December 2011 - March 2012

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Interview 1

Jim Nichols & Tolec - Part I
December 11, 2011


Since 1980, noted artist and investigator, lecturer Jim Nichols, has produced an extraordinary body of UFO illustrations that has been published internationally in magazines, articles, books and the internet.


His art was routinely featured on “The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters”. As well, Jim has become a prolific writer, posting 21 BLOG essays on his web site, examining EXOPOLITICS - the political and social impact of a possible extra-terrestrial reality.


As well, in his art book, "Case Files Revealed", he shares the untold stories behind 40 of his most dramatic UFO illustrations - based on actual accounts - available through his website:







Interview 2

Jim Nichols & Tolec - Part II
January 8, 2012







Interview 3

Tolec on migration of Dakote People to planet Earth
February 27, 2012

Earth and her human inhabitants are undergoing a time of great change. Operating from a 5th dimension perspective, the Institute is dedicated to assisting individuals to become part of an uplifted future on the new Earth.


The Institute will guide individuals to shed fear-based lives for love-based ones by achieving greater understandings and higher personal vibrations.







Interview 4

Tolec on clearing out of final Reptilian undersea base
March 26, 2012

To assist and prepare all Earth humans to make the step-up, this "upliftment", in spiritual awareness & consciousness to the 4th dimension as Earth is crossing the galactic equatorial plane -

The Andromeda Council has committed many resources, trained people, ships, counselors, advisors in many areas of expertise, to help Earth people through the various stages of adjustment & growth.


They will do this by mentoring, teaching and helping Earth humans to evolve emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially & most important spiritually.