Avro Manhattan: "The Vatican in world politics."


Through 20 chapters and 400 pages, you can analyze the reality of what the National Catholicism of the Vatican or the Catholic Church is. It is anything but a center of Christianity. Her power, totalitarianism and politics in the New World after the world wars, her participation in the Spanish Civil war with Italian and German fascists, her powers in the United States, Latin America, and Europe, her plans for material and spiritual dominion etc . . . Avro lectures have been a surprise to me, and it is this best seller author who has taught me.

Avro's "The Vatican's Holocaust" describes the inquisition which Catholicism still practices, her political powers and how she is the fulfillment of the Apocalyptic prophecies, which confirm her as the Harlot and mother of all abominations (Rev. 17 -18). He encourages Christians to study the diabolical role which the Vatican is playing in modern times; how she has changed Christianity after the second Vatican Council, and how the Catholic Church participated in the Croatian Holocaust and in the ethnic cleansing wars in Yugoslavia.


As an expert Vaticanist, he documents his affirmations with apodictic witnesses and facts about the Vatican's diabolical plan in Croatia, Yugoslavia, with the names of Catholic bishops and priests who worked as exterminators in the Concentration Campus. These books are included in the INDEX. The Vatican is not interested in the truth. Thus she proceeds when she is exposed.


Avro proves how the Vatican and United States' Catholics defend the fascist criminals and their alliances with the International Mafia; and how the Vatican has been the stronghold of drug trafficking etc , . . and how she is responsible for the massacres between fanatical racist serbs, croatians, Mecedonians, Albananians, kosovians which are horrifying us in these moments in which I write as they exterminate each other and millions are cast out of the country.

In "The Vatican Billions," Avro describes how the popes have robbed whole nations, their various stocks, both material and spiritual, and how they have converted (the) National Catholicism or the Vatican State, though it is the smallest in territory, into the greatest economical and political power in the world. He mentions her pacts with Russia, her multinational businesses, her banks and enterprises, with names and places, and her pacts and agreements with the capitalism of the USA, her plans for universal power and programs to exterminate all her opponents and the separated churches.


In 34 chapters you can know how the Catholic church is the owner of more than one third of all the riches and stocks of both Europe and America at the end of this century. When you read my writings about the corruptions of the Vatican and her churches and hierarchies, as the Vaticanist authors I refer to also define, it is possible that you may ask yourself how this could be possible as we come to the third Millennium. How has this been kept hidden from us?


My opinion is that there have been numerous reasons. There have been very few who have had the privilege to delve into and study the English books which have been excommunicated without fear. I thank my lord for having been able to dedicate my whole life to the study of what Christianity is and what Catholicism is. As a result, now being 73 years old and retired, I have been able to produce 20 books on the subject of Christianity and Catholicism. And I can back them with my two doctorates, mastery in Divinity, and my personal experiences as a priest and Monseņor  and as a Protestant minister in diverse denominations, teaching in both their civil and Pontifical seminaries and universities, and possessing a personal library of two thousand Vaticanist's volumes.


Another of Avro Manhattans documented books is "Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Century." In this book of 25 chapters, the author unfolds the reality of what the Vatican really is. It is a completely different history from the false history which Catholics have been forced to believe. He documents how the Vatican is the biggest spiritual and seductive machinery on this earth.

He documents and shows how the Vatican interferes with the Constitutions of Democracies, and how the Catholic Church obstructs the social and economical development in all Nations whose governments officiate Catholicism, provoking Civil Wars and supporting guerrilla bands, as she does in Spain and Latin America. He demonstrates and proves her great political powers and how she infiltrates capitalist and Protestant groups, her religious orders being the ancient Roman legions which carry out the consigns of National Catholicism.

He shows how Catholics are bound to total and unconditional obedience, under the sub -penalty of mortal sin, by the oaths placed upon them by the hierarchies. Thousands of Valiant religious clerics who are disposed to obey the infallible consigns of the Vatican's War, at the cry of Hail Christ the king! But regardless of how much they entreat the dispensations of the vows or oaths which they make to him, they are still mocked and forgotten, without compensation or retirement rights, never mind that they had dedicated their whole lives as faithful workers at his service. If they refuse to obey, their rights are trampled and they are treated inhumanely. In my memoirs, I write about this.

He shows how Catholics are first citizens of the Vatican, then citizens of the Nations wherein they were born, second: That they are bound to respect the ecclesiastical commandments, their canons and dogmas first, laws imposed on their conscience from the moment of baptism as an infant until death. And that they must confirm them as divine laws and superior to the human laws of any government.


They are Satanically placed under oath and possessed in their souls. He says that the Vatican and her popes deny all power of the people, and they rebuff the "Magna Carta" of the Democratic Constitutions, not only of the French and American revolutions but of all those governments which refuse to make pacts with and ally themselves to the laws of the Councils of the episcopalian synods, which all emanate from papal infallibility.


Therefore, they hinder the economical and spiritual progress of the peoples and governments called Catholic, which the times demand, and keep them in the crisis and ignorance which we see. If we compare the progresses of the Protestant nations which have reformed and separated from Catholicism intellectually, socially and economically, to the backwardness of the Catholic Peoples, we observe that they are morally and materially superior. He demonstrates the open warfare against and desires to exterminate the separated Christian groups; the persecutions, terrorist espionage, defamation and slander against her opponents, denying them their rights to freedom of expression and conscience.


The author says in closing:


Are we not seeing it?


All that is affirmed by one of the most rewarded and documented Vaticanist authors in Europe, whose works are translated into forty languages, but is prohibited and censured in Spanish. Study horn so you can understand my articles and the other face of a false and Satanic coin which has made us believe the lie for the truth the Vatican.

The servant was ignorant to the true literature about the Vatican and its dark side. All I knew was what I had learned from memory and heard from my youth in the seminary. It never even crossed my mind that there might be a Vatican mafia, or that the Catholic religion could be directed from the Vatican by Satan.


Avro Manhattan was the first to show me this; and thereby I was able to discover the Pandora box and start unpacking the very secret and diabolical Vatican, whose Mafia is connected the world over using Christianity.

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The Vaticanologist writer and ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin, in his 14 books on the Vatican, documents the reality of the corruption of the Catholic Church; and he is a witness from inside the Vatican, where he exercised his functions as a historian and Jesuit, and formed part of the elite Jesuits which dominate the Vatican's offices, and was a member of the Vatican Mafia. Thus he describes it in his 14 books. I invite the elector to his books. You'll be amazed.

For the Catholic and study of Christian and Catholic history, ex-Jesuit Malachi's books are indispensable for coming to know the truth about what the Vatican and her Catholic Churches really are. His documents and investigations have opened my eyes and conscience, as well as many other lector's who have been deceived with only Catholic history, and who ignored reality. His documentations are a gold mine of truth which the Vatican wishes to hide and silence.

In his 655 page book "Vatican," which comes in a literary for, the ex-Jesuit Malachi opens over eyes and conscience to the truth of the Vatican, and shows how he was a personal witness in the Vatican of all he describes; though at time, to avoid endangering the personages which are still alive, he changes the names and refuses to jeopardize them.

In he book "The Jesuits The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church," Malachi shows that he is an eminent theologian, an expert on the Catholic Church, an authority as a professor in the Pontifical Biblical Institute of the Vatican, and the national author of the most sold best sellers "The Vatican, The Final Conclave, and Hostage the Devil."


He graduated with two doctorates in Semitic languages, archaeology and oriental history and studied in Oxford University. And above all, he served the famous Jesuit Cardinal A. Bea in Rome and dedicated himself to Pope John Paul XXIII in New York to expose the corruption of National Catholicism -its political, economical and religious Mafias. His book and documentation affirm me. another of the books that I recommend you to read is "Rich Church Poor Church."


You shall be amazed at the economical power of the Vatican, and of her social and political programs which she is carrying out to take over the riches of the democratic governments. He documents in his chapter IV, titled "Capitalism and Catholicism," how she is deceiving democracy's by showing herself as a poor church to multiply the offerings of the believing Catholics.


He shows how Jesus Christ's message of poverty and spirituality, of providing for the poor with the offerings of God, are converted into worldly investments, and how she is steadily seizing banks and keeps Catholics who ignore the Vatican's riches deceived; how she is seizing national budgets in the name of the poor, and how she directs USA charities and federal funds. Read the book "The American Pope The Life and Times of Francis Cardinal Spellman," by John Cooney, about its struggles for economical power and the robberies of public assistance and USA budgets.

This minister has written a book which I titled "The Finances of the Vatican" in which I show, as Malachi does, the Multinational Mercantilism that the Vatican controls, and whereby she sells and buys the souls of corrupt Capitalists for the very Satan. I am a witness and saw it, and unfortunately I was a part of it. But I repent today for having ignored it. I was a victim of brainwashing -12 years of seminary dehumanized me and I've paid the consequences.


Another book that I recommend is "The Decline and of the Roman Church." In 307 pages it narrates that the true history of what Christianity is and what Catholicism is -two distinct histories after pacting with Constantine the Emperor in 312 A.D.; and how down the centuries she separated herself from the genuine biblical teachings and message of Salvation of Jesus Christ and has converted herself into what she is today -an unspiritual earthy empire. It quotes Pope Paul VI's words when he said: "The Devil has entered the church, there is smoke around the alter."


That is the true reality of the Catholic Church and her Popes turned antichrists. There works prove it: They fulfill the prophecies of revelation 13. Do you know the beast with the number 666? Why deceive yourselves? Malachi Martin writes another best seller titled "Three Popes and the Cardinals." Through 300 pages he documents, as in all his 14 books, the obscure and unknown Mafia face of the Vaticano, and this face is not the one of sanctity which her writers and Catholic hierarchy have made us believe by their false teachings.


He describes how when a Catholic is baptized, never mind that he was hust born a week before, he is from that point on bound Satanically to satanic esoteric beliefs and obligations until the day he dies; and how he then lives the rest of his life in the clutches of forces or extraterrestrial energies which convert him into a fanatic and which brainwashes him into living a Catholic instead of a natural or individual morality. He is enslaved with vows and promises taught to be of God, but which only make him a committed member of Satan's evil host.


The Vatican's fruits and conduct prove it. Malachi narrates also the powerful force and modern technological machinery which the Vatican employs to surprise reformers and infiltrate the separated evangelical groups, and the clear objectives of the Pope's trips and compromises with the presidents of Nations called Catholic; and how she utilizes the Internet, Satellites, international journalism, radio broadcasts and hundreds of television programs, with apparitions of Mary and esoteric miracles.


His book "Decline and fall of the Catholic Church" is also very detailed and wherein he describes the apostasies of Catholicism from Christ Jessus' teachings since Emperor Constantine's time: how the serpent Satan slowly takes over the Roman Catholic Church, the influence of the popes in the Western culture to change its moral principles and natural laws and their desire to form "A NEW WORLD ORDER" with ONE STATE, ONE BANK and ONE RELIGION and do away with the present regime.

He goes over the fall of God's people (i.e. Jews) in the old Testament and its consequences, and The Vatican Mafia the way Popes lie and turn into Capitalist lords and refuse to accept the reformations of Christian democrats, and how they mock all the preachers and Saints whom God sends to his people -martyrizing, slandering and persecuting them.

He relates the empire of the Satanic (New Testament) Babylon and her contempt for the divine commandments; and last the Satanic power of her intellectuals and monks, who are taking over education and brainwashes ignorant believers concerning the Middle Ages. Thus she maintains until this 20th century, preaching the lie as the truth and the New Church of the second Vatican council, which has very little Christianity.

The hour has come to unmask the dragon 666 (Rev. 14:18). He comments on the reign Of the last Pope and the final fall of this dragon with the seven heads and of the Antichrist of the battle of Armageddon who defines the victory of Christ against the Antichrist.


He narrates the historical situations of National Catholicism in Ireland and Poland, and how John Paul II, the political Vicar if Satan, shall show himself as the Vicar of Christ and shall keep sincere believers confused by making them interpret the book of Revelation falsely according to his fancy, and how the ecumenism which he is implanting shall ally and Satanize Protestant groups -they are being programmed for the next Millennium.

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Among other books which I recommend you read are Nino Lo Bello's "The Empire" and 'The Vatican USA." Nino Lo Bello was a journalist living in Rome who served as a correspondent for business week and McGraw -Hill World News, for the journal of commerce, and New York Herald Tribune. His writings have been translated internationally and from them I excerpt the following words of RV. P. Richard Ginnder, National Columnist:

"The Catholic Church must be the biggest Corporation in the United States. We have a branch office in every neighborhood. Our asset and real estate holdings must exceed those of standard oil, A. T& T and U.S. steel combined."

In other words, the riches of the Catholic Mafia are superior to and double those of the most powerful businesses of the USA. Through 12 chapters, the author analyzes the dioceses and states of the USA and narrates the properties of their convents and parishes, their bank accounts, businesses and participation in the dividends which she receives, with the names of multinational businesses, bishops, and clergymen.


He opens one of the most brilliantly written pages of the biggest Capitalist country in the world, two thirds of whose treasures and gold reserves pertain to the Vatican. Do you see why Catholicism dominates in the USA? Nino Lo Bello closes by affirming that the Catholic Church's stocks in the USA are estimated to be 800.000 Trillions; without even counting the Vatican's investments in insurance companies; without counting her businesses which appear disguised in the names of other very Catholic people, generally, which receive part of their benefits; The Vatican Mafia and not even counting the welfare organizations and radio and television stations, the majority of which are in the hands of Vatican money.


This fact is very stealthily hidden: they prohibit anti-Catholic programs.

The truth about the Vatican's finances and about the dulce Vita of her Clergymen, which claim to be under vows of poverty, and that she is a poor church, is bitter to the Catholic. But today, in the century of democracies, freedom of opinion and investigation, we no longer accept fairy tales; and less are we so ignorant as to believe they are Christians. Is it possible that she may be the church of Christ?


You have the facts about her enrichment and moral degeneracy, answer this yourself. I find that the major problem of the spiritual crisis into which Catholicism has plunged us is that for centuries we have been taught scholastic doctrines and philosophies of pure speculations, dialectical theories of emotions, Sensationalisms, constant persecution of the natural laws of human reason, the distorting of metaphysical reality, their essences, nature, and substances; that is, that they have wanted to Catholicize material sciences, when Christianity is spiritual and its kingdom is not of this world.


I find by my personal experiences and above all by my scientific investigations, that there is an unfathomable chasm among the eclectic, esoteric, and agnostic teachings of the Catholic theologians of Romanism which very few people can discover, have written a book on this subject.

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One of the writers and journalists who has most influenced my investigations concerning the Vatican and her Polack. Pope Karol Wojtyla John Paul II is Juan Arias and his two books "A God for the Pope John Paul II" and "The Church of the Millennium and the Enigma of the Pope," together with his other 8 books. He exposes the truth about the Vatican Mafia and her present Monarch John Paul II. Being a correspondent in Italy his whole life, and accompanying the pope on his journeys, he can narrate the other unknown face of the false coin which is John Paul II.


As a witness and correspondent of the second Vatican Council, he has been accredited as being an actual Vaticanologist and author of best sellers. Arias and his documentation helped me write my book, which I titled "The Lies of the Pope John Paul II." John Paul II's new church -the church of the aggiornamento or of the adaptation of an obsolete and outdated Catholic Church to modernity -has lost her genuine Christianity and has converted herself into a political church of national Catholicism, in which we see her submerged today. Arias describes her with the skill of a master, and he adduces irrefutable facts.


I am a witness during this pope's reign, and as Arias very truly says:

"This pope and his personality has changed the Catholic Church, regressing back to authoritarianism and the repression of Christians and progressive movements, and to the recuperation of her image as a militant church, which is officially compromised to politics. This Pope has converted Catholicism into his own image -into a mass phenomenon -essentially by an immoderate use of the Mediums of communication."

We are seeing Arias assertion through the radio stations, televisions and publications which have brainwashed millions in the whole world, showing what is not: A figure of miraculous sanctity which resolves all problems. I possess statistics on radio stations, television, newspapers, magazines and libraries -properties of the Vatican's dioceses -with which we can prove that more than 60% are Vatican investments, and that some 50% of this nation's treasures are already in the Vatican's hands. Editrice International Library, Osservatore Romano, Radio Vatican -these are among the mediums of communication which reach and spread the lie through the whole world. I recommend Arias' book, which was published by the Editorial Grijalbo in 1997.


And as he very well says:

"His book is the best guide not only to comprehend what's taking place in the Vatican's Catholic Church, but also to understand how she will initiate her Millennial institution and its walk through the next Millennium."

I explain all this in my other book "The Lies of John Paul II."

Truly, we who have been educated from birth with the teachings of the Catholic Church were not able to perceive this other face of a coin. But now, in the century of lights, we are getting to know it. We can now affirm that she has apostatized and fallen away from 85% of genuine Christianity, and has converted herself into a party or empire of National Catholicism.


Vaticanist historians can now document the truth of these deviations scientifically; and not by the false and irrational scholastic method of traditional Catholicism. In this age, we can know the truth. I have written a book on the false Catholic philosophy of scholasticism. My book could help the lector understand the affirmations which I make concerning what a rational and scientific philosophy is; and what a scholastic philosophy of mere speculations and illogical theoretical conclusions is.


I myself had to learn this from teachers who were not compromised to this Spanish scholasticism in Latin America to get my two doctorates. I commend you to the Puerto Rican philosopher Eugenio Mde Hostos and other positivist Spanish philosophers.

In 16 chapters Arias describes the Pope Wojtyla, the mussolini of the church who wants to desecrate the whole world, his phony charisma, his failed dream of a Catholic Europe, the betrayal of the second Vatican council with the name of Christian, the abandonment of priests and Catholics to other evangelical groups in search of the true God: not the god of the pope, who has left off being Christian and has converted god into a political, dominating, and hateful god even to his own members; which, frustrated by her unchristian apostasies and enrichment, are abandoning Catholicism daily by the thousands.


In my book "The Lies of John Paul II" my thoughts and investigation concerning Wojtyla Cionide with those of Juan Arias. In the 50 biographies which I possess about this polish pope, very few of which have any truth, and which canonize him, there are a few sketches which very clearly define this false icon pope who has undermined Christianity; and whom Juan Arias describes majestically in his 250 page book "A God for the Pope John Paul II."


John Paul, surrounded by the clique of cardinals and bankers of the Mafia, has not been able to sacrilege the world; and less to fulfill his dreams of a Catholic Europe. The Catholic Church, according to Juan Arias, will lead us into the next millennium for the final stage of the power of the modern Babylon and her persecution and martyrdom of the remnant people of God. She will fulfill the prophecies of the four messages of the angels of Revelation 14: 6-12 and 18: 1-6.


Read the book "The New World Order Secret Pacts between the USA and the Vatican."


Spain, after the passing of the Dictatorship of National Catholicism, whose fatal consequences we are still living in Latin America, has surged with writers and defenders of democratic rights and freedom of speech, as the journalist Juan Arias; who, as this minister, lives in his own flesh under the domination of the Vatican's Mafia. But we can now make known the deceit and lies which the Vatican brought to Spain. But in the 20th century and next in the third millennium, we can know and expose that IT IS THE MOST SATANIC AND SACRILEGIOUS HOLY MAFIA EXISTING ON THIS EARTH.


I possess a list of these authors and journalists which in unity are making known the true face of this false coin the Vatican.


We were surprised at her arrival with the Fascist armies of Italy and Germany, which, with Vatican dollars and supported by the government of the USA and its Capitalist Catholics, are destroying genuine Christianity in Latin America by their fruits you shall know them.

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The eminent Catholic scholar and Ex-Jesuit Michael Walsh's 230 page book "Opus Dei, An Investigation into the Secret Society Struggling for Power with the Roman Cathoilc Church," published by Harper: San Francisco USA, has been a key book to this minister in tying those loose ends which I needed answered concerning this sect, popularly called the White Catholic Mafia, the same as the other Mexican sect "Los Legionarios de Cristo de Marcial Maciel," whose dioceses, which imitate the Opus Dei, I investigated in Cancun.

After reading P. Walsh's book, my personal experiences with the Opus Dei were confirmed: when democracy collapse in Spain and Italian, German, and Vatican fascism arrived and impose the Franco dictatorship, it was the Opus Dei which took over the universities, government ministries and the capital of the banks, which were the owners of lives and estates.

In the university complutense of Madrid, where I studied and graduated as a doctor in Philosophy and in Educational Sciences, my own teachers were also from Opus Dei; all those wise and Philosophical teachers that occupied their professorships were expelled and exiled to America. To understand this moment in history, I recommend Dr. Adolfo Sanchez Vazquez book "From Exile in Mexico, Memory and Reflections."


I was one of those who would not accept a fascist political church, as well as my cardinal Dr. D. Pedro Segura y Saenz: The coming of the Vatican's and the Opus Dei's gelded chaplains changed the Spanish Christian Church. They occupied and divided the dioceses and parishes, named bishops and priests compromised to fascism -some my comrades from mediocre seminaries without preparation - and changed the democracy into a dictatorship.


I am a living witness. With the arrival to Mexico of the Spanish Apostolic Nuncio Justo Mullor as a servant and contemporary, who is an andalusian as this servant, and who was educated in the same Tridentine Canons, a diplomat who serves the Vatican in the international offices of the UN, as a Nuncio in Ukraine and Opus Deist and Nuncio in El Salvador, and who has already been named major general of the armed forces and of the Opus Dei, the same steps to seize the government in Spain are being fulfilled.


I held a Christian conference in El Salvador in the moments when this Opus Dei General was mobilizing solders to exterminated the incipient democracy. The sect of the holy Mafia, as it is popularly known, with its millions elevated John Paul II to the pontificate, but with the condition that its members would be elevated to the bishoprics, nunciatures and Mediums of communication; and they are thus succeeding.


The very director of the press, the Dr. in psychology Valls Navarro, a journalist and Vatican representative in the world forums of education and culture, and an Opus Deist, accompanies the pope and writes his speeches according to the interests of the Opus Dei, who as a member controls the Catholic press, the Osservatore Romano and the Papal Encyclicals. The book written by the founder of Opus Dei, Jose Maria Escriba de Balaguer, another Spaniard and fascist from the Franco age, explains the connection of the Opus Dei to the Vatican. He tries to show that she is the only church of christ, and that the pope is St. Peter's Successor to whom we must give our loyalty.


His book traveled through 261 editions and 3,740,244 exemplars and was translated into all languages; and if you read it, you'll see that his scholastic mysticism excels that of the mediations of Ignacio de Loyola, whom he comes to replace: adapted to the modern world. "His loyalty to the church," another of his books, demonstrates the fanaticism of the Mafia in the Vatican. The Pope John Paul II, as Juan Arias very well affirms in page 125, "Wojtyla is the Pope of the Opus Dei."


To understand the Jesuit Malachi's book "The Jesuits, the Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic church"! You'll see the intrigues And terrorism between the two sects which rule in the Vatican . The Jesuits and the Opus Dei. That's why Arias asks himself if Wojtyla is the Mussolini and Pope of the Opus Dei?


The authors which make all these affirmations concerning the Vatican Mafia document the so sad reality of this false Christianity which we have learned through Catholic teachings. But now, in the century of lights and freedom of speech, they are exposed and known. The nihil obstatet imprimatur the punishments and fear of mortal sin and excommunication which had intimidated believing writers is no longer taken into account.


And yes, it is true that money and the domination of the Mediums of communication, which the Vatican and her sacred Mafia still maintains continue to confuse millions.

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The writer Pepe Rodriguez, an acknowledged investigator of the social reality of Latin America, an auther of 15 books, among them "The Power of the Sects, The Sexual Life of the Clergy, a best Seller in Spain which is pursued by the Catholic hierarchy of Spain, also wrote a book called "The Fundamental Lies of the Catholic Church," an analysis of the grave contradictions of the Bible and how this is manipulated to the benefit of the Catholic Church.


His whole book, 447 pages and six editions, is an analysis of the deviations which the Catholic Church has from evangelical counsels, and of the falsities and lies which the Catholic believer has been taught for centuries. His lecture and the documentation which he annexes prove all that this minister affirms about the Vatican Mafia.


Licensed in Informational sciences, he has specialized in investigative journalism. He is an expert technician in coercive persuasion, and in sectarian problems; and a member of the Inter-ministry commission. In four chapters, with the help of the Old and New Testaments, he shows us:

  1. the human foundation of a church which pretends to be of a divine origin; but which is very earthly and human, and which astutely claims to represent Christianity, deceiving the faithful believer (page 23;96).

  2. how the Catholic Church ended up distorting to her whim all the facts which disagreed with her doctrinal interests (pages 113;223).

  3. how the Catholic Church endowed herself with a foundation and legitimacy by manipulating the gospels and converted herself into an Institution of power: she created an organized structure contrary to the biblical texts-in agreement with satanism (page 235;313).


  4. how the Catholic Church changed the Biblical Commandments of God and invented dogmas specifically designed to better control the believers and clergy, and added apocryphal books which not inspired (page 331-421).

The auther possesses an adequate biography and documentation which has helped me confirm my thesis more thoroughly, that the Catholic Church has left off being Christian, that the millions of Catholic believers are ignoring reality, and that we all have the duty of reforming her and making her acknowledge her sins.


But as Pepe Rodriguez very well says in the introduction: "It is probable that the title of the book may appear to you as inappropriate or exaggerated;" and he quotes the Catechism of the Roman Church, which defines the lie as the most direct offense against the truth: to lie is to speak or work against the truth to introduce an error him that has a right to know it.


The lie wounds that relationship of man with the truth and with his neighbor, and offends the fundamental bond of man and his word with the Lord (page 520). Thus are the Catholic doctrines: they convert the lie into the truth and will not permit opinions, and excommunicate her opponents. The shocking facts which the author reports, and the reliable sources wherein he investigates, demonstrate the false language which the Catholic Church employs in her doctrines and teachings.


But now, in the century of lights and human rights, these falsities are being discovered; and a new scientific and true history is being written. He annexes Pope Leon X's famous document "La Taxa Camarena," where the corruption of the catholic Church is explained in the 35 canons: how she exacts taxes immorally according to the Sin Committed (page 397), or forgives it according to its seriousness and the penitence paid by the sinners.


Pepe Rodriguez, the same as all of us which are committed to the truth, was slandered, persecuted and his book was excommunicated and taken out of the libraries. Have you own opinion, if so be that this historical investigation which is being written about the Vatican should interest you. John 8:32 tells us that, "the truth shall make you free."


This servant always adds in his writings from the Philosophical fundamentals of Education, a textbook in Universities, that Christ is the truth, and thus describes himself "ego sum Veritas, iter et vita," that is, "I am the way, the truth, and the life." The Lord Jesus has permitted me to document myself on reliable authors and Vaticanist historians to write my books, as this book, founded on the reality of the Vatican's Mafia.


In the edition of my other book, "The Vatican Exposed," which is now out of print, I reflect through ten chapters how the Vatican is a political party of National Catholicism, a millennial sect, an Antidemocratic Capitalist of false scholastic doctrines, a Satanic Inquisition and millennial dynasty of sorcerer priests, full of sexual corruption, and with John Paul II's lies.

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This is the title of part 1 of this very interesting and documented book of 196 pages which has written by the Mexican author Martin Careaga. All 36 articles are a historical and anthropological investigation, accompanied by archaeological photographs and reliable narrations taken from the springs of the most outstanding Vaticanist authors and Christians.

The author proves that he has a thorough knowledge of the history of Christianity and of the impostor church of Catholic ism, which show themselves to be completely different histories: one being from the Stone Peter, the other the Rock Christ. He tells us that the Roman papacy is a promoter of Idolatrous witchcrafts, and that the true history of the principal idol of Saint Peter's Basilica is "Jupiter." The Vatican offers us her images of the Greek god Jupiter as being the image of Peter. And you can see it in the Vatican for yourself.

He describes the paganization of Christianity by Constantine, the first Christian Emperor who unites the temporal power to the spiritual for his own political interests. He shows us how the Vatican comes from a pagan origin related to sorcery and how she represents the woman which sited on the seven mountains, the hold of demon possessed priests, warlocks and sorcerers.

He shows us how the Pope's Vestments, the tiara, coronation, the miter of the fish god, the mystery of the Mass and its magic ceremony, and the Catholic Sacraments and witchcraft rituals have a diabolical meaning of compromise with and sworn submission to the very Satan.


Martin careaga possesses ample evidence from Vaticanist authors, as well as her up to date biography, through which he offers us a fountain of truth concerning the reality of what the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is; which has used Christianity to enrich herself and has kept believes deceived about the truth of her origin. He explains why Roman Catholic nuns, descendants of the Roman Vestal Virgins, and the Celibate Monks, with all their sexual deviations, break their vows.


The changes in the liturgy and rituals of Roman Catholicism, which were copied from and imitate pagan religions, have converted the ceremonies in Cathedrals, churches, convents and abbeys into theatrics. I recommend you to read this book. This minister went to Mexico to congratulate its author and to show my gratitude for the contributions which he makes to archeological and historical investigation. He shows how the Roman temples and basilicas are just the continuation and conservation of the ancient Roman and Greek temples, as well as the images and symbols of fire and water.


He relates how the riches of the Basilicas of Rome and the general houses of the most famous conventuals orders were Saturated with the gold which the Pope Alexander VI, whom he calls the biggest pig of all, robbed the indigenous Americans for. And how the Germany, in cahoots with the papacy, founded the National Catholicism which has been maintained until this day in the Political State of the Vatican, which is just a party of National Catholicism. I recommend his lecture for its scientific authority and because it can help you comprehend my critical articels to reform Catholicism.


The reality of the true history of the Vatican's Mafia is being written in these moments. The sincerity with which the believers in Christ take heed to and read the new history, which is founded with irrefutable facts about how the Vatican Mafia has taken over the Catholic world, will determine what he knows.


As the author Ruben Aguilera very well says in concept of the California's, April 1999, in the Editorial "Charismatics to the Rescue of ICAR or the Roman Catholic Church because of the Massive Exodus of Catholics to other evangelical groups. In the first page he writes "that 15 thousand Catholics desert daily in Latin America in search of Christ in other Christian groups because love, forgiveness and the Holy Ghost has disappeared in their Catholic churches, whose spirit of peace and satanisms can never make them happy and true Christians, that the lay life of the Catholic conduct, which demands nothing, can only lead us to moral perdition and the lost of faith in the gospels counsels: it is not the way to salvation, but to condemnation.

The readers of my books sometimes call me at my radio programs some to congratulate me, and others to offend me. But all of them are very interested in questioning me concerning the subjects which I propound about the Vatican and her National Catholicism; which is widely ignored by those searching for the truth, and for new themes which are in these moments being written by Vaticanist historians, as this servant, who are grounded on true scientific historiography.


Thank God for them!

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There is a list of very Competent Mexican historians and journalists who hold a very clear view of what the Vatican and her agencies, Catholic Churches, administrative bishops, papal delegates, apostolic Nuncios, primates and religious order are. At the end of my work I insert a bibliography of Vaticanist authors who investigate and uncover the truth of the Vatican and her hierarchs.


One of the writers whom I admire for his valuable Christian documentation and for the clarity with which he writes about the Vatican and Catholicism's biblical, historical and theological errors, is the Dr. Luis Rodriguez, who wrote a book called "Mr. President, Free Catholics Thinkers and Protestants are in agreement." In 24 chapters he explains the truth about the Vatican and her Catholic Churches' Political and commercial agencies: Her Mafia.


I recommend his lectures. I will analyze his chapters briefly, even though, unfortunately, his only edition in 1958 has been withdrawn from the libraries and its author persecuted by the Catholic Church. I could send you a copy of the book if you so desire. He documents the following from the Catholic Bibles Petisco and Torres Amat:

The Adulterated Bible: He compares the Catholic to the Protestant and uncovers its adulteration: chapters and verses where it has been changed. The author points out that the Catholic bible has marginal notes which the Roman Clergy has improperly and impudently added.

That the Catholic bible has intercalations between the texts in cursive script which the Roman Clergy impudently intercalated, and that what the sacred authors did write appear in ordinary type; therefore the latter is the only one we can believe. They interpolate the verses of the original to their whim and interests. I recommend that the lector compare the biblical subjects of the mother of Jesus and his brethren, and how Deuteronomy 4; co. 4; Rev. 22; Exodus and the ten commandments prohibit idolatry etc ... He describes the true Rock and foundation of the Christian Church, which is Christ not Peter.


He describes the false teachings concerning . . . purgatory and of the prayers and masses for the dead. He explains clearly the absurdity metaphysically of the dogma of transubstantiation, of confessing to a priest, and of the absolution of sins, which take away the Divine Redeemers divine power; of the Roman Celibacy and its sexual aberrations, of the abuses of its priests and hierarchs, of the myth of Guadalupe and of the appearances of Mary in Tepeyac.

Satan and his representative: he produces a biblical study on the characteristics of the Antichrist, and analyzes the texts of Matthew 16:21-23, which are perverted by Romanism. He demonstrates through Revelation 13 who the babylon of all abominations is, as well as the beast, whose prophecied number 666 is fulfilled in the Pope's epithet "VICARIUS FILIL DEI" and in his Roman name "IOANES PAULUS SECUNDO," which, in the letters of the Roman alphabet, as well as the Internet's Hebrew Consonants WWW, add up to the Antichrist's number: 666.


By their fruits ye shall know them. The author closes by imputing this to the Catholic Church, which preaches one thing in Christ's name but practices the contrary, obeying the Antichrist Pope and his bishops. I recommend his book, which shall help you understand me better and to distinguish the Roman Vatican's Mafia. In their book "Holy Terror," the authors Flo Conway and Jim Siegalman expose the Vatican Mafia, which uses terrorism to exterminate her opponents.


They define the great demon and prince of this world, who has seized the airwaves and practices the rituals of the most sectarian religious fundamentalism, frow which his most dangerous gangs copy. The powers of the one and only Roman Catholic Church, allied with fundamentalist groups, shall direct an "Electronic Church" which shall monopolize All mediums of communications, agencies, properties and riches directly from Vatican headquarters.


They will organize a "MORAL MAJORITY," that is, A New Morality; a "NEW RIGHT" creating a new world order; an organization of "Pro' lifers, Creationism and the Reagan Revolution;" that is, A political Religion USA and Vatican, which functions productively and creates new horizons according to the postulates of President Reagan; "God the Sponsor, God the Product," that is, a Church amalgamated with all beliefs directed from the Vatican, having the dollar as the only legal tender; The "Holy Terror:" a terrorist Church: "The Fundamentalist War on America's Freedom of Religions, Politics and Privite Lives...


In the very titles of these Vaticanists historians' books, we observe how the Vatican's Mafia and its membes are clearly Synthesized and summarized.

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Dr. Rapporport wrote a well documented book about the powers of the women in the Vatican, titled "The Love Affairs of the Vatican ." Through 17 chapters and 334 pages, he describes historically the influence that women have had in the Catholic Churches' government, even though they have made us believe "mulieres in ecclesia tacent" -that they have neither voice nor vote.


He narrates their unlawful relationships with the popes and their clergymen. He documents the love affairs, immoralities and hypocrisies of the celibacy institute by Gregory VII (1020?-1085), the same pope whom he calls "A Don Juan," and who swore in priests with the vow of chastity. He shows how since the 9th century "the disorder and crimes of passion in the church were such that the king of England was obliged to issue special laws to put a stop to irregular life."


This is the true cause of the rapture of th Anglican Church of Catholicism and not the tale that we have been made to believe about the king's divorce or the tale of Ana Bolena: the king of England demands morality of the clergy. In chapter IV he narrates the intrigues resulting from the love affairs of the pope and the Roman curia, with the 10th and 12th centuries being, and secretly thereafter, a mass of corruption and vice and flirtatious "Don Juan's," whom he defines as very disrespectful and corrupt bride-grooms of the church, lovers and prostitutes, general debauchees, and libertines.


As the Eastern Orthodox Church in the 11th century, hundreds of other Christian groups separated themselves from these commons of Romanism and continue separating themselves in every century for these very same reasons. Among the women lovers or prostitutes whom he keeps mentioning, and who live in the Vatican, he dedicates chapter III to describing for us the woman and the Papist John XII, and inserts the photograph of his death in the matrimonial bed.


He describes the illegitimate birth of this son of adultery, a fact he hid satanically. He inserted a biography at the end of the book concerning "Juana the papist." The Vatican is not fulfilling the biblical requisites of 1 Timothy 3:1-7, where the bishop and Christian's Godly conduct in relation to sex is clearly required; for the apostle Paul says that... "if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?"


In chapter IV he documents the Pope Gregory VII and his favorite lover the countess Matilde de Toscana. In chapter V the history of pope Clement V Avignon and his lover Juana de Napoles and how she was the lover of two pontiffs. The Spanish Pope Alexander VI and his favorites Vanozza and Julia Farnese: this corrupt pope demonstrated that the Vatican is the Cradle of the Antichrist.


He is the pope who together with the kings of Spain seized the riches of the Americas and instituted national Catholicism using Christianity. In chapter VIII he describes Pope Inocencio X's love affairs with Donna Olimpia; and in chapter IX also he continues with the Pope Inocencio X and his liaisons with the princess and favorite Rossana. And last he uncovers the triumph and death of Donna Olimpia, the powerful lover whose riches, acquired in the Vatican, remain in the possession of her family, as well as the famous houses of the Medici and Roman nobility.


I do not sufficient space in my brief articles. I recommend Dr. Rappoport's book. A biography and index accompany the book. By this you shall be able to understand my affirmations better: that neither the Vatican nor her agencies the Catholic churches and/or bishoprics could be the center of a church of Christ.


You should know the Eastern nun of Pius XII and the nuns who served the nunciatures and the present pope. You shall be shocked, as this servant was. The women of the nobility and the lascivious nuns in the Mafia occupy a preferential place. In my book about the sexual abuses of the Catholic Clergy, I describe my personal experiences in Spain with the persons with whom I had to live as a theological student: of how we are educated or rather mal-educated in everything related to the sexual life, and of the barbarity and amount of false theories invented by the Satan himself, who makes us Carnal angels, incorporeal extraterrestrial mystics, beings who think we are celestial and walk with our feet in the air.


After studying carefully the Vatican's Mafia, I came to the same conclusions to which the Vaticanist author Malachi comes in his book "Hostage of the Devil." That all the members of the Vaticanist Mafia are possessed by Satan himself and are fulfilling a mission on this earth of extending his powers. Their conduct proves that in no way can they be Christians.


And as Malachi affirms:

"they are the messengers of the Antichrist and are demon possessed culprits who need to be exorcized."

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The Mexican writer Eduardo del Rio Garcia, nicknamed Rius, has written 30 historically documented books on the Vatican and the Catholic religion. "Puree of the Pope," The myth of Guadalupe, "Jesus the Christ the christ of Flesh and Bones" these books, as well as others in his agnostic vocabulary, separate him from his faith in Christ. But his books about Catholicism demonstrate the historical knowledge that he has about the Vatican and the corruptions of the Catholic Church and her popes and hierarchs -the Vatican Mafia.


Rius possesses a biography and scientific documentation which can could be placed on the list of the hundreds of Vaticanologists who know the reality and truth of the Vatican and her history of Mafioso corruption very well. His book "Myth of Guadalupe," from the front cover, in which the pope appears mounted on a native, as if he were an ass, and worshipping the virgin of Guadalupe, is very significant.


Rius' books and his symbolic drawings characterize him as being an artist and very talented draftsman and Caricaturist of worldwide fame. Rius tells us in warning believers "That the form and style of the book could appear frivolous and superficial and perhaps even disrespectful." However, it isn't. In short, it comes in an easy to read, graphical and humorous form. I vouch for this and as a Vaticanist I now know that in fact he does live in Mexican and that he agrees with my affirmations.


He tells us in the first chapter that very many Mexican men and women believe blindly in the Virgin of Guadalupe, who appeared, according to the preaching of priests and curates, on the tip of the Cerrito del Tepeyac on December 9, 1531. None of it can be proved historically, and less with the writings of the friars and envoys of the Vatican whose inventions of apparitions and writings falsify the truth.


Gonzalo F. de Oviedo, comes to the same conclusions. According to Rius, the old Aztecan temple of our mother of Tonatzin was converted into a Catholic temple in 1520, dedicated to the imported Virgen of Guadalupe, for whom the invented some appearances to the Indian Juan Diego in 1548. He closes the book with a drawing of the buo chained and on high looking down on world history wishing that its intelligence would discover the truth before the third millennium while the right to investigate and freedom of expression still can expose the occulted and falsified pages which Catholicism maintains to this day: being the most dangerous millennial Mafia in the world.


In my book, which I titled "The Biblical Mary and the Catholic Mary," I dedicate a chapter to the myth of Guadalupe. I am a Spanish Monseņor of Seville, from where the Virgin of Guadalupe was imported to Mexico by the Spanish Franciscans; and that very same Virgin of Guadalupe is still being worshipped in the Basilica of Guadalupe in excess.

There is an embedded struggle going on between the Vatican's Mafia and the Mexican primate for the millions which are offered in the Basilica of Guadalupe.


Those millions of dollars in offerings sent by the Basilica of Guadalupe to the Vatican, which should go to the poor natives to put an end to their sad situation and misery, end up going to the enrichment of the Vatican's Mafia.

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One of books which best describes the worldwide organization of the United Nations is that written by Lcdo Jorge Montano because of its explanation of the background of the Economical culture. In it he offers us a clear and succinct vision of the International organism conceived with the objective of setting conflicts between nations and maintaining peace and security in the whole world. Its origin, foundations and structure are very well as the objectives and the development of its multiple programs.


Jorge Montano, who is a member of the Mission of Mexico, greatly helps all of us which social improvement: with the improvement of the relations between peoples and nations and, consequently, with that of all humanity. Through eight chapters, short and precise, he analyzes the multiple commissions which work in the bosom of the United Nations' offices in New York, or of those of UNESCO in Parish, or of the FAO in Italy: a vision of its worldwide commissions to resolve conflicts: a clear linguistic exposition without roundabout talk that analyzes its functions. He helps us understand an institution which has in its hands the solution to the many problems and crisis's which hurry us in the 20th century as we enter the third millennium.


I think it is the last opportunity for human beings to understand each other-if we haven't annihilated each other first. Among the 60 commissions and their interventions to maintain peace which the author analyzes for us, I must admit that the commission OFT, which watches over the International human rights of laborers, has forgotten to resolve the situation of thousands of Catholic priests and clerics whose workers' right, after the second Vatican council, continue to be trampled.


The Catholic Church ignores that these workers have dedicated their whole life to serving her. Their social security rights are not recognized. Their right to strike and of free association is denied them. They are excommunicated so the Vatican can wash her hands of her responsibilities. They are denied the least rights which belong to them under Democratic constitutions. In France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and all over Europe, thanks to UNESCO, this problem of justice has been resolved; as the citizens of every nation, these thousands of priests, friars, monks and nuns have been furnished in equal proportion to the other citizens. The proved that their rights were being violated, and justice was done.


Only in Spain and in Latin America, where the Catholic dictatorship continues to impose its unrighteous laws against its ministers. Their rights are still not recognized, and thousands of priests still struggle in unity for justice. But they still ignore this Spanish Monseņor  and priest's rights, who is seventy and three years old and who has yet to be excommunicated for opposing the corruption and the second Vatican council's antidemocratic Canonical laws. It is time that the ONU take this into account and let UNESCO and its commissions open an expedient record of the thousands of religious clerics who are still denied their labor rights in Spain and in Latin America; and to demand that the Vatican and her dioceses execute justice for the thousands of priests who are still being punished for abandoning this Catholic church dictatorship, which refuses to accept the new democratic laws but still insists on imposing the international penalties that labor authorities exact from their laborers.


Priests are human beings and their necessities as citizens should be respected. I issue a call to the 11 million Mexican priests and 50,000 Spaniards and 100,000 Latin Americans effected to send letters to UNESCO in Parish demanding justice. Disgracefully, the Vatican Mafia also dominates the UN and UNESCO and the offices of FAO.


The millennial dictatorship of the Vatican Mafia has always mocked its sacristans, sextons, chaplains and altar boys-servants which keep the temples and has never worried about their social security. Avro Manhattan's book "The Holocaust" narrates the most horrendous crimes carried out by the Vatican's Mafia against its opponents and own clerics, against those who have deserted her canons or against them that simply refused to Convert to Catholicism. The millions of victims who have suffered this evil are silenced and hidden.


So you can understand me better, I always recommend the following books in my brief articles, published by Ozark book publishers. Murder in the Vatican.


Where the way in which the Vatican's Mafia operates to assassinate its opponents, its incredible plots, deaths, assassinations inside and outside of the Vatican, the intrigues of the Mafia to elect the popes, corrupt and bribed Cardinals, bugged conclaves operating with more secrecy than even the KGB in MOSCOW or CIA in Washington, and where they give us away with an innocent white humor, can all be known and studied herein.


To understand the powers of the Vatican in Europe and the way that her Mafia intervenes against its democratic institutions, the French author Edmond Parish, a Catholic, has written a book "The Secret History of the Jesuits" which is documented with irrefutable facts on how the papacy has been the causal agency for centuries of Europe's woes and is responsible for both world wars.


This book is accompanied with clear footnotes and biographical entries which prove the atrocities committed for centuries by the Vatican's Mafia. It unmasks it with the names of Nuncios, Papal Delegates and its breed of bishops and diocesan and monastic clergy men. Its revolutionary interventions, complications during executions, and the extermination camps for its opponents are all listed. I find that the Vatican's Mafia acts through different groups of intellectual scribes, theologians and philosophical teachers in universities who teach an antiscientific scholasticism and adulterate Christian values: They convert these values to their own interests.


They are intellectually programmed fanatics. It also acts through militant guerillas camouflaged as Catholic action groups, Jesuits indoctrinated as demolition experts, and armed theologians preaching liberation theologies.


This group of the diplomatic elite, with their exempt (balijas), promoters of advances in the mediums of communication, army, and cloisters of political leaders, were the assassins of Abraham Lincoln and thousands of other opponents of the Vatican Mafia.

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WWW in Hebrew is 666. Its powers are worldwide communication on the internet. In chapter 13:18 of Revelation we read: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six." The science of linguistic anthropology which this servant teaches in his professorship in the National University deals with the investigation of everything related to languages and, among them, the glosolalia; That is, that which is related to religious words.


This field of investigation has interested me and for that reason I have both the gift of tongues which many Christians have and the verbosity and fabricated speech which those possessed by demons have. From my experiences as a Christian exorcist and priests, I could describe some interesting facts to you so you can distinguish the difference between the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and that which comes of the devil.


For you to be able to analyze the biblical number 666, you should resort to linguistic sources or sciences of glosolalia and consult the best biblical teachers.


Thus has this servant done and so he recommends you do the same in the following books:

  • "The Bible Code" best seller in the world written by Michael Drosnin; where the news and history of the last millennium of humanity is prophecied and condensed: computerized according to the Bible.

  • "Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth." A best seller by author Hal Lindsay. You can know the Satanic powers and ruses and their domains on earth.

  • "El Gran Conflicto" (The Great Conflict), by Elena G. de White. I recommend this Spanish book if you want to understand the history of the Antichrist's headquarters: the Vatican and her Mafia of corrupt popes. This book is published in 30 languages. White is a prophetess whose prophecies are being fulfilled.

  • "The Antichrist in the prophecies of Revelation," by George E. Vandeman. As Elena G. de White, he defines and unmasks, by the biblical texts, the Mafia and its demonic monarch.

  • "Pontifex Maximus, Millennial Dynasty of Witch Priests," by Martin Caraga M. He proves archaeologically and by history the Satanisms inside the Catholic Church.

  • "The Satan Hunter," written by Thomas W. Wedge. Herein he analyzes how Satan recruits his disciples, traditional Satanism, his adorations, the fires, the water, Santeria; the signals and symbols etc...

Also, above all, the recently written book by one of my best Vaticanist teachers, the ex-jesuit Malachi Martin, called "Hostage of the Devil," wherein the author describes the stories of five demon possessed Americans and the exorcisms which free them. This minister received the four smallest holy orders in the Catholic Church; or powers to exorcise with the authority of my sacerdotal ordination.


I have always exercised this power and authority in freeing Catholics from the clutches of Satan, not only in the confessional but also as I ministered the sacraments, ceremonies and rituals copied mostly from Satan worship. I recommend that you read the book "Ancient Rites and Ceremonies" by Gracia A. Murrey, and the one by Careaga.


You shall be shocked to learn that we were delivered to Satan from infancy through Satanic Catholic rituals. I have always believed that Jesus Christ is more powerful than Satan, and in his name I have cast out demons from hundreds of demon possessed souls, which solicited it of me, in Sevilla, Spain and in the indigenous zone of Panama, where I defied sorcerers, witch doctors etc. In New York, Mexico and in San Diego, I have had several experiences of how Satan takes possession of people and how they have been able to come out of his clutches through Jesus' name.


I continue exercising, even now retired, my Christian duty as a spiritual guide, and I have many recorded and written testimonies of souls whom I rescued from Satanism. The are thousands of Satanic centers in the USA with the most diverse religious and scientific names: the consequences of Satan's power in the immorality and social crisis in which we live. The situation shall get worse because those which show themselves to be victims of Satan have made themselves our spiritual guides.


Pope Paul IV said that "Satan's incense marauds Catholic altars and their clergy." If you add the Roman numerals of IOANNES PAULUS SECUNDO and VICARIUS FILE DEI, you will know the Antichrist of Revelation 13: This is the number of the Pope Juan Pablo II. Are you informed of all the things which shall come to pass in the last days? And of Christ's Victory over Satan?


I recommend you read the books "Thy King Cometh Unto Thee" and "What's Behind the New World Order?"

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One of the masterly books that has helped me most in deciphering the puzzle of Catholicism and its seat in the Vatican is Elena G. de White's book, which is a favorite classic to millions of lectors and is published in 30 languages.


How I wish that it were read by all Catholics and persons who are interested in knowing the true church that Jesus founded and what the differences between it and the Roman Catholic Church, which has corrupted herself and strayed from biblical teachings, are.


In this scientifically documented book, you can know the truth of what true Christianity is and what Catholicismis: two very distinct histories. The destiny of the world, the faith of the martyrs, the age of spiritual darkness, the bright "star" of the Reformation and its progresses, the Reformations of Europe and America, lands of liberty, heralds of anew era, light in the midst of darkness, the great spiritual awakening in the face of the frustration of the Catholic Church's false teachings, fulfilled prophecies, Jesus our Advocate, the necessity of a true conversion, Catholicism: the worst enemy of mankind, which has distorted consciences and even the very laws of nature, sowing lies and presenting them as Christian doctrines -these are among the biblically and historically documented subjects of its 43 chapters.


It describes the Satanic tactics and wiles of the enemy against the Christian people, how our liberty of conscience is threatened by the political alliances of the Vatican with so called Catholic states and nations; the fear that is succumbing the United States' separation of state from the Roman Church; the eminent conflict of this and how the Christian should protect himself from the diabolical plans and tactics of Catholic Romanism; the final message of God to his people to prepare themselves for the coming of Jesus in the days of anguish, during which we shall be delivered from the clutches of Satan in the days of desolation on earth etc . . .


The book closes with a recount of the end of this conflict and the final victory of Jesus against the Antichrist. In our days, the world finds itself at the brink of the greatest crises in history: I think worse than the degeneration to which the Roman Empire had descended, and which if it hadn't been for the coming of the Messiah Savior and God's mercy, the world would have ended back then.


I think that this crisis, of the which we are all witnesses, where the lie is converted into the truth, and where all mediums of communication and politics are being seized by the Catholic Church to sow her immoral teachings, has caused the degeneration, drug addiction, and sicknesses of our youth and has left only a small remnant of God's people.


Millions of Catholics call themselves Christians, but their works conform not to Christian conduct but, rather, to a Mafia of criminal drug traffickers and terrorists running with Satan.

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One of the biblically documented books which best describes the last events of the end times is the author Dave Hunt's book "A Woman Rides the Beast" . . .

"And the Angel Said ... I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast . . ." Revelation 17:7. An Revelation 17:3 "So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns."

He dedicates the book to the billion Roman Catholics misinformed by their hierarchy; to the 400 million Protestants equally ignorant of the facts; and to the genuine martyrs on both sides. The author documents how the "fait accompli" on March 29, 1994, in which a joint declaration titled "Evangelicals and Catholics Together:"

The Vatican and her theologians are the ones who have won this battle of centuries of reforms; and by such the prophecies of the apostasy of the end times are beings fulfilled. While evangelicals sign the truce, Rome is stepping up its evangelization of Protestants into the Catholic Church.

The evangelical leaders who signed this joint declaration apparently fancied a spiritual society with Catholics helping them win the world to Christ. I refer the lector to read pages 8-11 and he'll be amazed.

In 569 pages, he describes' the fulfillment of Apocalyptic prophecies, and how all of them coincide with the definition of the Antichrist and the MOTHER CHURCH OF ALL ABOMINATIONS, which has plunged the world into sin and has martyrized God's people. The woman and her head the beast are described: applying it to Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. The leaders of the Reformation were all convinced the she represented the Roman Catholic Church in general and the beast the pope in particular. I affirm. This declaration is just "Something divisive to discuss" for those Protestants who sign the pact.

The book analyzes Mystery Babylon, A city on Seven Mountains, the frauds and Fabrications of History, of Apostolic succession, Infallibility and Tyranny, the false rock, unholy Mother, seducer of souls, unholy alliances, Dominion over kings, the blood of the Martyrs, the background to the Holocaust, the Vatican, the Nazis, and the Jews, the slaughter of the Serbs, the Vatican's ratlines, the Reformation betrayed, Apostasy and ecumenism Mary, and the coming New World Order -all very documented subject which should be known.

The invention of Purgatory, indulgences, dominion over kings, the infallible Pope and Apostolic succession, papal heretics, the bible against tradition -these are among the very interesting subjects which he documents. You can know the true history of who the woman, or Catholic Church, riding the beast, the Roman Pontiff, is: the Antichrist full of names of blasphemy and who represents the 666 of Revelation 13.


These Satanic titles, inherited from pagan religious, her purple Cardenalicia Vestments, her gold and silver images of idolatrous gods, and her diabolical symbols, all expose the Vatican as the woman riding the beast.

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The evangelist Matthew tells us in chapter 24:4: "Take heed that no man deceive you." We know from studying the bible that Satan would build a false super Church ... the whore of Revelation Chapters 6; 13; 17; and 18. According to biblical prophecy, she shall have great educational, military, economical and political powers and will persecute and murder the true believers of Christ.


We also know by the bible that Satan is the Master Deceiver, and that he covers magisterially with smoke screens the identity of the whore from the vast majority of Christian believers. The smoke screens confuse and hide the enemy. It's a technique used by Satan. To understand the sagacious point to which the wicked one employs this, I recommend J.C. Chick's book "Smoke Screens."


You shall be astonished, as this minister was, when he says "that the whore of Revelation is the Roman Catholic Church Institution, and that all the Evangelical Reformers agree with that position. There is a multimillionaire campaign being carried out through the press to convince the public that Catholicism is not a false system. All the mediums of communication have been bought; and the programs of the Christian Churches which are separated from Rome are prohibited by government laws and the Vatican's pacts.


It is a very dangerous moment in time, and to know the truth of Salvation, we should pray without ceasing, for christ assures us victory. Satan is advancing and programming the whole world for the extermination of God's people -the remnant that remains of his blessed church on earth -during the third Millennium. We must attack Satan without fear and continue announcing the message of Salvation to the thousands of believers which are confused and at times fearful.


There is a diabolical plan programmed by the Vatican and her Mafia to create a Catholic America and make an end of Christian advances, since every day thousands of brothers convert to Christ Jesus and defy the Satanic fifth Columns of the whore of Revelation that rides the scarlet colored (red) beast full of names of blasphemy with the seven heads and ten horns (Rev. 17:13).


And in chapter 13:18 we read:

"Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666."

In these moments, the lord wants me to add to my Christian publications. My current catologue carries twenty books on subjects which every believer in Christ should study. New books will be published with subjects never before written about: "The Lies of the Pope John Paul II, The Powers of the Vatican USA and in Latin America" etc... another face of an unknown and false coin which shall carry on his forehead the number 666 of the man of Revelation 13, whose names VICARIUS FULLII DEI and IOANNES PAULUS SECUNDO, in Roman numerals, add up to 666. A woman rides the beast.


I pray, dear lector, that this book about the Vatican's mafia may help you understand for the first time the diabolically hidden history and truth of an institution that has kept us submerged in ignorance for centuries, and that you will cease collaborating with this Mafia and come out of her.

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The accusations being made against the Vatican's Mafia by writers are of such an extremely serious nature, that the authors have been censored and excommunicated, whose quotes would take me thousands of pages. I insert some of their books in the biography, which you should consult. If in truth one desires to have an authentic panorama of what the Vatican Mafia is, and to understand its diabolical practices, he should read the fourteen books written by Avro Manhattan, a very documented Vaticanist and historian. His last book "The Vatican's Holocaust" proves the horrible practices of the Vatican's Inquisition and its massacres in the twentieth century. He describes these Mafia practices in detail in his other book "The Vatican and World Politics."


As this servant, you shall be astonished. The author describes and enumerates the most satanic religious massacre that the Vatican and her Mafia have carried this century to force members of other creeds to convert to Catholicism. He exposes the assassinations and the exterminations of the Vatican controlled concentration camps, along with the names of the camps and of the bishop commanders and clergymen who direct them, photographing everybody from Cardinal Stepinac to the witnesses, executioners, friars, and priests.

These true facts are compliment by Manhattan's other book "Murder in the Vatican." Their schemes, the subornation of cardinals to elect the pope, the lies of the Conclave, and the secret operations of the Mafia, which are more refines than those of the KGB and FBI. Avro Manhattan's books on the Vatican's Mafia have been a point of departure to this servant.


He has been a teacher who has taught me and at the same time vouches for my books about the Vatican's corruption. And without knowing him beforehand, my personal experiences as a Monseņor  and priest had already described these things in my twenty books on the Vatican, which agree with Manhattan. In "The Dollar and the Vatican," another Avro Manhattan book, the pacts of the Vatican and USA, in relation to the economical and political powers, are described.


Their character, methods and objectives to form a New World Order, the sinister consequences of the loss of human rights and democratic principles, diplomatic control and the worldwide strategy to make the dollar the one and only currency, the creation of a one only pragmatic universal religion (a Catholic Marxism), and the destruction of pentacostalism and of all Evangelic groups are all revealed.


Besides Avro Manhattan, who facilitates the way for us to be able to comprehend the Vatican's existent Mafia, I will also recommend Edmond Paris' new book "The Vatican Against Europe," which this French Catholic wrote with the irrefutable facts of the Vatican Mafia's occupations throughout all Europe, whom he blames for the two World Wars. He documents the book with photographs and also documents the Catholic religion's atrocities in Europe. I was a witness of the Civil War in Spain.


The Vatican's Mafia has dedicated itself to trying to change God's message to his people for centuries. It has interpolated the holy books and added to them according to its interests. And using Christianity, it has deceived and adulterate the faithful believer. You can about theses affirmations I make by also consulting Chester A Murrey's book "Authorized King James Bible Defended." He shows how the Vatican has distorted the sacred texts, comparing the originals to the Vatican translations.


Also read Burke McCarthy's book or J.E.C. Shepherd's to see how the Vatican's Mafia, directed by Jesuits, assassinated Abraham Lincoln: you shall see the Catholic Mafia's terrorism. The murderous Vatican Mafia. Thus she is addressed by the author on the Vatican Avro Manhattan in his book "Murder in the Vatican, American, and Papal plots," another best seller. You shall get to know the dramatic bloody scenes which are played out by the Vatican's Mafia: the violent murders practiced within and without the Vatican. It is a photographic recount that I have wanted to photocopy for my archives and for the documentation I possess.


And as the author says:

"it is a spectacular account of disclosers of papal elections being rigged, of bribed cardinals, bugged conclaves of the most secret operations of the KGB and the CIA in Washington, Moscow and Vatican City."

I must confess, dear lector, that my surprise and indignation was great when I read this book and found out about such satanic bloody operations of the Vatican Mafia: so much cruelty directed in the name of Christianity, deceiving poor Catholics, never even crossed my mind. The biography which I include will supply you with the scientific coordinates you will need: if so be that you are able to consult the same books which this minister has consulted to come to the explosive conclusion after which I have titled this book. I know that it shall clash with thousands which ignore this subject.


But my responsibility and dedication to the truth, and my Christian conscience, will not allow me to hide this truth: for I myself had satanically deceived. And I don't want you to continue ignoring the truth of an institution which has become the Mafia center of the whole world, not of Christianity. Edmond Parish, a French author, wrote a well documented book titled "The Vatican Against Europe."


In three hundred pages, you can learn the truth about the Vatican's influence in Europe's civil wars through the centuries, how she destroyed Christian groups separate from Rome, her alliances and pacts with Hitler's fascism, and dictatorship imposed in Spain, Italy and Germany etc . . .In the freedom of expression granted to us by democracy, Vaticanist writers can now write a new, true and documented history without the fear of excommunications.


We can now write an unfalsified history with apodictic facts, so you can know the truth and discover the lie. In these moments, the true history of what Christianity is and what Catholicism, or romanism, is being written, which are two very distinct histories; one of love and one of the message of salvation, forgiveness and mercy, and soaked in biblical Gospel, the other of hate, of assassinations, and of popes, cardinals, bishops, and clergymen which are members of the Mafia; even though they hide themselves in the person of Catholics enriched by their Mafioso businesses.


The lies, defamations and slanders directed against those which write the truth, and the censorship of the writings, demonstrate that the "INQUISITION" still persists today, which impedes the honest Catholic from knowing the truth of the Vatican Mafia. When a person comes to know the true history of the existent Mafia in the Vatican and its members, and when a person has the time and interest to get acquainted with the true and scientific acts of history, that's when he will understand the distortion which Catholicism has been teaching falsifying the most relevant acts of history in the western culture. In my textbooks on the study of the humanities, I teach my university students about Christianity and Catholicism.


And I prove to them by the cultures of the nations how since the fourth century a false history has been wrote, and how two very distinct histories are confused. We have been deceived from our youth; and if you were born in the Vatican's State Empire of National Catholicism, the truth about the papacy's corruption, and that of its cardinals, bishops and hierarchs, who are all compromised with the international Mafia, has been hidden from the Catholic.


The author J.E.C. Sherpherd wrote a documented book that he titled "Babington Plot," the plot and intrigues of the Jesuits to assassinate Queen Isabel of England. When one reads it and then compares the Catholic falsities which we are taught about this queen and her historical moments, he must admit that true history has been distorted by the Vatican's faithful guerillas, who are all dedicated to the Mafia, for her interests.

Jesuits and other monks under oath to the pope, in defense of the Vatican's Mafia, invented the most satanic plot to assassinate the Queen. The death of Queen Mary of Scotia, the divorce etc . . . were all invented; and it was all the result of the separation of the Church of England from the Vatican, which the Vatican wanted to impede at all costs.


It was easier to sow these lies in the Catholic world than to defend the truth. And above all because Spain's King Felipe II was involved in the destruction of the English monarchy, and in the imposition of National Catholicism through his alliances to the Vatican's Mafia. I am an Enpaņol and Vaticanist historian that has a doctorate in the history of the discovery of American; and a student of the historical moments of Spain's Golden Century, in whose domains the sun shine always. Spanish pride and its literature, warriors, priests and missionaries and its concordats with the Vatican impeded the Protestant Reformation from becoming a total success.


And in the Council of Trent, which was directed by Jesuits and the Vatican, they occasioned the massacre of faithful Christians. I document this in my book "The Catholic Inquisition," which is mentioned to this day with 700 million martyrs being assassinated. And in these very moments, the Vatican and her diabolical Mafia strengthen themselves once again ...


Studying the history of Spain and of the Vatican, from the times of Emperor Carlos V and of the Catholic King Felipe n, and of Pope Alexander VI, we can know the truth about the political-religio Mafia of the Vatican.

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W. Richard Sipe's book "Sex, Priest and Power, Anatomy of a Crisis." And "A Secret World: Sexuality and the Search for Celibacy." Sipe demonstrates his knowledge as an ex --priest and therapist. He analyzes a reality that the ecclesiastical hierarchy wants to keep concealed, since they deny the deeds which he proves in his two books.


In part I, which he titles "Symptoms of the Crisis," he relates the lamentable history of the clergy's sexual abuse; and tells us:

"Since 1960 twenty thousand priests have left the active priesthood in the United States, the majority to marry. At any one time, 20% of priests of good standing are involved with women, 80% are experimenting sexually, approximately evenly divided between heterosexual activity, about 30% of priests have a homosexual orientation. About 50% of both homosexual and heterosexual priests practice Celibacy."

We see that only some 40% practice Celibacy and the majority hide the truth. The sexual crisis through which the Church and her priests pass, we can very well characterize as a sickness of epidemic proportions. In spite of this, they still want to silence and excommunicate uncompromising Vaticanist writers as this servant. The lie exists when the truth appears. The Catholic doctrine on morals and sex is based on a deficient perception of human nature.


The sciences of the study of biology and their effects on human beings their necessary conduct and the laws which correspond to them can not be mutilated, and less in the name of a religion in which God prohibits all sexual degeneration.

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Investigate the pages of the history of Christianity, and even the very history of Catholicism, we find a pleyade of writers which have wanted to reform the Vatican and consequently her Catholic Churches, Hierarchies, Priests and monks. These writers have been persecuted and their writings excommunicated and ignored by the majority of Catholics: They have wanted to destroy the Vatican's Mafia. But they have been assassinated and their voices silenced. I have not the space in my brief articles to include so many Christian authors and teachers which, as this servant, have wanted to correct the corruption of Catholicism biblically, historically, theologically and morally.


For the Vatican and her Roman Churches have apostatized so much from authentic Christianity that today, in the 21th century, there remains little Christianity in Catholicism: It has converted itself in a Political party of National Catholicism, A Fascist Dictatorship and powerful Terrestrial Empire which for almost two millenniums has been accumulating incommensurable riches of gold, real estate, lands, jewels etc . . .


To help you document yourself and understand the truth about this Catholic Corruption, I recommend the following books:

  1. The writings and books of reformers who have existed from the foundation of the Christian Church in the first Century.

  2. The Evangelical counsels and teachings of Jesus Christ as found in the four gospels and apostolic epistles: you will find the fraternal corrections to the pagan and judaic deviations of the first Christian Communities.

  3. The writings of apologists of both the East and the West in the Ecumenical councils since the second century.

  4. The 112 Monseņor  Rafael Rodriguez Guillen writings of Middle Age writers who wrote against the false scholasticism and resurgence of the monasteries and founders of Christian ascetism and Mysticism, who separated themselves from Rome and lived according to Monastic rules. Disgracefully, papal astuteness martyred their founders whenever they criticized the Vatican's corruption and preached Salvation through Christ alone, and not through Peter the Vatican's rock and foundation. The dozens of writers of the Protestant Reformation. One should at least read the selection of Martin Luther's writings on the corruption to which the Vatican had degenerated, which John Dillenberger writes about.

  5. And above all, the book "The Freedom of Christians," called from the captivity of Babylon.

  6. The book "Protestantism ," edited by J. Leslie Dunstan, about the true history of the Reformation.

  7. "The Reformation of the Sixteenth Century," written by Roland H. Bainton.

  8. "Paganism in Christianity," by Charles Edgar Pratt.

  9. "We know Roman Catholicism" (in Spanish), written by Rick Jones.

All these writers, intellectuals, philosophers, theologians, historians, encyclopedists, and humanists are prohibited in the "INDEX VATICANUM" for telling the truth and criticizing the Vatican's corruption. Their lectures are prohibited and excommunicated in the INDEX.


I insert a list at the end of this book of Vaticanologists who, as this servant, write about the Vatican's Mafia. You shall be able to better understand my affirmations and proofs.

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My job of investigating the existence of the Vatican's Mafia I have based on the light of history and on many Catholic writers who have been excommunicated and persecuted, as this servant, for presenting the reality of the Vatican's dark side, which is still unknown.


I may appear to be an enemy of the Catholic Church and to infer uneasiness to the millions who believe in the papal divinity and sublime esteem of their clergy, but I am their friend, and my books are a zeal to reform their apostasies away from Jesus Christ message of Salvation; and to restore a Catholic Church which has deviated from Christianity and its biblical teachings by her Catholic canons and dogmas, which lead her astray Satanically from authentic Christianity.


The false history that we have been taught for centuries about the Vatican and her popes, Cardinals bishops and priests is why we could never have suspected the decay of the corrupt government which directs us. For that reason, I want to finalize my conclusions by recommending Peter de la Rosa's book "Vicars of Christ the Dark Side of the Papacy," and David A Yallop's "In God's Name" wherein the Vatican's Mafia's power are documented through more than 800 pages.


We are offered the opportunity to know a forbidden and silenced reality, with the luxury of details, names, dates, Mafioso personages and photographs. They could help you understand my investigation and those of other Vaticanist writers. I attach Photos of the Vatican's Mafia on the cover to expose to public forum the true image of John Paul II complicated with and surrounded by the Mafia, which always accompanies him during his voyages. Did you know it exists?


I discovered it at 73 years old: THE VATICAN'S MAFIA.

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