you are not just, in your terms, Americans but citizens of a global civilization.

Primarily, the code we are triggering within you is the recognition of yourselves as part of a galactic ecosystem, a working piece of the whole. It is a code that will allow you to expand your vision, and with this expansion you will see that some of the structures you have created for the last several thousand years can no longer serve you, and you must adapt your structures to your new vision.

When we say vision, we are also talking about the metaphysical idea that you create your reality. Your limited vision has created a limited potential. Now it is time for the unlocking of the unlimited potential, and that potential will equal the expansiveness of your vision. We see the work that we do with you as galactic evolution, and since you’ve experienced only species planetary evolution, it is a new arena for you. But there are guides, there are facilitators who have been there before who assist you.


Are you doing anything like mixing our own DNA globally?

We are not mixing your racial codes. But there are various programming inserted within you by your forefathers that developed into different codings in different races. For instance, your ancient story of the Tower of Babel is a symbolic representation of your forefathers’ inserting contradictory codes into various groups of people on your planet in order to keep you diversified and separate.

We can now be considered to be symbolically taking those codes back and reprogramming you with a code that is made up of all races, so that each and every one of you have a code representative of all peoples on your planet. You will begin to speak the same language symbolically.


Do you mean in our thinking and feeling?


What about a linguistic language?

This will facilitate the creation of a global language more quickly. But it will be something you will develop and learn through education. Our work will facilitate the means, the desire and the motivation to do so.


What are the various ways that the Zeta Reticuli create hybrids using our genetic material?

We were talking about the triadic template, so we will start with that. After the triadic template, we take codes from ourselves that we consider to be of value. We have already learned how to isolate which codes are what qualities, so that is already known. (When we say “codes,” we speak of vibration, vibrational structures.) We begin with the triadic template and then locate the codes or the qualities locked within a vibrational signature that we wish to retain in the creation of the hybrid race.

For instance, the preponderance toward unity rather than diversity would represent one of our valued codes. Also, the idea of being a group mind is valued. It will be expanded upon later and lessened in intensity using your DNA.

Then we would take the qualities of humans that we feel are valuable and (speaking symbolically) wrap them around our own codes. This will create an energy field that will begin an integration of both codes. For instance, the qualities of yours we find valuable would be your love of individuality. When mixed with our code of mass mind, we theorize it will be a very stable balance. We also use your drive for reproduction, for perpetuating the species. We also value your love of emotion, and that is wrapped around our code for absence of emotion. Again, we theorize that this will produce a stable balance in the emotional bodies of the hybrids.

This creates the condensed energy field that forms into matter, so that will be the template for the developing hybrid. After that it is simply biochemical adjustment in combination with vibrational adjustment.


What do these various strains of hybrids look like?

The most successful strains so far have had very light, translucent skin; large heads with more developed frontal lobes; either hairless, white or silvery hair; eye structures that can perceive wavelengths of light beyond your visible spectrum; small nose; small mouth, but we are still working on the creation of a digestive tract; a very simplified excretory tract; reproductive organs similar to yours; approximately four to five feet in height; either four fingers and a thumb, three fingers and a thumb, or three fingers and another appendage that we would not call a thumb; very sensitive hearing but without a large external appearance of an ear like you; and a heightened sense of smell and taste.

Some of the unsuccessful strains were much smaller and much more fragile. Some of them had craniums too large to be supported by their bodies, and as they grew they would frequently experience what you call a broken neck or deformed neck vertebrae supporting a head disproportionate to the body.


Were they assisted with prosthetics?

Yes. But when we understood that the vertebrae were unable to support the head, we knew we would have to start over and that the prosthetics were only a temporary solution.


Do any of these hybrids have tear ducts?

Some of our more recent strains do because we understand the human structure does, and therefore we are attempting an emulation. But they are not in total use at this time except in cases of foreign matter in the eye. They serve a cleansing function, but we have not yet made the link with tear ducts and emotion.


Have you ever kept a human fetus unaltered?



Can you tell us why you did it, and what the results were?

When we have kept human fetuses unaltered, they have provided us with some of the most valuable data about human beings that we have ever received. We will point out that the souls of the fetuses were ones from our community who chose to incarnate as human to have us observe the development of the body. So it is not something that we have “stolen” from you. Do you understand?


Were they fetuses taken from a human female? Or was it ones you grew yourselves?

They were ones we grew ourselves, taken from human donors. They were human, although we did have to make vibration alterations in order for them to survive in our vibrational environment. Other than that, there were no genetic codes altered. This was because we wished to observe the natural developmental process of a child. It provided us with fascinating data as simple as cranial size in proportion to body and the ability of bone structures to hold certain degrees of weight.


It also provided us with data about balance and symmetry in the human body. It did not necessarily provide us with as much neurochemical data simply because in our environment the beings were not exposed to a lot of emotional stimuli. It was mostly to record the development of various body structures such as the reproductive system, adrenal system, cardio systems, circulatory systems, digestive systems, etc.


Did these humans display a need to be nurtured emotionally?

Yes. We allowed human females who have volunteered to nurture the children.


What age do they live to?

They will indeed live to adulthood and once they stop growing, they will not age. So the body will continue until the soul decides that it wishes another experience or until it is agreed upon that we are finished with the experiments.


Why is it that the Zeta Reticuli sometimes present babies to humans and then watch their reactions?

This has a multifold purpose. One is that we recognize the need humans and semi-human hybrids have for nurturing. We have had many hybrids die because of lack of attention and warmth. It has taken us many tries to learn the connection between this emotional bonding and survival.

When we made this connection we began asking volunteers to come and nurture these children. They nurture the children to sustain the life of the hybrid child. Also, it allows us to monitor the neurochemical secretions that occur during such a bonding exercise the neurochemicals of both the mother and the child so that we can perhaps have emotions stimulated in us. We can perhaps learn how to nurture as we once did so very long ago. So far, these presentations have not triggered emotion in us, but at the same time we recognize their value.

This nurturing of hybrids on the part of human females occurs much more frequently than many realize. It is more common than is the actual abduction occurrence.


Where does the encounter take place?

Within our laboratories perhaps 75% of the time; 20% of the time within the room that the female is sleeping or resting; and 5% in various places such as lounges or in a neutral location. It could be in a simulated dream reality creation that the human female can accept, such as a hospital room or her childhood home.


Is this always done in the physical?

Sometimes in the physical, sometimes in the etheric. Etheric interactions are more common, perhaps 55%. This is because to the female they are less threatening. Physical presentations occur 45% of the time. Of the 45%, 40% occur in an altered state of consciousness. Only 5% occur consciously.


Do you get different results when the women are in different states of consciousness?

Yes. When the woman is totally conscious, the energy she emits emotionally is very intense for us even a positive emotion of love and nurturance. We do not utilize the physical presentations very frequently for that reason. It is not only for our protection, but also because the hybrid child is half Zeta. Therefore, we theorize, the emotional emanation from the human female in physical form may be as intense for the child as it is for a Zeta.


What do the children experience?

They experience a very archetypal idea. Obviously we cannot communicate in the same way with the children at the time of the nurturance, but what we are able to gather is that they feel a sense of connection with life. You must remember that all of the hybrid beings we work with are Zeta souls or Earth souls) choosing this experience. So they are not crying out in anguish. But yet the interactions with the human females allow them to feel connected to life and give them the strength of survival in order that we may carry out the experiments. You may also call it love. Since we do not know love, we cannot tell you if this is the emotion. But it is logical to assume that it is.


Do the hybrids experience any discomfort or fear? Unsureness about being part of the experiments?

Not generally. As has been stated, all the hybrids are souls who have deliberately chosen to enter this experience. So from that understanding, there is no fear or sense of victimization. There is no self-pity. They are joyously partaking of this experiment. The only discomfort they may feel is when one of their physical vehicles is beginning to cease functioning. They will feel the life flow ebb from them. This may be a confusing experience for them, but other than that, there is no sense of cruelty. There is no fear.


Do the hybrids ever take part in abductions later on?

Yes. Some of the hybrids who have lived to adolescence or adulthood work with us in the detainment of humans. In the research on your planet, this can account for the many different types of beings encountered by abductees. (We use the term “abductees” only because it is your term, not ours.)

It is theorized that the usage of hybrids during abductions will give the abductee a sense of comradeship that there is someone there who shares at least part of their reality. It is also theorized that perhaps a trigger of emotion will occur on the part of the hybrid during the interaction with the human.

We have one more thing to say. We speak to you now from your time continuum that is roughly the transition point between 1990 and 1991 as you count time. It is our understanding that within the next ten of your years the hybrid experiments will be nearly complete. We do not know how this will occur, for it is only a theoretical projection. But you can hasten the pace of this work by understanding that there are no victims and that we have all chosen interaction in this way together.

The hybrids are symbolic of a marriage between our species and represent the future of both of our races. They represent the best of both of us. They represent the potential of the human soul.




“Any woman who gives birth today could well be the new Mitochondrial Eve, the mother of the new species.. .”

from Unknown Man: The Mysterious Birth of a New Species

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Changing the Abduction Experience

“Ifyou don’t like the experience, you can change it. This understanding is central to the entire abduction situation.

We’ve examined the abduction experience from the point of view of the Zeta Reticuli. We’ve looked at their history, beliefs, and reality.


The next step will require us to synthesize all that we’ve learned and begin making the experience work for us. We cannot force these visitors to change, since we really are not sure what we are confronting. Therefore, what remains is the most logical solution: change ourselves. If we can change our perception of the phenomenon, perhaps we can alter the experience itself.

In this chapter, Germane first gives techniques that can help us alter or stop the experience. But he carries it further than that. As the session unfolds he presents a new view point, one that requires us to take full responsibility for our actions and our reality.


Are we ready to release once and for all our identities as victims?



We are going to talk about changing the abduction experience. This is the key to the transformation of this entire situation on your planet. Changing the abduction experience would be done in two different ways. One would be using certain techniques and the other would be by changing perception.

Learning to use certain techniques to change the abduction experience will assist you in changing your perception as well. As you change your perception, the experience itself must change.

We are going to talk about some techniques that individuals can use either when they are in the middle of an abduction experience or when they feel one coming on.

The Zeta Reticuli are not aware (for the most part) that you are able to understand enough about the experience to place yourself out of their reach. This information may be quite a surprise to them. Of course, this is part of their learning experience as well as yours.

First, we are going to start with the idea of pain. Many individuals may wake up in the middle of an abduction experiencing pain. Many have asked how they can change the experience of pain into something that is less traumatic perhaps into a sense of neutrality. When some of the extraterrestrial beings are doing things to you that are physically painful (putting probes in you or examining you), they are aware of the concept of pain but are not necessarily in touch with the actual understanding of what pain is.


Frequently they will place their hands on your forehead or the top of your head to stimulate areas of your brain to desensitize you to pain. The pain messages will thus not be received by your nerves. This will provide a soothing sense for the person who is undergoing the abduction experience.

What about the other end the humans? When an individual is in the midst of this, what can you do to alleviate your own pain?


The first thing to do if you are experiencing pain during an abduction experience is to create in your mind a very intense electrical blue energy field around your body. This is going to accomplish several things. First, the Zeta Reticuli are going to become aware of this blue electrical field. They are going to know something is up; they are going to realize that you have a certain sense of empowerment. So they will react to you differently. Then you will react to them differently. You change the cycle.

Also, the blue energy field that is placed around your body when you are experiencing pain will serve as an energetic desensitization whereby the vibrational frequency of your body is raised enough that your sensation of pain will seem more distant. This will allow you to have a further sense of empowerment that in and of itself will change the abduction experience.

Truly, if abductees do only one thing to empower themselves during an abduction experience, the abduction experience itself must change. If we were to say that there is a law at work here, that is it. What the abductee does will dictate the nature of the abduction experience. This experience is both an internal and an external one. It is external because these are real beings separate from you. It is internal because it directly reflects a dynamic that is occurring within you. When you change one thing, you change the entire experience.

That technique was given to help alleviate pain. Let us go a step further and give a technique for individuals who want to stop the abduction experience at midpoint. Let us say you are lying on the table and you become aware of this experience. You decide you want to stop right then. There are several things that can be done depending on the individual and their conviction.

The first thing an individual can do is proclaim from a sense of empowerment (rather than from fear or from a hope that the technique may work):

“I do not need this experience in the form that it is occurring. I desire to change this communication.”

If the person has control of their verbal facilities, they can shout it. They can think it. Or they can feel it emotionally. The stronger it is proclaimed in whatever fashion, the more impact it will have.

The abduction experience really works in a very clear way with the idea that you are the creators of your reality. On your Earth you are not necessarily aware that when you think something, it manifests, because there are many things between the original thought and the manifestation. The abduction experience is more direct. It plays on your beliefs about yourself and your world. Therefore, if you believe you can be a victim, if you believe that somehow your world is being controlled any of those types of beliefs they will be played out and reflected back to you during the abduction experience. So changing the experience means changing those beliefs and proclaiming a new belief that you would like to express.

Many may think that this is quite a simplistic way to change the experience, but it is not. Those of you reading this material who have worked with clients through regression therapy will find (or may already have found) that as the client is beginning to become empowered, the abduction experience changes. It must. This is an absolute guarantee.

The first idea, then, is to make a proclamation. The second suggestion for changing the abduction experience is useful when you are unable to react verbally or in a way that requires thought, as some of the Zeta Reticuli will temporarily deaden the thought or speech centers. This suggestion is on a more primal level and requires the person who wants to end the abduction experience to emit a harmonic vibration. If you can do it through the vocal chords, do it that way. Or you can center the energy behind your third eye area or the throat area and push it out. Remember, thought is vibration. Just because you cannot verbalize something audibly, you can still create a harmonic tone that can be felt by sensitive individuals in the vicinity of your expression.

The question then is, what is the correct harmonic tone? Each individual has his or her own correct harmonic tone. It will be different for everyone, so we cannot tell you on the musical scale which tone is right for you. It represents your signature vibration. When you allow yourself to express it spontaneously and with conviction, you will automatically express your signature vibration tone. If you are doing it verbally, the louder the tone, the more effective it will be. Do it with conviction.

This creates a vibrational ripple through the reality that you share with the Zeta Reticuli at that moment. The vibration can be likened to the shattering of glass. You are introducing a new vibration of your empowerment (because this is your signature vibration) into this reality, which will shatter that reality just like glass. It must be done out of a sense of empowerment and identity rather than out of fear and desperation. Fear will not have enough impact in the reality to shatter it.

When an individual uses this technique, after they emit the vibration, one of two things may happen: They will either be back in their third-dimensional reality or they will change the reality sufficiently so that whatever was occurring will change, and the beings they are interacting with will change as well. Therefore, the experience will be stepped up from that of examiner/examinee to an equal, co-created interaction.

You can practice this in your day-to-day life if you wish. But it needs to be practiced when you are having an emotional focus most notably a negative emotional focus. If you are fearful, anxious or stressed you will feel a breaking point. At that point, emit the tone. If you practice it in your day-to-day reality, you allow yourself to be more familiar and comfortable with the process so that during an abduction experience you can do it without thinking about the technique. It will just come naturally.

Many of you may also be aware that when you are extremely happy (emotionally focused in the positive), you want to sing with joy. This is the same idea. When you have an emotional focus, you can channel that energy into a harmonic vibration that can significantly alter your reality. This technique, you will find, is quite powerful.


You mentioned stopping the abduction experience. But one of the reason the person is having it is because they’ve agreed to have it. Why stop it?

The stopping of the experience is only temporary. What is occurring is an evolutionary leap for the Zetas and the humans. The agreements will thus change. When the person realizes that they can be of service in a different way, they will change their agreements. That is part of the entire paradigm that is being shifted as well. It will be less of an unequal exchange and more of an equal co-creation.


When we speak of stopping the abduction experience mid-stride, we are talking about stopping that particular encounter so that the person can go back to center and then reevaluate their own sense of power and identity. Should they choose to reenter the abduction experience, they will do it in an entirely different way. This will be the new paradigm that is introduced. This is going to be the inherent force of change in the entire abduction experience.


When l am in a fearful situation in this reality, sometimes it is hard to have the presence of mind to do what I know I need to do. When I am in that extremely fearful situation, how do I remember to do this?

Start with less fearful situations. Let us say you are driving down the road and you almost hit a dog. Adrenalin is rushing. Pull over to the side of the road. You are in a conscious state of mind at this point, so do it then. Start with more benign experiences and work your way up to the more intense ones. That way you will train yourself. It will become habit. You will be very surprised and pleased at how effective this technique is for allowing you to come back to center.


And it doesn’t have to be verbal?

It doesn’t have to be, though if you are able to do it verbally that is the optimum scenario.


What about the idea of synchronizing ourselves with the cycle of the Earth, which is about 7.5 cycles per second? In that way you can achieve a much greater sense of power than otherwise. I have heard that this might work.

That is a similar technique to what we’ve just spoken about concerning harmonics. This vibration is a signature vibration for Earth. You are part of a planet and have your own identity as well. If you were aware of the signature vibration of Earth, you could use that. We sense it would not be as profound as your own personal vibration, but it can be used.

Let us introduce another idea. This one may be quite frightening for many. Many may a lot of resistance toward it. Let us say that you are in bed and aware that an abduction experience is coming. You are aware that they are taking you out into the ship and you feel helpless. What do you do? If you can allow yourself to do this, it will also switch the paradigm very quickly.

Stop for a moment internally. Get yourself centered. You will be able to do this because in times of intense fear, the energy is so focused that you can actually find a stillness within. It is possible to do this. When you get to that center, allow yourself to give consent. Communicate to the beings that you will voluntarily go with them. You are going to shock the heck out of them, especially if they have been interacting with you before and are used to your fighting them. This is going to alter the abduction experience for you. It has to, because you are the empowering individual in this circumstance. You are calling the shots. You are changing the experience.

In this way you will open up a channel of communication between you and them. They will allow themselves to open up more freely and communicate with you on a much more intimate level so that you will be able to understand why it is occurring and perhaps even voluntarily give them data they are seeking. This will help them learn how to interact with humans in a much gentler way.

You will find that if you volunteer, not only will your experience change but you will feel more empowered as well. They will feel much more comfortable in communicating with you without all of the devices and methods they devise to get you in their ship. You start changing the paradigm. You change the experience because this is an archetypal, internal, extremely important experience for the human species.


This seems to me to be the most logical thing to do. This would be the best thing to shift it.

You know, when you are at the doctor’s office and you are getting a shot, if you tense your muscles it only hurts more. Anything that you resist persists. In allowance you will find it is not as bad as you thought it was because you’ve given up that resistance. Now you can perhaps see the value that this experience can have. It is not an “us versus them” situation. It is two species at the opposite ends of the spectrum desperately trying to incorporate the values of the other, the genetics of the other, and open up lines of communication. That is really what it is all about.

With some of the more negative experiences the ones with the beings who are more focused in the negative and are not concerned with the joint species transformation the techniques we’ve outlined will be of significant value, especially the harmonic resonance technique. From the entity’s point of view, they wouldn’t know what hit them. To them, you will suddenly disappear. We are not addressing here so much the intensely negative abduction experiences, because they are only a small percentage of the abduction experiences on your planet. It is not the focus of this discussion, at least for now.


One of the major questions I have has to do with how little I allow myself consciously to be aware of this. It must be so frightening that I allow little awareness in. I’ve only gotten as far as being able to feel the energy present, so I sleep with the light on. If I allowed this to be more of a conscious experience, that alone would shift it, correct?



But that thought is frightening. I just don’t want to wake up with them staring at me. I would rather have it happen in the daytime. The biggest part of the fear is that they come at night. We have so many fears built up about things that happen in the night.

The nature of their communication with you would make it unusual (but not impossible) for it to occur during the day. Part of this is because it is easier to take you when you are already in an altered state. They can manipulate your memory much easier as well. That is a very obvious reason.

Another reason has to do more with the archetypal nature of the human consciousness the darkness, the nighttime. That darkness is where you have to ace the things that are terrifying to you.


The subconscious rules at night. That is when we are active on a subconscious level.

Yes. They must interact with you on the levels that represent the greater reality. For instance, your daytime reality is the most limited reality that you possess. Your subconscious reality and the realities in the altered states are more unlimited and represent more of your true nature. Humans manifest these experiences mostly at night because the subconscious is equated with the night.

This situation represents humankind facing its deepest fears, fears of evolution, fears of change, fears of death or annihilation, fears of infiltration and control. These inherent, deep archetypal fears within the human being are coming from the levels of the subconscious and the unconscious and from the darkness within. You are manifesting these encounters according to the rules of the unconscious and the subconscious the night, the shadowy realms, the realms between waking and sleeping, the realms in which you “are out of control.” That is why it occurs. The more you can allow yourself to become comfortable with the realms of the darkness (darkness does not mean negative) the realms of the subconscious, the archetypal fears the less you are going to fear and dread the experience. When you say you are afraid you will wake up and find them staring at you, you are really only saying that you are afraid of staring into your counterpart that exists in the darkness. It always comes back to the self.

From the point of view of a species looking at you from a bird’s eye view, the human race right now is on the brink of an extremely powerful change a change that will be more important than any change that you’ve made since you’ve made the leap to Homo sapiens. It is that powerful. When a species is making a leap in evolution, the old part fears annihilation. When it looks ahead, all it sees is darkness, because you haven’t yet created the new species. So making that leap into the darkness is very frightening for many people. But the Terran species on your planet has made many leaps and managed to survive. Your level of sentience now is higher than it ever has been. This can work for or against you. It can work against you in the sense that all of the fears coming up may block you from taking a leap. But it can work for you because you can recognize how valuable and powerful that change is.

The Zeta Reticuli are paralleling you in terms of their own species leap. Theirs is different, for they are in a different vibrational plane. But you are mirror images for each other and that is why you have attracted each other. What you do together will profoundly affect your galactic family. You will be creating a new species together. This is the way that evolution and creation continues and perpetuates in the universe. It is the first time you’ve experienced it, so you are a little unsure.

Once you no longer need to create them to come in the night, this entire situation is going to look very, very different. That will also be the time when you are able to look directly at yourself in the mirror through your own eyes into your own soul and not fear what is within.


Could someone request these experiences to happen in the daytime?

They have occurred for people during the daytime. However, in terms of the Zetas’ ability, it is harder for them to come in the daytime because it is more difficult for them to access you and create the abduction experience if your brain waves are in beta state. If you are in alpha or theta state, it is easier.


But it is nothing for them to put you into that state.

Correct. But the experiences a human has in the beta state - awake and conscious - means that you are ensconced in the physical reality, and this reality is overwhelming for them.


Our conscious reality is too much for them?

Yes. They can do it, but your reality is very chaotic to them. They like order. Chaos is something they are not used to or comfortable in dealing with. To them, individuality is chaos. It is easier for them to get you when you are more merged with the One.

Isn’t that why so many people have been shielded by the Zetas with those emotional shields because they are so uncomfortable with our presence?

Yes. It is as uncomfortable for them as it is for you. For them it is like getting hit with a tidal wave of emotion. It is a physical sensation to them, a physical energy that hits them. If you were a Zeta and got hit with a similar wave of emotional energy, you would experience extreme nausea, loss of equilibrium, and your sense of breath and connection to the planet would be altered. They are certainly not having a party! As you and the Zeta Reticuli make a shift in your methodology of encountering each other, it will be less uncomfortable for both of you to make that communication.


Knowing those things helps make it a less frightening experience for me.

Each individual will also come up with their own different methodologies whether they change the perception or change the technique. We wish to stress that no one is “sentenced” to interaction with the Zeta Reticuli without their agreement. If you don’t like the experience, you can change it. This understanding is central to the entire abduction situation. The only reason you are calling the situation an abduction is because you’ve not yet taken your power and have not realized it is an agreement that you’ve already made.


We do need to start using a different language. The word “abduction” implies victim-hood.



I’ve been thinking about that. What could we call it? My friends? My visitors? We need to change it to a positive connotation. The language must change..

Absolutely. That is a very important point. Changing your language will help you change your perceptions of the experience. Here are some suggestions: You could call yourself a guest, a visitor, an interacter, a communicator, an interface. Each of you can come up with your own term. Yes, the language will need to change to reflect the change in your own empowerment. That will significantly change the perceptions of the experience. They are not abductors and you are not abductees. You are not being abducted; you have been invited. You are a guest. Remember your manners when you visit your friends!

If you were voluntarily going to a friend’s house, your friend would not grab you, throw you on a table and shove things up your nose. When you walk in the door, they would say,

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we could both learn something from this interaction? Would you volunteer to give us a skin sample?”

If you said no, it would be respected. But you are not even aware that you can say no, except out of fear. And they don’t understand the language of fear.


If we’ve made this agreement, it must be exciting or interesting to us on some level or we wouldn’t have agreed. I would love to have an interaction where they said, “Wouldn’t it be fun if we took a skin sample?” I could then say, "Yes! And I want you to tell me all about your findings.“ Could we have that kind of exchange with them?

Absolutely! They would love that type of exchange. They don’t think you are interested because of the way you react. You may find that they would be willing to give you things but not for the purpose of proof that you had the experiences. It would only be for the purpose of your excitement. They want to share with you! If you asked them to get on the table so you could look at their skin under the microscope, they would say yes! No one has ever asked them.


They may not have even conceived of this themselves the idea of changing the relationship like this.

This is the reason why we are speaking to you rather than Harone. Harone is still in the paradigm. He cannot see it from outside. As you introduce these new concepts, their relationship with you is going to change.


And they will respond to those offers?

They will respond. From the higher picture, this is part of the plan. It is not meant to keep going the way it has been going. If both species are going to shift, your relationship with each other must shift first. One of you has to make the first step. They are making steps in their own way. But you can make your steps also. Perhaps using some of the information we’ve shared with you will enable you to make those steps. The idea of being angry and not being willing to let go of that anger at them will not change the experience.


You would remain a victim.


I feel a new way of thinking about this. Is this enough to begin shifting the experience?

Yes, certainly.

So the more I think about this and the more excitement I can generate about having an equal exchange with them, the more it will change the experience. But will it help it to happen?

It may not help it to happen the way you expect, but it will help it to happen in a way or a dynamic that will be exciting to you rather than frightening. The encounters may still be on the unconscious or dream state level, but the quality of those encounters will shift. It may not become a conscious experience, but you will be able to see the effects of these changes in your consciousness in your conscious reality for instance, when you don’t feel you need to sleep with the light on anymore.

Or maybe I will move through some other fears in my reality as well.

Yes. They are issues of empowerment. Though they are connected to the abduction experience, they are also connected to other aspects of your life. Your life will change as well.


So I won’t be as afraid to move into the dark areas of my life, whatever those issues are.



Let me reinterpret the desire for having the light on. On one level it is because I am afraid. On a deeper level it is because I want to see what is going on. I want to meet them face to face. With the light on, I am going to see them really clearly.

But they have got to want to see you just as much. In their own way, they are frightened of humans because of what you represent.


When they are in our presence, do they experience some type of fear?

Yes, but the emotion of fear is different for them than it is for you. They are very detached from it, but they know it is something they don’t prefer. So they avoid it or attempt to control it so that they don’t ever have to face it. As for you, you’ve been given all the tools you need to change the experience.


I just want it to be different fun and exciting. If you really look at how this plays out in the whole evolutionary scheme, it is really an honor to be part of this.

Exactly! When enough people on your planet shift in this belief, the entire situation that they are co-creating with you is going to change. That is when you are going to see the major species leap occur. You are going to shock them, surprise them, and allow them to become (in whatever way they can) extremely excited.


It is then that the sharing truly begins

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