by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
August 30, 2011

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In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with a human representative-contactee of the extraterrestrial governance council known as the Andromeda Council it has been revealed that the war of liberation against a 4th dimensional Orion Grey and Draco reptilian alliance has been won by the forces of the Andromeda Council as of the 3rd quarter of 2011.


The attempted the occupation of Earth, our Moon and Mars by this grey-Reptilian alliance is over. The defeated grey-reptilian forces have been sent via Stargate into the far reaches of our universe.

The Andromeda Council representative states in his ExopoliticsTV interview that the forces of the 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian forces that remain on Earth consist of small pockets of isolated forces around such as Washington, DC.

According to the Andromeda Council representative, the defeat of the Orion Grey and Reptilian occupation force on Earth, moon and Mars has the effect of leaving the Illuminati and Anunnaki power structure on Earth, moon and Mars without any effective 4th dimensional back-up.


Any attempt by the remaining grey and reptilian forces to assist Illuminati “false flag ET invasion” will be defeated, and any false flag ET invasion will fail.




ExopoliticsTV interview with Andromeda Council representative



Andromedan Earth representative/contactee

The human representative of the Andromeda Council states he has been given the Andromedan name “Tolec.”


Tolec is a well-adjusted 20-year career professional in the computer industry. In his ExopoliticsTV interview, Tolec states he was first contacted in 1993 by his principal Andromedan contact who took him on three time travel journeys via Andromedan space craft to the 1840s western U.S. visiting the same 1840s family to observe their live journey.

Tolec states that his Andromeda contacts ended subsequent to the 1993 contacts until the Andromedan Council contacted him again in September 2010.

In his above ExopoliticsTV interview, Tolec states that he receives information updates from his Andromeda Council contacts in a number of modalities:

  1. Telepathic communication with Andromedan representatives

  2. Automatic writing from Andromedan representatives

  3. Communication in the dream state with Andromedan representatives

  4. Visions from the Andromedan representatives

  5. Interdimensional travel of his soul essence to a venue of communication, such as an Andromedan ‘biosphere”

According to Tolec, the Andromeda Council has a number of “biospheresor large planetoid-like spherical spacecraft stationed around Earth.


One such biosphere has 26 stories and a staff of 50,000.



Galactic Governance - What is the Andromeda Council?

The Andromeda Council is a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of the populated and organized universe.

According to Tolec, and Andromeda Council contactee and representative,

“The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) distinct representative council member races.


“The Council has a non-voting Chairman from the star system Zenetae, planet Tishtae, and a non-voting Vice-Chairwoman from the star system Mirach, planet Terial, both in the Andromeda constellation.


These two people, as many on the Andromeda Council, live and vibrate in a 4th dimension/density reality. There is one council member per seat.

“Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today. It is said these races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment - the elevated vibration, density, and spiritual consciousness of the 4th dimension.

“Members of the Andromeda Council are from the star systems & planets listed below:

  1. Star System: Arcturus - Planet: Pitolla

  2. Star System: Antares - Planet: Nikotae

  3. Star System: M103 - Planet: Legola

  4. Star System: Procyon - Planet: Kaena

  5. Star System: Vega - Planet: Percula

  6. Star System: Capella - Planet: Pershea

  7. Star System: Polaris - Planet: Ventra

  8. Star System: Sirius A - Planet: Toleka

  9. Star System: Deneb - Planet: Ritol

  10. Star System: Tau Ceti - Planet: Xeta

  11. Star System: Alhena - Planet: Degaroth

  12. Star System: Betelgeuse - Planet: Etorth

“Members of the Andromeda Council not holding one of the senior, twelve (12) chaired seats hold board positions of: Investigation, research, deliberation, and advisement to the Andromeda Council.


They do this on thirteen (13) unique, sub, joint councils or advisory boards. There are 5-6 people on each joint council or advisory board. Collectively, these advisory boards represent in excess of 400+ representative planets from three (3) star systems including Arcturus.


Therefore, the majority, the greater percentage of the advisory board members comes from different star systems & planets other than the planet where a chaired Andromeda Council member is from.


There is a chairperson, or otherwise named, to each advisory board.


They are as follows:

  1. Higher Dimensional Realm Advisory Board

  2. Star System Membership Review Board

  3. Galactic Federation of Planets Review Board

  4. Exobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Sirius-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)

  5. Xenobiology Galaxy Advisory Board (Procyon-Andromeda Council Member) (Chair)

  6. Oceanography Galaxy Advisory Board

  7. Space Travel Dimensional Flight Technology Review Board

  8. Planetary Medical Advisory Board

  9. Universe Education Observation & Advisory Board

  10. Telepathy and Vocal Communication Observation & Advisory Board

  11. Galaxy Sector Planetary Exploration Discovery & Assessment Team

  12. Military Threat Level Assessment & Advisory Board

  13. Spiritual & Emotional Mastery Dimensional Assessment & Dev'l Board"

According to Tolec,

“There are also other affiliated councils, or races, some formal members of the Andromeda Council, some not, willing to help the people of planet Earth in its process of evolution.

“One of the affiliated councils is the Galactic Federation which is a federation of star systems and planets of benevolent beings. The Galactic Federation is comprised of approximately 140 star systems, and at present 300 planets.


It is lead by a Chairman from the Tau Ceti star system which itself has a formal seat, is a senior chaired member of the Andromeda Council. The Federation's lead planet is - Xeta.

“It is expected over the course of the next few years as planet Earth adjusts to its new life in the 4th dimension - as well as being part of a greater family of intelligent life that is thriving across the cosmos - planet Earth will be invited as a single member to join the Galactic Federation.”

1999 Andromeda Council meeting about grey/Reptilian occupation of Earth

In his renewed contacts starting September 2010, Tolec states that the Andromeda Council informed him that the Council had met and decided on a war of liberation of Earth, Moon and Mars around 1999 Earth time.

The Orion greys and Draco Reptilians were abusing the people of Earth, and beaming negative frequencies at Earth from the Moon and from Phobos, a moon of Mars.

The Andromedans had gone forward in time and had discovered that if the grey-Reptilians were allowed to go on with their abusive occupation of Earth, Moon and Mars, the grey-Reptilians would establish a “tyranny” in this sector of the universe.


The Andromedans themselves and a great many star systems would be affected negatively.

Therefore, the Andromedan Council decided to set aside the law of non-intervention and wage a war of liberation that has gone on for approximately nine years to the 3rd quarter of 2011.


A war in space

Andromeda Council representative Tolec states,

“A war in space, in many cases happening just outside of 'Earth space’ over the course of approximately nine (9) years of Earth time, is as of this third quarter of 2011 in the final cleanup phase. This war is finally over. Done. Finished.


As Tolec for the Andromeda Council, I can tell you my colleagues had a long, hard, difficult war. I will add, this war is being won by ‘the good guys’… by the combined forces of the member star systems & planets of the Andromeda Council, those with Earth and Earth humans best interests in their hearts, minds & souls.

"This proxy war to free Earth, from thousands of years of negative energy bombardment, manipulation and control, was fought on behalf of Earth - by star system & planetary council member races of the: Andromeda Council. Those members that bore the brunt of the burden did the greatest amount of fighting included: Arcturus, Tau Ceti, and Procyon. The contributions of the Procyon people were especially valuable because they learned the weaknesses of these malevolent menaces - they learned how to 'sniff ' them out & beat them. The people of Procyon just recently liberated themselves within the past 12 years of Earth time.

“So that the Council could intercede on Earth’s behalf, extensive discussions were held, and a new law was passed over-riding what is ubiquitously known as the 'Prime Directive' of non-interference? A conscious, collective decision was made by the Council to break precedent and do this... because Earth's people living a 3rd dimensional life just did not have the 4th dimensional physiology, knowledge, tools, or technology to win.

“This war was fought to secure the total freedom of planet Earth and her people from the menacing interference of primarily two regressive races: Reptilians from the star system Alpha Draconis & Hydra, and a specific variety of renegade ‘Greys’ now living in the Orion star system. These Greys are the progeny of Zeta Reticulans who have not been home to Zeta Reticuli 1 or 2 in at least a few thousand years.

“Earth is not the only planet they have terrorized. From what I have learned, there are at least another 21 planets that need to be freed from these menaces. Fortunately, they can be beaten, as indicated by the liberation of the Procyon people from these malevolent, self centered, self-serving... life draining entities.

Note: of the Grey races, the prime ancestor race - the original Reticulans from the binary star system Reticuli - the ones who in their waning days exhibited awareness of themselves, their fallibility, and the fragility of life, and realizing the pending death of their race - these original Zeta Reticulans not affiliated with the Draco Reptilians, were willing to share all they had learned. Due to their humility, the Andromeda Council intervened, stepped in and helped relocate them to a completely different star system. These people, the original Zeta Reticulans, no longer live in the Zeta Reticuli star system.


“All other known variety of renegade Greys causing problems on Earth are being dealt with, and are being removed from their underground & undersea bases on Earth, as are the Draco Reptilians. Their operational bases established for years on Mars, and Mars & Earth’s moons, have already been cleared out of these beings.

“Likewise, about 5,000 ‘crossbreed’ aka hybrid Grey / Human life forms, programmed since birth, will need to be removed from Earth and deprogrammed so that they can evolve on their own into free thinking, free willed beings. And, since they are a new sentient life form, they will re-locate to their own new 3rd dimension planet.

“Back to the war - the primary reason for this war was to negate & eliminate the effect of what is believed to be - thousands of years of negative energies constantly beamed to planet Earth, as well as etheric implant technologies, utilized by a Draco Reptilian and Grey Orion alliance that has put and kept many Earth humans manipulated, controlled, and in a continued state of fear, anxiety & insecurity; and to eliminate for good these malevolent entities who desired to continue to use, manipulate & steal people as a natural resource, and drain other precious resources from planet Earth... all the while controlling and 'enslaving' a large percentage of an unaware and helpless Earth human population."

Tolec concludes,

“The Council felt Earth's people deserved an opportunity, a real chance to evolve on their own after thousands of years of manipulation, control and unaware enslavement.”


Congruent with statements of other Andromedan contactees

The information that Tolec states the Andromeda Council gave him is congruent with other information reportedly independently given to other contactees by other extraterrestrial or interdimensional sources naming themselves the “Andromeda Council.”

One independent Andromedan contactee source states,

“The Andromedan Council is a group of beings from 139 different star systems that come together and discuss what is going on in the galaxy. It is not a political body. What they have been recently discussing is the tyranny in our future, 357 years from now, because that affects everybody.



[Ed. Note - The 139 star system membership is the definition of the Galactic Council as given by Tolec]

“Apparently what they have done, through time travel, is that they have been able to figure out where the significant shift in energy occurred that causes the tyranny 357 years in our future. They have traced it back to our solar system, and they have been able to further track it down to Earth, Earth’s Moon and Mars - those three places.

“The very first meeting the Andromedan council had was to decide whether or not to directly intervene with what was going on here. According to Morenae, there were only 78 systems that met this first time. Of those 78, just short of half decided that they wanted nothing to do with us at all, regardless of the problems. I think it is really important that you know why they wanted nothing to do with us.

“We are talking about star systems that are hundreds of millions of light years away from us. Even some who have never met us. They just knew the vibration of the planet reflected those on it. The reasons why they wanted nothing to do with us is that from their perspective, Earth humans don’t respect themselves, each other or the planet.


What possibly can be the value of Earth humans?


Fortunately, the majority of the council gave the opinion that because Earth has been manipulated for over 5,700 years, that we deserved an opportunity to prove ourselves - to at least have a shot at proving the other part of the council wrong.

“They want everything extraterrestrial on the planet, in the planet and Earth’s moon out of here. The reason for this is that they want to see how we will act when we are not being manipulated. We are all being manipulated, and my first suggestion is to throw your television set away. I can’t tell you how sincere I am about that. They are teaching you what to think, not how to think. If you give that up, you become a robot. You become sheeple.”


Congruent with 1964 U.S. Intelligence estimate on greys and Reptilians

The statements of these two independent Andromedan contactees regarding damaging effects of an attempted Orion grey and Draco Reptilian occupation of Earth, Moon and Mars are congruent with U.S. intelligence and whistleblower estimates about grey and reptilian plans (prior to their defeat) for the Earth-moon-Mars.

As this reporter has written earlier,

“In his book, Michael Prince reveals that in 1964 U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that a Grey/Reptilian extraterrestrial alliance had a timetable for a planetary takeover of Earth sometime during the 2000 - 2030 period.

"He writes,

'On April 15th, 1964, two US intelligence personnel met under Project Plato with the Greys in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman air force base in New Mexico.


This meeting was to renew the treaty that had started in 1934 again and was a psychological bid to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys and Draco reptilians.


The upper levels of US intelligence now believed the Greys and Dracos had this planet time-tabled for invasion and takeover between the years 2000 and 2030.'"


Washington, DC - No false flag ET attack

Regarding the possibility of a future false flag ET attack, Tolec indicated,

"The Andromeda Council (AC) is very aware of the - much higher than average - number of UFO 'sightings' over this relatively small area of land, Washington D.C., known as the seat of our nation's government.

"The AC first showed me a grid, a network of underground tunnels, spreading out from Washington D.C. upward toward the hills... where the remaining greys & reptilians are still roaming around attempting to cause trouble.


The greys are currently positioning themselves at strategic underground tunnel locations at various points underneath the city - preparing for a coordinated 'false flag', fake attack event. The AC intelligence people are keenly aware of these activities.

"However, the greys & reptilians, are 'fighting for their lives', they know the game for control & power is slipping away, and is almost 'up'. They know the war is over. They know they have lost. They are 'playing their last hand'.

"Out of the total number of sightings, only a small percent are real physical craft.


The percentages of holographic vs. real physical UFO craft are as follows:

  • Total UFO ships over Washington DC 100%

  • Grey and reptilian holographic UFO ships 65%

  • Cabal/Earth-based UFO ships 10%

  • Andromeda Council-based cloud-ships or orbs of Light 13%

  • Grey and reptilian physical UFO scout craft 12%

"The AC knows about this visual 'display' of craft, they are not overly concerned, they are monitoring this situation, and they do understand why it is being done in such a concentrated manner:


"Saturation of UFO Visual Images

The reptilians & greys, in collusion with the 'Controllers'/Illuminati/Cabal, in a last ditch attempt to incite fear into the human populace (having known for 100s & 1,000s of years that humans have a very strong visual memory & and a very strong, emotional response & connection to visual memory) these malevolent entities are attempting to incite fear with this saturation of visual images of "UFOs" - much like the entertainment media (the movie industry which is controlled by the 'Controllers'/Illuminati/Cabal) is doing this summer, it is no different: producing, promoting & showing large scale movies of ETs invading Earth, or attacking Earth, blowing up cities, killing hundreds of people, etc... [with television back-up: think "Falling Skies" - below video] all in an attempt to promote a sense of fear... and an attempt to retain control. An attempt.





"In summary, their plans are not going to work. an attack by the Greys and/or Reptilians, even a "false flag" event - coordinated with help by - the "Controllers/Illuminati/the Cabal, a staged fake attack, will not happen.

"The AC intelligence network already in place will advise the council of the near future fake attack - and - right before it would happen our AC people will intervene and shut down the process before it can even manifest or happen. That is to say, the AC would '... pull the plug.'"

Tolec concludes,

"As a result of the failure of this planned 'false flag', fake attack event - the greys & reptilians in those underground tunnels are going to try to make a run for it, leaving 'D.C. flying to a centralized location of underground bases still operating here on Earth.


AC based craft of various types will follow & chase down the greys & reptilians to this central location, capture them, take them & put them into a stargate... and send them to the far reaches of the Universe. These are the same kind of actions the AC has already used to get rid of, to relocate, greys & reptilians at the tail end of the war in space."


End of the New World Order - Aftermath of the end of the Orion grey-Draco Reptilian war

A victory of the Andromeda council forces as reported by Tolec, if confirmed, means that now Earth will not have to face any ongoing enslavement by the occupying 4th dimensional Grey-Reptilian force, or its 3rd dimensional rollout known as the New World Order (NWO).

The New World Order, having lost its galactic originators and backup in the Orion Greys and Draco reptilians, appears to ultimately at a dead end.

Tolec states,

"It is known by the Chief Medical Officer, and staff, of the medical team of the Andromeda Council that a large percentage of Earth's population was unknowingly implanted and negatively affected by Grey etheric & physical implant technology... meant to keep Earth humans in a state of anxiety, fear, manipulation and control.

"Though some physical implants have been found and removed by Earth physicians, at Earth’s current stage of evolution & technology it does not yet have the means to detect, measure or eliminate the Greys' use of etheric implants.

"Now, in the final cleanup phase of this war, and beyond, for Earth's freedom, the Andromeda Council medical team is working tirelessly, and will continue to do so, to clean up the mess, the implants, the resulting spiritual, psychological & emotional impact & damage, and multiple problems the Greys have created as they have unlawfully sought to enslave an unaware human population on this planet.

"Earth's people have a right to a fresh, clean, new, beginning... free from the serious residual, psychological & emotional effects brought on by the Greys, the Reptilians, and all their technology."

Tolec concludes,

"The healing process of the human race must continue, and will continue, throughout the transition & transformation time as Earth and her people move into the higher spiritual vibration of the 4th dimension... as healthy, free, sovereign human beings."



How to evaluate the Andromeda Council report of the victory over the grey/Reptilian occupation?


  1. The Andromeda Council report

    The Andromeda Council report is based on one human individual’s report - Toltec’s - of interactive dimensional communications with a source that has identified itself as a representative of the “Andromeda Council.”


    There are no independent third-party witnesses to these communications between Tolec and the source identifying itself as the Andromeda Council.


  2. Reasons to grant credence

    There substantive reasons to grant this human individual Tolec, the source identifying itself as the “Andromeda Council” and the substance of their report that the Orion grey and Reptilian extraterrestrial faction credence as being exactly what they are, namely:

  1. Tolec indicates he is a 20-year veteran of the computer industry of good moral character and a stable family life. Tolec has provided this reporter with some limited information about his personal life that appears to substantiate this as true. Tolec indicates his need to continue to earn a living in the finance-computer sector as a primary reason to hide his human identity.

  2. Tolec was contacted by an Andromedan representative in 1993 and taken on three time travel journeys via space ship to the visit a U.S. family in the 1840s west. Scenarios such as this are common in the extraterrestrial contactee literature.

  3. There are independent contactee statements that the Andromedan Council exists as a Galactic Governance Council, and was concerned about the impacts of the Orion Grey and Draco Reptilian occupations of Earth, Moon and Mars.

  4. Independent researchers have concluded that U.S. Intelligence was concerned about an Orion Grey and Draco Reptilian occupation of Earth sometime in 2000-2030. Independent eyewitnesses have stated that building a common defense perimeter with Mars against a 4th dimensional extraterrestrial enemy from outside the solar system was one of the purposes of the U.S. bases on Mars.

  5. Independent researchers have concluded that the Orion Grey and Draco Reptilians extraterrestrials have been defeated and are no longer a presence on the Earth.