I want to render an homage of gratitude to don Fernando Sesma as well as to Alicia Araujo, to whom I owe a large part of what I have managed to learn about this fascinating subject of the Cosmos; I am also grateful to those friends who have participated in discussions on the subject of UMMO.

I am responsible for the new sequence of the reports [in this section] which, in my opinion, are more coherent, although they may lack a certain systematization that surely will not satisfy everyone. However, this need not give rise to argument or annoyance; those who disagree have full freedom not to accept it and to work out some other classification.

The difficulties of this new sequence in no way resemble those of the original order because now better acquaintanceship with the field and discussions with friends have served to simplify and enrich our concepts, thus complying with UMMO recommendations.

Conversations between the reader and his friends stimulates thinking, develops a strong social consciousness and in time leads to new channels of information which are so necessary to the TERRESTRIAL SOCIAL SYSTEM..



The extracts from a letter that follow are truly fascinating. The letter was sent from London to ERIDANI (Group for Cosmological Study) with the request that it be forwarded to me. It begins with a study of be nonmaterial factors related to the biological and continues with a rigorous analysis of the OEMII (man) of UMMO and of the differences that separate him from Earth man. It is an extremely interesting text, and of great scientific and medical exactness, as has been recognized by various specialists and physicians who have examined it. The language is always precise and of high scientific level so hat no layman could have written the text.

This letter, mailed from London (according to the postmark) the 12th of May 1971, was received in Madrid the 24th of that month. The curious feature is that the letter did not reach Eridani (situated on Alcala Street) by the postman, but rather was delivered by an unknown young man who left it with the concierge. Strange way for a letter to reach its recipient with a London stamp and postmark.

The notes at the end of it seem to be part of a more extensive notation; the same can be said for the fragmentary notation appearing at the end of one of those mailed to me from Madrid which have already been published. The complete notes are with Rafael Farriols, for they same in another mailing.

BIEUIGUU (Study of nonmaterial factors related to biological)

Although an analysis of our BIEUIGUU would require setting forth the scientific foundations supporting our conception of Biology, and we prefer to offer you an anthropological picture that must be integrated into our sciences in a careful systematization comprising very heterogeneous disciplines for you men of Earth and which furthermore was already been set forth in resumes sent to other brothers on this planet, we would like to explain briefly our concept of man.


Our WAAM is governed by a set of laws that you Earthmen have on occasion termed neganthropical. This is because they seem to point in the opposite direction from the statistical principles regulating the degradation of matter. On another occasion we shall suggest that ENTROPY and 'NEGANTHROPY" are synonymous and equivalent terms within the conception of this universe that "IT IS SO FOR ME".

We all realize that there exist multiple structures of living beings whose morphologies and functions genetically inherited from their ancestors have seemed to you to depend on two types of conditioning factors: The physical and eco-biological environment and on the other hand - possible alterations in the nucleic acids provoked by the aggression of microphysical elements (mutations caused by radiations, etc.).

The very rich and complex fauna you have observed on Earth (not so rich or varied on UMMO) has made you think that the number of possible species is infinite. Under this supposition (and within the limits its naturally imposed by physical conditions totally adverse to the development of complex carbon compounds) - you might think that on other planets with very marked "geophysical" differences there can exist fabulous thinking beings whose somatic structuration might appear monstrous.

Nothing is further from the reality. In fact, planets that we have known and whose characteristics of atmosphere, mass, the star around which they orbit, etc., different from Earth and UMMO, harbor in some cases humanoid creatures with similar mental structure, but whose bodies present only accidental anatomo-physiological differences (different statures, varied epidermis, organ development, cranial size and brain surface, etc.).

In reality there are laws (which we shall explain on another occasion) which condition the orthogenesis of creatures, permitting at most an indefinite number of different forms when the biophysical environment requires it, but always provided that these various forms be compatible with a biological substratum or universal pattern that tolerates (only) circumstantial and superficial modifications (in reality a complex series of patterns is involved) (See note 28).

When the environment is excessively hostile, it does not come about that a species perishes after attempting to adapt itself to it with a frustrated mutation; it is simply impossible for the new species to appear.

Hence an immense multitude of planets exist on which no living creatures are found, or expressed another way, only planets with characteristics similar to ours harbor species which in their average evolutionary forms differ from those known to you, but which conserve traits common to the species already familiar to you (similar nerve and circulatory systems, bone and tissue structures with different forms but with physiological and cytoplasmic foundations already known in their general lines.

But the differences are still less in the oligo-cellular or primary creatures and in the other scale, in the complex phyla (anthropoida).

We establish criteria in order to differentiate the "superior or intelligent anthropoid" from the inferior animal, even though the latter may posses anthropoidal characteristics like those of Earth primates. It is the presence of the third factor OAMBUAM that we shall describe farther on. And we call OEMII the somatic complex (material and therefore perceptible to our sensory organs) that you term "HOMO SAPIENS".



(i.e. men from Ummo and from earth)

We have just pointed out that the thinking beings existing on the relatively few inhabited planets (see Note 29) do not differ excessively from us (we have been surprised by the fantasies engendered by your novelists and even Earth biologists who postulate the existence of beings based on the chemical silicon, or intelligent pluripodous, monohthalmic monsters with gelatinous skin, etc., etc.. Naturally, being ignorant of that series of laws, you Earthmen are in a cultural stage in which such hypotheses proliferate and cause scientists to speculate.

We know that a phylogenetic hypothesis postulating an excessive amount of liberty for the genetic message to be translated into all kinds of superior biological body types is incorrect. If the ecological environment is propitious and analogous to the one we know on our respective OYAA, the appearance of "humans" as you term them, or DEMII according to our language, will be possible. If, contrariwise, the biophysical conditions are adverse in the degree and estimation we indicate below, yes, the appearance of other living "nonrational" beings will be possible (see Note 30), hut never THINKING BEINGS.

Although to offer you a list of all the physical conditions necessary would be complicated, we have chosen some of the most important. Those planets which do not posses definite features within such limits will not be host to human or thinking beings, who necessarily have to be like us in their anatomy.


  • Surface temperature of the "solar" star: 6,1700K to 4,5520K

  • Eccentricity of the planetary orbit: 0 to 0.1766 +/- 0.0002

  • Time of orbit or rotational period: 16h 31m to 84 hours

  • Range of temperatures on surface of planet: 2410K to 3190K. (-36 to +48° C)

  • Weight of planet: 2,65 x 10 g. to 12,01 x 10 g. (12,01x 1024 kg)

  • Percentage of atmospheric gas in proximity to the lithosphere:

    • OXYGEN: 18% minimum

    • NITROGEN: 64% minimum

  • Cosmic radiation (mean values): Inferior to 0,48 nuclei/cm



During the primary phase in the lives of our children, the parents are entrusted with their postnatal and adolescent training. But from age of 13.7 Earth years, what you call patria-potestas passes to council of UMMO (UMMOAELEWEE).

The youngsters (boys and girls) are transported to great docent centers - UNAUO UEE, - veritable cities equipped with all possible systems facilitating the integration of the individual into a Social Pattern, a true biosocial model of what will later be for them the social network of UMMO.

The maturing of the child is checked against standard mental patterns. It is our SANMOOE AIUVAA network (a complex of calculators that regulates in part the development of UMMO) which detects in each case the threshold levels conventionally tolerated as symptoms of such maturing.

At the same time the SANMOOE AIUVAA makes available to the parents at every moment the audiovisual means for the education in all grades and subjects, adapting them to the particular personal traits of the child affected. Thus sexual education is considered a subject on our UMMO. Never in history have we known it to be considered -on Earth - a taboo in the social structure.

However, this type of education has aspects different from those familiar to you. Even though any restriction in the visual presentation of the biophysical aspects of such processes, would be considered absurd, in the boy and girl students it induces a peculiar feeling of modesty, according to which the body devoid of covering can be shown only to the future spouse.

Boys and girls learn that in exceptional cases, one's immediate superior - whatever his or her sex or age (parents, educators, "bosses' and such...) may, if he desires (although this happens rarely), order the individual to undress, and it is precisely the relative infrequency of this that causes the greatest reaction of shame when it does take place.

When the superior belongs to the other sex, or his or her age is lower, such punishment constitutes a humiliating affront hardly comprehensible to men of Earth.

The woman always covers her thorax. Thighs, arms, head, throat, hands, feet, and lips are not erogenous areas to us, so the "kiss" has no significance. Generators of sexual pleasure in the highest degree are sexual organs, breasts, belly, buttocks and back. When we must submit to any process that you would call surgical - in cases of trauma affecting any bodily area - the epidermis is covered with UBAA SIAA, a pigment that colors the skin with polychromatic blotches.

One of the serious "penalties" provided for in the UAA (laws) of UMMO consists precisely in publicly depriving the infractor of his clothes and exposing him in a transparent temperature controlled chamber. This still applicable sanction is now no longer employed, but it was relatively frequent during epochs not far in the past.

We inhabitants of UMMO have a body whose physiological form is very much like that of "homo Sapiens" of Earth. This is logical if you consider that biogenetic laws are valid for the entire universe and that when the environment is analogous, the biological structure undergoes few variations. Therefore we are not people you would call "monsters". Only a few slight anatomical differences distinguish us from you. In many of our brothers the speech organs are hypertrophied and we replace this sclerosis by artificial means of verbal expression.

Our race is older than yours and so has reached a higher level of civilization. Our social structure is different. We are governed by four members chosen through psycho-physiological evaluations. Our laws are regulated according to constant sociometric measurements over time.

Accordingly our economic system is different. We know nothing of money in view of the fact that the transactions in the few goods of value existing on UMMO take place through a network of what you would call electronic brains. Goods of normal consumption hardly have a value because their abundant production greatly exceeds the demand.

Our society is profoundly religious. We believe in a Creator (WOA) or God and we have scientific arguments in favor of the existence of factor that you would call the soul. We recognize a third factor thaw unites it to the body and is composed of atoms of Krypton lodged in the encephalic mass.

Our customs are also very different. There are no differences of race, and the zoological species and varieties are less numerous.

We have no intention of interfering in the social evolution of your planet for two transcendent reasons. A cosmic morality prohibits all paternalistic attitudes toward planetary social systems, which are to grow gradually, each on its own. Furthermore, any public intervention on our part - our own official presentation - would produce grave changes and incalculable social disturbances, and in this way our study and analysis of your society would no longer be possible as they are now in the present conditions of virginity.

Our modest attempts to communicate, as we are now doing with you, will not, on the other hand, cause much commotion because we foresee the natural skepticism with which they will be greeted.

Our numbering system is 12, so as a curious bit of information we include here a table with some mathematical algorisms as we transcribe them. (not included in this summary.)




An incredible letter

Next is a summary from a incredible letter to Villagrasa about the visitors from UMMO and their contact to the author of this letter:

(Received 6 June 1967 in the evening)

Senor D. Enrique Villagrasa
Madrid, 4 June 1967

Dear Sir:

A few months ago I wrote you a letter about a meeting that we had planned but which, as I'll explain farther on, could not be held. I am the gentleman who up to now has been typing what the gentlemen from the planet UMMO have been dictating to me.

You have surely heard about everything that has been happening these days, and I couldn1t resist the temptation to be frank with you. I think what has happened exceeds anything that one can imagine. You recall in my last letter I told you my story which, if it were told to many people, they would think I was crazy, but you know them and can understand me.


Even my wife, who up to a few days ago was quite skeptical and thought they were spies (you know already that when a women gets something into her head, she doesn't reason and there is no one who can convince her with arguments), has had to give in before the evidence and what has been happening, because now maybe people who don't know anything about this are right in not believing it, but we who have lived it, and I think I have lived through more of it than you, would have to be crazy not to admit the facts.

During the months since I wrote you, more things have happened.

Do you remember the proposition we made to this gentleman to whom they were writing a great deal and who is a professor of medicine, who is skeptical and doesn't even think they come from UMMO (although I suppose he may have changed his opinion now)?

Well, on their return they learned about this and got rather angry; they forbade us from going on with planning the meeting, indicating that they would cut off all contact with us if we did continue, and giving as a reason that we had promised to keep the affair secret. I went to visit the doctor and he received me in a state of worry about the matter.

He told me that everything was very strange and confused (I don't see it as confused and even less so now). He told me he admitted that the events were quite extraordinary and that he maintained a correspondence with another doctor in North America with whom they (Ummites) were also corresponding and that, yes, he believed they were extra-terrestrials, but that he could not admit it because he said it was absurd ("absurd" he may think it, but no one can convince me now of the contrary), and that he thought it was some commission from some state for purposes unknown to us (why look for problems where there are none?


So this gentleman may be a professor and very intelligent, but some things, if they don't believe them, have to be explained more logically, but giving no explanation is even the more absurd). Anyway he recognized that they were exceptional strangers with erudition and procedures unknown in medicine.

And he recognized that he owed them a lot and that the gentlemanly attitude would be to comply with their request and not call a meeting of everybody we know personally by letter or telephone as we had then planned. The wife of this professor, who was with us (because I always went with my wife) also felt that we should comply with keeping the secret as they asked; in fact she was more of a believer than her husband. Of course, to tell the truth, he didn't say it wasn't the truth, but only that he doubted it before he finally admitted it.

At this point other gentlemen from UMMO came to our house. I knew one who did not speak, and another one who was older and who had spent a lot of time in South America. These days we have had a lot of work. In addition to which I know they are also dictating letters to another gentleman who is an administrative assistant. I wrote under dictation to other gentlemen to whom we had not written before, all of them in Madrid except one in Valencia, this last one also a doctor, and the others are an engineer of the I.C.A.I., a writer, a university professor of Exact Sciences, and two others whose professions I don't know.


I talked by phone with the professor of Exact Sciences and he was quite intrigued and asked me a lot of questions, but finally told me that he thought I was the one who had been writing the papers covering some questions he asked about a thing called THEORY OF RETICULA in its application to scholastically processes. If you could have seen how surprised he was by the answer they gave him! It took a lot of work to make him see that I had not studied mathematics and was not a professor as he said I was. On the other hand, they have stopped writing to some of the gentlemen, for example the industrial engineer

On account of all this, my brother-in-law, who had been told what was happening, had a quarrel with me because he thought the affair could get us into serious trouble, but when they don't give any reasons, I don't accept advice, so I answered by asking him to tell me what kind of trouble could happen to me. Because when I type things they dictate to me, I am not doing anything against the law. The truth is that he was more scared than I was because he finally became convinced that they were telling the truth in saying they came from UMMO.

But from having dealt with them I am convinced they are the best people I have ever seen in my lifetime. We of Earth would like to be as free of malice as they are, and so understanding and impartial in comprehending the most intimate things. Just to hear the gentleness and earnestness with which they reprehend and say things makes their portrait. And don't think they are fools; even when they glance at you, they seem to be looking through you.

But toward the close of last year they dictated some things to me in which they said to one of their correspondents that one of their interplanetary ships was going to come between January and May.

In fact, on a visit from two of them on Sunday, 14 May, I noticed that something was in the wind because they dictated a letter that amazed me because it was a commercial letter going to Australia, re- questing information about thermo-acoustic insulating panels. They had never dictated anything like this. The most curious feature was that they brought some sheets and a stamped envelope with the name of a Madrid commercial firm specializing in the decorating of commercial premises. (out of curiosity I went to that address and know that it is an architect we had never written before.)

Besides, they began coming to the house with more assiduity to dictate things of a scientific nature, but on the other hand they were paying less attention to this matter because a recently written report was reviewed by their superior, named DEI 98, who had ordered me to mail it immediately. Now, for a change, they are dictating more things and they gave me a sort of agenda of instructions by which to mail them out at greater intervals on different dates to each person.


For example, something I sent you about a mathematical problem of the IBOZOO UU - I had been keeping longer waiting for the date marked down for it. On Corpus Christi Day they phoned for me at 11:00 in the morning. I was not in and my wife answered. They said they would call again at two. The gentleman in charge of them, DEI 98, came to the telephone and asked if he could talk with my "YIE" (they call wives YIE) and me at six in the afternoon about a matter that was important to them. I said yes, and worriedly consulted my wife on it because he insisted that there be no one else in the house at that time besides us.

[There must be some universal reason for this secrecy imperative because we find it in so many UFO contact cases throughout the world It is almost as it there were some universally understood reason why these activities should remain carefully restricted. - Publisher]

At that hour DEl 98 arrived with another gentleman I did not know and whom he introduced to me as IAUDU 3. This gentleman did not utter a word. We gathered in the dining room and DEl 98 told my wife and me they were expecting by 31 May or perhaps a bit sooner - one of their ships which would land in Madrid and for this reason many of "their brothers" (they call each other brother although they are not blood relatives) had come to Madrid. They wanted from us what they called a great favor.


He said that on the following day the lady who was the superior or chief of all the Ummites who were here on Earth, would arrive in Madrid. He said she was coming from Singapore vi London and that they had begun to study the matter of her lodging, and preferred to spend the night in a private home rather than in a hotel, subject to acceptance of the plan by my wife and me, but begging us not to feel the slightest obligation and if we foresaw any inconvenience or felt any fear about it, to tell them in all frankness.

My wife hurried to say yes, but that she felt embarrassed because our house lacks the comforts of a hotel; however, she said she could sleep in our double bed and we would either make ourselves comfortable in the sofa-bed or else, if necessary, we would go to my mother-in-law's home. I for my part said the only preoccupation was finding c explanation in case the concierge found out, although it would really be no big problem because we could say, for example, that they were friends we met on our vacation in Malaga, of Swedish nationality.


DEI 98 explained that the persons who would overnight would be two women YU 1, daughter of AIN 368, and another "sister" who, as I will explain, must have been at the same time her secretary and maid (I'll tell you shortly, because we had time to talk with her), and he also told us something that astounded us: That in no way would she sleep in our bed while we lay down out here; that we should choose an available room for her and she would sleep on the floor! And that her companion would not be sleeping while her superior was doing so.

On 26 May at seven in the evening there came ASOO 3 son of AGU 28 (whom I already knew because he had dictated things to me for various people) along with the same silent gentleman of the day before. They carried an average leather suitcase, very modern and of medium size, which we believed would be the things of the two ladies who were to come. They chatted with us after asking to look at all the rooms. They said they were waiting for nightfall in order to do something. Their Superior would arrive around ten-thirty. We also learned that in the street "several more brothers" were waiting. They did not want to accept anything but water.

It was getting dark when they asked us to turn off the light in the dining room and to open up the balcony wide. The one who did not speak Spanish remained seated motionless with his eyes closed as if hypnotized, and the other one took out what looked like a ballpoint pen and this began to emit a continuous buzz that went higher and lower because something was being communicated to them. Meanwhile the other one awakened from time to time and spoke to him in their language.

Night had now fallen. It was about ten-twenty and they put the suitcase in front of the balcony and opened it. My wife and I were seated without saying a word, and very impressed. Since across the street from us there is a neon sign of an electric appliance shop, we saw all they were doing even though our lights were turned out.


First they looked carefully to see if there was anyone on the balconies which, although not across from us in the other facade of the building, are not far away. Then they began to take out of the suitcase things like metallic balls the size of a tennis ball and other smaller ones. I had already seen one months before. It is something extraordinary. They stay in the air and go to all heights as if controlled by radio. In addition they took out two more things, although they couldn't be seen well, were shaped like this: (picture not here).

In all they removed some twenty or more of different kinds. One by one they took them out on the balcony and, as if they were little bubbles or balloons, they disappeared toward the street. At least four more passed near the roof bordering the lamp and floated into the hallway of the house.

[Here is the first detailed explanation of the purpose and use of the mysterious mini-probe reported in so many UFO close encounter cases. Here again, because of their widespread employment by many different ET visitors, this must be a nearly universal technology completely unknown to us at this time - Publisher]

Then they asked our permission and went into the hallway and we heard the door to the street open. When they came back, the suitcase was empty. All this time the one who did not know Spanish was manipulating a metal rod with a disc in the center.

At a quarter to eleven the doorbell rang. Most surprising was that, while chatting with us, ASOO told us that they had arrived at the street door and, although I know that the gate does not close until later, they said it was not wise to go down to receive them.

Nervously we opened (the door) for them. Accompanied by DEl 98 were two young ladies. One of them was taller and the other much younger and petite; they wore very modern elk-skin coats, the larger girl a maroon color and the younger one a slight green, the one we now knew to be the "Superior". She carried a plastic flight bag with the airline acronym "DEA". They carried no other luggage. Both were blond and wore their hair loose. They were dressed in a modern but tasteful fashion.

The small one (who was the chief), with an English accent and speaking Spanish very badly although understandably, addressed my wife and said something to the effect that she thanked her from the heart for the hospitality of the "Country of Spain". We all went into the dining room after the two men who had come earlier, took leave. In w whole life I have never felt more at ease, for when Miss YU 1, my wife and I sat down, the larger girl, whose name was something like UUOO 120 or so, and DEl 98, who is the man who has most impressed me in my life with his infinite intelligence, remained standing, which was very unnatural, and that I criticize even if it was out of respect for their superior, because they ought to have realized that my wife and I felt very strained.

For example, since nothing escapes me, I noticed that every time she asked for something, they lowered their eyes when answering as if they did not dare to look at her. She is little more than a youngster; she can't be over nineteen so far as we know, but she looks sixteen. The other girl looked some twenty-three or twenty-five. Of course what most surprised my wife was that she, the youngest of all those here, was the one in command, so she blurted it out. The three of them laughed and the Superior said that we must not think that on UMMO the young girls are in command, that this depends on many factors.

We talked a great deal about Spanish customs. The only thing that disgusted them was the bulls. Nothing was said about the planet UMMO. She asked a lot of questions about the Spanish government; she knew about many things, the Referendum and even the Cortes. I told her that we did not want to mix in politics since the reds killed my father in the war. I was astounded by what she knew.


My wife listened to her timidly without daring to say anything. She realized this and very gently began to talk about Spanish cooking, then remarked that she was saddened to learn that Spanish women read little and are not given an intellectual education as are the men, and she was sure their femininity is never lost with greater education. Then she looked at the other girl with a smile and the latter opened the traveling bag and handed my wife a marvelous home encyclopedia with color plates in Spanish.

We had supper there; my wife was amazed because the two women forced her to let them help her. What surprised us more is that they ate like us, but refused to take wine. They had already told us they wanted a sample meal, and my wife had prepared beforehand baked potatoes, boiled eggs, and for them fruit (oranges and bananas). Another absurd thing is that throughout the meal the Superior insisted so much on helping my wife that when it was over, she (the Superior) washed the pots while her secretary remained standing without helping, as my wife told me afterwards.


Her timidity had left her by then and they chatted a great deal while they were drying the dishes. (I stayed at the table talking with DEl 98). Another thing that surprised us was that before starting to eat they requested permission to remove their shoes. The older girl knelt and with naturalness took off the shoes of their Superior, and then the two of them removed their own footwear. Seated during the supper, they did not speak unless she directed questions to them.

The most strained moment came now, for they very discreetly asked permission to retire. Again we begged them to use our bed or at least the sofa-bed, but it was useless.

DEl 98 went out on the street. I learned he was heading for a near by hotel where they had set up a kind of temporary official center for themselves. I believe this was with the sole mission of protecting MissYU I.

Besides that I think there were several of them walking about in the area all night.

I say it was a very unnatural situation because she wouldn't even let my wife give her a blanket. She told us smilingly that she was not know what to do or say. The older girl, who spoke much better Spanish than her superior, asked our permission to "throw something on the floor", telling us not to worry because on the following day there would be nothing there nor would the floor tiles be damaged in any way. She took out what looked like a nickel-plated cylinder and an incredible quantity of yellow foam came out of it and left a big patch on the floor like varnish.


We did not dare even to ask about it. Miss YU I stayed in it and we three went out. The other girl said she would not lie down but would stay all night in the hallway. When we went into our bedroom, we were so nervous and worried that we did not dare to undress. I don't know why, but it occurred to my wife to make me more nervous by saying that maybe the police might come, as if we were committing a crime or doing something bad.

We sat on the bed without talking for twenty minutes, then my wife goes and says she wanted to knock in case they needed anything. After-wards she told me about it. The older girl was walking up and down in the hallway with her arms crossed. In a low voice my wife asked if she could bid her good night and ask her if she needed anything. The other said that in fact it would be a courtesy and for her to go in without knocking; my wife had been about to rap on the door but the other one told her obligingly to just go in because she was sure she was not sleeping yet.


The two of them went in. Our dining room has a large table and there is a little table in one corner near the balcony. The balcony was half open. The light was off, but my wife says that on the floor beside her and the little table there was something like a disc a bit larger than a fifty-peseta coin that was phosphorescing a great deal and she could be seen quite well. She sat up and my wife asked if she wanted anything, that she was nervous thinking she might be uncomfortable. My wife says she had on a big kind of bathrobe. As the light was tenuous, she could not distinguish the material. They spoke a few words and left again.

In the corridor she spoke with the other woman. They talked a long time in low voices. This "Seņorita" turned out to be married, with a husband on UMMO, and she had been selected for our planet. There on UMMO she was, as we would say, a teacher of a specialty of mathematics and her mission on Earth my wife did not know how to explain very well, but apparently it was related to the study of the history of the physicists who were here in bygone ages. While in Mexico she had committed a disobedience and it seems she was being punished by having to serve her chief as a maid. In short, a long story.

We got up early. The two women were already chatting in the dining room. They requested permission to go into the bathroom. First the older of them bathed and YU stayed out talking with me. Then she went in too. A strange thing that my wife observed was that they had not used the towels or soap in spite of the fact that the bathtub had been used. The yellow patch on the floor was no longer there. Nothing could be found even with a magnifying glass!


They wanted no breakfast but insisted that we have ours. Another thing occurred. wile YU One was talking with us, the other woman stood looking closely at all the dining room furniture. The younger one noticed it and this time in their language she said something in a tone that sounded gentle to us, but the older woman, UUO, blushed, her lips trembled and her eyes moistened. We pretended not to notice this and continued talking.

They left early and returned that night. We shall never forget the conversations we had with that young woman. My wife was so impressed that she confessed to me that now she truly believes they were from UMMO. Furthermore, that same day, the 27th, DEl 98 came and dictated several things to me, among them letters you would receive. One told of the arrival in Brazil, Bolivia and Spain of their interplanetary ships.

He dictated more reports and said he would continue doing so Sunday and Tuesday because he did not know if their Superior would give all of them orders to depart, but he suspected she would, because he knew no one would be coming off the ship and that all his brothers had received orders to leave the other countries they were in and to group themselves in Brazil, Bolivia and Spain.


I asked him whether they would be coming back and he said he did not even know for sure if they were leaving. I asked him if she would know, or whether she was expecting orders on reaching the ships, and he said it was not necessary to wait for the ships in order to learn the orders (they call the ships OAUELEA UEBA OEMM). He said she knew but was not accustomed to giving explanations to her subordinates. He said that just in case, he himself would dictate a few more reports so that in case they left I could send them to certain people on definite dates. (In fact he gave me three more reports to type for three people living in Paris and Lyon, written in French.)

The next day, Sunday, YU One returned in the afternoon without her companion but accompanied by ASOO 3 and another man unknown to me, very young, and who did not speak Spanish either (or did not wish to speak it). They gave me some little packages to mail and an envelope for me, asking that I not open it, although ASOO 3 asked me when we were alone to keep my identity secret whatever happened, for if they returned to Earth, I and another gentleman were their only contacts in Spain.

YU I took leave of us Thursday morning, saying that they would not be sleeping any more in our house, that they would spend the night on the outskirts of Madrid. DEl 98 came to pick her up and they entered a taxi whose number I wrote down. We hated to see them go. I haven't seen them since.

[Tuesday was the 30th of May. They were picked up the evening, 1. June.]

From newspapers I learned that the ship arrived. In one of the papers they even had photographs of it. All Wednesday night my wife and I were walking about in the area of the Casa de Campo y Arguelles because they told us the landing was most probable in Wednesday rather than Thursday.

On Thursday we were in University City (La Ciudad Universitaria) until eleven at night and, since we weren't seeing anything, dead for sleep, we retired. The following afternoon we found out about it in the daily newspaper PUEBLO and bought all the afternoon papers to look for news. We also called ....... (sic) by phone but there was no answer.

For some time now I had had no doubt about them, but this experience, in case any doubt were left, finally convinced me and my wife. I didn't know if I was dreaming. If it weren't for you who were receiving their letters, and also my wife, who has now met them, and my brother-in-law, and the news reports in the newspapers, I would have thought I was crazy. This was the greatest experience of my life, and if it weren't for their having asked me to use discretion, I wouldn't care if they took me for crazy and would shout it to the four winds.

Only one thing worries me now: why did they go that way, so suddenly, and furthermore all of them? Sunday night my wife and I had a long chat with her. She (YU I) gave us marvelous tips about meals and about how to train the children. We talked about the space flights of the Americans to the moon, and she told us things about astronomy that left us with our mouths open, to the point that I, who in the beginning had been bothered by the fact that she were no more than a lass, now felt dominated by her.

I don't know how the scrap between Egypt and the Jews came up, but I asked her opinion and she said for us to be calm, that there would be no world war, but then she became pensive and the two of them looked at each other very significantly. Then, as if realizing that we had caught that glance, she repeated in a steady voice that we should rest assured there would be no such war. But I have been thinking the matter over. Why did they all leave so suddenly? It's said that rats abandon ships about to sink.


They have been making their studies, have been dictating scientific reports and other things to me, and suddenly ... Was she telling us there would be no war in order to tranquilize us the way they lie to children in war-time before a bombardment? They are well informed about politics and economics. Before the explosion of the Chinese boob, DEl 98 announced it to me with the exact time, and then the newspapers reported it (which made me think perhaps my wife was right and they were spies).

At last I've unburdened myself to you, because I had to. Tonight I intend to write another letter to another gentleman who has been receiving the reports. I offer you my friendship, for you and I have been witnesses of this.......

(Note: a serious effort is being made to collect as many of these documents, notes and letters as possible, from all parts of the world. The Spanish group alone has over 1000 pages, and estimate possibly that many more exists. We have included a listing of the documents in the hands of the Spanish group in the appendices to the org. book. Note that world intelligence services have meddled extensively in this strange affair.)


Introduction by the Author

The "UMMO DICTIONARY" presented here contains 403 terms. All of these words come from various reports which the so-called Ummites sent to various individual Spaniards. It appears that other professionals in various foreign countries have also received dozens of these typewritten documents.

All of the words in the "UMMO DICTIONARY" have been numbered from 1 to 403 in order to facilitate any future work of classification, comparison, etc., by specialists in linguistics.

Some of these phonemes are accompanied by a question mark (?), which signifies that we have not been successful in deciphering its exact meaning.
Lastly, a table has been added comparing the Ummite and terrestrial Planets, as well as signs and mathematical operations, always according to the content of the typewritten pages sent out by the supposed extraterrestrials.

My special thanks go to w friend IGNACIO DARNAUDE ROJAS-MARCOS, for the documents he so obligingly put at my disposition and without which this book would never have seen the light of day.

(Seville), 28 January 1978

Ummite Words Translated into English (not all the words are numbered here)

1 AADOO AUGOOA: Logical concepts.
2 AAGAA IEGOSAA: Chimpanzee of UMMO.
3 AA INUUO: Symmetrical.
4 AA INUUO AIOOYA AMIEE: Symmetry does not exist.
5 AAIODI AYUU: gamus or network of forms in BEING.
6 AAIODII EXUEE: Neganthropic being.
7 AAIODII YOOWAA: Post-anthropic being.
8 AAKSBOUTZ: methane motor.
9 AALAADAA: Crystalized mixture of metals.
10 AARBI OMAIU: Kind of magneto-phone which records in a memory of pure Titanium crystal.
11 AARGA BUUA EI : Perfected method of detecting illnesses by telepathic methods.
12 AAR GOA: Coup d'etat.
13 AARUNNIOGOIA: Teaching by means of conditioned reflexes.
14 AARWEIO BUUA El: Method of telepathically detecting illness.
15 AASE GAARAADUI: ? (sic).
16 AASE OGIAA: Governors, Rulers.
17 AASNEII: ? (sic).
18 AASNOOSAI: Detectors or registers of physical functions.
19 AAXOO: Transmitter. Broadcasting apparatus.
20 AAXOO XAIUU AYI I: Magnetic field generator.
21 AGIOOA: Phase of almost constant velocity of spacecraft.
22 AIAIEDUNNE II: High thermic activation of the surface of their spacecraft.
23 AIGAEGAA: Possible propositions.
24 AINMOA: Fruit free of fats and rich in carbohydrates. In remote epochs the basic nutrient of UMMO man.
25 AINNAOXOO: ? (sic).
26 AIODIWOA: The Creation (as distinct from a personified being).
27 AIOODI: Living being.
28 AIOOYAAIODI: Dimensional entity.
29 AIOOYA AMIEE: To exist outside of space time.
30 AIOOYA IBONEE: Cosmic radiations, existent.
31 AIOOYA 0: To exist within space-time.
32 AIOYAA: To exist within the three dimensions.
33 AIOYAA AMMIEE UAA: Being not existent in the Cosmos.
35 AMMIOXOO: moral evil.
36 ANAUANAA: Axial column of the Xaabi (house structure).
37 ANAUGAA: Tree species of UMMO.
38 ASNEUIDAA: Certain central equipment.
39 AUWOA SAAOOA: Largest lake on UMMO, called "Little Sea of God".
40 AXEESII: 36.77 cubic millimeters
41 AYIYAA: Toroidal cabin of the UMMO spaceships.
42 AYIYAA OAYUU: Floating ring-shaped cabin for the crew of their spaceships.
43 AYUBAA: Network, structure, web.
44 AYUBAAEWAA: Theory or science of aggregates which studies the behavior of interrelated aggregates.
45 AYUBAA OYOALAADAA: Reticular network of conduits in the makeup of their spaceships.
46 AYUYISAA: Social network.
47 AYUU: Network.
48 AYUU WADDOSOOIA: Communications.
49 BAAIGO EIXAE: Decoders.
50 BAAYIODOVII: Flora and fauna.
51 BAAYIODUU: Series of 86 atoms of Krypton.
53 BAYODI GOO: ontology.
54 BIAEMOOXEA: Network of neurons.
55 BIAEYEE IUEOO DOO: Physiological body, or physical molecular bases of the body. Organs of memory.
56 BIAGOO DOAWAA: Microlenses.
57 BIAMOAXII: Biological structure unknown to terrestrials.
58 BIEEGOO: Series of integrated factors of mental capacity.
59 BIEEUIGUU: Psychobiology.
60 BIEEUNNIEO: Psycho-neurologist.
61 BIEEWIA: Psycho-technical tests.
62 BIEEWIGUU: Psychophysiology.
63 BIEWIGUU AGOYEE: Psychobiological controller.
64 BUAWAIGAAI: Perception.
65 BUUAE BIEE: Telepathic impulses.
66 BUUAWAA: Soul.
67 BUUAWAA BAAIOO: Spirit of the living being.
68 BUUAWAM IESEE OA: Subconscious.
69 BUUAWA OEMII: The soul of man.
70 BUUAWEE BIAEEI: Collective human spirit.
71 BUUAWOEMII: Coupling of the soul with the human organism.
72 BUUA XUU: Psy-sphere.
73 BUUTZ: motor.
74 DIEWEE: Computer base.
75 DIIO: Titanium.
DIIUYAA: Krypton.
DOA DOEE: Protamines.
DOROO: Acusto-optical film recording both sound and images.
DOROOUIAAIE: 'Thonoteques" or libraries of sound recordings.
DUll: Ring, or equatorial crown surrounding their spaceships.
DUO: 1.7333 kilograms mass.
DU Ol OIYOO: Topical connecting language.
EAYODII GOO: ontology.
EBAYAA:To love.
EDDIO LAIYAA: Type of mental illness on UMMO.
EDDIO NAAU: Dissociation of the personality.
EDDIO UNNIAXII: The mentally retarded.
EDDIO WE: Illness analogous to terrestrial paranoia.
EDDOIBOOI: Without definite work. Retired.
EESEE OA: Subconscious.
EESEOEMII: Thinking entity.
EESEOEMI IGIO: Thinking being.
EEWEANIXOO OOE: Hermetic protective suit.
EFIEEDI: Aquatic plant.
EIDIIU: Angles.
EIWOO OINNA: Knife, type of cutter.
ENMOO: metric unit of UMMO (1.8736658... mts).
ENMOO EE: 3.5 m2 square meters.
ENNAEOI: Central body of the superstructure of their spaceships.
ENNOI: Turret or cupola structure atop their ships (of UMMO).
ENNOI AGIOOA: Cupola assembly.
ENNOII AGIOAA: Protuberance of the base of their ships.
EXAABI: Bathroom.
EYALOOWA: member of the UMMOAELEWE or Central Government of UMMO.
GAA: Square.
GAA ONMAEI: Viewing screen of their computer.
GEE: Man.
GIAA DAlI: Porous sheets of cloths.
GIAXAA EDAAU: Nebulas of our Universe.
GIIXAA YUXAA: Synthetic nutritional product.
GIUDUUDAA EEWE: Kind of porous cloak, an item of dress.
GOOAIE SAWA: Bean of high energy microwaves which destroy the ISIAGEE IA (Nerve centers of the brain).
GOODAA: Liquid state of matter.
GOONNIOADOO: Special state of matter which is neither solid, liquid nor gas.
118 GUU: Chrome Steel.
119 IAI: Perfumes, aromas.
120 IAI KEAI: The Art of mixing aromatic essences.
121 IAIKEATTUXAA: Spectacular competition of perfume mixtures.
122 IAI YIEKEAI: women who mixes essences.
123 IAOOI: Receptacle in which to take liquid nourishment.
124 IA SAAOOA: Lake on UMMO.
126 IAXAABI: Bedroom, sleeping chamber.
127 IBOAAYANOA: quantic base.
128 IBOAAYA NUUIO: quantic.
129 IBOAAYA OU: Photon, quantum of energy.
130 IBOAYAA GOOA: Self-contained photonic amplifiers.
131 IBOO: Point or node of a distributing network.
132 IBOONEE: Cosmic rays.
133 IBOZOO: Point or node of a network.
134 IBOZOO AIDAA: Central particle inverter installed in the Ummites spaceships.
135 IBOZOO DAO: node
136 IBOZOO UU: model of elemental physical entity.
137 IBOZOO WOO: Instantaneous positions occupied by electrons at every subatomic level.
138 IDIA GIIDI: Milk for seasoning.
139 IDIA OIXIJ: Fat-containing milk of OIXIIXII (flying mammal of UMMO.)
140 IDUGOO: nutration.
141 IDUIROO: Cytosine.
142 IDUUWII AYI I: Propulsory equipment of their ships.
143 IDUUWIIO: Propulsion.
144 IENXOODINAA: Layer crystallized in the form of a hexagonal mosaic in the skin of the UMMO Spacecraft
145 IEVOOXOODINNAA: Internal lining of the XOODINNAA.
146 IEYIOBAA: Planet of Group of 70 of Ofiuco (a body of planet)
147 IGJAAYUYIXAA: Educational plan.
148 IGIOI: Freedom.
149 IGIO UALEEXII: The consciousness of my "Self".
150 IGOOA ENMEE: Genes, hereditary characteristics.
151 IGOO NOOI: Abrasive hurricanes loads with sand, very dangerous
152 IGUU: Plant similar to the fern.
153 IGUUXOO: Black paste.
154 IITOA: External zone enveloping UMMO ships.
155.IIWOAE: Generate, create.
156 IMAAUII: Sewer, drain, sink.
IMMAA: hermetic hatches or hatchways providing access to their spacecraft, entry doors.
INAIE DUIO: Laws or decrees.
INAYUYIXAA: Expeditionier.
INNO VIAAXOO: Infantile.
INOWII: Fruit having a yellow pulp.
IOAWOO: Angle formed by two axes.
IOAXUAXAA: ? (sic).
IOGAARAA: Phosphoric Acid.
IOIXOINOIYAA: Geological concavities.
ISIAGEE IA: Nerve centers of the brain.
IUAGAROO: Thyrnine (nucleotide).
IUMMA: Sun of Ummites.
IUMMASNEII: Solar energy plant.
IVOOROO: Guanine (nucleotide).
IWO: Procreation.
IXIMOO: Special proteins.
IXOIAROO: Adenine (nucleotide).
IXOOURRA: Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).
IYOAEE BOO: modules (for computers) based on chemico-nuclear reactions on a microphysical scale.
KEOYEEOO XAIUU: Magnetic compensation.
KOOAE: 8.71 kilometers, unit of measure.
NAANAA: Tpical trees on UMMO.
NAAXUNII: Device to wash the hands while eating.
NEAA: Nebula of our Universe.
NIAAIODOUI KEEAI: Art of arranging plants and rocks aesthetically.
NIIO AA: Atom, chemical molecule.
NI 10 ADOGOOI: System of anti-abrasion protection of the ships of UMMO.
NIIO ADOUAXOO: Ionizing cells.
NIIUAXOO: Data receiving or transmitting channel, telemetry.
NOA: Scholars, students.
NOAUIW: School period.
NOIA UEWA: Former means of transportation on UMMO.
NOI OAI: Psi function.
NOI OULOO: Histones.
NOOLAWE: Large scientific laboratories.
NUAEL: Pole of Ummo, polar area.
NUUDAIAA: Piping, tubing ducting.
NUUGII: Traveling receptacles.
NUUGI IADUU: Gelatinous cylinders.
NUYAA: Toroidal tanks of oxygenated water and molten Lithium.
OACAWA OEW OEWEA: The most important river of UMMO.
200 OAG OEII: Type of volcano.
201 OAIOOYAA: Proposition having the value of "Truth".
202 OAIOOYA AMMIE: Proposition having the value of "True, outside of the Cosmos".
203 OAIOOYEEDOO: Proposition having the value of "False".
204 OANEEA IAWA OAI: Malady which deranges the Psi faculties.
205 OANEEAOYIOOYO: Telepathic transmission.
206 OASION OEI: A volcano of UMMO.
207 OAWOENII: To be in resonance.
208 OAWOENNIUU: nuclear resonance.
209 OAWOO: Dimension, axis.
210 OAWOOLEAIDAA: Change of dimension, inversion of the mass of their spaceships.
211 OAWOOLEA UEWA OEMM: Spaceships of UMMO, Starships.
212 OAWOOLEIBOZOO: Inversion into another three-dimensional system
213 OBXANWAII: Routines.
214 ODAWAA: Collapse or decline.
215 ODU GOOA: nucleic amplifiers.
216 OEBUMAEOEMII: Four dimensional man.
217 OEE: Suspension, Floatation.
218 OEMBUUAW: Somatopsychic link.
219 OEMII: Man, human body.
220 OEMIIABII: hominization.
221 OEMIIGIIA: Perfect man or superman.
222 OEMM: Interplanetary, sidereal, from spherical mass to spherical mass.
223 OEMMIOYAGAA: Man of the Earth.
224 OEMMIUEWA: Apparatus adaptable to the body, allowing travel through the air to a maximum height of some 56 meters, a flying belt.
226 OEUDEE: Biopathology.
227 OGIAA: Great leaders.
228 OGIIA: Chief, leader.
229 OGOKOOA: Highways, roads.
230 OIBIIA: Oil extract from a marine animal.
231 OIWI: Year.
232 OIXIIXII: Flying mammal of UMMO.
233 OIYOYOIDAA: Form of expressing ideas through codified repeat.
234 OMGEEYIEE: Marriage, married couple.
235 ONAUDO OXA XUU: Arborescences.
236 ONAWO UII: Teaching centers with board and lodging.
237 ONAWO WUA: University for the study of mathematics.
238 OOBO: 1.733 kilograms mass.
239 OOGIXUUA: meat from a reptile of UMMO.
240 OOLEEA: To penetrate, to pass from one physical medium to another
241 OOLGAA GOO: Physics of the structure of Matter.
242 OOLGA WAAM: Physics and cosmology.
243 OORGAOWI: central power source of UMMO.
244 OOXENNUU: Extensors of supporting feet, landing gear extension.
245 OOYIA: Sun. Star of small mass.
246 OREEAU: Galaxy of Andromeda.
247 OUDEXIENOO: monoliths of porous rock.
248 OUMBOOBUUA: mental assets of service.
249 OUMBOOMI IA: Assets in the form of services.
250 OUMDAA DOAA: Consumer goods.
251 OUMWI AA: Equipment assets.
252 OUMYASAAII: Real estate, space, etc.
253 OXOOIAEE: Annular chain of IBOZOO UU.
254 OXUO KEAIA: Type of sports, games.
255 OYAA: Planet.
256 OYAEBEEM: Planet of the Universe situated years distance.
257 OYAGAA: A cold star, a planet, Earth.
258 OYAGAAWOA: Jesus Christ.
259 OYAUMME: Star of our galaxy.
260 OYAUMMEEI: Group 70 of Ofiuco (Serpentaire).
261 OYAWIIA: A planet of our Universe.
262 OYISAA DOAA: Camp.
263 TAAU: Paragraphs.
264 TAXEE: Gelatinous mass.
265 TAXEE XUANOO: Transvasing of gelatinous substance.
266 TOOKAAIA: Planet of our Universe.
267 UAA: moral law or legislation with executive effects.
268 UAMI I GODAA: Liquid food, Kind of soup.
269 UAMII GOOINUU: Solid foods.
270 UAMIIOWODO: Intra-arterial nutrition.
271 UAMI IXAABI: Dining room and kitchen, indistinguishably.
272 UAMIIXANM)): Automatic kitchen programmed with Titanium memory.
273 UAXOO: Receptor, receiver.
274 UAXOOAXOO: Shielded detection and emitting equipment.
275 UAXOO lAS: Receptor No. 1.
276 UAXOO lEN: Receptor No. 2.
277 UBOO: Agnosticism.
278 UEWAA: Vehicle, ship.
279 UGUUAXIIA: Certain Shrub of UMMO.
280 UIW: Unit of time on UMMO: equivalent to 3.092 minutes.
281 UIWIIOO: Instant.
282 ULAAYANA NAE: A sort of painted photographs.
283 UMMO: The name of the extraterrestrial visitor's home planet.
284 UMMOAA: ? (sic).
285 UMMOALELWE: Central Government of UMMO, composed of 3 persons.
286 UMMOAELEWEANII: Subcouncil.
287 UMMOAELEWEE OA: Council of UMMO.
288 UMMOEMMI: Mankind native to UMMO.
289 UMMOGAEOAO DII: Professional psycho-technical evaluation.
290 UMMOGAIAO DA: Formula for identity.
291 WMMQGAIAO DI: Professional coefficient.
292 UMMOTAEEDA: Infantocracy.
293 UMMOWOA: Man-God of UMMO, comparable to our Jesus Christ.
294 UNAWO OUDEE ANII: university of Biopathology.
295 UNAWO UII: Center of polytechnical instruction.
296 UNIEYAA: Cebral.
297 UNIOBIGAA: Fleshy tips of the fingers.
298 UNNIEYUU: Neurologist.
299 UNNIOGOAYUU XE: Primary circular reactions.
300 UNNIOOGOIA: Conditioned reflexes.
301 UOUAMI I: First food of the Ummites .
302 UOUORAA: Ribonucleic acid (RNA).
303 UOXOO DINNAA: Surface layer of the membrane of the Ummites spaceships
URAA: Official chronicles.
URAAIWO: Specialists in ovulation.
USAAGIXOO: Isodynanic states (folds) of cosmic space.
USADAADAU: Laboratory on UMMO.
UUDUA GOO: Deoxyribose sugar.
UUEIN GAA EIMII: Three-dimensional visualizers of images.
UUGEEYIE: Children.
UUIDDAO UYOAA I I0: Volcano region of UMMO.
UULABOIYU:? (sic).
UULAYANA HAl: Electro-photography.
UULEWA:Detector spheres or globes which go to any height.
UULIBOOA: Equivalent of the Polar Auroras of Earth.
UULIBOO DEE: Calibre of the order of 8 microns.
UULNII: Channels of information.
322 UULODOO: Image-capturing camera.
323 UULOOAXAABI: room of houses where three-dimensional images are seen on a spherical screen.
324 UULUAXOO: ? (sic).
325 UULWA AGIADAA: Kind of visor used in radiometal-lograiphy.
326 UULWA AGIADAA EEWE: Kind of work blues, very showy, uniform.
327 UULXOODII OEMM: System permitting the optical registering of stars at great distances.
328 UUWUUA lEES: Tetravalorized mathematical logic.
329 UUXAEEMOI: Drug.
330 UUYABOO WEAM: Nebular group of our Universe.
331 UUYI: Psychic factors.
332 UUYIEE: Small girl.
333 UWAAM: Anticosmos (Antiuniverse)
334 UWOOS: ? (sic).
335 UXGIGIAM ONNOXOO: Folding of space.
336 UXGIGIIAM WAAM: Real physical space.
337 UXIIGIIAM: Pluridimensional space.
338 UYI ABEE: Planetary system some 38,607.46 light years distant.
339 UYOOALADAA: Vascular network through whose conduits flows some kind of liquefiable metallic alloy.
340 UYOOXIGEE: Ceramic product.
341 UYUUNOODII: Wind of cosmic particles.
342 VAAVAWE: Equator.
343 WAALI: 12 (raise in 4,3 power) light years = UMMO unit of astronomical length.
344 WAAM: Cosmos.
345 WAAMDI SAIAYA: Coordinating center of the Cosmos.
346 WAAMIAAYO: Point of beginning of a single coordinate.
347 WAAM TOA: History of Cosmology.
348 WAAAUA ODEU: Thinkers or philosophers.
349 WAAMWAAM: Pluricosmos.
350 WADOOSSOIA: Traffic of information.
351 WAEELEWIE WOAT: Thorium C isotope.
352 WIIWAAI: Sort of drain or sump to transmute chemical elements into gases of low atomic number.
353 WIIWIIAA: Wind storms.
354 WIIXIIO: Insects similar to ants.
355 WQA: God, It that generates.
356 WOALAA OOLEASS: Theology and philosophy.
357 WOALAOLOO: Theologians, priests, Religious philosophers.
358 WOIOA: Foambed.
359 WOI WOI: Sleep.
360 WOIWOI EEASEE: hypnosis
361 WOIWOIXAABI: Chamber for meditation or sleeping.
362 WOODOO: much feared former police that existed on UMMO.
363 WUA: Mathematics.
364 WUA WAAM: Mathematics of physical space.
365 WUUNUA: Tonic condiment.
366 XAABI: House.
367 XAABIUANNAA: Combination of rooms of a house.
368 XAAXADOO: Chromosomes.
369 XANMOO AYUBAA: Network of computers.
370 XANMOO ISOO AYdBAA: 120 computers.
371 XANMOO USII: Computer.
372 XANMOO XOOGUU: Arterial computer of their spaceships.
373 XANWAABUASII BEEO AO: Gigantic computer central.
374 XANWAABUASII DIIO: Titanium memories
375 XANWAADUUASII: memory unit.
376 XAXOOU: Seat.
377 XEE: UMMO year (212 UMMO days).
378 XEEUMMO: 18 XEE.
379 XII: 600,0117 UIW. It equals an UMMO day, or 30.92 Earth hours.
380 XIIXIA: To love sexually.
381 XOODINAADOO: Underlying layer of colloidal platinum of the UOXOODINNAA (surface skin of the spacecraft).
382 XOODINNAA: Protective surface shield of the spaceships.
383 XOODIUMMO: Physical strata composing the Planet.
384 XOODIUMMO: Connected strata.
385 XOOGUU AYUBAA: Complicated arterial system of their spaceships
386 XOOIMAA UYI I: Equipment for geological sounding.
387 XUU: Phylum or branches.
388 XUUXAUIW USUIW: Isochronal clocks of high precision.
389 YAA: Storage tube.
390 YAA OOXEE: mercury tank.
391 YAAXAIUU: Magnetic cavity.
392 YAEDINNOO: Small storage chambers of ceramic product.
393 YEDDO AYUU: System of travel without regular routes or organization, random exploring.
394 YIEE: Waman.
395 YI IEAGAA: Technique unknown on Earth for conserving a biological structure at los temperature. (Cryogenics comes closest)
396 YIISA 00: Happiness, intimate satisfaction, moral goodness.
397 YOAXAA: Surgical table.
398 YONNIANNAA: Cylindrical structure terminating in two ogives.
399 YOOXAO: Piston.
400 YOYGOAAXOO: Small conduits.
401 YUUWAA UXII: Penal settlement.
402 YUUXIIO: Toroidal equipment on their spaceships for the control
403 YUXIDOO: Equipment modifying the profile of dynamic gradients in gaseous layers.



we have made this trip in order to study your culture. we come from UMMO and do not intend to do you any harm, rest assured.

we come from UMMO and have arrived on our UMMO expeditionary ships.

we come from UMMO. we need food urgently.

This greenish planet seems to float in space.

man exists within the three dimensions.

God exists outside of space-time.

Soul exists outside of space-time.

No phonemes have been found beginning with the following Earth letters: C, F, H, J, L, M, P, Q, R, S, and Z. however, in some of the words discovered, various of these same letters do in fact appear.






Maxima equatorial radius

Minimum polar radius

Mass of the planet

Axis inclination

Rotation on its axis

Gravity acceleration

Dry land surface

Distance to its Sun

Duration of the year

Diameter of the planet

Eccentricity of orbit

6,378.388 km

6,356.912 km

5,979 trillion mt

23° 27' 30"

24.38 hours

9.81 m/s2


149,504,000 km

365 days

12,756,776 km


7,251.608 km

7.016.091 km
9,360 trillion mt

18° 39' 56.3"

30.92 hours

11,88 m/s2


99,600,000 km

212 days

14,503,215 km










5,7850 Kelvin




4,580.30 Kelvin




According to the visitors from UMMO, their star IUMMA might be the one now registered by terrestrial scientists as WOLF 424 in the Constellation of VIRGO. Its characteristics are:

  • Right ascension 12 hours, 31 minutes, 14 seconds

  • Declination +9° 18' 7''

  • Absolute visual magnitude 14.3

  • Apparent visual magnitude: Between 12 and 13

  • Spectrum type M

UMMO is a water planet with a molten core, a relatively thin crust and a secondary atmosphere very much like that of Earth. It has most of the kinds of life on its surface though considerably less variety in species. Its humanity is similar to that of Earth.


One 'contactee', incidentally, has stated that a large 'space port' does in fact exist in a network of caverns deep below present-day Death Valley.

In reference to this we will quote from a 'synopsis' of the experiences of Brazilian 'contactee' Jefferson Souza, as it appeared in a catalog put out by the UFO LIBRARY (11684 Ventura Blvd. #708., Studio City, CA 91604). Many of the individuals referred to in this catalog, which offers taped interviews or lectures describing their encounters, are either 'contactees' who have had friendly encounters with the so-called 'Nordic' or human-like beings who pilot many of the 'alien' craft; or who have been 'abducted' by the more manipulating and predatory 'Gray' or 'saurian' entities.


Quoting from their description of Mr. Souza's experiences:

"Reaction to the first sighting of a UFO is unpredictable. Jeff Souza had his first contact in 1979 when he was only 13. The memory of it was tucked away in the recesses of his mind. Twenty alien contacts during the next 10 years never fully restored the image. But those years were filled with excitement that would result in one of the most inspirational stories of alien contact ever recorded.

"The young Brazilian was possessed of intelligence and intuition. He studied and managed to complete one semester of medical school before giving up his formal education.

"In contact with two races of extraterrestrials, Jeff has met them in Brazil, Argentina and the United States. But where they occurred is unimportant when compared to the depth and cope of what he learned.

"The gentle VEGANS and the business-like Ummites taught Souza more than he could ever imagine about technology and life on all planets. He was transported aboard a spaceship by LIGHT (anti-gravity rays? - Branton) and taken to other planets and (other) parts of the world. On one such trip he suffered an unusual reaction - all his hair fell out. His watch broke at every contact.

"Jeff Souza has been questioned by experts in the field of alien contact. He has been clinically regressed through hypnotism to the time of his first contact but the answers came only in Portuguese. At that age, Jeff could not speak English.

"The details he has learned are awe inspiring. Answers to questions about time, space, matter, energy, life and spirituality easily rolled from his tongue. All prompted by the alien contacts of his past and present.


"There is a final precaution from his contacts - we must all learn the lessons given to Jeff Souza because we are destroying our planet and if we don't change, not even the friendly aliens will be able to save us."

We see here then a definite connection between the subterranean of the Death Valley region, which is reportedly inhabited by the neo-Grecian (?) Hav-musuvs and the human societies in 'Vega' and 'Ummo', which as we shall see later on, according to other contactees, are "Federated" with other human colonies or civilizations in Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani, Alpha Centauri, the Pleiades and elsewhere.

Although Jefferson Souza claims to have encountered the Ummo People in landed craft, the Vegans are the ones who allowed him to travel on their craft most often. It was also the Vegans who showed him the MASSIVE basing complex below Death Valley, which contained chambers miles in diameter and numerous compartmentalized sectors which had been adapted to meet the gravitational, atmospheric and environmental needs of the various Federation world representatives who use the base as a way-station for their operations on earth. Apparently the Hav-musuvs have been VERY BUSY for the last few thousand years, if we are to believe Souza's account.

In addition to the above, Souza learned of two other alien species that are in conflict to some extent with the humanoids with whom he maintained contact. One of these includes an "insectoid" type race, while the other is reptilian. The latter consists of a tall, very reptilian-saurian appearing "master" race to which the shorter reptilian "Grays" are subservient.


There are at least three types of "Grays", according to Souza: those that reproduce via egg-hatcheries, those that reproduce via cloning, and those that reproduce via polyembryony.


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