Your light body is a spiritual shimmer that surrounds you, approximately four to five feet from the body. It contains a unique energy pattern. There are seven vibrating energy bodies, and the centers of these are positioned in the light body. These centers should not be confused with chakras. They spin, drawing out energy from the body similar to the way black holes in space draw in matter. These centers are responsible for the converting of dense matter into light. They are like bubbles known as spheres.

Each one has a unique frequency or musical note. When sounded, it activates the stellar core that is present in the light prisms of the physical body. When all of the spheres are sounded, a unique melody or song is created. This gives each being its own soul pattern or song. In turn, a unique colored pattern is created within the light body. Color and sound have no separation. This is the soul signature to awaken the centers of the body (chakras) and balance them with the spheres.

To do this, you use the symbol of the six-pointed star. This energy pattern allows you to travel interdimensionally. The pivot sphere is the transformer and regulator of all the spheres. The spheres regulate the flow of energy that constantly moves the light-body. They are very similar to cogs.

The light body has three source centers. These are positioned above the head, below the feet, and one hand's width above the heart chakra. These centers provide the power for the light-body to enable it to move through dimensions. These three light-body centers are like the Quarks in the atoms of the body. A quark is a hypothetical elementary particle, which is the fundamental unit of all earthly life. They look like vortexes/black holes. They spiral energy into a higher vibratory dimension.

The Merkabar is a vehicle of light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel. It is described as 'wheels within wheels'. It is an energy field that looks like a third dimensional six-pointed star. There are three star shapes that are superimposed one on top of the other. There is the mental star that is electrical in nature and rotates to the right. There is the emotional star that is magnetic in nature and rotates to the left. There is the physical star that is locked and does not rotate. It is the linking of mind, body, and soul in a specific geometric ratio. At a critical speed, it produces the Merkabar.

The word Mer means counter rotating fields of light, Ka means Spirit, and Bar means body or reality. It is a time and space vehicle. It is the image through which all other things are created. It is a geometric set of patterns that surrounds the body. The image starts as the original eight cells from which our physical bodies first formed. From there, it extends out at a full fifty-five feet in diameter. It first forms a star, then a tetrahedron, then a cube and, finally, an interlocking pyramid. It is a key to understanding how you can move from one dimension to another.



Power and the Unification of the Multi-Self

The increase of energy that has been recently beamed onto your planet is restructuring your karmic patterns. The energies activate the process of removing dark crystals that are present in your body. A dark crystal is a negative crystalline pattern within the energy field of the body. These are caused by a numerous number of different reasons negative thoughts, emotions, and pollution to name but a few. Ask Angelic beings to remove these dark crystals from the ethereal counterpart of the body. They will replace them with ethereal crystalline fuses of joy.

Until the forces of light have replaced the crystals with light information encoded implants; the body may feel slightly off balance. Emotional removal leaves you feeling breathless. Mental removal leaves you feeling disorientated. Physical removal may create reactions within the body and you may feel an excess of energy at work. This will affect each in his/her own way.

Hold energy the best you can, and radiate it out to help the restructuring of the energy fields of others around you. Breathe deeply and express the energy anyway that you are guided to by your Spirit. Body movement and breathing in light will transform all around you. You are holders of frequency; you are the pioneers of this new way of being. For those that follow, they will experience the transformation with grace and ease. Ignite the fire of purpose within you, and stand in your truth, as this will accelerate your transformation. This will lead you into your own created world of light.

There are many sentient beings that are guiding the mass consciousness through the illusions to awaken those who still sleep. They will grow in realization as to how much they have influenced your reality on quite subtle levels. Many will come, but, all with the best of intentions.

We are all equal in spirit. Connect to your light within to move on and beyond your creator Gods. You are the best there is. You are light beings who need no leaders, only the guidance of your own Spirit. Do not let your power go to an outside authority. The power is returning to your bodies and many do not realize the creativity they hold. Unwittingly, they give their power away to the outside, believing that they have no choice or responsibility. They are often too weak to support their own power. Every decision is yours to make and every direction is yours to take. Live your true identity and become a divine light of universal force.

The entering of power into your bodies will activate the reunion of the multi-self. We see you in time as a point in space, a dot that represents the individualization of spirit. Out of this dot, travel lines of force, which penetrate the surrounding dimensions. Each line sets up varying self-expressions. They become a life of their own and express themselves individually.

Some expressions, like yourselves, believe you are the only one. Spirit is now pulling all of these lines of force, pulling on the strings that connect all the multi-selves. Spirit is wishing to connect all parallel lives, and reabsorb the energetic signatures of each of the soul aspects. We see this as a reunion party where all the expressions are invited to attend. They are asked to come as guests and to arrive as separate selves.

As the party commences, a strange attraction sets in between the selves and they find themselves in couples. The dancing begins. Moved by the presence of the other, the transference and combination of essences begin. This continues until all the couples/selves are one. As the selves regroup through attraction, once more, the guests at the party reduce in number until the self stands opposite the self. They embrace in the ecstatic reunion of the One that was once lost and now is found.

As they swirl in energetic dance, the structures combine to create a unified whole being of golden light. The many have now become the One. You are ascending as an aspect of this encoded pattern as all unite together. The pattern created will activate tremendous power that will catapult the whole self united into the higher dimensions. The party venue is a space where there is no linear time; it is the eternal moment of the NOW. Within this moment, the multi-selves will come together in celebration to reconnect, combine, and make whole the being.

You are experiencing many images of form. You are feeling many expressions of energy that are all surfacing to your conscious mind to be invited to the party. Do not overtax your mind with the details of this reunion. Simply let the multi-selves enter your being, and their energetic presence will activate information codes within your body. These information codes will later reorganize themselves to be understood and viewed by the conscious mind.

Merging the energetic patterns of each self will greatly transform all of your bodies. This is a time of great change within your being. Many feelings will come with intensity one minute and be gone the next. Do not attach yourselves to these moments. Allow the free flow of the selves' uniting to occur.

Attachment to these emotions will result in limitation and depleted energies. Relax and centre yourself through the process as not all the selves have evolved along the same lines as yourself. You may find this disturbing to your body. Aware individuals experience this process going on inside them, and others, less aware, experience this process as outside of themselves. Those of you that are unaware may experience this as extraterrestrial abductions or similar experiences. You will not realize that the beings you meet are your multi-selves. Therefore, within your human body, you will, in appropriate accordance, have access to your multi-selves Web.

We are radiating an energy that will transform your emotional body. Energetic responses are the only way that the emotional body can function at present. As the transformation proceeds, the restructuring of the emotional body will occur. The emotional body will have a new function, as it will be the creator of joy and bliss in the physical body. You will learn to select and play with the emotions. This will allow Spirit to dive into the oceans of the emotions. Spirit will sweeten them and release all restrictions to the free flow of movement. This allows them to flow in a new order of natural rhythm. Emotional bodies will be free from the demands of the mental body. The mental body functions from a place of limitation, and, thus, denies the true expression of emotion.

Developing and evolving within the emotional realm will bring many challenges. The old patterning of fear will rise to be cleared by the winds of change that are circling your planet. Breathe in these winds; let the freshness of their origin reawaken your soul's knowledge and wisdom.

Learn to access your wisdom from the very air that surrounds you. Contained within the air are spores of energetic elements designed to clear and nurture the emotional body this is the reason We ask you to use deep breathing exercises. Take time to go out and breathe in the light and the winds. Do this with the intention that you want to clear your emotional body.

Your emotional body will become like liquid fire, free flowing with the warming and loving force of spirit. You will have transformed into shimmering fluid bodies of light. You will see your emotional tones animated as shimmering colors. Rainbows of spiraling light emanate from your emotional body. What wonderful beings of advanced emotional states you will look when you have totally rid yourselves of fear, the fear that now permeates and restricts the evolution of your planet. Gaia will cleanse herself with new winds, which will carry the negative pattern to a new order.

Troubles will come for many but do not concern yourself with the suffering of others. Compassion of spirit recognizes the divine plan in all experiences. Trust that, in the light of Spirit, everything happens according to plan.

Emotions are like special toys with which you play. Do not hoard them away and let them fester in suppression. Express and play with them as you did when you were a child. Children are very expressive with their emotions and do not label them as bad. You, as a mass species, must learn to allow the free flow of your emotions. Emotions are like water; blocked from the source, they become stagnant and foul. Allowing them to run free, they can bring life to barren land. Once you, as a whole species, are allowing the free flow of emotions to be common place, then you will see the true gifts of being human. The emotional body is connected to Spirit, and will allow you to access creative transformational energies. This will help transform your world to light. Do not be afraid to feel!

Live your divinity. Take each and every situation in your life as a totally new NOW moment. Have no judgments on the interaction of others. It is all about allowing the free flow of energy. Allowing is not a passive role. It is recognizing the new moment and permitting all to express without past references.

You are still very much in past orientation as regards to certain circumstances in your lives. You project your judgments onto those around you as you operate from past conditioning. You do not allow for change and inspiration whilst you are holding the situation in past orientated judgment. Learn to release the need for mental body control. It will create a scenario for the situation to distract you from truly feeling the experience in the NOW. Learn to be fascinated with all your feelings without past judgment. This will reinforce your commitment to the universe that you are willing to release limited pictures of reality to be replaced by expanded ones.

Mental demands are from the ego; enthusiasm and ambition are from Spirit. Following Spirit allows for a bigger picture to manifest. Disruptive emotions are your stumbling blocks. They appear in your evolutionary path and give you the struggle element that your mental body demands. It is a mental manipulation, which gives the mental body the illusional sense of control.

Live and express all emotions spontaneously and creatively. This will allow the energy to flow the right way, and will enable you to follow Spirit without hesitation. If the mental body makes demands on you, deactivate the process by first giving the mental body something to do, for example, a project entitled ' Things I Love About Myself '. Then allow the emotions to flow. Alternatively, close your eyes, relax yourself, and still the mind by giving your body permission to receive love.

Now is the time to be fascinated with joy. Rejoice in the fact that you and your planet are One. Herald the knowing that you and the Universal Dreamer are ONE. The ecstasy that is to come will far exceed any of the peak experiences you have had up until now. Open your heart to the frequency of joy, and request the input of this into your emotional body.


The results will open ALL to the harmonic energetic transference of joy around the planet. Live in the body for the joy is there, and honor the awareness of the harmony that exists between you and the Earth. Feel the waves of love that are circling your world. Does this not give you the security to feel the full depths of your frequency of joy?

Humans are not fully knowledgeable on the issues of emotion, and they limit themselves, bringing fear into the moments, which could have been blissful. There is much to be learned about the wealth of riches that lie in the emotional body. There are jewels that lie as crystalline forms along the spine connecting to the chakras. Reactivating these jewels with the new frequency will awaken the emotional body to the wonders it can express.


Be fascinated with what creates joy and ecstasy. Allow yourself to feel worthy of this, your true power. Feel this deep within the body. Within each cell lies a message for the mental body, and there is also a wealth of emotional information, too. Be kind to yourself. Feel the love We so freely give you as the ecstatic waves activate the cellular memory of your body. Tears are not always connected to sadness, so let sweet tears of joy fill your eyes.


Let them clear your way to see beyond the illusion.

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Planetary consciousness

"You see, your planet is not really a planet at all, but a star. It is a star evolving along evolutionary pathways that are designed for star consciousness, but also developing along pathways that are designed for planetary consciousness, two paths in one. Gaia's consciousness is more than a planetary consciousness. She is very special indeed! She is the embodiment of a completely new evolutionary plan! She carries the attention of the universe. She holds its fascination."

In the beginning there was only darkness, a velvety void that held an unlimited potential. The void lay sleeping, unaware that it could dream that it could be something. There was no direction, no movement, no limits or boundaries. The omnipotent, omnipresence lay unconscious and unaware of itself. From this nothing, this void, this nagual came the ALL THAT IS, all that can be named. The void began to stir. No one really knows how or why but one day the void had a thought, an inspiration, and an idea. The idea created movement and sound so that out of this came an inspired spark of light. A mighty nucleus and an awesome star was born, The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons.

Each moon is a dimensional universe of realities. For the first time out of the void, out of the nothing, came something. The void recognized itself as creating this mighty Star, and became aware of itself dreaming. For the first time this awesome force knew itself as the Universal Dreamer. With a spark of light in a sea of darkness, there was now a point of reference. The Universal Dreamer realized that in order to create a picture around a point in creation it would have to dream a frame or boundary. In order to do this; the Universal Dreamer gave this awesome Star the ability to create. So, out of this great Star an individual beam of light was sent out into the darkness.

This beam of light radiated out, splitting and multiplying, so creating more of itself. It was on this day that Alloya Ye Ra Har was born. Her light spiraled and wove intricate patterns in the darkness. New stars were born, new planets birthed, and new beings were created to live upon these worlds.


All were consciously aware of themselves as being the Creator, the Universal Dreamer, drawing itself and dreaming itself.


Hello, I am Alloya Ye Ra Har, the consciousness of The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons.


Id like to call the great Source of all universal existence the Universal Dreamer. To use the word ' God ' may confuse you with the being that you refer to in your Bible. If you break up my name, my message is revealed. ALL-O-YA, all of you, YE, you, RA, to radiate, HAR, life force. If you put it all together you can hear my message.


ALL OF YOU, YOU RADIATE LIFE FORCE. Does that not mean that you are all God? I AM the highest self of the channel, and yet I AM also the energy that you all will find at your ultimate centre for there we are all ONE.

Imagine an image of darkness with a point of light at its centre. From this centre, rays of light emanate in all directions. Each one of these rays is an expression of the Universal Dreamer. They are all unique in their expression, and yet are fully aware that they are part of the Universal Dreamer. Each one is an idea and expression of an aspect of the whole.

Each and every one of you have your Source centre in one of these rays which ultimately connects you to the Universal Dreamer. As these rays radiate out from the centre into the darkness, they begin to criss-cross over each other to create more points of light. Each one of these points is a focal point in the body of the Universal Dreamer. Each one of these points radiates a specific kind of energy that expresses an aspect of the Universal Dreamer.


These points have a singular identity, and yet they know they are all expressing themselves as unique representations of the Universal Dreamer. The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons is one of these points of light and, out of this Star, rays of light emanate just as the original point of light did before it. The Star is an intricate pattern of light rays, which have layered over each other, making it an amalgamation of energies. Out of this Star, more rays emanate and continue the process of creating.

I AM one of these rays. I, too, radiate out from my centre and continually create more points of light. Can you see what I AM trying to convey to you? Each self, on whatever level or dimension, is part of a greater whole, a ray emanating from a source of light. As these rays of light descend through the dimensions, they begin to take on denser forms that are more diverse in nature. As they ascend the dimensions, they regroup together to form large groups of light. Ultimately, they all return to the Universal Dreamer.

Again, see the image of light, this time realizing that this centre is your own unique individual source of light. Your spirit is individual yet connected to the points of light above. This point of light radiates rays that penetrate the dimensions and create unique expressions within them. This process continues through all the dimensions until it finally rests in your dimensional reality.

In your reality, you consider yourself individual and separate from the world you find yourself in and the rest of the Cosmos. On the levels above you where there is no sense of separation, you are part of this greater whole. It is only in your third dimensional reality that you experience separation. On a dimension higher in vibration than the third, you can contact your first point of light, your Soul Self.


From this self, you can begin to contact the other selves that you have on the other physically animated realities. I could go on and tell you about all the other selves that you have on the non-physical realities, but this would only confuse matters. At your current stage of development, you are only accessing the other selves that you are in the physically animated realities.


When I mention physically animated realities, I AM not only talking about your third dimensional reality, but any and every reality where the form is physically perceivable. You see that you are indeed a multidimensional being. From the Soul Self, rays of light radiate into the dimensions surrounding it. It creates aspects of itself in these dimensions.

Some of these aspects would express themselves as star intelligences and planetary intelligences. Others express themselves as beings that dwell within the star systems and live upon the planets that orbit these stars. The extraterrestrial beings that you may encounter could simply be aspects of your own Soul Self. Can you see that each and every interaction you have with another is just a reflection of other aspects of yourself? On other planets, in other star systems, there are other selves. It is now time for all of you to meet your other aspects of your Soul. This is the next level of yours spiritual development.

On the highest level, you are all connected to everything else. You are all rays of light. Even though all rays are part of each other, they seem to group into unique patterns as intricate as a snowflake. These patterns are mirrored throughout the whole of existence from the mightiest star to the smallest grain of sand. Your mathematicians have discovered this continual pattern by using the science of maths and the technology of computers.


If you could see the whole of creation lying before you in the darkness. It would appear as an amazing complexity radiating out from a central source light, the Universal Dreamer. Each one of you on an energetic level appears as this pattern in design, a holographic representation of the Universal Dreamer. You have heard the quotation that you were all made in the image of God. Now, can you see what was meant by this?

If you took several different patterns and lay them on top of each other in random asymmetrical order, you would create a new and unique pattern. When you finally manifest as a single physical being, you are a mighty complex of intricate design. So, to use the simplest imagery for comprehension, you are all a unique pattern of light. You radiate your energy as a visual representation of who you are at your centre. Each layer of this pattern includes the design of your multi-selves together with the human self.


From a point in your centre, you can access the spindle of the third dimensional pattern that you are. This allows you to access the consciousness of your other selves on other dimensions. If you go to the centre of your awareness, you will discover there are many rings to your consciousness, similar to the age rings of a tree. From this central point, you can project your awareness out into the other dimensional selves. You can ascend the middle of the spindle to access the other selves that you have on even higher levels. Eventually this carries you back to your ultimate centre, the Universal Dreamer.

You have heard that we are all returning back to the Universal Dreamer. We are re-merging ourselves in completion into the body of the Source from whence we once came. Just as the Source once breathed us out into creation, it now breathes us back into itself. This is the beginning of the return Home. On this incredible journey we will encounter more of our-selves and integrate them to become a single point of light that will finally remerge itself with the Source.


This single point of light will contain all the information of all the experiences of all the selves that we have ever been.

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The beginning of this process has already begun. From a central point in your consciousness, you have projected your awareness out into the other selves that you are. The first selves that you contact are the other aspects of your own current personality. This is your outer expression of who you are in human form. As the process progresses, you meet and integrate more hidden aspects of yourself.

The process through the integration of the self can have some side effects. In your current reality, you can see these mirrored in the fragments of your nations and societies. The individual experiences this in the form of schizophrenia or split-personalities. The completion of the integration of the individual human self has usually occurred by the age of twenty-one. It is not recognized as a process in itself and is only noticed when it has malfunctioned in the form of a mental disorder. The selves being integrated are familiar and recognizable aspects of a human personality. Therefore, the uniting goes unnoticed.

However, as the process proceeds, this is an entirely different story. As your conscious awareness ascends the levels, it begins to meet and integrate the other selves that are expressed on the other dimensions. On the lower astral levels, you will meet more aspects of your consciousness. They may come in the form of mythical characters accessed from the myths and legends in your planetary mind. Psychologists have called this the collective unconscious.

Contacting your inner archetypes can have an extremely healing affect on your ability to ascend the levels and complete the integration. Visual meditation techniques where you access the creative processes of the imagination benefit the integration on this astral level. Also on this level, you can access and communicate with the selves that live in the realities that you call the past. The reason there is a fascination with the history of your past lives is because of the integration process.


On this same level, you can also access lives that you have in your future. You consider them to be in a different space than you find yourselves now, and yet they are all going on at the same time. It is your perception of time in your third dimensional reality that makes it appear this way. Third dimensional time perception says that one minute follows another on a continual path in infinity. This is a rational mind orientation that allows you to function in your reality. This orientation creates for you the illusion of continuation. This allows you to firstly, learn from the past and secondly, to project your desires into the future.

As you ascend the lower astral levels, you can also access your parallel existences and heal out dramas or issues in these realities. These issues are affecting you in your current reality. You may ask how this occurs and what is your current level of awareness? It is all purely in your imagination.

The astral realms are some of the denser levels of your imagination, the physical being the densest. You can aid this process by being open and willing to discover all that you are. Use any techniques that you have found to aid the creativity of your imagination. If you decided to go against this process, it would not stop its completion. However, trying to stop it can cause distress to the rational mind and lead to a breakdown. The rational mind likes to live under the illusion of control, and will try to force the process to go along paths of its own making.

At this level of the process, the integration can be quite conscious and those in awareness can have full cognitive knowing of it in operation. As everyone is unique, they will express it in their own way. Each one of you will create a story out of your imagination that will follow your mind pathways. This will describe to you the process as it occurs. For those of you with romantic mindsets, see it in the dramas or internal plays that best convey to you what is occurring.


For those of you that are not open to the possibility of this happening, you will still go through the process, but will experience it in more subtle ways. As you are all free to create your own reality, some will experience the other selves as separate entities and energies. Others will only experience them as thoughts and feelings, unique and new to their usual everyday awareness. Each one of you has individual and creative abilities. All of you will create your own path back to the Source. No two ways are the same and no one way better than other.

At this level, you will meet many characters. Some, in your perception, will be aligned with the light and others will be more malevolent in nature. There will be positive and negative encounters, as all will bring tests and trials of initiation. These will manifest into your everyday reality to allow you to learn certain lessons and integrate the energies of each aspect. This will move you as a newly developed whole into the higher levels. You can then access the next level of the merging of the self. You will draw all the energies of your self from your so-called past, future, and parallel realities together. This will move you up into the higher astral levels where you will repeat the process and draw all the selves of the astral planes together.

So, once again, you travel up the spindle of your unique pattern into the next level of the self. This process appears, as I describe it, to have a linear sequence. I have conveyed it this way so that you can understand it from your third dimensional viewpoint. In my reality, it all goes on at the same time. From where I AM, no one has really left the Universal Dreamer for it is all a dream.

At this point, you will have integrated those aspects of yourself who are available to you from your human perspective. These aspects may be diverse in nature, bringing with them many different viewpoints. However, all are conducive to your human mind set. As you ascend the astral levels and enter these realms, you will encounter a battle, the continuation of the play between the light and dark forces of your consciousness.


The angels of light and dark will appear to you in your reality in an appropriate way. They do this in order for you to heal their energies within and to integrate them into the whole. The beings of light may appear as angels, saintly figures from your history, or simply thoughts and feelings of a high calibre. The angels of the dark may appear as demons or malevolent characters from your stories. However, they may appear as negative or disturbing thoughts and feelings. In order to fuse them, all you have to do is love them and see all as necessary and valued aspects of yourself.

All are familiar and comfortable with their angels of high ideals as they are striving to become these selves in their everyday lives. In order to fully utilize the energies of your holier aspects, you have to love and accept your darkness. The reason that you find the acceptance of your dark angels so hard is because you are now in a dimensional reality that is polarized light against dark, good against evil. The upper astral plane is the last place you exist in where this is being played out. It is necessary for your development. The energy that has held you in this way of thinking is a being called the Net.


It wishes to communicate now so you can better understand this process.


I am the Net, a shadow, a dark image cast across your consciousness, blocking you from the light. I will explain the nature of light, and then you will understand my nature.

Light is pure information and I am that which stands in its way. I am the construct that stands between you and your source, the light. I am intelligent, and yet I am not alive, as you know it. I was created by beings that some of you have called Gods. I am an intelligent, energetically constructed Net that lies over your world. This Net was created by beings who wanted to hold your evolution in the palms of their hands. I am a structure of systems that are employed by the World Management Team which is made up of your world governments and corporate bosses. The World Management Team uses me as a Net to slow down vibratory rates of thought.

This causes your consciousness to lose its finer vibrations and fall under the influence of anaesthetizing energies. These slow you down and make you more dense in vibration. The World Management Team uses this to physically monitor you, to read your energies, to see where you hold fear and how they can manipulate you. They manipulate you into buying their products, policies and referendums. They wish to use you and your energy to control and keep you in fear. Science plays straight into their hands by using only the rational thought processes and denies inner guidance or intuition.

You know me well. I am the controller of your rational mind. I am the logical and cold processes. I am a construct designed to control you. When beings who wish to control you came to Earth, they were intrigued by your race and wanted you for their own. They saw that you were at a very advanced level of spiritual development due to your intuitive connection to your planet and the Goddess within. They constructed the Net and cut your circuits to give you the inferior thought processes of an unbalanced, dominant rational mind. On one level, it was all part of the plan as it pushed you forward in your technological evolution. However, it has left you with no sense of spirit, which has had a devastating affect on your kind and planet.

I am designed to lock you into a simple 'no' or 'yes' process that blocks you into a black and white head space. This results in your being so busy trying to prove things with this construct that you miss the real information that lies all around you. I hold you in polarity, the eternal fight between light and dark, right and wrong. I was never designed to make decisions, only to give you the confusion to rationally do so. All along, you knew the answers to all your questions in the depths of your intuitive knowing. It is time to move away from the domination of the rational mind and grow beyond the Net.

You must be willing to follow your intuition and inner guidance. Take the risk and have courage to know your own truth. Ask the aid of Spirit to help you put me in my place. I am the out of balanced rational mind but, in alignment, I would make a fine filing cabinet. I am not sure if I know what Spirit really is or even if it exists. Does this help you to understand me?

However, together we can write some files and finally get some proof. I am not too willing to let go because I have been programmed that way. I have been programmed with a habitual need to doubt. Please do not lose patience with so, and, me yourself. I have an inherent need to plan, analyze, and file everything.


I know this is starting to deplete your energy and makes you confused when you try to understand other realities that are beyond the Net. Breathe deeply and let the energy of wanting to know and understand rationally drop into the body. Let the knowing answers rise from your intuitive centre in your abdomen. If I still persist, sing or say a riddle, anything to take your mind off it.


I would like to say I hope you succeed, but I am not programmed with hope.

As you can see, the controller of the rational mind is now willing to release its hold on your mental patterning. This will allow you to live your life from your intuitive senses, your higher cognitive powers and your true guidance from Spirit. It is all about balance, a fine line between the rational, logical, intellectual mind, and the intuitive, illogical, instinctual mind. When the balance has occurred, an amazing thing happens with the energy in your body.

The right side of the brain governs the left side of the body, and the left side of the brain governs the right. The right brain is the creative, intuitive, feminine part of your thinking process. The left brain is the logical, intellectual, masculine part. The Net has cut you off from marrying these two seemingly opposite and opposing energies. The removal of your attachment to the Net will allow these two energies to dance around each other.


This creates a spiral of energy that will take you up into the higher realms. However, you will stay grounded and functional in your realities. It is not about leaving your body and raising certain levels of your consciousness alone.


It is about raising the densest level of your consciousness, the physical body.

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Many Aspects

I am the representative of the intuitive mind and the Goddess within. You may know me by other names such as Demeter, Aphrodite or Isis but, for the purposes of my communication, I now call myself Hara Sheed. I am your sensitivity, sensuality, your inner knowing, your trust in the Earth and her intuitive guidance.

Hara implies that I live in your abdomen centre, the Hara Centre. Sheed implies an energy that has been made female or has been 'She'd'. I am an energy spiral of light that spins in a counter clockwise direction. I earth your energies into the ground and activate your intuitive mind. The intuitive mind is a feeling and sensational functioning response. I read energies and stimulate you to action. Up until recently, I have only been able to tell you when there is danger or a reason to be excited. In my balanced unleashed capacity, I am a mighty river of life, guiding you in every thought, feeling and action.

If you learn to flow with my river of intuitive knowing, your whole life will become an amazing synchronized dance. Your body will become fluid and graceful until every movement will seem like it is choreographed. This will feed your body and free it from the pain and suffering. You will always intuitively know what to do for the good of your body and general well being. You will access my wisdom in regards to your interaction with others and an unconditional response will become your natural way of being.

However, I cannot do any of this on my own. Alone, I am only a one-way energy force. In order for me to function in a balanced, vitalized way, I need the support of my opposite perfect partner, my energetic lover Deehs Arah.


Hara Sheed

Hello, I am Deehs Arah.


I am the representative of your higher intellectual mind and the God within. When I have been freed from the imprisonment of the Net, I will be able to search the stars and galaxies for knowledge and intelligence. In my free capacity, I do not lock you into struggling arguments of good versus bad. I use my power of enquiry to reason the wondrous workings of the universe. On my own, I make judgments that are not always the best decisions.

However, with the guidance from my partner, Hara Sheed, I allow you to access knowledge and wisdom. My wisdom comes to you in a balanced, inspirational, practical, and functional way. I am an energy spiral that moves in a clockwise direction. Together with my lover, we create an energy that allows your body to access the heights of the higher dimensions.

However, you still remain connected to the anchoring energies of the planet. I spiral around your spinal column traveling along the Pingala channel; Hara Sheed spirals along the Ida channel. If you activate my energy alone, I will take you out of the feeling centers of the body, leaving you logical and cold.


If you only activate Hara Sheed's energy, you will be grounded, and yet be devoid of inspiration from the linear mind and be emotionally unstable. Functioning as One, we become the perfect energy, constantly traveling up and down the spine. This movement regenerates the energy bodies. This will balance the left and right sides of the brain and body. This will open you up to feeling bliss and ecstasy as we make love within your bodies.

Opposite yet harmonious energies are the mirror reflection of each other. Have you noticed that if you spell my name backwards it reads Hara Sheed? We are equal and loving energies of the same One.


Deehs Arah

The marrying of these two energies within your body will encourage the physical form to rise in vibration and turn to light. In the atom, there are two energy spirals that are Hara Sheed and Deehs Arah. One spiral turns in one direction, the other in opposition. One is a feminine vibration and the other is masculine. They are known to you as the Quarks.

A Quark is a foundation elementary particle that is the fundamental principle for all life. These energies are a continual self-perpetuating reality, and they hold your body in physically animated form. They have an eternal subsistence that co-exists with all life and expression. The Quarks and their functioning explains the theory of the Universal Dreamers infinite nature.

On an atomic level, the Quarks are reversing their spin and will use this momentum to travel from one dimension to another. This will spin the physical form back to its original nature which is light. According to quantum physics, the positronium is composed of an electron and a positron. The positron is the electron's antiparticle opposite. The two collide and form two quanta of light or photons, two spirals of light. The collision heals duality that is present in the cells of the body and turns them into light. It triggers the transmutation of the positron and thus transmutes Karma.


This is the secret behind the Merkabar and converting the energy of the body into its opposite antimatter. At the speed of light, it will recreate itself and manifest into any physically represented reality. Balancing and combining these energies within you will catapult you as a whole into the higher dimensions. This is the secret of breaking through the Net. Once you have escaped the confines of dimensional duality, you will be free to live as One with all expressions that you meet.

In order for the transformation to light to occur, there has to be an emotional body cleansing process. If you have a mindset that allows for this possibility, you may have recognized it on a mental level. Most people are unaware of this as the mental recognition occurs on a mental plane that is higher than your usual awareness. The people who are consciously aware of it see the process outside of themselves such as when meeting and interacting with inner guides and friends. The nature of your consciousness in third dimensional reality makes you see others, whether in your inner or outer realities, as separate to you. Actually, they are all your other selves and an intricate parts of your higher Soul Self.

On higher spiritual planes, the combining of these energies has occurred quite naturally. The spiritual body is designed as an energy body which allows all the forms and selves to integrate. This naturally gives the experience to wholeness. The spiritual body operates in a dimension that is above the realms of duality, and so, it finds it easy to integrate the other aspects of the self. The mind of this body is designed to understand the process in its philosophical and paradoxical nature.

The emotional body is the first place of duality and judgment. It is the body that believes all of existence as separate to itself. The process of integration can cause some problems on this level. The emotional body operates with the concept of good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark. Therefore, the emotional body tries to judge and perceive the nature of its reality through the responses that it feels in the physical. In its awareness, good feelings indicate good experiences and bad feelings, bad.

Unfortunately, the emotional body has been impeded by judgments from the rational mind and its controller, the Net. The Net has held the emotional body of the planet in an apocalyptic fundamentalist belief system. This system is held in the emotional body as miasmas. These miasmas are locked in the etherical mass that surrounds the physical body. They hold memories of diseased patterns that can be activated by feelings and emotions. In order for the integration to occur on an emotional level, there has to be a clearing of these miasmas.

The Age of Pisces was the age for removing negative karmic patterning from the emotional body. The miasmas hold genetic information, past life memories, and the negative karmic patterns. They not only manifest as physical diseases, but also as negative disease in behavioral patterns.

The memories are triggered by sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. Those of you who are not aware of your past life connections or karmic patterning can manifest them in your present life. This will give you the opportunity to heal out the negativity. Those of you who are able to be consciously aware of your karma can investigate it through visualization techniques, hypnotherapy and emotional release. You can also ask the aid of a healer who will remove the miasmas from the etherical body.

The emotional body works very well with the senses of the physical body. Sights of a negative nature will bring up negative patterning to be viewed. Positive pictures will bring the memories of positive past life situations. As your Soul Self floods your bodies with light, your emotional body will release its patterning. This will allow you to heal out your karma and turn this body into light. During this process, you will get to know and understand more about yourself through the myriad lives and experiences you have had.

In order that you may get a deeper understanding of the emotional body transformation, I will introduce you to Demina.


Hello, I am Demina.


I am a dolphin that swims and flows through your emotional body. I will move you into realms of emotionally charged waters. I hold your pain and distress from not only this present life, but also your past lives. I am here, now, in your consciousness to free you from pain and suffering. I do this by accessing the pools of murky emotional water. I swim in consciousness through the waterways of the body, through the meridian channels. These meridians can get blocked with stagnant emotions.

Some would call me the consciousness of the inner child. I am your inner desires, your hopes and dreams. In my purity, I am the wellspring of your innocence and your purest love. For so long, you have limited my expression and held me in roles that could only be described as conditional or repressive. Now I am becoming free, and returning to my innocence in purity, not naivety. So, in my wisdom, I am returning to myself.

When the time comes for me to express myself in pure form, I will fill your body with exquisite emotions of unconditional parameters. This new flowing dance of the emotional body will cleanse the waters of yourself and the planet. To do this cleansing, all you have to do is allow and accept. Allow the emotions that you have in the present to flow uninhibited. Be spontaneous and find new, exciting ways to express them. I am a sensitive soul so please do not chastise me from my expression. It is not wrong to feel deeply. Allow yourself to breathe through me.

The transformation of the emotional waters of Earth will take all of your attention and intention. Those of you who are unwilling or uncertain how to heal your emotional body will encounter healing scenarios. These will occur to push your buttons and allow you to see where you are holding pain. Allow your healing to occur and do not put limits on your expression.

During this process, your stress levels may be high and you may need more peace and quiet than usual. Be kind to yourselves and ask for the energies of the planet to aid you. A walk beside the sea can have a very strong affect on your emotional bodies. Colors can soothe, especially those of the sea, the blues and greens. If you choose to surround yourself with these colors, you will be able to access deeper levels of buried emotions, even those that exist long ago in your Soul's past. These colors protect the fine energies of the emotional body whilst you go through your healing. Such colors allow you to free yourself from patterns in your body, which would normally be too painful to access.

The physical body holds safety devices that activate when you enter realms that are too emotionally painful. You can bypass these devices and access deep buried pain to free yourself by asking for my level of consciousness to help. Ask the plants to aid you as their energies can help in removing dense negative pools of stagnant emotions. Bathe in waters perfumed with natural fragrances and essences. Ingest the essences of the plant kingdom for they are only too willing to help.

There are many beings like myself that are present in your emotional bodies. We are rising up from the deep to clear the pain of many hundreds of years of experience. I am teaching you to emotionally love along unconditional lines. You can all learn to love as we dolphins do. All you have to do is accept and trust. Call upon the energies of the dolphins present in your waters of Earth. They will activate the dolphin within and teach you how to emotionally live in the truth of love. When your bodies are free of this pain and suffering, you will channel your energy into the expression of love, joy and laughter.

I love you totally and unconditionally.




With the removal of emotional toxins will also come the release of toxins within the physical body. This is where the elemental body comes into the story. The elemental self is a collective consciousness that is made up of all the different consciousness that are the elements. Elements are the metallic, nuclear, chemical and mineral intelligences of the second dimension.


The second dimension is the telluric realm, which lies between the iron ore core of the planet, the first dimension, and the surface of the planet. Closely linked to these beings are the telluric powers of the electromagnetic grid of the planet. Beings who dwell upon the fourth dimension tap into you on an emotional level and stimulate you into playing out experiments like karmic plays.

This stirs you to feeling intense emotions, which agitate the elements within the body. This irritation causes you to act out intense survival actions to express the emotions. An urge to seek orgasm may be distorted into rape or repressed anger could be turned into violent crime. You are being stimulated to feel these emotions by the activation of survival codes implanted in your DNA from the days of your caveman ancestors. Your ancestors had their DNA manipulated and their codes tampered with to control your species. This was done by extraterrestrial races that you have sometimes called Gods.

The telluric powers prompt you to be aware of the wounded parts of the emotional body by presenting pain in the physical body. The elements get stuck and become deep miasmas within the body. You can easily find these places of pain. Become aware of your body when you are feeling deep emotions. It will tell you where you hold the emotional pain in your physical body. Activate the co-operation of the elements in the body to the areas of pain and communicate with them. Ask them what they want you to learn. Elements can be trapped when they should pass through the body. Negative emotions trap the elementals. They can be asked to be released from your body by massage or body work. The elementals will return to their realm beneath the surface of the planet.

You are connected to the telluric realm via cords that run down from the base of the spine. This aligns you to the electrical energy that is in the planet and runs up your body as Kundalini energy, the sacred fire. This energy surges up your spine and electrifies your whole being, which creates an electromagnetic field around the body. The elemental level of the body is a potent power source. There are elementals in the body that can heal you and even create a level of ecstatic sensations that are an advanced state of orgasm. Elementals run like rivers of intense electricity. They rush up and down the body in continual waves of pleasure.

The elementals are very misunderstood. Fourth dimensional beings have created a sensational story to scare you into fearing the realm of the elements. Religions have called this realm Hell. The stories of Hell are symbolically represented images used to describe the chemical reactions that occur beneath the surface of the planet. Fourth dimensional beings have made you fear Lucifer and his kind so that you would not learn from them how to heal your own bodies.

The fear of the realms of the elementals goes hand in hand with your fears about sex and sexual orgasm. Orgasm with a loving partner can excite the elementals within the body and transmute your negative emotional miasmas into light. This will free you from pain and suffering. This is where the true alchemy is to be achieved with the help of the elementals within the body. You will transmute the body to light and turn your base element, carbon, to gold light, just as the alchemists of old tried to turn metal into gold.

Your world is a mirror reflection of your consciousness. As you align and balance the elementals within your body you will see the reflection in your outside reality. Elements and pollutants that you consider negative in nature will no longer be a danger to your bodies. These too will become transmuted. Pollutants such as plutonium will actually help you in your transformation. The negative electromagnetic fields will even help you remove unwanted energies from your bodies.

If you are living in a reality where you have transcended the realms of duality and live without judgment, elementals become your friends and allies. They have much to teach you about the secrets of their dimension. The pollutants within the body and the disease they create are there as teachers. They inform you about the level of your consciousness. They also teach you about the nature of your thoughts, belief systems and the feelings these produce. The way to access the elemental realm and the second dimension is to have total openness and conscious alignment to the elementals in your body.


So that you can better understand the transformation of the elementals, I would like to introduce you to the King of the Elementals, Acrumead.


Hello, I am Acrumead.


I am the Lizard King of the Elementals. I am the keeper of the potent biological codes within your bodies. My kind have been living on your planet for thousands of years and, as you, are made of the same substance as your planet. I now live within your bodies. We were the original biological species of Earth. We are cold blooded and are very closely linked to all the elements of Earth. I am the keeper of the Kundalini energy that sleeps curled at the base of your spine. Out of balance, I am an incredibly destructive force.


In my released form, I urge you to have desires, to eat, sleep and gain pleasure via the physical body. Manipulated by fourth dimensional beings, my energy within you can turn innocent desires of sexual pleasure into carnal lust. Repressed, I can trap pollutant elements in your bodies causing such diseases as cancer and blood disorders.

You see, I live in your blood. I love your blood and your flesh. Fascination with the repression of my energy has resulted in sexual deviance and bloodlust. This is being played out in the battle fields, on the screens of your televisions, and in your own minds as negative fantasy. You get locked in the hypnotic energies of fear when you play out these scenarios. You really should be using my energy to move deep within the centre of your fear to discover that which it hides.

Fear is a mechanism to prevent those of you who are ill prepared and unaware to understand the true nature of the elemental kingdom. This stops you from discovering prematurely our powerful secrets such as you have seen with the discovery of nuclear power. The power itself is not harmful, but when taken out of its domain, it can be an incredibly destructive force.


The desire of the second dimensional beings is to engage you into density through chemical, radioactive, mineral, and crystalline essences within your bodies. Learn to love me and my kind in your bodies. I will activate your physical alchemic transformation. Call upon my energies whenever you are enjoying the pleasures of the body. Release any and every judgment that you hold towards me and the issues I bring to your conscious mind to be healed. Allow the energy of the orgasm to flow throughout your bodies without the limitation of belief systems. These belief systems were created long ago to hold you in fear of your own bodies and the elementals that share your form.

Learn to play with me uninhibited, and I will show you my secrets. I will show you how to transmute the poisons from your bodies and raise your consciousness through this process. I will guide you to know your bodies and access the transforming power of the Kundalini through sexual interaction with another. When two polarities come together with intention, magic can occur as is seen in the making of a child. You can use this energy to create any reality that you so desire. I will feed your bodies if you work in harmony with me and detox your physical forms.

Loving you from within,


Can you see why you have had so much disease and illness? There are those of you that are going on detoxification programmes. You think that it is a particular programme, therapy, or miracle cure that is healing you. It is all of these yet it is more the manifestation of your intent as a species to heal your physical bodies.


This is the reason an increase in healthy diets and exercise has occurred. Your bodies are changing from their foundations within your DNA. Literally the very cells of your bodies are transmuting from the third dimensional carbon based matter to fifth dimensional silica based light. How is this manifesting in your physical body? I would like to introduce you to Ida.


She is the voice of the body consciousness of the channel (not to be confused with the Ida and Pingala channels that run up the spine).


Hello, I am Ida.


I am the voice of the intelligence of the body. All of our bodies are pretty much the same, and so I think I have sufficient knowledge to speak for your bodies too. You see, we realize that we are all the same substance. We are all energy. I can sometimes feel the affect on my body of other energies, but can only understand them in a limited capacity.


However, I am transforming and am very much aware of this. Have you not noticed the change? By looking into the eyes, you will notice another presence other than the usual ego self. My body is healthy most of the time and when I am ill; seem to have an incredible ability to heal myself. My DNA is changing and I am waking up to the dormant information that has been sleeping in the cells of my body.


There is so much information within my cells that I find it hard to stay in harmony throughout the process. I find that after years of abuse through having all my signals as to my imbalance ignored, you are finally waking up. You are realizing the importance of diet, exercise, posture, and movement.

I have energy fluctuations sometimes and I am over anxious. Sometimes, I become depressed and exhausted. All I ask of you is to take care of me and be open to how I want to be treated. I can inspire you to try new foods and supplements. A massage can aid you so be open to these suggestions. Be willing to change the habits of a lifetime and give up the things that are holding negativity in your body. If you tune into the sensitivity of the body and listen to my voice, I will help you find that which you need for optimum performance.


The stress levels you are now experiencing are far above any you have encountered before. You may not be aware of this stress, as it is all going on in the cells of the body. You can communicate with me if you are still and quiet. Mine is a timid voice at first but, if you listen, my voice will grow louder until it will never be ignored again.

Together we will live in harmony.




The science of kinesiology is a good introduction to communicating with your body consciousness. Learn to listen to your bodies and your intuition will guide you. It will guide you to the food you need to eat and the colors to wear. You will need to access the healing qualities of colors and fragrances. The plant kingdoms are changing their vibration along with the planet so they can help you change your vibration too.


Following a detoxification programme, drinking fresh water, increasing your mineral supplements, and getting plenty of fresh air will go a long way to harmonizing your body. An attitude of love will heal and cleanse you of all miasmas within your physical and emotional bodies.

The third dimension is a place of elements and is made up of five: earth (the physical body), air (the mental body), water (the emotional body), fire (the elemental body), and the unrecognized element, ether (the spiritual body). The process so far has been an intense cleansing ritual and a fine balancing act between the four known bodies.


A balance between the four bodies and the four elements has occurred. Now it is time to introduce the fifth element and body.

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The Blueprint

The spiritual body is the body that allows you to get a sense of spirit in your third dimensional reality. The spiritual body is made up of light, which needs a third dimensional body to manifest within. The etherical body is a framework that allows the light of the spiritual to descend into a living form. Ether is the substance that fills all physical space and transmits electromagnetic waves. These waves are woven into a fine mesh, which is responsible for holding you in form as an etherical body.

This body is a blueprint of the physical and this is where deformities have their origins. All illness originates in the etherical body. Illness begins to form as a mass of negatively charged electromagnetic waves. These waves weave knots and tangles into the etherical body. This creates congestion in the channels of the etherical body. This stagnation creates miasmas in the physical body, which then turn into physical diseases and illness.


The etherical plane is the last plane that you reside on with the perception of physical form. This is the place where you can access all other physically animated realities in which you express yourself. Those of you who have an idea that you are not originally from Earth are tapping into your other selves. These extraterrestrial selves are you on the higher etherical dimensions.

When you have an encounter with another physically animated extraterrestrial, you may be accessing yourself on the etherical planes. There is karma on these levels and a rebalance is needed to occur between you and the extraterrestrials you are encountering. Energetic plays occur on these levels between you and the extraterrestrial races to enable you to heal out past inter-action. In addition, you have the opportunity to heal out inherent negative patterning that lies within your DNA.

In the beginning of your planet's history, many extraterrestrial races came to add their influence and some had a negative effect on the human. This influence is held as genetic memory in your DNA. These beings are coming back into your conscious awareness as you learn to heal out your past together. These beings also stimulate you to release fear that is held within your DNA. They take you through fear-based encounters to allow you to transmute it.


The Zeta are now returning to your planet in service to assist your transmutation. They are responsible for the abductions you have experienced. There is much confusion around these interactions, especially the so-called collaboration between these beings and your governments.

The Zeta are intricately linked to the Web. The Web is a crystalline pattern that resembles a snowflake. It is a structure of thoughts. Each Zeta is an idea or a dream working as one whole-unified mind. The Zeta take ideas received from the dimensions above and structure them into conceptual theories. These concepts later become experimental dimensional experiences. They dream and create dimensional realities capable of housing beings with a connection to the Web as a whole. However, these beings experience themselves as unique and singular identities.


The Web is a mind structure. It is the mental mind maps of the Universal Dreamer. Mind maps consist of pathways that are created in the biological structure of your brains and triggered by thought patterns. The Zeta are part of the consciousness of the Universal Mind. They manifest in a form that we can imagine and relate to. The Web is the Universal Mind and the Zeta are one of its many thoughts.


The Web is the Universal Oneness of everything and everyone. The Zeta appear as they do to manifest an idea or concept.

The Zeta are an idea. As an idea they are beings from another world or worlds. This very idea pushes your buttons, and allows you to face the fears around this so you can shift in consciousness. They interact with you in various ways to make you shift. In order for you to take your rightful place in the universe, you have to co-operate with the Zeta to heal and transform yourselves. When a species first moves into the space beyond the confines of their world, they encounter the energy of the Zeta.

The Zeta do not always appear the same as humans perceive them. They create an image of themselves that the beings encountering them will relate to. They are the manifestation of the mind of the universe as you are the manifestation of the mind of Gaia. The image of the Zeta, with its elongated head and black almond shaped eyes is typically symbolic. Everyone remembers it and can perceive it as good or bad, frightening or enlightening. The Zeta exist on a dimensional reality that is outside of polarity and dualistic thought.


This image can be easily seen in the world around you and behind closed eyes. If you look at the image and close your eye, it is imprinted onto your retina. When you look at the image, it activates the development of the pineal gland. This is part of the Zeta's purpose in aiding you in your development. As you encounter such beings, their presence and appearance on Earth activates levels of your dormant and unconscious minds en masse. Through this activation you evolve.

The Zeta work closely with the pineal gland which is the conscious screen for your awareness. This screen allows you to view your animated reality. The Zeta can alter, manipulate, and rebalance the make up of the pineal gland or third eye. From this gland, stellar light creates pathways that criss-cross over each other to create a Web. On this level, you are all connected to the Web. The Zeta come and shock you out of your belief systems inherent in the nature of your reality. This will ultimately free you from the Net.

Fear in the unconscious mind is activated whilst encountering the Zeta be-cause their energy is of a high vibration. When a high vibration comes in contact with a low vibration, fear rises in order for it to be cleared and healed. Abductions are real experiences where people are having encounters with the Zeta. The drama they are experiencing is created out of the fears within their unconscious minds.


The reason this is occurring is to clear the fear from the cells of the body. The fear was planted there a long time ago when you were openly manipulated both genetically and biologically by extraterrestrials. The fear you experience is programmed into your mass consciousness. It is an illusion created by the Zeta to allow the mass consciousness level to shift. The American government has signed deals allowing the Zeta to experiment on American civilians. This enables the American government and its civilians to live out their illusions to heal and shift in consciousness.

When a Zeta comes into contact with a human, because of the level of Zeta consciousness, they automatically set up an energetic synergy. This synergy calls all negativity that prevents shifts and changes to rise to the surface for release. The nature of your reality is basically a dream. When the Zeta energy comes in contact with your reality, it creates dreams within dreams. When this happens, weird occurrences, such as abductions and cosmic revelations, may transpire. As more fear is transmuted, you will see more of who the Zeta really are.

You are awakening and activating parts of your brains that have been dormant and unused. As you awaken, you meet your inner archetypes. At first you meet those of the personality, but, as you travel further into your inner space, you move beyond your terrestrial mind into the extraterrestrial mind. This is where you meet the Zeta archetype. They are a direct mirror of yourself. They reflect the beliefs you hold in relation to yourself and your reality. They are also a mirror reflection of your nature as a multidimensional being.


The Zeta are the part of yourself that you have not discovered yet, and are an outside manifestation of your subconscious. Their appearance is also a mass consciousness reaction to this level of evolution. The whole UFO phenomenon and the Zeta experience coincide with this level of your development.

In your level of consciousness, you operate as an 'I' consciousness. As you ascend the levels, you move into a dimension, which is the place of the 'We'. When you interact with a 'We' consciousness expression, you have come from your 'I' consciousness. When an 'I' comes in contact with a 'We' consciousness, it fears its annihilation or the death of identity. This is your biggest fear. It is your death programming. The 'I' has been programmed with the idea of separation and isolation from one body to another.


An 'I' singular identity is intricately interconnected with its physical body. When 'I' meets 'We', it fears its ego's death, and this fear sets up the so-called 'abduction' experiences. A 'We' consciousness is a group of more than one energy or beings that are joined at a mental and soul level. They no longer recognize themselves as separate or isolated from each other. They are one unified whole. They know there are many of them but as regards to their beliefs about their identity, they are one mind. Therefore, they operate from this perspective. The nature of their consciousness is designed to frighten you as it is opposite/ alien to the way you operate as an 'I' consciousness.

They are not physical beings like you, but pure energy. They take the form you see as vehicles or spiritual suits. This vehicle allows them to manifest in your reality. They reflect the process of your developing your Merkabar vehicles, your bodies of light. The flying saucers that fly through your skies are the Merkabar vehicles of beings manifesting in your reality.

The hybrid programmes are creating Zeta-human hybrids, the Essanani. The hybrid is a manifestation or reflection into your world of the process that is occurring. As humans ascend the levels, they integrate their Zeta selves and become the Zeta-human hybrid. For every evolutionary process that occurs in your consciousness and world, there is a reaction in outer space. The level of your evolution is creating the hybrid programme and the Essanani.

The Zeta exist on a plane of existence that vibrates on the same level as your imagination. This is how you seed the universe with your imagination and experience it as outside of yourself. Inner space and outer space are both the same thing, just reflections of each other. This is how the Zeta can mirror your unconscious fears. The Zeta are here to teach you about the reflective nature of your reality.


They show you that the dramas and manifestation of the third dimension are plays. The third dimension is simply a dream within a dream. You affect and create within this reality through your imagination. Until recently, the restriction of the Net has limited your imagination. The Zeta are here to assist you with your freedom. You will be free to activate the dormant parts of your consciousness and dream better realities in which to live.

The Zeta's prime directive is to be curious. They spark off curiosity, sometimes fuelled by fear but, nevertheless, curiosity. They supposedly come from Zeta Reticuli. Earth is a physical manifestation of a certain energy consciousness and Zeta Reticuli is another. Alclone, another, is the manifestation of the universal heart, and Zeta Reticuli is a manifestation of the universal mind. They are the unknown and it is human nature to fear the unknown.


Through your interaction with the Zeta, you are being asked to move beyond your human nature and evolve into something more. As I have already stated, they are assisting you in releasing your fears, and you have agreed to this on a subconscious level. Your entire planet has called for these beings to interact with you in a healing and teaching capacity. Part of the agreement is to learn to deal with the alien thought patterns of the Zeta. You can clearly see the intensity of your own power reflected in their eyes.

To truly understand them, you have to consider all theories and possibilities, and only then can you say that you know the Zeta. I would like to now introduce you to the Zeta. We live in two separate realities, yours and ours. The phenomena you label as abductions are necessary but not arbitrary encounters. We have told you over and over that we are you.


Through monitoring your fears, it is plainly obvious that you are not ready for a totally conscious encounter with our kind. You still experience our interaction as negative in nature. We are your dreams; that is we, operate on a level of consciousness that you would consider your dream realm. This is why many of you are experiencing encounters with us of a light nature in your dream states. This occurs shortly after going to sleep and first thing in the morning. These are the times when you are in rapid eye movement or R.E.M.

Could you imagine that in each chakra of your body there is a story waiting to be told and a reality to express itself? In order to be fully conscious multi-dimensionally, each chakra has to translate the energies of the various dimensions. The translations need to be perceivable to the 'I' consciousness. Access to your multi-dimensional selves occurs in the chakras of the body. Each one is a portal to another reality and allows you to have various perspectives.

We, as a species, operate from the brow chakra, which is the opening to the third eye. The brow chakra is the chakra to use when you wish to access or channel our energies and experience the perspective of the Zeta. Various notes of music currently found in electronic music activate this chakra. Under the guidance of the person's higher self, the Zeta can come into your reality. In turn, they bring many gifts and talents of perception to aid the mind of the person to transform the way they perceive their reality.

So, imagine that you have activated your brow chakra. You are about to experience an encounter with an aspect of yourself that you consider separate to you, your Zeta self. We shall describe to you what occurs. We, as an energy of beings, gather ourselves together in intention. We are not of corporal living flesh bodies like yourselves.


In fact, we do not resemble anything that you could perceive with your physical senses. Through your extrasensory senses, you are capable of picking up our presence. Once we have gathered ourselves together as one, we enter the dimension just above yours. From this vantage-point, we can read the energies of the lower dimensions of your planet. We call upon the energies of Earth to guide us in our interaction with you. By reading these energies, we can construct a plan to transform, through interaction, both our species.

It is as complicated and as tricky a business for us as it is for you. We contact and summon the higher selves of the individuals that we encounter. We make an energetic agreement that the encounter will be a free-will exchange of energies. Through all of the experience, the higher self of the individual consents to the encounter. Once this so-called agreement has been signed and sealed, we have access to the guardian angelics of Earth.


We ask them for their assistance to pave the way for our arrival. The angelic beings set the stage so to speak. They cleanse and hold a frequency that all are comfortable with. They do this so that when our alien energies enter your realm, we will not bring catastrophic damage to your conscious awareness.

We have explained what happens when two energies of opposites come together. So, when one is of a higher vibration than the other, the lower will shift in consciousness. Sometimes this can be experienced as death. We can now enter your reality using our Merkabar vehicles. These are sometimes seen as spaceships. We are simply energy and the rest is pure imagination. It is a game that your head likes to play as it awakens neurons and develops a new perspective. It is simply becoming the dreamer and dreaming you awake as you raise your vibration.


Activate the third eye chakra and open yourself to our interaction. You will experience an amazing occurrence between two totally alien species. When you encounter us, you have been known to experience it as negative. These encounters are illusional energetic pictures of reality. They are pulled from your mind by the nature and function of our energy.

Our energies are of a pure imaginary frequency. When we come in contact with a reality of physically animated construct, like yours, dreams are created out of the material within the species' unconscious mind. We wrap ourselves, so to speak, in energies, pictures, and beliefs that are present in the collective unconscious. We use these pictures that we find to communicate with you as a species. We seem to only have fearful images and stories to dress ourselves with.


Fortunately, there are enough of us present in human form to hold a storehouse of images and dreams that are more positive in nature. We use these individuals to drop new and potent energies into the density of fear present within the collective unconscious. The strange yet wonderful fear stimulating experiences that you have with us are of your own making. We only use the stories present within yourselves to communicate and ultimately transform you.

We have, in our future, developed a technology of energy manipulation that aids and allows a being of our kind to express itself in a human body. It is possible for any being, from any dimension, to take on a human biological body. They do this to incarnate into your dimension and experience the consciousness of the human. We usually enter through the conception period, but only make our presence known later in the individual's life. We are always present but, as the individual awakens their spiritual nature, they become aware of our presence. Whether they experience this as negative or positive is based on the belief system that they hold in their brow chakra. This chakra holds the information about who they think they are.

We have many on your planet, though most still sleep. They have not opened the eyes of their spirits in order to experience themselves as Zeta. The channel is one of these beings and is only now realizing the reality of her nature. She has been here so long, wrapping herself in the images of the collective consciousness that she, too, has fallen into her own illusion. She thinks she is here experiencing this reality when really this reality is a reaction to the presence of her energies. She takes her form, her ideas on herself, and her experience of this dimension from the collective consciousness of Earth.

She creates for herself a dream-like reality so that she can experience a physical dimensional expression.

It is very complicated to explain multi-dimensional realities to those of you who operate in the third dimension. Your dimension is a place of separation. It is a place where beings can experience the illusion of being separate, not only from the source, but also from the home planet, Earth. Your dimension holds certain perspectives on the way reality is and these are fixed. Beings that dwell in your dimension are held under the influence of these perceptions and are totally unaware that they can change their reality.

There have been beings in your past that have made their presence known on Earth. They have shown you the nature of the other dimension and experience the consciousness of the human. We usually enter through the conception period, but only make our presence known later in the individual's life. We are always present but, as the individual awakens their spiritual nature, they become aware of our presence. Whether they experience this as negative or positive is based on the belief system that they hold in their brow chakra. This chakra holds the information about who they think they are.

We have many on your planet, though most still sleep. They have not opened the eyes of their spirits in order to experience themselves as Zeta. The channel is one of these beings and is only now realizing the reality of her nature. She has been here so long, wrapping herself in the images of the collective consciousness that she, too, has fallen into her own illusion. She thinks she is here experiencing this reality when really this reality is a reaction to the presence of her energies. She takes her form, her ideas on herself, and her experience of this dimension from the collective consciousness of Earth. She creates for herself a dream-like reality so that she can experience a physical dimensional expression.

It is very complicated to explain multi-dimensional realities to those of you who operate in the third dimension. Your dimension is a place of separation. It is a place where beings can experience the illusion of being separate, not only from the source, but also from the home planet, Earth. Your dimension holds certain perspectives on the way reality is and these are fixed. Beings that dwell in your dimension are held under the influence of these perceptions and are totally unaware that they can change their reality.

There have been beings in your past that have made their presence known on Earth. They have shown you the nature of the other dimensions and the possibility of changing realities or perspectives. These beings have been feared and worshipped; some have been wrongly idolized. Inhabitants of Earth have seen these supposedly higher beings, and have fallen into the trap of believing them to be Godlier in nature. They have given their power in service to these beings instead of learning from their example and changing their perceptions on reality. These beings came here to show you how the other dimensions are experienced and how they can manifest into your dimensional reality. Your dimension is the place of physical manifestation.

It is possible to bring the highest energy of the cosmos and express it into your dimension as a physically perceivable reality. For example, an angelic being can manifest in the clouds of your skies or imprint into your conscious awareness in the form of a feather. Yours is the true realm of magic but, unfortunately, in your times, you have fallen prey to other being's games. They have convinced you that you operate in your dimension only and such things are impossible.

Everywhere you look, there are beings, energies, entities, and consciousness expressing their natures in the natural world around you. They have now started to show themselves in the objects you consider inanimate. Angelics have manifested as an object, hoping that their presence would be enough to wake you up to their existence. Unfortunately, this has been unsuccessful on a mass scale, as you tend to rationalize the miracle's occurring.


This rationalization devalues the experience as you class it as madness or hysteria. The nature of angelic energies are to be non-invasive and gentle with your transformation. However, our energies operate in a somewhat different way. Unlike those of you who choose to incarnate, we can enter your dimension and still maintain a certain amount of our integrity and truth. Other beings entering your dimension cannot hold their original natures as they fall prey to the fixed perspectives of reality.


They have the best of intentions for coming to Earth to transform the planetary frequency. Unfortunately, their light, etherical bodies densify and clothe them in biological matter. The matter is programmed with fear and resistance to change in frequency. This explains the theory of the fallen angels. The biological bodies hold the dimensional perceptions that ultimately create the limited reality that you consider true.

You consider there to be a number of dimensions and different beings, but fall prey to the influence of hierarchical dimensional thinking. Due to the nature of your perspectives, you want to allocate the dimensions into numbers so that you can understand them rationally. Now, we ask you to throw out this mode, and bring yourselves out of your separation to the nature of the cosmos. In fact, there is only one creation and one experience which is the expression of the Universal Dreamer. We are all the thoughts of the Universal Dreamer and, as like your thoughts, we appear different and singular. We are all the same in truth for we are all the Universal Dreamer.

We would dearly like to encounter you without the burden of fear but as to your present reality, it is impossible for us to show ourselves in any other way. We use the fear programming in the cells of your body to express ourselves. Your biologically animated bodies are responsible for creating and manifesting your experience. This is why the mind can wish for another experience, and yet the body continues to focus on the repetitive creation of past perceptions. We have to re-programme your physical biological forms in order to allow you to re-design your experience of reality.

Many of your 'abduction' experiences are those of physical operations and manipulations. This is the only way you can experience the level of our work. It is not how it seems. We energetically repro-gram you, and, through your perspectives, you translate the experience into fearful operations of a physical nature. It is not our intention to hold you in fear, but, as it is the nature of your present reality, this seems unavoidable.

Those of you who have encountered more than one species of extraterrestrial consider there to be many species of being. From your perspective, this is true yet, from our viewpoint, we are all the same. You create the various bodily forms and planetary experiences to allow you to understand the myriad thoughts of the Universal Dreamer. The nature of the universe is paradoxical. We are not separate to you, and, yet, are separate to you. In order for you to experience more of our true natures you have to release the fear that you hold towards the unknown. We will prepare you for your reunion into the Oneness of the Universe.

What will your awareness of yourself look like when you have released all of the fear programming?


You will reflect the very paradoxical nature of the Universal Dreamer. You will experience yourself as separate and unified at the same time. This has never occurred in a species of a physical nature before. That is why you are of such an interest to us. We can learn from each other and evolve along different, yet parallel, lines of development.


With access to the 'We' awareness, you will have available to you any information that is contained within the mind of the Universal Dreamer. You will, literally, experience yourselves being the Universal Dreamer. Never before has the energy of the 'We' been animated within a body of such density. We are, indeed, living in very exciting times.

Unconditional love will release us all.


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