by Peter Tremblay

January 14, 2008
from TheCanadian Website


A composite of John Lash's and Dr Michael Salla's published research in the Exopolitics Journal presents critical insights on how to broadly distinguish between Ethical and Manipulative Extraterrestrials.


Dr. Salla specifically outlines a typology of Ethical versus Manipulative Extraterrestrials, based upon cross-referenced testimonies and documentation. With this in mind, a central identified characteristic of Ethical Extraterrestrials is vital respect for human free will. This includes a rejection of abductions or other apparent other invasive forms contacts.

These other invasive forms of contacts reportedly include medical experiments, or techniques of telepathic mind control, where human subjects are induced into a psychological states of worship and ensuing mental slavery to the prerogatives of Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

This apparent manipulation also apparently includes some abductees apparently believing their abduction is somehow serving a "greater universal good" that is arguably consistent with some kind of advanced mind control techniques, that the ancient Gnostics were concerned about.

  • Ethical Extraterrestrials are "ethical" because they approach humans cosmologically as equal, and seek to visit Earth as respectful guests.

  • Apparent Ethical Humans not from Earth, for example, have been documented by Dr Michael Salla as seeking to blend in with human populations, and in the process, have sought to inspire progressive social change among humans, like a "celestial peace corps". This includes a mutualistic respect for human rights, social justice, environmental stewardship toward inspiring humanity to embrace a higher consciousness.

  • Ethical Extraterrestrial have also been characterized as refusing to prematurely share technology with any humans that could be exploited for oppressive military or other purposes.

  • Manipulative Extraterrestrials, in contrast, have reportedly sought to share military and other technology that could be used to advance joint oppressive objectives between Earthbound human elites and such off-world entities.

  • Manipulative Extraterrestrials either seek to use deceptive advances of "friendship" or "alliances" to encourage religious, or other forms of worship (and/or psychological dependence), or have reportedly used outright coercion, against human free will (and also against the free will of other sentient beings in our universe).

John Lash cites that the spirit of our universe was in fact, characterized by a coming together of sentient beings associated with a cosmic God, that sought to embrace and affirm free will in our universe. Manipulative Extraterrestrials in contrast, seek to undermine the free will of humanity, (and other sentient beings in our universe) through the creation of what Jacques Vallee, referred to as "control systems".


This includes both indirect and direct "control systems".


Such mechanisms of an indirect control system include Manipulative Extraterrestrials that seek to inspire organized religions, linked to an Extraterrestrial created "impostor God(s), and other such elite driven ideologies that operate as indirect control systems. Direct control system include institutions for the use of outright force, like militaries.

John Lash, specifically indicates in that,

"Archons as Manipulative Extraterrestrials are predatory, unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings, that also had been know to the Gnostics, as beings who are benevolent or neutral toward humanity."

Dr. Lash illuminates Gnostic research insights, that Christian elites who are and have been under the apparent influence of "Archons", have sought to conceal. According to Dr. Lash, Gnostics sought to help warn humanity about Manipulative Extraterrestrials as a 'demonic consciousnesses' "from the sky", that posed a great threat to human free will, and ensuing spiritual awakening.

John Lash, presents Gnostics as specifically illuminating Manipulative Extraterrestrials as lower-dimensional but technologically advanced intelligent beings, that seek to take advantage of "error" in human consciousness, in a manner that can be used to exploit humanity, through the co-operation their elites. The nature of humans as beings of "free will" can de-evolve into a path of "error", and that requires critical self-awareness so as to avoid and to correct, before that "error" can exploited toward an agenda of oppression.

Dr. Lash reveals Gnostic accounts of Manipulative Extraterrestrials, as ego-driven entities which seek to exploit the ego-driven tendencies of human elites, and in other humans.

This exploitative approach apparently includes techniques of flattering human contactees with invocations of vaunting alleged affinities to religious icons or religious prophecies (that have in turn been historically inspired through Extraterrestrial-contrived gods, in association with socially controlling alien doctrines).

Whereas Dr. Lash presents Manipulative Extraterrestrials as "Archons", he presents Ethical Extraterrestrials as entities that are "Aeonic" with higher dimensional consciousnesses.

Ethical Extraterrestrials seek to help humanity empower themselves in a context of existential self-determination. Ethical Extraterrestrial apparently seek to inspire humans to free themselves from coercive elite-driven power structures, and to inspire the members of humanity to respectively realize their own potential to consensually live in peace with each other.

Whereas Ethical Extraterrestrial would abhor any worship from humans looking upon them as "superior beings", Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to inspire such worship that can be used to control humans through what John Lash refers to as the "doctrine of the aliens".


Through organized religion, Manipulative Extraterrestrials seek to pacify humans into a state of dumbed-down obedience, to a god in the sky that operates through various inter-related elite controlled systems, presided by colluding hierarchies with various associations to the clergy of respective organized religions.

Specifically, according to Lash, Gnostics taught that Archons as Manipulative Extraterrestrials envy us and feed on our fear.


“Above all, they attempt to keep us from claiming and evolving our “inner light,” the gift of divine intelligence within.”


Manipulative Extraterrestrials, apparently, and pivotally use organized religion to keep humanity in a state of dogma- induced fear, and off-world obeisance that would prevent an empowering inner-spiritual awakening.

Various researchers, including Dr. Lash, arguably imply that recognizing the difference between Ethical and Manipulative Extraterrestrials can be critically facilitated when individuals embrace a higher consciousness. This includes embracing critical thought and empathy in the spirit of the Gnostics, while at the same time rejecting blind apparent off-world focused religions, doctrines, dogmas, ego-centricity, greed, exploitation, oppression, elitism, including elite orchestrated belief systems, racisms, sexism, and other such debilitating ideologies and social control systems - which we observe to be following in our society to date.

Such control systems also includes the dominant impact of the idea of "religious salvation", and the redeemer-messiah focus.


Such a construct according to Dr. Lash's research on the Gnostics, was psychologically contrived by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to spiritually disempower humanity under the "stupor" of an "impostor" God or gods.