by Bernhard Guenther

August 15, 2019

from VeilOfReality Website






Paul Levy joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast to talk about his work on Wetiko and his latest book "The Quantum Revelation".


Paul shares his personal awakening experience, coming face to face with a dark force working through humans and institutions which lead him to the discovery of the dream-like nature of reality and the "topic of all topics":

the non-local hyper-dimensional alien virus Wetiko...




Paul talks about the nature of wetiko, how it interacts and works through us and the world at large, and its teaching function being the disease and medicine at the same time.


Furthermore, Paul dives deeper into,

...and much more.

A pioneer in the field of spiritual emergence, Paul Levy is a wounded healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dreamlike nature of reality.


He is the author of,




Video Notes

  • Paul's personal awakening experience after having a severe psychotic break and being hospitalized in a psychiatric institution

  • Paul's realization of coming face to face with a "darker force" (wetiko) working through humans and institutions and integrating his experiences

  • Mental "illnesses" are unrecognized shamanic/spiritual initiations

  • Issues with psychiatry and psychological labeling/diagnosis

  • The archetypal journey of the Wounded Healer

  • We are all in Trauma and subjected to personal, collective and archetypal evil

  • The more aware/awake you are, the more you will feel the suffering of others, having a wider sense of identity, experiencing non-separation, lessons of compassion

  • Wetiko, the alien virus, a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul

  • The quantum mechanics of how Wetiko works through humanity and manifests in the outside world

  • Wetiko wants to stay hidden by distracting us from inquiring within to focus on the shadows on the wall and external projections; once you "see" it, it loses its power

  • Wetiko feeds off polarization through our projections and ego identifications

  • Trauma and Addictions are entry points for Wetiko

  • The trap of identifying with thoughts

  • Wetiko gets to us via identifying with our false self and conditioned impulsive desires, wants, and needs

  • The teaching function of Wetiko, disease and medicine at the same time

  • Wetiko wants us to put a blind eye on "evil" and our shadow

  • The issue with projection our shadow externally, creating more evil

  • Wetiko and current events: political left/right polarization, projections on Trump

  • We are distracted by superficial political issues like shadow's on the wall in Plato's cave, giving Wetiko more power

  • More and more trauma and suffering is coming up for people, an opportunity for healing

  • Wetiko is a shapeshifter and can trick us but it can't touch our soul

  • Everyone is subjected to Wetiko unless you are fully conscious, i.e. enlightened

  • Paul's explorations into Quantum Physics

  • New Age distortions and over-simplification of Quantum Physics