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April 29, 2012
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The 'bigger galactic picture' of why the Reptilians have been here on Earth, and on twenty (20) other planets, two (2) of which are very much like Earth. And their long term conversion plans for the human planets of the Milky Way galaxy.

Until the people of the Andromeda Council stepped in a few years ago... and derailed that agenda.

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April 28, 2012



Reptilian Plan to Convert and Transform The Milky Way Galaxy
...and All Genetically Human Planets to Reptilian Ones



Most of you will remember that there were two (2) primary reasons that the Andromeda Council made a conscious decision to step in and intervene on behalf of the people of Earth.



The meeting by the Andromeda Council to intervene


Years ago, before this recent war in space began for the freedom of Earth and her people against the Draco and Hydra Reptilians, and their Orion Grey alliance partners... and keep in mind this “War out in Space” just beyond Earth space, ended around late January-early February 2011...

An intervention was decided on by the Andromeda Council and a war was begun to free the people of Earth.


Why? Because there was a very serious meeting held by the Andromeda Council because they had become aware of an event down the ‘timeline’ somewhere around 360+ years in the future that IF ALLOWED TO HAPPEN would have had major big time catastrophic consequences for many people on many planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

The other reason they decided to intervene was that they knew Earth, and people of Earth were coming into a time in the near future, now, a time of transition, transformation and evolution into becoming a dimensional world, and consequently dimensional people.


And, that Earth people deserved to do this as free and sovereign people as in being subversively dominated, manipulated, abused, controlled, used as a slave work force, emotionally traumatized, and influenced at the highest levels of power, government and society; raped, taken and eaten as a natural resource, scientific and genetics experiments done on us and the list goes on and on.

The Andromeda Council, after some deliberation, decided Earth people deserved an opportunity to make it on their own... and not to be interfered or messed with after thousands of years of manipulation, control and unaware enslavement.

The Council members weren’t initially completely convinced to take action on Earth’s behalf but not taking action could certainly have had long reaching effects on the Andromeda Galaxy.


But why? This is what I wanted to know.

So, what was this catastrophic matter really all about? Now, please keep in mind, I want you to remember this, each galaxy is divided into quadrants, sectors if you will.


And there are MANY inhabited worlds in each galaxy...



So, I asked my Andromeda Council contacts what they had learned and what was this all about?


Well, as many people may or may not know, they looked back down the time line to the location of the origin of the places and activities that lead to this catastrophic event and they found that it lead them back to this solar system, and specifically to:

And what they told me about, and showed me, is that there is a matching alignment of pyramids on each of these celestial bodies, Earth, the Moon, and Mars.


And that the Reptilians have been using these pyramids for years now as a Reptilian specific, attenuated, modulated, frequency, and as a triangulated beacon from these three celestial bodies (Earth Moon Mars) to lower and to keep down the vibration, the frequency of this area of space, this ‘frontier border’ spiral arm location in the Milky Way galaxy; and to slowly change over time the frequency of this planet, Earth, and the DNA of the humans on this planet to Reptilian DNA to genetically alter humans to be reptilians. Earth, a planet with almost 7 billion humans.

So we are talking about 2 things here:

  • an attempted global planetary change of Earth’s own frequency

  • an attempted change of the DNA of humans on Earth

Now keep in mind, Reptilians are master geneticists.


They’ve been at this for millions of years, they’re very good at it. Also keep in mind, these Draco and Hydra Reptilians are doing this, and have done this, by frequency and genetics, altered and conquered many other galaxies, star systems and worlds.

Why: they are taught, and they feel, that the Universe is theirs to dominate and control. That they are the rightful masters of the Universe, a very arrogant and self absorbed concept.



And to point out what may or may not be obvious and the bigger question that kept bugging me and is why?


Why would the Reptilians do this besides the obvious. Control of planets and resources. And I’m asking myself, and my Andromeda Council contacts, what is the bigger picture here.


As a long time operations guy in much of my business career I’m thinking what is REALLY going on here? There has to be something bigger going on. There was.



Think two (2) words: conversion and transformation.


I learned in this recent, extensive conversation with my Andromeda Council contacts about this topic, I asked why, why was the Andromeda Council intervention so critical?


And their answer was that the Reptilians using their Reptilian energy, frequency specific technologies they’ve been working for years to create a Reptilian energy frequency web/grid around the whole Milky Way galaxy, to change the frequency of human DNA, not only on planet Earth, but on each HUMAN planet in the Milky Way Galaxy to be thoroughly Reptilian.


A complete transformation and conversion of each human planet.

As a visual example, think of a segmented, or sectioned off, fishing net over the top of the Milky Way galaxy-segmented into different strategic nodes. This is kind of what it looked like, this is what they also showed me.


My Andromeda Council contacts also showed me a concentration of green glowing energy out in space as triangulated above the Earth, Moon and Mars collectively as just one of the nodes of a massive, energetic Reptilian frequency tuned web spread across the whole Milky Way galaxy.



The catastrophic event 360+ years in the future would have been


IF the Reptilians actions of attempting to change Earth planetary wide frequency, and human DNA, were allowed to continue... based on their goals, 360+ years in the future, there would have been a simultaneous event where, to use a metaphor, a number of Reptilian specific, low level frequency, energetic ‘tumblers in a lock’ all syncing up together at the same time would have at that moment converted the whole Milky Way Galaxy and transformed everything and everyone to a Reptilian vibrational frequency and a Reptilian DNA pattern.

If you ‘connect the dots’ and try to look the bigger picture this issue is not just about Earth, and the twenty (20) other planets that have already been Reptilian occupied and subversively controlled for years, with two (2) other Class M planets just like Earth without all of the diversity that we have.

And given what I’ve learned over time since the Reptilians already feel like they are the dominant species, that the universe is theirs to do with as they please, that they have the right to control and consume everything since they don’t value other life forms except as usable or consumable resources they are vicious and cruel beyond belief, they kill without thought, and us they consider us to be just like cows to be eaten as a natural resource, and worse, they’ve already converted and conquered other galaxies and people.

So, please understand, the Reptilians have had a very long term strategic plan in place for years to change, convert and transform all human planets in the Milky Way galaxy, by frequency and by genetics to Reptilian ones.


I want you to let this sink in this catastrophic event that would have happened it would have been about the wholesale completion of a long term conversion and transformation of the whole Milky Way galaxy all of its habitable worlds to be Reptilian ones. Not cool.



Summary Close.


The people of Earth, and other worlds, have been controlled, manipulated, abused and fed upon.


They have lost their freedoms their essential right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness used as worker slaves for years in a system that doesn’t work managed on Earth by cruel, self centered, power hungry, malicious people called the "Cabal, Illuminati and ‘Powers that Be'" controlled by the Draco and Hydra Reptilians for far too long.

I believe we’re blessed the people of the Andromeda Council, lead by the people from the Procyon star system, decided to step in around 10+ years ago and intervene on our behalf to free the people of Earth. We simply did not have the technology, know how, or higher dimensional capability to fight the Reptilians ourselves, and win.

Ultimately, the Andromeda Council was not going to allow the complete genocide of the various human races in the Milky Way galaxy for the numerous reasons I’ve already stated, including the fact that: if this were allowed to happen, it could have very well been the Andromeda Galaxy the Reptilians would come after next.

Therefore, the intervention, and the war to free the people of Earth. It couldn’t have come at a better time given the process of evolution we are going through right now in becoming a higher dimensional world. They are not our saviors.


But, I believe we’re really blessed they did intervene.


Now we have a real opportunity to chart our own future, and build new lives without the interference of a malevolent, ruthless, self absorbed, parasitic race like the Draco and Hydra Reptilians.