Super Hybrid

The following is a mixture of personal experience and information regarding the integration of the multi-selves.


So, what is a multi-self ? On the highest level of who you are, you are one whole being, you are God. You are an aspect of the Universal Dreamer expressing itself through the myriad dimensions. This Oneness, this aspect of God, expresses itself through the multitude of dimensions that make up infinity.


There are infinite amounts of expressions such as this available to a being. So, as you look into the details of who you are on this high level, you see that you are made up of a multitude of expressions. Each expression, each self, carries an aspect of the greater being that you are. So, can you see that you are made up of many stories all going on at the same time?


You are indeed a Super Hybrid, a being made up of many.


I, Alloya, I am the Oneness.


In my myriad expressions, I am many things. I have an infinite amount of expressions, some physical, others without shape or form. Some of my expressions are so abstract that human minds would be stretched to imagine them. You could say that I am a Super Hybrid and so are you.

If you are reading this, you are at the level where you are beginning to become aware of the integration of the multi-selves. Before you embark upon your adventure, there are certain principles that you would do well to follow. Throw out your ideas of separation and view everything and everyone as a mirror expression of who you are. Do not search for answers through the rational mind, but through the imagination and intuition. Integrate the beings that you work with; look at them as if they are not separate to you and you will be amazed at what occurs. We are calling you to a point in time where you will integrate fully, all levels and move back into the Oneness of who you really are.

It is not mine to say that each and every one of you will experience the integration process in exactly the same way, for each self is uniquely creative. What I can say is the energy that brings this integration of the selves is a divine, evolutionary force that moves through the dimensions. It is a creative spark that triggers movement in the evolutionary path of species. These forces move as waves through creative forces that belong to your planet and activate within the DNA dormant codes designed to fire off at this time in your history. This pulls all the multi-selves into a dimensional reality where they can merge and become one.

Your planet is holding this frequency for you, to support the integration of the selves. This is why your world is so important. It is the only place where you can achieve this full process and yet stay in human physical form. What a uniquely creative process!

It would be wise at this juncture to ask you to refer to the text contained in the first part of the book, The Mission of the One Star .


The book takes you on a journey through the various levels all the way back to the Universal Dreamer. It gives you the flavor of what the other realities have to offer and the type of communication you can experience of these other dimensions. It also introduces you to the energy of the various twelve selves that the channel is aware of integrating. It is as if you are getting to know the various selves that make up a hybrid. This is meant to allow others reading this to tune into their own integration process. For there is nothing like personal experience to awaken others to their own expression of this evolutionary process.

For years I wanted to write down my experiences, but I found it almost impossible due to the fact I was still physically integrating my selves. Now, I can get it in order on paper as I get it into order within myself. I am balancing these selves within me and allowing their talents and abilities to channel through me as my own gifts. I am now ready to tell my story.

It all started with Shektar, my guardian angel. Shektar told me that I was to undergo a series of initiations that would ground into my physical body my Super Hybrid self, my multi-selves. Each of these selves or aspects of my greater self introduced itself to me through using inner dialogue, visual explanation, and as the integration proceeded, emotional recognition. Through my interaction with each self, I learned about the beings' history, where they came from, what type of being they were, and how they experienced their reality. Each self seemed to be unique in their gifts, talents, and abilities. After hours of channeling their energies, I began to see how unique and yet how integrated they all were.

After their initial introduction, they would, over time, walk in and out of my body, each experience bringing its own tests and lessons. The lessons would manifest in my outside world. My friends and those around me would seem to play out symbolic type scenarios in order for me to learn more about each aspect. My friends would seem to represent one particular aspect of self, so that I could see myself mirrored in them. In the early stages of this process, I thought I was going mad. Yet curiosity took over and I threw caution to the wind and surrendered to what was occurring.

The lessons came in many different forms and all sorts of situations began to manifest in order for me to learn what I needed to learn. If no one was around to be a mirror for me, then the television and music was the next best thing. I would be having a conversation with one aspect, and the next minute, a lyric in a song I was listening to would answer any question so perfectly, I would laugh out loud. Newsreaders would almost look as if they were going to wink any minute to give the game away.

That's what it felt like, a game, a very funny cosmic joke. If we are God, then we are everything, and everyone and I was being shown just that in my outside reality. I wanted to jump up and down and tell everyone what I was experiencing, but much to my horror, they did not have a clue what I was talking about. I was alone in this. Was I mad?

I investigated this phenomenon and discovered how there are many levels of perception on which to operate. On the level of most human beings, magi-cal, spiritual occurrences such as I was experiencing were either not real or were evidence of insanity.

Surrendering to the madness, I soon discovered that each self 's initiation lead naturally on to the next. I was healing various levels of my being as each self took me through a period of lessons and tests. On completion of each set of lessons, the self would walk into my body and stay and integrate itself into my physical form. I would go through an intense period where my conscious awareness would be shared with this new and unique aspect.

Each self had its own unique way of looking at reality, its own perception, and a unique way of experiencing itself. We played together and shared each other's experience. Each self had a vibration frequency on which it operated. Some of the aspects seemed to work very much on the spiritual levels; others on the mental, emotional, and physical. Some operated on a combination of all four.


Each self brought with it talents and abilities that manifested mainly in my healing work and my everyday interaction with those around me. Each self upon completion would bring in its own color ray that it worked upon. For that period I would be obsessed with the color, seeing it everywhere I went. This helped my body familiarize itself with the frequency of that particular aspect. I learned a very deep level of information about colors and how they affect my being.

As I integrated more selves, I began to see a pattern forming. The first stages of the process were the introductions on a spiritual and mental level. Then, later on, came the emotional and physical level. It was at the stage of the physical body level that I began to become uncomfortable.

I was shown that the best way to integrate these energies was to dance. This allowed the energies to flow naturally around my body. Each self had its own dance and movement. By surrendering to their energies, I was amazed to see myself dance intricate hand movements. It felt like I was weaving new pat-terns into my auric field, new patterns that would allow the next self to layer itself upon.

As the process proceeded, I realized that each self correlated with the chakra system and even though they all encompassed the whole system, they seemed to relate to one particular chakra. By using particular breathing techniques and by focusing on the various centers, I could activate the self.

I soon found that I was automatically calling upon the appropriate self whose talents were perfect for the situation I was in. Each self lead on to the next as I watched the original idea of myself start off from the highest level, the level of Alloya, through the many levels to manifest finally on the densest, in the centre of the planet.

On completion of the integration of each self, I would be given a gift that somehow represented the particular self's energies. I would place this in a special place in my healing room. It was only when all my selves were complete did the story of their making come through me. I was given a brief story for each one, symbolic story to represent the various dimensions and the selves that lived upon them. I feel that in story form their true natures are revealed. I hope you enjoy their stories as much as I have had living them.

In the beginning there was only darkness, a velvety void that held an unlimited, an undefined potential. The void lay sleeping, unaware that it could dream that it could be. There was no direction, no movement, no limits, and no boundaries. The omnipotent omnipresence lay unconscious, unaware of itself. From this nothing, this void, this nagual, came the ALL THAT IS, all that can be named.

The void began to stir. No one really knows why or how, but one day the void had a thought, an inspirational idea. This idea created sound and out of this sound and movement came an inspired spark of light, a mighty nucleus, and an awesome star was born, The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons, each moon being a dimensional universe of realities.

For the first time in the void, out of the nothing, came something. The void recognized itself dreaming and for the first time this awesome force knew itself as the Universal Dreamer. With a point of light in a sea of darkness, there was now a reference point. The Universal Dreamer gave this Star the ability to create. Out of this Star, individual beams of light were sent into the darkness. These beams went out and created more of itself and Alloya Ye Ra Har was born. Her light spiraled and wove intricate patterns in the darkness.

The presence of the Star seemed to be around me a lot during this period of the integration. I had a constant strange buzzing in my ears. Or was it my whole head? I didn't know. I felt strange. The most amazing feelings would subtly ripple through my body. It was a strange sensation, very alien and foreign to my body. It was oddly pleasant.

I would be sitting at home when it would come into the room. The light would go very funny and the hairs on my arms would stand on end. I would feel very 'not of this earth'. My perception would change. I was accessing some incredibly high being or beings. I was not sure.

As they drew their consciousness and mine closer together, the strange code in my head began to unfold. It is hard to describe the state of consciousness I was in. I felt like all my thoughts had calmed to the point of stillness, and that my awareness of myself was purely automatic. I felt very calm, and yet my breathing was shallow and fast. I seemed somehow unattached from my body and its breathing. I felt really dreamy and my eyes were very off-focused and I had very large pupils. Words began to form but they were too fast to comprehend. I could literally feel it trying to tune into me more and more. I was aligning myself to it.

One night, I sat down and started to write, 'What am I?' page, and I wrote the first thing that came into my head, The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons. The very next night my friend loaned me a computer and the very next day, I started to write.


The opening lines were,

"Hello and greetings Gaian beings. We have been waiting a long time to communicate to you. You might be thinking, 'Who are we?' We are imagination in its first form. We are the energy behind the urge to look into the unknown. We are the curiosity behind the need for wisdom. We group together as a Soul consciousness. We channel through the manifestation of a focal point that can best be symbolically described as a Star. The energy from the Star illuminates a thousand moons of imagination."

They were The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons.

Months went by. Literally every evening they would come, and I would find myself writing until the early hours. The information was incredible. They explained how they were a group, a collective consciousness.

"A collective consciousness is a group of beings or energies that come together, and in their interaction, they create a being or entity that is made up of many. Yet it experiences itself as one singular identity. We become the 'I' and individualize our being when relating to you."

Over the weeks of writing, we covered many topics. They talked about how they were a vector,

"a vector is a coming together of energies in a harmonious, creative and transformational way to create a force that has magnitude and direction."

They helped me understand how they were like a chakra in the body of God. They communicated pictures to me to help me understand more fully. They talked in some detail about the nature of the universe and consciousness, and how our DNA was transforming us into light.

I was not shocked by anything that I wrote as it all seemed like I already knew it, even though I knew that I didn't. They covered information about how their energy affects our planet and how they were dreamers dreaming our existence. They talked about ET' s and about how they lived on different frequencies. They talked about how I was one of these beings incarnate in human form. I knew that was true.


They talked in detail about the mechanics of the transformation of the cells of our bodies. They talked about the other dimensions and how we have an aspect of ourselves on each one. This made sense. I was both Shektar and myself. They were different 'me's' on other dimensions. As well as writing the information, I was given pictures and feelings in information to enable me to fully understand what they were talking about.

Some books talk about how we all have a Spirit name that describes our true nature. I knew some people who had changed their names to their Spirit name and it had brought them both liberation yet it had also ultimately made them social outcasts. Nevertheless, I wanted to discover mine. I decided that I would set to it that very next day .I didn't have to wait that long.


I was listening to some amazing techno music when this sound came from nowhere. As it began to slow down, I realized it was words. Then all of a sudden the words became clear. It was my name, "ALLOYA YE RA HAR." I wrote it down and said it out loud. In that moment, I knew that I was the Star and its name was Alloya, my Spirit.

Then the communication became crystal clear. I heard this voice loud and strong.

"If you break up her name, her message is revealed. 'All-o-ya'... 'all of you' ... 'Ye' is old English for 'you' ... 'Ra' means 'to radiate', and 'Har' means 'life force'. Alloya Ye Ra Har, all of you, you radiate life force."

The voice went on to explain that she was my complete aspect of myself on all levels. She holds within her all my aspects. She is a focal point in the body of God. She is my aspect of God. My ' I AM'.

Alloya has many forms on many levels. A few images spring to my mind to describe her energy. One is a great Star of all the colors of the rainbow, vibrant and pulsating, radiating energy into the darkness of space. Surrounding it, there are a thousand moons that stretch into infinity in all directions. Each moon looks like a shiny, reflective metal ball, reflecting the colors of the Star.

The Star expresses itself as one being, as Alloya, in order to communicate and interplay with you. She radiates lines of herself as starlight to criss-cross upon the surface of the moons. As these lines criss-cross, individual focal points are created. Each one experiences itself as individual, and yet each point is also part of Alloya, the Oneness. They experience themselves as many different levels of awareness and transfer their information of experience back to Alloya and, thus, back to God.

The voice went on the say that I was a Super Hybrid that was made up of twelve aspects, from twelve different places in the universe. If I were to draw a line from each of these places into the middle, they would cross to form a six-pointed star.

Another image that can describe her is the image I saw in the mirror.

"Who am I and what does my Spirit look like?" I asked one day.

I was totally amazed at what I saw forming in the mirror. My face completely changed until I could see a beautiful yet terrifying face looking back at me. I was not human, but extraterrestrial. Large almond shaped eyes seemed to penetrate me to the core of my being ,a strange elongated head ... bald with shimmering scales that seemed to cover my entire face. They were iridescent. As I looked closer, I could see an intricate nervous system just under the skin that seemed to have light traveling along it.

The being that I was seeing was awesome. As I stood there, my Spirit communicated straight into my body information that would later surface to guide me along my journey. I realized that what I was seeing was a symbolic image to describe and explain my spiritual nature. It took me some time to pull myself from the mirror, my body strangely excited and scared all at the same time. That was the beginning of my journey.


My rational mind went into overload.

"It's just a hallucination, a good one but only a hallucination," it kept saying over and over again.

It was the only way I could handle it. You see, I had seen things before, but they weren't real and I knew it. This, however, was very different. You see I had inklings that I was somehow not human. It sounds crazy because I have a very average human body but my Soul is very different.

When I was a small child my Mother would find me sitting on my windowsill in the early hours of the morning, looking out at the stars.

"That is where I really live," I replied when my Mother asked me what I was doing.

I always had the idea that I was from another place or planet, a place that was very different to the one I now inhabited. My home was made of light, and was so full of love, that planet Earth seemed cruel and devoid of love. I found it very difficult to exist in this world.

I was a very sensitive child; I could pick up on much different energy and could communicate with Fairies and the energies of the trees. As I grew up, I felt very out of place, as if I didn't belong. I had a strange yearning to be somewhere else. This caused me lots of pain as I grew up.

As I entered my teenage years, I had painfully learned that it was easier on the psyche if I closed down my sensitivity and protected myself. Looking at the face in the mirror only confirmed my suspicions that I was, in fact, an alien. Can you imagine what that does to the many levels that make up the self? I am sure that without the love of this being, my body would have frozen in fear at the prospect of realizing that it was housing a completely alien soul.

I was excited and scared. My rational mind was totally confused and kept hiding beyond my impeding doubt. However, within the chaos of all these mixed emotions, I was overwhelmed by the response of my heart. It literally sang. Tears flowed down my cheeks, tears of joy, tears of knowing. I could not deny its message. It rippled through my very being. It was real and it was true. I was from somewhere else, somewhere far away.

Alloya showed herself to me in this form to make me curious as to where I got such almond shaped eyes. She was made up of many different aspects. These characteristics led me to discover all the many selves that make up Alloya. Her energy was all consuming for me. Electrifying energy ran up and down my spine. The integration of her took many months and was one of the hardest aspects to integrate.

Issues of being separated from my true source, God, were very much up for me. The lessons to heal through were about loneliness and isolation, feelings from childhood. She was very difficult to integrate into my physical body. I found that to break through the blocks to her energy, I had to tone high-pitched sounds and later to tone her name. This left me feeling shaky and emotionally heightened. Tears of loneliness overwhelmed me.

She gave me a sense of self beyond the mundane physical realm. I had to widen my perspective to encompass the idea that I was an aspect of God. I was a universal entity experiencing itself on many levels.

I was introduced into my magnificence and allowed to see the world and its reality through eyes that were far above ideas of judgment and beyond polarities. I began to understand from this high perspective my true purpose of being here on this planet.

Alloya taught me how to honor my true nature and feel and take on my highest power and learn to use discernment in the way I lived my life. She taught me the true meaning of life and death and allowed me to truly feel the eternal nature of my soul.

Sharing my consciousness with this all-knowing, omnipresent entity allowed me to see with new eyes. Alloya gave me a trust in God and the universe. She showed me my true nature as herself, and this allowed me to know myself as God.

The Creator, Alloya Ye Ra Har, lay dreaming and in her dreaming she wandered into as yet an unformed part of creation. At first it was all dark. As the creator opened her eyes, the light that shone from within shone out into the darkness, forming two mighty stars. They were Astrata and Astrea; their love warmed the darkness. They watched with curiosity as the worlds formed around them. As galaxies were born and planets formed, Astrata and Astrea watched and waited. They watched as worlds created new potential, new beings, new experiences.

One such experience was the union of love to create a third, the child. They pondered the possibility of their performing such an act that would create a child from their union. They realized through their observation that in order to create such a being; a little of them would have to be given as a sacrifice in the name of their love. Separating from themselves created an incomplete feeling within them.


At first they were content to bathe in each other's light. Now, they yearned to be with each other once more. Their yearning to be with each other, their movement, created a magnetic force, polarizing them into positive and negative forces, spiraling them into a vortex of love.

In the dance of their love, the energy swirled around them, creating movement and sound in creation. Their light reflected patterns of light and sound and form. Within the spirals of love, the gifts they had given combined to create the third, the child, the star child. Astrata gave of his positive vibration and Astrea gave of her negative vibration. This combined male and female created the child. As they watched with awe, the blending of the colors, the blues and the greens, swirled around and back upon themselves. They were amazed to see the glistening of a new color, the silver of the child.

Within this grand display, an exquisite sound could be heard. From the spiral of Astrata, the sound whispered out the song he had given as his gift; from the spiral of Astrea, the song, thunderous and loud. The beauty of the colors and the wonders of the sounds began to form the child, Astara.

At first, she resembled her parents and the energies of love they had given. She was a Star in a double spiral of sound and color. Using her rainbow mind, she pondered, as had Astrata and Astrea once be-fore her, about the possibility of her creating a world, too. As her parents had done before her, she split a part of herself away as a gift and sent it to create a New World.

As the gift which resembled a spark of light fell into time and creation, it landed and solidified, forming a bluey-green sphere of blissful love. Astrata looked upon her newly formed creation and great love filled her heart. She watched in awe as the essences of love formed the beautiful sphere of light and sound. As she watched, a thought began to murmur through her mind. "What was it to be named?" "Unesseia," was the reply.

Astrata, Astrea and Astara. These aspects are integral parts of each other. Astrata, male energy, and Astrea, female energy, combined make Astara. They are representatives of the Antares star system. They are light beings, the consciousness of the stars themselves. They are my Stellar Source. They feel like they come from the future. They are what I will become in another existence. They have an understanding of the intricately complex matrix, which is our universal dimensional reality. They are universal consciousness. They represent the light body, which is the vehicle into which we are transforming in order to travel through different dimensions.

Sharing myself with this consciousness was very unique. They showed me where I really sourced from in this universe, and gave me a base from which I began my journey as an experimental Soul. They gave me access to my greater self. Having a new perspective allowed me to see beyond judgment to the many layers that are our relationships. They taught me how to align to my light body and also realign others to theirs. To do this, I had to dance intricate patterns with my arms and hands. I could literally weave new pat-terns into the etherical body, aligning the body to light. They had visited me; or rather I had visited them, way back in the early part of my journey. However, it was much later that I met them again and forged a new relationship with them.

Several years previously, I had been lying on a couch having a kinesiology session. The woman had placed a crystal at my feet that instantly made me feel incredibly heavy. She then put a beautiful crystal at my head. I closed my eyes. I could feel the couch moving as if it were a hospital trolley. I saw lights pass over my head. I thought, "Where on Earth am I?".

I saw Zeta in the distance. Then I was on this operating table. I was on a ship. I wanted to have a look around but a being (Astrata) telepathically said,

"You are not supposed to see this. You are supposed to be asleep on this level."

The being seemed so familiar and loving even though it had an enormous head and an almost praying mantis type body!

I looked down and could see that I was being operated upon. My etherical body, at least I think it was, was open its whole length. They were taking something out and putting a new part in. The parts looked like fuses. The new one going in was glowing with light. The whole experience was so real (see also 'Realignment to Light Technology'). Yet it was much later in my journey that I came across these beings again.

They are a navigation system, which is contained within my DNA and light body. The light body is a higher vibration representative of the DNA chains. The highways of light that I see as the DNA spirals link all of God's creation as one. They give me a unique awareness of my place in the universe and to my Stellar Source. Seeing myself as a greater whole enabled me to free myself from the feelings of isolation that had hindered me all my life. I came to know them as my true Home selves.

Living out of the realms of time showed me how to use this level of imagination to travel interdimensionally. They taught me how to align my light body and integrate my light body, which is a spiritual blueprint of a future vision.

They taught me how to rewire the etherical body to align the light body. To do this, I dance intricate hand movements, programming energy directly into the DNA. I was able to remove dark karmic patterns that resembled dark, cloudy masses within the etherical body.


I began to see through their eyes, which saw throughout the whole of existence.



Unesseia was a translucent blurry-green sphere, the heavenly home of the stars. Upon this sphere lived an ancient race of beings, ethereal in nature, called the Unesseia which means 'unified essences'. They lived a transient existence, expressing themselves as separate non-physical entities for only a short length of time before they returned to the singular all encompassing energy of their home.

They created themselves as thoughts, thoughts of their sphere. They differentiated and transformed themselves into exemplar entities existing as transparent images of forms, using light that radiated from their source, the Star. They only existed as ideas, ideas as living light patterns. Their urge to create these forms was sourced from the sphere itself. The sphere is the representation of the energies of the urge to create through love.

The sphere, like the beings that dwelt upon it, were etherical in nature. It once was a thought; an idea which crystallized into a denser light pattern which appeared like a misty crystalline structure. The geometric pattern held the sphere in form and allowed the unmanifested entities to manifest and appear in this ethereal dimension. The entities or ideas were the direct creation of the sphere and the sphere was the direct creation of the Star, the original idea.

For aeons they lived on the sphere, emerging and re-merging themselves with the sphere over and over again. For aeons they lay sleeping, dreaming in their crystalline realities. One day, it occurred to them that in order to evolve; they would have to create a new type of being. Giving a small part of themselves, they fused and melded their love energies and with a surge of intention they created a being consistent with their awareness and feelings. Iteesha was her name.

One beautiful night I was privileged to go Home. I lay back on some cushions and closed my eyes. The energy around me swirled and moved me out of my body in spirals. I left the planet and traveled fast into the darkness of the universe. Moving further and further from Earth, passing through star gates that were strangely familiar, I knew that I was no longer in the same dimensional reality as the universe I was used to experiencing.

Before me in the darkness was my Home. It was a bluey-green Sphere of light. I cannot describe the feelings of recognition and love that I had for this place. I was finally Home. As I approached, the strangest thing happened. I totally merged with the Sphere. I was made of the same substance and was totally one with it. I learned that the beings on this Sphere were an ancient race of beings, ethereal in form. They were totally one with their Home, only emerging in temporary form to dive within once more.

Finding the true Source of my Soul, my true Home Sphere, was both a liberating and painful experience for me. The emotions and vibratory rate of the Sphere was almost too overwhelming. Every breath I took sent waves of energy washing over my body. I cried out in pain. I was dropped into a conscious awareness of what it was like to be a swirling mass of color, light, and sound. The energies swirled and twisted constantly. With every movement, it rippled out into my auric field. The whole experience moved me to the very depths of my emotions. I was totally unaware that I was capable of such deep feelings. I could experience myself as a substance that was capable of shimmering through other bodies like cosmic wind. The sensations this produced were truly amazing.

Working with this aspect was an opportunity for me to experience more, and learn about what I really was. It was a very challenging time for me, having to heal out issues that were not only connected to my Soul's wounds, but also corresponded with the issues in this earthly lifetime. I could literally see my personality changing, becoming released from fear and gaining a sense of self-love.

Up to this point, it was only me who had these experiences. No one else had experienced my being any different. At this time, I was very frightened to show it to anyone. A number of fears prevented me from sharing myself. I was afraid that it was all in my head, and that no one else would experience it. I was afraid that they would reject me. This was a wound currently in my personality, an ingrained fear of rejection.

One evening, whilst dining with a friend, we got on to the subject of what we thought we were on a soul level. I explained to her how I thought I was not human on a soul level and, in fact was an alien. She said, "Show me." Afraid to show the whole room, I told her to come into the kitchen, where I would show her. My friend and I stood looking at each other in anticipation. "OK," I said.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply. The fear was uppermost. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my aspect appeared. I opened my eyes and peered out. My friend stood looking in disbelief, amazed at what she saw. Then I saw the realization flick across her face.

"Oh my God!" she cried. "She really is an alien."

She went to cry out in fear just as I reached out to her heart and whispered, "Please." She overcame the initial response of fear and gazed with tears running down her cheeks at me as my ET self looked out of my eyes.

The energy was too much for me, as was the love I experienced in those moments. My friend and I will never forget it, the first time I had the courage to show my true self. Over the next few months, many of my closer friends who were open to see saw my Soul looking out with alien eyes. There was confirmation from every angle. I could no longer deny who I was.

Months drifted by whilst I came to terms with my find, and slowly I gained the courage to explore this new concept. I began to open up myself to the energies of this new Soul aspect. The information flooded in; concepts on God, the universe and everything seemed to flow in on this new energy. I began to write, keeping a complex journal that only I could understand. Any one else reading it would think it was the journal of a madman.

You see writing had always been my passion, and, as of late, I had begun to explore poetry. The poems just seemed to flow from me in one stream of consciousness. They were beautiful; they talked about other worlds. I used this medium to express the overwhelming feelings of sadness that I had about being here and not being on my sphere of love. I must admit I was slightly melodramatic.


From a higher perspective I can easily see that I perpetuated my pain. The pain was sweet and writing reams and reams of poems expressing how I felt seemed to be the most creative thing to do. It helped me really get in touch with this aspect of my higher self. I would call her down by sending my intent up into the stratosphere. I would feel her arrive from a great distance, and with a 'whoosh' of energy, she would enter my body for only a matter of seconds. Yet that was enough.

She would move me to tears, the energy rushing up and down my spine. It was strange; it was both painful and ecstatic. My body would respond to her in a very strange way. I would get the overwhelming urge to make sound. I began to tone the most incredible tones. They were incredibly high pitched and dynamic, nothing like the tones I had heard at toning workshops. In the workshops, it seemed as though people were holding predetermined notes that were at the usual pitch of their voice. These were different. They were almost like dolphin sounds but much higher, far out of the range of my usual singing voice.

As I experimented with this new talent, I realized that I was actually communicating in a strange and alien language, a language that only I could understand. I would sit in my room for hours making these tones, much to the annoyance of my husband. It was very painful, the yearning growing and growing. I felt so alone. As I aligned more and more with this being of self, I felt less and less earthy and more well, extraterrestrial.


Working with this aspect was a very liberating thing for me to do; it seemed to answer so many of my questions such as "Who am I?" and "Where do I come from?" I was beginning to really see who I was. Her visits to me became more and more frequent, the channels opening, more communication coming in with much more clarity. Slowly, my discoveries started to make sense, filling in more and more gaps.

My communication with Shektar waned at this time due to my fascination with my Soul aspect, and yet, through it all, I could feel her loving embrace protecting me and supporting me. I had yet another new friend. Working closely with my Soul aspect I realized and remembered information about my Soul. It mainly came in pictures, visions, and feelings. Through these pictures, I learned that my home planet's inhabitants were called the Unesseia, Unified Essences.

They are the origins of my beginning as a perceivable entity, my true Soul Source. My Home Sphere is the place in the universe that I can call Home. This self is the original self, the blueprint which is the framework on which all the other selves were patterned upon.

The Unesseia exist on a dimension that is only just perceivable to our senses. You could say they are a thought. If a thought were physical, then that is what they are. They are an intrinsical part of the Sphere. They are multidimensional; they can access information from both the past, present, and future.

Sometimes, on a beautiful day whilst looking at the bluey-green of the sea near my home, I would get a sense of their presence, unmanifested, non-physical and invisible to me, yet real nevertheless. They are a very lone expression of entities. I get the feeling that they experience themselves as contained within the realms of their Sphere. Whilst visiting their realm in my imagination, I discovered that they resemble the misty blues and greens of their Sphere. It is as if they are vapors. They do not form into one set form, but change and transform constantly. They take on vague bodies, sometimes resembling humanoids.

Whilst working with them, I noticed a strange thing. They seemed to enter my reality through a centre based a foot to two feet above my head. While I was meditating upon this centre or chakra, a sphere not unlike my home would appear above my head. I would reach up with my consciousness and activate the centre. Bliss would flow down into my body. I just had to surrender to their energies. I would feel this free falling sensation. Opening this chakra seemed to send me in a new direction of fascination, the fascination with colors. Working closely with the bluey-green ray, I was totally amazed by the vibrations of colors.

The loneliness that I felt in this stage of my life was very overpowering. I really thought that I was somehow lost, out of place. As I used to say to my best friend, it is as if I came here on holiday and missed the bus home. I felt abandoned and forgotten. Were their any others like me with this strange notion that they were aliens?

Spirit had obviously heard my cries for help. Soon after, I found myself sitting down in front of a video by Extraterrestrial Earth Mission. They were a group of Americans who considered themselves to be ET incarnate. I couldn't believe it when I read their literature. They were basically saying all that I had learned over the past few months.


They start to tone, drawing in and channeling their what now I call their ET selves. I couldn't believe it! They toned the same as I did. I cried tears of recognition, as I knew exactly what they were saying. In those few minutes, I realized how these tones were a universal language to express the energetic nature of the being that was doing the toning. It is simply saying, "I am and I am here." It is like an energetic signature. I was hooked. I wanted to know more.

Mostly, I needed feedback on my ideas and they fitted the bill.

I borrowed all their literature and began to read. They talked about all that I knew, some consciously, some information that was just surfacing into my awareness. I listened to their channeled tapes and began to piece together even more information about what I was. The phrase that they used constantly and stills rings through me even now is,

"You are the universe ex-pressing itself at a single point."

This concept amazed me. I seemed to understand it on such a deep level that my rational mind was confused as to how I knew such a thing. I had known it all along since I was a very small child. When I was about four years old, I couldn't sleep; this was a constant problem for my parents. I am lying in bed, wondering about life. When I asked,

" Who am I?" the answer was loud and clear. "You are a dot, a dot in space. You imagine all that you experience, pretend, sight, sound, taste, touch and hearing. Prove your parents and your world exist."

I understood it completely. I was, in fact, in my childish fashion talking about being God and creating all experience. It didn't phase me at the time; I took it on board as if it were the most natural thing to think. It was only later in my life that I realized what a profound concept to have, let alone for the likes of a four-year-old child who couldn't sleep.

The Unesseia took me upon an amazing journey of discovery. It was the discovery of the many layers of colors, and how each one held a certain frequency. I began to see certain colors and shapes occurring more and more in my life. The Unesseia made me aware of the ritualistic significance of everything that was coming into my life. They showed me how pictures, stones, ornaments, all have great teachings and secrets to tell.


Everywhere I went, messages from spirit were appearing, calling, attracting my attention.



As Iteesha opened her eyes and looked around her; she was amazed at the beauty of her Sphere, the home in which she had never been separate. Never before had she had the level of consciousness to comprehend the Sphere as separate from her. Living a transient existence, she had an always re-merged her consciousness into the sphere. Never before had she had this perspective.

She scanned the surrounding universe, dark in space. She was amazed at her Godlike source, the Star, which could be seen in the far off distance. Her consciousness spread wide and far. Her newly created mind was capable of reading the entire local universe in detail. She was awestruck; she took no delay in investigating all the wonderful creation that seemed to lie all around her.

Energy pulsations and waves of light swept past her, waves of Almighty Ocean. She stood in awe of all the wonders of all the sights and sounds she observed. She wished to share this newly found perspective with her loved ones, The Unesseia. With tears welling up in her eyes, she was overcome with grief as she realized that she could not return and re-merge with the Sphere. She was separated forever from those she loved. Alone, she stood, staring out to space and for the first time, a thought rippled and pulsated from the core of her being out into the darkness that lay all around her.

The shock of seeing her very thoughts rippling out and affecting the surrounding space sent her heart racing and made her breathing shallow and nervous. Not sure whether to feel fear or exhilaration at her new found ability, she stood holding her breath, unable to decide how she should proceed. A murmur, a whisper, a message, a sign was coming from far off in space from her Source, the Star. The message could be felt deep within her heart.

"Go forth and create new worlds and new beings like those before you."

I dreamed a strange dream. I was in this ancient Indian temple with a beautiful statue of Kali in pride of place. This woman pressed hard into my neck and I passed out. All went blue and I heard this voice say,

"What is your name on your home planet?" I awoke saying, "Iteesha".

Even though I can see myself in all aspects that I have discovered, I hold Iteesha in my heart as the dearest. She moved me to tears every time she walked into my body. Her innocence, her grace, her loving presence was enough to make me swoon. She seemed to shimmer through my body. She resembled the misty blues and greens of her home planet; she was Soul aspect, now named. Her energy was cold and frosty. It made me catch my breath. She seemed to represent death to my physical form, being Soul energy.

Of course, my body found this difficult to handle. So, was it any wonder she would make me want to hold my breath and stare in disbelief. I became her for quite some months. I felt a level of sensitivity and vulnerability that was new and exciting. It was also very uncomfortable and frightening. Her perspective was one of constant reverence and honor to God. Everything about her was in prayer and praise to God.

She enabled me to firstly feel the intensity of the separation from, not only her and home planet, but also the severance from God. She made all my childhood yearnings to go home to the stars come back with force. She gave me an exciting level of imagination that I found so inspiring that I spent much of my time day dreaming about my home world and often went there in imagination. I must admit that people around me thought I was withdrawing from physical reality and were a little concerned about me.

Even though she encompassed all my body, I was disturbed to discover that she found the physical body and its organs somewhat of a mystery. I went through a rather disturbing period where I found the whole concept of having a physical body rather alien and disconcerting. I would peer down at my legs and think, "Oh yes, they are my legs." Through my interaction with Iteesha, I was taught how I created my reality with pure loving intent. She taught me how to activate my crown chakra and reconnect myself to my true Soul Source.

She explained how she was a semi physical being. She is an intermediate between the higher light realms and the denser dimensions below her. She is the aspect of self that is untainted and unstructured by denser levels of awareness. She expresses herself as the oneness of her world and galaxy in which she lives. I get a feeling that she and her kind, The Unesseia, are the etherical counterparts of the Sphere.


She is like The Elohim. She is like the breath of light and sound. Her energies fuse, penetrate the other selves, and give them the air to breathe. Her Source centre, the Sphere, Unesseia, is like a cosmic pump that breathes in and out God's breath. She can shape and mould herself into any self. She can penetrate expression and carry messages of light to all that encounter her messages. Her messages were transmitted to me in pictures and very intense emotions and feelings.

She is a dream weaver; weaving dreams as she flies in consciousness throughout her area of universal reality. Iteesha travels within her domain and like a wind that leaves ripples in the sand; she leaves lines that criss-cross and form a mighty complex matrix which is in the dimension below.

I had an incredible time integrating this aspect but I was so home sick that I found myself lying upon my bedroom floor. I felt so light; I put stones from around my plants on all my major chakras. Iteesha's energy moved into me and a voice said, "You have complained for long enough. You can go home. All you have to do is walk out of your body. Your body will die instantly you leave and you will go home. Try."

I lifted my dream body arm out of my physical. I knew I could do it. So I pondered the situation. All of a sudden a feeling of truth rippled throughout me and I realized that I had been a total drama queen and didn't want to leave at all. I felt such relief, I laughed out loud. All my guides around me laughed too. I had passed the test and again learned a worthy lesson.


This helped me heal a great deal about being here in a human body.

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