extracted from 'Dreamland in the Rockies' by Branton




The following systems are either areas that are independent, non-aligned to the United Federation or the Draconian Empire, areas of collaboration and/or warfare between Humanoid and Reptilioid forces, or members of the Ashtar Command-Collective and for the Bavarian (Alt. 003) Imperialist Space Forces.


The Alternative 003 [Bavarian] Space Forces, in alliance with other Imperialistic humanoid and reptiloid species, have - within the last few decades of their interstellar travel capabilities - already become notorious throughout this sector of the galaxy for their Nazi-like atrocities against the peaceful inhabitants of other worlds.


This is according to one couple who defected from the "Alternative 003" crowd (which is made up mostly of super-rich Military-industrialist families) after friendly Federation personnel contacted them and told them what the A3ís were really up to.


This is why the Federation has always been so concerned about current Terran cultures gaining a foothold in outer space.


Terrans have been inbred with ages of warrior instinct, and this is the "instinct" which the Draconians have successfully harnessed via implantation and mind-control to attack their enemies in the Federation.


The Reptilians are cowards. They use "human shields" or "mind slaves" to fight their Federation enemies and on Earth they hide bravely in their underground lairs, making nocturnal visitations to the surface to temporarily or permanently abduct those humans - INCLUDING CHILDREN - who will serve their purpose.


Richard Shaver referred to them as the "Vermin from Space." They are vampirial in nature and feed-off the human life-force which manifests itself through the human spirit (emotions), the human soul (thoughts), and human blood (plasma)!


If the Alternative 003 forces could be de-programmed and their loyalties turned toward the Federation and against the Draconians, they can be just as much a force for good as they have been for evil (after all, once the Draconian Empire is conquered there will be enough "spoil" to go around for all humans concerned Terrans have the right to seek the absolute destruction of the Draconian Empire, being justified by the unprovoked war crimes that they have committed against the human race and their blatant disregard for human life).


Other systems that "might" be placed in this third category are systems that have been conquered or infiltrated by the Draconians, or systems where things are currently out of control.


In any event, the following systems do not appear to be entirely loyal to either the United Federation or the Draconian Empire, and like the SOL system itself, they are somewhat unstable.


Some of these include:

  • Sirius

  • Arcturus

  • Aldebaran

  • Procyon

  • Betelgeuse

  • Bernardís Star

  • Bootes Centaurus

  • and of course - as I have stated - Sol

These systems [especially Sol] may conceivably go one way or the other depending on the future course of events, and the final outcome of the battle for planet earth may in fact determine the future course of the interstellar conflict itself.


Earth apparently possesses something that the reptilian Grays desperately need for the continuance of their interstellar activities, something which is here in abundance.


Exactly what this is, is uncertain. It may be several things. As for the Ashtar or "Astarte" collective, it is a massive electronic collective mind or intelligence with a nerve-center rumored to be based within a 20 mile long computer - possibly space-based - into which numerous space cultures are tied via electrotelepathic implants.


This collective has long since been infiltrated and compromised by the Draconian collective at various levels and can no longer be trusted. Be wary of so-called "Ascended Masters" speaking through the Ashtar collective, as they are just as likely to be Draconian impostors as they are to be enlightened Federation beings.


There seems to be a long history of cautious interaction between humanoid and reptilioid species in the star systems mentioned above, or neutrality and in many cases all-out warfare between the two species, often resulting from treaties that have gone sour.