by Noel Huntley


excerpted from

"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"

from GoogleBooks Website

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This is a vast subject, and extensive research could be conducted to elicit the full scope; thus we shall not deal with it particularly quantitatively. A mainly qualitative outline would be of more value to the reader.

We will find many spiritual government structures, some more local, others galactic or universal, but all hierarchical and interrelated, such as,

  • the Confederation of Planets

  • the Solar Council

  • the Galactic Confederation (or Federation)

  • the Guardian Alliance

  • the Interdimensional Federation (or Association) of free Worlds, etc.

The latter apparently consists of not only tens of thousands of extraterrestrial cultures in physical embodiment but countless others in the more spiritual realms.

Now a planetary council would be overseen by, say, a star- system government, which in turn would be within the galactic Federation. These structures are also spiritual hierarchies (which in terms of multidimensional physics, are higher-dimensionally holographic).

This is a little like having many smaller business companies (which note are each pyramidal in structure from ground-floor workers to president) interconnected within larger ones. One might imagine that the local spiritual governments are more complete, or operating efficiently, or have substantial communication lines
set up, but as we proceed up the hierarchy towards infinity there is a lot of work to do - even if it is only because the probabilities and possibilities increase.

In spite of this, the Urantia Book describes in detail a governmental hierarchy and universes within universes to a very high level and is written by 196 spiritual authors.


Nevertheless, vast though this cosmic framework is it will either only be a particular hierarchy, even a sub-hierarchy, or its over-simplified descriptions and cosmic layout of universes indicates it is partly contrived in an attempt to convey to primitive Earthman what spiritual life is all about; or both these explanations.


But it is an organized one - that is the main feature; consciousness has such infinite potential that it seems to prefer organization and predictability (life appears to be all about formatting of consciousness).

There are myriads of councils, extending from planetary, such as the Saturian Council, to the Galactic Council, Intergalactic Nibiruan Council, and Creator councils, such as the Council of Nine and the Heart Council.


This latter council apparently did not agree with the Creator (and the Council of Nine) of our human species experiment and its plan for humans to become involved in exploring all facets of fragmented and low-frequency energies, including all expressions of negativity - it foresaw the massive suffering.

There is also a confederation of 33 planets is this sector of the galaxy according to the Unarius Academy, of which planet Earth is to be the thirty-third and final linking member in an alignment, forming an Interplanetary Confederation for the Spiritual Renaissance of Humankind on Earth.

We can associate countless spiritual names with the spiritual government.


Some of the more familiar names, ranging from Ascended Masters to more integrated and expansive beings are:

Saint Germain, Sananda, Hilarion, Kuthumi, El Morya, Lord Maitreyal, Djwhal Khul, Soltec, Monka, Hatonn, Korton, Sai Baba, the Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, Vywamus, the Elohim, Adonis, Mahatma, etc.

Note that such names are specially chosen for planet Earth. Where the government extends to other planetary systems different names would be used, except where those names reflect the actual sound frequencies. In fact no names at all are required in these upper realms (for the upper realms).

Now Saint Germain has been helping Earth and channeling information for many years and has had past lives on Earth, one of which is said to be Francis Bacon (and it is also said that he actually wrote the Shakespeare plays).

Sananda, the Supreme Commander of the Celestials, is the name in the inner-realms of the spiritual leader we know by the name Jesus, whose purpose for planet Earth is clear.

Ascended Master Hilarion is an extensive channel source and has brought forth a great deal of valuable information to Earth, including material of a more scientific nature.

Soltec is another specialist in science and technology and has given us frequent advanced evaluations of the geological state of the planet, in particular in California. He is a communicator from the Ashtar Command and is the son of Monka, and is from the Alpha Centauri system.

Monka is Head of the Tribunal Council for the Ashtar Command - he is reported to be from Mars.

Lord Maitreya is head of the planetary spiritual hierarchy and overlord of humans and angels. He holds the presidency of the Great White Brotherhood and was a teacher of Jesus. His role is to help all humans realize God and achieve liberation (See Dr. Stone's book The Complete Ascension Manual for detailed information on this subject.)

The Ashtar Command is part of the spiritual hierarchy and government. It is the airborne division (in spacecrafts) of the Great Brother/Sisterhood of Light, under the administrative direction of Commander Ashtar and the spiritual guidance of Lord Sananda, known on Earth as Jesus. Ashtar is also known as the supreme commander of the celestials and was originally from Venus. He sits at the right hand of Sananda.


Ashtar's Command consists of millions of starships and personnel from many civilisations who are here to assist Earth and humanity in the present cycle of planetary purification and polar realignment.


They work in coordination with the seven mighty Archangels:

Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Jophiel, Gabriel, Chamuel, Zadekiel, and the legions of 70 Brotherhoods of Light which administer the planetary grid systems and serve as protectors of this universal sector.

Different fleets within the Command specialize in spiritual education, ascension, scientific survey, overseeing planetary affairs, etc.

Hatonn is a channel source for Earth, going back many years. This source brought forth many articles and around 200 books published by a small radical newspaper called Contact, covering the New World Order and secret government manipulations. Many articles appeared but as many readers noticed, some Dark energy was creeping into these transmissions.


Eventually the publisher split up and made a fresh start.

Archangel Michael is a frequent channel source through numerous human vehicles such as Jean Huddon and John Armitage. He has brought forth an endless stream of spiritual knowledge and teachings to Earth, in particular, that man is basically a spiritual being.

Djwhal Khul currently channels through Wistancia Stone (Dr. Joshua David Stone's wife). This Ascended Master originally channeled the advanced Alice Bailey's material.

Sai Baba, living on this planet in body in India, has been referred to as the Cosmic Christ; a God-realized Avatar. He is on a mission of service to assist this planet and the human race into the New Age.

[We can't guarantee that all these entities mentioned above, or others, are genuine. We have seen that the energy Hatonn picked up negative elements in the channelings. Also there are discrediting reports appearing about Sai Baba, and some years ago a Maitreya in body on Earth had been photographed, Arabic origin - turban, etc. - and was witnessed attending meetings with the Elite government.]

Sanat Kumara is the Logos for planet Earth. Such logoi are an intrinsic part of the hierarchy. Sanat Kumara is not the Mother Earth consciousness but a potentially separate and individual consciousness that works in harmony with the natural Earth entity.

A marvelous little book entitled Training a Planetary Logos has been channeled by Vywamus through Janet Mclure all about Sanat Kumara's training to be Earth's logos. This is worth special attention.


(Note that Vywamus is the equivalent of a higher-self of Sanat Kumara.)

It begins with a lifetime on a planet similar to Earth, millions of years ago. It describes the boyhood of Sanat Kumara looking after sheep, which would speak to him while his father was away as a member of the planetary council. It goes on to explain a much later and crucial part of his training for a logos in which he practiced splitting his consciousness into thousands of parts -  in fact, 900,000.


The task was to attain, individually, a separate focus of all the parts, simultaneously with being the whole. This means he could be each separate consciousness independently and also be the whole simultaneously.


It states that as soon as he achieved this, each of the 900,000 individual consciousnesses were sent out to 900,000 suitable planets in the galaxy to be embodied as an inhabitant of that planet with a task to be accomplished (this was arranged by higher teachers).

Sanat Kumara in all his 900,000 facets of consciousness succeeded with each mission, taking a total of about 20 years and each returned to the whole. On qualifying he was told to take a 50-year vacation before his consciousness would be connected to the planet's, which took about 2000 years.

He has now had this position for about 18 million years and is considered to be relatively young. He has a central headquarters in Shamballa near the Himalayas in the astral and above, frequencies. The physical location of this is the Gobi Desert.

It is channeled that Sanat Kumara could channel through about a thousand human vehicles simultaneously, each portion of himself could answer questions, intelligently. Also he could put his attention on, say, a state of the United States of America and know everything that was going on.


He is now in charge of all consciousness indigenous to planet Earth. He manifests as a young man in the planetary headquarters in Shamballa.

Probably all celestial bodies have, or eventually would have, a logos. The Sun logos is named Helios and will oversee the whole solar system. The galaxy is divided into four quadrants and three sectors each, that is, 12 sectors for the galaxy. There is a logos for each sector and quadrant, and also one for the whole galaxy. The galaxy sector that overshadows Earth is headed by Melchior.


The universe logos is named Melchizedek. Note that many spiritual beings have used the name Melchizedek. As stated, Jesus apparently had a life under the name Melchizadek. Beyond the universal logos is Metatron. He is referred to as a visible manifestation of the deity of the Father, and creator of the outer worlds.

We have referred to the pyramidal structure of the spiritual government. Primarily this is also the structure of the universe -  but not current science's three-dimensional view of the universe. All fundamental energy is oscillatory and in vortex form. The vortex of the universe spirals 'down' in dimensions then branches off to form sub-universe vortices (such as cluster of galaxies), which in turn spiral off into galaxies.


A galaxy spirals into lower dimensions, branching off into eventually star-system vortices that branch into planets, etc.


A planet vortex will spiral down eventually into the vortices of atoms. The reason why the energy spirals is because this would be the most efficient way to transpose higher-dimensional energy into lower dimensions, otherwise chaos would result -  this is a matter of geometry.

The frequencies are stepped down from the universe to the atom. These vortices are conscious entities as stated, and logos are associated with them.
The consciousness of civilizations follows the same basic physics and energy relationships. It is all consciousness within consciousness, just as the planet's vortex is within the Sun's vortex, which is within the galaxy vortex, etc.


The tree of life is a good model for the universe (and beyond) and all consciousness. The trunk is the Source. Then we have large branches with offshoots of other branches, decreasing in size to twigs. A branch at a particular level may represent a whole ET race - the twigs within it could be individual souls. Everything goes back to the trunk - the Law of One.

More specifically, the consciousness of, say, individual humans is an extension from their soul consciousness, that is, the soul extension (the human personality) is within the soul. One might wish to imagine a small hypnotic aspect of the soul consciousness projected into human experience. The soul can have 12 soul extensions (some sources will argue about the rigidity of this number though).


Furthermore, the soul is within the monad, which in turn can have 12 souls (therefore the monad embraces 144 humans). Everything is hierarchical but nothing is truly external.

As we pointed out, even our planetary logos Sanat Kumara has a higher-self ('soul') named Vywamus. In turn, the monadic equivalent of Vywamus is the cosmic being Lenduce. Again, note that this is all consciousness within consciousness.

Such entities do not generally operate in bodies.


Dr. Stone, in his book The Complete Ascension Manual, covers the subject of these beings in detail. He states Vywamus and Djwhal Khul (Ascended Master) started The Tibetan Foundation, and one of Vywamus's main tasks is to help humanity to clear the subconscious mind.

The spiritual government extends throughout the so-called seven planes or dimensions of reality,

  1. the physical plane

  2. the astral plane

  3. the mental plane

  4. the Buddic or intuitive plane

  5. the atmic or spiritual plane

  6. the monadic plane

  7. the logoic plane

Note that these seven planetary states, when attained, going from one to seven, only complete the first plane of another cosmic scale of seven similarly labeled dimensions

A further administrative level of high order is conducted by the Lords of Karma. They regulate the distribution of karma to individuals, groups and races.


They have the power to determine whether an entity should continue in its particular form where extreme negativity has been demonstrated over a long period of time with little hope of recovery. This is supposed to be rare and not done lightly. The personality is cancelled by, in effect, erasing the modulations of the waves making up the personality, and the basic energy of consciousness is recycled.

A few more examples of cosmic beings of a God-like status are the following. Adonis is described as a great and glorious being who embodies the heart focus in the universe. Atlanto, one of twelve beings, who focuses the energy of thought to sustain the Cosmic Day, which lasts 4.3 billion years. Averran is a cosmic being to oversee the evolution of Earth. And many more.

We might add that beingness can exist in many forms. We have seen planetary and celestial beings, civilizations both individual and collective, transformer beings (see next chapter), nature's forms, entities with no location, etc.


Some grand entities can even be created by methods other than from the Source. Responsible cosmic beings can harmonies their independent energies to quantum regenerate a great single being with newly kindled powers (the Urantia Book gives examples). This is actually how the laser works, which is not understood in current science (see author's website writings).

One of the most significant entities available for all to benefit from is one which has been named the Mahatma, or Avatar of Synthesis. This amazing energy has been integrated by cosmic beings. It not only steps down the high frequencies of the Source energies to the human level but is all these frequencies as one whole. Man thus has a method of contacting directly the Godhead through the inbuilt gradient of frequencies contained within this being (there are apparently 352 levels along this gradient back to the Source).

Finally we must not forget to acknowledge the Angelic Kingdom, which is vast and will link with or come under the spiritual government and hierarchy.

The Council of Nine, already mentioned, and sometimes referred to as the Elohim, are never embodied physically, only through their lower-dimensional projections of 24 civilisations when it is necessary to incarnate and intervene. They oversee and pass on information and help for humankind's evolution.

The Council of Nine are said to be nine principles and basic manifestations of God, and each represents a portion of energy, for example, knowledge, wisdom, love, kindness, technology, etc. Related to the Nine are 24 civilizations, which are in effect extensions of the Nine. These are each a collective consciousness that can express in physical form for communication in the lower-dimensional worlds.


Nevertheless there are further subdivisions of these 24 civilizations into sub-civilizations. Again we must remember not to oversimplify. The millions of members of these 24 civilizations act in perfect unison within each group, though its members are still individual. Some of these civilizations have incarnated and colonized Earth on several occasions.


They go by various names, for example: Altea, which headed Atlantis and whose members are blue-eyed and fair-haired and in human form, but are androgynous; then there is the civilization Hoova, a darker-skinned race which colonized Earth on three occasions.


Each civilization brings a different quality: Altea brings the mental; Hoova, physical; Ashan, the arts and emotions; Aragon for healing, etc. These appear to be special civilizations, not ones which go through the evolutionary process from lower dimensions to higher.


Each civilization is so perfectly synchronistic that it is essentially one being, and clearly exists on the basis of its projection 'downwards' to provide a special function of service and not to be involved with its own ascension, as with a civilization like Earth's. Nevertheless, we are also related to the Council of Nine. The incarnations from the 24 civilizations would be more direct from the Nine (and therefore the Source).

Pleiadeans, Lyrians, and Orions would presumably come under these civilizations, in particular, the civilizations of Altea, Hoova and Ashan, according to the Council of Nine, bringing different portions of the characteristics, such as mental, emotional and physical, hence the human need for a balance between the mind, emotions and body.

We have briefly mentioned the characteristics brought to species, such as humans in the lower space-time dimensions, of individuality and separation, through the Council of Nine. There are also what are called Seven Great Rays. These appear to be another expression of the same source as the Council of Nine.


The qualities of the Rays are:

  1. Power and Will

  2. Love and Wisdom

  3. Intelligence

  4. Beauty and Art

  5. Knowledge and Science

  6. Idealism

  7. Order and Magic

The rays are the energies of great conscious entities which convey particular qualities.


Keep in mind how simple physics shows us that a ray of, say, red light manifests that quality because of its wavelength and if we consider 'compressing' this ray a little, that is shortening its wavelength, it will become a blue ray. Thus frequencies, combined, modulated, or in packets bestow all forms of qualities and properties of matter that we can ever conceive in this frequency-coded universe.

Thus the rays are part of the frequency structure of the personality - one might think of them as archetypal; they ground the individual into a particular qualitative framework. Whereas the Council of Nine, through the civilizations appear to bring the characteristics via the more external aspects of the species, such as in reincarnation of members of the civilizations, Hoova, Ashan, etc.

Note the apparent contradiction in numbers between the nine qualities of the Council of Nine, which apparently projects from the Trinity (three beings), and the Seven Great Rays, also manifesting basic qualities.


The corresponding entities in the Urantia Book are the seven Master Spirits. The Urantia material insists that the number is seven and that there would be more if it were possible, but the number seven is the mathematical result of taking permutations and combinations of the three (the Trinity).


The Council of Nine will argue that nine is a perfect number; it resolves into one (the One extends to three (the Trinity) and each of the three extends to three, giving nine).

In appreciating the vastness of this subject keep in mind that enlightened beings, such as Yogananda, have reminded us that just the astral plane (above the physical) involves a cosmos some one hundred times greater than our cosmos. And as we have seen, above the physical and astral are the mental, intuitive, spiritual, monastic, and logoic planes.

Let us now discuss an even more lofty perspective of the Infinite within the creator domain, and in addition enable us to pursue further the creator level of the Council of Nine.