Chapter 18


"The experience I have described is now historical fact, certainly as far as I’m concerned. Denying it will not make it go away. However some people were about to come into my life who wished this historical fact would pack its bags and hide exclusively in their computer files - possibly forever....!

"....For almost twelve months after the initial run-in with the alleged DSIR scientists, I lived quite carefully and kept very much to myself....

"....Those previous run-ins with agents, possibly in the keeping of the Dark Overlords, were fast becoming a fading if still somewhat unpleasant memory.... I had to make a living, as life in a cave for the rest of my life did not really appeal. But if I had known what was awaiting me in the not-too-distant future, perhaps cave life would have seemed a little more attractive, for coming out in the open was perhaps the biggest mistake I was yet to make!

"....I should have realized that something was up the day my landlord, John, reported that the police, or persons representing themselves as police, had called around to question me about a car I had once owned (not the one involved in the UFO encounter)....

"....I guess, with hindsight, they were checking to see if the address they had for me was the correct one. I would like to think that the police of my country do not do the legwork for the SIS or, even worse, the CIA. Hopefully these alleged policemen were not the real thing....

"....I had noticed more than once during the course of the next few days the same car parked at the end of my street, usually with two occupants but sometimes with only one....

"....I moved again, but it was not because I was running: it was personal choice this time. I had decided enough was enough. Whatever came out of the next confrontation with these people, I would just have to wear it and that was that! I had found someone I wanted to settle down with, and that relationship had given me just enough courage to face my pursuers head on.

"Why they were just watching me at that time I did not know. But when they finally made contact they left me in no doubt that they knew quite a lot about the particular group of off-planet visitors that had interacted with me. Evidently they had run across them in some earlier, ill-conceived and quickly aborted time-travel experiment - or was that mind-travel experiment....?


(For the more curious, you may find some research in this direction most enlightening. I would suggest you start with The Philadelphia Experiment and follow it right through to its conclusion in the mid-1980s)

"....they now decided to try to appeal to my sense of patriotism - at least as far as planet Earth and the human race were concerned. They suggested that what I might know about these off-planet visitors was important to the defense of planet Earth and all the people living upon it!

"Had they sounded the least bit genuine, I might even had conceded to tell them a few things, but their approach was all wrong.... In other words, I could read their motives like a book!

"A friend once told me, "It’s a wise man who can recognize his enemies," and "There’s a great abyss between being smart and being wise." I may never be very smart, but I am truly extremely hard to be wise. I believe a great deal more than we can yet imagine depends on our developing some form of wisdom before we leave this Earthly plane of existence.

"Someone else, and it may even have been my father, suggested to me a long time ago that prisons are only full of criminals who have been caught, and that the really clever ones are still out there working right alongside us....

" ancestry on my father’s side can be traced back to Germany, and I carry the surname of Newald, which I believe is a misspelling of an old German name, Newall. If what my mother said is true, I was born a blue-eyed blond. I have seen a lock of my hair from my first haircut, which would suggest that perhaps my hair did change from its original colour in those early years. I’ve heard many a tale as to why our eyes and hair change colour. In my mind, the most convincing reason is that it is due to fright after we realize exactly where we are and what we have gotten ourselves into on this Earth plane! This may suggest that the sooner our hair changes colour, the wiser we become....!

"....I happen to be a second-generation Kiwi (New Zealander), and the ancestry on the German side of my family was barely mentioned while I was growing up and still living at home....

"....Taking all that into account, when a stranger came to the door at my new home address and suggested, among other things, that my loyalties should lie with my ancestral lineage, you could surely excuse me for being a little bewildered.... Whatever research they had done on me, they had got that section completely wrong....!

"....They maintained that a debriefing was necessary so that what had happened could be understood and evaluated by all. Just who this ’all’ was, they did not say. I can remember telling them, "I’m quite happy with things the way they are".... The stubborn streak within me may not be my best asset or most endearing feature, but it is the sole reason I’m able to tell this story now.

"They said they could make life very uncomfortable for me if I was uncooperative. However, there didn’t appear to be anything they could do to me at that stage, so I said, "Thanks very much for the friendly advice," and shut the door in their faces. That was another grave mistake on my part.

"....They were obviously more than just curious, and you could say they seemed be taking this whole thing very seriously.... At that time I thought it was all over and I had won my freedom from interference and harassment. Yes, I was still a little naive back then.

"....When you are ’set up’, as I was, and your only defense is your story, you do not have an instant compulsion to tell everyone about it in an attempt to save yourself, believe me - not unless you like white coats, doctors and strait-jackets!

"In the years immediately prior to the events I have related, I had been a motor vehicle dealer, at least until 1987 when the stock-market crashed no longer made that a viable trade in New Zealand....

".... Even though I was no longer a licensed motor vehicle dealer per se, I would still buy and sell the odd car privately....

"....At about this time, a gentleman introduced himself to me while I was attending a well-known car auction in Auckland city. This gentleman said he had recognized me as the one-time partner of a mutual friend and that we had met some time ago when my partner and I still used to run the same car-yard....

"....He said his name was Jeff Wright and that he had access to cheap Japanese secondhand imported cars, which were wholesale stock that was not required or was surplus to dealer needs.... there was no reason for me to doubt what he said.

"....I didn’t ask too many questions before I began to buy the odd car from him. This eventually proved to be another big mistake on my part!

"....Eight or nine months must have passed. Jeff would ring me whenever he had a car that he thought I might be interested in buying. Sometimes I would buy them; other times, if I did not have the money, I would turn them down....

"....These guys [DSIR scientists] were very clever, and perhaps Jeff didn’t really know the full story, for, in spite of my newfound ability to sniff out deception, I could not see through what Jeff was up to. The cars he had been supplying me with were, without exception ’hot’ (stolen), or so it appeared to the courts.

"....There needed to be more than one if they were going to get this little game of theirs up and running properly. In the end, there were six cars involved in this set-up. Unfortunately the police got so enthusiastic about it all that they even tried to prosecute me for cars that were not stolen....!

"As I’ve suggested, the police were eventually tipped off, and there was no talking my way out of it. The agencies had done a fairly good job. They cunningly let me stew on things for quite some time before they visited me again.

"It was just as you would expect: "Cooperate, and we will fix things up for you with the police."

"I was determined to ride their bluff to the end....

"I’m not sure how long a straightforward case such as mine should take before it is acted upon in a court of law; six to eight months would seem like a good guess to me, perhaps even less. But not my case. It was like a slow death in the end: two years of recurring court appearances - over twenty in total....

"....My accusers’ exceedingly thin excuse was that they were not ready to proceed.... from day one of my arrest they appeared to panic and they applied overkill - at least I think they did....

"....This people were meticulous and seemed to be able to reach into every corner of my life. There was no doubting they had done this type of thing before - but to whom and for what reasons? How many before me had been subjected to the same fate?

"I was rapidly losing faith in every part of our so-called ’justice’ system. I knew it was just a game for them, but this was my life they were playing with. Losing my car meant I did not have transport to get to the police station every day, and of course I had no money to hire a lawyer [Alec had been made bankrupt, as all his assets had been taken away]. My brother-in-law lent me a few hundred dollars so that I could buy a cheap car to get around in. I refused to go on welfare - I was not going to sink that low.

"....With each (voluntary) court appearance I would end up locked up out the back of the courthouse until my bail was reprocessed. Sometimes this would take many hours. It was a humiliating and degrading experience. Maybe it was a game for them, but I think you will agree it was not a very nice one. In the end, I believe it was more for spite than actually to achieve anything. By now they must have known I would never talk to them about my interaction with the aliens.

"After some eighteen or so court appearances it got to the point where a District Court judge said to the police, "If you do not bring forward your charges at the next hearing, I will throw this case out." I really thought that this is what would happen, and it had all been a bluff. But no, they had other things in mind for me.

"My lawyer (appointed by the court because I had no money) was about as useful as a bucket full of holes, bless his cotton socks. I don’t think he could believe his luck. If he got paid every time we went to court, he should have made a fortune out of the case!

"Needless to say, we lost!....

"....Some of my friends tried to help me, but I think the result had been written on the judge’s report papers before I had even arrived in the courtroom. The trial [Alec had decided to make it a jury trial case] took place in the main Auckland District Courthouse and actually lasted for a full week. that fact alone should have attracted some media attention, you would think - not that I wanted any of it at the time. The fact that no reference to the trial never found its way into the local papers, as far as I’m aware, seems just a little strange to me.

"....Apart from my own account, no other explanation was ever brought forward to describe how these stolen cars arrived at my doorstep! I was not charged with stealing them, just receiving them. All these cars I had sold openly, in my own name if I had owned them, or, alternatively, openly from my home address if they had been in some other person’s name. There was never any attempt on my part to be subversive, but this did not seem to count for much with anyone.... Other illegal, fraudulent paper-work was proved to have been done by others and not by me, and descriptions of these other people were presented at the trial.

"....Four of my friends were prepared to stand up in court and defend me over some very conflicting and none-too convincing police evidence, but it seemed to make very little difference, much to their own dismay. Sadly they did not know the full story, and this book is going to be as much a surprise to them as it is to anyone else.

"I had to serve half of my twelve-month sentence following the trial. What it meant, in fact, was plenty of time to re-appraise my situation with regard to writing this story in all its detail. It was no longer a private affair: the world had a right to know. It was now July 1993.

"At about the same time all this was going down, on the other side of the world something was happening that must have had the very people and agencies persecuting me, in a real tiz. It may even have been the reason they wanted information about my star-based friends so badly and urgently.
"The following news items only came my way in June 1995, and in many ways it confirms what I had been told earlier in 1989 aboard the transporter. You may remember I had been told that 1993 would see the return of those from Haven to undertake urgent repairs and adjustments to certain things upon this Earth. If my story needs outside confirmation, surely this is it!

Reports appearing in Chapter 18 of CoEvolution

"This news items that from late December 1992 through to mid-1993, British, American, Russian and Icelandic naval forces were involved in a major operation to hunt UFOs!



The following is a summary of events related at a UFO conference in February 1995 by well known author, Anthony Dodd.

20 December 1992
Mr. Dodd received a telephone call from one of the Icelandic naval sources reporting that three UFOs had been tracked coming down and entering the sea off the east coast of Iceland, near Langeness.

21 December 1992
Icelandic fisherman report incidents of large, fast-moving underwater craft with flashing, coloroud lights. These are accompanied by a glowing airborne object overhead. Heading on a course toward Scotland, the vessels moved through the water, damaging the nets being trawled by fishermen.

Accustomed to seeing submarines in the area, fishermen say that these vessels were unlike any submarines they had ever seen. Icelandic authorities ordered escorts by the Icelandic Coast Guard.

23 December 1992
An Icelandic Coast Guard vessel and two gunboats are ordered to take position on the north-east of Iceland at Langeness where previously, three days earlier, three UFOs were originally tracked. This operation is done in secrecy, causing cruise apprehension.

Also arriving was a major force of British and NATO warships, described as a "naval exercise."

British newspapers report that during the "exercise" they tracked a very large underwater craft, thought to be one of a new generation of Russian super-submarines.

24 December 1992
Two crews of British nuclear submarines are recalled from their Christmas leave. Both HMS Endurance and HMS Warrior, of the hunter-killer-type class, are sent to link up with the surface fleet in Iceland. Icelandic Coast Guard vessels are ordered to take up positions at Alice Fjord on the east coast of Iceland.

Further information is disclosed from contacts that four more UFOs have been tracked descending and entering the sea in the same quadrant as the first three UFOs sighted on 21 December.

Sources confirm that the operation is linked to tracking alien underwater craft. Also disclosed is a massive rescue-search for a missing surface vessel, being conducted in great secrecy.

30 December 1992
Icelandic radio broadcasts that many UFO sightings over the mountains near the coast of Iceland are being reported.

12 January 1993
Terrible weather conditions hold up all Icelandic vessels at Langeness Fjord. Fjord residents are terrified, having reported seeing strange, small figures running around the area at night.

6 February 1993
Weather improves and all ships are ordered back to sea. Icelandic vessels resume previous positions on observation duty through to 24 February.

25 February 1993
In early morning hours, all vessels are cautioned to stay at least three nautical miles away from the American destroyer flotilla operating near the Arctic Circle.

While waiting outside the three-mile zone, ship radar picks up sixteen airborne contacts over the American fleet. Sixteen balls of yellow light are reported seen descending and hovering over the warships.

15 April 1993
All vessels in area of the Arctic Circle are looking for - in a secret operation - a missing American ship. Only two destroyers are now in that area, both having had their visible markings removed; crew can be seen wearing full battle-dress.

Civilian vessels, including gunboats and coast-guard vessels, are ordered to stay away from the prohibited zone.

16 April 1993
British media report that joint American and Russian exercises are about to take place. The press report that, for the first time since World War II, joint exercises between elite American and Russian troops are about to happen on Russian soil. The operations are to be in Siberia, and the arrival of American troops is to be at Tiksi.

On the map, Tiksi appears to be the Russian seaport near the area where all this naval activity is taking place.

21 April 1993
Crew of an Icelandic Airlines flight travelling from London report they are aware of two UFOs as they pass over the north coast of Scotland. Two large balls of brightly glowing light take up positions either side of the aircraft toward the tail end, hold position all the way to Iceland and fly off as the aircraft lands at Keflavik airport.

15 May 1993
Information surfaces regarding Icelandic gunboats searching for two Icelandic fishing boats. The crews are apprehensive and disturbed by the appearance of white tubular fluorescent-type lights which appear in the night sky hovering over their vessels. When this happens, ship radios fail to function, and then resume when they move away. The search for the missing vessels is called off after many days at sea.

The authorities are angry that this information has been leaked out. All ships’ crews are warned of the severe consequences of divulging any information about events of the previous few weeks.

[From NEXUS Magazine, vol. 2, #26, June-July 1995]

"If this is a factual report (and I have no reason to doubt that it isn’t), the term "mind boggling" could be considered an appropriate description. Some of you may not be prepared to accept the report as fact so easily, and I don’t blame you, but I have done a little detective work of my own.

"The military must have been fuming about all the comings and goings of craft over which they had no control. If they’d lost a ship, that would really have rubbed salt in the wounds. I have not the slightest doubt they would want to find out in detail what was going on up there in those polar regions. If they needed to spy in those regions twenty-four hours a day, I also have no doubt what they would have used to do it: a satellite.

Research was called for here, so what did I find? In the New Zealand Herald of 7 October 1993 was this item:


Vanderberg Air Base [a US Air Force base 200 kilometers north of Los Angeles]

- Ground controllers were unable to establish contact with an Earth Observation Satellite after it was launched into orbit on a United States Air Force Titan 2 rocket.

The satellite is operated by the Earth Observation Satellite Co., under contract with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The satellite company is a joint venture of Hughes Electronics Corp. and Martin Marietta Corp.

Air Force officials said ground controllers were trying to establish contact with the satellite, called Landsat 6, as it orbited the Earth. The satellite, which lifted off nearly a week late, was to settle into a polar orbit and spend sixteen days taking high-resolution pictures to study the global environment, land use, water flow patterns, mineral deposits and timber lands . . .

The satellite failed to respond to commands.

"Is that ’two, nil’ to our alien friends? Hang on here! Did they say Air Force officials reported the loss of contact? This was a civilian operation, wasn’t it - or not? It sure was a busy year!


More reports appearing on Chapter 18 of CoEvolution

"This next report was also published in October 1993 in the New Zealand Herald. I will not quote it in its entirety, but please note the quite humorous and very carefully selected wording. Taken at face value there are no lies here, but reading between the lines, well . . . !

Reuter - Funding for the America space agency’s galactic search for radio signals from alien civilizations has been cut from the federal budget by House-Senate conference-committee . . .

Senator Richard Bryan spearheaded congressional opposition to the search, deriding it as a "green Martian chase" and a waste of taxpayer dollars.


"We’ve already spent millions on this project, and no one has landed and said, ’Take me to your leader’, and no flying saucers have applied for flight clearance." [And all this from Mr Jim Mulhall, Press Secretary for the Nevada Democratic Party!]

"We have yet to bag a single little green fellow," Senator Bryan recently told his colleagues. "The government," he said, "could not justify the money at a time of tight federal budgets."

"Dr Drake, who was heading the search and had not yet caught on to all this, was quoted in the Reuter report as saying: "It’s upsetting to have the whole thing yanked out from under us and for purely political reasons. What a sad commentary on the state of American Government."

"Come on, Dr Drake, wake up! They haven’t landed an asked to be taken to our leader. Well, do we have one leader? And if we did, would he/she be speaking for all of us?

"No flying saucers have applied for flight clearances. Why should they? If they stopped and waited for one, they would more than likely be shot down!

"We have yet to "bag a single little green fellow". If you forget about the inaccurate colour, I believe they have bagged more than one little fellow. (You should read about the 1947 Roswell and Socorro, New Mexico incidents, for a start!)

"And anyway, why waste money for something that you already know exists? The only one not up to speed here is Dr Drake!

"November 1993 saw me in a place called South Camp Rangipo, a new minimum security prison in the central north island of New Zealand, not far from the tourist town of Taupo.

          Lake Taupo                                                                     Rangipo Desert

"It was here that the agencies decided they would have one last go at me. If I were a good boy and cooperated with them by giving them information, I might get out of prison in time to be home for Christmas! "Big deal," I thought. "Five months’ goal instead of six!" I knew what they could do with their one month!

"They even accused me of trying to write about things I did not properly understand.... but at that point in time I hadn’t told anyone I was writing anything.... Then my mind went back to that one time I thought my flat had been broken into....

"Back then, I had not yet recalled all the details of my off-planet interaction, but I knew enough to be sure that I was going to do something about it all. The only variable was that it wouldn’t be with the people who were sitting across the table from me in that little room in South Camp Rangipo.

"The surprise about this last interview was not what was said, but by whom, for one of the gentlemen conducting the interview spoke with a distinct South African accent, although I feel he did his best to disguise it from me.

"Some of my earlier writings from the first few dreams which I put to paper had the odd symbol or two on them, but I had no idea back then and none now, what they might have meant.... this gentleman with the South African accent showed me some very similar symbols, and for some reason he seemed to think I should know what they meant.

"There was an indirect link with South Africa which came to light almost a year after this interview in Rangipo. It concerned the two iron pyrites crystals which I found in the car after completing my trip from Rotorua.

"I had shown the one remaining crystal from that set to a new friend I had just made, named Daisy Kirkby. She suggested I asked a geologist where such crystals could be found.

"....His reply (remembering that this was only a phone inquiry and he had not actually seen the crystal in question) was that it was possibly quite rare and at least only found in South America or South Africa! He gave no indication that such a crystal could be found in New Zealand.

"If there is or was, a message for me in those crystals, I have yet to realize it.

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Chapter 19


"This chapter marks the start of another adventure altogether....

"....By nature, I am an inquisitive person, and once I fully realized that nothing that had happened to me over those last few years had anything to do with hallucinations or medical malfunctions on my part. I began some very earnest research into my off-planet adventure. As far as I was concerned, this interaction had to have been with some alternative form of biological intelligence not of this Earth. But if they were frequenting the Earth, then surely I was not the only one to have seen or interacted with them. Somewhere, someone else must have had an experience similar to mine.

"....As I mentioned briefly earlier in this book, before my incarceration I had been fortunate enough to meet someone who thought I was worth waiting for - a terrestrial angel, this time, who went by the name of Gaewyn.

"By mid-1994 I was more settled, so I decided it was time to do something seriously about the pile of handwritten notes.... But as I had no frame of reference or comparison, the only thing I could do was to start reading about other people’s reported abductions and interaction experiences with aliens. However, I soon found that nothing seemed to fit with my own experience. This was puzzling.

"Who were these blue people? (Well, sometimes they were blue!) And why was my experience so different from all the others I had read about? Were they actually aliens or not? If not, then who or what had abducted me? And why had I just spent six months in gaol?.... There was only one thing I could think to do.

"....Daisy Kirkby turned out to be as nice a person as one could ever hope to meet.... Daisy encouraged me to read about and discuss anything related to the subject. She lent me numerous books over the following year, and from these I was able to draw many comparisons, some of which I have included in this book.... I cannot thank Daisy enough for her help and encouragement in my quest for enlightenment on this most complex subject....

"....It was in an attempt to probe even deeper that Daisy introduced one of her contacts into this scenario; a hypnotherapist by the name of Lorraine Carter. Did that ever open a new whole can of worms! The discoveries I made out of these sessions are scattered throughout this book. Once more I was fortunate. Lorraine proved to be one of those rare individuals who exudes gentle patience - no doubt a necessary attribute for the job.

"At this stage of my narration I must make a noteworthy point about the quality and sincerity of the people who are drawn to this most puzzling phenomenon. I cannot help but think this is an issue worth studying in its own right. Or is this just another coincidence?

"My discoveries about self, the human race, our spiritual basis and many aspects of the off-planet interaction that did not initially manifest themselves, now follow in these last few chapters. some of these discoveries came from hypnotherapy, but just as readily they came from the gradual awakening of my own inner consciousness, bearing in its wake a flood of information that I felt must be shared.

"Although you should make allowances for any misinterpretations on my part, I would suggest you use what is contained in this book as a basis for further research into our other selves, for my own studies are far from complete at this point. But beware: there are powers upon this planet that would intercept your receiving information along these lines if they could. The reasons for this I leave to your own interpretation.

"The following item demonstrates one of the many possible ways they can intercept information before a person like myself can deliver it to you (as if they hadn’t already tried hard enough to stop this in my case!) This snippet comes by way of a book I recommend to you: Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries, edited by Jonathan Eisen (Auckland Institute of Technology Press, 1994).

"The United States has in place a law (Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, adopted in July 1969) which permits the authorities to gaol any US citizen automatically for a year and fine them US$5,000 if it can be proved that they had contact with extraterrestrials. Not bad for a government that doesn’t even acknowledge that ET exist! Still worse, it appears that a NASA administrator is empowered to determine, with or without a hearing, whether a person has been ’extra-terrestrially exposed’, and impose an undetermined quarantine under armed guard which cannot be broken even by court order!

"....There is also another form of contact - channeling - but I knew nothing of this phenomenon when I first put pen to paper.... Channeling is best described as a means whereby an extraterrestrial entity is able to speak through a human contact or receiver. This person, while in trance or meditative state, can actually allow the alien entity to speak through him/her and answer questions. This process is usually done under controlled conditions, sometimes with a public audience.

" I’ve just explained, I knew nothing of channeling or channelers. Nor did they know of me, yet the similarity of reported events and descriptions are startling in the extreme! I had at last found some information that fitted with my own experience! Note that it was long after I had written of my own experiences that the following descriptions came to my attention. More coincidence?

"No. 1: The strange Blue Light. Right at the very start of my abduction you may recall I became suspended in a blue light. Now some ETs themselves have suggested to abductees that if they wished to alter the abduction experience and be more of it without being victims, they should try to project a blue light around our bodies.... Some ETs have actually suggested they would prefer it this way, as they would rather have meaningful interactions with us that the type most commonly reported.

"....I certainly had no conscious knowledge of what the blue light could do. It has been described in one publication as an "intense, electrical, blue energy field."

"No. 2: The Glowing Entities. You will recall my mentioning that as I became accustomed to the low light level, the first visual contact I had was of ghostlike figures in the distance. Channeled information suggests that groups of aliens from the Pleiades (note that there are possibly many different groups from the Pleiades) and other star systems exist on a different vibrational plane than we do, and they would therefore appear at best as ghostly images.... It appeared to be just such a vibrational variation of adjustment that my physical body went through on entering and exiting the transporter.

"While on the subject of the transporter, it is interesting to note that the aliens who abducted me always referred to their base as a transporter, not a spaceship.... Could such a device be housed in an underground base right here on Earth? Or might it be lurking somewhere within our solar system?

"In 1988 the USSR launched two probes to Mars. One was lost on the way there; the other arrived in late January of early February 1989. In March of that year, this probe encountered a large object, some 25 kilometers in length and shaped like a pencil or cigar, located very close to Phobos, one of the small moons of Mars. This object showed up on radar, and some images of it were transmitted to Earth just before the probe was seemingly put out of action by some unknown force!

"The timing of these events fitting in so well with my own interaction is at least incredibly coincidental, you would have to admit.... even when this information was leaked to the West, it never exactly became public knowledge. Most certainly, I did not know about it until much later. The Mars and Phobos connections I believe are very relevant to my interaction. It’s obvious that someone out there does not want us nosing around!

"No. 3: Skin absorption. ....It would seem to me that nutrient absorption has moved several steps further down the road, if my own experience with aliens is my guide. This suggests to me that my contacts come from perhaps much further into our future than do the Pleiadan contacts recorded up until now.

"....By this I mean that we may only now be seeing scout groups of their kind, rather than fully-fledged traders or emissaries, and that they have visited us only very rarely in the recent past - but I think that is about to change. Their needs appear to be much more urgent now because of the state of decay of their sun.

"No. 4: Inside the Craft. Back to transportation again, this time with a channeled contact from Zeta Reticuli. This is a different extraterrestrial race, commonly known as the Greys. This channeled entity, describing the interior of his craft, suggested we would find it encircled with a band of light. The Greys apparently prefer a dull-red light as the most comfortable light in which to operate.... As a point of interest, Zetas also reportedly absorb energy through the skin.

"No. 5: Projected Images. A ’gaoled’ abductee in the USA said that in one of his excursions with ETs he was taken to a place where everything looked a little artificial, as if the images were projected..... This feeling I also had from time to time on my visit to Haven.

"No. 6: Female Instructors. Another quote from our ’gaoled’ friend: "I was asleep, but came awake while sleeping. My instructor was female, and I remember telling myself that she wasn’t half bad for an alien. At this she laughed and said, ’I’ll take that as a compliment!’ She knew my thoughts and was very free with information given. She had deep, dark, liquid brown eyes and small teeth."

"....The abductee also stated: "I have a feeling that some ETs wanted me to know what was going on, while others did not!"

"No. 7: Structures. More channeled material here. The structures that some ETs have described as their homes have likened to the shape of a spiral shell. I cannot help but feel the similarity here with what I experienced in the pearl-like interiors of ’my’ alien hosts’ home, with spiral ramps running about the perimeter.

"No. 8: Hybrid Immune System. In some channeled material I have read of an immune-system deficiency affecting various hybrid strains of ETs. Other reports suggest that some of these hybrids, which are a human-ET mix of unknown proportions, have actually conceived and given birth - around the year 1990! All this ties in very much with the experiments I was involved. These reports suggest that these hybrid aliens are trying to strengthen their children’s immune system by using portions of human systems mixed in with their own.

"There are just too many coincidences in these reports - so many that these coincidences might just be facts! However, that’s for you to decide.

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Chapter 20


"....According to Dr Mirai [Japan’s leading neurophysiologist], "Meditation is not merely a stage between mental stability and sleep, but a ’condition’ where the person is relaxed but ready to accept and respond positively to any stimulus that may reach him."

"Research has confirmed that brainwave rhythms correspond to certain states of consciousness. This suggests that individuals capable of altering their brainwave patterns can have significant control over their mental and physiological functioning....

"....Biofeedback researchers have found that people that enter the theta state expand their state of consciousness, acquire super-receptivity to new information and demonstrate a greater ability to ’re-script’ material on a subconscious level.

"One effect of this experience was that it made me want to re-examine life and the simple act of living in a little more detail. As I was doing this, it appeared that things were not quite straightforward as I had first thought, especially regarding birth and death. My in-depth investigation even suggested that some engineering and choices might be involved in this respect, especially as regards birth!

"....What I had learnt from my terrestrial studies I then combined with information I had been told during my off-planet experience. It soon became obvious to me that some-behind-the-scenes organizing goes on, which we do not seem to remember while we are in bodily form down here on planet Earth.

"....It goes even deeper than this.... I do not fear death for I believe there is much more to come after this life. This could end up being a very dangerous attitude to life, I might add, and should not be encouraged in the young! I think, though, that we have a natural, inbuilt reflex action which helps us defend our bodies against possible injury or death.

"Most certainly when I was very young there was no way I could consciously have been in charge of the auto-alert mode I mentioned earlier. An example of this was my sudden (and, at the time, unexplained) rejection of milk as a food source. During the early 1950s the Americans were testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean, and not far to the north of my homeland, New Zealand. In 1954 they tested their first hydrogen bomb in the area of the Marshall Islands. This released into the atmosphere a tremendous amount of radioactive material which eventually found its way into the pasturelands of New Zealand in the form of strontium-90 and worse. From there it made its way into our cattle and, following the natural chain from there, to our milk - which in those days was given free to all schoolchildren during their lunch or play time. It was as if a bomb had gone off inside me! My body began to reject milk at just this time as if it were pure poison (which it actually is!). I have not drunk straight milk since.

"Arguably, I could say that the first kind of ’pollutant’ I’d come across was the terrestrial school education system.... Something told me this was not a good thing and I was not going to go! Of course, I did go, but not without a fight.

"As coincidence would have it, I recall that it was about at this time that I had my first interaction with something that may have not been terrestrial, at least not in the manner in which you and I might initially perceive it....

"....On my way to school on one of those very early days, something happened that made school just a secondary place of learning and no where near as much fun for me....

"....The distance to school was possibly more than a mile, on the way I had to pass by a park. (This was in the days when it was safe for a five year-old to walk to school alone!) We lived not far from the sea....

(Alec at this point relates his incredible interaction of his childhood, with beings, whose memories came through much later, when he had hypnotherapy sessions, and also through subsequent dreams. I just cannot give these brilliant episode away on line.)

Alec then continues:

"....I had forgotten most of the above detail over the course of the years, and perhaps most of it would have remained in the recesses of my mind had it not been for a piece of information....

"....One day in my local library searching for information on human blood and the existence of different blood types, a book by Fred Alan Wolf, titled The Body Quantum fell off a library shelf and almost hit me on the foot! It just so happened that this book had a little information about blood types, so I took it home.... I came across something so relevant to the possibility of an vegetable-animal cross that I must share it with you now.

"Quite simply, what I found was that there is very little difference between the structure of chlorophyll and blood hemoglobin....

"....As soon as I read this, I knew that what I’d seen back then as a child had been real. This in turn brought my more recent 1989 experience into light.

"This brings me to another Fred I quite like: Sir Fred Hoyle.... Sir Fred thinks that chlorophyll may not even be a native of planet Earth! If it grew up here, he states, it should not be green. Green is altogether the wrong colour! He asks why chlorophyll should choose to miss out on the best part of the colour spectrum for supplying converted energy to its parent plant. By reflecting green light, it cannot use it; and, as you most likely know, green falls right in the middle of the light spectrum on this planet. Surely this is a foolish mistake on Nature’s part? But it would only be a mistake if Earth Nature were responsible for it in the first place. According to Sir Fred, chlorophyll on this planet should be black!

"If our plant life did not originate here, perhaps the same could be said for other forms of life. Remember that Fred Wolf said: both plant and animal life could have a common ancestor.

"Once I had accessed that lost memory, a lot of long-forgotten material came back to me. Some of this material concerned pyramids, but not necessarily the ones on our planet.

"The pyramids I do remember had many functions, one of which was as a school of learning.... within the pyramid there are very special forces at work that can tune the mind and extend one’s understanding of all things. The pyramid could also be used as a doorway to other worlds, and it was through one of these doors that I had been brought on my many visits....

"....I cannot remember what happened when I came home after these first interactions at around age five.... There is a vague recollection I have of sitting on the back steps of a local church one day when I was very young. I was alone and perhaps should have been at school....

"....I wouldn’t argue with the explanation that some children just have very active imaginations and live in fantasy worlds. But do we really know what fantasy is? Is it a door to distant worlds, perhaps? And why is it that adults seem to close themselves off from such doorway? One of the main objectives of the terrestrial school system that I was trying to escape, would seem to be the removal of such worlds from young imaginations. "So that we might concentrate our efforts on this ’real’ world we are all living in," would seem to be the reasoning behind their actions. But could there be hidden, ulterior motives?

"In answer to my own question, I would suggest this is done partially to keep us from discovering our true selves.... But to access this potential we must involve the use of the inner mind - that part which is denied the light of day by the very system which is supposed to bring out the best in us!

"....Attributes such as an open mind and sustained, positive thought are sometimes the equal of a high-class education, if some of mankind’s greatest inventors and inventions are anything to go by.... The ability to ’think outside the square’ cannot be taught, and perhaps fewer than one in a million of us is allowed to or has managed to retain it.

"One of the greatest minds of this century (or any century, for that matter), was a scientist by the name of Nikola Tesla. Quite possible most have not heard of him, and in many ways this confirms exactly the point I want to make. Jealousy and fear.... These are also two of the main reasons why overactive young minds are snuffed out in our terrestrial school system. There cannot be too many geniuses running around: that would undermine the power base of the select few who fancy they own this planet and us along with it!

"....Even though Tesla did not invent electricity itself, he may as well have. He discovered how to create and harness an alternating current which was a vast improvement over the direct type currents that had been in used up until then....

"....It is what he discovered a little later that caused Nikola Tesla’s name to be scrubbed from the history books. He found a simple and inexpensive way to extract the unlimited supply of electrical energy in our atmosphere and within the Earth itself, and then transmit it without wires to anywhere in the world! The dream of all mankind! . . . except those who profit from present-day methods!

"....He died in 1943 under mysterious circumstances and in abject poverty [he had turned the military down during World War II because of his ethics and attention to detail], as so many top scientists seem to do when they fall out of favor with the military or behind-the-scenes power-mongers.

"Tesla’s genius has only been rediscovered in the last decade or two.... enough people now recognize his potential....

"....Perhaps his work may yet help us unlock the doors to these other worlds that I’m sure exist alongside our own. One day, may be we’ll see another Tesla come along and do just that.

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Chapter 21


"From what I’ve been able to decipher, galaxies are not scattered willy-nilly all over the universe as you might imagine. They seemed to be linked by threads of energy and arranged in rows which run in many directions. Moreover, not all galaxies are linked together by the same threads of energy.

"Deep space can be likened to a many-ribboned highway, where these ’ribbons’ of energy can be used to navigate the heavens. Some space travellers ’fire’ their craft down these highways at fantastic speeds using the natural energy of the universe. The technique is akin to using an optical fiber filament. Indeed, the spaceship becomes no more than a pulse of electricity or light as it utilizes these filaments of pure energy.

"On this planet I have heard these types of ships referred to as "lightships."

"....A lightship is a marvel of technology and Nature combined. It is an exercise in cybernetics well beyond our understanding. As with their houses, [alien’s] these ships are partially living entities. A few people on this planet have suggested that some type of alien craft are powered by giant crystals. This may be correct for some, but the craft or transporter I was privileged to board was a living crystal-based entity in its own right!...

"....In other words, the body - and whatever else accompanies it - must carry a natural blueprint within it so it may reassemble itself in the proper form after the event or transformation....

"....It must suffice for us to understand that, as with the ship, the human body must as well reassemble itself after one of these transmutations. It just so happens that the pyramidal shape is custom-made to accomplish this task. The primary function of a pyramid, whether it be on or off this planet, is to reconstitute matter to a present form.... We have only to study the effects of a pyramid on a blunt razor-blade to see that we already have the proof, right before our eyes. It is not sci-fi: this is real!

"Because a lightship is a living thing, it has many benefits we can hardly imagine.... [Alec explains several here]. Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality, but what you see today has been played with for years behind those very same close doors....

"....The way light and other base elements interact with one great variable in the universe is what helps ’make’ what appears to be a ’solid’ object. That variable is known to us as magnetism.... It is curious that the force of magnetism is one of the least understood.... It is almost as if this last realm of science has been denied us because we are not yet ready for the responsibility that this conquest may bring. For sure, if magnetism is misused it could have devastating effects on us all - as could well have happened at some earlier period of our history!

"Light is an excellent conductor. A conductor passed through a magnetic field can, or should, create an electrical field. Now we have three major ’players’ working towards the construction of planets, suns, and all that is out there in the sky at night....

"....If I have it right, everything can be constructed from light. Its interaction with the vagaries of the magnetic phenomenon helps create all known substances.

{Alec also explains how ’black holes’ exist in two realities]

He then continues:

"....Our Sun is constantly being fed energy from a black hole at some other point in time and space, possibly even from a universe parallel to our own.... Even those in our solar system like Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune - receive energy this way. This energy may not necessarily be recognized for what it is as it radiates out into free space. It could arrive here in a form foreign to us and we would not notice it at all, for we Earthlings do not yet understand pure light energy. It may be that this energy is arriving here from another dimension, so the way it manifests itself could well be difficult for us to track down with our present state of technology. Only time will tell.

"....If this energy that is making its way into our solar system is undetectable, planets and perhaps even suns made of this material could exist right alongside our own world and we would not even be aware of them! So much has been made of this other dimensional worlds from so many different quarters that I’m inclined to think that where there’s smoke there is quite often fire!

"From what I understand, this transfer of energy can also be used to advantage as a form of high-speed space travel. Once the chosen vehicle has been processed into a form of pure light or some compatible energy, these doorways in space become open to the traveller.... There is very little more I can add to this, except to say that if my own experience is anything to go by, much work must be done on the human body before it can enter these portholes in space. It might well have been that I had to leave my Earth body behind in storage before I could undertake such a trip through time and space.

"Ever since I was told that Zeena’s people could have originated in our own solar system - and, more specifically, on what could have been the fifth planet from our Sun, if such planet existed today - I have been interested in finding out more about something that is still out there, in what could have been the approximate orbit of a fifth planet. This ’something’ is the asteroid belt.

Alec gets into astronomy theories to then continue:

"....Out in the asteroid belt there are several other [Ceres and Vesta having been mentioned] large lumps of matter with diameters ranging around 200 to 300 kilometers, plus thousands of smaller ones. To me, this describes a planet in bits - not a collection of rocks that had no where else to go when our solar system was formed. What’s more, parts of this planet have been falling our way for quite some time now, but no one is quite sure just how long - maybe as long as 400 million years.

"....Most of these meteorites are made up of the same basic materials as our own Earth, and in just about the same proportions, too. This could mean that our lost world was very much like Earth - which is all good for the legend!

"Some stony meteorites contain microscopic bubbles of carbon dioxide and water. Others even contain small diamonds (which, as we all know, are formed under tremendous pressure), so these rocks must have existed deep within a planet at some stage, not just floating in free space as rocks all their lives!

Alec continues explaining new findings in meteorites, including the presence of fossilized once-cell organisms.... which inhabit the waters of lakes and seas!


Then he continues, mentioning the controversial rock-from Mars....

"....Here is the catch with the rock-from-Mars. Most of you will know that this rock was supposedly blasted off Mars by the impact of an asteroid many millions of years ago and arrived on Earth by good grace and luck in 1984. Now, why did it take these scientists twelve years [it appeared on the News in 1996] to find these organic carbon-based molecules, or, rather why have they waited twelve years to tell us about them? If that rock had been blasted off Mars all that time ago and somehow made its way to Earth, where are all the rocks that must have been blasted off our own Moon in much the same way? After all, the Moon is so much closer and has lower gravity than Mars (or does it? - something else for you to read up on!). To my way of thinking, everyone’s backyard should be full of Moon rocks if we are lucky enough to have any rocks from Mars on Earth. Or did that rock arrive in some other way?

"....Most of our modern-day scientists are happy to suggest that all of the approximate 200,000 ’complex’ enzymes that help make up the human body evolved by pure chance on this planet millions of years ago. They state that all is self-generating; in other words, given the right conditions, life just has to happen!

"However, there seems to be just as much proof - and by more than one eminent scientist - to suggest, at least mathematically, that chance had nothing to do with it al all!.... What I am trying to say here? To make it simple, life appears to need a kick-start, dare I say, intelligent intervention!

(At this point Alec presents a short chart of the infinitesimal chance an enzyme has to pop out of the primordial soup!)

He then continues:

"....If we care to go even further back in time than the formation of the Earth and life upon it, we might find that this ’great hand of chance’ was at work then, too.

"....We are carbon-based life-forms. Making carbon is almost impossible unless you have the recipe and all the hardware. Carbon nuclei come into being as a result of a very rare, simultaneous collision of three separate helium nuclei. Firstly, two nuclei must collide and, while still in a very unstable state (berylium) which lasts for just a very, very, short time, a third helium nuclei must strike with just the right force so as to become attached also. Carbon is thus formed, but only if all this happens at just the right vibrational rate and temperature. It just so happens, by some wondrous act of chance, that this state is reached in the interior of your average star. Lucky us!

Alec explains here the full process of the manufactured carbon, which in brief is:

* it must not mix with other elements like oxygen
* oxygen abounds in the fiery interior of a star
* oxygen vibrates in a slightly lower rate than carbon
* oxygen and carbon do not mix....

"....The manufactured carbon is then ejected far and wide when the star explodes in a supernova. Sir James Jeans said it all when he remarked: "Our bodies are formed from the ashes of long-dead stars."

"You will surely allow me the right to ponder the possibility of a Master Intelligence.... the building blocks of life (carbon).... and a place for it to grow (Earth).... We have a nice, safe umbrella called an atmosphere that purely by chance, according to science, happens to take ninety-nine per cent of our Sun’s most harmful rays and at the same time lets all the useful parts get through to us that we need for our growth and development. The process involved in this protective atmospheric umbrella are staggeringly complex. Anyone who thinks it got there by pure accident should reconsider its composition - in a little more detail, this time.

"It scares me to think that the military is tampering with this fragile safety screen.... Anyone interested in finding out more on this subject should investigate HAARP, the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Alaska.

"Continuing with this theme of the possible existence of a Master Intelligence or driving force within the universe.... There are many names for this force, but some call it "The All That Is", or "God."

".... Some of our ET friends believe in it, too! They believe that in the beginning there was only this Intelligence, which in its wisdom decided it would like to experience life in as many diverse forms as possible, all for its own growth and enlightenment....

"....Each of us is but one small part of that experience, as in each of our ET brothers and sisters....

".... I do not expect or want you to believe blindly in this explanation. Most likely you have not had an experience like mine to draw upon.... it is rather nice to think we may be part of a grand plan - even an important, integral part of that plan. Surely this helps explain much that has puzzled mankind about self, destiny and the world for many a year.

"Cosmologists and astronomers.... In effect, they have had to live the lie, even to the point where they cooperate in building spaceships and using radio telescopes to search for other intelligences whom they already know to exist - and with whom they are quite possible already in contact! These same scientists are quick to put down all other reported contacts, especially those like my own, saying, "No, no! It can’t happen that way! We think it should happen like this . . ."

"The skies are not the only place with secrets that have been kept from us. This close-knit scientific community is also pretending to look for the so called missing link in our evolutionary past, knowing full well they will never find it.... Despite this, some scientists who have not been able to find this missing link have even stooped so low as to invent one! Is that what science is all about? Trickery?.... The next and last example exposes one of the biggest scams of the 20th century.

"....This scam concerns the destructive capabilities of the atomic and hydrogen bombs. While these bombs are certainly capable of wholesale destruction, the much-projected scenario of multiple-strike nuclear weapons detonating simultaneously across the globe could never happen!

"Nuclear devices require time-frames for successful detonation. Each predetermined area of our globe is compatible with nuclear detonation at a different time, and this timing needs to be calculated to the fraction of a second. Compatible harmonic ’windows’ for detonating nuclear devices in different parts of our globe can be days or even weeks apart! (Of course, if a number of nuclear bombs did happen to explode across the planet over an extended time period, the effect would still be one of total devastation.)

[Alec also mentions the function of nuclear subs....]

"....This raises the question of what some nuclear nations have been actually been doing in their supposed underground testing of recent times. Could they be carrying out antimatter testing rather than nuclear testing?

"More details on the nuclear subject and much more can be found in Bruce Cathie’s fascinating and informative book, The Harmonic Conquest of Space.

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