by Victor Viggiani

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August 29, 2011

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There are few books I have read that both entertained and disturbed me. The Grandest Deception by Dr. Jack Pruett is assuredly one of them.

From the preface, through the opening chapters and well into the book itself Dr. Pruett kept me turning the pages not only by heaving disquieting opinions this reader’s way but also by hurling convincing - if not totally unarguable points of view about,

Where does one begin when one attempts to overthrow the belief system of an entire civilization? Dr. Pruett begins, ‘In the beginning…’ by rattling civilization’s very core.

One of the core pillars of the Judeo-Christian belief system is the Bible. In essence the Bible has always been portrayed in ancient and modern times as the divine and historical relationship of God with mankind - the 'word' of God.


Countries have been founded on this premise; churches of all Christian denominations have used the Bible to disseminate the word of God.

Irrespective of one’s belief system and according to biblical scholars from St. Thomas Aquinas to Billy Graham, the Bible represents the only divinely revealed foundation and guide depicting God’s relationship with mankind. Few other writings have predisposed humanity’s intellectual, political and religious development in such an influential and pervasive manner.

Until now...

After a modest preface and without wasting too much of the reader’s time Dr. Pruett states in the first chapter of his work:

“The Bible is not a story about God or the Supreme Being. The Bible is a story about the Anunnaki. That my friend is the grandest deception and has far-reaching implications.”

Dr. Pruett’s book is essentially concerned with these far-reaching implications - the Anunnaki's imposition of slavery on this newly created species to mine gold in servitude to a race of beings from a planet called Niburu.

One could well contend that this bold statement and the many interpretations that follow are abjectly frivolous or quixotic. However, coming from someone who at one time taught scripture, has graduated with a medical degree in obstetrics and gynecology and who has seen life emerge from the womb over five thousand times, the above statement about the Holy Book struck my mind’s eye like a shaft of piercing light… I had to read more.

In addition to its central argument about the nature of the Bible, Dr. Pruett’s work speaks to a whole host of global, historical and societal issues.

In detailing these issues Dr. Pruett employs an elaborate mixture of speculation and evidence to express his contention the planet and our civilization are essentially doomed. He argues the belief systems used to establish our civilization as a planetary genus are seriously flawed and, without a major reconstruction, we as a species are off to hell in a hand-basket.

Dr. Pruett weaves the threads of a grand deception through an historical tapestry; an alarming lattice of ideas many will dispute.


However he quite adequately depicts our wanton and mounting incapacity to deal with an adversarial and dysfunctional political and judicial system of governance. Pruett also points to humanity’s lethargy in excising the ascendancy and dominance exerted on all of us by a sinister and elitist economic system; one that fans the flames of warfare and ethnic violence.

The reader is left with the distinct impression that Dr. Pruett believes the primordial servitude imposed on mankind by the Anunnaki and the slavery modern institutions engender at all levels, have spawned a citizenry deluded into believing everything will be ‘just fine’ if we just let the rich and powerful manage things while we all look the other way.

Moving from his primary premise that mankind was not created by a single god or multiple gods but was created by ancient astronauts from another planet, to his bold condemnations of the Federal Reserve, governments, religion, secret societies and other social institutions.


Pruett quite effectively illustrates how the tapestry has become a web of incredulous deception. Even the figure in the New Testament known as Jesus Christ and his role in the deception does not escape the scrutiny of Dr. Pruett.

The book is divided into two parts:

  • Part One - The Grandest Deception

  • Part Two - The Grandest Rebellion

Part Two begins with a somber eye-opener that spirituality is not contingent upon a belief in a God or a Jesus.


Dr. Pruett then suggests what amounts to insurrection by engaging humanity in a rebellion towards freedom by ridding America of the Federal Reserve Bank and the ruthless monetary ganglia embedded in a global financial warfare system that has the planet in a strangle hold.

Dr. Pruett pulls no punches as he insists pervasive radical change is a terrestrial imperative. His invitation to readers to dialogue with him about this need for radical change illustrates not only his commitment to change but his drive to attain it.

Notwithstanding the earth-shaking journey that Dr. Pruett takes his readers in this provocative work, two things will occur.

  • First, his analysis will be roundly criticized

  • Secondly, you will turn the pages as frenetically as I did to see where he takes you next on the journey

This book is indeed an act of political courage.