Not all life forms are organic!

There are metal consciousness. The Anunnaki roam the universe, looking for planets and their inhabitants to enslave. They like to take over whole systems and control them usually using very subtle and clever mind frequencies. They are very present on your planet. They are without a home as such, even though they have inhabited many planets that they have enslaved, they have no home of there own.


They are much feared throughout the universe. They control most of mankind, using frequencies they control the performance of the human brain. You see, you as humans should not think in the way that you do, you are far too rational. The Anunnaki beings brought to your planet a frequency that developed in your human biological brains a rational way of functioning. On one level this was all part of the plan, but on another level, it has been the single most harmful interaction with Extra-terrestrial beings that you have so far encountered. They in consciousness have been here for many of your earth years, but it has only been in the last modern years that their influence has really took a hold.

They are metallic consciousness; they vibrate at the same frequency as the metal that makes up your pylons and metal structures. The Anunnaki beings inspired you to build all the telegraphic poles, satellites dishes, etc. They are very useful appliances, but it is this very level of consciousness that has pushed you as a race to have no regard for the natural aspect of your planet.


They brought a frequency that developed in your brain a rational function that took over and stopped you from hearing and listening to your intuition. That is why you as a species cannot hear the intuitive voice warning you against the destroying of the planet.


The Anunnaki beings control your governments, as they are easily held in the frequency of fear. The rational way of thinking is very close in vibration to the frequency of fear. As soon as you are in fear, you cannot hear your intuitive voice anymore. The Anunnaki use the pylon and metal structures to transmit frequencies across your planet that hold you as humans in limited perspectives. The rational mind does not have any room for spirit, God or any other creative thought process.

Anyone who knows anything about geometry will recognize that these metal structures all over your planet are inspired by the Anunnaki, to be used as transmitting beacons. The whole planet is humming with this frequency. This frequency prevents astral travelers from going out further than the astral realms that cloud the planet. The Anunnaki energy holds your soul and mind in a limited zone of experience. This enslaves you as a race of beings.

The rational way of thinking does not allow for intuition, inspiration from nowhere, magic and miracles. The rational mind taken to its extreme does not allow for a concept of a God, or soul, or love, or life itself. The Anunnaki as a race of beings are here in your experience to hold you back they do not want you to ascend, they do not believe in this possibility.


They know something is going on with the universe and themselves but they do not understand the paradox. Rational minds cannot understand paradox. They have taken their perspective to the absolute extreme; they are without love, even though they do have emotional bodies. They are only capable of hate. They watch mankind very closely, they can see with their advanced equipment, humans waking up. They can detect Hybrids awakening too.!!

They want to stop you, from doing this. They are metallic consciousness, so therefore they can use the electrical equipment that is all over your planet to use as surveillance equipment; they can literally scan you and see what level consciousness you are. Those of you waking up are a threat to these beings. They want to stop you. The channel had great difficulty with these beings when she tried to upload her website, they manipulate computers.


They were the beings that inspired you to build computers. You see they can have their uses. Once the Anunnaki have healed their karma like the rest of the beings coming through your human experience, they too will be of great value to this planetary experience. They do provide a problem to mankind as they have a great hatred of your species, but love will conquer all. They know as a species they need to align also to the intent of earth, which is to shift in consciousness. Beings in the frequency of love can only do this.

The Anunnaki know that they too need to align with love, but to their cold metallic consciousness and bodies this is very frightening to them. So be patient with your Anunnaki aspects as they will need your love to walk the path they know they eventually will have to walk. The channel had quite a battle with her own fears of insanity as she integrated these beings, because remember they do not believe in this ascension process. She had to heal out layers of rational doubt and fear.


Finally she integrated her Anunnaki self, only to find the human body had reactions to its presence.


“ As they entered my body for the first time, like all the aspects before, I was very aware of the physical discomfort that it brought with it. All my teeth felt like metal rods and I could feel all the metal in my body reacting to this Anunnaki presence. Their consciousness was so full of hate; they had extremely rigid thought forms that made my body feel very stiff and uncomfortable.


I felt like I was android, I had no feeling other than a tight hatred of all things natural. The Anunnaki aspect that I was integrating was using my body and hybrid consciousness to heal out its hatred of humans and nature. For I was doing this process in the middle of a wood. I had gone to this wood with a friend to get a way from all things electrical. I was trying to upload my website for the first time and they were using all the electronic equipment in my house to attack me with their frequency and to sabotage my site. I felt like I was going insane, I had the most awful, headache in the middle of my third eye, classic Anunnaki energy attacks.


I could not remember anything spiritual, forgetting everything instantly, another classic Anunnaki energy. I felt awful. So I went to the woods. With the energies of the tree all around me, I felt safe, the Anunnaki being however was having a very hard time. He was in great fear, he kept asking questions as to what was love and would it hurt.

In those brief moments before the integration I was very aware of his level of consciousness. It was a very hard, robotic consciousness, that had great hatred to humanity. It operated only from the rational mind and had very cold thoughts indeed. It was however extremely clever, and a had a great knowledge of technology. He had realized in his deductions that if he and his race were to continue they too would have to align to the love of the universe, or risk their annihilation. They had as a race of beings took their idea of reality to its death. With great fear he stepped into my body. I began to integrate.

The positive results of such an integration was I had a great ability to learn the computer, I seemed to be able to call upon the Anunnaki aspect that I was, and he would help me with my computer problems. He as the representative of my rational mind but he was aligning to the intuitive and super conscious minds to deduct his perspective on reality.


These minds joining were giving me more scope to what knowledge I had available to me. I was using the aspect that was Anunnaki to learn about technology. The negative side was a sudden allergic reaction to almost everything. It started with an allergy to sugar, wheat, dairy products, then as the time went on I became allergic to everything that I eat. It was the Anunnaki energy that my body was allergic to. My tears were so acidic that they burnt my skin as I cried. I felt like I was really integrating an alien metallic aspect.


My allergies have since gone but if I am in an airport for too long with all that metal, they mildly come back.“

The Anunnaki have been influencing this planet for thousands of years. They are responsible for holding a frequency that allowed the rational mind to develop. They hold you and various metallic structures around the world to hold this energy. Anyone who is interested in sacred geometry will know how you can use various combinations of shapes to harness and direct energy. It is strange that these structures are very near sacred sites.


The Anunnaki use the energy of these places and harness the energy. The Anunnaki come from far in our future, realities where they have developed the rational mind so intensely that they have totally cut themselves off from their planet. They have cut themselves off from the intuition. In their world there is no such thing as love and connection to spirit. These beings have been in a parental role to mankind and like parents watching their off spring leave home, hard as it is they have to let go eventually.


The Anunnaki need the love of light beings such as yourselves to realign themselves to the love of this planet. Only through us can this be possible.

There are many beings that hold this planet in a certain type of energy. Not all of them are positive, the Anunnaki need to rebalance themselves with the rest of the selves as do the D’Naar.


“The D’Naar come from a planetary system in Orion.


They are a very dark consciousness indeed. They actively prevented Hybrids from plugging into the matrix of the planet. They plugged the two energy channels that run done the legs and connect hybrids to the planetary web. They used etherical implants to block the flow, so the hybrid would remain ungrounded and unable to pull on the energy of the planet. Many of you hybrids have spent your entire lives very ungrounded or feeling unconnected from the planet.


They wanted to prevent his planet from accessing the information in the DNA of the hybrid. The information codes contain instructions on how to ascend the planet. So you see all is correct and perfect, all meant to be. The D'Naar even though acting out from a negative perspective, were part of the divine plan too.

It is very easy to slip into the perspective of the D’Naar being all bad. Remember the idea that we should live without judgment, you are very prone to reacting from a judgmental fear -based perspective. It is very nice and simple to put the D’Naar in the dark camp and the Sirians (say) in the light camp. But there is something inherently wrong with this perspective. It is dualistic thinking, it separated perspective. In the dimensions of light above your 3rd/4th dimensional realties, there is no focus on right and wrong, good and bad.


The beings that exist on these levels do not hold anyone in the focus of judging them as to whether they are good or bad. They see them all as the oneness expressing itself, these so called good and bad acts are only experiences of soul. So you see you should not be so quick to judge the beings the D’Naar. Each and every race of being is a part of an intricate and precise plan. The plan of the universe. The universal being needs all the aspects of itself in order to ascend its perspective to a higher reality.


Each and every dynamic exchange that occurs between itself, as its many and varied aspects aids the ascension of the entire universe. For that is what is going on, not only is your planet earth ascending in frequency, the entire universal consciousness is raising its frequency to exist in a reality of a new and defined order.

If we look at the energy of the D’Naar it is very understandable that you would fall into judgment of them. They came to this planet many times in many different guises; some of your peoples have worshipped them. If you look in the oldest texts of your religions you will find them documented there. The brought an innate sense of order and control. They brought a frequency that would allow for the further development of the human ego. Up until this point many of the peoples of the lands lived lives directed by the instincts and the intuition.


Many people lived by the guidance of planets and animals and they were very natural in their worship of God. They had a sense of the oneness; they could see how they and the natural world around them were one. They worshipped beings, but rather as seeing them as separate idols in which to give your power to, they saw them as intricate aspects of themselves as a whole. The D’Naar brought to this planet a frequency that aided the development of the human psyche and mind as it is today.


This frequency held the people of earth in a pattern, a manipulative pattern of control and dominance. Many of the royal families of the planet are direct descents of these beings. They are into control, dominance and manipulation. These D’Naar beings came to this planet and created a frequency that held people in human ego perspective.


This brought fear and suspicion to the humans of other people. The survival codes that you experience now were the direct result of the D’Naar’s influence. Before the energy frequency and the direct manipulation of the human DNA, the people of earth were free in both mind and body. It was easy for the D’Naar to control and dominate these newly influenced humans, they operated from a perspective of animalistic fear and were unable to put up much of a fight as the D’Naar were seldom seen and controlled things from behind the scenes.

You can see their influence in many cultures and they were very responsible for the defining of civilizations and the development of the ruling classes. Their energy has been well masked. They are very psychic beings but they operate on such a low frequency that it is very hard to detect. Many people of earth worshipped them as their Gods and developed massive civilizations. However these civilizations were warlike and also carried the D’Naar genes that created them as people to be warlike and to have a very strong warrior consciousness.


You should fear and hate your neighbor; The D’Naar influence created many of the early wars and conflicts between people on your planet.

The D’Naar comes from a dark star in the constellation of Orion. A dark star is very dense matter, so densely compacted together that no light can escape. A dark star is like a black hole, a star that is imploding in on itself.

They are very hard to detect as they give off no radiation to detect. They are only detected due to the movement around them and the fact that they suck in matter.


“Orion-- the hunter--a large constellation visible in both hemispheres in the evening from about October through March.


It contains many stars and nebula, most notable are the Orion Nebula where stars are forming in the sword of Orion, and these stars are called the Trapezium. Two very bright stars in Orion include Rigel and Betelgeuse, and other stars you may have heard of: Mintaka, Alnitak, Alnilam, and Belatrix.

The appearance of the D’Naar are an average of seven feet tall, darker skin, Their skin layers are thicker. The skin is not as soft as human skin, is much tougher, able to withstand high levels of ultraviolet radiation. Generally, the hair of any D'Naar is black. They are very well built and have a dark almost black aura. They have very hard and square features and usually wear black clothes. The dark lord in your “Star Wars“ films, Darthvader is a classic D’Naar character. They would find the atmosphere of earth now, intolerable to their breathing and would need apparatus to breathe on earth. That is why many of you are seeing these beings as resembling your Darthvader.

They are energy vampires. They are so dense in vibration that they cannot produce light in their bodies. They are incapable of moving in alignment with this universe. They realize that to survive they too must align with the intention of the planet and the entire universe. They are coming to this planet in the now to readjust their frequencies and align with the coming shifts in consciousness.


They use the hybrids that are present on this planet to remove karma and imbalance. They too like the Zeta are needing to learn love and the ability to take their power from the universal Dreamer, rather than sucking and vampiring off other beings. Their energy is very dense and dark indeed. If you imagine that the energy of the one you call Lucifer is like black running treacle, then the D’Naar’s energy is like rock, hard obsidian.


In fact obsidian holds the frequency of the D’Naar. In the present day the D’Naar like the Anunnaki are getting your attention in your dreams, and visions to remind you of the contracts you had as souls to integrate your darker aspects and align with the rest of the universe. It is very unpleasant energy to work with, but it is necessary. You or the planet or the entire universe cannot ascend without each and every member of this wonderful creation being a part of it. So it is necessary to work with and later integrate their energies to clear yourself as for some of you, you are them and align the D’Naar with the plan. Or have they been aligned with the plan all along ?

You underestimate the consciousness of the Universal Dreamer. Remember it is all stories within stories. The D’Naar have played the part of the restrictor, the manipulator, to keep this planet of yours from advancing too soon, ascending before the rest of the universe is aligned. You see it all started here, that is why there is so much focus on earth from the stars. The D’Naar like all the other aspects whether light or dark have their important part to play.


The D’Naar have aided the hybrids present on this planet. They abducted their own whilst they were small and implanted them with devices that would allow them to stabilize their expression in the third dimension, i.e. The D’Naar enabled them to solidify their appearance. The hybrids were not really here in actual physicality. They were held here by the energy of the D’Naar who manipulated their energies. They prevented the hybrid attaching to the earth. This affected the hybrid in many ways. They made them unable to connect to the planet.

This prevented them from downloading the information they carried in their DNA into the planet too soon, and transforming the planet into a star too quickly. It also enabled the hybrid to not be focused in the matrix that is present and controlled on your planet, i.e. the net. Hybrids could then hold the focus that they were not entirely human and came from somewhere else. This prompted the hybrid to turn to other star orientated energies to access information about who they were. This meant that many hybrids could channel information and energy into this matrix of your planet to adjust and alter it.

This helped the planet with information from the hybrids about how it was to proceed in its transformation. The hybrids are having their implants that prevented them from connecting to the planet removed, in order to allow them to connect to the matrix and planet consciousness. Many of you are in deed the D’Naar, having them as one of your aspects, so do not be too quick to judge. Integrate their energies, release the karma and move on. Do not get pulled into the game of judgment, trying to decide which ones are from the light and which are from the dark. Neither one or the other is better than the other is; it is a matter of balance between light and dark.

“The channel had an experience that confirmed her suspicions that she too had been implanted when she was a very small child. Here is her experience. “


“I had a dream that I was on another planet. I was with lots of animals that could talk to me. We were being held captive, by these dark humanoid beings. They guarded a hole, that if you jumped down it, it would take you to any place in the universe that you wanted, it could take you home. A dog said that it did not mind staying on the planet and started to dance and sing to distract the guards and we all escaped down the hole.


When I landed I was lying on top of my completely made bed; I was three years old and could not make my bed myself. I never did forget that dream it haunted me all my life. I had always thought there was something strange with my back. Two points in my lower back held a very strange energy. Every-time I took my consciousness into that place, I felt sick and very uncomfortable. I did not want anyone to touch it, it made me feel dirty and strange.

During one of my workshops I had the opportunity to heal it out. I recalled the night they came to my room, those humanoid beings that appeared so grey and had such a hard consciousness. Their energy was awful; it made me feel in great fear, and loathing. They took me, being touched by these beings was quite horrific, my body writhed and I cried like a distressed animal. I was three years old.


They put these black rods into my back in the two points that I could feel the discomfort. It was terrible; the feeling of darkness in my body was quite intense. I processed like mad breathing in more and more of soul, amazed at how incredible my soul was at dealing with such a horrific experience. I was clearing the memories as more and more rose from the depths of my consciousness. I recalled a past life where my body and consciousness had been used as a host, to this being who’s nature was to absorb life-force from living hosts. Not very pleasant I can tell you. Soul took me to the very depths of the experience.


Finally I cleared the last pieces of the memory and I was free.

It was then the snake energy came and united me with the planet. It rose up my body, giving me, if only a subtle feeling of the earth energy in my feet. I connected with Gaia and for the first time I could hear her talking to me, loud and clear. I could feel the information that I had in my soul being downloaded via my DNA straight into the matrix of the planet. Gaia was pleased.


I was encoded it with that which I knew as a hybrid being.


“Gaia’s life-force is animated in snake energy. It is no mistake that the life force energy that lies curled at the bottom of the spine is depicted by a snake, Kundalini. This is Gaia in her raw. The snake energy is a potent, electrical energy that connects the human body to the planet. Most people's snake energy is not activated. If it is, it usually only goes up to the sexual centre on its travels up the spine. However, the balanced system of the developing hybrid, allows the snake energy to activate and travel up the spine.


Many of you will have momentary glimpses of this. The snake energy is the power supple. Its can draw energy from the source of physical manifestation, Gaia and direct it into the human body. As it travels up the spine it activates all the chakras; each chakra contains the energy encoded by the residing aspect. The aspects together make up the hybrid, but until you as hybrid connect to the energy of the snake, you cannot totally animate your reality.


The snake energy takes some integrating, as it is a very powerfully animated energy. That is it can be physically felt within the human form. Some of you have experienced this, and have had the over whelming urge to release the tension of the energy through sexual practice. If however you can allow the energy to travel up the entirely of the body and activate all the chakras and selves then the hybrid is animated.


The snake energy acts like a generator of animated realties. It is as if the selves in your human experience are only in watercolor. With the snake energy these selves gain an upsurge of energy and can animate themselves more fully into your outside reality.

The snake energy is very feared because of the story in the bible. The snake animates that which you are; it gives the light blueprint, which is developing in your energy bodies the power to physically manifest. The talents and abilities of all the other selves are heightened by this energy. It allows you see the divides between dimensions it distinguishes the multi-dimensional qualities of your nature. It empowers the selves; it gives them the power source in which to not only manifest themselves within your life and personality but also in their ability to create realities on earth.


They create realities that are generated by the perspectives there present within the multi-selves. The selves bring ideas from their perspectives; ideas on creating more and more balanced realties on earth. This will bring a new Eden a, new planet reality. The blueprint as its connects with the snake energy, lights up, the light body, that is being implanted into your body.


The light body will have its power source; this will dynamically affect the physical body. The cells of the body will respond to the snake energy and vibrate faster and faster. The snake energy supplies the Merkabar (light body) with the necessary power to, power it, to turn it into your very own space ship. A vehicle made by this process to allow you access in a human experiential body the awareness of other dimensions and realties.

It is as if you are a Christmas tree, with all its different lights, but no power source, as you plug in, on go the lights. Well say that the lights begin to spin, the tree, moving in spirals getting faster and faster until there are patterns begin created out of the blur of colors. That is what happens when you connect to the snake energy, it is speeding up your vibrational bodies and changes them into something more.


This process of connecting to Gaia and snake energy is not a one way thing. The information that is inherent to your DNA, as a hybrid, needs to be implanted in to the energy matrix of Gaia to create new realties that she will later transform into physical possibility. So you see Gaia needs your information to be able to create a new planetary reality that is capable of shifting into the light. You need to download your information directly into Gaia.


However there are beings that wish to prevent this. Beings that wanted to keep your planet from shifting in vibration.


These beings are the D’Naar.

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As the hybrid

As the hybrid connects with the matrix of the planet, it encodes or rather programs it with new expansive information that can literally transform this planet. This hybrid program is part of the choice of the planet to change its vibration, to ascend the planet into light, into Star consciousness. A strange phenomena occurs, the aspects within being merged with the energy that is the matrix of Gaia, the hybrids itself is changing. It is merging its hybrid nature and DNA with that of the human and Gaian consciousness. This is drastically altering the makeup of the hybrid aspects and the human earthly aspects, they are all merging together to create, What we do not yet know.


It is a case of watch this space.!

“ There is more than one universe; there is more than just this universe. There are as many universes as there are stars in the night sky. How mind blowing is this creation in which we live. Each and every universe holds a different energy, a different intention. Each universe has its own laws, movement and cycles. They are a collective consciousness, a “We“. Unified and made One, this universe becomes an individualized entity in itself. This universe has an awareness of itself as separate aspects and as unified whole. On a dimension far up your ladder of consciousness you express yourself as this entity. You are the universe, focusing itself in the third dimension.”




“Oh yes“ says your mind. “What!“ Says your body.


How on earth are you going to integrate a whole universal consciousness into your body? That is what I thought until I lead a seminar, here in England, London. The intention of the group was to experience the universe, and all its facets, consciousness, aspects. The energy in the room was so thick with different levels of consciousness. The energy in the group was playful and willing to fly. Amazing these beings, half had only been doing this work for a short while, the other half, completely new to this level of integration. Flying through the dimensions we integrated into the very cells of our bodies the highest levels of consciousness.


Taking a journey from here in the third dimension to the source of this universe at the top of this particular level of experience. What fun!

“What ‘s next?“ I thought as the day came to a close. “Take them through the portal into other universes“ my spirit says. “Far out“ I thought even I have not done this in body.

I lead them to the Andromeda portal and by integrating the energy of this place, by integrated and becoming their Andromeda aspects, selves, they passed through the portal. I found myself saying imagine a cord around your waist. It occurred to me; maybe I should stay in this universe and guide them back after. It was simply amazing; I could see images and feelings, being sent back to me via the cords that connected me to the others in the group. I could read their experience via there inner senses. I could get data on what they were experiencing.


This data went directly into my DNA. I was being coded with the information that their consciousness was accessing from the particular universe that they journeyed into. After I regrounded them into this dimension and reality, feedback was simply amazing. One guy said that he had gone into the universe that is the Void. When I asked them if they had things in their universe, he thought, “ What is a thing? “ In his universe there were no things, being the void. This story of integration is getting to be absolutely amazing!

This reminded me of an experience I had, had when Alloya was explaining to me that she was the fabric of the universe and gave me a remembrance in meditation.

I was looking down upon a courtyard, in the centre there was a pool of what looked like liquid metal. In all Four Corners of the courtyard were guardians wearing feathered robes. I could not see their faces. Walking around the pool were twelve beings, human looking with white robes on? They all looked the same; they were young with white hair and bright turquoise eyes. In their hands they carried crystal balls. They chanted and rolled the balls in their hands as they walked around the pool.


I realized that they were trying to channel down a very large consciousness. They were trying to embody the consciousness of the universe, they wanted it to separate into twelve aspects and enter their bodies. They were getting excited it was working, then I realized as I shot down into the pool that it was me. I was the universal consciousness. As I enter the pool I became one with the liquid, then I passed as streams into the bodies of the twelve aspects. I experienced myself as having twelve levels of consciousness.


I realized that these beings represented the twelve dimensions that make up creation. If you use a twelve level model.


“You are all universal beings that have entered this universe to bring a energy from another source, this is not only evolving this universe it is evolving other universes, other systems. Just as you pull on your connections to other selves pulling them into one within your human bodies, the universe is also pulling in its aspects, the universe is unifying. The same process is mirrored throughout all of creation. You on earth are the focal point for this amazing experiment.


There are other systems that need to clear their programming through this one, just as you are experiencing yourselves clearing programming of other selves through the human form; this universe is also clearing the energy of other systems. We are using this universe as a giant filtering system, a universe of a balancing energy, dual perspective; this universal entity is conscious of itself as light and dark. So by integrating your universal consciousness you are accessing yourself as a universal being from another source.


You are aiding the integration process for all in this universal reality.

Many levels of consciousness are being integrated into the cells of the human body. You have no real idea of how amazing this process is. You are not only becoming whole within your selves, pulling in all the aspects; you are dynamically changing the frequencies of other beings through your human experience. You are clearing Karma, balancing aligning whole races of beings, levels of consciousness and whole systems. Some of you have had the experience of dark and demonic forces walking through your bodies.


As they walk out the other side they are in the light and are transformed through the energy present in the human/ hybrid D.N.A. Can you see how as you align the selves within you; you also balance each with the rest of the universe. It is all about balance and getting each and every aspect whether, ET, stellar, universal ,is in it right energetic balance with the rest of itself. Many beings and levels are dynamically changing frequency through the human experience. You are ascending the entire universal experiment .

As each aspect integrates into the body it merges with the rest and become a series of hybrids. You will experience two or more aspects coming together to form a third, a new being, and a new race. You are beginning to see that the whole universe and all its many and varied aspects as reflections of each other. They are merging to create new levels of experience. It is all about balance, the Zeta for example are cold with no emotional body, and the Pleiadians are of high level of emotion, blend these two beings together within your cells and a third Zeta/Pleiadian hybrid, appears.


Your inner process is affecting the creation of the entire universe. “



“Now in my workshops I am experiencing races of beings, levels of frequencies changing. The Zeta for example, said, “They know Love now”. They can not feel love, as they have no emotional body but they can have a perception and an understanding of love. They tell me that through our interaction with them they can recreate our reality to reflect our new experience of these beings. That is why people are finding these beings much more in alignment with our human experiences and emotion. We understand them more and they understand us, we are learning together. There is a great balance going on.


For example the Anunnaki are in a great balancing act with the fairy kingdoms, which is directly affecting this planet. The Anunnaki are the energy of the rational mind, its most limited form. The fairy kingdoms represent the intuitive mind in its most expansive form. They represent the process of the right and left sides of the brain coming into balance. Your inner process is reflected into the outer reality. As the two sides of the brain come into alignment so will the energy of these two beings and the balance of thought on this planet will change. This will reflect all levels of duality on this planet. Bringing everything into alignment and balance and eventually Oneness.

There are several different things that you can do to aid the body in its integration process, one of which is dancing. You can aid the body through dancing, toning, and movement with the consciousness of the flow of spirit. Allow the hybrid energies to be expressed through mediums of the body. It helps the balancing of the selves; it is part of the hybrid process. Many of you want to sing, tone or simply make sounds; this is part of the integration.


Allow yourself time to integrate, many of you are hybridizing very fast, you need to aid your bodies. Dancing is like weaving the energies into the etherical body, later to be integrated into the body. Many of you dance to rave, dance, and Techno music. This music is on this planet at this time to aid the hybrid program. This music represents the frequencies and aids the integration process, and you can experience the selves being activated by the different frequencies in the music. I have said before that the Zeta are very attuned to trance Techno.


As are too the Antari. Lizzie beings are more in tune with the lower bass lines in drum and bass.

Some music is pure Hybrid music as we see old and new, Techno and drum and bass, merging, combining, mixing together to form something new, hybrid music for hybrid beings. Many of you are experiencing various different energy sensations in your fingers, whilst in this mode of hybrid. The index finger is known as the Zeta finger, hybrids experience this finger when they weave the web. The Antari sense one frequency down into one hand and another into the other. The difference is very noticeable. When Zeta / Human hybrid is activated, the face can appear darker on the right and the left hand is very cold, all signs of Zeta/Human hybrid.

As you hybrid, you create for yourself, an amazing blueprint of light, your own unique expression of being hybrid. This radiates outside into reality affecting the web, recreating reality and making magic occur. You may find yourself drawing to you other blueprints in people who are direct reflects of your inner hybrid nature. You will begin to align and connect with other people who are all a part of a collective pattern. This is where the twin flame theory comes into play. You may have experiences of meeting other people who channel and represent the aspects of twin flames.

If you could see yourself as the pattern of light that you are, you would see how you could be part of a bigger pattern, a collective pattern. As you meet each aspect of your twins, you will realize that reflect the polarity opposite of your hybrid self. Each aspect will teach you things about the polarity opposite, that is your twin, so that when you meet the whole reflection you will be aligned and ready to align and merge to create a new pattern of light.


These patterns have speeds and velocity and once you align with your twin you will speed up the atoms of your bodies to beyond the speed of light. This will ascend your planet. As all of the collective consciousness of your planet, patterns connected, creates an pattern that has so much power it will ascend the whole universe and beyond. The way that your reality creates itself so that you can synchronize events in order to meet your twins is the creation of the consciousness of the spider. She is the storyteller and can weave realties that can create magical almost super realties that allow these meetings to occur. Fairytales can occur. Use the level of your spider consciousness to weave your magical soulful dreams.


This will create new planet consciousness.

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Remember fairy

Do you remember your life in fairy?
When we flew together through green leaf trees.
You held my hand so gently I thought you would never leave.
Today you remember not, lost in the human mind, not a trace of fairy kind.

Back into your forgotten fairy past, this time your love will last.
Come with me to a wooded glade; cool yourself in forest shade.
Pan plays his pipes, a jolly tune, steady now, or you will swoon.
Fairy energy, can you feel, believe me,


Not a fantasy from a book, not a hallucination. - LOOK.
We are here among the flowers, weaving tales with our fairy powers.
Hear our laughter, mischievous that we are, we come from a distant star.
Content now to play held within a gentle breeze.

Dreaming fairy dreams among the trees.
Look into my eyes, deep into a fairy gaze; look carefully through the haze.
A scene does form of such beauty, your mirrored thoughts for me.
Nymph, Pixie, Elf or Fae Come join us today, we invite you all to come to see

What is like to be a fairy just like me.

Most Hybrids on this planet have now one or more of their aspects that are of the frequency that is Fairy. Each and every one of you as Hybrids have had an existence in the realm of Fairy. I ask you again can you remember.? Gaia put out a call along time ago, for the presence that is the Hybrid to come to earth and aid the planetary shift. You as a soul group came here many times.


Before you could anchor your energy, your light into the matrix of the planet you had to experience the planet from the side of nature. You had to get Gaia’s perspective on things, so you had lives in Fairy. There are many different kinds of beings that exist in the real of Fairy. It is not my intention here to talk about these beings as if they are an individual consciousness. It is my intention here to share with you the memory of what it was to be at the level of consciousness that is Fairy.

The blueprint that is the Hybrid first came to this planet in its original form. It needed an aspect that could commune with this force of intention that later became Gaia. So they sent a creation of their selves as the original energy of Fairy. They resembled balls of light. Do you remember when you came to this planet with those incredible forces of creations, the dreaming dragons that combined created Gaia’ planetary body?


The planet was in its early stages of physical development, it was an ethereal place, and it resembled paradise. As the aspects that were fairy merged and communed with the dragon energy and the ideas that were forming to create Gaia, the fairy energy solidified and individualized to create a splendid kingdom, a dimension that aided Gaia in her creation. The realm of Fairy.

If you imagine the Hybrid as being made up of lines of light, each line representing a different frequency, a different being, i.e., Zeta, Lizzie Etc. In order to anchor, or plug into the matrix of earth the Hybrid blueprint needs a part of the pattern that can attach itself to the Earth. Many of you Hybrids are very alienated from mankind and earthy things, but many of you can relate to Gaia at the level of Fairy.


It is not so solid and many of you can easily remember your lives in fairy. Remember time is not linear in the 4/5th dimension, which is where you will find the fairy kingdoms. So these existences are still going on in parallel lives. So as you are living your lives in the 3rd dimension you are also having simultaneous lives in the realms of Fairy. The beings you are in fairy aid you being here enough in physical to be perceived by other more 3rd dimensionally orientated people.

So can you see why Hybrids created for themselves aspects that would aid them in their mission to earth? You see as Hybrids as Star beings, as Multi-dimensional consciousness you have dropped down through the levels creating aspects as you came, to aid you in the particular level that you were on.


This aided your purpose and as you entered earth’s atmosphere you realized you need aspects in fairy to help you align and integrate with the energies of Gaia.


“The Big Moon was high in the sky. A Star filled sky, rained filled clouds passing slowly overhead. The sea lapped at the shore, quiet almost still. She walked with Him. How it happened they did not know, it was as if they had been hit by lightening. They were in each other’s arms, passionately kissing with the gentle rain running down their faces. He kissed her deeply her head reeling, colors swirled about her head. Her energy rising, looking into each other eyes souls awoken, fairy souls. Fairy aspects inhabiting human bodies, animating fairy energy into 3rd dimensional bodies.

They were swirling in energy. Getting drunk on each other energies. As the fairy vortex opened, they disappeared and in their places two-fairy lovers Illiad and Nay appeared. Merging the 4th dimensional fairy vibration with the 3rd dimensional human world together. She had wished for this, a fairy lover. Her memory stirring. A forbidden love on earthy levels, but fairy kin should not be apart. Illiad and Nay merged in energy within the human vehicles. They remembered each other in a way only fairies can. Images of trees, forest and streams. The sweet memories of lying in the sunshine and experiencing the sweet embrace of a fairy lover.

As if hypnotized the earthy hour passed on, spellbound, she had become a character in a fairy tale. The Tale of Illiad and Nay.

They were summers Day and a moonlit dream. Free to run among the trees. They washed their hair in cool streams.

“ We played content to be just we two. “

No one could see them anyway; they were a dimension away.

“In landscapes oh so sweet our love was divine, when I was yours and you were mine.”
“ We held each other oh so close, we could not see our true reflection, distorted by the love of the other.“
“ You were my love, you were my brother. Fairy Kin sweet as wine binds held us close so no distinction could be made.“

Then one day Nay came across a walking man, his saddened face broke her heart and she did say

“Oh man of the human world, why do you cry?“

“Does not the beauty of the land not heal you so?“

Nay was fairy of face and free. The man did see she was a fairy, he began to smile as he took her in his arms. All the time Illiad watched on.

Illiad ‘s heart hardened with the pain of what he saw. The jealousy was too much for his fairy heart. His soul was aching, he was tearing apart, and no longer were they one. He turned into a beast and vowed he would love no more. And as his hooven feet ran through the trees, Nay cried alone. Her breath was gone as the sun set in the sky, Nay lay down and died ,no longer was she of the realm of fairy, now she entered the density of the human 3rd dimensional world. “

Many of you will have interaction with other people who hold codes, information within their DNA that you need. You will access this information through your interaction with them and you will gain the earthy DNA information that will greatly aid you in your visit to earth. You will begin to experience very profound interaction with other people souls, which will aid you in your development of the ultimate hybrid.


You are becoming not just starry ET hybrids but a hybrid that encompasses all of creation and its many levels. You will begin to merge your many ET selves with the realms of Fairy and become who knows what kind of beings. It is a very creative process going on in your consciousness. Universal Hybrids need a framework in which to anchor them within the Earth matrix. The matrix is made up of many different levels and as you enter the Earth‘s realm you access the fairy kingdoms first.


You can anchor there to the first aspect of your twin Blueprint. As Hybrids come to earth they see that there is another pattern awaiting them. There is a yin for their yang and a yang for their yin. Hybrids discovered that there was a pattern that they could easily fit into, as if it was designed just for them. Seeing the bigger picture the Hybrids could see how these patterns merging created the amazing structure that is Gaia’s Matrix or Web.


There was a socket if you like that they could plug into. They could use this socket to download all their information that they carried in their unique universal DNA, straight into the intelligence of the planet. This would give Gaia the information that she needed to raise her frequency to light. The energies that you perceive as the fairies are responsible for keeping the dimensional frequencies of Gaia in tact. So once the Hybrid brings in the new blueprint, the new idea, then the fairy energies set to work raising the frequency of the planet.

In order to align with the fairy kingdoms you have to become fairy too. Many of you are having encounters with people you consider to be human when in fact what you are dealing with is the animated fairy aspect of the Soul. You are learning many creative things about nature and the planet through these fairies in disguise. And finally just like all the integration process before, you integrate and become the fairy human hybrid, just like the Zeta before them.


As a soul group you do not hold all aspects, so you will begin to meet others who carry the aspects you need to find. It is as if lost parts of you are hidden in the DNA of other souls. You regain these lost parts of yourselves through other people. This is speeding the integration process up immensely as the aligning is being acted out in your 3rd dimension, and your 3rd dimensional lives. Your very lives are becoming 4th dimensional fairy tales. You should be very careful what you wish for. It is not all light in the land of Fairy.


Your mission is to anchor into the first dimensional core, your DNA into the very heart of Gaia. Gaia has a crystal matrix that lies in the centre of the planet and it is your job as hybrids to anchor your information in this place. First of all you have to drop through the levels, dimensions and pass through the veils to anchor at Gaia's core. Hybrid energy in its universal form is very hard to ground to the earth; lots of you hybrids are accused of being spacey and ungrounded.


You need to anchor yourselves through all dimensions to become truly multi-dimensional. You need the devic, fairy energy to spin and screw you into the dimensional levels of Gaia’s consciousness. So you are building fairy aspect from the ideas carried in this first devic consciousness, so that you have the vehicle to take you further into Gaia’s Web.

This place is where you find yourselves first connecting to the Kundalini or serpent force that is the electricity unit of Gaia. Fairy energy will show you how to get more into your bodies and anchor yourselves to the planet. As the kundalini energy activates, the selves present in the personality, the archetypes held within the human psyche will begin to animate, project themselves into your outside world, in order for you to integrate your more human aspects.



Illiad and Nay reunited.

“ Nay was what they called a common fairy, content to fly through the trees and play, casting fairy dust as she flew. Common fairies by their very presence aid the fertility of the land, the growth of the fruit and flowers. Common fairies are not so beautiful, but very jolly of face and energy. In the realm of fairy there is a hierarchy, levels of fairy expression. The very uppermost levels contain the fairies that are royal. The fairy princess and prince, the king and queen. In each and every forest or woods there are the royal family.


The royal families are responsible for the protection of the forest. They guide and advice the common fairies and are responsible for the politics, if you like, of the forest. Illiad was one of these royal fairies. Like many classes of people the royal fairies are supposed to marry only royal fairies. It is considered wrong for royal fairies to commune with those of the more common levels.


Do not confuse these ways to be like the prejudice of the humans, it is just that royal fairies are of a higher level of consciousness than the common fairies. Illiad was supposed to take his place in the royal court with a bride of equal standing. However he loved Nay. Secretly they played together, making love in the setting sunshine dappling through the Forest leaves.

Illiad would sneak Nay into the court parties, dressing herself in the best dress she could create, painting her toes and fingers with the juice of roses to hide the fact she was not royal at all. Nay was shy, hiding behind Iliad’s fine attire. Royal fairies naturally have the most beautiful nails that shimmer in blues and purples. Nays were naturally brown and dirty.


She was always concerned that the rose water would wear off and she would be discovered for who she really was. Illiad was bold and rebellious; he took great pleasure in knowing that Nay was no royal fairy. Their secret love fuelled their desire for each other. Even the trees kept secret their love, taking pleasure in their tenderness.

When Illiad fell from grace, Nay blamed herself, banishing herself from the fairy kingdom. Ashamed and lost without Illiad she roamed the human world. She entered into many heartbreaking relationships with the human kind, trying to ease the shame and guilt that she felt. However she never found comfort, deep in her heart she wished to return to fairy and find Illiad among the beasts. To rise him from his dark world and release him from his pain.“

“I had to return to the forest. As I entered, I left my human body sitting on a fallen tree; I in fairy body walked on.“

“Deep into the forest Nay walked, ashamed she was finally returning to fairy, to take her punishment and ask for the help of the royals to bring Illiad back to his former glory. Painted nails, now in modern day, nail polish, chipped, revealing dirty nails beneath. Afraid of her discovery of status, she walked fearful step after step.


The forest knew of her presence, the trees began to whisper her name. “Nay, Nay “. She began to cry how was she to carry on existing without the love of Illiad? Looking down , the air thick with expectation. The royal family approached. “Nay “, the trees whispered. Each step took all the energy she could muster, leaving behind her human body, entering the misty light of fairy. Out of the mist came the royal family dressed in the finest costumes. As Nay raised her heavy head, she was overjoyed to see Illiad smiling with joy. His face fair, his energy no longer of animal kind freed by her love. In his arms he carried the most beautiful fairy gown. Nay’s wedding gown.

Raised above the common fairy, now a royal she laughed as Illiad embraced her. The forest began to sing their song. The love song of Iliad and Nay. If you enter the forest in the twilight of dusk, if you listen really carefully ,you can hear Illiad and Nay laughing, happy to be together as one once again.”

Characters indeed, hybrids are experiencing themselves to have human memories and archetypes, they have not experienced these aspects before as they were predominantly ET However now they are , as they are plugging into the matrix. The Gaia web holds many stories on so many different levels and this is the place that you as hybrids first encounter the characters within the mass consciousness.


Some of you are being told you are Gods and Goddesses from other places and other realms, others are experiencing more darker aspects as you venture into the abyss of the planetary consciousness.

Except from an e-mail to her friend.

“I have been having some very amazing energy work with the dark Kali energy. It is very hard to channel without wanting to act out the dark urges, but I find that I want to write, I can express the darkness as much as I like through writing. It is very intense, by body is very strong and the energy fluctuations have been making me very sick, cannot keep food down for long. It was the same in L.A sick everyday. I am integrating the female energy very strongly. At first it was a star Goddess called El 'Mia.


She exists in the higher plane of Sirius. She is part of the ascended order of the El-Ra. The feminine principle of the energy that is Ra. Solar deity. She channels the frequency of Ra from another universe. She put me in touch with the gentle, reverent part of the female. The star priestess. Nut energy. Elohim Star Goddess.


Next there was Omana Magenta Rion. She is from the abyss.

She has a dark cloak of energy that traps souls who are not able to ascend. She is a dark warrior type woman from some system in Orion. She is ruthless and very cold, but trained that way. She is harsh energy. Then came KaliStar, Black Star energy. Energy of the night. She urged me to find my way without any guidance from external energies. In other words I had to integrate everything before I could ask for guidance not from their outside self but from their integrated energy within .


She said she would show me a way to honor the body in a way that most mortals would not dare. She was a sorceress of high standing. She focused her energy through the religion of Set. She focused through a black Egyptian priestess. She was adept in the black arts, she wore a cloak of denial. She carried an obsidian knife with a mother of pearl handle. She showed me how in lives past I have drawn my own blood with the intentions of honoring the Goddess, the dark face of Gaia.

She said I was to re affirm my commitment to the Goddess, through the activation of the snake energy. In red rock canyon, I had a memory of I Shan, female energy but androgynous body, black blue with eyes that were very deep. A very prominent head, bald. She was of a Very light high vibration. She did not stay long. In L.A the snake Goddess from the sea eat me, or that is how it felt, like when you sit in the body of the dragon, I am having weird information about being inside the bodies of these serpents and dragons.


She was or it was called C'Qua, snake being from the Orion Delta. I also had amazing memories of being in Lemuria. It was so beautiful and the energy of the planet was pure female no male energy at all. I was Ka-Dir female energy like a mermaid but made of light, male self was called Itzhim .We merged and it was so beautiful and I cried and cried. Then came Mezarin. He was a tall grey being humanoid body wearing a grey flight suit and helmet. I felt him walk in just before my skydive.

Ni-Ka-Ra was a serpent Queen in the serpent caves of Oeioln. She is very sexual but in a beautiful way, very sensual. She said she was a python priestess. She said the serpent is rising within your bodies to unite yourselves as one. Ka denotes both serpent of wisdom and the son of God. Ka is the sound of the serpent. I got my Anunnaki self 's name too it is Sa-Deen. My D'Naar self is called J'Daine Ka Rak, vortex of black hole energy. I am not sure who this next one is, but it is very alluring, hypnotizing, very, dark. It is extremely sexual, and animalistic. I am having very intense visual images of memories from past existences.


I feel like a predator.


Jaguar, primal.

So as you can imagine, I am integrating energy like mad and have to dance all the time.

“As you can see the images are highly imaginative, the stories rich with substance and code. Each story activates codes in the DNA, these stories these archetypes are as real as the other aspects but more fixed in the dualistic and fantasy based fought dimensional realms. By integrating these aspects you are building for yourselves more earthy aspects that give you all the qualities you will need to be here in complete hybrid form.


You are being trained to be of earth. For you have not been apart of the planetary picture that is how you remember home, that is why you felt this was not home. Now you will gather the soul aspects that you will need to venture into the lower regions of the earth. Remember your mission is to enter the earth, enter the realms of underworld. So with your aspects intact you have finally landed in completion on earth. You need to train yourselves before you enter the realms that are more fixed in the vibration of what you call negativity. The realms of darker energy.


You must align all areas of your multi-dimensional realities.

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Insect consciousness



“I was in Los Angeles, running seminars about soul integration. Taking a break, I looked in the mirror. One mirror in front, one to the right side of me. As I looked in the front mirror I saw the usual image of my face, but as I looked sideways into the right mirror, I was shocked at what I saw. One after another of every insect you could think of, flickering as they entered my body. I must admit I was a little scared. Wasp, bee, fly, hornet, butterfly and scorpion.


Later that day they came again, saying they were the insect consciousness of the planet and that they were aligning my meridian system of the body to that of the planets. I did not encounter them again until once more I was running seminars but his time in Munich, Germany. I had an incredible headache, pain in my neck and shoulders. No pain killer seemed to have any affect. As the day went on I was aware that the insects were returning.


My friend Anja put her fingers on two points on my neck to try to relieve the pain with healing energy. As soon as she did so, she vanished from my awareness and in her place was a giant black insect. Its pinchers seemed to penetrate my head and entered my brain. I could feel her weaving a lattice of insect consciousness energy between the right and left hemispheres of my brain.

As this procedure went on the insects communicated to me that they were working directly on my nervous system. They explained that at the nape of the neck there is what is called your insect brain. They told me that my realigning my nervous system I would be able to use the whole of my nervous system as an intelligence system rather than just my brain.


My whole body would become a brain. This would bring new information directly from the planet into my body. They put energy into my spinal cord; to say it was painful was an understatement. They apologized for this and said that when working on the nervous system which indicates pain it was almost impossible to do so , without pain unless they removed my soul from my body.

Since that time I have been able to hear usually inaudible sounds, which I can only say, must be the frequency made by the insects. They represent the mind of the body, the nervous system, both neural and sympathetic. By plugging yourself into the planet you also plug yourself into the nervous system of Gaia.


You will be unable to do harm to your planet, as you too will feel the pain of mental body, which is the insect consciousness. Many of you are having headaches and pain in your necks; this is a direct symptom of the reactivation of the insect pain at the nape of the neck. As you access Gaia on this level you will come across her feeling body, cat consciousness.


You see as human you are made up of some of the Lyrian cat consciousness, it is in your very DNA. 



“I could feel this amazing flood of relaxation all over my body, my muscles were relaxing not like never before. I was driving to Austria and every signpost I went by had cats; every house I looked at had cats, lion’s etc as gateposts. Finally arriving at my friend’s house only to be introduced to her little boy, who was called Felix, Felix the cat. Ha , Ha.“

You are now beginning to tap into the information that is stored in the human DNA, that is why at this juncture of the story you are fascinated by the human history story, but that is another story entirely! As you drop through the levels, you encounter the three lower bodies. Your spiritual body is the divine hybrid blueprint that you are, the mental body is the level of the insect consciousness, the emotional body is the level of cat consciousness.


Finally you anchor into the physical which is the level of the elementals, the dragons, the rock beings.


“I was running a seminar in Arizona, some friends of mine wanted to take me to Sedona. As we drove into the amazing countryside with its red rocks, I felt an amazing energy. Everywhere I looked I could see rock beings everywhere. They started to communicate with me, I was so over whelmed, and I had finally found a place on the planet that was home. A part of me had been those rocks.


I had finally found my place, where I had been the earth. It brought a safe and warm feeling to my body and I felt like finally the integration process was over, I could be here.“


“The integration is complete, it was now time for the body and mind to rest, recuperate and prepare for the next level, the ascension of the planet.“


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