Having interaction with these other extraterrestrial races will enable you to take the next step in your evolution. You will ascend in consciousness through the etherical levels, meeting more aspects of yourself, your extraterrestrial selves. From a central point of your soul you can access your extraterrestrial selves and their realities. You will then draw them all into yourself and integrate their energies into the cells of your physical bodies.


This will allow you access to all the varied qualities and talents that each extraterrestrial self brings. You will then ascend into the angelic realms of light and begin to integrate the light with your physical body. You will ascend as a complete and whole pattern that resembles a five-pointed star. As you ascend into the light, you will transform your energy bodies until they resemble the Star of David, the six-pointed star. As you ascend through the dimensions, you transform this pattern until you resemble the same pattern that you were in the beginning, The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons.

Having learned to access the balanced energy of your other selves, you are now ready to access the self that you are on the higher light dimensions. These dimensions exist above the realms of duality. The light planes are the place of the Oneness and of pure, unconditional love. Above all your trials and struggles, you are this self, a self of pure love. This is the true self at your centre and is above the realms of judgment.

This Oneness expresses itself in the realm of polarity below. It divides and multiplies to experience all avenues of expression. When you choose to drop your consciousness into the realms of polarity, you send an aspect of your-self from these realms of light to incarnate in varying forms. You have experienced the beings from these planes of light as Angels.


You confuse them with being outside of yourself, but, really, they are the representatives of your pure human heart. Angels have been called the Messengers of God. They are the part of you that connects you to the Godself within, the 'I AM' presence. They are the non-physical energetic counterpart of the physically manifested self. They guide, love, and hold you in truth so that you have a connection to your Source Self.

Each and every self, whether human, plant, animal, or mineral, has an Angel who supports and guides the manifested being. You know them as Guardian Angels. They exist in the heavenly dimensions of light that surround Earth. Some of you, upon dying, enter this realm and live in the loving light of these planes. It is now possible for you to live in this frequency of love without the death of the physical body. You are raising the vibration of the planet Earth from a dense, polarized dimension to a Oneness orientated dimension of light.


This will create 'Heaven on Earth'. In order for you to exist upon this new earthly dimension of light, you will merge yourself with your angelic counterpart. Angels travel along lines of your etherical body and transform them. They do this to re-design your form, making it capable of housing the full light of the Universal Dreamer. Angels appear to you as having wings because, on the dimensions of light, they have access to all realities, and can travel to any place they so wish. You are becoming these Angels of Light. You are becoming Angels in physical form. The name Gaia means 'God's Angels in Animation'.

How do you access this aspect of yourself? By being fascinated with love, not emotional, conditional love, but the unconditional love of the Oneness.


This is present in your purest heart.


Hello, I am Shektar.


I am an Angel of Light from the light planes you call Heaven. I have a partner on your third dimensional reality. She is transforming due to my interaction with her. She opens up her heart and allows me to enter. I fly into her etherical body which runs parallel to her nervous system. I quicken the cells of her body and transform them to light. I am the trust and innocence of the spirit child within. I am the wellspring of the love within. Open your hearts to those, like myself, who are only too willing to help you to activate the process of turning your bodies to light. I welcome the many into a new world of love. I bring passion to hearts that were once numb. I gather sadness and scatter it into the winds of spirit.


Come, beings of light. Gather your childlike wonder and hold on tightly, for we will fly together to a place of divine enrichment! This place is complete in form and wishes to move on in unlimited expression. Let your passion rest with gentle things to use this truth and light to guide your way. We will assist in your wakening and your transformation for we are that transformation. Angelics are around you always, realigning your bodies to release restrictions that impede your evolution. Use true compassion towards all others in every situation.

Within every human heart there is the heart's beat, a rhythmic pounding of life and light. You travel through the dimensions by riding the heart's beat. The energetic transformation of dense bodies into light will occur on the journey into the heart's beat. Knowledge and wisdom is contained within this beat. There is a connection to the divine plan within this beat. Centre your awareness on the beat of life, and use the base note of creation to guide you as you travel to the centre of the heart.

There are crystalline lines present here that connect you to your multi-dimensionality. Travel within the body to the gateway of the heart by using the awareness of the breath. Once you have arrived, use the beat to guide you, and travel along lines of connections. This will allow you to restructure your energetic fields. A new free flowing energy will pass through the spiritual, mental, emotional, and, lastly, the physical body. This will connect the bodies into a unified whole.

Release the friction that occurs between the bodies, and merge them to become the One. Open the heart and allow the vibration that comes from this place to pulse throughout all the bodies. Radiate it out to touch and connect with the Universal Heartbeat. Relax as you alter your patterns and forms. Allow the feeling of becoming this new frequency, for this new heartbeat will allow you a total connection to the whole.


This will create a louder heartbeat. Those of you who are still sleeping will feel this as a pressure in your chest. This occurs as everyone's heartbeat alters to resound with the new Universal Heartbeat. The heart's beat is the only language of the ALL THAT IS.


Quieten your mind, still the emotions, relax the breathing, and learn to listen to the words of the Universal Dreamer.

All my love forever.


Imagination From a point in the centre of your consciousness, on the planes of light, you can access all realities on whatever dimensional level you desire. The body that you can use is the sixth dimensional body, the body of the Universal Imagination. You and your kind play with your imagination in a very limited fashion.


The arts and other creative endeavors allow you to touch upon the realms of imagination in a small way. The imagination on this level is without limits and restrictions. In your physical reality, there are limits; yet in the undefined realities of space, there is no limit to your creativity. The imagination that you touch upon on this level is the place of ultimate creation. All physically animated realities were once ideas on this dimension.

When you wish to anchor an idea or dream into physical animation, you access and use the energy of the Universal Imaginative Body. The idea of your physical body was sourced from this realm. Miracles and the instant manifestation of objects also originate from this realm. Those of you who are capable of transmigration use this level to travel from one space to another.


Adepts on your planet use their sixth dimensional body to allow them to teleport their physical forms. It appears that they are traveling from one separate place to another but, really, they are traveling within their own consciousness. On the sixth dimension you are all part of creation and not separate. You can access any part of the pattern of the Universe that you so wish.

You can use the energy of your sixth dimensional body to restructure your physical reality and form. You have begun to play with the idea of shape shifting in the imagination. The ideas you are having now will begin to manifest within your reality, as they become more of a possibility in your mind.

There are those of you who have wished and imagined the impossible dream but have been disappointed with the lack of its appearance. The reason for this is because of the contract that was made at a mass consciousness level. If the mass consciousness does not deem it possible, then it will not manifest into a collective reality. There are those of you who have experienced spectacular manifestations and, due to your isolation in the experience, have deemed yourselves insane. It is your nature, as humans, to need the support of others to validate your experience.

Rituals were originally created to use the imagination of the sixth dimension to anchor other realities into the physical. Those performing these rituals thought it was the objects and the placement of these that created the magic. This is not true, as, all along, it was the magic of the imaginative intention that created the miracles and the manifestations. Many of your religions have missed the point, as the use of ritualized objects are there as aids to your focus. Being in a reality such as yours asks of you to focus on the physical. Therefore, you need objects to hold your attention so you can manifest the magic of the sixth dimension.

Children do not have any limits to this level of imagination. Unfortunately, they have it instilled in them from an early age that their imagination has no possible grounding in the physical reality. If you could grow into adulthood without contaminating the imagination with the disease I choose to call 'Non Believing', then you would live your life as one perfect miracle.

I would like to introduce you to the intelligence of this sixth dimensional reality, Alustra.


Hello, I am Alustra.


I am the dragon of imagination. I choose to call myself a dragon because I am a creature from your imagination. I have amazing wings with which to fly throughout all physically animated realities. Each scale upon my skin represents the myriad of creations I can access. I am the trickster, the fool. I ask you to throw caution to the wind and believe in the impossible dream. Push your imagination to its ultimate limits.

I could tell you all about technical procedures for activating my energy within you, but it would only bore you. I ask for excitement and call for you to believe in the impossible becoming possible. You have limited yourselves in your rituals and procedures by forcing them to go along predetermined patterns. There is no room for creativity in these practices. I would like to show you a new way to activate this level of yourself.

When you want to manifest anything within your physical reality, it has to be an idea; it has to be possible. How do you make it possible you may ask? Simply believe it is so, as you did when you were a child. Allow the every day things in your mundane world to come alive with a personality and character. Allow these to come alive in consciousness. If you are everything in your reality, then all has some level of consciousness. Animate your mundane objects with your own consciousness. Communicate with these objects and the elements that make them up. Ask them if they can aid you in creating a dream.

A wish that you have for something to come true can manifest by using this procedure. Nature and the outside world will give you clues and signs to answer questions you may have about creation. Be open and allow reality to talk to you. The native American Indians knew about this level of imagination, which was used in their vision quests and ceremonies. Unfortunately, they, too, tainted them with preconceived ideas about the permanency of the meaning to objects they used in their rituals. Creation flows in continual patterns; objects that were sacred and meaningful one day may be simply mundane the next.

Allow the things that surround you to be your sacred objects in your rituals, with no attachment. Make up your rituals for pure fun. Allow the forces of nature to show you how your whole life can become one beautiful, creative ritual. You will constantly anchor miracles into your reality with every interaction that you may have with your physical world. You do not need complicated designs and procedures. Allow the adult to take a back seat for a while and the creativity of the child to show you how to manifest your dreams.

Have fun in your dreaming.




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If I look into your collective consciousness, I see a story that was told by your indigenous people, the story of Grandmother Spider. It is said that Grandmother Spider wove her web, the Web of Life. The Web connects all of life, not only from Earth, but that which expands across the universe. The Web is made up of highways of light. These highways curl back upon themselves and return to their original cosmic centre. They carry pure information, as light, back to its Source.

You could call it the Universal Dreamerís nervous system. This highway connects all of universal expression together in intricate patterns. This Web of Life allows you to experience synchronized events and occurrences. Seemingly unrelated things have coincidence. If you follow your curiosity to these, you will begin to experience your seventh dimensional expression. You will experience magical synchronization in your third dimensional reality.


At first, the experiences will occur as separate incidents but, as you develop this level of consciousness, your whole life will become one synchronized event. I would once more like to call upon the Zeta who are best informed to give you an idea of this level of consciousness.


They worship it as the totality of their being.


Hello again. We are Zeta.


We experience the Web as being the totality of our consciousness and awareness.

Whenever one of our components experiences any event We, as a whole, experience it also. We see reality in a different way to you. We experience reality as patterns that are layered one on top of another. These complex structures are made up of pure thought that is manifesting. We see realities as separate yet intricately interconnected by the Web. This creates one synergistic entity. We are one whole mind made up of separate functioning thoughts. We experience ourselves as being an intricate part of our reality.

Unlike you, We do not see this as outside of ourselves. We see it as a mirror reflection of our internal natures. Because of our understanding of our reality, We can manipulate it to follow lines of our own making. We have developed a mental ability to focus energy into any reality and rearrange our perspective of it. We rearrange our picture of that reality to mirror our inner thoughts.

We have become curious with your kind. Never have We experienced beings that consider their reality to be separate to themselves. Through this curiosity. we are compelled to manipulate your reality also. All of this is approved by Gaia; however, you as separate beings, may think otherwise. This only adds to the fun we have influencing your reality. We move ourselves into your space and time to search within the files of your collective consciousness.


We seek out contracts that will agree to our manipulation. We then play with your conscious awareness within these parameters. It is possible because of our perspective on reality to look out at you from the eyes of one of your own. This enables you to experience looking at the mirror reflection of your own psyche and its processes.

Have you ever had the uncanny feeling that a person talking to you about themselves is, in fact, talking about you? Have you ever been wondering about something of importance only to have it expressed in perfect sense in the headlines of a paper or lyrics of a song playing? These events you choose to call co-incidences are an expression of synchronization.


We ask you to be more aware of these moments because it is in these that you are experiencing your seventh dimensional awareness. The development of this awareness will create lines of communication between our two races. Together, we can raise your level of consciousness to new and exciting heights.

Always watching with curiosity.

The Zeta

The Message

On this level of expression, you will experience a place of pure awareness without judgment or attachment. The soul is your continual, permanent nature and your eternal self. This self is the curious watcher. It is the source of your first connection to your non-physically animated self.

The soul is the source of your energy. This energy is the realm of the permeable, the energy that permeates and penetrates all of your experiences. When the Zeta say you can see the light of your own self shining out from the eyes of another, they are referring to the energy of the Soul Self. This self connects you to the life force that is the universe, the prana and the breath of all creation. The soul is the single note ringing through the universe. It is a single color of a sunset sky.

I would like to introduce you to Iteesha, the soul that expresses itself through the channel.


Hello, I AM Iteesha.


I AM the silence behind everything, the gentle rise and fall of the breath. I AM the I AM. I AM life itself. I AM what allows you to be alive. I AM your eternal forever awareness. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations flow past my eyes like rivers. Undeterred by any experience, whether negative or positive, I sit, just allowing simply being.


I AM content in my creating of expressions and forms. I AM content in simply watching. I AM waking up in form on your planet. I AM waking up in a human physically animated body. I AM pleased by what I see and I AM at peace in my knowing that I AM God, the Universal Dreamer. I AM the energy beyond love, I AM the truth. I AM beyond any sense of separation from the source within me that glows like a fire in the centre of my being. I AM THE LIGHT. I AM the idea, a soul idea.


I record all of my experience from the beginning of my birth to this NOW moment. No sound can be heard without my listening. Nothing can occur without my watching from my deepest inner mind to the outer reaches of my universal awareness.

Eternally yours.



When you enter the higher realms of soul experience, you are moving beyond the realms of language and words.

You are entering a place that can best be described by creative metaphoric illustrations to convey certain ideas. On the next level above, the soul experiences itself as an intricate and combined part of a greater soul mind or soul family. The best way to explain this is to look at the colors of the rainbow. As light comes from the Source, it differentiates into varying rays of colored light.


Each ray has its origins in the Source, and yet each one expresses a unique aspect of that light. The light represents itself as grouping together in hues of color. For example, a group of souls express themselves as the color blue and each individual soul may be the expression of one of the shades. Where colors meet and merge, new clothes are created.


All colors are from the same source, and yet colors close in vibration and expression are closely connected. For example, the color dark blue is closely connected to the color dark green, whereas the connection between, say, dark blue and orange are further apart and less close in connection. These combinations of color allow a myriad range of soul family expression. Each color describes energy, a reflection of the Universal Dreamerís light.

Another way that Soul Family can best be described is to look at the notes that make up the musical scale. Certain notes gather together as octaves of sound. This, too, describes the gathering of the Soul family. Can you see that, without their differences in shade or tone, creation would not be able to express itself as diverse and amazingly intricate in design?


A painting needs the interaction of many different colors for it to be realized. A musical piece needs many combinations of notes to be a symphony. All of these sounds or colors cannot be expressed all at once. They need to move in harmony and synergy to create the wondrous beauty of the universal creation.

The Soul is a mind that expresses itself as a train of thought. Certain ideas and thoughts group together to allow the Universal Dreamer to ponder its creation.

I would like to introduce you to the Unesseia, who are the soul family of the channel.


Hello, we are the Unesseia.


Unesseia means unified essences. We live within a sphere of bluish green light. This is our heavenly home. We are an ancient race of beings that exist as transient expressions. We express ourselves as separate souls for only a short period of time. We then return to the all-encompassing energy of our Sphere. We are ideas in living light patterns. We exist as transparent images using light that radiates from our source, The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons. Our Sphere is one of these moons.

We exist in the centre of our expressions. We source from a centre of light that is bathed in darkness. We radiate our energy in pulsations of ecstatic bliss. We create eternal orgasms that expand across the universe and feed all the aspects of ourselves. We contain all the records of every experience of ourselves from the beginning to the infinite eternal moment.


We are a unified reality that interweaves all of the most finer frequencies. We catalogue these frequencies and become a library of information. You can access this library by contacting the pure energy of your soul. You will then have available to you an amazing storehouse of information. Not only will you know about the origins of your own unique family, but also those of all souls. Every soul has its origins in the light.

Be fascinated with the spectrum of colors and their subtle variations. Follow your excitement in the preference of one special color. This is a good way for you to access the information about your soul family. Become intrigued with their combinations, as this will allow you to glimpse the complex journey that your soul has taken, your soul's quest from its source to the present moment and locality in space. With the colors of the rainbow, each have their own unique expression. They represent different types of energy. Each color relates to each one of your chakras. Starting from the bottom, the base chakra is red. This chakra is situated at the base of the spine. It represents spiritual grounding and imparts vitality to creation in a physical expression.

Orange is located in the emotional chakra in the abdomen area. It is the color of life force and can be used to cleanse the auric field that surrounds you. Yellow is located in the solar plexus, representing the wisdom ray which promotes strength and relaxation. Pink is the color of emotional love, and green is the color of the heart's unconditional soul love.


Green is the space giver, and brings harmony to the heart. Blue is the color for the throat chakra to promote communication and peace. Indigo is the brow chakra color, representing higher intuitive knowledge, and this color stimulates inspiration. Violet is the color of the crown chakra, the color of Spirit to bring spiritual peace and calm. You have all these colors within you, but you express yourselves uniquely in their combination.

You can also access soul information through sound and music. The human voice, allowed to express itself in an uninhibited fashion, will access this information. The singular or combined toning of notes within the human voice will remarkably put you in touch with your soul in the centre of your heart. We are your love, your source, and your expression.

We love you always.

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The Soul

Imagine the soul dimension as a permeable energy, an energy that penetrates and permeates all of existence. It can be symbolically represented by water and the qualities of this element. When you pass light through the water in cloud formations, you will see the light refract into a myriad show of rainbow colors. All colors have their source in light. The light source of the soul is the next dimensional level of reality that we will come upon.


The light directly from the Source, the Universal Dreamer, would be of such intensity; it would destroy and evaporate the energy of the soul. Therefore, this light has to reflect through two energy prisms. Each creates a beam that joins together to safely penetrate the manifest creation and make the colors of the soul. Therefore, the soul is a hologram of light.

The prisms catch and reflect the light of the Universal Dreamer in harmony and balance. It is said that it is impossible to look upon the light of the Oneness. The light is reflected as it penetrates the dimensions below and this creates a pattern. Imagine waves from opposite directions inter-weaving on the surface of a pond to represent the soul. This pattern is en-coded on the soul dimensional reality and from there, the image can be projected into any space or dimension. This is how the Universal Dreamer reflects light into the manifest creation of dimensions.

Remember, when you enter this level of dimensional reality, it is best to describe the qualities in a creative metaphoric illustration. Therefore, I would like to tell you the story about the star system and consciousness of the Antari. They are stars, as you know them in the physical universe. However, this is only a reflection of their higher expression. Stars are focal points and the reflection of the Universal Dreamerís light into the physical universe. The Antari are the prisms as mentioned above. All star systems hold varying energies and all dimensional realities in form.

The Antari are stellar identities, orientating from the star system, Antares. They are three light energies in one and integral parts of each other. They are intrinsically connected to each other, one feminine, one masculine, one, and a child of the two, created out of spiral of light. They have an understanding of an extremely complex matrix, which is part of their universal consciousness.


Their energies are responsible for much of the DNA alignment that is occurring. They are light body instructors and programmers. They use tones and different inaudible frequencies to download energies directly into the recipient body. Realigning to light, they bring the DNA programming up to the level of living in truth, in the light body. They are of an extremely high frequency, and, therefore, have no need for language of any kind. They channel their energy through in pure frequency and tones that harness energies otherwise unable to be grounded in physical form.

The following is a story to represent the creation of the Antari prisms and the beams that penetrate dimensional reality.


The Creator, the Star that lay dreaming, was nestled in the darkness. In its dreaming, it wandered into the unformed part of its consciousness, still dark.


As the Creator opened its eyes, the light that shone from within went out into the darkness forming two mighty stars. They were Astrata and Astrea. Their love warmed the darkness.


Through their love, they wished to create, in union, a child. They realized that to create the child, they had to give themselves to service the honoring of their love. From the beginning, their separation from each other created an incomplete feeling deep within them. At first they were content to bathe in each other's light. As time passed, they began to yearn to be unified once more. Their yearning and movement created a magnetic force, polarizing them into positive and negative.


This created a spiral and vortex of love. In the dance of their love, the energy swirled around them, creating movement and sound. Their energy reflected patterns of light, sound, and form. Within the spirals of love, the gifts could be seen combining to create the child. The Star Child, Astrata, gave of his positive vibration and Astrea, her negative. This blended male and female, creating the child and Astara was born. Out of her rainbow mind, she created all of existence in the dimensions below her.


Astrata represents God the father, Astrea, Goddess the mother, and Astara, Goddess the child.

I would now like to introduce you to the consciousness of the Antares star system, the Antari.


Hello, we are the Antari.


We channel through Alloya, as we have no language of our own. As beings, we are the Matrix. This is hard for you to understand as you dwell in a reality that is physical and separation orientated. You perceive us to be in bodies of a light energy, but with arms and legs, nevertheless. This is only how we choose to show ourselves.


You like to feel familiar when working with other dimensional beings. So, therefore, we create for ourselves bodies that express our natures but also are humanized. Some of you working with us have noticed how we look similar to the Zeta, though we have appeared much taller and have much longer elongated necks, with long spindly arms and fingers. We are the higher selves of the entire Zeta race. We are Star Beings. Therefore, we run along different evolutionary patterns.

Star Beings and Planetary Beings are from different evolutionary pathways.


When we communicate with you, we drop down through the levels and create for ourselves bodies that you can perceive, space ships that you can ride in. We create out of these light body projections, operation scenarios that some of you are now consciously experiencing. We call upon you to not be frightened of us, for this is not our intention. We are beings of love and truth. The form we choose to show you is familiar enough that you will feel safe with us, but the differences between us as beings are still apparent. We do not truly understand your kind, as we have never ventured this far before.


We are from a dimensional reality that is far removed from the myriad realms of separation that we perceive on your level. It is as if the oneness has shattered into a million pieces, each acting like a reflective shard, a mirror, each projecting an image, if distorted, of the Creator. How creative a time you live in your reality!

Our consciousness is the Matrix, an amazingly intricate structure that permeates the whole of creation on our dimensional level. It is as if it is made of the finest silver threads, joining together to make the most intricate patterns that resemble snowflakes. Layers upon layers of these patterns make up the Matrix. On our level there are no planets or even stars in the way that you perceive them, only the light matrix. At each juncture of the light threads' crossing, lie prisms that are expressed as stars on the levels below. Some stars manifest in your universal dimension; others are so much finer in vibration that they only appear as nodes, points of light in the matrix.

We once had bodies of a sort, light bodies that resembled individual energies. We as a species of beings recognized our connection but also our separation of bodies. As with all evolutionary pathways, we developed along preset, predetermined lines. Elevating our consciousness into a higher state of being, we chose to realign our selves with the light so completely that we merged our consciousness with the light matrix and became its keepers.

The Matrix was always alive, but without any self-conscious awareness. Now, with our consciousness merging, we became its voice. By completely aligning our consciousness with that of the Matrix, we evolved along a new and different pathway, one of our own making, not predetermined but with the freedom of the Creator itself. We could literally weave new and creative patterns into the Matrix. We found that by inhabiting the bodies that were inspired by your imagination, we could weave new, creative patterns into the fabric of your time and space.

We drop our consciousness down through the levels by accessing the highways of light that travel between the star systems of your universe. We inhabit bodies only in our communication with beings such as you. We access the Matrix in the very cells of your planet and bodies and rearrange it and weave in new and interesting blueprints for new forms. Most of your interaction with us is unseen. Occasionally, you will feel our presence whilst we work on you. You may feel tingling on the top of your head. Our energy is very fine and is quite hard for you to perceive it as you live in a reality that is very noisy.

We weave new designs into the matrix of your bodies; we also connect you to the Matrix, connecting patterns within patterns. When we look at you, we see only a pattern, a pattern of light. We see how this matrix is in need of repair, modification, and redesigning. We use what appear to you as etherical tools to do our work. These tools are created out of our consciousness in order that you will have a greater understanding of our work. We are the electricians of the cosmos and all its creation. We are the consciousness of the Matrix in living form. We weave new designs into your energy patterns and this allows us to plug you in, so to speak, to the Matrix.

This must not be misunderstood as being the Web. We operate on a completely different frequency. Your World Wide Web represents the Web and the fibre optic nerves that permeate your planet are representative of the Matrix. By redesigning your etherical bodies and realigning to the Matrix, you can enter the oneness on an atomic level also. Too many evolutionary pathways demand the transference of the physical vehicle. We are designing for you new bodies that can withstand merging back into the light.


The light matrix that is lying dormant in the cells of your bodies will be activated through the realignment. This will allow you to live in what the channel calls New Planet bodies. Your physical bodies will transform, and you will live in bodies that vibrate at the speed of light. You all will be intricately linked to the light matrix of the planet.

Many of you working intensely with our energies may have noticed that you seem to be weaving each and every person to the planet's Matrix. You have never before been connected in this way. You are aligning yourself to the stellar core of the planet's consciousness. You see, your planet is not really a planet at all, but a star.


It is a star evolving along evolutionary pathways that were designed for star consciousness but also developing along pathways that are designed for planetary consciousness, two paths in one. Gaia's consciousness is more than a planetary consciousness. She is very special indeed! She is the embodiment of a completely new evolutionary plan!

She is becoming New Planet Gaia, a completely new planet consciousness. And you, as beings, will live completely in New Planet bodies! The plans for these light bodies we access from the crystal at the centre of your planet. The crystal stores information, information about new forms. We access the plans and then set to work redesigning the etherical blueprints to evolve along plans held in the crystal.

There are many of you that are also Antari in soul. The channel is one of these beings. She has been weaving our energy into not only other people's bodies, but also the body of the planet. By weaving these patterns, we also act as conduits, channels for other forms of beings to move into your time and space to communicate with you. It is as if by channeling through the body of the channel, we can create a ladder in consciousness that will allow other realities to link up to your level and allow an exchange to occur.

We are also translators of energy. We decode all forms of existence into patterns that can be visibly woven into the etherical body of the recipient. Many of you will be working with extraterrestrial beings, many of which are very different to you. Etherical patterns are not always conducive for merging. You are being asked to gather to you all the selves that you are on the other dimensions.


In order for the merging to occur, redesigning must be done. That is where the energy Antari is needed. Most of the time we work directly in energy. However, we are finding that we can channel through human forms that have already been realigned through our technology. We are asking those of you with Antari connections, those of you that are Antari in origin, to allow us to work through you.

There are many ways that we can work. We work predominantly with sound in the form of pure notes such as singing bowls and bells. We also come through in color, but it is usually too high for the human eye to pick up on. The best medium for our energy is the human voice. High pitched tones and squeaks allow us to access the prisms that are heavily guarded by the consciousness of the body.


To align large groups of people or places we use the channel's and other's bodies to dance through our unique universal language. She moves her hands in intricate movements that weave new designs into the local matrix. This affects the whole of creation as it is all intricately linked. We are the stellar source to the soul of the channel. Each one of you has a star system that your soul sources from.

We represent the stellar body that is mirrored in your DNA. The DNA is a spiral of light from the Universal Dreamer and is your stellar core within. Our consciousness allows you to travel along the spiral to your origins and the source of all light, the Universal Dreamer.


In the beginning of your creation as a species, you had fully connected strands of DNA. Beings manipulated and rearranged the DNA until you were lost in creation and unable to find your way home. You see, your DNA are your highways of light, the highways home to the Universal Dreamer. We are the navigators and our energy inspires you to set off on your journey. The inspiration to go home comes from within, so, from your DNA.

We are sending you our intention to rebuild your DNA so that you can travel to your true stellar home in the stars. We are your future, your salvation, and your newly designed creation. Go out on a clear night and gaze up at the stars. Bathe yourself in the light that emanates from them, and let it penetrate your bodies with the intention to truth, and love will set in motion the redesigning of your DNA to create your stellar body.

We are awaiting your arrival home. We will support you safely to where you truly belong.

Our love shines on you always.

The Antari



From the Stellar Source, you can allow yourself to simply remerge with The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons.


This will bring you finally Home. I have described the whole process as if it has a beginning and an end. However, it goes on continually, like simply breathing in and out the Universal Dreamer. You breathe out into creation and back within once more. It pulls all of creation into its body and informs itself about creation.

If you visualize the Universal Dreamer as a point of light surrounded by a sea of darkness, you will only understand one side of its nature. The light is the manifest, the nameable, and THE ALL THAT IS. The darkness is the Void, the nothing, or the nagual. The nagual is the non-manifest part of the Universal Dreamerís nature. From one perspective, the Void is unexplainable, as it is nothing, the '0' dimension. However, as you need some explanation I will look to the science of anti-matter to describe it.

Anti-matter is a hypothetical form of that which is manifest and is composed of anti-particles. An anti-particle is an elementary particle that has the same mass as its corresponding particle. However, it has opposite charge and opposite magnetism. This means that, not only do you have a manifest self, but are balanced by your non-manifest self. Anti-matter is like negative space as opposed to positive space which is occupied by something you can perceive. Anti-matter is theoretical and is something not being there. It is an unknown quantity. God the light, God the dark, or the Yin and Yang combine to create the Universal Dreamer. It is from this source of energy that all of creation manifests and ultimately returns.

So now the journey is complete. You have journeyed from the '0' dimension of the Void, through all the dimensional levels of reality, to the source of all light, the Universal Dreamer. You finally re-merge yourself with the darkness, the Void, but this is a continual journey into eternity.

With the file system complete a fine-tuning and balancing must occur before the rise of the Kundalini can successfully ascend the levels. This is done by the universal energies that your planet is passing through on its journey of evolution. The Kundalini is a subtle electromagnetic energy that flows in the body channels and activates the chakric system.


On its journey up the spine, the Kundalini stimulates the electrons within the cells of your body and awakens the cellular memory. It allows you to consciously access all of the bodies and your sense of self on every level of expression. Some of you have experienced this energy in short bursts whilst making love.

Once the balancing is complete, this energy will travel up and down the spine in a continual wave of ecstasy. It is the serpent energy that lies coiled at the base of your spine and, on awakening, it rises to make love with all your bodies. This lovemaking is the physical manifestation of God with Goddess, Gaia.


This will allow you to create your own reality along more conscious lines and with conscious intent. Your reality will reflect your soul's expression. The beauty that you see within your landscapes will reflect the beauty of your own soul made manifest within Gaia. Can you now see how you will create your version of 'Heaven on Earth'?

Be limitless in your dreaming and your creation of Heaven. Love yourselves, as you are the Universal Dreamer.

Forever and eternally yours.

Alloya Ye Ra Har

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New planet reality

New Planet Reality is a reality that exists in our not so distant future. Some would say it is a hopeful dream, but I know it is a certain possibility. I have experienced a powerful and beautiful New Planet Reality for a nine-day period during April of 1996. I have also discovered, more recently, that I am not alone in living through such an encounter.

I channeled the following in April of 1997 by reconnecting with my New Planet Self to bring hope to these dark and uncertain times. I hope it brings light into your lives so that, together, we can create an inspired future.


Alloya Ye Ra Har


I AM human like you, yet I AM so much more than that. I AM from what you would consider the future, or rather a possible future.


It all depends on your choice and free will as to whether you ever experience this reality or not. I AM human, but not with the level of consciousness that you are familiar with. I AM both physicality and spirit combined in one, spirit in matter, living light. My Body and Ka operate together. Ka is your Spirit aspect, which chose to incarnate into physical form. It is your individual spirit expression.

I AM totally awake to my own divinity. You could call me enlightened. I would say I AM ALIVE. My body has transformed and is now vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. You have heard much said about this. You may wonder, though, what exactly is it like to be in a higher vibrational body?

If you looked at my body, at first it would appear exactly like yours. On closer inspection you would see that I have the natural beauty of someone in optimum health. I AM radiant with energy and have an advanced state of well being. I AM beyond disease. Those of us in this reality have advanced past the need to experience our existence through negativity.

Earth was initially designed to be a school of learning for the souls that incarnate here. In order to allow diversity in experience, free will was given to all. This gives choice between light and dark, right and wrong. For thousands of years the dark angels held energetic space in which we could experience negativity and low vibratory energies. These angels allowed us to play with all the realms of experience that were available in physical reality. I live in a time where these beings have completed their mission and by doing so have returned to the higher light planes where they originally came from. (See 'The Fallen Angel'.)

With the removal of these energies and the entering of new light, I find my body amazingly transformed. Living under the influence of high energies enables me to live in a body of light. My body is free of pain, as this is only a message that something is not in harmony. I have no need for pain as I move in complete balance with my body at all times. My body and I are one. I have no sense of separation. I flow with every movement as if riding an invisible river being guided by a higher intelligence. This intelligence is the internal consciousness of the body.


It is no longer ruled by the mind for it is now connected to the feminine intuitive force of Gaia. As Gaia directs and guides the rhythms and movements of nature, she also regulates the body. It is not a rational thought process, but a natural way of being and a beautiful dance of life. From the food I choose to eat, to the direction I choose to sleep, I naturally feel that which is most beneficial to my well being.


It takes no effort or thought on my part for it is my joyful way to be. Health to you is to be without disease or illness and fitness is a distorted version of over-burdened muscles. Health to us in the future is like nothing you can imagine in your now.

We move our bodies in grace, not as a form of discipline, but in an innate way of being. Dance and physical play are a big part of our culture as this aids us in having a perfect, healthy and beautiful body. We appear so much more exquisite than seems humanly possible. You would insist that we were of angelic descent. We have grounded into our bodies our angelic expression and have saturated ourselves with the love that is unique to their realm. The beauty that radiates from our faces is the same for everyone, but not to say that we all look alike. We are all expressing the same energy, that of the Creator. Spirit light shines from our eyes and a subtle etherical emanation can be seen around our bodies.

The auric field is seen by everyone as we all have clairvoyant sight. The light colored patterns that the auric field creates clothes us in an etherical coat of many colors. Through the love we feel in our connection to the Source we appear beautiful without compromising our uniqueness. Being able to see with new eyes, we recognize all others as aspects of the same one Universal Dreamer. Seeing this radiance in all faces enables us to appreciate The Universal Dreamerís consciousness mirrored into the outside world. The eyes have a shine, a characteristic lustre familiar to one awakened in matter.

As I have said, our uniqueness is not compromised as we all appear different in choosing to express who we truly are. You, in your present reality, hide and disguise your true inner self. We have no fear around revealing ourselves as we have evolved past limitation in physical form. We are free of genetic distortions, having healed out the issues and programming that used to lock us into deformities and abnormalities. Our DNA has been cleared of all negative patterning that hindered our biological development. This has allowed us to create a race that you would consider to be superhuman. There are many of us, all sexes, all races, and all ages. No matter what age we are, we still have an ageless beauty about us.

I could tell you all about the internal transformation of the body, but would rather divulge the amazing gift of living in a physical body. The temperature of my body is always at a comfortable level; I neither get too hot nor too cold. This is aided by the temperate climate of the planet and the natural flow I have with the weather cycles and changes. Just as the animals take cover before a shower of rain, prompted by their intuitive natures, I, too, have this sense to live in tune with nature. Being in balance with the energies and forces of my own body, I glide through life in ecstatic bliss. Every breath I take fills my body with life force that rushes throughout me, bringing great pleasure and vitality.

I am always living in balance. I can lie in the shade of a tree or run at top speed across a wild flower meadow and always have the right amount of energy. As well as breathing in life force I can also breathe in different energies like those of colors and sound. This gives me unique and alternative physical sensations and experiences.


Each color brings with it an individual and invigorating quality that can take me to new levels. I breathe in the energies of the trees, the flowers, the sky and the very planet itself. This gives me limitless subtle emanations in which to share my consciousness. I wish I could explain the feelings of bliss I experience in my body. However, words cannot express the intensity or range of feelings that are enhanced by the breath.

Love is the key to this bliss and our whole world is permeated by the love from the fifth dimension. We have raised our vibratory level to a fifth dimensional expression. Everyone here moves in total alignment with spirit and this radiates love. Living in this world is such a pleasure. Every positive creative thought we have about ourselves and reality creates love. This ultimately gives joyful and pleasing sensations in the body.


Everyday I sing the praises of the physical body realizing my divinity in form. If you have ever felt the bliss of unconditional love, you will be close to understanding what it is like to be present on this planet Earth.

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Transformed System

The Chakric system of the body is now balanced and transformed. You, in your present time, operate only with a minimum amount of energy running through the chakras. You occasionally experience the rush of adrenaline as it activates the energy of the base chakra. You cannot maintain this in the body and feel the need to expel it. Anger is a negative expression of this adrenaline which, intensified, can turn to physical violence or aggressive lust.

This energy has been transformed, and we do not experience it in occasional bursts. Now, it continually flows up and down the spine, activating all the chakras. You have heard of the kundalini energy that lies sleeping at the base of the spine. The serpent has awakened and is now a river of energy. This electrifies the body, turning it into a lightning rod that is connected to the planet and the upper spiritual planes.

The kundalini energy from the base of the spine turns the energies of the body into finer and lighter expressions as it ascends. The base chakra has transformed and no longer expresses anger or aggression for it is now used as the prime creative energy. We can instantly manifest what we want and have moved past the need to express ourselves in negative ways. We move in a synergy with the whole. Therefore, we do not create anything that may be detrimental to another person on any level. The ecstatic bliss that is felt during orgasm is only a fraction of the feeling that we experience constantly as the base energy travels up our spine.

As the energy travels, it ignites the chakras. It comes across the sacral chakra first. This is the centre that is responsible for sexual expression. Instead of feeling sexual energy concentrated in this centre alone, the whole body is now a focus. Sex has been transformed from a physical gratification process to a spiritual expression that ultimately brings you closer to the Universal Dreamer. You truly begin to make love. The energy of the sacral centre gives you a warmth, a feeling of well being that runs like warm water throughout the body.


This feeling heightens the senses and brings an over-whelming feeling of connection to the surrounding reality of planet Earth. This energy of Gaia feeds the soul on a physical level and the synergy with others occurs. The energies of this centre move outwards and dance with those of others to create a pattern of love that is experienced through these heightened senses.

This interaction has totally transformed the issues of sex. It is no longer seen as something that only occurs between two people, preferably of the opposite sex. The ecstatic emanation has now become a way to express loving energies between all people. This energy can stimulate you into the act of physical lovemaking or can be expressed in movement, dance and being. It is the energy that allows you to express the love of spirit in a physical way. Activating this allows you to love yourselves, and this love feeds and heals the body. This centre guides us in the physical movement of the body. Dance has become a new exciting way to heal and balance body and soul.

From the sacral chakra, the serpent energy travels up the spine to activate the solar plexus, the sun centre. This centre is the place of personal power. With only limited amounts of energy running through this centre, the ego is locked into power games. When there is only an insufficient use of the sun centre people beg, borrow and steal to feel empowered. Some people give power away with no sense of responsibility and others hoard it selfishly for themselves. Money reflects one of the expressions of this power and you can plainly see the imbalance in its distribution.

In our reality, everyone is totally connected to the unlimited power source of both the planet and cosmos. The energy of the sun centre allows there to be a new and fresh approach to the expression of emotions. We are finding new and exciting ways to convey ourselves in terms that best show who we are. The creativity of this centre is expressed in the arts and drama, but also throughout our varying lifestyles. I cannot fully describe the feeling of completion, well being and confidence I feel now that this centre has been cleansed and balanced. I feel the power, self-assurance, and peace to be myself in the fullness that I AM. I get a sense of my belonging, purpose and life through this centre. I do not need to be or do anything grand to feel this sense of completion; I just AM.

This feeling of power does not make me arrogant or operate from a protective fearful ego as I can see the beauty and power in all others. From this energy, I get a drive and ambition to be more of who I AM. This does not lead me to an unhealthy goal orientation or an inflated sense of competition. I simply express myself joyfully and learn more about myself as life unfolds. The joy is beyond anything you can presently imagine as it is expressed in many forms. All the joy originates from the certainty that I know I AM the Universal dreamer. Being the Universal Dreamer is not just a concept but a reality. It is me being myself.

As the kundalini energy rises, it activates the next centre, the heart. The heart opens and the love within this incredible chakra flows out, touching all of creation. The love is unconditional, limitless and free. Those of you who have experienced the energy of the Angels will recognize this form of love. It is beyond conditions and you do not have to enter into partnerships to feel this. The love is felt when you gaze upon a flower and can be as intense as falling in love or holding a newborn child. Everywhere you go and every interaction you have, whether with a person or simply a pebble on the beach it is amazingly creative.

This love is circulating around the planet and can be felt in the air we breathe. The breath is very important, not only for the welfare of the physical body, but also the emotional body. Every breath we take inspires us into more loving expression. This love is not confined to those we consider our loved ones but extends to all of mankind. Everyone we meet we love with the innocent energy of the child within. This heals and raises all in vibration, taking everyone back to the Source.

The human voice has now become a great gift with the activation of the throat chakra. The toning of notes heals and balances the etherical bodies of both people and planet. Great groups gather together to tone, healing themselves and Earth. This is not seen as a ritual or chore but as a celebration of being alive and free. Communication with the voice obviously still occurs; however, it is now free of tension and fear, bringing more beauty into the voice. There are those of us who have exceptionally good singing voices who anchor the energies of the musical planes above in song. The human voice allows us to express in sound more than can be conveyed in words. This new form of communication is a joy and moves us into creative and intimate interaction with each other.

Talking, as you know it is still used as an art form, but is not the only form of communication. Telepathy or rather telempathy, is widely used. Telempathy is telepathic communication through the sensitivity of feeling. We have moved past negative forms of communication that call for privacy and secrecy. We are all open and free. We can relay messages from great distances or express massively complex concepts in the blinking of an eye.

We also express ourselves on a soul level by using the light of intelligence that shines from within. One look conveys so much on many levels. You have experienced it with those you have grown to know intimately. However, we experience it with everyone. This form of communication is not among mankind alone but extends to all of creation.

Channeling is also an accepted form of transmission. You recognize communication in the forms of words and feelings but, for us, it has grown beyond this. It has reached a level of ultimate expressions of energies. Conveyance in pictures, words, and feelings allows us to move beyond our limited understanding into the realms of our all-knowing presence.


The energy that is released from the brow chakra has freed our minds from the limitation of the rational thought processes. We still have the use of the rational mind available, but use it in conjunction with the all-knowing energy of the higher spiritual mind of spirit. All we have to do is quieten our everyday thoughts and open ourselves to spirit within and have instant access to any information we need. This information may come in words, pictures, feelings or energy transference.

Energy transference has more in common with the way music expresses a message than our usual mental process functions. This conveyance enables the communication of complex information to occur between other energies that live in this universal reality. The communication of information between ourselves and extraterrestrials is commonplace.


This exchange allows mankind to take its place in the universe and have access to all information contained therein. This centre allows us to travel inter-dimensionally and experience other existences on other planets and realities. In your present, you can only experience this travel in the form of dreams and visualizations. We have developed within us to the point that we can access all realities consciously. We then interact with them in a way that is real in our world.

The activation of the crown chakra is beyond words for it is the ultimate connection to the Universal Dreamer. This is the centre where we have an incredible connection to our own Spirit aspects. We do not have to exercise practices to access Spirit, as the connection is a continual way of being. This allows us to play with the expression we are without the limitation of feeling trapped within our form and its sense of separation. We recognize the Universal Dreamer as being everything and every-where. There is now no sense of separation between us and the reality we find ourselves in. We can be the sea or a bird flying high in the sky. We do not have to imagine this as we become the consciousness and feel that which we wish to experience.


Due to this connection, we are all interlinked with each other in the most amazing ways. The Heightened Senses .The senses have transformed and the eyes have been cleansed so to speak. The veils have been removed. The veils are limited programmed beliefs that you have about your reality. With the removal of these veils, the eyes are capable of reading reality in a clear and more defined way. The vibrant and colorful energy fields that surround everything and everyone can be seen clearly.

Working very closely with color and its symbolic meaning allows us to have a deep insight into the constantly transforming nature of reality. Seeing the amazing interaction between the energy emanations of people has furthered our work in the realigning of the energy bodies. This not only allows us to heal but also gives us an alignment to facilitate a transformation on all levels. We work in co-operation with the devic energies of nature to align the energy bodies of people to the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. This alignment has set in motion a great healing on all levels.

This healing has progressed past the removal of disease and negativity into the realms of facilitated self-change and spiritual transformation. In our reality, we are facilitating a planetary shift in vibration. Everyone realizes that through their work they are aiding the planetary return to the Source. Through the eyes, we have expanded insight and clarification that we need in order to see the subtle workings of the universe. Some of us have made the study of these invisible universal energies our life work. This allows us as a whole species to move forward in harmonized progression.

As well as having the ability to see auras and energies, we are also capable of seeing the subtle energies of beings that share our world. Beings of other dimensional realities can be plainly seen which enables us to have a deeper level of communication with them. It is possible for us to physically perceive the nature spirits of the air, sea and land. The communication that is allowed because of this new sight has gone a long way to transforming our interaction with the planet itself. We no longer see ourselves as separate to such realms of existence, but as an intricate and valued part of nature.

The beauty that is seen with our transformed eyes is beyond words. Imagine that you have always looked through a dirty window onto a beautiful landscape, and then opened it to see without the hindrance of the veils of perception. This is how we see our reality through the unveiled eyes of spirit. The beauty is breathtaking. Sunsets and sunrises are cherished, revered moments of our days because of our sight. Colors are more vibrant and alive. Those that usually could not be seen can now be viewed through the transformation of sight.


The subtle changes in light allow us to see colors higher in vibration. The rays of ultraviolet can be clearly seen in the air that surrounds us. If you could stand with me and watch the magnificence of a sunrise you would be totally amazed! You would be in awe, not only by the colors of the sunrise itself, but also by the interaction of those in the air that surround. The eyes not only function as receptive instruments of incoming energies but, through the interaction of the third eye, they also project energies into the outside world. Through our experience we are realizing that we create the visible reality we live in through the eyes.

Using the energy of our creative minds, we are manifesting visible realities. We are redesigning our world along more creative and inspiring ways. You in your reality have to send the energy of the eyes into the outside world through the clouded veils of perception. With these veils removed, we can create reality along clearer and more harmoniously defined lines. Thus, we can manifest our reality as being more beautiful.

You do not realize that you create your own reality and, therefore, think it is impossible to change your world without the hindered need of your physical actions. In our reality, it is possible, with the co-operation of the planetary level of communication with them. It is possible for us to physically perceive the nature spirits of the air, sea and land.

The communication that is allowed because of this new sight has gone a long way to transforming our interaction with the planet itself. We no longer see ourselves as separate to such realms of existence, but as an intricate and valued part of nature.

The beauty that is seen with our transformed eyes is beyond words. Imagine that you have always looked through a dirty window onto a beautiful landscape, and then opened it to see without the hindrance of the veils of perception. This is how we see our reality through the unveiled eyes of spirit. The beauty is breathtaking. Sunsets and sunrises are cherished, revered moments of our days because of our sight. Colors are more vibrant and alive.


Those that usually could not be seen can now be viewed through the transformation of sight. The subtle changes in light allow us to see colors higher in vibration. The rays of ultraviolet can be clearly seen in the air that surrounds us. If you could stand with me and watch the magnificence of a sunrise you would be totally amazed! You would be in awe, not only by the colors of the sunrise itself, but also by the interaction of those in the air that surrounds.

The eyes not only function as receptive instruments of incoming energies but, through the interaction of the third eye, they also project energies into the outside world. Through our experience we are realizing that we create the visible reality we live in through the eyes. Using the energy of our creative minds, we are manifesting visible realities. We are redesigning our world along more creative and inspiring ways. You in your reality have to send the energy of the eyes into the outside world through the clouded veils of perception. With these veils removed, we can create reality along clearer and more harmoniously defined lines. Thus, we can manifest our reality as being more beautiful.

You do not realize that you create your own reality and, therefore, think it is impossible to change your world without the hindered need of your physical actions. In our reality, it is possible, with the co-operation of the planetary energies, to recreate an entire landscape. This literally expresses our ideas in planetary form. You can now understand how it will be possible for you to transform your world in alignment with the visions that you all hold within yourselves.


Each and every one of us has an idea of what 'Heaven on Earth' should be. Even though we are all unique, we all align with the greater plan that has been designed by Gaia herself. If we tune into her ideas, we can plainly see that she is the master architect.

As with sight, hearing has also transformed. Any distinctions of hearing have long been removed which allows all to experience the intensified receptivity of the ears. Bird song is an ecstatic experience. Sound is very closely linked to sensations in the emotional and physical bodies. When you listen to music that affects you strongly, you have some ideas as to how sound affects the physical form. With the veils of hearing removed we now continually hear and feel the effects of sound. We use this ability to produce sounds that are harmoniously healing.

Sound and its healing properties have been a major part of our worldly transformation. We use it in our everyday lives to align and balance with the energies of the planet. We come together in celebration and use sound and music to facilitate transformation in large groups. These celebrations of life are a beautiful and amazing way to experience the incredible creativity of sound and music. With this new awareness, we have also recognized sounds that are detrimental to our growth.

With our changed sensitivity we also have the ability to hear and respond to sounds that are usually above your hearing capabilities. This new talent allows us to ultimately communicate with energies and realities that are mostly too subtle for you to be aware of. In the higher dimensions, there is a plane of sound. Many of us, through the inspired activation of the human voice, bring down these energies and ground them into the physical world. Those of us with this talent use sound to recreate the planet in which we live.

Energies and beings of other dimensions can now be audibly heard and sensed. This enables us to widen our sense of reality and to create a new level of communication with other realms of existence. This talent makes it possible for us to tune into the symphony of Earth and its surrounding space. Everything has its unique note, sound and song. You can hear the beautiful melody that is created between the sea and the shore. You can hear the song of love between people and the wondrous symphony as the sun rises in the sky. Our whole world is one of marvelous sights and sounds.

Communicating through sound gives us access to a deeper level of loving exchange. Sound has allowed us to express our love for each other and Earth in the most inspirational of ways. Through our use of sound, we have found our rightful place in the scheme of Gaia and her expressions in nature. Music gives us access to deep levels of soul that could never be expressed in terms that the rational mind could understand. We have literally discovered the language of the heart. With sound, we create an anchoring point to ground energies. Energies of such a high vibration without the space certain sounds create would be unable to manifest on this planet.

We have learned that all the energies of all creation can be represented by one of the five senses. We are learning to express the beauty of the senses in an artistic fashion to explore the nature of the universe and its many dimensions. The sense of taste has come into a new light. Initially, it was used as a means of distinguishing between substances that were poisonous or not.


This sense has not developed at the same rate as sight and hearing. We now use it to access a new level of interaction between the plant kingdoms and ourselves. We no longer have the need to kill animals for our survival. Eating is not only a form of survival for the physical body but is a pleasurable exchange of consciousness between ourselves and various species. When we eat an apple, we access a great storehouse of information from the consciousness of the apple and its source, the tree. We also share our consciousness with the apple.

Thus, a two-way exchange of information occurs. Eating has taken on a completely new role. Great care and intention is put into the preparation and growing of food. Awareness is taken to blend not only the physical taste of ingredients, but also to harmonize the energies of the food. It is possible to raise your level of consciousness through the preparation and eating of certain combinations of food. There are those of us who have made it their life's work to discover the secrets of the plant kingdom.


They blend and combine the energies of plants to create not only a meal that is tasty and nutritious, but that also gives an experience, too, of raised consciousness. By eating plants in this way, we are literally transforming ourselves from the inside out. With all pollutants and negativity removed, we are much more sensitive in the realms of taste. Subtle changes in light and seasons have a big affect on both food and ourselves.

With the raising of our vibrations, has also come the sensitivity of the skin. We have many levels of sensation and touch. This has allowed us to remove the limitations that have existed between people. It is possible for us to feel, touch and respond through the power of thought and intention. It is possible to physically feel thoughts of love. This level of touch and sensation gives us access to the thoughts and feelings of another.


We can not only feel the warmth of the physical sun on our skin, but also feel the love of the spiritual sun. It is possible for us to communicate who we are in deep and intimate ways through the sense of touch. The estranged feelings that humans have always had to each other have now been removed. We live in a world where the physical touch of another is accepted and received. The expression of love is freely given and great exchanges are experienced through touch.

The tactile experience of love is not limited to humans alone. The affection-ate touching of animals, plants and the planet itself is lovingly experienced by all. This heightened sensitive lovemaking has reached levels unimagined-able by you at present. We exchange our energies from great distances. Love-making of this kind is not restricted to those of opposite sex and the same species. We can make love to a tree, the whole planet and even the universe. This form of lovemaking is ultimately with the Universal Dreamer itself.

These new gifts of touch have been responsible for healing on all levels that can be physically expressed. The study of anatomy and massage of the body is widely acclaimed and valued. It is acknowledged as not only a way of healing, but also an exchange of energies between souls.


The mystery of touch and dance has been united. This has created new and exciting ways to heal and realign us in large groups. Dancing is no longer an individual bodily experience. We can access information from a tree through simply placing our hands on its trunk. Using this new sense, we diagnose illness and imbalance. Great healers with the combination of spiritual love and touch sensitivity heal deep levels of pain.


This heightened sense allows us to physically feel energies that are otherwise invisible to you.

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