by Open (Chris Bourne)
04 July, 2015

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The Greeks have shouted a resounding NO!... No to "financial terrorism" by the powers-that-be.


This is deeply significant for all those evolving lightwarriors who've been working tirelessly in the field. The work is paying off, humanity is beginning to step out of the shadows of unconsciousness by starting to take back personal sovereignty.

I've been saying for a while now that there have been big shifts in previous months in the underlying Matrix Field.


A strong benevolent action back in April, which I personally witnessed and experienced on the etheric planes, has effectively broken the back of the Interdimensional Intervention. It was such a monumental shift, there was always going to be a corresponding effect on the surface.


It was only just a question of time...


I wonder if we're now witnessing the first effects of this in the Greek landslide victory...?




Full Scale Unraveling Effect by Benevolent Consciousness

The Matrix is far more than just a metaphor alluded to in the film of the same name.


It has been a complex, interrelated web of energetic frequencies, that has downgraded humanity and kept him locked in a prison cell, disconnected from his higher self and thus the divine flow.


It's an alien consciousness, that like a virus, has invaded the interdimensional space in which humanity has lived.

I say 'has lived', because progressively, since 2012, that intervention has received a full scale unraveling effect by the highest levels of Benevolence, which has included the Shift of Gaia's Centre of Consciousness into the Fifth Density.





I'm sure everyone in spiritual circles would like to see an end to this Matrix tomorrow.


The fact is though, that practically every system of resource and support that humanity is plugged into, is underpinned by this system of control. Taking it suddenly away might sound like a good thing, but that would risk the entire planet descending instantly into anarchy and chaos.


Why would the majority work, if they aren't being paid for it? (money is only created by excessive debt laden consumption, which is sustained by the system; a large proportion of this exploitation - and therefore the support people rely upon - would cease the moment the Matrix ceases).

Quite apart from that, what's not being realized by those asking for the immediate breakdown of the Matrix, is that it's created by what people are being within.


Humanity has unconsciously thus far handed over personal sovereignty to disreputable leaders and corporations. Unconsciousness has created it, and only increasing consciousness can unwind it.


Which tends to happen progressively, rather than in one single jolt.




Progressive Unwinding

So the Matrix will be unwound progressively.


Since 2012, various layers of the intervention have been successfully peeled off. It's accelerated the worldwide awakening (for those able to embrace the shifts). Many will not be fully aware of the changes, but nevertheless, it will increasingly feel as though veils are falling away - they'll feel lighter, more alive, more empowered.


It left the dense raptor consciousness very exposed - that consciousness of excessive consumption (which some call the 'reptilian energy').

This raptor virus, is a collective 'hive' consciousness. Which is why it has been so pervasive, resistant and strong. But it is also brittle, depending on centralized control. In the benevolent action that I experienced, the 'omega' entity or lead consciousness, was removed, taken through time and space, to a different place in the cosmos, one more commensurate with its vibration.


This may sound a little 'out-there' to some, but nevertheless, it's what I experienced happening in the Fourth Density.

Since that moment, I knew there would be an unraveling effect on the surface - in the 3D. I also suspected it would result in an initial tightening of fear based control, as the powers-that-be, heavily influenced by this energy (mostly unconsciously), steadily lose their grip.


That indeed has been the case. You can literally feel the grasping at last ditch straws through the ether (and there's plenty of 'false flag' surface evidence).

I've also witnessed amazing breakthroughs in the spiritual work I'm involved in, which would not have been possible prior to this momentous occasion. Namely, the reptilian entities are now much easier to remove from people's field's.


They're must less resistant to rejoining the karmic cycle of reincarnation - leading to a realignment with the light.


Either that, or they are more easily dispatched into the galactic core, thereby undergoing 'absolution' - being dissolved back into the Source.



How might this deeper cosmic shift be related to the current situation in Greece?

The global financial system has been propped up by the intervention for many years. That's why, just as it's all looked like falling over, they've managed to control the show and cobble things back together again.


It's all a part of the underlying intervention agenda of resource control and exploitation of Mother Earth.




The European Union is a crucial - central - part of the global controlling system; it's a fundamental representation of unique, individual cultures and countries, handing over personal sovereignty to a greater collectivized power.

It's reflecting humanity's karma, which is now bubbling up to the surface.


The time has come to reclaim personal sovereignty. That's why the Greek people's resounding "NO!" vote was so significant and impressive.

The Greek government had called on its people to reject the joint proposals of the European Commission, ECB and IMF which would release bailout funds only in exchange for Greece committing to years of austerity measures.

The Greek finance minister said the "troika" of lenders had tried to "instill fear in people" which was tantamount to "terrorism".

Let's be crystal clear: this is not going to make things easier for the Greek people in the short term. And the vote for common sense is highly likely to have profound knock on effects around the world's financial markets in due course.


Austerity will come whether we like it or not, because humanity has been living way beyond sustainable means. But the system is broken and we need to unplug from it. It's time to take the bitter pill now, that people can begin the healing/empowering process just as soon as possible.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy. But it's necessary...



What does this all mean for evolving people?

Do not continue as if today were yesterday.


You cannot depend on the system to last indefinitely. It won't. It will surely break down over time - likely to be replaced by fairer systems as human collective consciousness rises.


But these too will be short lived, since the intervention has kick started irreversible tipping points, which will ultimately break down the Earth's Biosphere, which we're already strongly witnessing in the gathering pace of the Earth's Six Mass Extinction.


But this is nothing to fear. All realities come and go.


A New Paradigm is awaiting people in a higher vibration of being. The shifts will look dark and disastrous to the majority, but they're also providing a vital mirror with which to self-realize, to become fully conscious, to know yourself as a cosmic being.


It's time to dive all-in to your self-realization, leading to Ascension.

So dramatic change is coming. What immediate steps should you take? Only your soul can tell you for the locality and unique situation you live in.


Learn how to listen carefully to your soul, and follow it, step by step...

But don't expect the path to be easy - mastery never is.


You'll have to,

  • expand through dense layers of consciousness

  • release lingering implants and entities

  • reactivate your kundalini

  • process life-times of karma

The good news is, that the interdimensional landscape is now leveling, so it's getting ever clearer which direction to take.