January 10, 2023

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On January 7, 2023 Elena Danaan posted a video in which she said that Thor Han had paid a visit to the Earth Alliance somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the United States. (1, 27)


This made me realize that in all those 200 articles that can be found on this website I never formally introduced the Earth Alliance.

Who are they?


What have they done and what are they doing now?






(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication

Specialist 1st Class Vladimir Ramos/Released)  (17)



In The Seeders (3) we can read that the Earth Alliance was set in motion by the Galactic Federation of Worlds:

"Since the 1950s, secretly bypassing the false treaties between the MJ-12 and the Nebu, the Galactic Federation of Worlds created the Earth Alliance to help the humans of Earth build their own space fleet and stand against a spacefaring enemy.


It began with the US Navy and, with time, extended throughout the entire planet, culminating with the creation of the Artemis Accords in 2020." (2)

(3, p.56)

In a video from September 2021 Elena talks about the Earth Alliance:

"The earth alliance which is the collaboration of what you call white hats, different benevolent military forces from different countries on earth have allied with the forces of the galactic federation of worlds to fight in the undergrounds and in space this program has been set up since the 1940s and really really got a jump start when commander Val Thor (22) arrived in 1957."  (4)

So the Earth Alliance,

 is a military alliance consisting of military from Earth and military from the Galactic Federation of Worlds.




One of the reasons for the creation of the Earth Alliance was to prepare humanity for a future in which they would be able to defend Earth from malevolent alien invaders.


The Galactic Federation of Worlds together with the Earth Alliance have fought together to beat these malevolent extraterrestrial races on various celestial bodies in our Solar System, if possible in cooperation with the local resistance.


Besides Earth, the main focal points were the Moon, Mars (5) and Ceres. (6)

In July 2021 a meeting was held on Jupiter (7) which led to the 'Jupiter Agreements'.


The participants of this meeting were,

  • the Galactic Federation of Worlds

  • the Zenae Council (8)

  • the Council of Five (9)

  • Terran military forces (Earth Alliance members)

You might recognize these councils from the 'Enlil Trial'. (10)


The Intergalactic Confederation (11) hadn't arrived in our Solar System by that time.

Elena writes in 'We Will Never Let you Down':

"These meetings had the goal to determine the share, use and protection of this star system, regarding to economic and military domains, in preparation for the future.


Territories of action have been set. Terran Humans are officially taking ownership of their star system."  (12, p.237)




There would have been harsh battles in the underground bases and tunnels all across the world with the Earth Alliance doing all the dirty military work fighting the malevolent forces like the Ciakahrr (13) and the Nebu (14) and their human allies from the Cabal.

In a video from October 2021 we can hear Ardaana talk about these fights below the surface of our planet:

"The war fought in the underground was the most despicable war the federation has fought, as long as soldiers can remember.


Why these men and women from the Earth alliance both humans of Earth and humans and beings from other places in the galaxy fighting together, what they have seen: it's the depth of horror. It is not necessary to go and try to imagine these things.


We will know one day.


The meager idea I have is already unbearable and I cannot even speak it.


So what Ardana says to us, is that the forces in power military able to get rid of this very powerful extraterrestrial enemy have accomplished their task and now the Earth is ours." (15)

Ardaana made a few wonderful statements after the wars were finally over and our Solar System was cleansed of the malevolent ET-forces.


You can read her statement at. (16)







One of the tasks alotted to the Earth Alliance is to supervise the introduction of new technology, like med-beds.


In October 2021 Elena Danaan explained a bit more:

"Space stations are being built in orbit of earth.


The technology regarding to medical science, medical technology and a lot of different things are being built on the moon. There's a lot of work force going on the moon. Legal paid people for the first time.


The era of slavery is over!" (18)

After the Solar System was cleared the Intergalactic Federation arrived and Enki had taken control of the Nibiru ship and he had handed over his 'DNA-Grail' for humanity to be used in the med-beds. (19, 20)




As you may remember Saturn used to be a 'hotbed' for the rogue parts of the Anunnaki, with people like Enlil and Marduk controlling most of the planet.


In 2022 the ownership of the planet was transferred from the Anunnaki to the Earth Alliance, (21) just like Antarctica was handed over to them a year before. (26)




I started this article with a reference to a visit by Thor Han - Elena Danaan's main contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds - with the Earth Alliance in a military base in the Blue Ridge Mountains. (1)


He gave them certain directions for disclosure. He gave it in an oblong device, which had these directives stored on it, much like an USB-stick.


This military base is considered to be the head quarters from which the ET-disclosure is managed. In the video she also mentioned that Val Thor (22) was preparing disclosure about Solar Warden (23) with the Earth Alliance.




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