by Alex Christopher


Spanish version
extracted from 'Pandora's Box -
The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" Behind the New World Order'

This chapter of the book I really did not want to write but after everything else that is in it I decided that you really need to know the reason that all of these events happened. You also need to know who all the original game players were.

At some time you might also read a book called “The Twelfth Planet.”

First of all I have a question for you. All through the Bible are these quotes of “God said” this and “God said that”. Personally I would really like to know where this “GOD” took off to. It appears that once upon a time he went around everywhere running his mouth and then disappeared into thin air and has since gone deaf, dumb and blind. If he ever really cared what went on, on this earth it doesn’t appear that he cares anymore.


After all, when was the last time he made a public announcement? Why are there conflicting attitudes in the Bible? In parts of the Bible God is this wonderful, sweet, loving, kind father. Then on the flip side, you will find in the bible this “God" that is jealous, insecure, angry, selfish, tyrannical and instigated murder of his peoples. Anyone acting like this today would be put in a psycho ward or jail as a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic.


Could it be remotely possible that the Bible the book of “Gods” word is not totally correct?


Remember it has been rewritten and changed many times and the teaching of Jesus weren’t even written until 200 years after he left here. Jesus' teaching were passed by word of mouth and every time the true teaching were found the Roman Church has grabbed them up and either destroyed them or hidden them in the Vatican. Or is it possible that there was more than one so called “God" here on earth at the same time. If you are a Bible buff take a moment and think about this possibility and then I have a “truth” to share with you.

Do you remember that I told you that the winners have always written history to suit their objective. The Bible is no different, it is a so called history novel of sorts. If you start doing research on the origins and development of who wrote the Bible you will find that much of it has been changed, lost and adulterated.


With the knowledge that has come out in the last couple of years about the Montauk Project, in particular the information that can be found in “Matrix III" by Val Valerian, one of the best books of our time, it is entirely possible that time traveler from now went back into the past and left parts or all of the bible to come forward to today to keep a whole race of people ignorant, enslaved and controlled.

The following information has been given to people of earth from the realm of the angles about what really happened here on earth and it will be up to you to decide what your feelings are about it. This story is centered around and entity that is known in the Bible as Jehovah. Long, long, ago and far, far, away from earth out in the heavens, a war broke out among a group of competitive entities which we will refer to as “Gods” because that is what they call themselves.


At this time there were three main entities “Gods”, battling it out with one another.


They were known as Yahweh, Jehovah and Id. Yahweh and his group of brothers came to earth long ago and began experimenting and improving the creation of the physical body called man or the human being. It was the wish of this group of “Gods” to create a “costume” to be warn by the energy and the conscious that each individual entity “God” is made of.


It was the desire of the house of Yahweh to create a costume, the living body of man, capable of housing the consciousness, intelligence and energy of and individual entity “God” so that entity could come to earth and experience in a tangible “feeling” all of the creations of the third dimensional mass on earth.


The “Gods” desired to be able to walk among the animals, plants and trees that they had help create here on earth. But in order for these gods to be able to occupy third dimensional mass they had to lower their high vibratory frequency or light frequency, from say. the seventh dimensional level of light (because they were pure light) to the third level because if they did the sudden on slot of high energy would explode the little human body.


This is where the term “the fall of spirit”, comes from. Because these gods, spirit, energy, had to be lowered in light frequency in order to inhabit a flesh and blood body here on earth.


The tragedy that occurred is that after these “gods” took a physical body here on earth and started coming back time after time into a new costume, on their play ground for the gods, they lost the memory of who and what they were. Jehovah played a big part in that. It all started out as a game and an experiment but someone “Jehovah” and his band of tyrants thought it would be great fun to destroy the instruction manual as to how to get out of the third dimension and back to the seventh.


Because for the first time he could control his brothers and sisters while they were in mass, which he could not achieve before they took bodies and lost their memory through programming.


So for thousands of years we have been running around on earth life time after life time, trying to find the instruction manual. We all instinctively know something is missing and are in hot pursuit of it and then someone introduces you to a religion and you think you have found it for a while, because it relates to spirit, but your still miserable and searching for, you can’t remember what. Its the instruction manual.


There is a group called Jehovah that doesn’t want you to find the way home, back to a high light frequency, because he can’t control you there. And he wants to be worshiped. People that are given the instructions to “Apotheosis” can’t be controlled and that really upsets the Jehovah group because remember that the Jehovah wants you to stay ignorant.


Remember the verse “don’t eat of the fruit of knowledge” and the god that wants you to worship him. God is not a him or her, god is a isness, a knowingness, a consciousness. And any god that needs to be worshiped is insecure and that is an attitude of man. Why would god have and attitude, that needs a psychosocial adjustment?


The truth of the matter is that Jehovah is a group of ugly, ego crazed, psychopath, insecure, tyrannical anal retentive humanoids from another solar system. They have thousands of years brainwashed mankind and controlled him. By the way “sheepeople” the Reptilian’s who are Jehovahs’ helps, favorite meal is nice tender human flesh. Why have they been here waging war on you for thousands of years? Because you have been brow beaten into giving not only your power away as a god yourself but all of your memory and what you are capable of being has been systematically stripped from you.


I guarantee you that the Zionist-Khazar and your government know how powerful a fully aware god is. That is exactly why they keep you enslaved and ignorant with their created religions. They have stripped your god out of you and put it outside of you. So now you worship something distant and separated from you when in truth there is no separation you and the creator are one and the same.

When Jehovah and his band of tyrants came here thousands of years ago, their ships seemed to be on fire in the sky, know then as chariots of fire now known as UFO’s. The peaceable group of “Gods” called “Yahweh were here on earth working with their creation of “man”. Yahweh and his small group called “the great white brotherhood” meet with Jehovah. Yahweh had just a small group, a brother hood of only thirteen.


Which were scattered all over earth teaching righteousness and love. That was all that was left of the spirits that had not lowered their frequency to become a man to participate in this drama on earth. When Jehovah decided that waging war with Yahweh and his brotherhood wasn’t worth the effort, he went after the seed of Yahweh. This began the Jewish religions (remember the winner writes the history). Man at that time was of insignificant and ignorance and scared of his own shadow. Jehovah led the peoples the seed of the loving Yahweh to a land called Babylonia (Sumer).


He forced the people to fight Yahweh.


With this came the lineage of Abraham. Jehovah became known to all inhabitants of earth. He forced one group of people to fight against others waging war. Jehovah hated the Blackman, red man, the white man and most of all, he hated all females and he deemed them soulless. He did his best to despise them all. And he brought one small seed (probably the ones that his group interbreed with, that is how the Jews got their big nose.) This group became a nation of people to do battle against the people of Yahweh, particularly the Egyptians.

One of the greatest Egyptian leaders born after Yahweh people began to be was Rata-Ben.


He was one of the first pharaohs of the Egyptian people. He left a lineage for his people, and of the pharaoh to love and of a humble and wonderful people, who built landmarks on this earth, in just 3 years total time, to remind mankind that ChristGod" is within every person, a landmark that eternity could not erode away.


They are known as the pyramids. The triangle and the star of David both mean god is within.

Jehovah, being jealous, angry, insecure and full of hate, a real psycho, led his race of people against all other races. These wars were a slaughter. The races outside of Jehovah race were no match for his space ship that stings like a scorpion which is termed as a “chariot of Fire”. Not all UFO’s today are of Jehovah group. Yahweh now has an army here in great magnitude, on behalf of his seeds that has survived to today.


Jehovah ship could level a plane, part the sea and cook the earth. Yahweh’ people didn’t have much of a chance. Jehovah was trying to destroy all of Yahweh seeds.




The first inquisition by Jehovah and his seeds


Jehovah reign here on earth for thousands of years and enslaved the people, fallen gods. He appointed scribes (writers) to write his words, (remember the winner writes the history), his words were of threat and murder, separateness of people, of woman to man, husband to wife , of family to family and creed to creed. The whole world went to war against one another.


And the high council’s of “angels” if you please upon this plane weep, and they would bring dreams upon both sides for peace and knowingness.

Jehovah’s favorite thing was serving up large helpings of “fear”. He scared his people into doing his bidding for him. As they still do even today. If they did not deliver the message he had told them to, he would make them eat their own dung off of the earth, or take their family form them.

Jehovah’s people were getting fed up with him and his outrageous ways, and they tried to go back to the way things were before he came and this really upset him. He got angry at his own people. Jehovah had his people build the Ark of the Covenant, so he could communicate with them through it. If any fool touched it they died. They would take it into war, while Jehovah sat in his space ship, and directed the battle through the covenant, the Ark was along the lines of a radio communicator but it also had a radio active beam or laser capability built into it.


The Ark was almost as powerful as the weapons on Jehovah’s ship. If you were in the path of the Ark and it didn’t kill you, you would wish it had. Because its radiation power would cause the skin to peel off their bones, their eyes fell out of their sockets, their loins exploded, you get the picture I’m sure. Jehovah could not destroy Yahweh, he could only get to him by destroying his seeds. Yahweh brotherhood watched this all taking place for eons. Jehovah would not allow the people to worship the creator god that is within all of us.


To all that slipped around and did he promised hell to them all. Jehovah had his hay days here on earth.

Yahweh’ brotherhood and many others like his jointed together against Jehovah. They created a space ship more powerful, and faster than anything Jehovah had. It looks like a sun. Jehovah realizing that he was out numbered and out equipped and out smarted.


When Yahweh group of thirteen all splitting their souls and knowledge and created and entity’ that would come to earth and start a change of this world. Jehovah packed up an left. Yahweh and his brotherhood and many more are still here, still loving us and trying to protect and up lift those that are awakening.

Jehovah does not love you, he only came to start you waging war among yourselves. At one time before man was man when you were all spirit “God”, Jehovah could not control you because you were as powerful in though as he but once you became a man of the human flesh you lose your power and memory and being the jerk Jehovah is he could then keep you controlled, enslaved and ignorant.

Jehovah left this galaxies for another to cause havoc else where but unfortunately not all of his henchman left with him and they have been here always pushing their seed the “Zionist-Kharzars” to carry out their subservient planes on Yahweh people that have somehow survived. These people are the Caucasian, Gentiles and non-Jews in general and many Jewish people also have turned from the Zionist objective.


Most orthodox Jewish people except for the hierarchy of Kharzars and Zionist, have no idea what the Talmud, Kabbalah or Zohar are based on and are loving, beautiful people same as the so called gentile, so what is going to happen to them? Well, Jehovah promised hell to anyone that did not obey him.


The sad thing is that when Jehovah left he promised to come back to raise hell with the people of earth again, and he is here now, just waiting out around Pluto somewhere getting geared up for another rampage on Yahweh seeds once again. There is a battle coming between Jehovah and Yahweh armies very soon. It is the battle in the heavens that is talked about in the Revelations in the bible. It will be awesome with light beam space ships battling one another in the sky over the earth.


What is the prize of the battle? It is the survivors left on earth.

Jehovah created so much fear and disharmony here on earth that we have never recovered. Yahweh's brotherhood knew that their brothers in man needed a “hope” a deliver.


Yahweh and his brotherhood started a prophecy among the peoples of a great one that was to come. So it came to past that the great entity that the brotherhood had created by splitting their souls and knowledge was to come to educate man, and up lift his spirit. To give knowledge of who and what we are and that there is no hell and life is eternal and the only savior for you is yourself.


Worship the part of “god” that is within you. not outside of you. Do not live in fear, live in joy. No one can take your eternal life from you because you can reincarnate anytime you wish. You always live in one level of frequency or another, it is either mass or light.


He did not bring the worshiping and fear and the enslaving message the church would have you believe.