by Peter Tremblay
October 26, 2007

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Historical allegations suggest Nazi Germany was able to develop,

so relatively fast, because of support from self-described "Aryan" Extraterrestrials.
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Scholarly testimony which includes historical research, suggests that the U.S. pre-emptive war against Iraq could be an attempt to re-start Adolf Hitler's original agenda of eventual military expansion into the Middle East, toward World Conquest.


Indeed, Adolf Hitler sought to build alliances with Arab interests, as the Bush administration has similarly sought to build alliances with rich Arab elites, toward sought Middle East power consolidation.


Hitler’s Nazi program specifically stipulated,

“The Arabian Freedom Movement in the Middle East is our natural ally... In this connection special importance is attached to the liberation of Iraq.”

It appears that Iraq and Iran are viewed by the human elites of this Extraterrestrial-oriented religious group, to be their ancient religious homeland (like for example, how Jews revere Israel), and that the current Muslim groups there, are little more than "squatters".

Dr. Michael Salla also cites numerous reports of alien spacecraft in the Iraq and Iran areas as evidence that region is a,

"vast energy portal that was strategically chosen for this reason, as the home base for extraterrestrials", during an ancient era.

Apparently, the original “colonizing” of Iraq as the cradle of human civilization, (and of other ancient civilizations in the Middle East like Egypt) was done with the assistance of authoritarian-minded "Aryans", as apparent inter-dimensional human looking "beings from the sky".


Aryans, were also apparently "beings from the sky" that in turn inspired Adolf Hitler's racist ideology.


Indeed, Dr. Salla further states that the pre-emptive war against Iraq, was inspired by religious reasons to,

"prepare for an impending series of events corresponding to the 'prophesied return' of an advanced race of Extraterrestrials."

Dr. Michael Salla, in "An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq", that was published on February 3, 2003, documents, that,

"The strongest available evidence for an historical ET presence in Iraq comes from cuneiform tablets directly recording the beliefs and activities of the ancient Sumerians whose civilization began almost overnight in 3800 BC."

Dr. Salla elaborates that,

"Most of these cuneiform tablets relate stories of the Sumerians, interacting with their 'gods'."

Most archaeologists, initially accepted that these were merely myths and attached little importance to them other than giving insight into the mytho-religious beliefs of the ancient Sumerians.


That viewpoint received a major challenge in 1976, when the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, published the first of a series of books on his translations of thousands of Sumerian tablets.

Sitchin's translations of Sumerian cuneiform tablets revealed precise information on a range of topics that he argues could not have been possible for a civilization at the initial stages of its development with no obvious predecessor civilization to borrow from.

According to Sitchin, Dr. Salla further documents, the Sumerians had detailed knowledge of all the planets in the solar system, understood the precession of the equinoxes, and also had an understanding of complex medical procedures. As to where they could have gained this detailed knowledge, Sitchin's translations suggest that the Sumerians provided a clear answer for its ultimate source.


They revealed in their tablets that all their knowledge came from a race of extraterrestrial visitors.



A plan for a New World Order under demonic rule?

According to investigative scholars, the pre-emptive attack against Iraq was part of a timetable to fully establish a "New World Order" by no later than the year 2012, with the expected formal return of "Aryans" as "inspirers" of the New World Order timetable. Investigative scholars argue that, the false allegation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, or even oil, was not the main reason for invading Iraq.


If this is the case, no amount of persuasion will get the elite supporters of an apparent "cult religion" to back down from their eventual sought goal.


According to Canada's scholarly Centre for Research on Globalization, U.S. elites have already consolidated a military build-up in the Persian Gulf, toward a reportedly sought pre-emptive war against Iran, that would also reportedly use "tactical" nuclear weapons.


In the apparent view of the prevailing U.S. Elites, the prospects of global nuclear war, is a necessary step to reclaim their Extraterrestrial-inspired religious-political "homeland" centered on Iraq and Iran, as the prospective centre of a New World Order.


U.S. Secretary of Sate Condoleeza Rice notably says,

“Iran is the single challenge facing U.S. foreign policy.”

U.S. elites appear determined to consolidate their power in Iraq, and to pursue conquest again Iran, irrespective of accounts from United Nations affiliated international inspectors, that there is no evidence that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear bomb.


The widely circulated representation that Iran is supplying a network of military “insurgents” in Iraq appears to be another Nazi style deception strategy.



The Great Pyramids a religious symbol of “Aryan” Extraterrestrial influenced ambitions for a New World Order

Adolf Hitler idolized the Great Pyramids in the Middle East.


According to scholarly representation, the “Aryans” that inspired Adolf Hitler's racist ideology, were Extraterrestrials that Hitler had been apparently maintained contact with through the UFO-oriented Thule Society for "religious inspiration" and rapid technological advancement toward a "Brave New World Order".

The alleged Aryan-organized religion associated with the ancient Great Pyramids, apparently have an authoritarian vision of society associated with a supreme ruler at the very top, and at the "bottom" is the base of followers. This vision of society is shared by today's elites who seek to replace the operation of democracy, with rule under pyramidal organized power, supervised by a non-democratic political-military-industrial complex, that seeks to rule, based upon fear.

It is has been a further well documented fact that,

"Hitler often went into trances and spoke to his military commanders. His chair press officer, Dr. Dietrich testified his belief that Hitler was possessed by demons."


"Hitler told his High Command, his belief in the Superman who had ruled the planet in the times of Atlantis and Thule, and after the war of the gods that led to the fall of Atlantis the Superman, who were the Masters of the World, had gone underground."

Hitler said he,

"took his orders for the Nazi conquest from the Superman who lived inside the Earth."

In a conversation with, Governor Rauschning, a man who tried to tell the Nazi Leader of the great difficulty of genetically creating a new "racially superior" species, Hitler replied,

"The New Man is living among us now! He is here! Isn't that I enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the New Man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him!"



Have American elites been assimilated

...into the same alien Aryan spell which apparently seized control of Adolf Hitler and his German mercenaries?

Adolf Hitler, self-consumed in an agenda of power, made himself vulnerable to be mind controlled into an apparent "alien spell", which propelled him into a quest to take over the world on behalf of "Aryans".


Therefore, the allies led by United Kingdom and the U.S. was not only up against Nazi Germany, but apparently "Aryan" allies that were apparently seeking to assimilate their ideology and technologies into the German political-military-industrial system. How do you think one single country that was in a state of economic ruin, including mass unemployment, could so quickly, get into a state that it could take on the world in World War II, and almost win?

Hitler, was apparently convinced by these self-proclaimed superior beings of "Supermen" that Hitler himself, was chosen as a special emissary to bring forth "God's Divine Plan" which required genocide against "inferior" races. It is apparent that the same reported Aryan-linked demonic extraterrestrial intelligence is following a very similar "script" to re-initiate its sought alleged agenda to take over the world.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials, apparently use flatteries and access to advanced technologies, to convince human elites of having "special insight" of 'previous lives' of greatness.


The Manipulative Extraterrestrials then position themselves as being "emissaries of God", which entitles them to then direct the human elites to deliver "Judgment" against inferior races, and against those who "sin" against their oppressive authority.

Gene Roddenberry who created television series Star Trek which first aired in the late 1960's, is also reported as having been contacted by Extraterrestrials with a similar manipulative agenda to the Aryan "overlords" of Nazi Germany.


Gene Roddenberry reported of such Extraterrestrials as having sought to,

"[F]latter his ego outrageously, telling him that in former lives he had been the god Jupiter, a son of Moses, as well as the father of the Apostle Peter!"

It appears that the elites who now prevail over the United States may have succumbed to the same mind control techniques which include manipulative flatteries, and promises of glory, greatness, and "unrivalled power", which Adolf Hitler apparently succumbed to.


Indeed, critically acclaimed author Richard M. Dolan has explored in great detail, the similar patterns activities between the Reichstag Fire that was instigated by the Nazis and blamed on the Jews, with the World Trade Center in 9/11, in which evidence suggests that Muslims were used as scapegoats.

Could the same group of Aryans having picked the "losing side" during World War II have sought to "cross-over", in order to influence America and its allies toward the fulfillment of what Gnostics might have referred to as a plan of an "impostor God"?

Historical documents, cite large U.S. corporations and other interests which traitorously supported the Nazi war machine, as Americans were fighting against the Nazis. This suggests that "Aryans" might have already had a strong group of religious followers to take over America from within.

Indeed, many diverse researchers have cited on the U.S. dollar for example,

  • the "All-Seeing Eye"

  • the Great Pyramid

  • the Six-Pointed Star

  • the Eagle

  • the phrases Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum

  • the motto Et Pluribus Unum, being just one of many representations of such a religious order.

"Novus Ordo Seclorum", roughly translates to mean "New World Order" which was the agenda of U.S. elites that had supported Adolf Hitler. The use of a Great Pyramid as religious symbols further suggests that the geographical areas of our planet Earth which have Great Pyramids which include Iraq and surrounding areas, have some kind of special meaning for followers of an apparent "Great Pyramid-oriented Religion".


That would help explain an apparent messianic military expansionist fixation, to “re-claim” perceived “sacred” areas like Iraq. Followers of an ancient religion would have some kind of corresponding ancient empire-related association with areas where there are Great Pyramids.

The massive 4,000-year-old Ziggurat at Ur Pyramid, for example, is in southern Iraq. There is also an estimated 100,000 archaeological sites in Iraq.


Many of these sites have been attributed by scholars like Zecharia Sitchin to have extraterrestrial influences and origins.



What is the New World Order?

The ‘New World Order’ seems to roughly refer to the abolishment of all nations including the United States, and the total control of all human affairs under a elite driven World Government, inspired by a top-down Aryan ideology symbolized by the ancient Great Pyramids.


The sought abolishment of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is already taking place under the agenda of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPPNA).


However, Iran which is still not under control by New World Order religious fraternity, has delayed a sought global transition into a "New World Order".


Alleged religious followers of Aryan ideology seem to be determined to seize Iran, by provoking a nuclear war and human holocaust, under the apparent direction of self-professed emissaries of "God's Divine Plan", to prepare for an Aryan Messiah on "Judgment Day".

Gnostics indeed sought to warn humanity that such concepts including "sin" and "the messiah" were indeed tricks used by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to get humanity to worship an alien contrived "impostor God", which manifests itself in the dogma and organizational cultures of organized religions like christianity.


Indeed, Vatican elites of the catholic church had supported Adolf Hitler, as they have currently sought to support the current destructive pre-emptive war agenda of the Bush administration.


Elites of Nazi Germany

...and today's America reveal a shared vision of an "Aryan" inspired New World Order

The goal of a "New World Order" has mutated to become the official agenda of U.S. elites (under the Bush administration) in relation to a similar agenda of pre-emptive war.



pre-emptive tactics also pivotally motivated Adolf Hitler's agenda of pre-emptive war, in which mass public support is obtained, by inciting fear of blamed scapegoat enemy aggressors.



9/11 as the work of a demonic consciousness

Learned scholar David Ray Griffin, referred to 9/11 as being not instigated by apparent Muslim scapegoats, but instead instigated by a demonic consciousness that has intruded into our universe.


The apparent demonic consciousness that propelled Adolf Hitler, appears to be consistent with the demonic consciousness that David Ray Griffin describes, in the context of "War on Terrorism".


John Lash documents in Metahistory that the Gnostics has correspondingly sought to warn humanity about "demons from the sky" that acted as an opportunistic parasite on the human consciousness.

The parallel associated with the rise of Adolf Hitler into power, and the current regime in the United States, appear to be more than just a mere coincidence.


Having been defeated through trying to use Adolf Hitler as a conduit for global conquest, investigative scholars suggest that the demonic consciousness has sought to conquer America from within, as a prelude for global conquest, through the world's only remaining superpower.