by BraveManNewWorld2

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1 - The Evidence
Mar 20, 2011

This episode suggests that aliens made contact with primitive humans, and cites as evidence,

  • Indian Sanskrit texts from around 300 BC that are suggested to describe flying machines called Vimanas

  • Egyptian megaliths that are said to show precision cutting work thought too advanced for the time

  • Jewish Zohar writings that are said to describe a "manna machine" similar to chlorella algae processing of today




2 - The Visitors
March 20, 2011

The episode proposes that alien visitations have occurred around the globe, and cites as evidence, claims that the Dogon people were given galactic knowledge by a star god the Hopi and Zuni celebrations of Kachinas (or "gods from the sky").


They are symbolized with headdress that are said to resemble modern space helmets and that the Chinese Huangdi was a Han leader who came to Earth on a yellow dragon which is suggested to have been a metaphor for a spaceship.





3 - The Mission
March 21, 2011

This episode posits that extraterrestrials have a mission plan for Earth and mankind, and cites as evidence, Sumerian tablets that allegedly describe the Anunnaki as a race of creatures that came to Earth to mine gold, the purpose of cattle mutilations, the mile-long "band of holes" near Pisco, Peru.


Egyptian hieroglyphs that are said to depict hybrid creatures that are part man/part animal and Crystal skulls and crop circles that are said to contain messages from aliens.





4 - Closer Encounters
March 21, 2011

This episode suggests that alien encounters have been documented in various historical texts.


Citing as evidence,

  • the 13th century book Otia Imperialia which describes an incident in Bristol, England ascribed to UFOs

  • the log entries of Christopher Columbus that report lights in the sky

  • stories of cigar-shaped craft allegedly seen over Europe during the Black Plague and Medieval art that supposedly depicts disc-shaped objects floating in the heavens...