by Lyssa Royal
September 8, 2005

This article appeared in the January 2006 issue of

The Sedona Journal of Emergence
from CrystalHeart Website

Greetings to you friends, this is Sasha.

The first thing we would really like to talk about has to do with the changes in the frequency of your reality and how this is affecting the mass consciousness and individuals on your planet. As you've noticed, over the last years, there has been an increase in stress levels planet wide. Many people have talked about feeling suffocated with too many burdens, too many things, too many, too many, too many… too much, too much, too much.

This is affecting the Earth changes going on now (which we will touch upon). It is affecting the "inner Earth changes" that individuals go through - a shaking and a tumbling of paradigm. There is a lot going on.


Where is this going into next year and beyond?

Looking at it from the perspective of outside of your paradigm, we will attempt to share our perspectives with you. Yet recognize that we (my people) are somewhat still in your paradigm - we are part of your galactic family. We are part of the transition because we are other aspects of you. So even though we can speak about a change in paradigm, we are also experience change.

Someone once likened the increase in energy that has happened in the last 20 years to 2012 to the progression on a golden mean spiral. The 2012 point that is talked about in the Mayan material represents an implosion point where you break the plane of one reality and move into another.


Many people have interpreted this to mean things like, "the world is going to disappear" or "only natural things will survive", or you will be "lifted off" in a space ship, etc. You've heard all of this before. We would say that it is nothing quite so dramatic. But there is definitely an energetic implosion point coming.

Imagine a progression along a golden mean spiral. The spiral begins to wind itself tighter. As you get into the inner circles of the spiral, it appears as if it is moving more quickly. Let's say that spiral is like a roller coaster. If you are in the car riding the spiral, at the outer rungs of the spiral you may appear to be going somewhat slowly. But as you start traveling in the tight spiral, you might get a little bit dizzy.

Energetically, your civilization - as has been prophesied in the Mayan teachings - is about to make an energetic transformation. How that manifests in that world will be entirely up to you, because everything always first manifests on the inside before it manifests on the outside. So if enough humans are able to ride the roller coaster without "freaking out" and while maintaining a sense of center, then the transition itself will be a lot more smooth. This is similar to the idea of Sufi whirling, whereby you have to maintain the center in order to whirl. If you do not, you knock yourself against a wall.


So, how do you maintain your center amidst this intense increase in energy?

Several years ago we did a channeling called "holographic mindfulness". Let us go back to some of those ideas, especially that of mindfulness. Even though this is an ancient teaching from the east on your world, there are aspects of that teaching that are absolutely positively essential for navigating along this tightly woven spiral at this point in time and in the near future.


Let us give you a definition of mindfulness from our point of view - however these types of concepts are difficult to put into words because they are never meant to be understood by the mind. Therefore they often defy definition and are meant to be experienced rather than understood. But we will give it a try!

Mindfulness is a allowing yourself to always stay present in your body, with what you are doing in that moment. A very obvious example of this is the Buddhist walking meditation in which you walk slowly and repeat, "I am walking" over and over. With each step you feel the stones beneath your feet and all of your body sensations. That type of training forces you to stay present in the moment and not to dissociate - not send your mind off in one direction, your emotions in another direction and shut off the sensations of your body.

One of the great gifts of having a human body is that you are able to experience sensation. Again, everything in your reality is dualistic. You can take that ability to experience sensation to the negative extreme or the positive extreme. Those who have taken it to the negative extreme have become drunk with sensation. The other end is the absolute and total dissociation of sensation whatsoever. The middle road is the mindfulness. The middle road is the awareness of sensation and the ability to use sensation as a tool, but not get trapped in the pitfalls of sensation.

Mindfulness is a valuable tool for humans in this time. You can experience sensations in a mindful way without attaching to them, if you train yourselves to do so. And may we recommend that in the years to come, you will need this skill. As you are riding this roller coaster that is speeding toward an implosion point, you experience more distraction than at any other point in history. You are experiencing distraction from an infinite number of directions - whether it is a distraction of sensation in the body, distraction of your emotions, or distractions of your mind. It is being thrown at you from many different directions while you are in this whirlwind of movement.


Is it any wonder that your society is feeling so overwhelmed and chaotic? So what is the answer?

You as a civilization are going to pass through this implosion point. HOW you pass through it is up to you. Once again, this brings us back to mindfulness. Find a practice that helps you train yourself to be mindful. This is going to be one of the single most valuable tools that you will find in your entire lifetime. This is no exaggeration. This is going to train you to stay centered in the storm. The type of training doesn't matter - you can choose Zen training, or a type of martial arts, or western mystical training. This will help you rise above the attachment to perception and sensation, instead of being the one who feels and sees and senses and gets distracted.


You can become the one who watches the one who is distracted, feels sensations, and has perceptions. Do you see the difference?

When you can do this, when you can clearly be the one watching the clouds roll by (rather than being the cloud itself) you will feel a great shift in your consciousness that will then allow you to ride the roller coaster and hold your center. Using a dance term, you will be the one who can "spike" while doing turns without losing your balance.

This is how you become the true self. This is it. By being that watcher. If you do not allow yourself to move into the role of observer, you cannot become the one who experiences the integration process. Integration does not happen from the personality level. Only the true self experiences the integration. To perceive the integration, you have to be the one who can truly observe it!

The next question is, what about 2012 or 2013?


The concept of an "implosion point" sounds violent or intense. We do not perceive it will be that way. It won't be like a light bulb turning on and off. What will be more intense, as we read it now, is the period leading up to 2012 - which has already begun and will continue in 2006.

We're going to take a detour that isn't really a detour, that has to do with the manifestations on your world in the last year including the tsunami and the hurricanes among other dramatic occurrences. These often involve flooding or water, which is very interesting. Many people on your world are pointing fingers and saying "You see? It is humankind's fault because we haven't paid attention to the Earth," or whatever.


We want to say really clearly - these things that are manifesting on your world are not punishments.


There is a BIG difference between,

a) being punished, and

b) reaping what you sow.

Being punished is something that is brought upon you from an outside source. Reaping what you sow is simply a karmic cycle.

Being mindful means that when you become the watcher, you have no excuse for being unaware of the energy that you put out into the world. This is literally the KEY for transforming yourselves. When you are the watcher, you have no excuse for not seeing the energy you put into the world. What you put out - whether as an individual, collectively as a nation, or collectively as a species - it will come back to you. This is a law of physics.

This isn't a punishment. It is an indication that humankind is not taking responsibility for the energy that they are putting out into the reality. And so therefore these are awakening opportunities. Your planet has a huge opportunity now to make different choices. It is very easy to blame President Bush (as an example) or the people who did not build hurricane reinforcements, or the people who did not build a clear tsunami warning system in the Pacific. Blame is easy. It is not so easy to take responsibility - that is how people see it. So blame becomes the primary expression of frustration.

Your leaders, no matter what you think of them, are a manifestation of the group energy on your planet that needs to be played out. As individuals become more responsible for the energy they put into their own environments, lives, or country, the leaders will then be the ones manifesting that self-responsibility.

This is a living system! It isn't that there are these "dark, negative forces" named Bush or Putin who are taken over by evil aliens! That is a polarized perspective that will get you absolutely nowhere.

Regarding the implosion point… if enough of you make these choices of self-empowerment instead of blame, you are going to find that the drama on the world will be lessened. The transition will be more smooth. If blame and self-protection continues, it might be a bit more dramatic.


It is really, really up to you to make a difference in your own way.