by Pierre Lafontaine
July 21, 2008

from TheCanadian Website

Montreal-born Naomi Klein (above-left), depiction of UFOs (above-right),

and tsunami devastation in Indonesia (bottom).

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, provides circumstantial evidence to support representations by Dr. Michael Salla and other Exopolitics scholars, concerning alleged Manipulative Extraterrestrial intrusions against human sovereignty.

Dr. Salla and his colleagues, suggest that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have seduced human elites by appealing to their greed, and to a pursuit of insatiable drive for power.


Allegedly, Manipulative Extraterrestrials are providing human elites with access to exotic technologies, in exchange for the unimpeded use of "biological materials", and other planetary "resources". The result, according to Dr. Salla, is the formation of an "Extraterrestrial-Military-Industrial Complex", consolidated through a relationship of ego, that is then applied against the affirmation human free will.


The alleged goal of this relationship of convenience is the creation of a "New World Order".

In order to pursue the creation of a New World Order, Dr. Salla alleges the use of an exotic technological capability to artificially generate natural disasters, that includes weather modification.

Naomi Klein, documents a context of predatory capitalism, where elites are seeking to use natural disasters as a de-stabilization pretext for stealing local natural resources from foreign governments that would otherwise resist such capitalist overtures.

Naomi Klein documents a "Reconstruction Industry", creating elaborate plans for natural disasters, with elites already cued up ready to commercially benefit from ecologic ruin and ensuing human suffering.

"We used to have vulgar colonialism,” says Shalmali Guttal, a Bangalore-based researcher with Focus on the Global South. “Now we have sophisticated colonialism, and they call it ‘reconstruction.’”

In the article titled "False Flag Operations, 911, and the Exopolitical Perspective", Dr. Michael Salla indicates,

"False flag operations using weather modification technologies are used to shift blame onto ‘unpredictable’ environmental factors," when in fact such technologies are being used as an instrument of capitalism.

Dr. Salla indicates that such exotic Manipulative Extraterrestrial inspired technologies,

"can be used to create natural disasters or events that coerce nations."

In her article titled "Disaster Capitalism: Reap Profits" published on 1 July 2008, in The Nation, Naomi Klein notes that recently,

"the disaster capitalists have been busy. These include private firefighters already on the scene in Northern California's wildfires, to land grabs in cyclone-hit Burma, to the housing bill making its way through Congress."

On National Public Radio's To the Point, Fadhil Chalabi, one of the primary Iraqi advisers to the Bush Administration in the lead-up to the invasion, recently described the war as,

"a strategic move on the part of the United States of America and the UK to have a military presence in the Gulf in order to secure [oil] supplies in the future."

Chalabi, who served as Iraq's oil under secretary and met with the oil majors before the invasion, described this as "a primary objective."


Naomi Klein further documents a mass privatization of Iraq under elites, which has resulted in a much lower quality-of-living for Iraqis, than had existed before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.


Dr. Salla links a regressive alien linked explication for Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine", which suggests that "Disaster Capitalism" is being enabled by access to Extraterrestrial exotic technologies. Dr. Salla and Ms. Klein both broadly allege that natural disasters have become a part strategic planning that is linked to corresponding pre-emptive war planning.

Naomi Klein documents that,

"It certainly seems that ever-larger portions of the globe are under active reconstruction; being rebuilt by a parallel government made up of a familiar cast of for-profit consulting firms, engineering companies, mega-NGOs, government and UN aid agencies and international financial institutions.


And from the people living in these reconstruction sites - Iraq to Aceh in Indonesia, Afghanistan to Haiti - a similar chorus of complaints can be heard. The work is far too slow, if it is happening at all."

Dr. Salla explicates that Manipulative Extraterrestrials are also part of this clique of interests, that seeks to provide a strategic role in a power grab, at the expense of the affirmation of human rights.

Klein further elaborates that,

"Foreign consultants live high on cost-plus expense accounts and thousand-dollar-a-day salaries, while locals are shut out of much-needed jobs, training and decision making. Expert “democracy builders” lecture governments on the importance of transparency and “good governance” yet most contractors and NGOs refuse to open their books to those same governments, let alone give them control over how their aid money is spent."

Welcome to the planning for a "New World Order", that Dr. Salla elaborates upon, where a regressive alien inspired fascism and greed reigns as the substantive context for governance.

But if the reconstruction industry is stunningly inept at rebuilding, that may be because rebuilding is not its primary purpose.


According to Guttal,

“It’s not reconstruction at all - it’s about reshaping everything.”

If anything, the stories of corruption and incompetence serve to mask this deeper scandal: the rise of a predatory form of disaster capitalism that uses the desperation and fear created by catastrophe to engage in radical social and economic engineering.


Ms. Klein then further documents,

"And on this front, the reconstruction industry works so quickly and efficiently that the privatizations and land grabs are usually locked in before the local population knows what hit them."

That is the operation of "Shock Doctrine" in general.


Dr. Salla's Exopolitical insights suggests that access to Extraterrestrial exotic technologies to instigate apparent "natural" disasters, are in fact, used to destabilize societies.

It is notable that the first initial waves of pledged "AID" to Burma, for example, was reported in the mass-media to have been actively resisted, because governments in such disaster torn countries seem to have been noticing the deploying of a clandestine "Shock Doctrine".

Naomi Klein.

Klein notes from a Sri Lankan witness that Sri Lanka is now facing “a second tsunami of corporate globalization and militarization,” potentially even more devastating than the first.

“We see this as a plan of action amidst the tsunami crisis, to hand over the sea and the coast to foreign corporations and tourism, with military assistance from the U.S. Marines.”

Now the World Bank, notes Ms. Klein,

"is using the December 26 tsunami to push through its cookie-cutter policies. The most devastated countries have seen almost no debt relief, and most of the World Bank’s emergency aid has come in the form of loans, not grants."


But, "rather than emphasizing the need to help the small fishing communities - more than 80 percent of the wave’s victims - the bank is pushing for expansion of the tourism sector and corporate fish farms."


In addition, "as for the damaged public infrastructure, like roads and schools, bank documents recognize that re-building them “may strain public finances” and suggests privatization.

As in other "reconstruction sites", from Haiti to Iraq, tsunami relief has little to do with recovering what was lost.


Although hotels and industry have already started reconstructing on the coast, in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and India, governments, under the direction of capitalistocratic elites, have passed laws preventing families from rebuilding their oceanfront homes.


These are the same elites that Dr. Salla and colleagues links to an Manipulative Extraterrestrial agenda to combine with human elites, to reshape planet Earth into an exploitative and oppressive "New World Order".

Hundreds of thousands of people are being forcibly relocated inland, to military style barracks in Aceh, Indonesia, and to prefab concrete boxes in Thailand.


Naomi Klein documents that,

"the coast is not being rebuilt as it was - dotted with fishing villages and beaches strewn with handmade nets. Instead, governments, corporations and foreign donors are teaming up to rebuild it as they would like it to be: the beaches as playgrounds for tourists, the oceans as watery mines for corporate fishing fleets, both serviced by privatized airports and highways built on borrowed money."

According to the U.S. President George W Bush administration's Condoleezza Rice,

a Tsunami is a "wonderful opportunity".

Ms. Klein then notes that,

"in January Condoleezza Rice sparked a small controversy by describing the tsunami as 'a wonderful opportunity' that 'has paid great dividends for us.' Many were horrified at the idea of treating a massive human tragedy as a chance to seek advantage."

To underscore Rice's assertions, Ms. Klein indicates that,

"A group calling itself Thailand Tsunami Survivors and Supporters says that for 'businessmen-politicians, the tsunami was the answer to their prayers, since it literally wiped these coastal areas clean of the communities which had previously stood in the way of their plans for resorts, hotels, casinos and shrimp farms. To them, all these coastal areas are now open land!'”

In Paul B. Farrell's, "War, Terror, Catastrophe: Profiting from 'Disaster Capitalism'", he provides a "Hot Tip" - Invest in Disaster Capitalism.


This new investment sector is the core of the emerging "new economy" that generates profits by feeding off other peoples' misery:

  • wars

  • terror attacks

  • "natural" catastrophes

  • poverty

  • trade sanctions

  • market crashes,

...and all kinds of economic, financial and political disasters.

Mr. Farrell's elaborates that,

"In this Orwellian future, everything must be seen with new eyes: "Disasters" are "IPOs," opportunities to buy into a new "company." Corporations like Lockheed-Martin are the real "emerging nations" of the world, not some dinky countries. They generate huge profits, grow earnings. And seen through the new rose-colored glasses of "Disaster Capitalism" they are hot investment opportunities.

"Disaster Capitalism" is financing a new world economic order says Klein, not just in "the divide between Baghdad's Green and Red zones" but in other disaster zones, from post-tsunami Sri Lanka to post-Katrina New Orleans.


"Disasters come in many forms: Weapons destroying power plants and hospitals, nature weakening bridges, hurricanes wiping out towns, ideological conflicts turning Africa's farmlands into deserts, global banking systems favoring investors over public works, shopping malls over schools, sewage treatment and power plants, and so on."


In a brilliant Harper's excerpt from The Shock Doctrine, Ms. Klein makes clear how this new economy is the wave of the future for certain investors."

Dr. Salla's allegations simply helps to illuminate that the regressive alien context is providing the "elbow grease" for the apparent efficient transformation of natural disasters into dystopias that enable elite control and capitalist greed.