The Pleiadian Mission
Randolph Winters

September, 1998

from EclecticViewpoint Website

A Report on the Pleiadian UFO Case plus an update on technology used to build flying disks here on Earth.

One of the most controversial UFO cases of all time is the Billy Meier contact in Switzerland with human life from a small cluster of stars in our galaxy called the Pleiades. This case has become world famous because of the thousands of daylight photos and movie footage taken by Mr. Meier of the Pleiadian craft, metal samples given to him by an alien visitor, and many witnesses to this ongoing occurrence. Experts from all over the world have offered their opinions on this extraordinary case of contact with life from another world.

Author and lecturer Randolph Winters became interested in the Billy Meier case and journeyed to Switzerland to meet Mr. Meier, where he spent several months with him at his home, and became one of the few people Billy Meier has spoken to about his experiences. Mr. Meier's more than 115 physical contacts produced some 1,800 pages of Contact Notes covering the conversations he has had with these off-world visitors, and another 2,000 pages he has written on special subjects, such as Meditation, The Psyche, The Origin of Life, Science, Philosophy, and Spirituality.

During his time in Switzerland, Mr. Winters saw the Pleiadian craft himself, and in his presentation he will bring us up to date on the Pleiadian information that Mr. Meier shared with him, and on the Billy Meier case itself. He will be showing a selection of the best daylight photos of the Beamships taken by Billy Meier, and will share knowledge about Mr. Meier's private life, his travels to other worlds, a visit to a Pleiadian planet, traveling back in time to see the pyramids being built, and the Pleiadian view of our future and what will happen here on Earth in the next 20 years. He will also discuss the controversy surrounding the case, including the photos of fake UFO's using models.

A Message from Randolph Winters ...

"I am convinced that flying disks are real. It's more a question of where they come from than of their existence. Visits from the Pleiades have been recorded for thousands of years by many cultures. However, years of research and conversations with intelligent and knowledgeable people have convinced me that the majority of the UFOs seen are made here on Earth by a variety of groups, including the U.S. Navy and others. I do not believe that America is at the forefront of this technology, and that is the main reason they keep it secret. They are not ready to tell the American people that we are not the leaders in the race for this new technology.


The majority of the UFOs seen around the Earth are built in South America by German scientists who fled there at the end of World War II. This is a fact known in intelligence circles, but not to the general public. The technology used by the Germans to build these flying disks is known to us also, but we are not as far along in our development and application of this technology. The existence and principles of this technology are not taught in our schools, and mainstream scientists are way behind on these concepts.


However, I can assure you it is real. I have seen the disk, and I have seen lab experiments creating anti-gravity. It's happening in private circles and is kept from mainstream scientists and from the public. We are working hard to develop this technology in secret, and the intelligence community does not want this knowledge spread around, because we would lose our advantage over 2nd and 3rd world countries if it were to fall into their hands."

Mr. Winters has written several books, including The Pleiadian Mission, The Pleiadian Data Book, and The Pleiadian Spiritual Development Workbook. He has appeared on numerous television specials on UFO's, including Strange Universe, NBC News, and several UFO documentaries. He is a well known speaker and has travelled to all parts of the world sharing the knowledge from the Pleiades.