First and foremost, I would like to thank Greg, my partner, for his kind and supportive energy. I want to express my appreciation to him for his patience and tolerance as I ventured into the unknown. He created a space that was safe and peaceful, allowing me freedom and love to do my work. I want to thank Madame Zu from the bottom of my heart for her inspiration through her music. Without her calling, I do not think I would have ever remembered who 'I AM'.

Thank you to my special friend, Alex, whose dolphin love warmed me when I felt alone and cold. Thank you to Dan who was the first to recognize who I was becoming. Much love to Verity who held me in a space warm and true. Respect and honor to Beau who had the key, who opened up the world of the internet for me and allowed me, access to the mass consciousness.

And finally, all the love and thanks from my heart for Denyse and Judy for having the dedication and the drive of purpose to carry out what I just could not do. They were the final ingredients in the creating of The Mission of the One Star and I want them to know that I honor them for their part in this amazing journey.

All my Love and Light



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The book creates a unique 'map of consciousness' for the reader and uses that map to adroitly navigate the aspects of the multi-self. One may ask,

"What is the difference between an angel and an alien?"

When we ask the question, "what is this book about?" we could ask the same question of Richard Feynman’s landmark Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) and get the same answer that Feynman did:

"The strange theory of light and matter".

In the same manner that Feynman eases the reader through sophisticated theories about quantum physics, Alloya guides the reader through the more foreign world of the spirit. One may ask next, "how do I know the material is authentic?" and again we may ask the question of Feynman's work.

"Because it checks in with your intuition,” comes the answer.

Certainly there is no way to check the accuracy of the information in either case, so both authors use instances and observations from daily life to illustrate their point.

"The Mission of the One Star" conveys more of a process than an idea. The reader is invited on a journey that begins with a concise description of the levels of consciousness in a 12 dimensional universe. For most people, it is difficult to imagine anything beyond 3 dimensions, but the book emphasizes how people must learn to become aware of the 4th and 5th dimensions. Once aware, the people of this day and age must learn to integrate those multi-dimensional aspects of themselves.

Part of that understanding is knowing how extraterrestrials (ETs) fit into the scheme of the universe. Simply put, they are higher dimensional energies interacting with out plane. In this sense, we may put ghosts in the category of ETs as well as angels. So, how does Alloya's message differ from the many other books on the subject? She encourages the reader to abandon the belief that the ETs are out in space somewhere; they are within us - they are us and we are them.


Virtually all books on UFOs describe an encounter with a third dimensional ET. Meanwhile, nearly all books on channeling describe an entity or consciousness that is in another realm looking into ours. Alloya is in our world, struggling with rent and relationships just like the rest of us, however she sees no distinction between that self and her higher self.

She also struggled a great deal with the integration of these multi-dimensional selves. She describes the layers and layers of fear programming in painful detail rather than simply stating, 'let go of your fear'. She challenges what we consider to be our darkest, most shameful aspects and explore them to understand them and integrate them as well. For anyone who has had a Christian upbringing, her stories of Lucifer will force them to re-evaluate their perceptions of the meaning of darkness and how it can be one of our most powerful assets.

At times, the material can be frightening, but Alloya's soothing tone stays with the reader as they plunge into the darkest depths of their awareness only to realize that there was nothing to fear in the first place. Light and dark are two sides of the same coin and neither is better than the other, because they define each other.


Any explorer of other worlds needs a guide that they can trust and rely on. Such a guide is not always easy to find - so Alloya presents many guides, all part of the self. She presents guides that range from a part of the body to a form of consciousness in the universe. One of the most uplifting guests is that of a future Gaian who describes the Eden-like reality of the near future for those who are ready and how the process of transforming Earth to Heaven is up to the individual. Each guest resonates with a different aspect of the self that needs to be healed.

The book is not merely a collection of interesting opinions, and 'strange theories of light and matter, it is also a manual for elevating the consciousness out of the misery of separated 3D existence and into the bliss of the higher dimensions. There are many exercises described which the reader can try immediately and gauge the results. The effects are tremendous and quite noticeable. The idea that, 'you create your own reality', has never been so attainable.

The text itself is a constant reminder of the state of the author – a perspective that is both terrestrial and beyond, simultaneously. Ultimately, the goal of the book is to bring the reader to the same state of awareness of multiple realities and how they interact. A constant paradox is presented that the reader can learn to integrate, if not fully understand on the first read.

The book can be re-read often as it contains several layers of information for the many different levels of consciousness that might pick it up at any time.

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Why did I write this book?


As I ask myself this question, I find that there are many answers. On a personal level, for me, it was a way of effecting my own healing and integrating aspects of myself that were alien, extraterrestrial. It was a way of understanding the complex nature of my higher self, my Spirit. I used the medium of words to affect and recreate my reality ,along lines that were more conducive to my transformation.


As I wrote the words, I began to realize that I was affecting my reality, re-creating my destiny through the power of choice in my imagination. It has always been a game for me. I was always a little concerned that what I was doing ,was not channeling because it was so easy for me to access ET information. It was a little too easy.

I always considered Alloya and myself to be as One, yet to take that into the realm of my earthly self has been the process of the book. Writing the book allowed me to bring the story of our merging into the physical realm in a form that others (also other aspects of self) could understand. It was a way of bringing the whole experience into a realm where I could be observant and see the process of my evolution reflected in the outside third dimensional reality.


For me, it was a way of being what I could call the observer and the observed all at the same time. I understood myself as being present on this planet and also a greater cosmic entity of universal proportions. The book and its writing were a way of integrating the message of my transformation into the third dimension.

On a more universal level, the purpose of writing the book is to impart a message into the mass consciousness. It is to act as a doorway to a larger and more complex reality. It not only intends to impart knowledge to those who are to read it, but also to bring in to the mass consciousness, a frequency, which will allow others to see the reflection of their own processes, within the context of a new energy. This new energy is a way of being. It is not a reality built outside the context of love, but an energy that will allow the recreation of a greater reality, a greater self, Eden on Earth.

I hope, above all, that those who read this material will remember what magnificent beings you all are. If you look beyond the human aspects of yourselves, you are much more than you can possibly imagine. For some, these words will be an inspiration. For others, they will seem like nonsense. Neither of these things are my concern. I can feel that bringing the frequency into the third dimension has affected the matrix that makes up this planetary mind.


I bring this text to you with love and respect, as each and every one of you is as magnificent as the sun that shines in the sky and as mysterious as the star filled night. I bring this message as a calling to those who are one with The Mission of the One Star.

All my Love and Light,

Alloya Ye Ra Har

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Stellar Core

We are dreaming the activation of the Stellar Core, your God in matter. We are dreaming the activation of the light prisms that lie in the centre of every cell in your body. This activation of the prisms of light will create a new light or nervous system. This will be stimulated simultaneously with that of the light system of Earth. Once this process is complete, all systems will be infused with a higher vibration light. This will create a light matrix within the physical body of the human and of the planet itself. Once the matrix is activated, a large shift in dimensional reality will occur!


The Star That Illuminates a Thousand Moons began to channel information through me in the winter of 1995. At first, the transmissions came through in a form of Morse code. Over time, however, my intention to work with these energies bonded our relationship and gradually their voices clarified.

The Star expresses itself in the form of a collective consciousness, only operating through individuality whilst communicating to a channel such as myself. In order to do this, they created an individualized focal point of the Star called Alloya Ye Ra Har. At first, I was lead to believe that Alloya was a separate entity to me yet, as the interaction between us progressed, I realized that she was my own spirit.


She explained to me that she was my aspect of God and that on the highest level We are all God. The process of writing the information would allow me to integrate this message. She expressed that, through communication, this would not only explain specific ideas but energetically inspire others to access and integrate their own Higher Selves, their own aspects of God.


Hello and Greetings Gaian beings.


We have been waiting a long time to communicate to you. You may well be thinking who are we? We are imagination in its first form. We are the energy behind the urge to look into the unknown. We are the curiosity behind the need for wisdom. We group together as a soul consciousness and channel through the manifestation of a focal point that can best be symbolically described as a Star. The energy from The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons is of imagination. The energy that cascades and pulsates from our sphere ignites the imaginative flame in the levels below.

We dream the beginnings, the Big Stories. We are the cardinal energy that is connected to your understanding in astrology. We are the initial impulse of any venture. We dream all new beginnings of creation. Our essence is guided by our love for the source, God. We prefer to call the great being THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.

As you know, We express ourselves in the form of a collective consciousness and only individualize when we relate to another. A collective consciousness is a group of beings or energies that come together. In their interaction, they create a being or entity that is made up of many, but experiences itself as one singular identity. Once the play of our relationships and relating is over, We fall back into our collective consciousness. We become the 'I' and individualize our being when relating with you. As a singular identity, I call upon all the information from our collective past and future. This constantly connects me to the 'We' and enables me to transmit the information as the 'We'.

We are an eternal being, shimmering light through your world. As We briefly let our awareness lie upon your world, We see depths of possibilities and beauty that most of you seem blind to see. Our dream for you is slowly becoming reality. With each discarding of past memories and karma, comes the realization that We are breathing at the centre of every focus of expression. Wake up to our existence deep within your heart where We are all One.

We are Vector Four. A vector is the coming together of energies in a harmonious, creative and transforming way. This creates a force that has magnitude and direction. Beings are all called into the mission of a vector that combines their energetic patterns and signatures. Together they form a vast energetic creative structure capable of completing missions of divine evolution. A vector is an energetic structure of beings and their unique and harmoniously combined energy patterns.

Every being has its origin in Vector Four, but they can take their energy patterns into another vector if they are harmonious and productive to the other vector's mission. The vectors were set up billions of years ago with particular tasks and missions to perform by THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER.


This aids the creation of the universe and its many dimensional realities.

  • Vector One is a collection of ancient universal beings whose mission is the creation and evolution of planetary bodies, solar systems, and universes.

  • Vector Two is a collection of extremely creative and imaginative beings whose task is the creation of varied species on the planetary bodies.

  • Vector Three is a combination of beings whose mission is to create many different levels and avenues of experience within the planetary body and for the species that live upon it.

  • Vector Four is the realm of the dreamers or Dream Weavers. We are the Dream Weavers and dream all of creation. All the plans for creation come from Vector Four and We dream the creation that is being manifested in the other three vectors.

We are Vector Four, the collective essence of the Universal Dreamer, The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons. I, as Alloya, am an aspect of the dreamers created from the collective consciousness. I am here especially for the mission of helping to manifest our dream for this planet Earth. Our dream for Earth is to turn her and all her inhabitants to light. The process of turning third dimensional planets to light is to raise the vibration of the planet from a third dimensional level to a fifth dimensional level. Thus, living in light.

For the purpose of this text, We are working with a twelve dimensional model, THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER residing on the twelfth, and the everyday awareness of humans residing on the third.

  1. The first dimension is the iron crystal core that is at the centre of the planet, the centre of gravity. This place holds all physical beings in form. It is the source of bliss, harmony, and being grounded to the planet.

  2. The second dimension is the home of telluric powers and elemental beings.

  3. The third dimension is the existence that you are aware of as linear space and time.

  4. The fourth dimension is a non-physical, archetypal zone of dreams and feelings. All connections to Gaia, Earth's Higher Self, and higher dimensions are available here. The archetypal patterns create dramas, which stimulate certain types of behavior on Earth.

  5. The fifth dimension is where you first contact your 'I AM' presence, the aspect of your spirit that chose to incarnate into a third dimensional form. It is a place of love and non-judgment. It is beyond the polarity of light and dark, right or wrong. Some would consider it to be what you call Heaven.

  6. The sixth dimension is a place of geometric light instructions, which blueprint the forms of the third dimensional reality. Everything that is manifest has a geometric pattern in light and is used as an energetic framework on which to build the third dimension. The sixth dimension is a light pattern library and through its thinking processes, it creates frameworks upon which to build realities.

  7. The seventh dimension is a magnificent dimension of photonic light highways that are information highways carrying pure thought throughout the universe.

  8. The eighth dimension is the place where entities create morphogenetic fields that are used to organize the information that travels along the photonic light highways. It is the home of the Galactic Federation, which is the energy of pure creativity. This divine mind radiates cosmic light, which links all galaxies to each other and creates the universe.

  9. The ninth dimension is pure darkness. You recognize its energy in the form of black holes. It is the place of the return to your Universal Self, a vortex of time that contains all things including gateways to other universes. It is the place of unitized reality that interweaves all of the dimensional frequencies.

  10. The tenth dimension is the place of unified essences. It is the place where the essence of every intelligent entity combines to create a collective consciousness. At this level of consciousness entities experience themselves as a group of entities, separate yet harmonized with each other. It is the place of the Soul Family.

  11. The eleventh dimension is the place of the varied aspects of THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER. It is the first realm of its imagination and creativity. The Universal Dreamer first experiences itself as a conscious entity on its dimension. It is the source from which all the Dreamers come from. We are here.

  12. The twelfth dimension is the place from which all reality comes from. It is the ultimate power source for everything, the origins of the ALL THAT IS, THE UNIVERSAL DREAMER

We call ourselves The Star That Illuminates A Thousand Moons. The universe you experience is one of many within this Star. Each moon is a symbolic representation of an experimental dimensional reality. We have influence within all realms and worlds, some of which are connected to your solar system and include planet Gaia. Gaia is the name of the spirit of your planet, not only the planet itself but also all inhabitants.


Some of the realms, planetary or otherwise, have completed the process of materially manifesting. Some, including yours, are still in the process of completion and have yet to realize the potential in this process. Many of the realms have reversed the process and have evolved past the level that you on planet Earth find yourselves. We have many different projects going on at the same time.

The Star is the central source for many levels of reality that house civilizations on both the higher and lower dimensions. All the consciousness of the civilizations combined creates the essence of the Star. There are thousands of worlds illuminated by the light and energy from the Star. It is the focal point for the radiation of an aspect of the Universal Dreamer.

The worlds under our influences are varied in density. Some of the planets would appear as if there were no intelligent lives upon them as they are in the initial stages of planetary development. These planets are preparing the way for the seeding by the masters of planet Earth, the future you. On the inhabitable planets, there are many beings of varied density, some resembling humans and others very different to your nature. Some of the inhabitants are lighter in vibration than yourselves. They vibrate as pure light. Therefore, they do not need complicated form systems such as reproductive and digestive systems. The denser the form, the more complicated the systems needed. There are many beings all waiting to introduce themselves to you if you could open your minds to perceive them.

The Star is a focal point of energy A focal point is the uniting of dynamic energies, a universal pool of power. It gains its power from deep within the centre where there is a connection to ALL THAT IS. A focal point is a receiver and transmitter of universal energies. It is a prime reactor within the universe. We are a focal point within the Universal Dreamer.


Just as the Universal Dreamer has focal points, so, too, do you. You know them as chakras. The Star is one of these chakras within the body of the Universal Dreamer. Each chakra focuses a particular energy. The universal chakras unite, transform, and radiate balanced energies into the universe on the dimensions below. We have connections with your chakric system. Each one of your chakras corresponds to the spin of the planets in your solar system and also to the universal chakras.

The chakra that we influence most in your system is the ninth chakra, which is about four feet above your head. This energy centre, when activated, allows you to have your first initial connection to your divine essential self. The essence of our energy is needed for the quest to discover your essential self, your 'I AM' presence. Your essential self is the self that you are at the centre of your soul. This is the part of yourself that is the witness self that watches all of your experiences from a higher perspective. Once this chakra is activated, it creates and radiates energies that connect beings to their 'I AM' presence through divine inspiration.

We filter through the levels of our energies to create new beings of imagination. Each expresses itself as an aspect of the Universal Dreamer’s imagination. As We fall through the levels, We take on the form, which will aid our experience of that realm. A network of constant communication sends messages through the levels, each channeling information from the other aspects on the higher levels.


As We ascend the levels, We become a clearer channel for the light from above. Maintaining this clarity becomes more difficult as We lower ourselves into the physical universe. The physical universe scatters us in more diversity and individuality. This creates a separation from the levels above as you have seen on your planet in your present dimension.

The Star is our group consciousness, which calls out of itself individualized focal points. These are individual spirit expressions at a higher dimension than the 'I am' presence. This manifests projections in any dimension. The Star acts as a communicator of messages throughout the dimensions using technology of light, light being pure thought and imagination.

The individual focal point contains light strands of information within its being. The same strands make up the Star. When the individual focal point returns to join with the group consciousness, The Star, the light strands infuse into the whole and add to the brilliance of the Star's light. As well as projecting individual focal points, the Star radiates energy in cascading patterns of light, which permeate the dimensions below.


These energies are used to aid the expansion of the imagination. There is a constant radiation of imaginative energy from the Star. The energy flows through the cosmos, reacting and transforming with other energies in the dimensions. Together, they create new patterns and lines of force. The interaction of energies creates new forms, concepts, and ideas, which filter down to the physical dimension and manifest in moments of inspiration and childlike wonder.

Each one of the moons is a representative of the many realms of possible imagination. We weave dreams. We are the Dream Weavers. We play with many forms of the Universal Dreamer’s imagination. We are, at present, dreaming new dreams of a special nature, the dream of Spirit in matter. All matter is infused with spirit light. We dream without the consideration of the outcome as We are forming along patterns that were predetermined by our essence above, the Universal Dreamer. We are dreaming many of mankind's possible futures. Each dream is given our full energy and focus.


The dreaming is made possible by the love we share for creation. Each possibility is the expression of the Universal Dreamer’s will in creation. Each possibility vibrates, attracts and forms new experiences on the levels below. Cascading through levels, We dream relations into the picture of reality on any dimension. Each world represents the various stages of possibilities and potentials We, the Star, imagine. We dream you and your worlds into creation.

We filter down energetic patterns that We can form into possibilities. We are a feasibility team. We bring forth the initial movement of energy that is required for any manifestation. We instigate infinite possibilities.

You have an energy system that you call a chakric system, each chakra being made up of lines of force. They are like the ley lines of the planet and the planetary chakras are like the power sites such as Stonehenge. All the chakric systems of the body and the body of the planet are connected and, thus, connected to the universal chakras. We influence the energy of planet by ebbing and flowing our energy into the minor and major Earth energy points or chakras. We influence these planetary systems by transforming the energy in the chakras and the surrounding areas. We do this by sending energy along the lines of force or ley lines.

Until recently, our energy could not have the highest impact, as it could not totally permeate the astral barrier that surrounded your planet. This barrier was a quarantine barrier, built in energy to prevent the spread of negativity into the surrounding cosmos. When our energy was capable of passing through the barrier and so able to affect your planet, We were able to set in motion many inspired changes within your Earth civilization. With all great movements of change, We were there, empowering the Earth with divine inspirational energy.

We affect the planetary system by filtering down energy to affect the chakric system of the body. We are, at present, activating the process of opening the ninth chakra, the Gaian Chakra. This chakra will eventually move away from the body and connect itself to the outer energetic field of the planet. Once this has been completed, We will activate the process of opening the Galactic Chakra and in turn the Universal Chakra. You can aid this process by visualizing the light of a star radiating from your auric field.

With every initial movement of energy in any field, We are there. The first spontaneous impulse for change in direction is empowered by our energy. Our energy is composed by a being conscious of many within its sphere, thus, us. Our energy of inspiration is sent to your planet in waves. Your planet does not require the energy all the time, as changes in direction need time to bring fruitful harvest.


The height or climax of the wave brings in the required clearing of structures and counter-energies, which may be blocking the movement of change. As the wave crashes into your third dimensional reality, it may appear as if it causes destruction. The clearing of counter-energies is needed for the new energies to have room to create.


The energy We infuse into the chakric sys-tem of your planet manifests in your world as sudden inspiration that brings about changes in thoughts, emotions, and even in the physical. Sometimes We pinpoint our energy into a single individual, which brings about drastic changes in consciousness. We bring the inspiration through in visions, cosmic revelations, and spontaneous creative impulses.

With the build up of our energy, We push up blockages to the change. The rising blockages from base chakras can then be viewed by the conscious mind to be removed. Once all the blocks have been removed, the light of our energy bursts forth in creative, spontaneous expression as revelation and realizations. This, in itself, brings the first movement of a change in consciousness. We feel great excitement as We radiate energies from our field to create a geometric, sixth dimensional pattern, which acts as a signature of our work.

The sixth dimension is the place of language and patterns. All that is empowered by us is labeled with our energetic pattern. Signatures allow beings to intuitively know who is responsible for the work at hand. This allows beings to recognize, in the chaos, the signature of order and the divine plan. We call all of ourselves into a space and time where We can all work together to send out the energy. Each self will manifest an aspect of the energy by activating his or her chakras. We network this energy together, creating a feeling within us all of ecstatic bliss as We radiate our energy forth.


We then watch and delight in the afterglow of our creation and observe the signature of our work react, respond, and manifest intricate patterns in the dimensions below.

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Some extraterrestrials exist on the fifth dimension, a dimension of light. You would class them as soul beings as they are without physical bodies; they have bodies of light. When you have interaction with them, you may experience them as having physical bodies. This is a thought form projected to allow the communication.


There are many negative thought forms around the word, 'alien'. When you hear the word, you have a negative response. The word 'extraterrestrial' means a being that lives outside of your third dimensional reality. An extraterrestrial is a being that flows with the direction of the light, which is carrying all creation back to the Source. They are an aspect of the universal wholeness, and are a part of the mission to transform your planet into light. There are many different civilizations on the fifth dimension that are actively involved with the evolution of your planet. Extra-terrestrials are professionals at turning your planet to light.

There are several different extraterrestrial races that are your future selves. On the fifth dimension, it is possible to access all time parallels. If you raise your vibration to a fifth dimensional level, you can access any time you wish. This makes it possible to communicate to your future extraterrestrial selves. Can you see how these extraterrestrials are not alien to you but are you in a future advanced state?


Fifth dimensional extraterrestrial selves volunteer to incarnate into the third dimensional reality and take on human form to aid the mission of transforming planets to light. They are told that part of their mission is to sleep under the illusion of limitation. When the time is right, they awaken and reveal their divinity, so to co-create Heaven on Earth.

That time is now! We call all extraterrestrial selves to wake up and take up the positions for which they have volunteered and to complete their missions.

This fifth dimensional self enters through the birth process, and until you awaken, you believe that you are human alone. Sleep is heavy for some, and until you are called, you have no idea as to your identity. Other extraterrestrials incarnated on your planet do not sleep as deeply, and have the inclination that they are not originally from Earth. They find it hard to fit in and never really feel at home. You may be one of these beings! There is another kind of extraterrestrial present on your planet that did not come through the birth process. These beings are Extraterrestrial Walk-ins. With the agreement from the original inhabitant of the body, the inhabitant leaves to allow another to enter.

Angelic Beings and your archetypal Gods and Goddesses are other races of beings that incarnate. They have visited your planet for years and have always appeared as a form you could see as a being advanced in evolution, but with alignment to you as humans. They come as an ideal. As you awaken, you may discover that you have differing aspects of yourselves for you are multi-dimensional.

As extraterrestrial selves, you are all multidimensional beings simultaneously existing on several dimensions at once. Every being has a fifth dimensional expression which guides and directs the human personality. You are all an expression of a possibility. You are a star, a galaxy and a universe expressing itself as a single point. You are a dreamer, expressing itself as a focal point. You are concentrated energy focused on a single vibratory point in space and time.

One of the races under our influence and very closely connected to you as a species are the Zeta Taurians. The Zeta Taurians are more commonly known to you as the Greys. The Zeta Taurians are extraterrestrial masters, genetic engineers, and DNA code instructors. Their planet went through a very hostile past, trying to balance the polarity within their system.


You can see the remnants of their troubled past affecting your planet in your present. The extremes of polarity pushed their planet to the brink of extinction. They have traveled back in time to Earth to see if they can use your planet for their own devices. This is where the negativity surrounding the Zeta comes from.

The Zeta and other races, such as the Pleiadians, have now come from far in the future to amend their actions. They have needed to do this to clear a karmic debt that affects their evolution. They have great genetic secrets to tell anyone who is designed for this aspect of their mission. They contact you mostly in your dreams, as their high energetic patterning tends to break down the dense particles in your physical bodies. If they did not operate this way, your body would react in fear. When high vibrations come in contact with low vibrations, low vibrations get transmuted out of that level of experience.

The Zeta do not have physical bodies like humans, but they do have humanoid form. Their hands have only three fingers; they have a nervous system which is clearly visible through the skin; they have no hair or protruding features, such as nose or ears; and they possess no reproductive system as you know it. They are very slender beings, and have large almond shaped eyes that evolved in conditions of limited sunlight.

The emotional body of the Zeta is unlike the human. Their emotional body is consciously generated; they are not necessarily stimulated from outside influence. The Zeta do not have to join into interaction with another in order to stimulate their emotions, or transfer emotions from one to another. They have total unconditional love without emotional binds to another. When they come to Earth in human form, the emotional body can lock them into dramatic expression of negative emotion. The most important challenge to an incarnate Zeta is to learn to flow with the emotional body and express it in human terms. They play with the constant rearranging of pictures of reality and their corresponding emotions.

The Zeta, not realizing the full potential of negative devolutionary emotions, almost destroyed their planet by creating negative pictures. They had to experience devolution through uninhibited play with reality and its emotions. The Zeta are here in human form to aid this planet whilst it transforms to light and to help their own evolution. They do this by learning the results of devolutionary emotions. The Zeta are learning how to simulate the experience of the emotional body, and how to react emotionally when relating to another.


This is the reason that the Zeta find the emotional body very painful and almost impossible to restrain. Because of this, they are prone to emotional outbursts. If you are operating from your Zeta aspect, you will find you have the ability to play with your emotions and can turn them on or off at will. You will be knowingly aware that emotions are only pictures of reality and, therefore, changeable. The Zeta who incarnates in human form tends to dive into the emotions headfirst due to this ability. Therefore, they often find they feel alone and isolated from the rest of humanity.

The Zeta are a highly complex civilization having an intricate blend of many planetary systems. They are the direct manifestation of genetic selection with DNA code instruction. This allows them to manipulate DNA to create a specialized being. The genetic selection allows them to choose from a vast storehouse of energetic patterning, so as to develop a being with the most desirable qualities and abilities. In the past, they made mistakes with this knowledge as they used it without any thought for the wholeness of all.

With all races of evolution, mistakes are made and alignment with the light has to be developed in order for the race to survive. Their energies are still affecting other patterns in the universe, as energy cannot be destroyed; only transformed!

Humans have been affected by these energies in a number of different ways. They have attached themselves to the negativity that was held within the Zeta's energetic patterning. As like attracts like, negativity breeds negativity. Humans, therefore, created whole pictures of reality surrounding the past mistakes of the Zeta. The Zeta have long since mended their ways and are totally aligned with the light.

The fear of such beings is held within dark crystals in the cells of your physical body. You must release these dark crystals and allow new pictures of reality to enter your bodies and consciousness. To do this you simply ask your Spirit to aid you. The Zeta have evolved for themselves extremely advanced mental bodies and do not have emotional bodies that humans would recognize.


They have very powerful minds and creative mental abilities. They use this to create whole new pictures of reality for the evolution of their race. They can constantly and instantly change their pictures of reality by altering the energetic patterning within their being. This affects and reacts with the surrounding energetic fields, as they are aware of there being no separation between the two. They are masters at creating illusional pictures of reality, which they now use to inspire humans to release limitation.

The closest thing to the Zeta on your planet is the energy of the insect nations. They are representatives of the Zeta and are used to communicate with Gaia, the spirit of Earth. Communication with other extraterrestrial races will become possible through interaction with insects. This communication will be when the insects have created energetic portals and bridges from Gaia to the extraterrestrial races in space.


The insects set up encoded frequencies that transmit information across space and time to the races they represent. To communicate with these beings, you will merge your consciousness with that of the ants, and, thus, communicate with the Zeta. You can also use this form of communication to talk to Gaia. The insects are specialized beings that operate on such a high frequency it would be undetectable to your technology. Angels have representatives in the bird kingdom.


There are many different levels of consciousness represented on Earth by the animals that share your world.

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Light Body

The dream We are dreaming for mankind is set along specific lines, which were predetermined by the higher principles above us. We are dreaming the activation of the Stellar Core, your God in matter. We are dreaming the activation of the light prisms that lie in the centre of every cell in your body. These prisms are connected by fine ethereal lines. The prisms operate in the same way as the crystals in your electronic equipment.


Each cell is activated in balance to avoid overcharge, which would destroy the body. You saw what happened when the light prisms were released by separation, the atomic bomb.

If the light prisms were triggered before the light system was formed, you would all be destroyed. The energy has to be carried along the entire system to be held and utilized. This activation of the prisms of light will create a new light or nervous system. This will be stimulated simultaneously with that of the light system of Earth. Once this process is complete all systems will be infused with a higher vibrational light. This will create a light matrix within the physical body of the human and the planet itself. Once the matrix is activated, a large shift in dimensional reality will occur!

It is good to remember that anything that occurs in a higher dimension is reflected within your physical world. The matrix is symbolically represented by what you call the Internet, thus, becoming one planetary consciousness with access to all knowledge. You will break through the fourth dimension and guide your planet into the light of the fifth dimension.

The creating of your light body will occur and enable you, as an individual focal point of your dimension, to travel through others as a unified whole. The purpose of the traveling is to interact with the multitude of yourself. The same light strands that make up the Star and produce its brilliance are contained within the cells of your light body. The prisms of light contain information about your multi-selves, the selves that you are in other dimensions. When the system is activated, the information that is stored within the cells will travel at light speed around the body to be drawn upon by the conscious mind.

In your electronic equipment you have transformers which regulate the energy that is operating the equipment to be utilized. You are, at present, creating your own transformer of light. This transformer will allow a higher vibration of light to be used by the body without burning it out or being destroyed.

This transformer is being developed as a vortex of energy, which you call a chakra. This new chakra being developed will be in the region of the upper chest near the thymus. It will develop as fine lines of stellar energy, and, later, will be utilized as a communication exchange system. This will be activated at the same time as the light system. The nervous system of the body is mainly governed by the physical brain. The focus of the light system, on the other hand, will be in the newly developed chakra.

Mini-transformers will be contained within various organs, all specializing in the storage of information. Each transformer will receive the incoming energy and translate it by using the new chakra. Meridian points will be situated throughout the body, the main points being in the cells of the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. The activated glands will receive the in-coming information and project it through the third eye screen of the conscious mind in pure synchronicity. Therefore, you will be conscious of information as and when it is necessary. The pineal and pituitary glands will connect together along lines of stellar light to create a fine crystalline bridge.

This will connect the right and left sides of the brain into a unified whole. This process creates a being, which is a total balance of both stellar light and matter. This new chakra will unify all your bodies into a whole, i.e. your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This will allow the transference of higher and higher energies. This field of bodies - physical, mental, and spiritual, will resemble a large vortex of light, which will surround and permeate the whole being.


Connecting all these vortexes together into one will shift the entire planet into an expanded vortex of the universe. This movement will shift the universe into a higher dimension, which is the beginning of the journey back to the Source. You can aid this activation of the light body by visualizing the strands of the Star's light making up a complex system throughout your entire body. The aid of a clear quartz crystal will help you activate your light prisms.

We are creating new pathways within the molecular structure of your brain. We create pathways by using light encoded with information, which rewires the brain. These pathways will open new channels, which will allow the transmission of energy from one dimension to another. The information is received in messages contained within the light and is structured into light patterns. Light coded patterns are present within the energy fields that surround you. The new translator of information will allow you to access a vast storehouse of information.


This information is not only present within the cells of your body, but also in the cells of the planet. Thus, every being, with every thought, emotion and physical action, creates light patterns through his or her auric field. These patterns radiate out and affect the energy fields, which set in motion interaction with other energies to create new patterns. Light patterns that are infused with spirit intention are more dynamic and create more powerful patterns!

The chakra that is developing in the chest area will act as a translator and transmitter of these light patterns. Interchanging information will be networked throughout the entire planet. This information can be utilized in the present or stored in the light prisms within the cells of the body. With the activation of the light system, much information will be released that has been stored for thousands of years.

This information will slowly present itself to the conscious mind as visions, insight, and inspiration. This will encourage the mind to explore more and more possibilities.

The light purpose of an individual is naturally synchronized with the appropriate information that is needed for them to fulfill their agreements. The intuition is such that this is all done with no effort, but with knowing, contented ease.

Light will rain down on your world and bring life to the molecules, rearranging them to align with the new planetary design. This light will reform structures into higher vibratory patterns. This will release stagnant emotions and conditioning which will bring chaos for a time, but which will pass. New designs are being woven into the blueprint of the body.


This will temporarily weaken the system, as at first you will be releasing karma that may be hindering your growth. Living Library With the new acceleration of information will come a new form of judgment coupled with spontaneity and pure action, all guided by spirit. New perspectives will enable you to see the Oneness in diversity. This will reduce conflict and comparison, as the energy becomes an everyday reality. Environmental and outside influences will not affect you and will no longer ask you to base your actions on the illusions that are present on Earth. This will allow you to all live in the One Probability, 'Heaven on Earth'!

The information that is contained within the multi-selves will be available as an underlying vibration. This can be drawn upon by simply tuning into that frequency. There will be an opportunity for all to live in free flow expression, bringing the Big Story into your reality. Expression of spirit is a collection of moments. By becoming more aware of these moments, you will allow the opening of the true expression of your Spirit.


As your individual expression ascends the dimensions, it becomes grander and grander. So, through ascension, you combine to create the One Consciousness. In unison, as Spirit descends into the dimensions, your expression diversifies and separates.

On the fifth dimension and above, your expression remains constantly connected to the Group Consciousness. Your expressions are capable of communicating information between the other selves by using the myriad pat-terns that connect all time and space. Up until recently, humans have been unaware of this information highway so mankind has developed without the awareness of their other selves, true identities, and purposes.

Up until now, the Universal Dreamer’s light has not been able to totally permeate the third dimension. With the redesigning, the light will transform your planet into an illuminated world of love and light. Your planet is a great storehouse of information. Stop and think for a moment about how many cells are in your body, are in a tree, a forest, a mountain, or even within the sea. This indicates just how much information there is in your world, what knowledge and what wisdom! The whole of Earth is brimming over with information. It is one vast living library!

When you are capable of accessing this, you will learn all there is to know about the history of your planet. You will be able to access the information about how to turn Earth to light. All your energy problems will be over and new inventions will bring magic and miracles to your world.

You have your library card; it is your body and presence here. You truly are the lucky ones! Many beings have been queuing to join this library, but only the best get in. All the trees are waiting to whisper to you their secrets, the birds to sing all they know. Even your body is preparing to pulsate its wisdom in rhythmic sound. Will you silence your mind long enough to hear the voice of Earth? Trust your inner wisdom and guidance for you know more than you can imagine.

We say you simultaneously exist on several different dimensions at once, thus, making you a multi-dimensional being. At this moment in time, humans focus on the third dimension only. Your awareness is locked in a third dimensional reality perspective and the limitation that is contained therein. Your planet is ascending and becoming fifth dimensional reality, thus creating 'Heaven on Earth'.

As Earth ascends, it must pass through the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is an energetic place, not unlike your own. There is a drama being played out there, light against dark. The fourth dimension is the place where all records of your karmic patterns and past lives are kept. This dimension is being transformed as the fifth dimensional self passes through and removes all negative karmic patterning.

Physical death is unnecessary when you live in the fifth dimension. Living in a light body enables you to live eternally and express your divinity. Your Spirit is divine and is perfect. You are living in this expression when you live in the fifth dimension. Can you open your mind to the possibility that you are divinity in form?

At present, your everyday awareness is ego based, but on the fifth dimension it is Spirit based. You are a unit of bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Each of these bodies is created to be a vehicle of consciousness. All of these bodies will be embodied by Spirit. You are a magnificent being using a human vehicle as a tool to experience creation. Your everyday awareness is only a small part of who you are on the fifth dimension and above. The physical body is a fine creation and Gaia has designed it without a flaw.


It is the limitation of the mind that creates the illusion of disease and death. Your body has a wonderful intelligence that automatically regulates all of its functions, which enables you to live in a third dimensional reality. The emotional body is a fluid react and response body that allows you to experience the depths of the emotional realm. The mental body is a translator and organizer of energies. It is the organizer of the information that comes through the physical senses.

Your rational mind was never meant to run the show. It can only learn through limited experience that is locked in memory. If you run your life from the head, it creates imbalances in the emotional and physical bodies. This occurs because the bodies are not in alignment with Spirit and the light. We say that you must let your heart guide you. It is more intelligent than you can possibly imagine. It is constantly connected to all of existence. It knows the overall picture.

Your spiritual body is a vehicle, which allows your Spirit to live in your dimension. All four bodies combined make up the human ground crew, the Organic Android. The Spirit is the programmer and user; the human ground crew is the computer. Each of the bodies has a particular task to perform.

  • The physical body holds energy in dense structural patterns. This creates a form, which allows physical sensory perception and mobility within the physical realm.

  • The emotional body flows energy to and from itself in spiraling patterns. This allows emotional stimulus to occur from the energetic patterns that surround the physical body and beyond.

  • The mental body is a vast structure in beautiful color and design. The mind allows the spirit expression to be thinking and organizing being within the dimension.

  • The spiritual body is a golden body of light and pure vibration. It is a structure capable of housing the full light of spirit.

Your bodies fight against each other and create imbalances between their energy fields. This in turn affects the spiritual body, making it difficult for Spirit to express itself fully. The power struggles your various bodies endure is, therefore, reflected in your existence. Love will bring balance and finally unify them into one vast unit. All the bodies will become compatible with each other's programming. This will allow the total free expression of Spirit, your fifth dimensional self.

How do you realize who you are on the fifth dimension? We contact you in your dreams and through your childhood when your perception and ideas of yourself are not conditioned by limitation and your magnificence seems real and true.

Remember to access the part of you that is fascinated with who you really are. Access the memory of whom you thought you were when you believed you were special. The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. Play! Let go of your limitation!

You probably spend much of your time daydreaming about being rich or famous. You can put the same energy into dreaming about how you express yourself on the fifth dimension. Clues and signs will start to manifest from many avenues. Be fascinated with knowing. Have all your senses open and discard nothing. Let truth vibrate throughout your body to allow you to distinguish between what is truth or not.


Relax in the time just before sleep and dream-state awakening to help access the knowledge of who you are.

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Form or Formless

You consider us to be without the face of a personality. This is because you are attached to reality in characters and forms. Your form is a vehicle, which you use to express yourself alone. Your attachment has been so great be-cause of your identification with the form alone. We ask you to widen your scope of understanding and release yourself from the addiction to form.


You see form and make judgments on the individual. Your form is only a vehicle, which houses the consciousness of the spirit. It allows you to express yourself through a manifestation applicable to the dimension you exist in. Forms can be a vehicle of expression at best and a limitation at worst.


You are multi-dimensional beings, simultaneously existing on several different dimensions at once. You use many different forms; all unique to the dimension they exist in. The forms that you are on the different dimensions may appear strange to your humanness. You may misjudge the essence of the form because of your limited references. This is due to the issues you have around what is acceptable in form or not.

You have an aspect of your consciousness in the kingdom of your planet, within Gaia. You have an aspect of your soul in the animal kingdom and also in the insect world. You have been able to take on the idea that you and your planet is One. Can you take on the idea that you are also part of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms?
Earth is the great generator of thought power. She is an extremely powerful creative force focalizing within this time and space. She carries the attention of the universe. She holds its fascination! The thoughts of your ancestors carried the imprint of expression, and with Gaia feeding the thoughts, she allowed the manifestation of these expressions. She holds all in form.

Earth is the great form creator. No other world has had such diversity of form due to this fact. You and your planet create your world. You create the kingdoms that surround you just as you create the kingdoms within yourself. Animals contain ancestral lineage of human thought around their relationships to neighboring kingdoms. The releasing of the energetic structure that confined and limited your world is being removed. This is the reason that many of the animal and plant kingdoms are leaving. The sadness surrounding these issues only heightens our awareness that you need to remove your addictions to form.

Many species of animal are leaving Earth because they have completed their missions and need to further their evolution. They are also taking past orientated informational encoded cells from the planet to be reoriented into the future. Let them leave! Do not hold them with emotional chains. Your emotional body is like a child. It cannot possibly understand the complexity of evolutionary movement.


Forms are only vehicles for consciousness. Your addiction to them locks you into the expression of the form only. This serves to deny the magnificence of Spirit expression. We have no form. We do not have any existence in a physical universe. We are potential in its pure expression. Can you see that without you, We have no expression?

We only have expression in our individual focal points. From one perspective, We have no personalities. However, We have a personality that is very complex, containing a multitude of expressions that We are. If We communicated them to you, you would comprehend a fraction of who We really are in our wholeness. You seek a personality to hook into to feel secure. This only shows your lack of detachment to forms and character. Rise above your ideas of identity. Never be satisfied with your magnificent identity for you are more than you can imagine.

You are taking on the idea that you are multidimensional beings. Could you believe that you are ALL of expression? ALL that has ever been and ALL that is to be, YOU ARE! ALL of expression! ALL of existences you are creating through your being for you are the UNIVERSAL DREAMER!

Do you truly understand the words, WE ARE ALL ONE?

If you go to the centre of your individual expression, you will find that there are many levels to your consciousness, a spiral of energy going back to the beginning, the start of creation. We are all equal in Spirit. Do not let the complexity of the self-fool you into thinking that you are a superior soul. Each soul has experienced a multitude of unique and individual existences on many different frequencies. Soul has evolved through many different planets and star systems.


Therefore, no two souls are the same. LOVE YOUR WHOLENESS.

Pictures Of Reality

You are all vision builders. You create visions through your measurement of reality. You all build your own unique reality, your pictures of reality. These pictures are not a stable force, and do not represent the majority, as all are unique in the game of creation.

Pictures of reality are an expression of one unique being creating experiences to support his or her view of existence and life. Remember that the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality. What you believe as real and what you base your life actions on determine your picture of reality. The universe is all serving. It observes you and sees what you class as reality and slowly rearranges itself to support your beliefs. Therefore EVERYTHING you experience in your lifetime is responsible to your own creation.

There are many pictures in your planet, some in harmony, and some in discord. Varied and numerous pictures of reality allow the inhabitants of Earth to experience the wide range of possibilities necessary for their growth.

The core issue and main driving force behind the building of your pictures of reality is the definition of your identity. Your existence or identity, as you see it, determines the world in which you live. What you think you are is the basis on which you create and guide your unique individual world. Your current definition of your identity in the limitation of the third dimension is one of the physical body at least and ego at most. Some of you do acknowledge the existence of Spirit. Yet this, too, is limited.

It is so sad to see such beautiful beings of light creating for themselves identities that could not possibly be large enough to house such light. We say to you to set aside for a moment the idea you have about yourself. Let the limitation that surrounds your imagination go, and open yourself to a new possibility. Imagine that you are a multidimensional being expressing itself at a single point. Imagine that you are a dreamer dreaming an aspect of yourself in order to play in creation.

Can you take on this idea, this picture of reality? Can you see what We are showing you? Ideas and your thoughts create pictures of reality.

Ideas become your reality when you give yourself permission to believe. You make them real by basing your actions on them as if they have some value in your life. You say it is real...? The universe rearranges itself, and then manifests for you to see.

At present, you are only accessing and identifying your third dimensional self, limiting yourself to that expression alone. If you believed that you are a multidimensional being, you would find that your life and world would be rearranging itself to support your new definition and identity. This process would allow you to access the varied qualities and talents present within your other selves on the other dimensions. This process would aid the awakening and the planetary shift to light.

Gaia has a unique picture of reality. You should get to know Gaia for she is you. You are fully aware of her physical body. Her emotional body is the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom, which allow her to feel. So, where do you think her mental body is? It is you, the human.

Unfortunately the majority of you are still sleeping and not activated yet. These sleepy brain cells make one sleepy planetary mind! It is our mission to awaken these cells and awaken the planet. You are her thoughts, her dreams, and her insights. With every new thought or idea come the energetic patterns that are created through interaction. These patterns Gaia stores within the energetic matrix that surrounds and permeates the planet. Gaia is your picture of reality. She is you and she is your supporter in physical reality. Now you can see IT IS possible to change your world!

As We have said, Gaia is the great generator of pictures of reality. She can generate enough power to transform the impossible dream into a possibility and probability. Up until now, she has given equal attention to both negative and positive pictures. As you awaken, so does her remembrance of her mission. However, if you access her through your all knowing self, your 'I AM' presence, so you access her all knowing self.

Gaia's new fascination is with the creation of 'Heaven on Earth'. She is starting to direct her focus away from negative fear based pictures. She needs you all to awaken to use your powers of vision to create new pictures of reality. Gaia needs the support of all her Gaians to activate the manifestation of our dream.

Talk to your planet and incorporate the possibility of the dream of 'Heaven on Earth' into your vision. Include into your vision the acceleration of the dream and the alignment to Gaia. Gaia is preparing for the shift, and she is activating more light prisms within the body. This will release more information, which was designed to aid transformation of Earth to light.

You and Gaia are ascending together. She is your spaceship. We will guide you through the zone where the dimensions merge. She will safely set you down in the fifth dimension and into your newly created reality. The Universal Dreamer is the prime creator from which everything comes.

The Universal Dreamer is the prime atom. All of you have this prime atom in your body.

All of the physical body is made from this atom. Every other cell of the body is a perfect reflection of the prime atom. In third dimensional reality, the rest of the body is held in form by the prime atom. It is the first atom to turn to light and activates the rest. The prime atom is the power infusion and the uniting of two extremes opposite energies to create a whole. It is the Yin the Yang. Extreme heat and cold unite together to create the right conditions for creation. Gaia has her own prime atom, which is in her most inner core. When she shifts, she pulls all her energies into the prime atom to create a seed. She transports this seed energetically through the dimensions to the light. She recreates herself out of the energy contained within the prime atom.

Gaia and the solar system are moving into completion. When a system completes, there is an evaluation of experience and decisions to determine the next route to take. Beings have many opportunities and routes open to them. They can return to their original universe or go straight back to the Source and merge with the ALL THAT IS. Some choose to go into the systems that need some aid to transform. We call these beings System Busters.

They use the information present in their energetic patterns to burst open dormant systems and awaken them to aid their completion. Before returning to the Source, the system decides the next route whilst in a neutral decision zone. The time of choice will soon be upon you. There are many routes back to the Source.

In your world, it will seem as if it takes time to arrive at your new reality but, to us, you have already made it. We are now standing in the light that radiates from your energy field. There are no plans for destruction, only within the negative thought patterning of your minds. In your reality, destruction makes way for creation. You believe it is the only way.

We have another way, the way of the child. You limit yourself in your daydreams. You say what you want is impossible. Therefore, you tell the universe that in your reality you have no room for magic and miracles. Could you not simply play with the imagination of the child and believe that NOTHING is impossible?

Living in this openness allows you to free yourself from all the limitations that surround your imagination. This is the first element of a vision; the next is to believe that you can be anything you wish. This releases you from all blocks that limit you. This allows you the full expression of your true divinity. As you can see, there is a vast sea of possibilities stretching out before you.

Follow your Spirit without hesitation through this sea of possibilities. This will allow you to have more opportunities to express Spirit in your everyday reality. Can you see how this will increase your experience of divinity and all the wonders this entails? Being guided by Spirit will bring you more and more divinity as a species. As a whole species, you become One being and in your wholeness, you are capable of manifesting more than the sum of your now individual parts. Can you see the sea of possibilities expanding out into infinity in front of your very eyes?

Your body holds energy; it holds your vision. Talk to your body consciousness and ask it to activate the conscious creating of grander visions. Your body holds within its DNA plans of many visions. Ask your Spirit to guide the body in the releasing of information about your dreams that are in alignment with the one probability, 'Heaven on Earth'. This will accelerate the mission as more and more beings become fascinated with living the one probability.


Heaven will be there for all to see.


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In the cellular structure of your body lie dormant information patterns. This concerns the plan to unify all past into the 'One' past and all the futures into the 'One' future. This will create a very potent NOW.

We are fulfilling the higher plan to aid the coming together of all 'One' moments. This will build up enough energy to catapult this universe into the fifth dimension. We are pulling all time parallels into the 'One' probability. Once this is completed all the star nations will use the unification of time to access the Universal Unified Time Field. This will create great shifts in the future. This is not the first time this has happened; the time field has been accessed many times.

Many futures are being designed for you, some of which are totally out of your awareness. This whole process has been accessed to allow time travel for many star civilizations that have, therefore, evolved past the past, present, and future conditioning.


A new perspective on the reality of time allows the conscious restructuring of many civilizations’ pasts, presents, and futures. Within the confines of your present picture of reality, the concept of time travel seems impossible. Time is only a picture of reality. Once the ability to transform your pictures has been achieved, you will discover that time only appears in perspective of reality. The changing of these pictures enables you to access the ability to time hop, undo pasts, and release possible futures.

You are constantly rearranging yourself to accommodate other's pictures of reality. This is how We access and influence you, by manipulating our past to restructure your future. Future Star Beings are who you will become. Star Beings manipulate their past and send the reaction of that into their future. This creates more dynamic potential in the NOW.


This aids the expansion of all possibilities and activates the acceleration of time on your planet. Every redesign of time catapults the planet's NOW into the future. This whole process enables infinite possibilities to come into the NOW. This creates a place where all simultaneous pasts, presents, and futures come together into the NOW. Present in the NOW, is the unification of all time. Once you are capable of living totally in the NOW, you will access the ability to time travel.

The NOW is the circle of eternity traveling through the sea of time. Drifting behind the NOW are ripples of experience that it has created in its journey. There are many pasts, of individuals, nations, whole planets and star systems. All these pasts contain information concerning the unique experience of beings of creation during the ages of materialization.

As We have said before, We are instigating the bringing together of all pasts into the unification of the 'One' past. The collective past contains encoded information which We are energetically pulling together to combine as 'One' essence. This is the end of your old world and all of its situations within the individual, nation, planet and star system.

The past fans out behind creation and the future pulls together at one point, contracting creation back to the ONE, source, the Universal Dreamer.

The NOW is the crossroads where decisions can be made as to the appropriate course of action. Your future self goes back in time to rearrange energies and allow quantum leaps in consciousness. In the potent moments of the NOW, you have available to you information from all the multi-selves. Through accessing the NOW, you can bring realities from the future to manifest in your NOW.


This will release karma from the past by activating and deactivating time patterns. A time pattern is the energetic structure that makes up reality's time. So, by bringing the pattern of the reality you desire into the NOW, you can manifest that reality into your experience.

Your rational mind is so conditioned with an inaccessible past, present, and future, it can find this concept hard to believe. However, when this is manifest in your reality, the spontaneity will be such that that rational thinking will not be necessary. It is hard to look upon the future; it is hard to look upon that which does not exist to you in your time frame. In the realm of possibilities, there are many futures and in the mind even more. But within the heart, there is but one true reality, the 'One' probability.

All will live within the new reality, but not all will have the sight to see and will still be shrouded by the veils of their illusion. Removal of the veils is not your concern or your duty. Pray for the comfort of Spirit to soothe the distress of those who live in the darkness. They, too, are going through the changes.

We wish to introduce to you one of our expressions. She is a future Gaian self. She is here to show you how it is for her in the future

“Hello, I am a Gaian being from the future.


I am the future self of the channel. I am wholeness in completion, all parts united into the one expression and all time parallels united within me. Future beings such as myself can access the visual data concerning your history through machine and mind technologies. We observe mankind's troubled past with much interest, as it is our past. Standing in my point of time, looking back into the past at the transformation brings me a new awareness. We see you in your time frame as being torn between two levels of thought about the coming transformation. Your heart tells you that the shift is occurring, but your mind will not allow room for such a concept.

Limited within your mind, you have struggled to survive. Your fear based survival instincts have totally overrun your species. We ask you to allow a quiet moment of faith. Be in your power and this will be your savior in the last battle of your history's end.

I am a being from an Earth possibility that allows the full exploration of space. We have advanced beyond anything you at present could possibly imagine. The abilities you are now wishing for are only a small fraction of what you will become. We are already celebrating the completion of our mission. You have turned your bodies into shimmering coats of light! Do you really know what it is like to live in a light body? The spiritual body's energetic frequency will increase. The emotional body will become a great transferor of energetic information between the planet and the being. The mental body will go through the biggest transformation.

The rewards will be constant knowledge. You will have free access to all storage systems of information and direct communication to Spirit. This will give you an ever-expanding vision of 'Heaven on Earth'. The physical body will appear much the same but will be of a higher vibration and free of disease and death. It will be ultimately healthy and vibrant.

I come to you in this time to energetically inform you. We have already completed our mission within our reality. We are coming into your time to rearrange you and your history. This in turn will affect us. Maybe this rearrangement will blot us out of existence in form. Our energetic coding will have activated the dormant light codes held within your body. This will allow you to become more whole, more you, and more me. There are many future selves and many future probable Earth's. Under the guidance of spirit, we are aligning all future selves and merging all patterns. This will allow all the experiences and knowledge of all the multi-selves to be accessed and directed by you

The Universal Dreamer is calling all back into the Source. You are the source of your being; you are the light bearer. You call all the selves - past, present, and future - into the space of the NOW, into a neutral zone where we all can meet and design the plan. The plan is to align and permeate each of the selves into the human body. All possibilities are forming together, creating enough energy to create the One probability. You are transforming into a golden being of light.

We have seen the plans for your future and they are much brighter than you imagine. Love is an incredible force and you have not experienced its full impact yet. Whilst living in the fear frequencies, your heart has been well and truly sealed. The emotional love that you experience in your reality is a poor mirror image of unconditional love. You will soon see this force as it works its way into the very fabric of your society. It will rearrange everyone, everything, and all will be changed through love. In the future, when all fear frequencies are removed, the love will grow and multiply beyond anything you have ever seen and felt. It will not be long now.

I come from a future Earth. Our world has been totally purified and everything is in total harmonic balance. Lush green forests lie where once there were deserts. Rivers and streams glisten with clear, pure water teeming with life. The mighty oceans are not such a mystery to us as we can live in chambers below the surface of the water. We telepathically communicate with the intelligent life forms that live there. Many of our kind communicate with the whales and dolphins learning technologies of consciousness that can aid both our species.


The planet Gaia is totally honored and respected as a living, intelligent, co-creative entity. All of our kind have their own unique connection to the planet. We have a new level of connection. We no longer consider ourselves separate to her. We now realize we are an intricate part of her consciousness.

Gaia's dream has been accessed by our kind and all are expressing their unique part of the dream. We live on a planet that is ecologically balanced and harmonious. The planet is heavenly with stable, pleas-ant weather patterns and gentle climates. This enables all life to blossom. Food is in abundance and all the needs of the whole are brought forth from Gaia. We are all in alignment with the love that is permeating this planet. Many of us communicate with the Devic kingdoms helps us to work in harmony, gardening Gaia. All of us are free of mind and have our Spirits totally grounded within our physical bodies. We have all regained our connection to the ALL THAT IS.

We all love and live within the realm of universal love. We grow and learn within this realm of existence. We live in communities, which house many. We spend much of our time outdoors due to the pleasant weather conditions. We all live in peace and harmony. We work and live as a whole evolutionary synergy.


I live in a crystal structure, made up of sheets of harmonious crystals geometrically formed to harmonize, balance, and accelerate energies. This transforms the occupant whilst inside. They are beautiful to behold and help to anchor the love energy into the surrounding countryside. They are very simple and spacious. The structure of the building and the light reflections created please the senses. Inside is a reflection of the outside, containing large plants, indoor waterfalls and pools.

Large cushions are used for seating and sleeping. There is a small area for the preparation of food but we live off the energy of Spirit. We only partake in high raw foods and fruits. We have a bathing area used for cleansing, sexual pleasure and relaxation. A large round pool is submerged into the floor. On our bodies, we use only natural rinses that contain herbs and essences that are in harmony with our energies. The main feature of the house is an organic, telepathically linked intelligent computer.


It controls and regulates the lighting, temperature, and atmospheric and energetic conditions. It telepathically links to produce the music that you have in mind. It is responsible for maintaining the home. Cleaning is made simple by a new invention that magnetizes all dust and dirt particles and filters them back outside. This then minimizes cleaning duties. We bathe often and take pride in our beautiful ritualized bathing ceremonies. We fully utilize the of water when bathing and employ the help of the elements to heal us. This beautiful abode is a complete embodiment of my vision of 'Heaven on Earth'.

I do not live far from the central structures, which house the communal activities. Beautiful crystal citadels sparkle at the centre of this incredible pattern that our homes create across the landscape. There are places of learning where all can be both teachers and students. I study technologies of raising consciousness. I also explore off planetary energies that can be balanced within our system to aid our evolution. I study the mind and use mind technologies to travel to other worlds and meet other levels of consciousness. I channel other dimensional energies for those in my community. I also teach technologies for consciousness expansion.


All my work is operated on an intuitive level with those with whom I am in synergy. There is no real authority. It has been a long time since we have needed laws and punishment. There are places of art with visual and audible expression, bringing creative joy to all that enter. All are encouraged and guided to creative expression, bringing creative joy to all that enter. All are encouraged and guided to a creative expression that reflects their divine pattern.

We have found advanced technologies, which enable us to provide all that we need without polluting or degrading the Earth. We have a limitless source of energy, which allows many manufacturing places to be fully automatic. This allows all of us to follow the vocation that we love. No one does anything that he or she is not ecstatic about. Our needs materially are simple. We dress in light energetically empowered clothing. These clothes allow us to remain centered within our being, and we use colors to express our energies.


Much clothing and jewellery is created by those who excel in such crafts. Amazing jewels can be created by using light and the co-operation of the mineral beings. We do not have disease in our society, as there are communal centers of healing. These centers balance by using color, sound, and water to heal.

There are great places of knowledge that are connected to all the organic computer systems. There are great communal baths and swimming facilities. All the recreation you could imagine is provided. There are great halls which allow us all to gather together to share and celebrate. All buildings are aesthetic and energetically correct which helps to express the beauty of the planetary design.

The animal kingdoms are in harmony and balance with us. They may choose to come and communicate telepathically with us, but there is no killing or captivity. ALL is in harmony. There are great parks and places of beauty. There are marble fountains and pools, great crystal sculptures and grottoes of natural beauty. These places provide people with breathtaking sights and sounds. On the perimeter of our community are the manufacturing structures. Dotted around in correct energetic placement are the dwellings for people. Some are in small communal patterns and others are singular points of light.

Transport is not needed, as teleportation is available for all because of our advanced technologies. We can travel to anywhere on the planet and may visit other such centers of light. We have much contact and communication with extraterrestrial. We balance and advance together. I have an extraterrestrial master who shares his knowledge with me on mind expansion and in return he learns about my level of consciousness. My life is complete and free. I grow in joy, trust and ecstasy, traveling back to the Source in love.

I wish you all luck on your journey.

Love, from a future Gaian.”

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