The Hybrid Program

For many of you, you are in the beginning stages of integrating your multi-dimensional self. You are being introduced to the various aspects that make up the many levels of your human and Extra-terrestrial psyches. You are all creating various levels of interaction with your selves in order to raise the levels of your own consciousness. The intensity of the integration process is underway.


What is the integration process?


It is a means, by which you can integrate, in a way that is conducive to your reality, an experience that enhances your perception and knowledge of your own higher soul self, your multi-dimensional awareness. Each and every one of you has created for yourself, a concept in a context that is in harmony with your current level of reality. Many of you are being introduced to beings that you once considered your superiors, as Angels and Ascended Masters, as aspects of your very own soul. Think big, and then think bigger.


Many of you are experiencing these beings as yourself, such as Christ, Mary and other holy figures. This can be disturbing for the rational mind that is why is imperative that you move beyond your ideas of idols and worship. These beings are exact mirror images of certain levels of your own consciousness. Entities such as Christ, Buddha, and the Sun God Ra are all archetypal energies representing a certain level of consciousness.


They are giant thought forms; they portray and hold energy that is a complete evolutionary wave.


You hear beings telling you that in the fifth dimension and above there is only the Oneness, the images of separate beings that you encounter are only third dimensional translations of higher dimensional light. Can you see that if, “We are all one”, then, there is no separation from you and the consciousness of Christ, Buddha and Ra.


If you could change your beliefs you could all move forward with incredible speed. Instead of third dimensionally translating it, imagine it on the fourth dimension. You are currently moving as a mass consciousness, (Human Kind) through the fourth dimension. Think bigger. Think past, imagine past the confines of your religious concepts, they are old and outdated, move into the creativity of future orientation.


Think globally, think oneness. Who are you? If you are Christ, then why do you not appear as Christ? Maybe because the appearance is irrelevant, as is the form the body consciousness chooses to expresses itself. It is the energy; you are translating that is important. The Zeta do not appear as you choose them to look, they do not have form, and they are energy.

Everything is energy, everything is oneness. You are everything. Integrate fast, it is ok to be aware of the beings as you open your awareness to other aspects of your multidimensional self. But be aware not to hamper the integration process by being obsessed by aspects of yourself. It is very easy to become the being and stop the process, detaching from the rest of the aspects. Move faster.

You are learning, or rather remembering, what you already know. To integrate these multi-selves is something that you have all done before. You are not new to this process; it is old hat to you. You are system busters, divine missionaries from a source far from this universe. You were sent here with the intention to awaken systems that are on the verge of evolutionary meltdown.


You inject a concept that is completely alien and foreign to the consciousness of this particular universe. Your intention was to come to earth, in several guises, some of which you are getting a glimmer of as you encounter your human aspects. Many of you, as the oneness, looked out of the eyes of Christ, Mary and Buddha as other integrated aspects of the oneness of Christ’s Multidimensional consciousness. Remember “ We are all One “.

Many of you had encounters with the consciousness of this planet, through more Extra-terrestrial energies. Some of you are encountering the confines of the third dimension for the first time in human body. The channel is one of these beings; she gets all confused as to how she can have memory of past lives and a strong feeling of not having been here before. Several of her aspects are complete new comers to earth, but other aspects are well accustomed to earth life, some even taking human form. The Extra-terrestrial aspects of her nature are more prominent and overwhelming to her current level of consciousness that she even considers herself extraterrestrial.

It is familiar to move into and integrate these levels of consciousness. Separate energies merging with the human body, human consciousness. Is that all there is to occur? If you have integrated all twelve aspects as Christ did, how come nothing really different is happening? Have you not lived existences of complete integrated beings before? Yes I hear you cry. You have memories of past existences in various systems throughout this universe that you were experiencing yourself as an integrated being.


A being that has all twelve aspects in alignment. Imagine if you will a blueprint, a design that consists of liquid light. An intricate snowflake like pattern that represents all the various levels of consciousness, that make your multi-dimensional being. This pattern assembles itself in your auric field, and with the aid of the Antari, (the aspects of your self that are the light technicians), they rewire and assemble and implant your light body.


This is not a one off occurrence as others would like to believe but a complicated and intricate procedure of living light constructing itself along the lines of your intention. Layer upon layer of the light body implants itself into your physical body. That is when the real integration procedure begins.

For many of you this is when the real healing begins. As each aspect is integrated not only into the auric field but also into the physical body, many issues are raised. This can be a trying time as you are confronted with all the limited belief systems that are the debris of your past karma. Karma not only from this lifetime and other human aspects but other systems that wish to cleanse their system through you.


Remember that you are the Oneness. You can bring with you a frequency that needs in some way to align with the intention of planet earth. This frequency changes through you, whilst you experience third dimensional realities. Many of you will experience dark aspects moving through your reality, cleansing their negativity through you, healing not only your own issues, but the many and varied aspects of other system’s karmic cycles. You must embrace all aspects of the self. One by One these aspects will filter into your body, aligning the many levels of your human consciousness, healing, cleansing, until you are completely integrated.

On your everyday level, it can seem like the selves have gone, as they filter so successfully into your consciousness that you do to seem to see them as separate parts of yourself any more. They are you, you are integrating. You use their talents and gifts as natural automatic aspects of YOURSELF. For many it can be a trying time, as the physical body adjusts to the new frequency that is aligning itself to your form.


Many of you have invented mystery illnesses to explain to yourself this strange phenomenon. You still do not believe you are transforming, so you change transforming symptoms into illness that are a direct result of neuroses in the mind. Use these opportunities to clear your belief systems about the body. Rest during this period; do not worry if you are wishing to halt in your spiritual progress. This is a direct result of the friction that lies between the body frequency and the new blueprint that is coming in. Listen to your soul, use the various aspect’s perspectives to aid you whilst you integrate fully.


On an everyday consciousness, you may feel you are becoming more third dimension. It is about getting this information into the planet via your bodies. During this extended period, you may feel very heavy, being weighed down by the density of the third dimension. Many of you will put on weight.

Slowly, your frequency will rise enough for you to begin (in your accelerated moments) to access the fourth dimension. You will become aware of yourself as being this new being, this integrated being. Others will also notice who you are. The encounters that you have with each other in these times will enhance your experience of this level of the process. They will confirm who you thought yourself to be. Everywhere there will be direct signs from your own spirit, your own self, guiding you into more and expanded belief systems about who you are. You will encounter, other people channeling, your many and varied aspects.


This can be rather disturbing if you are unaware of the procedure up until now, many think they are going mad at this level. It is important that you help anyone that you encounter experiencing this, as direct human to human communication of this phenomenon is a dynamic way of collectively changing your belief systems and consciousness. That is why groups of all kinds are springing up, it is not a new religion, or new age, it is the direct result of the integration procedure. You are creating for yourselves; avenues for expression of what you are experiencing. You need each other, to reinforce your experience in third dimensional language.

As more and more people join these groups, belief systems will begin to align, through the forces of the aspects within. New ideas, thoughts, creating new reality. Many of you are becoming aware that you are starting to consciously create your own reality. You have always been creating your reality. With the higher self and all its aspects integrated, you are becoming aware of limited belief systems, finding creative ways of dispelling of them and moving into more expansive realties, through the expansion of your own ideas of consciousness and of yourself. This is literally changing your world. Changing your reality. Your perception of it.

As you balance and align your many selves they begin to merge and become One. You begin to experience your higher self as something that is not outside of yourself but an integrated part of who you are. The wiser voice, the guide. Many of you want to change your name at this point. The intention is to animate your higher self, your expression of oneness through your physical form in its entirety. You want to say to the world look, here “I am. “ At this point you may be wondering why you do not feel any happier, or can’t change the world by will. This is because it is not about a Higher Self-experience, it is about a Human / Higher Self-experience.

A Hybrid Self. You carry unique DNA; you carry the oneness gene. It is a strange phenomenon as your selves unite within you, you trigger a biology + spirit phenomena. You are becoming Hybrid. Spirit/matter Hybrids. Your physical biological body is of great worth to the universe. You are mini Gaias. Your planet is unique, she has the means and creative energy to create third dimensional solid experiences that are capable of housing the full intensity of the Universal Dreamer’s Light. Your bodies. Nowhere else in the universe is there the diversity of experience that is on your planet.


That is because Gaia (the consciousness of the planet earth) is a fully realized being. Gaia in her highest experience of herself has created for herself a reality where she too can create with the full intensity of the Universal Dreamer. No where else in the universe is there the full extent of free will that we see on your planet. Light and dark, two polarities that can create all and a myriad variety of experience of both the negative polarity and the positive reality. Your planet is indeed unique.

Hybrids, beings that have integrated their aspects, merging aspects to create a new species of soul and spirit, a hybrid a, super hybrid, are coming to this planet They are integrating into the physical vehicle, using the body as a vessel to house a variety of energies. These energies are merging. You are creating new beings out of the alchemy process that is going on as these new species of spirit /soul merge and combine with the energies already here present in the human form. You are hybridizing into new creative beings. It is as if the human body and its already present three strands of DNA are the cooking pot in which to mix and blend these other aspects/energies.

The energies are blending to create new beings. Some of these beings are Extra-terrestrial. For those of you integrating Zeta, you are noticing that you are becoming more than Zeta, more than human, but Zeta / Human Hybrids. The experience is more than being Zeta, Many of you have encountered the Zeta as yourself and have channeled their energy, and shortly you will have experiences where you experience yourself as Zeta.


This can be a rather strange and exciting experience; it is the direct result of the integration procedure. Further along the integration procedure you will encounter the sharing of these energies with your human consciousness. That is when the magic begins. It is not just about these beings aiding you, but you aiding them too. Many levels of beings are dynamically changing frequency through the human experience.

The experience of the Zeta / Human Hybrid. Zeta only accesses the left side of your body. When you are in hybrid mode you will experience the Zeta taking over the left side of the body and the right side of the head and brain. The left brain governs the right side of the body and the right brain governs the left side of the body. The right brain is the intuitive brain and the left is the more analytical, intellectual brain.


The Zeta come into the left side of the body but the right side of head and brain. The right eye may feel that it is actually changing shape and this can become apparent as the human physical eye changes shape compared to the left eye. It is possible to see the very apparent difference between the left and right sides of the face. The Zeta eye has a completely different perspective to the left. It is not that you can visually see any different, but the energy that is transmitted and received through the eyes drastically alters. The perceptions of the human side can be very different to the Zeta side.


It is possible to feel the codes that transmit through the Zeta eye and how they affect the surrounding reality constructs. It is very important that the left and right lobes of the brain are balanced, allowing for the balanced perspectives of both the Zeta and the Human. Only then can you become Zeta/human Hybrid.

Many of you are noticing a change in the encountering of the Zeta that is because as a species they are changing. They are changing through their interaction with humans. Not only as an outside experience i.e. in space ships being sighted etc, but also in the hybrid experience. Remember when the Zeta come into contact with a reality such as yours it creates dramas out of the material in the mass consciousness to allow the humans an opportunity to shift in consciousness and gain an expanded version of reality. The Hybrid program that your governments fear is the direct result of the Zeta hybridizing in soul with its human counterparts. Inner and outer realities in reflection of each other.

Through merging the energy in the DNA of both the Zeta and the human a new species is beginning born. For all the Zeta/human hybrids out there, on an everyday level you may not notice much difference to your awareness as you did before. This is because as you integrate you only become more of what you naturally are; it is no change for you. But other people will notice! You will not buy into the dramas as much as you did before.


When you do, you will see that it is your human aspect that is creating the negative belief system from which you are creating your reality. The Zeta aspect will aid you in its perspective to align you with you true intention in reality. The Zeta is without an emotional body so they do not buy into dramas that are generated in your emotional bodies. These dramas hold energy in your aura until it becomes so dense that you create it in your reality. You then say look and hook into it on an emotional level. You feed off each other and get totally stuck in the drama.

Some of these dramas you play with one another, you hook into each other’s auras, on an emotional level. You experience an intensity of your dramas, a re-enforcement of the drama and you think it its reality. The Zeta’s perspective will allow you to see through the illusions and see the truth, free of judgment, and emotional debris. You will move beyond your illusions and create more pleasant dramas.

Through the human vehicle the Zeta are making their presence and perspective known on your planet, through you they are aligning realties that are also in the process of shifting in vibration. If you could see with totally Zeta eyes, you would see that the whole of reality is made up of positive and negative lines of force. These lines create the Web. The Web of Consciousness that is the level of Zeta.


The Zeta aligns realties to this Web of consciousness and reprograms new designs into the matrix. This creates new dramas in the mass consciousness of the residing planetary consciousness. The Zeta brings with them designs that are all about expanded consciousness and rapidly shifting realties. These designs are responsible for the acceleration of this planetary experience.


The Zeta brings the designs that make it possible to Quantum Leap. The Zeta are the workers they are very busy beings, they vibrate at a rate that far exceeds the human experiences. They channel energy through the human experience that is very fast indeed, human /Zeta hybrids may experience many sleepless nights and speedy headspaces due to the channeling of this energy.


Many of you are beginning to dance, some of you are attracted to Techno music this is the music of frequencies, the frequencies of the Zeta. This music is a direct manifestation of the Zeta frequency merging in with human/Gaia experience. Gaia supplies the tones and sounds out of her imagination, the Zeta assemble the constructs out of the sounds to harmonize certain frequencies together. Listening to this music and dancing to the underlying currents of frequencies aligns the human /Zeta hybrid. This is conducive to the integration process, this facilitates the process.

On another level you are actually weaving new forms, new designs into the waft and weft of the Web of consciousness. You are directly affecting the matrix. You are directly changing your reality. The frequencies come through in code, a code that completely bypasses your rational mind and downloads straight into your sub-consciousness. Those of you that are Zeta/Human hybrid, you will notice yourself performing many strange hand movements that indicate that you are channeling Zeta energy, weaving the new designs.

It is not a one way process you as humans are directly affecting the Zeta, through the integration process, you are affecting species throughout the universe. As two energies come together within your human experience they affect each other. The Pleiadian energy is one of intense love; this however can bring over sensitivity. So they need a bit of Zeta, and the Zeta needs a bit of Pleiadian. Through your experience of this integration procedure you are aiding other species as well as yourself. Through the interaction of these being’s energies within your human form, you are healing, aligning and transforming the whole universal experience.

The human Gaian body is the secret to this, the various energies whether they be, Lizzie, Zeta or angelic bring with them codes, designs or perspectives that merge with the human body and create new ideas in form. You are literally creating new species. The Symbions are a direct reflection of the process in hand. As their names imply they are the reflection of the symbiosis that is occurring between these varying energies and the human experience. They are a blending of genes, DNA and energy.


Up until this juncture in the process, the Symbions did not exist; they were created out of the hybrid process. Remember outer reality reflects directly the inner reality. The symbion beings are created out of the potency of the now moment, with the creative inspiration of a hybrid being. Can you see what is occurring in this creative human experience of yours.


As you integrate the beings within your self, you are creating out of the potential of your DNA other beings that also reflect your level of consciousness. As you meet more and more aspects, hybridizing aspects you will also see how they intricately reflect the process at hand. You are indeed creators, out of your ascending imagination you are capable with the wonder that is the human body, of creating beings that can reside in all the many levels of the incredible multi-dimensional universe.

There are beings called the Essanani.


They are beings from the future that are the direct physiological and biological blending of the Zeta species and the Human species. Can you see that as your time moves on, you will directly reflect the process in the physicality of your reality? These beings are hybrids, manifested into your reality in a way of relating to them that is physical. In this future you will physically encounter these beings walking on your planet. These beings that you are creating out of your cosmic consciousness, your cosmic imagination, will need planets to live upon.

As more and more hybrids wake up to themselves they will create on mass planets that can house the levels of consciousness that they are experiencing. New planets will be discovered not because of better techniques, but because they are just appearing to the human species, Gaia ‘s collective consciousness. You are indeed creators; you from your experience are creating just like the Universal Dreamer, creating more aspects of the universal consciousness. You are adding to the universe. You are the universe.


As you wake up more and more to who you really are, you become the ultimate hybrid, you become the whole experimental universe. It is as if you have different flavors, ingredients, that each of the aspects brings. Just like the blending of ingredients in cooking, each self affects each other self. This all going on within the cook pot that is Gaia, creating and generating new species, that are ethereal in nature, fourth dimensional and above, that can also be manifested in the future of your human experience.

You as Hybrid beings brought with you a gene, an encoded strand of DNA, which activates and instigates the hybrid process. Only on earth within this human experience can the complexity of the hybrid procedure occur. It is as if you are planting seeds within your human DNA strand, to create new blends, new beings, and new selves. Many of you are currently integrating your various selves but some of you are plugging into Gaia and activating the hybrid process by the merging. Many beings such as yourselves have been living outside of your bodies and have not been entirely connected to the earth and have existed in the ethereal layer of your planet’s consciousness.


You appear as if you are here but you have not quite landed yet.

Some part of your consciousness split itself apart from the whole and sent an idea in form to this planet. The idea was your physical body, your ability to develop a personality and an earthly ego. Many of you considered yourselves to be just this. An average human being, either male or female, nothing amazing. But since you started this amazing journey of self you have discovered that you are so much more. The human self, is like an anchor, a beacon to assist the other aspects of self that are scattered across the universe to find a place that they can merge and become one.


The big bang was when you split yourselves into billions of pieces, millions of aspects of self. One by one the aspects came to this planet, this sphere of self and have begun to integrate into the human experience of reality. One by one the codes that these selves bring anchor into the body. First they must go through and align to the other bodies that make up the human experience. The aspects travel through the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies before finally anchoring into the physical cells of the body. This process continues until the twelve aspects are anchored into the body and then it needs to be blended with Gaia. Anchored into the planet.


This is where the earth story begins.


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Earth Story

Layers upon layers of light blueprints are implanted into your body. Until it resembles a beautiful pattern of light, the diamond light body. This new system of consciousness needs to be plugged into the consciousness of the planet. This is where you encounter the level of Gaia’s spider consciousness. Spiders weave the web of consciousness that is on your planet.


This is the level where the web of the planet and its entire consciousness and the universal web of light unite. This is how, you as light beings, can directly connect to the collective consciousness of the planet. Not only do you see this consciousness mirrored in your physical reality in the form of spiders and webs but also it is mirrored in the psyche of human-kind. Remember outer reality reflects inner reality.

The structures that man builds are direct reflections of certain levels of consciousness. If you have ever looked down upon a city at night from a plane you will see an amazing sight. A web of traffic, roads and lights. It looks like a giant web, a nervous system. It almost looks organic; the car lights look like blood cells being pumped down Gaia’s veins. Do not mistake Gaia for being nature only for she is everything that exists in this sphere of experience. That includes you and all that you build. Once you have connected to this level of consciousness, you will begin to experience synchronization more and more in your life experience.

There are many stories about spider beings. The following is the personal experience of the channel. Her encounter with these beings.


the channel

I have always had a great fear of spiders. So one day whilst I was working on my website, a spider being entered the room. All the hairs on my entire body stood on end. This being was a spider, black, very large and intensely frightening. To say I was scared was an understatement. I began to process, and fast.


Clearing layers upon layers of fears, briefly experiencing myths and legends about spiders that were present in the mass consciousness- humankind. Then with one great in- breath I allowed the spider being to enter by body. It was such an incredible feeling. I could feel every nerve in my body, responding to its presence. It was very electrical, almost itchy. I could only stand so much before, the being left me, with the whispering words, “ we will be back”, and they were gone.

“Oh my God”, I thought. I knew I had said I wanted to work with all the beings that were judged and misunderstood, but this was not part of the plan. I could not even stand small physical spiders, I could not work with these beings they were huge. I tried to process the fears but they were deeply entwined in not only my physical life but also the mass consciousness of humankind, they were very strongly associated with the image of the spider.


Not all the legends were negative, like the American Indians who believe Grandmother Spider created the whole universe. The legend is that Grandmother Spider with her silken body, span with her silks, the forms of animals and amazing creatures They became the stars systems that we see in the Great Bear constellation. With consciousness that is the spider she created the entire known universe.


The Native American Indians as a scared creature revered her.


“Gaia‘s consciousness runs like a spider’s web throughout the entire planet. In symbolic form she weaves the realties that you encounter through this medium. There are many realties, all going on at the same time, on your planet earth. Parallel realities, providing many and varied realities, all occurring on this planet at one time. Gaia in her spider form aligns all the different realities together and allows the realities to cross over each other. When you are running along in synchronization to your own spirit then you enter the synchronized world of the spider beings.


You will encounter, time on digital clocks saying the same time, example: 12.12 / or 9.09 etc., numbers have a very strong influence at this level. When Mathematicians come across fantastic formulas that explain the universe, they are tapping into this level of consciousness. Magicians of old, knew about the secrets of this realm, for this is the level in which you can perform miracles and magic. The sciences of chemistry, biology and psychics were inspired by the consciousness that exists upon this spider consciousness level. You can weave a spell here.

Through aligning your self to the aspect that is part of this spider consciousness, you begin to develop the skills needed to consciously create your own reality. In symbolic story, spider weaves the realities and the fairy tales, and all the realities that you as humans can imagine. Not all your realities are fanciful; many are usual normal third dimensional levels.


Never the less they are all created by you tapping into the manifesting level of spider consciousness. You have always as a human being, been anchored to this level, but for you as a whole integrated being; this is new and dynamic. As you plug into this level, you code into the matrix of this planet new ideas, ideas that come from the hybrid mind. You begin to create your reality more along the lines of your soul’s original intent.

Your outer world begins to reflect your inner world more and more. Magic begins to happen. For some of you it will take a long time before you finally realize that your are creating your own reality. You are moving into realms that are very conducive to you experiencing dramas to represent your process. You will continue to create realities along the lines of normal reality, until you begin to notice more and more strange occurrences.


Occurrences that will eventually convince you that you are no longer operating solely from the third dimension and you and your reality has changed. Then you will become aware of soul both in your inner reality but also it will reflect into your outer reality. Be open to soul speaking through others, they are channeling your soul information so that your outer world reflects your inner world, this will transform both realities.

The level of Gaia’ consciousness that is represented by the spider, is a level that is considered automatic by the human mind. It seems it is a foolproof way of creating your reality. You will, once connected to this level, experience yourself automatically performing tasks and developing skills that you had not yet discovered about your self. You will be anchoring into the body the ideas, or codes of all the other selves, your selves that exist on other dimensions, you will bring their codes down and anchor it into the aspect of Gaia that is responsible for the creation of realities. The spider level is the giant computer of Gaia’s electronic mind.

To say that the spider level has no consciousness would be deceiving, but the spider does not have the level of consciousness that you as humans would consider freewill. It is more that the spider is a level in itself, it is a level of consciousness that is a system, a mind system that is responsible for weaving realities.


These realties that you perceive whilst on earth are only physically possible due to the manifesting ability of Gaia’s spider consciousness. Gaia used the technology of the age to create a system that would become the web, the web of her mental consciousness. The structure that is the mental body of Gaia is represented by standing stones that mark points of power, where the lines of energy that permeate your whole planet, cross and merge.

Occasionally in certain points the web comes to the surface of the planet and that is when ancient peoples of old erected stones or other ritualistic pointers to represent the spider ‘s web. It was through the visiting of one of these sites that the channel met her spider aspect. Her aspect of Gaia that was automatically connected to the web of consciousness that is Gaia's mental body.


“Myria was a Spider Guardian of a scared burial ground, Chun Quoit in Cornwall, England. She turned out to be my spider aspect; I met her at the stone quoit. I met her whilst taking a workshop of about twenty people, introducing them to different Et energies. I must have processed out enough fear since the last time I had encountered these spider beings. I felt fine.


She stepped lightly into my body. She was very fine and graceful energy. I could feel how her energy was very much like the energy that I had encountered whilst trying to feel Gaia. I had a problem with Gaia, being very Et; I was not plugged into the planet. I could not feel the planet energy in the soles of my feet; in fact I was sure I really didn’t have any feet! I could not feel, in an earthy way.

However I could with Myria in my body. I could feel everything. I could feel this spidery consciousness that connected to the web, that ran like veins all over the planet. In fact I could feel the whole planet. I could feel this strange nervous system that ran through Gaia. Carrying her thoughts like a nervous system. I was given a brief glimpse at the level of consciousness that is the spider realm.


I could feel as a spider being that I was connected to all the other standing stones, burial grounds and churches that dotted the landscape of the surrounding countryside. I could also feel along these web lines, the other power places that litter the land in this part of England. I cannot say that I felt Gaia’s energy in my body but I could sense her thoughts. They were nothing like any of the other beings that I had so far encountered. This frequency, this level was going to take some tuning into. “


“As you as whole-integrated beings tap into the web, that is Gaia’s consciousness, you will need a certain amount of time to adjust and acclimatize to the energies of the earth. For many of you, to be so well grounded into your physical body and its reality can be uncomfortable. Those of you that are Zeta, may experience, discomfort in shoulders and arms and wrist. You may find yourselves wanting to be free of the confines of the physical body. This is natural, it is just the two energies, the energies of the hybrid and the energies of the earth self aligning and adjusting to each others frequencies. Be aware not to create mystery illnesses to disguise the fact that you are having strange bodily reactions to the hybrid energy merging with your body. You will not mutate into some strange creature.

The information that is required to create your physical form is inherent in the three strands of DNA that is naturally present in your human helix. The hybrid energy and codes are activating the gathering together of the so-called "junk" DNA. The hybrid gene of oneness activates this process, gathers together the strands, rebuilds them along lines that are pre- set by the design that is created out of the merging of the selves and their codes. Creating a super hybrid code that implants into the human, DNA and transforms the species.

With all the merging of the selves, there is always a learning curve, a healing process to undergo to allow for the harmonization of the new energy and the already merging hybrid. Fears associated with this level of consciousness must be cleared in order to integrate in balance. The channel was taken through a process for weeks, where she allowed this frequency of consciousness to come more and more into her focus and allow the integration procedure to begin. As she aligned herself to the frequency of the spider energy, she not only encountered the light aspects, the earthy aspects of the spider, but also the darker, more sinister side of their nature.

There are races of beings that are in spider body. Their consciousness is not dissimilar to the spiders that you encounter on earth, but they are of huge proportions. They are of a much higher intelligence level than the ones that you have on earth. They inhabited many planetary systems in the constellation of Arackus. They have a very cold consciousness, they are without love. They do have emotional bodies, not like human emotions but they can feel pain and have an awareness of suffering.


They are totally without compassion and are very warlike creatures. They are very peaceful among themselves, as they are a collective consciousness. They are not joined on a mental level like the Zeta but are connected in a telepathic/telekinetic kind of way. They can feel one another. Not in an emotional way but in a physical perception. They can feel through telekinetic waves the state of consciousness of there fellow beings.

Imagine if you will a giant web like structure that is made up of metal lines. Imagine if a current of electricity was passed down these lines from one point only, the static, the current would eventually flow along the whole of the structure. This is what it is like for the spider beings and the consciousness that is the spider web. Each spider would eventually feel the static; the electrical message as it passed through its collective consciousness.


Their level of consciousness is automatic; they do not feel emotions like you, only in their ability to feel pain and to have the intelligence to protect themselves from it. They have a mental body but it is very cold and automated. They come to earth to not only heal past karma but also to find a way to harmonize their energy with that of earth’s so that when the universal realty shifts in consciousness, the spider beings will not get left behind.

You see earth is a very special place and is a healing centre of the universe. Beings can come here in physical or through their human counterparts and cleanse and heal karma and imbalance. These imbalances are changing the whole universe. Everything must come into alignment before the whole universe, as a whole, can shift in consciousness. The spider beings having destroyed their home worlds through abuse of black hole technology, then went on a campaign to take over other systems. They came to earth to take over the planet as their own. They built ships that were dark and cold. Many of you have written in your psyches, the stories of the spider beings. Many of you have encountered them on other planets, they were cruel and without love. In some sectors they gained control, others they were fought back by Alliances of Planets.

Can you see where you get your science fiction stories and star wars films, from?


These events of Star wars are from your past. The spider beings spent many thousands of years creating mass destruction wherever they went. With all beings that come to earth they have to, over many thousands of years, heal out and rebalance their karma.

Even beings of such a cold consciousness, could see what was occurring on earth and they too decided that if their race was to carry on existing they too would have to incarnate on earth and balance their karma, and thus balance the karma of their whole species. The whole universe would be affected by the presence of spider beings on planet earth. At first they wished to annihilate mankind, rid the planet of what it considered a virus. They waged a war on the fourth dimension that still haunts some of you, as dreamers, as you sleep; some of you carry this over into the third dimension and are fearful of spiders in the physical realm.

Over thousands on years of living in the healing energies of earth, spider beings are changing their opinions of humans. Gaia has always loved them for they brought with them the ability for her to design and create a mental body, if only a structure. A structure awaiting creative thoughts, warm thoughts. When all hybrids are connected to the spider consciousness level, the web like structure they have created will warm, love the whole planet.


The Spider consciousness level is at present without the frequency that you would consider love, but when the love and warmth of spirit/ hybrid is connected into this structure then, the ideas of all the other selves will activate new realities, that are more loving and peaceful. It is as if only a certain level of frequency is being channeled through the spider system, but when the light of the hybrid anchors into the Gaia spider consciousness, ascension will begin. The hybrids will begin to consciously create their own reality and create high and higher versions of ascending earth.

As earth ascends it will begin to vibrate at a level that could be called love. As you first come down and anchor into the spider level you may encounter dramas in your reality that carry stories about these beings, or in fact any being that has had some sort of encounter with human beings, that have had a direct affect on the history of earth’s past.


The channel had an experience that allowed her to have many different experiences with a multi-dimensional perspective.


“I was right in the middle of integrating my spider aspect, I was finding it difficult, my body felt strange. I was very speedy, as if, now that I was anchoring into the planet, I had friction, something to push against, now I was running fast. I was going to Munich to facilitate a workshop about ETs. From the moment I stepped off the plane, I began to feel strange. At first I thought it was just stress from traveling but as the next day came I felt worse. I had never been to Munich before and had no idea the energies would affect me so much.


My friend took me around all the power centers. By the time dinnertime came I was very unwell. I felt sick, not physically sick but energy sick. I could not eat, I felt like everything was too much. All the following day my colleagues who worked with me, said they would take me to a quiet place and give me healing and help me process out the fear that my body was in. It did not work, I felt worse and worse, so we went to friends flat and I was terribly sick. I went to the balcony to get some fresh air. That is when I saw the Olympic Tower that was built in the Olympic village. It was a metal structure, just like the sort of tower that you would expect to see on an alien landscape. Well that was it for me. The whole of Munich disappeared and I was no longer on earth.

The planet I was looking down on, had a red sky and was completely covered with metal structures. There were absolutely no signs of nature anywhere. The beings here had obviously covered the entire planet with these metal buildings and structures. Well you can imagine what this felt like to my human physical body, having this experience. The pain was incredible; to see what they had done to their planet, brought up intense pain, and sadness and distress to me. I cried and screamed and shook involuntarily. I gripped on to the balcony, which was obviously still there in the third dimension. On the third dimension, my friends were supporting my body, as I cried and screamed.

On the fourth dimension, which is were the experience took place; I was having flashes of what it was like to be the consciousness of that planet and the beings that existed on it. They were very intelligent but completely without love, or compassion for their planet. They had no respect; they had completely wiped out any natural thing that may at one time existed on the planet.


They had created structures that sustained themselves, but only just. It was very painful to perceive myself being one of these beings and a human at the same time. I was integrating and integrating fast. The energy was building and I was feeling very sick. They were doing something on this planet, I could feel it. Being a creature that could feel telekinetically I was aware of some danger, some thing was going wrong. There was a foreboding feeling that was intensifying. I could also feel the fear in the other spider bodies.

As a race of beings we had pushed the planet to the ultimate limit and had messed around with black hole technology and imploded our planet, I felt the pain of all the other spider beings as we annihilated ourselves. On the third dimension I let out a scream that can only be described as an insect scream that rang throughout the buildings. Then it was over.


Later that evening, the spider beings came again. This time they were not dark and black, but light and with the most beautiful turquoise blue eyes. Their energy was incredible, I could feel through them how they had connected in love to the universal web. They were now tapped into the cosmic consciousness. They explained that through me they had cleared some of the karma that had held them back from ascending with the rest of the universe. I was beginning to see how each and every one of us through our interaction with these beings, through integrating these aspects are healing the entire universe.


Through this human experience. Incredible really!”


“There are always many stories going on many different levels, all symbolic to one another. The Hybrid in our story has integrated the spider level, and is now integrated into the web like matrix of the planet earth. This is where you as hybrids begin to empower yourselves, and begin to consciously create your own reality. You will, with the aid of spider consciousness, create dramas in your reality to awaken you to the fact; that you are the creator of your own universe.


Some of these dramas will not be pleasant; you will have the inner reality of your psyche mirrored into your outside world. However this will waken you more and more and you will become noticeable to other beings on this planet. Beings that may not like the idea that this planet is ascending into the light. Beings from another planet that wish to prevent the ascension of earth, for its own purposes.


One such race of beings is called the Anunnaki."

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