by Noel Huntley


Excerpted from "ETs and Aliens "
from GoogleBooks Website

Spanish version



We are becoming more aware that, what we might call spiritual life pervades all aspects and facets of the universe in abundance - even our solar system is teeming with life.

Moreover, physical matter is an expression of the same energy - it simply has different limitations, programs and purposes. Everything is alive.

Our universe will have a creator who brought about the experiment of our universe. The universe, however, will also be a natural entity (an energy unit) in itself of great wisdom and knowingness, just as our planet Earth has/is Mother Earth.


In addition, the universe has a logos; a vastly developed conscious entity/personality which has taken on the task of directing and monitoring the activities within the universe.

There are different creator/entity levels just as administration and management occurs in a company organization in which the manager level will operate within the greater integration of the executive level, which will operate within the presidential level.


The real and only difference is that in the pyramid company organization the relation between managers, executives, and president is still a linear layout, but in the structure of the universe and life, it is nonlinear (a true withinness).

In Dr. Stone's book The Complete Ascension Manual there is reference to a Creator level of 51 universes - our universe inclusive. Each has a different theme; our universe has the theme 'courage'.


This Creator has 51 cosmic days and each universe lasts a cosmic day of 4.3 billion years; each breath lasts 10 million years (expansion and contraction). Sometimes a universe plan is not working out and it will be withdrawn (wound down). Fortunately ours is apparently doing well and has over a billion years to go.

The Urantia Book (book of Earth) authored by 196 spiritual beings is abundant in information on creator and universal entities. There are gigantic entities who have been created for specific purposes. They have little or no evolution but could communicate intelligently on their expertise function - somewhat reminiscent of the devas on Earth.

There are, for example, countless Energy Transformers.


They are described as powerful and effective living switches. They are able to insulate planets against the powerful energy streams passing between gigantic starry neighbors. They maintain universal energy balance and power equilibrium, and they appear to fluctuate from storing energy to exuding and liberating it. They can regulate the energy potential of any realm to which they are assigned but deal only with physical and semi-material energies.

The Energy Transformers are referred to as the most remarkable and mysterious of all semi-material living creatures.


The status of physical realms can be made to undergo a transformation under their skilful manipulations; they can change the form and potential of energies. Unfortunately examples are beyond our scientific understanding and even in most cases our mental concepts.

Similar entities in this group of physical and semi-physical controllers are the following examples, though in these cases there can be no two-way communication.


They can understand but cannot respond except by way of their function.

  • Other entities, the Energy Transmitters, are skilful dispatchers of energy for the individual worlds. They can link in chains to direct energy appropriately and they are living superconductors. They can manifest energy in different forms making distant scenes 'visible' or distant sounds 'audible'. They are particularly valuable to planets having an impoverished atmosphere.


  • The Primary Associators are masterly energy conservators and custodians. They work on a gigantic scale converting energies of space and also store energy during excesses. They manipulate universal codes like we utilize the alphabet to create different meanings. They are an order of life beyond human imagination.

  • The Secondary Dissociators are alchemists of space and wonder-workers of time. They are concerned with the evolution of a form of energy unknown to us, and the administration of endless supplies of physical energies.


  • Another entity in this class is the Frandalanks, whose numbers are beyond imagination. They are also referred to as intelligent machines. They function as living automatic pressure and velocity gauges registering the status of all forms of energy. These entities are subordinate to the supreme power centers; beings of greater intelligence and positions of control.

On a somewhat more tangible level we might include in our brief list a group of beings, referred to in the Explorer books, who coordinate and synchronize time (some places in the galaxy utilize time, such as planet Earth).


The information came from one of these beings, who we might consider in the category of assistants to the Creator, by the name Kazant (see 'Kazant - A Timekeeper'). There are only five of these personalities but they have cloned about 1400 to maintain their planet's technology.


Their planet is about three times ours in size and a great distance from our galaxy - though no doubt in a different frequency spectrum since Kazant refers to eleven dimensions. Nevertheless they use bodies of humanoid appearance since they work with humans frequently but don't walk about, only float, and they do not eat or sleep, etc.

They live in their planet at the centre of which is a crystal of 675 facets and is three miles in diameter. It enables them to study locations and civilizations.


They regulate time in the third, fourth, fifth dimensions, and sixth to some degree (and sometimes the second dimension). They know everything about these places by looking through the right facet where they regulate time but do not interfere. They are fully occupied dealing with time throughout many galaxies.

Kazant then gives an exercise to invest the reader with the fourth-dimensional time coefficient but only experientially - not the formula, which he says, some would like to use to slow down your time (it is speeding up and must for man to ascend).

He states that the natural color of our blood is green, as it would be without oxygen (if one could live without it) and that oxygen makes life a struggle (other channels have pointed out that it 'rusts'). The skin would also be green and the relationship with reptilians would become apparent.

Kazant states that as far as he can remember he was created to do this work.


In our years and linear time he refers to 3.25 trillion years ago when subtle types of life forms began. Records were kept by advanced machine-crystal technology before Kazant and team took over to provide better record keeping. Kazant with a sense of humor says he may take a couple of weeks off in a couple of trillion years and maybe go to Mars for a holiday; sit down in the sand and drink a cold root beer.

The faceted crystal gives the total past and future potentials of any given place. The crystal is regulated to bend light to the appropriate time sequence and also light sequence. He apologizes for defining the word 'light' by itself (in the last sentence). The crystal then picks the most benevolent future, except when the race is intended to pick its own future, and attention is then given to light focus.

Kazant states that all work is play to them. They are beings who appear to specialize in constructing humanoid forms. They state they are the founders of the Sirius system and they create forms to fit the need of beings in the various worlds.

Prior to the human race they were informed (presumably by other creators) of the need of a humanoid shape to enable souls to explore physical life through a greater interaction with it. It was their job to create a body form which would have to fend for itself. Humans were made vulnerable to maximize consequences.

Their world is located about 600 thousand light years from Sirius in our universe (this would be a linear interpretation and their world would be in other dimensions). They say our universe is not circular but more like a stretched out oval.

They were instructed by Creator's instructors to include in the human, certain body components not actually for normal survival. These additions related to social evolution as well as spiritual.


For example, the bones were designed hollow so that breakages would occur more easily, and the human would learn from this in a world of consequences.


Even more extraordinary, the bones contain a marrow which can give off 'gold light'. This is released during certain social and spiritual celebrations but not for an individual. This process sustains and supports worthy group goals.

Their race is referred to as Chefah and they are not in a solar system or galaxy; nor does their planet spin. They would appear as balls of light, and the translation of their name is given as speaks with light or way-shows of light. They also create other forms, for example, the living diamond portal, which can be utilized like a vehicle; that is, step into it and direct it by imaging the destination.


They point out that one's state of mind must prove to the portal that the journey is a loving, worthy one - the portal lives on love. They say the first bodies they created were on Zeta Reticuli - a very old species.

They live inside their planet and the numbers vary from about 100 to 10,000 but can be millions depending on the fragmentation of core personalities. They are happy to do the same kind of work for eternity and state one never gets tired of unconditional love.

The Explorer Race books cover a variety of creator beings. The avatar of sea creatures is a wisdom keeper to work with and instruct these creatures. This being arrived on our planet a million years ago, and came as a 'warm current'. In this way the being could pass through sea creatures that did not readily absorb thoughts but could absorb feelings.

It was this avatar's job to prepare such species to behave like animals - they (the 'animals') didn't know what animals were before coming to Earth. They learned not to look humans in the eye since this was a sign of being equal and the purpose of these higher intelligences from other planets was to function as animals for humans. This took 100,000 years.

Prior to this work the being states it existed in a condensed light matrix that is still present on the ninth-dimensional Earth. The being states he now helps the creatures leaving the planet that are making a soul journey back to their appropriate planet since their work is done - hence sometimes the so-called beaching of whales and porpoises.

Another communication is from a messenger of dimension makers (the dimension makers agree the messenger would do a better job in the translation of information). The messenger explains that the concept for creation comes first then the creation of the dimension.

The messenger goes by the name Quatsika and briefly explains the difficulties with our dimensions (third). He states it had to be 'thick' to slow us down; the planet had to hold an atmosphere of many gases. It had to have doorways to other dimensions - it is riddled with them compared with other planetary dimensions. He says its amazing how it holds together.


Many of these portals come and go. They enable spirits to come in to view our dimension - which is referred to as an 'odd place'. (Note that a spiritual doorway has a similar geometry to black holes.)


He referred to the dimensions within our planet as going up to 25 or so, but are potential at these higher numbers, and there are not many planets in general at these levels since they are generally not required.

The messenger describes the difficulty the dimensional overlord had in creating and holding together our dimensions due to the fact that the human is mainly an unconscious being and more must be done by others in this process.

Quaksika's job is to bring messages from dimensional overlords to Creators. He has no specific form but states he is a consciousness 'spread' everywhere he's been, and is part of our consciousness - he doesn't travel; messages pass along him. He explains the nature of the 'veil of forgetfulness' which we pass through when we incarnate on Earth.


It does not have polarity but a 'null charge', otherwise we could pass through, which only occurs at death. Nevertheless at this time holes in the veil are becoming frequent as we near ascension and have to be kept regulated.

This next Creator entity introduces itself by relating its creation of a desert planet as a rejuvenation rest place for a race of powerful empaths. These beings were so powerfully empathic that although their life span was about 700-800 of our years they became overloaded with negativity after some 70-80 years of their life.


This would occur from planets such as Earth. They then simply went into a dormant state. Thus this special planet it created, which is totally desert, can recover a being's comfort and clarity and they can be spiritually renewed in hours.

This Creator also adds that if we spent up to three days in our deserts (and make ourselves comfortable) we would benefit. The desert property has the ability to draw from one all that is not necessary for existence (such as discomforts).

The entity states that, with a few others, it had the primary function of moving at great velocity, form different sounds and shapes, and help to create a rhythmic resonance between the 9th and 11th dimension. It used to be a round-about way from the 9th to the 11th because of a significant difference between the two. The 10th dimension is a natural barrier protecting the 11th and above.

This being continues to explain its fantastic creation, one of which is the desert planet mentioned above, but is only one of 17 planets. This creation is described as greater than our universe but containing only 17 planets, motionless with space around them three times as dense as the planets. They thus cannot be interfered with and are all as pristine as when new.

Each of these planets performs a unique and individual function for healing and problem solving.


One of these planets can process negative energy. This was done in the case of the small negative Sirian planet. This planet imploded and by means of 'distillation' and 'condensation' processes, the matter and negative energy was recycled and converted to positive energy and made available for further creations.

This Creator has about 200 emissaries working in service on these 17 planets, some are 'spawned ' from this being. Most of them are quantum masters and can take any form when approaching other civilizations. They could be a dandelion or a star.

Only one of these planets relates to the human reality - the desert one - though he briefly treats us to another one, not completely unfamiliar to the more knowledgeable humans on Earth.

The entity explains that this planet has no motion - it is suspended in time. This is necessary for healing those aggrieved in some way. They are invited one at a time and become the whole planet, where it is possible to examine all that one is and see what needs to be done. This might be necessary even for a creator who has taken on too much responsibility.

The next entity is a 'shape-maker of portals'.


Its primary job is to coordinate the right color, vibration and harmonics for portal and doorway entrances. The purpose is to enable specific individuals from certain times to access the portal - and to prevent others. For example, round portals must be perfectly circular. The slightest flaw would enable other consciousness to enter -  even portions of planets, such as atmospheres to leak through to the other side.

The second dimension is used to make the portal move discreetly. However, viewed from the front it has depth, color, motion and what looks like bar codes with a not dissimilar function.

The being explains that if you see one of these portals, and others don't, it means it is for you to use, but if you approach and it moves back it may not be for you. Don't rush it; it is alive.

The Creator explains that many portals are seen at night and are mistaken for a light such as in a neighbor's window. Sometimes the portals, however, are used to pass something into our system or remove something.

Portals can be used for people who become stuck, such as Earth-bound spirits having died unexpectedly or traumatically. The diamond portal is the best of these examples. It allows very quick access and the transit distance is short in order to free the stuck person.

Another portal is spiral shaped. This is for beings who are going from many to become one, or vice versa, for example when an individual is forming several chains of lives - different incarnations of the individual. It can also be used for mass purposes.

This principle can also be used for creating more dimensions of, say, a planet. It is passed through a spiral. A soul could also do this, creating as many 'braids' as necessary - in a multiplicity of dimensions. Portals can be specially tailored for something, say, an individual or a flock of birds, etc.

We have briefly mentioned the Heart Council in earlier chapters.



Note: The 'Heart Council' apparently did not agree with the Creator (and the Council of Nine) of our human species experiment and its plan for humans to become
involved in exploring all facets of fragmented and low-frequency energies, including all expressions of negativity - it foresaw the massive suffering.



The purpose of this council is to oversee the applications of love energy as focused through the heart centre of all beings. It does not control, only supports. The number of members in this council varies. There has never been more than 473 and never less than 3.


Whatever the number though they all operate as the same single mind. They simultaneously function throughout the universe and beyond but at present planet Earth has the most attention since it is the most challenging, having been cut off from heart energy. They are directing more energy at Earth than elsewhere.

The Council sends inspiration to Creators and individuals but not the message. They can direct this inspiration with great accuracy; even to a particle. They are omnipresent.

As the heart energy returns to man, Mother Earth is releasing the feminine energy. This will result in a proper recognition of suffering on this planet and an end to it.

A spokesperson for the Heart Council stated that they were not in agreement with the explorer experiment, though they understood that the solution to the negativity would not be resolved if there were heart energy (since it would bypass the negativity).


They wanted to keep discomfort below 10% and made it clear they do not support suffering even for learning purposes. Our Creator wanted us to understand every ramification of the effects of suffering, to the benefit of all civilizations in the universe.

The Heart Council explained that if a person dies before their prearranged time, such as in a suicide, they provide help for these people. They say there is no proper 'exit' for them from Earth until the set time of death, which means the premature death will result in the person being earthbound for those remaining years between early death and the later, determined one.


The Council provides what they call gold and white energy ribbons enabling the person to exit Earth to the correct dimension instead of waiting for the later time that was pre-arranged.

The Explorer material continues with channeling from the Creator of our Creator talking about our Creator - of our universe.

It says our Creator explored the inverse reality for eons of time. This inverse reality is both all that could have been and all that might be - all possibilities. But it is not the present moment that one learns about through physical reality (in which a single selection - probability - is made).

Now the human explorer race was birthed by the decision of the Creator to explore all consequences of actions. The time line was taken out of its present time (it appears) and put into a loop. (Imagine following a straight line then going into a loop but returning to the straight line where one left.)


The time within the loop is linear time giving a focus, single probability, the serial conscious mind, enabling an exploration of all consequences singularly (since there are billions of people all playing different roles to do this).


It was achieved by freezing time at this point within the universal flow in which a short period on the straight line is expanded into millions of years in the loop. The loop occurs in the inverse reality and has some similarity to the notion of turning things inside out.

The decision was bound up with the Creator's wish to move on, to expand into Its unknown territories. Once the decision was made, the Creator experienced a moment of ignorance followed by inspiration. That moment of ignorance was expanded out to form the whole of the history of the human explorer race -  the loop. Keep in mind always that a portion of this Creator 'team' is us, whether we agree with the consequences of this decision or not at our level now.


The intention was executed by the mechanism of the creation of the Council of Nine.


These are nine focusing portions of Itself (in our universe) and are the fundamental building blocks of form and substance (without them the 'twigs', in the tree of life, would not be connected to the 'trunk').


This is also the root of the mystery of the number nine. The ramifications of this mechanism were that the nine were intellectually oriented (masculine energy, like left-brain thinkers rather than right-brain); a condition suitable to represent the 'subconscious' of the Creator, housing the pockets of negativity containing the unresolved problems of billions of civilizations in the universe.


This also provided the basis for the 'fall of man' and the introduction of Lucifer to play the role of representing the negativity.

Included in the decision was the visitation of the feminine emissary (actually a vision of the nine representing the heart side of themselves) urging them to remedy the excess masculine energy - and implying it would be a disaster (presumably referring to the suffering). The Council of Nine failed to recognize the meaning of the message and the human collective experiment was allowed to be launched, based on this imbalance.

Now as we come out of the loop and back into the 4D spectrum this 'subconscious' element within the nine and the Creator and also humans, will become conscious, culminating in the resolution of negativity throughout the universe, and Creator moving on.

This included, in particular, the exploration of overuse of thought instead of feeling - and of course the consequences of this (hence the excessive masculine energy, the suppression of right-brain activity, blockage of the heart-energy centre, and inability to feel another person's suffering). At some point the human must let go of the Andromeda mind contribution and return to heart knowingness.

This loop is the millions of years of our history in which all avenues of consequences (and therefore negativity) have been explored. The New-Age movement is bringing us out of the loop.

Note that the time loop is then uncreated. The wisdom gained from it remains but not the knowledge and memory. In this way, souls will not be wounded. Pain was not meant to be immortal. The Creator of our creation reiterates much of what the Creator of the Creator previously covered.

Thus though the decision was incorrect on the smaller scale it was considered correct in the bigger picture. Nevertheless, as indicated earlier, the Heart Council did not agree, in particular, since the suffering reached extremes.

The idea for our human race and its explorations drifted in like an inspiration that the Creator couldn't allow to pass by.


Thus although the human was endowed with feelings that were basically stronger than thought or the spirit, nevertheless, appropriate to the Council of Nine's decision, man would be given an unconscious so that intellect and thought could be allowed to dominate, to learn the consequences of excess thought - including exploration of what everybody is not.


But at the same time, as a result of the now unconscious feelings, all information, experiences would be broadcast out to the whole universe. At this time, our unconscious will not receive everything from the universe. All this knowledge and wisdom would be available later as man wakes up.

Creators everywhere know what is going on with this human species experiment; one that would explore all facets of discomfort. In addition, the discomfort would drive growth of the human race at a much faster pace. We have demonstrated that control won't work and we are expressing the Creator moving beyond limits.


The past 2000 years has been allowed to be a crash course in this, resulting in greatly intensified discomfort. The purpose is for the human race to ultimately be combined into a collective that can replace the Creator as It 'moves up'; becomes more.

The human race had to be motivated to become individualized; to create the necessary separation within the collective; to want to break away (but never basically) from Creator - and eventually take over the creation but be more than this Creator.

In fact this scenario is even more fantastic. That moment of ignorance created a shadow side to the Creator and the existence of a parallel anti-universe, manifesting more negativity in the sense that we have more positivity than negativity, but the parallel anti-universe has more negativity and less positivity.


The Creator, who came from a group of other Creators, exploring ways to become more, allowed Itself to pass through a veil of ignorance and found a way to become more. Using a portion of Itself in expressing the human experiment, in which an initial state of perfection and synchronistic existence was natural (but was created without knowing how).


It allowed the race to explore all ramifications of synchronicities, including all negative ones -  like breaking down a perfect whole into parts so that the parts have to find their own way back, resulting in experiencing all paths, all unresolved problems, all mistakes and consequences, decisions, representations, copying truths, identities and the stuff of life itself.


This is why man (with educated/programmed left- brain thinking) breaks down whole (holistic) truths into 'smaller truths' and strings them together by logic in seeking to understand whole truth; however, these parts only represent the whole - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Humans, then, by evolving from the third to the fourth dimension would resolve their own dualities and uncreate the parallel anti-universe. This is taking place now.

Thus the human consciousness becomes a matrix, the essence of life itself, and therefore not only attains Creator status but also becomes the creation.


Our planet is consequently like a bottle neck between the universe and the shadow anti-universe, creating great interest throughout the universe as to whether Earth will fail in its purpose or resolve its dualities and uncreate the universe duality to the benefit of all species.

After the success of all this, the human explorer race will, as a single mind and as individuals, explore the universe and beyond, bringing wisdom in the form of an understanding of negativity and its proper place and application in the universe.

Note that within this broad description of the agenda of the human race are vital and significant other vast problems being explored, in particular, a resolution of the endless wars amongst ETs in search of the Holy Grail, mentioned in Chapter 2, to determine who will take control over Earth  - a coveted piece of 'real estate' - and its relationship with the Universal Templar Complex (reference: Anna Hayes' material.)