by Michael Salla, Ph.D.
Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner
May 25, 2009

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The new Star Trek movie shows James T. Kirk graduating from Starfleet Academy after finding his calling to “explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no person has gone before.”


Kirk spent four years in the San Francisco training center for diplomats, intercultural communications experts and crew for those wanting to join Star Trek’s fictional Starfleet Command. Up until recently, a real life educational program for those interested in any career concerning extraterrestrial life has been strictly the realm of science fiction.


Wait no more! The future has arrived!


An educational program exists for those seeking to “explore strange new worlds” and “seek out new life and new civilizations.”

Star Trek Movie - Starfleet Academy graduates.


Rather than being physically based in San Francisco, the real life version of Starfleet Academy is based on an online series of courses organized by the Hawaii based Exopolitics Institute.


In January 2007, the Institute pioneered a set of courses concerning extraterrestrial life, and this month the first graduate of the Exopolitics Certification Program has emerged. If interested in what kinds of courses the real life Starfleet Academy teaches and the experiences of graduates about their readiness to conduct galactic diplomacy, read on!

Each semester a series of courses are presented which fall under the rubric of ‘exopolitics’.


Exopolitics is defined as the political study of the actors, processes and institutions concerning extraterrestrial life. The courses are designed for those interested in developing professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence concerning extraterrestrial life.

Two courses start this week as part of the 2009 Summer semester.

  • This first is offered by Manuel Lamiroy, Lic Juris., who is a former lawyer and university instructor in Belgium. He has spent more than a decade studying extraterrestrial contact cases. He will teach Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Lifewhich presents the key concepts for those wishing to interact or communicate with extraterrestrial life.


  • Paola Harris, M.Ed., worked with legendary UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek on the best available UFO evidence. Since the late 1970’s she has accumulated a vast amount of insights interviewing whistleblowers and contactees. This week she begins teaching Best Evidence: Expert Witness Testimony and Views on the ET presence.”


  • Neil Gould recently completed all course requirements for the Exopolitics Certificate which is the core educational program for those wishing to develop conceptual and analytical skills concerning extraterrestrial life. In addition to the above courses, he also completed Introduction to Exopolitics; Quantum Cosmology; and Hollywood and UFOs. In 2008, Neil created Exopolitics Hong Kong and now is an advisor to the Exopolitics Institute. He has a forthcoming paper in the June edition of the Exopolitics Journal.



Some Pioneers, Faculty and students discuss Exopolitics
Disclosure 101
by solidgouldprod
April 24, 2009

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A short film outlining the basic information behind the Disclosure Initiative.

Featuring the Kings and Queens of Exopolitics, this film cannot be missed!

Neil agreed to answer some questions for those interested in what the Exopolitics Certification program offers.


Q: How does the certification program help you prepare for contact with extraterrestrial life?

The syllabus covers the key Contactees, Military whistleblowers and Psychiatrist such as Harvard trained Professor, Dr John Mack; not to forget Tesla, Einstein and Oppenheimer. The course instructor has interviewed these people and students are encouraged to interact with them, to ask questions. The first hand information is shared amongst the students, a chance to share insights and reactions.


Ones World View is changed forever; the paradigm shift enhances ones own spiritual growth. One is immersed into experiences that are out of this world. The shift in mindset enables one to understand the complexity of the universe. It is then goodbye universe and hello multiverse as linear time goes out the window.


The introduction to the reality of ETs living amongst us and on US military bases creates a tremendous chance to examine the protocols of contact. The hidden knowledge and history of our paleo-contact brings insights into avoiding past mistakes with ET contact. We are finally put as ease when we begin to understand just who we are and why formal ET contact is inevitable and necessary for our evolution.


One becomes fully qualified to be part of a field of study that will lead humankind towards this process as the mainstream hold onto our coat tails in utter bewilderment.

Q. Do you feel that the certification program has given you the skills to conduct citizen diplomacy with ETs?

This course covers terrestrial citizen’s diplomacy, an anchor to the disciplinary foundations so critical in negotiations amongst parties in conflict. How does one ensure that everyone leaves the negotiating table satisfied? Galactic Diplomacy takes this field to new levels, into unchartered waters.


The Galactic models predict a requirement for mediation not only between citizens and ETs but between the ETs and our Governments. Resolving terms of agreements between ETs and the Military made without congressional oversight; how do we explain this to the citizens? We study our Galactic history, find many out of place artifacts; flying machines on ancient temple walls…..


That just could not be!


Reading how every museum has two doors, we gleam the truth about how mankind was manipulated by non terrestrial beings throughout our past. How we worshipped them and how the ancient bloodlines continue influencing society today. These revelations can be digested after the correct training. This course drives one to the cutting edge of interfacing with off world beings.


Understanding their history, origins and motivations; the begging question persists; are they good or bad? This course enables one to understand not only the answer; but the question itself.

Q. In what way has the certification program provided you an understanding of extraterrestrial life that you didn't have before?

The Galactic Diplomacy module, takes one on an extremely intense journey, assisted by competent instructors who ensure that the students are well prepared for this information. It is a journey that replaces everything you ever thought or knew about the realities surrounding you, including the great religions, financial institutions, right down to the activities which occur under our oceans, deep underground and within the highly convoluted multiverse.


The interconnectivity between ETs and us, the conscious envelopes which surround planets, expands ones perceptions way beyond those of any counterparts one might have within the mainstream. Upon completion of this module one is left drained of energy but filled with wonderment, excitement and the psychological tools to challenge conventional wisdom.

Q. As the first recipient of an Exopolitics Certificate, what do you plan to do next in terms of the skills you've acquired?

I will continue studying and obtain my Diploma. After the first three modules I began to lecture in Hong Kong, appear on TV and do radio interviews. I have over a thousand subscribers to my weekly Newsletter or my You Tube videos. Without this course I would never have been able to bring the material that I now have, into the public domain.


The skills earned will be used to further these activities and I intend to teach parts of this course to others. A wonderful consequence of having received the Exopolitics Certificate, is that I am continuously surrounded by Professors, Doctors and other professionals, many of whom secretly engage me in conversation to answer their nagging questions about Exopolitics, ET life and the disclosure process.


I sense that even the skeptics are believers. A redefined meaning of a skeptic is someone who is afraid to believe due to lack of education in the field of Exopolitics or out of fear of losing their job.

Thanks to Neil Gould, Manuel Lamiroy, Paola Harris and others, there’s no need to wait for governments to create real life versions of Starfleet Academy.


If documentary records and evidence serves as a reliable guide, you may be waiting a long time. Instead, jump on your cyberspace shuttle and visit the command HQ of the real life Starfleet Command at the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program. You may do much more than just equip yourself for a hypothetical future of open contact with extraterrestrial life.


You may indeed help usher in a new galactic society.