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May 8, 2013


English Version of an Italian documentary describing the extraordinary Italian case of alien contact with a group of men. It contains an apparent real recording of a message of friendship given by them to us.

It had been kept secret for half a century, but only just recently came to light after the death of one the men involved (Bruno Sammaciccia had asked for it to be kept secret until after his death).

In Pescara, during the 50s to 70s, a group of extraterrestrials had contacted a number of unsuspecting people directly. This project was called 'Amicizia - Friendship.'


These men would be brought to their (etheric) 'bases' located on earth and apparently on board the UFOs. The people involved were of high social and cultural status, among them was the notable Console Alberto Perego.


This is a collection of testimonials from them, which also shows excellent quality footage and photography of the phenomena, as well as apparent 'messages' (of love and goodwill) given to us from these beings


It caused a great media sensation. Mass UFO sightings.


People wanted to know what was happening but no one could penetrate the mystery. Now after 50 years of silence, insider witnesses have decided to speak. A UFO contact case that has been kept secret for decades is now revealed.


Humans working together with extraterrestrials in secret. Hundreds of people were involved. Countless pieces of evidence remain. Only now can the truth be known.


This is the unbelievable true story about 'The Friendship Case.'
















Tra il 1956 e la fine degli anni '70 in Italia un largo gruppo di persone, appartenenti alle pių diverse categorie sociali, fu coinvolto in quello che č senza alcun dubbio il pių importante e meglio documentato caso di contattismo di massa mai registrato nel nostro paese.


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