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From: Dr Michael Salla
Date: 04/05/06 11:58:25
Subject: [exopolitics] Dan Sherman and Project Preserve Destiny

Aloha all,

I recently finished reading Dan Sherman’s book, Above Black, which is quite revealing in how ’shadow government’ agencies train military personnel while they perform their routine duties. In this case, Dan Sherman was trained in electronic intelligence ELINT for the US Air Force and the NSA, while he was at the same time trained to be an intuitive communicator with ETs.


So while he can prove he was trained in ELINT he can’t prove he was trained as an intuitive communicator - there’s no paper trail. This is similar to the case of Sgt Clifford Stone who received parallel training for UFO recovery operations while being trained for his normal military duties. Again, no paper trail so all we have is a military record for typical military duties.

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Michael E. Salla, PhD






Interview with Dan Sherman
Project Preserve Destiny - Alien Implants

by Georgina Bruni

for Sightings Magazine

Dan Sherman went into the United States Air Force like most other American guys, extremely proud to serve his country and its well trained sophisticated military. During his twelve years in service he was recognized for heroism, and was decorated with the AF Commendation Medal, as well as the AFAchievement Medal with two oakleaf clusters. He also received the Outstanding Unit Award with three oakleafclusters and was honored for service in the Persian Gulf war.

Everything appeared to be going well for Sergeant Sherman until he was involuntarily recruited into a special program called “Project Preserve Destiny” (PPD), an ABOVE BLACK program which would eventually change his life and result in him leaving the USAF for which he was so dedicated.

Sergeant Sherman began his training for (PPD) at the National Security Agency (NSA) whilst at the same time training for a career in ELINT, a highly sensitive project. The ELINT training, although a genuine program, was to act as a cover for his participation in “Project Preserve Destiny”.

Arriving at the NSA he was told the following startling news by an Air Force Captain. “To put it bluntly, Sergeant Sherman, in the summer of 1960 your mother was visited by what the world commonly refers to as aliens. Random tests were being conducted on the general populace at the time to determine compatibility.”


The Captain explained that whilst he (Sherman) was still in his mother’s womb, he had been implanted to enable him to make contact with aliens through “intuitive communications”. He was also told that the US government had been in contact with aliens since 1947. Needless to say, Sherman was shocked, but relieved to hear that he was 100% human and not part alien. So began three years with the (PPD) program and his communication with an alien species.

Sherman’s story is as fascinating as they come, and one can’t help but sit back in amazement as you learn what allegedly are the facts of a covert operation so secret it goes even beyond the “Black Projects”, and is referred to as “Grey Matter” or “Slant Missions”. According to Sherman, the alien cover-up is buried deep within the “Onion Effect” - so many layers, and with every alien project - there is a black project hiding it.


After he began receiving disturbing abduction data, realizing that alien abductions were still ongoing, he decided to take drastic measures to obtain a discharge from the USAF and go public in the hopes that other insiders will follow in his footsteps.


Exclusive Interview with Dan Sherman
Georgina Bruni for Sightings Magazine

GB: Mr Sherman thank you for taking the time to do this interview. You are the author of “ABOVE BLACK - Project Preserve Destiny” and I understand the book is about your involvement in a Air Force/Government covert operation relating to an alien (ET) project. Can you offer some details about your work in this project and what it entailed?
DS: I served as an Intuitive Communicator for the National Security Agency while stationed at two separate locations as a member of the US Air Force intelligence community. My job was to maintain intuitive communications with my alien contact and report the results of each contact. My intuitive abilities were a result of what is referred to in grey circles as “genetic management”, procedures conducted while I was still in the womb.

GB: You claim that whilst in your mother’s womb you were given certain abilities which allowed you to communicate with ET’s. Can you explain this, and how did your superiors know that you had this ability which resulted in you being selected for the project?
DS:. As it was explained to me, Project Preserve Destiny began in 1960. This was/is a project with the goal of genetically manipulating human offspring so they would have the ability to communicate with this alien species. It is a joint effort (alien/human) in cooperation with one another. I am unclear as to the real reasons for this cooperation. I was told it was to provide an ability to carry on high level communications during an impending electromagnetic communication outage on a worldwide basis subsequent to a major catastrophe in the future.

GB: You mentioned that the ET’s were unemotional. Do you mean that they are not ruled by emotions like we appear to be?
DS: Yes. I have touched on this in the book, and many people have written since the book came out wanting to know more about this. Our communications were extremely vibrant, nothing like vocal language. During the communication I could always sense peripheral things surrounding the communication. This is very difficult to explain. I sensed a great deal of emotion but not the demonstrative type we are all so familiar with as humans.

GB: I understand that you haven’t actually met an ET in physical form, but do you know what the ETs look like?
DS: No, I have never physically seen one. My idea of what they look like is the same as everyone else’s... based on the popular culture icon of the big head, big eyes and pointed chin.

GB: During the time you were with “Project Preserve Destiny” did you ever hear of any British or European involvement in the UFO/Alien cover-up?
DS: During our communications I attempted to bring up the subject of other nations and their involvement. I cannot remember the exact moment I came to this realization but my impression over time was that there were other nations involved as well. I’m not sure the criteria for this involvement but my thoughts are that the nations involved are close allies of the US. Australia, UK, Canada and perhaps Japan in a limited way. I also believe this based on other information I know not directly related to PPD but crucial to the overall picture nonetheless.

GB: I believe you held some top security clearances, can you name some of these?
DS: The security clearances I held all related to my work with Black projects which I am not at liberty to expound upon. In reading my book you will realize how much of a tightrope I am walking relating to the other missions (highly classified, and rightfully so) and how I have tried to stay away from those topics. My clearances had nothing to do with PPD. In order to hide the existence of PPD they cloak it with other projects of which are highly classified unto themselves... the Black ones. Hence the name “Above Black.” An obvious play on words a.k.a.
Timothy Good’s book “Above Top Secret.”

GB: Why did you leave the project and the Air Force?
DS: This is a question that leads to a myriad of answers. The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, surrounded the communications that I had started to receive from my second alien contact. The comms appeared to be abduction data. It was unsettling to me to have to report things such as “Potentiality for Recall” and “Residual Pain Levels.” I asked to be relieved of my duties regarding PPD, was told no, in no uncertain terms, which led to my retaliation by resorting to drastic measures in attempting to receive a discharge. This is described in more depth in the book.

GB: Many are convinced that world governments are releasing information through various inside sources: have you been briefed in any way to play a part in this, or was the choice to go public wholly your own, and if so, why?
DS: This may be true. Disinformation is very important when attempting to hide the truth. However, in my case, there are a few people in the inner circles of the NSA, NRO and USAF that are not happy. My experience is true and untainted with disinformation. I have decided to tell for many reasons one of them being, I am curious to know more that what was told to me. If I come forward, then others may as well. Sooner of later, someone will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and get a much clearer picture of what is going on. My part of the puzzle is small compared to what is left unseen and unexplored.

GB: Do you think that the leaders, i.e. Clinton, Blair, are familiar with the UFO/ET cover-up or are they being kept out of the loop?
DS: I don’t believe the current leadership in either country knows the full story. Perhaps none of it. They are not the keepers of the grey flame but I don’t know exactly who is. I think the last world leader that knew all of it or most all of it was President Truman. I believe Reagan and Thatcher knew something. Again, I don’t know how much though.

GB: In your opinion, is there is need for concern over the alien situation, and is there an alien presence here on Earth?
DS: From my experiences, I would trust my alien contact more than the human commanders I was assigned. When I communicated with my alien contacts, I could sense no dishonesty or distrust. I have no fear of them whatsoever. However, are there other species hanging around that we should not trust? This I don’t know. I don’t believe there are terrestrial based aliens present, no.

GB: Finally, how are you coping - having come out into the open? Are you being harassed by any of the departments you worked for, UFO skeptics or others?
DS: No. I have not been harassed. Everything is going as planned so far. I didn’t think they would come after me if I stuck to the grey aspect of my job. If they can’t hang me for revealing Black information they will not do anything. It’s a rock and hard place for them. If they arrest me for revealing what I know about PPD then they are validating what I am saying. As long as I walk the tightrope as well as I have been doing, I should be fine. It’s interesting to note that I have received much mail since going public and an inordinate amount of it has arrived open. Some of it has even been sliced open from the top. This could be mere coincidence, but in my world you think of these things.