I give thanks to our Almighty Father for permitting me in these last days of my life to discover the Vatican's Mafia. I dedicate this work of many years of philosophical, biblical theological, scientifically and historical investigation to all those which, as this servant, are seeking to know and discover for themselves what the Vatican is, and if the Mafia really exists in her.

It has been no easy matter to document oneself concerning the Vatican's Mafia, and to be able to prove it by the secret archives of the Catholic church and Catholic governments and civil just ice tribunals. The fear of Satanic reprisal always subjects one to having to live in fear and hiding from Catholic fanaticism, which through the centuries the Vatican has utilized against her opposers and the Christian reformers. It has cost this Servidor a whole life. But the Lord takes care of me and keeps his angles. This servant and his writings a being persecuted: they are trying to remove them from the libraries and are calling me an apostate and he ethical renegade, and I am defamed and slandered.

I give my thanks to the Lic. Rosa Rodriguez, my wife., for her valuable help in the elaboration of this book which today we place on your hands. For people who enjoy reading about good gunshots doing good work, with the added twist that at the end of the end of the trail sit men in red hats and long robes abusing the power of their religious authority.


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To affirm that in the Vatican there exists a more dangerous sacred Mafia than the Sicilian or New York Mafias may appear to be monstrous or inverted by the atheist or most hardcore enemy of the Catholic Church. And even more so when the person saying it is a Monseņor  and Vaticanist priest who has not been excommunicated and still has his Canonical licenses. We have been taught that the Organization of Clandestine Criminals of wicked rascals who weave traps and strategies; and of assassins which secretly organize and whose terrorist results appear daily in the press as kidnappings, murders, Fraudulent thefts, drug trafficking and money launderings is an irreligious and criminally conscienceless Mafia. It has been possible to single out through history such famous criminals as Al Capo, etc..


The untouchables appear in films, and voluminous books have been written which always acquaint these Mafias with the Vatican's Sacred Mafia. For that reason, I invite the lector to read the following books and authors so he can know, in his doubts, the true history and the reality of the Vatican's Mafia. And that it is not this Monseņor  who invents this or desires to discredit the Vatican. I am a Christian reformer. I love Jesus Christ and his holy church, whose center cannot be the Vatican. The book written by A. Giarcana and Thomas C. Renner, titled "Mafia Princess," 300 pages, shall horrify you with the Mafia in the Vatican's clergy.


We should remember that the sacred Mafia of the Vatican is united to the International Mafia, and that its members, diplomats and hierarchical Nuncios are exempt from civil laws. They are considered to be members of the State of the Vatican, and their credentials as ambassadors makes it easier for them to avoid being brought before civil court or incarcerated. Their diplomatic passports back them. Concerning such an important subject, and due to my brief articles, the best thing I can think of is to counsel you to read the following books, on which I also document myself. Concerning the Government of the United States and its Anti-Crime Departments, the book "Inside the Company C.I.A. DIARY, explosive Bestseller."


In its chapters appear names and international Catholic organizations who collaborate with the Mafia and occult their true interests. Read The Oath Which the Knights of Columbus Make, etc... Read "Secrets and Spies, The Readers Digest Ass," where you shall be able to see the Vatican's Jesuit Espionage and her programs since World War n. "The Persecutor," by Sergen Kourdakov, where the collaboration of Russia's police is narrated for us: How terror and sufferings are inflicted on opponents and protestant Christians, who are persecuted by the Vatican's Sacred Mafia.


The book which most thoroughly opened my eyes to the reality of the existence of the Sacred Mafia in the Vatican is the book "The Vatican Connection With the Mafia" by Richard Hammer, where the existence of a Sacred Mafia is proven without a doubt, and where the names of papal cardinals and delegates, which have been caught in the traffic of Money laundering, drug trafficking, and the unlawful sales of armaments, and who surround the pope and mock the law with their Vatican passports, are mentioned. Diplomats, Nuncios, Papal Delegates, Cardinals, Primates, Archbishops etc. ... Gordan Thomas' and Max Morgan Witt's book "PONTIF," of 543 pages, where those who form part of the Vatican's Sacred Mafia are described with extravagant details, along with their different Vatican's Organism.


All the Sacred Mafia's personages! Sinister clerics who kill in the name of god. In this book, you can know them. One of my Vaticanist teachers, the P. Ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin in his book about the Vatican, and who lives inside the Vatican, narrates for us in detail the Vatican's Roman Curia and its Mafia members in more than 600 pages. You can comprehend, and that with much

documentation, and with irrefutable evidence, that there do exist a most terrible Sacred Mafia. In the books by Avro Manhattan: "The Vatican's holocaust," "The Vatican Billions," "The Vatican Imperialism," "The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance..." and in the other books by this great Vaticanist teacher, international reward, the Vatican's Mafia and its World politics are proven. Did you know about these books? Before criticizing me, read them and investigate for yourself. Nino Lo Bello's book "The Vatican USA" tells us how the Vatican's owns the biggest percentage of stocks in the United States. Many more authors exist, which I will cite later to demonstrate that the Vatican is "A MAFIA."


Save yourself who can! Because she has Satan plan for the next century. Richard Hammer author of the Vatican Connection with the mafia a explosive book with all the ingredients of a thriller, and started with a hunch it uncovered a billion dollar crime and it led honest cop too far to ever go back.. You can see a meeting between Mafia boss Rizzo and two German financiers, a meeting in a Munich between John Connally, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the father of a man market for the death by Rizzo-A plot to launder millions in phony securities that led to Archbishop Marcinkus the Vaticans Minister of Finance.


The arrest of Michele Sindone, a close associate of Marcinkus and a cover upon the evidence by high-level United States government officials.... The Shocking Story That is Only Now Being Told ...


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Ellen G. White's famous book, "The Great controversy," which has sold millions copies and has been translated into 30 languages, demonstrates and coincides with my affirma tions that the Vatican is effectively a Mafia of the Anti christ, and whose seat is the Vatican and the Pope its representative on earth, sealed with the number of Revelation 13 The Vicarius Filii Dei, Joannes Paulus Secundum, in Hebrew WWW. Which sums his Roman Numerals 666.


All his lectures have confirmed my beliefs and conclusions, in my writings, of the Satanic deviations of Roman Catholicism. His book, in more than 600 pages, narrates the reality of just what the Catholic Church is. He describes by history the way in which she has known how to use Christianity to Seize Consciences and terrestrial riches.


Analyze the persecutions which Christian reformers as Luther Wycliffe, Zwingli, Wolff, Huss, etc... have suffered; and the way which the Vatican and her excommunications and interdictions of her reformers makes possible the fear of the people, at the cost of perdition of (the) heaven, for believing that the Pope has the keys of heaven; and her fanaticizing Catholics, as we see today, to persecute the separated Christians. He demonstrates what the attitude of the Vatican has been in relation to the Bible; her prohibitions; her monks' and nuns' very well paid for writings in her defense to extend Catholicism and seize governments and to preach a false Christianity.


I recommend that you read this book and you shall understand me.


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The Vaticanologist Paul Hofman wrote a book that he named "O Vatican." Its reading of 303 pages opened up a new consciousness to the lector concerning the historical truth of the Vatican. The subtitle that he gives when he calls it "A slightly wicked view of the Holy See defines the corrupt and perverse reality of the Holy See." It is not so holy, but rather a sacred Mafia.

Hofman explains that the books written about the Vatican, and which we find translated, have been promoted by the very Vatican through her thousands of Jesuit authors and Catholic intellectuals. But they, compromised and fearing excommunication, have omitted the reality and truth about the unknown and hidden side of a etely defined when he annoys it by his remark of admiration "O Incredible Vatican:"

"O Satan, how Great is thy power when using Christianity to deceive the Catholic."

He analyzes in seven chapters the Almighty House and seat of Saint Peter, a state like no other, with its continuous courts and Middle age offices whose names have been changed to fit the times.

It has an Ominous President, an infallible Vicar and Master, who applies the Roman Maxim "locuta est Causa Finita est," that is, there is no possibility to opine. The charismatic polish has converted the Vatican into the greatest World Political Center on earth. Her Jesuit and Opus Dei diplomats occupy the nunciatures and/or embassies of the whole world.

And the very governments, whether Catholic or not, must send their diplomats and ambassadors to the Vatican to be briefed about world events. He narrates the power of these Cardinals and their prerogatives. The red Popes are named in their councils and synods, as well as the "Black Pope," the director of the Jesuits who has even more power than the White Pope, who as a puppet obeys this Mafia of the Vatican. He narrates what the Vatican Curia is like, with its club of scarlet colored hats, and multicolored uniforms bearing the symbols of heraldic science. It is a bureaucracy with a name. And it has such pontifical privileges that its personages are converted into extra planetary beings. It is a Capricious world without human or terrestrial name.


In chapter 5 he describes the participation of the Vatican with the Mafia of Milan, the model jobs of the polish in Vatican offices, the pope's personal secretary, and the states chosen by his personal experiences in his nunciatures and Mafioso knowledge of the slave world. Even his very influential in the Vatican Mafia, are described. In chapter 6, and which he titles The Devil God Mammon at the Holy See, he describes how the pope spends millions, his fancy foods, Scottish whiskeys, Sherry Wines, Capitalist Companions, Olympic pools and riches of every kind which he possesses.


All which demonstrates that he isn't so poor as he hypocritically makes us believe. But he places the most emphasis in the administration of the money in the Bulwark banks. Their Mafia. Marcinkus, have been caught in the counterfeiting of billions of dollars, to which I refer in my other articles. This servant has also been able to write one of my books about the Vatican, titled "The Vatican's Finances."


Your lector, shall be able to know the point to which the Vaticano has been able to enrich herself. You'll see her businesses, banks, properties, and stocks and bonds of every kind possessed in the stock exchanges of the world. He closes with an investigation on the general of the Jesuits and terrorism, and his programs for world Conquest. Did you know about this? I didn't either and I repent for having served her for forty years. I was deceived. This recognized author, Paul Hofman.


Book "O Vatican, a Slightly Wicked View of the Holy See... that is, O perverse, iniquitous, evil, Mafias and negligent Vatican of the Holy See. He documents it all. In every one of his ten chapters and 300 pages, he narrates the true history of the Vatican's misdeeds through history. It is not possible for me to copy such importance documents of investigation in my brief summaries.


The author has dedicated part of his life to compiling facts from diverse nations and has interviewed hundreds of curials in the Vatican, as well as Cardinals and historians of Catholicism. I have preferred to write this prolonged introduction and to cite a few authors and Vaticanist historians specializing in the history of the Vatican. From them this servant has learned the so many affirmations which he makes in this book about the Vatican's Mafia. My personal experiences as a Monseņor  verify it.


The events described in this book are true and the characters are real, the history is based on the recollections, files and records o Detective Sergeant Joseph J Coffey, commanding of the Police of N. Y.


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To understand the Sacrilegious Mafia of the Vatican. We should review the papacy's history as written by true uncensored historians. I repeat a thousand times that history has been satanically falsified. I urge you to find out what Christianism is and what Catholicism is. That is, one a church of christ, and the other of the Pope(s). One is celestial with Christian spiritual values.


The other values a church of Romanism. Therefore, we can be sure that the leaders of the Mafia are the Pope. Of the 299 popes, which falsely appear as being from Peter to John Paul II, it can be proved historically that:

  • 146 are rich aristocrats which allowed themselves to be suborned

  • 72 died violently, either poisoned or assassinated

  • 26 were proven homosexuals

  • 28 died while bearing arms, as well as their cardinals and bishops

Let us review the crusades and invasions of National Catholicism and we shall be terrorized. The other 23 popes can scientifically be proven to have been libertines and Nepotists etc... And concerning the present pope, I recommend that you read my book about this Polish Pope who has demonstrate during his two decade pontificate that he is the leader of the Vatican Mafia: he who is most pernicious and who has been able to represent the Antichrist's interest best, and who is the fulfiller of the prophecies of Revelation 17.


That is why I have titled my other book "The Lies of John Paul II," in which I present the other side of this false Coin which has made us believe in this Mafia.


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It may appear almost impossible to prove that the Vatican and her hierarchs have been the origin of the Mafias or clandestine criminal organizations whose members have been corroded society with their deceptions, traps and satanic strategies. We have been taught that the Mafia proceeds from Sicily but we have been blinded to the fact that the Italian Mafia, whose origin is Rome, was dependent on the Vatican and her Criminal Cardinals and pontifical hierarchs.


The Catholic Church with her Canons and laws is the best organized secret society in the whole world. We have been led to believe that she represents the values of Christianity, and her members and hierarchs are presented as saints and examples of honestly to society. But on the contrary since the 4th century history shows us her rebellions and disobedience to Civil laws and her persecution of the legitimate separated Christians, whom she defames and calls protestants or evangelicos in a derogatory way; and she has constituted herself into a Satanic Mafia.


The Vatican's international organization and espionage web extends over the whole world. The archives of agencies which investigate crime Interpol, F.B.I., and the CIA show how the Vatican's apostolic nuncios, Cardinals and delegates have been caught in unlawful activities together with the New York Mafia. The amazing accusations that I make are not invented, and less do I try to present a sensational subject or be an enemy of the Vatican. You yourself, as this servidor, can prove these things to yourself if you have at your reach the following books by authors committed to the truth, who define very clearly, and with many documents, that the Vatican is the most Satanic empire of the Mafia, and the origin of crime and wars all over the world.

Read Richard Hammer's very documented best seller, which he titled "The Vatican Connection, the Astonishing Account of a Billion Dollar Counterfeit Stock Deal Between the Mafia and the Church"; which exposes her money launderings and counterfeiting, and how Cardinals, Nuncios and the Pope are involved in crime.

It is interesting to note the names of a whole papal curia enriching itself by robberies, and that the pope's trips are designed by the Archbishop Marcinkus, the Vatican banker who, using his diplomatic privileges, they have not been able to arrest; even though he has already been found guilty by courts, as well as the Cardinal Cody of Chicago, Sindona and many others cited. When thou hast finished reading these and other books which I cite, you shall be able to understand the responsibility that my God has placed into my hands to make known the truth of those irrefutable facts: that Catholicism can not be the "holy" church which Christ founded on earth, whose Christian members disentangle themselves from Satanisms, deceptions and crime etc...


Renown Criminals have separated themselves from all kinds of corruption. Another book that proves the existence of the Vatican Mafia is David A Yallop's book "In God's Name." His lecture confirmed the facts which I set forth in all my books: that a church which poisons and assassinates its own popes, and God's name, can not be a church of Christ: The Vatican Mafia

As happened to Paul I when he attempted to reform und destroy the Vatican Mafia and the Cardinalic personages who surrounded him. I recommend his hook. I insert his Editorial Photographs, which he publishes, at the end. Another book that proves the things I document about the Vatican is Paul Hofman's book "O Vatican, A Slighty Wicked View of the Holy See." It is incredible that so many Catholics still belied in and collaborate with the Catholic Mafia of the Vatican.


The Mystic Mafia, or the spiritual, Jesuit, or holy Mafia of Opus Dei Canonize hundreds of saints who have never even existed for business; and the millions are split up between the general houses and offices of the Vatican.


In my book about "The Finances of the Vatican," I describe through 200 pages the way in which the Vatican Mafia enriches itself, and the juicy business of Canonizations, where millions from the Nation's Coffers, which should be distributed to mitigate the hunger and unemployment of the poor, or to increase health and education, instead end up in the Vatican Coffers and are used Satanically.


In the name of love and offerings to God, millions in the whole world, and which belong to the Vatican's Mafia, live the dolce Vitta (sweet life). The time has come to denounce the Vatican, the cradle and then of the Antichrist, of witches and only of the seven heads of the Apocalyptic Dragon, publicly. Now, in the 20th century and approaching the third millennium, it is a sacred duty and charge of the conscience that all Christian reformers unite and define the holy church of Christ.


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Richard Hammond's (whole) book " The Vatican Connection," of 321 pages, from the title on the front cover "The Astonishing Account of a Billion Dollar Counterfeit Stock Deal Between the Mafia and the Church" to the back cover where he reproduces a photostatic copy with the Vaticans letterhead of the "Sacra Congregazione Dei Religiosi" and where it is admitted and I cite to be of the Banco del Vaticano, is very informative.

1) We are willing to buy the complete stock of the merchandise up to the sum of $950 millions of dollars from 9-3-71 to 10-12-71.

2) It is understood that the last two consignments, not probably, could be made together on the 10-11

3) We guarantee that the merchandise will not be resold up to and not after 1-6-1972. Rome, June 29, 1971 with the Vatican's secretary of finance's signature: "Yours Faithfully, Marcinkus."

These sacred gangsters, so called because he doesn't want to call them, as Arias does in his book "A God for the Pope," in page 203, "Rogues who love so much to play tennis and drink whiskey," appear in all pages.


They demonstrate the reality of the Vatican's gangsterism and rove the Christian deviations which can no longer preach that the Catholic Church of the Vatican is the representative of the spiritual values of a church of Christ. She has converted herself into a much more terrible and fearful Mafia than the New York Mafias, whose leaders we recognise in movies as the untouchables. In like manner the Vatican's leaders are also untouchables. When they are discovered, and Catholics come to know about the corruption of their hierarchs, they excommunicate the reformers and/or critics, true Christians silenced for centuries, and murder their opponents.


As with Al Capone and Lucky Luciano etc..., movies should also he made about these gangsters so the people comprehend that the Vatican Mafia and its gangsters do exist and are a reality. See the video Godfather III. But even more terrorizing is that they eat our brains and teach us that it's a sin to tell the truth, punishable by Condemnation to hell and unremmisible. And even more so when the leaders and culprits are the popes, who are infallible and assisted by the Holy spirit. What impudence and pulling of hair! The author narrates all the documentation and notes contributed about his trips to discover the truth about the so sad history of the buying of billions of dollars in counterfeit money by the Vatican.


From the German Capital of Munich to the dates, and names of those interviewed, he slowly explains it all in eight chapters:

1) The Playboy Bunnies.

2) Operation Fraulein.

3) Tapas and Bugs.

4) Coca-Cola.

5) To the Vatican.

6) Beyond the Vatican.

7) The Last Pieces.

8) cover up.

These are the titles of some chapters which speak for themselves and whose documented facts have given me the coordination which I needed to publicly accuse and denounce the Vatican's corruptions.


This is the published book that I am offering so you may know about the Vatican Mafia. I assume responsibility for its documentation. To be able to affirm such an important subject of exposing to the Catholic what the Vatican is and is not, and what a Christian church is and what's a Catholic church, we can use the delimitative facts already scientifically documented. Let us not be deceived any longer before the overwhelming proofs which now, in the age of free speech and human rights, those investigators seeking the truth write. It matters not that we are intimidated, as the author and journalist Pepe Rodriguez very well relates in his book "The Fundamental Lies of the Catholic Church," an analysis of the grave (supposed) Contradictions of the Bible manipulated to the benefit of the Catholic church (page 455).


He also (shows) up, as many other books on my redaction table, the abuses and lies of a Vatican whose hour to render accounts and to stop mankind up stories has come. On page 15 the author refers to "The Experience of This Author After Publishing the Sexual Life of the Clergy," a best seller occupying the prime place of sales in Spain and Portugal. He also confirms that Freedom of Speech is not a Virtue that the Catholic Church agrees with. Before the book was thoroughly distributed, the ecclesiastical hierarchy called journalists from all News Medias demanding and soliciting to have the book silenced. This same thing happened to this servant too. Why?


My books -"The Vatican Exposed," the church that Jesus Christ has founded," "The lies of the Pope John Paul II," "The Biblical Mary and the Catholic Mary" - are being demanded removed from all libraries by the Catholic hierarchy.


It fears that the truth about the Vatican Mafia should be known.


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I am making known the truth reality of one of the most secretly guarded subjects of the Catholic Church: concerning her finances. As a Monseņor  and parish economist, being a witness in different countries of the administration carried out in the dioceses, parishes, Vatican offices and chapels, I have been able to collect a heap of reliable proofs and documents, together with an uncompromised biography of authentic authors and writers, the majority excommunicated, and their works listed on the INDEX. The majority of these have been written in English and have not been translated. They are unknown and ignored.


Today, being retired, I can open up one of the Vatican's most jealously and perpetually occulted chapters: how she keeps us deceived, preaching how poor she is, when the reality is that the Vatican is the greatest existing economical power in the world. I will try to prove this, documenting myself on books such as author Richard Hammer's. This author related how from the year 1971 to 1973 a billion dollars in securities have been stolen, swindled from the safe-deposit boxes, and how this money has been found in the international Markets. These documented proofs and testimonies demonstrate that $900 million of these securities and perhaps much more will be found in the Vatican during Pope Paul VI's pontificate.


The declarations and facts adduced by this writer, Richard, are considered, as he very well relates, "an explosive expose of world wide swindles." That is, an explosive narration which reveals how the Vatican and the Mafia have been involved in these swindles, principally in the United States' most powerful businesses, in Europe's airlines and in the Vatican's businesses in Rome. With names of the camouflaged Catholic personages of the high-class irreproachable and untouchables. Through his 300 pages the author describes all those personages of the American Mafia and of the Catholic episcopate, as well as their banks and connections, which are known. He interviews "racketeers and forgers and high level dons."


That is, the human breed of rogues and counterfeiters, including the emerging aristocratic class, which keep us fooled; in this case the Vatican church and her administrators. The documented and historical relation of these acts appear on every page. They have shocked me! I read the whole book and have memorized those facts which complement and certify my many years work and the conclusions of my book "The Corruption of the Vatican:" that we have been deceived by an Institution that makes us believe that she represents the values of Christianity. But her values, as we can analyze in this book, are material and unspiritual. And her connections demonstrate that, as the Mafia's, her interests are not the salvation of souls but her enrichment and the usurpation of the Christianity she claims to represent.

The whole book appears to me to be a history of the underworld of organized crime, Ecclesiastical dignitaries, as the Vatican banker, Archbishop Marcinkus, and North American prelates, keep appearing. All of them deny their participation. But they have been sentenced by judges to jail terms. But they exploit their high positions as dignitaries and are taking refuge behind their privileges as exempt diplomats. It is a history I recommend to the lector so he can know the truth about the Vatican's finances and connections with the very Mafia and its false Catholic authors. I shall limit myself to copying things about some of the Vatican's Sacrilegious personages who still accompany him on his political and business trips around the world.


You shall know them. I insert their photographs. So that this servant can prove these very serious -and perhaps incredible to some lectors who don't know about them - affirmations, I'll base myself on Richard Hammer's book "The Vatican Connection the Astonishing Account of a Billion Dollar Stock Deal Between the Mafia and the Church."


It is documented on the very office of the organization of Crime Homicide Task Force, New York City police department. You yourself shall know the names of these clerical criminals, from the Archbishop Marcinkus, the third most powerful man in the Vatican, and its financial administrator, to Roberto Calvi, Rizzo, Benelli, Vaznozzi, and Cardinal Cody, the corrupt Cardinal of Chicago connected to the New York and Chicago Mafias. I recommend that you read the list of the Vatican Mafia from the first to the last page. You shall be shocked.


And look at their photos, which are pursued but shielded in their diplomatic. Cardinals, pontifical curiales, archbishops, bishop, German, American and Italian Monseņors, Nuncios and delegates -they are all enumerated, together with the banks and businesses where the billion-and-a half dollars of laundered and counterfeited money of this Mafia, which steals in God's name, and which deceives the world, ends up. All these apodictic facts, that is, scientifically provable, verify and expose the reality of the Vatican Mafia, which is very secretly occulted.


Today we can unmask the true face of what the Vatican Mafia is, as well as its connections to the other drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime Mafias, since the names of their velvety prelates and Catholic hierarchs are already identified on the lists as those being pursued as criminals and judged guilty. It is time, dear lector, that the truth be known and the lie denounced, and even more so when this lie appears dressed as Christianity.

The blessed lie that the false Scholastic Philosophy of the Vatican has-imposed shall never sing victory to the blessed truth which is Christ and his teachings of salvation. The lies of which we have been victims, all of us who have been education in Catholicism by false teachers, shall never be able to conquer the rational truth not imposed by the inquisition, which takes away our right to Opine and the respect for our human rights.

The remaining people of God, even though a minority, is a people that obeys the divine Commandments and mixes not with the lie. This people of God shall triumph together with the immaculate Lamb Christ.


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It may appear a monstrous and unheard of falsehood to affirm that the Vatican and therefore the Catholic Church is entangled and involved with the Mafia's businesses and politics worldwide. But that's exactly what I believed as a servant. As a Monseņor and priest who has occupied such divers positions as parson, chaplain, professor and Monseņor by right, and as a Vicar to East Chiricano in Panama, I could not believe that I had been serving such an ecclesiastical institution as this.


I myself, now that I am retired and have finished writing my diary and memoirs, in one of the books that I have published, titled "The Vatican Exposed," have narrowed her Dogmas and Oaths of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience. Her overthrow in the third millennium is a fact reality True Information which can be scientifically verified. The Vatican only puts out censored and occulted documentation. To come to the conclusions to which this minister has come, and to be a witness thereof, I have had to dedicate my whole life to gathering the proofs presented in this book.


I've had the privilege of holding in my own hands the secret archives of the Vatican and her Catholic dioceses and libraries; to consult unbiased and uncompromising authors and their reliable testimonies and writings in the United States, which are still written uncensored in English. This is what has encouraged me to make known one of the most jealously hidden and ignored chapters of this institution: the reality of the economical power of a church that passes for being poor and representing Christianity, when the truth is that all her interests are others.

The evidence which we present proves the fact that for centuries we have been the victims of her brain-and conscience washing; and that through her Scholastic Philosophy and false teachings, imposed on us without our right to opine, we have been made to suffer. This motley and fictional drama, bordering on the unbelievable Dantesque episodes divided of sinister personages of the underworld feigning sanctity, of clergymen dressed in velvet and papal capellos, and of cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and priests pertaining to criminal syndicates and involved in money laundering is being exposed, and their swindles and bank counterfeiting brought to the light, along with their names and deeds. And it's the Civil tribunals and not the ecclesiastical, which are proving these deeds and condemning them as criminal swindlers of all humanity.

I make not these affirmations irresponsibly. On the documented bibliography which I possess on my redaction table, of Vaticanist authors who have dedicated our lives to investigating the intrigues of the Vatican's finances, I document this work. Among theses are Richard Hammer's "The Vatican Connection"; Avro Manhattan's "The Vatican Politics in the World"; P. Reese's "Inside the Vatican"; and Juan Arias' "A God for the Pope."


All very reliable historical documents which I have been able to consult and by which the lector himself can know the truth about the lies and falsities that the Vatican and her hierarchs would have us believe. And if we are ANATEMASIT; that is, we are to be excommunicated. By this means, and by magnifying Papal infallibility, and by proclaiming them to be the very representatives of Christ, they have kept us fooled for centuries. But today the new democracies and human liberties permit us to declare and prove the truth and to expose the lie.


Here are some precise facts: A) "Playboy bunnies being turned onto drugs and into hookers by a couple of lower echelon Mafiosi in New York. Rogues and drug addict hoodlums, all echelon's of the New York Mafia." A contract for a beating and, if necessary, a killing given by Mafia chieftain Vincent Rizzon on California real estate dealer Jerry Marc Jacobs. All these regrettable personages and their connections with the finances of Germany, the United States, and the Vatican, keep appearing in so documented a book, which I mention and which inspires my articles.


Even the very secretary of the Vatican, John Connolly, and the Archbishop Paul Marcinkus, in charge of the Vatican's finances and who arranges the scheme for the buying of millions in counterfeited money, appear. I possess a very extensive documentation of the connections of the Vatican to the Rizzo family, a famous gang of Mafiosos; of agents contracted by the Australian police to investigate the Mafia and the Monseņor Martinez, Secretary of the Vatican, concerning $950 million and how this Capello Cardenalicio denies all when he is found guilty.


Thus are all liars. But they appear before society as persecuted everything inside out.


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The master and intellectual agent responsible for the scheme of billions of dollars of counterfeited money, and who also finances the trips of the Pope Wojtyla, is Marcinkus the author of the monetary acquisitions of laundered money and securities and bonds in European and American banks. He is the most astute personage and right hand man of the present Pope John Paul II.


As Juan Arias very well says in his documented book "A God for the Pope" in page 202:

"When the scandal of the Institute for the works of the Religion (IOR) and the Banco Ambrosiano was exposed, it was known that Monseņor  Marzinkus was a member of the administrative board of Banco de Nassau."

That particular Bahamas bank was one of the fiscal paradises through which Marcinkus operated with Roberto Calvi, President of the Banco Ambrosiano, in collaboration with the "Vatican's Bank," is confirmed by Juan Arias, who accompanied the retinue of the pope.


He says:

"When the pope's airplane arrived at Nassau's airport for a technical stop, two men dressed in black, counselors of the pope, came near in the heart of the night with a briefcase."

All journalists were prohibited to descend. I have written a separate article concerning that incident. It is incredible that taking advantage of the night, illegally acquired securities are interchanged. And even more incredible is that instead of taking these clerical swindlers to jail, they are instead rewarded with trips wherein more millions are given to them for the "works of Religion" (IOR), and that the North American Marcinkus was promote from being a prelate of a bishop to archbishop by the Pope Karol Wojtyla. A member of the Mafia.


Here you have the reason for the Mafia of the Holy See, which is not so holy; for the lack of credibility concerning the billion dollar scandal; and for the bankruptcy of Italian banks as thousands of members come out of the Catholic Church in search of God in other Christian churches. For the Catholic God which her corrupt hierarchs preach could never be the true God, but rather, as Juan Arias titles very well, he is "A God for the Pope": His own Polack God of National Catholicism. A Political God. A filthily Rich God. A Catholic God who could never be a Christian God, and much less represent a church founded by Jesus on earth, whose values are spiritual, not material. A Christian God whose Kingdom is not of this world.


We are proving, and her deeds confirm it, that the Kingdom of the Vatican and her church has gotten a foothold in this world, and that its interest are not the salvation of souls but other pagan gentile interests of the dolce vita, without working, which its prelates, priests, friars, and nuns live and enjoy at the cost of falsifying the authenticity of Christianity, converting it into the biggest economical powers of the universe: it is a secret Mafia. The buying of billions of dollars is very thoroughly documented by the author Richard Hammer in his book "The Vatican Connection," from which I copy the following:

"The subsequent collapse of several Italian banks and the arrest of Michele Sindona, a financier deeply involved with those banks and a close associate of Archbishop Marcinkus."

In another article I will narrate concerning this sinister and swindling personage Sindona, together with his great Marcinkus, which, thanks to US Attorney General Richard Kleindienst intervening to protect those at the top when the investigation got too close, were also excused by the Pope John Paul II and continue with even more authority to administer the finances of the Vatican.


With the publication of this book "The Vatican Connection," the whole history of actors Joseph Coffey, Jacob's father, Richy, Vincent Rizzo, all will known members of the New York and California Mafia, many whom I shall mention, is revealed. And through the interviews of all witnesses over the years, which support the documentation in transcriptions, confessions, recorded interrogations, clandestine telephonic connections, the Sacra Congregations Dei Religiosi's written documents (which I insert at the end), and the photographs of the authors, who are officials of the Organized Crime Homicide Task Force, N.Y. City Police Department, the truth about the lies and falsifications in the finances of the Vatican have been known.


I desire not that the affirmations which I make herein, after I have dedicated years to investigating and documenting myself on the secret archives of the Vatican and her satanic dioceses and emporiums, to which I have been appointed to serve, should make you feel distressed, defrauded or frustrated for opening your eyes in conscience to this jealously hidden reality.


Many of us have given ourselves to the task of wanting to correct a church which has deviated from Christianity.


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One of the books which most influenced my investigation and thinking concerning the Vatican's Mafia is that written by David Yallop, titled "In God's Name;" wherein, in seven chapters and 328 pages, he narrates with documented facts the way in which the Pope Paul I was poisoned, after only ruling for 30 days, for wanting to reform the corruption of this Vatican Mafia; and for wanting to make disappear this group which surrounded him; which was being pursued by international justice and is connected to the Mafia, and have been found guilty already by International Tribunals; And is being pursued by Interpol.


The whole book is a testimony to the existence of the Vatican's Sacred Mafia, with the names of Cardinals, Archbishops, and Monseņors who participate in crimes and who are responsible for the collapse of the Vatican's Banco Ambrosiano and its subsequent consequences. Read "Political Corruption, Scandal In Rome has buffeted the Church," in the National Catholic Reporter, Vol.29, page 16, March 26.

Bishop Paul Marcinkus                                              Roberto Calvi                                          


You shall be amazed, as this servidor Marcinkus, Cardinal Villot, secretary of state, Calvi, Gelli, Chief of the terrorist organization, P. Michele Sindona, who is in jail now, and the Chicagoan Cardinal John Cody who were all to be relieved from their duties, yes, these six men, are they which poisoned Paul I. And it is these same men which this Pope rewards and retains in their duties.


Before seeing themselves on the street, they unite and sentence the Pope and then elevate John Paul II as his successor, who, perhaps fearing his own death, rewards them and keeps their company.


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The Vaticanist historian Peter De Rosa, in his best seller, titled "Vicars of Christ the Dark Side of the Papacy" -that is, the unknown false face of a coin which has kept us deceived for centuries, teaching us a false history and making us believe that the papacy is the seat of Peter and rock of Christianity; when we can now prove that it is not so, and that her acts and deviations from the teachings of Christ are not the same as those of a Vicar of Christ: she is an impostor who has assumed the divine authority.

The author, P. De Rosa, reveals an unbelievable history, a devastating history which the papacy has lived for centuries. He says: "No Catholic can ignore its conclusions." Neither can the Christians, whose roots originate from Catholicism; nor can any esoteric believe, agnostic or atheist; for now in the 20th century, true uncensored history is being written. Human rights now allow us freedom of expression and the liberty to scientific investigation. It is a friend's book, not an enemy's. One who is dedicated to the truth.


Peter De Rosa, as Gordan Thomas, another Vaticanist whose book is called "Pontiff," very well signals "is the perfect balance between impeccable research presented as compulsives readings." Other Vaticanist writers, affirms Rvd. Michael Keane, say:

"He is a good man, doing something to ensure that the church he loves will be found less wanting in the future."

The Dubling Evening Herald, about Peter and his book: "He opens the stained glass windows and clearly outlines the evolution of the church's teaching, too often shaped by whims of corrupt, despotic, and fanatical popes." the translation is easy, and they are the same conclusions to which I come in all my books, proving the deviations and corruptions of the Vatican and, consequently, of the Catholic Church in General. I cite their words. It is not I.


Catholics should not be governed by apostate educators. They should analyze and get to know the true history of a church which teaches us that she is holy and the only one through which salvation comes; but her acts are so corrupt now that they lead us to eternal condemnation. "It is time," says Peter, "to examine with very objective realism, the biblical, moral, and historical deviations which she has been deceitfully teaching us, and to correct her errors by writing a new, true history according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

He demonstrates how, from the 11th century, and Pope Gregory V (10207-85), the Pope attributes himself with the right to not commit any errors; and who has the power to set up kings and princes or to cast them down; and that he, thereby, must be a saint. The supremacy of the divine right to the human right is imposed. And so here you have where my opinion resides: that the papacy is converted in just another state and dictatorship of National Catholicism.


Peter mentions the dynasty of the Borgia's Papacy, with the immoral Alexander VI at its head - a Spaniard who, as the emperor Carlos V and the Catholic kings, converted the Spanish empire and Catholicism into a National Catholicism, as it is today; into everything except the church which Christ founded, which was non-political, without worldly interests, evangelizing the poor and the sinner; whose mission on this earth is only the salvation of souls, not the enrichment of herself using Christianity falsely. I have written a book about this subject...


Peter De la Rosa, in 482 pages, classifies the power of the Vaticano and her intentions of seizing governments and the separated churches by means of the sacred Mafia, and the imposition of her claim to being the only church exclusively through which comes salvation, excommunicating and silencing her opponents and critics, and not caring about the diffusion of the most satanic slanders and defamations to destroy the socially. He documents the diabolical persecution that hundreds of Christians suffer, and the errors committed by their own intellectuals. And demonstrates the unjustified false arguments of the Vatican, which, today in the century, of lights, no longer can be sustained.


He presents an epilogue of much interest to Vaticanist author; where he reflects, historically, the chronology of the Popes, the ecumenical councils, the council members, the sources from which he draws and documents himself, and a selective biography which is necessary to know in order to affirm that the Vatican Mafia does exist, of which we have apodictic proofs... that is, true! with the scientific arguments.

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The vaticanist writer and Ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin writes his thirteenth book, which he titles "Vatican" and recently "The keys of the Blood, Pope John Paul II versus Russia and the West for Control of the New World Order." His titles alone prove the existence of the sacred Mafia.


Malachi, Avro Manhattan, Nichols, Peter Hebblewaite, Richard Hammer, Reese, P. Hoffman - these Vaticanists all write the Vatican Mafia, together with many others whom you can compare in the biographical list which I insert.


It is my desire that your understandings, as mine, be founded on true documents and the best authors of this present time. These books are written in English and are translated into other languages except Spanish-because of Catholic ecclesiastical censorship. Avro Manhattan's book "The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance has also helped me prove my subject, as well as Nichol's "The Politic of the Vatican," "The Pope's Divisions the Roman Catholic Church Today."


All these best sellers and authorized Vaticanist historians show and document for us very clearly how the Vatican has organized herself through the centuries with the help of the Mafias with which she has collaborated. Her iniquitous inquisition through the centuries has maintained this sacred Mafia.


Read the book "The Catholic Inquisition and Persecution," which is documented with my personal experiences during 50 years.


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It has been possible for reliable authors, as in Mexico Manuel Buendia in his archives and dossier, titled "The Clergy," to document it all. He describes the way in which the Catholic religious orders of Opus Dei, the Jesuits, Legions of Christ, and the other two thousand existing orders have acted in the Catholic Church, depending on the Vatican and on the party of National Catholicism: they are all Roman legions and more harmful than the worst group of Mafias existing on this earth. They are all involved with the Mafia.

In constant search to define what the Christian Church of the Bible is and what the Catholic Church is, I find that the existence of the Mafia in the Catholic Church is what defines her best; and that the Sanctity of the Christian Church, guided by the holy Ghost and practical Christianity of her members is what defines her; while Catholic members continue practicing another agnostic faith; that is, a mixture of esoteric philosophies and pagan religions with antibiblical and satanic doctrines.

To understand the Mafia sects which nourish the Pope and the Catholic Church with their vow of unconditional obedience, I recommend that you read Michael Walsh's book titled "Opus Dei," an Investigation into the secret society struggling for power in the Roman Catholic Church. His lecture demonstrates the existence of the Mafia in the Vatican and its intrigues to take over world power.


This book and its documentation shocked me.

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We are tired of hearing talk about the drug trafficking Mafia, stupefacient and famous criminal gangs whose vast sums of money intervene in political, educational and religious affairs; but that it never occurs to us that amongest these three groups there exists a holy communion with the Vatican Mafia, whose leader is the prince of lies-the very satan; whose tentacles are taking over society by means of the Roman Catholic Church's office all over the world.


By my living experiences in the politics of Spain, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico, and Chile, where as a priest and Monseņor  I formed part of Franco's, General Nogueras', Governor Carlos Romero's, Pinoche's, Reagan's, Carter's, Bush's, and Clinton's dictatorships, I was able to know very closely and al and economical crisis in understand the political Mafia which governs these nations.


Every one of them make pacts with and ally themselves to the Vatican. Read 'The World Council of Churches CMI ASD Directory of Christian Councils 1985. Dictatorships and the Vatican." With my two doctorates and Master in Divinity, Professor and teacher during thirty and five years, occupying administrative charges, I was able to come to the conclusion that there indeed exists a Mafia, and that it has taking over all programs -and that the reasons for which all universities of study and progress are created are all false.


It is just a business for that Mafia through which it may enrich itself in the name of the education and poverty of the people. In the University Complutense of Madrid, where I graduated with two doctorates in philosophy and Educational sciences and in Philosophy and letters in the pontifical universities, all directed by the Jesuits and the Opus Dei and their Mafiosi inner circle, I am a witness of the false intellectual Mafia of Mediocre teachers, dominant and enriching themselves in the name of educators. I have had the same experience's in Spain, Panama, Puerto Rico, USA, Mexico and Chile, where I have exercised professorship and where I pertain to the university faculty. They are full of fatuous doctors.


The most pernicious Mafia and the one I consider to be responsible for the spiritual and economical crisis in which we live-is the sacred or religious Mafia, which, in the name of the poor Christ, has enriched itself and washed the consciences of the people, and which is taking possession of human rights and keeps us deceived hypocritically. I have been writing as a Monseņor , priest, and Vaticanist Critic for fifty years.


I have been in investigating and collecting the facts to write 20 books on the subject of the corruption of the Vatican's sacrilegious Mafia (as this book, titled "The Vatican's mafia"), her pacts and alliances with governments in order to take over the whole world in the third Millennium and to eliminate the groups or opponents of The New World Order, which, from the Vatican, shall be imposed by force.


Read on the Internet:, world power next to USA and you shall be amazed. I refer to it in my book "The Lies of Pope J. Paul II."

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My Vaticanologist teacher is Avro Manhattan, the same as a hundred other Vaticanists whose writings have fallen providentially into my hands after an arduous search through the libraries and bookstores of the United States-the only nation where the freedom to investigate and opine and express ourselves according to our conscience still exists; and where Catholic censorship still has not been able to destroy and exterminate these books, though in these moments shall does all within her power to keep them from becoming known and persecutes their Christian translators. I am a witness by the persecution which is being executed against me for wanting to reform so much corruption. What is the motive for wanting to silence and hide such truth?


You can have your own opinion and conclusion. Why should there be any fear to make the truth known publicly? Is it not that Catholicism fears that the reality of the Vatican's corruption should be known? And that once her falsities become known, made known by scientific Vaticanists, the false Christianity which she has been preaching for centuries will come to an end?


If this corruption should become known, it would make the Vatican empire disappear. Here you have the reason why she prohibits the reading of the Bible; and its translations are interpolated and adulterated to serve her interests.


You should know the 9 books written by Avro Manhattan, whereby you shall be able to completely understand the reality of what the seat of the Antichrist is - the seven mountains and hold of the Satanic Pontifex Maximus, the Millenary Dynasty of witch Priests! Mother of all Abominations (Revelation 17-18):

  1. "Spain and the Vatican." I am a witness of the Civil War and can confirm that everything Avro Manhattan says is true, and even understated; for I lived those years in Spain and was astounded.


  2. "Latin America and the Vatican ." I have lived for 35 years in Latin America and Puerto Rico; and I testify that everything that Avro Manhattan affirms is true. And I am a witness of the spiritual and material poverty caused by Catholicism, and of the despoiling of the Natives from their lands and treasures to enrich the whore even more. Now she's exacting times and sacrilegious sales.


  3. "The Vatican and the U.S.A." I am living retired in the USA and have been documenting myself in its libraries and universities and ecclesiastical Archives, and I have a library too of more then a thousand volumes of Vaticanist authors. The United States is the Cradle of democratic liberties, which the Vatican and her Mafiosi Clericals want to make disappear. I am a witness to this. Read chapter 21 the Victors: The FEMA, club Rome, USA and the Vatican.


  4. "The Vatican in Asia"


  5. "Religion in Russia."


  6. "Catholic terror over Europe." This last book demonstrates the participation of the Vatican and her Catholic Churches in terrorism; and how her death squads, wherever they arrive with their Vatican envoys, come with the consigns of destroying democracy and seizing military authority through chaplins and apostolic Nuncios. As I've mentioned previously, I am a witness -I agree with everything which my teaching Avro Manhattan is describing in this chapter. The Nuncios are named gelded Generals in the armies.


  7. "The Religious Massacre of Yugoslavia;" you shall be shocked, as this servant was, at the documentation that Avro Manhattan presents about the Catholic intervention in the sad events over which we are presently presiding in these moments. Catholics don't know the truth. It is hidden from them. All they hear about is the apparitions of the Virgin of Medugorie in Croatia, her secret messages etc... and the people are fanaticized to kill and take over an orthodox and Muslim Nation.

  8. "The Dollar and the Vatican." I have written a book, which I title "The Finances of the Vatican," and when I read Avro Manhattan's books, I observed that I was in need of such precious documentation. And even though I come to the same conclusions, through my living experiences in her, I was ignorant, when I wrote, about the documented fountain which Manhattan presents and which I recommend to you. By such you shall be able to understand me. this great Vaticanist also has a book called "The Vatican Billions," wherein he makes known the immense economic power of this sacrilegious Vatican Mafia.


  9. "The Catholic Church Against the Twentieth Century," that is, the way in which the Catholic Church wars against and attacks democracies, which are defeating the dragon with seven heads:

    1. 1. The Pope

    2. 2. The Cardinal

    3. 3. The Archbishop

    4. 4. Bishop

    5. 5. Parson

    6. 6. Priest

    7. 7. Deacon

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This affirmation would appear to crash violently against, and annoy and offend, those of us who have been educated in the Catholic Church. A provocation which horrifies, and which only now, in the age of freedom of expression, can be made known to the thousands of ignorant who have believed the ecclesiastical hierarchies to be a good faith. But the terrorism and the Mafia of National Catholicism have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by many vaticanist writers, whose biography I accompany, and by my own living experiences of the Satanic persecution I receive.

The Network of international espionage which the Jesuits control Lumen 2,000, the Oaths of the Knights of Columbus, John Paul II's messages in 'The Vatican, World Power" to erase every vestige of the Evangelical Religion at the start of the Third Millennium and the legions of religious orders with their thousands of Monks and Nuns, sent all over the world by the Vatican -keep the Catholic entrapped and at risk of disappearing if he fails to fulfill the canonical laws.

The records and secret archives of every priest, Catholic, and liberal down the centuries exist in the Apostolic Nunciatures. They have been accumulating the whole history of nations, associations, intellectuals etc...


Thus is has been able to maintain a power which no other empire has ever superseded not even the secret police of Nazis, Russia, USA, or any other dictatorship within memory.


I narrate how the Vatican acts against her opponents.

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The Vatican and her Catholic agencies, dioceses, parishes, social institutions, universities, colleges, religious orders, and the thousands of men and women scattered all over the world are the very same Roman legions which at one time existed in the Roman Empire, and which have continued to survive in the Catholic Church until the 20th century.


They have retained their same Roman names in Latin, their laws, philosophy, agnostic, hermeneutical and esoteric theologies and beliefs, their cults to the gods, pagan customs, and satanical ceremonies, which we can see in the liturgy, writings, and papal decrees of the Catholic Church. To be able to make this affirmation, we must go over the history of Rome and its alliances with Catholicism. In my book "Lecture on the Humanities" vol. I and II, I make resumption of the cultural and political history of Greece and Rome in their legions, laws, dictatorships etc . . .


We can comprehend the way in which the Catholic Church has committed herself to maintain these same Roman legions, but with the name of Jesuitical, Dominican and Franciscan orders, legions of Christ etc . .. In my brief articles, I describe the power and terrorism that National Catholicism, or the political state and Dictatorship of the Vatican, has been exercising through the centuries. I include a biography at the end, and I recommend that you read Claire Sterling's book "Terrorism The International Network," so you can know the truth about these Roman legions and their might, who work in the name of the Vatican and have even taken over the Human Rights Offices, even though the Vatican or her Mafiosi curiae doesn't respect them.


Domingo de Guzman, founder of the Dominicans and Inquisitors and the intellectuals, Ignacio of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, and Jose M. Escriva, founder of the Opus Dei or holy Mafia - these Roman legions maintain National Catholicism with the power which we can see today. They have seized half the (financial) capital in Europe and in America. And they maintain a Network of international espionage, an inquisition, as well as the biggest banks and businesses of the world. I have been educated and have lived as a priest, Monseņor  and Doctor in her universities; and I have been witness to these Roman legions in Spain, where I worked as Rector a parish in Sevilla, and I saw how they seized power and implanted the Franco dictatorship and violent theologies.


They were all Roman legions and terrorists disguised as Christians. The 400,000 male and 800,000 female members of these two religious orders, and the 1,500,000 others from different religious institutions which serve the Vatican, are they who are in charge of planting the seed of the false, anti-biblical doctrine which has distorted the minds and hearts of millions of believers. And they have converted Christianity into agnostic powers, straying away from its spiritual values of salvation.


They have fabricated a gothic, baroque, renascent and dead Christ, an idolatrous cross and fabricated saints.

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"The most significant event in nearly 500 years," says Dave Hunt in his book "A Women rides the Beast," "was the pact and joint declaration signed between evangelical leaders and North American Catholics on March 29, 1994," titled "Evangelicals and Catholics together: The Christian Mission in the 3rd Millennium. I recommend chapter 1, where the efforts that the Vatican makes to Catholicize the Protestants and her tactics to achieve it are proven.


The groups which signed it appear: The National Association of Evangelicals, The Home Mission Board and Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist convention, Campus Crusade for Christ; and presidents of Christian Universities as Richard Mouw, Robert Simons ... the document of 25 pages or so presents the advances of Catholic evangelization and the disappearance of the genuine Christian values which motivated the separation from the corruption of Catholicism. This is very sad and confirms the apocalyptic prophecies of the apostasy of the last time.

The evangelical leaders which signed the declaration conjointly fell in the Satanic trap of turning back from authentic Christianity, with which the remnant still struggles to defend itself against the claws of the Antichrist riding the beast and whose blasphemous name is 666: Vicarius Filii Dei. Johannes Paul II WWW (Revelation 13; 17; 18).

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I am a witness to and have assisted in the ecumenical Catholic -Christian sessions; that is, of the hope of uniting all the Christian Churches under Jesus Christ as its recognized founder: one only church, with one sole undivided mystical body. In my different assignments as parson, chaplain, and Monseņor  through many years, having pertained to the universities at the "Intervarsity," I have exercised professorship at the ecumenical reunions in the Evangelical and Catholic Churches and seminaries: hours and hours of discussion, only to come out with my head on fire and cold feet.


Before the grave beliefs, separations and Polemics between the Catholic and Protestant Churches, I come to the following conclusions: that the ecumenism which John Paul II and the second Vatican Council want to impose is a false waste of time. It is impossible to be able to unite all Christianity when the Catholics want to continue following the standards and recommendations of the second Vatican Council.


I recommend Jesuit P. Bernard Leeming's book "The Vatican Council and Christian Unity," where the lie of the purpose for the Council and its Ecumenical Decrees and Constitutions over Ecumenicism, and of the supposed good intentions of Pope John Paul XXIII, who convoked it, and his Encyclical "The Unity of the Church," June 20,1959, appear. When we study it, the whole; book is a description of the differences of the Catholic Church in relation to the bible, Mary, the Eucharist etc . . . and the possible hopes for unification, of the good intentions of the Council of Evangelical Churches of the Union, of the Angelican Communion and of the hopes of all other churches for unification etc.


The Jesuit writer, as well as P. Dominico Willems in his book about Karl Barth, a Christian writer and theologian, interpret ecumenism as agreeing with the interests of the Vatican: that even though they call the ten Councils which have existed "ECUMENICAL," for they wish not to lose clients, they decree one thing to deceive, and practice another; and that at the hour of these ecumenical reunions, instead of dialogue they filtrate their false doctrines.


The "ECUMENICAL" proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church is not convenient to the Evangelical people. They will never accept Rome's theological and biblical errors; even though Rome wants to appear, with their Scholastic arguments, as if they are going to correct them. They have demonstrated through (the) centuries of ecumenical councils that, at the hour of truth, everything they decree and write is a LIE.


The Christian Mexican author Dr. Luis Rodriguez, in his book "Ecumenism," 1969, dedicated to all sincere evangelicals and Catholics who want to know the truth, tells us the reality of the ecumenism which the Vatican and her agencies and Catholic churches want to impose. I recommend this book, even though they make it disappear from the libraries. I can give you a copy of other books which narrate the crusades and persecutions against Christianity: Huss and his brothers Hussites; of the biography of the immoral popes Clement V and John Paul XXIII, Leon X, Alexander VI, Pius V etc . . .


Authentic facts of a sad history and which exposes the Vatican and her Pontificates as eden of thieves and hold of which priests, sorcerers and ferocious enemies of Jesus Christ, persecuting true Christianity. He finishes his book by demonstrating biblically how the pope of Rome represents Satan, and how when he wrote this book, which he directed at the president of Mexico, to which I refer in another article, he does it to fulfill a sacred duty of making known true history not the false history which Catholicism has made us believe for centuries, being that she is a sacred Mafia.

In 24 chapters he describes the way in which the Catholic Church and her preachers have adulterated the message of salvation, interpolating and adulterating the Bible. He presents the verses and chapters adulterated, comparing the Catholic Bible with the Protestant. He also shows us the sexual deviations of the priests and bishops, and the corruption in the Vatican. He proves apodictically with facts the power of the Pope upon occupying the seat of the Antichrist and surrounded by the sinister personages of the Mafia of the Vatican (chapt. XV).


And in chapter XVI he proves who "...the Eternal Enemies of Christ are," and the history of the persecution which the Vatican exercises against Protestant groups etc ...

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On March 29, 1994, a joint declaration titled "Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission In the 3rd Millennium," was signed; which, as Dave Hunt says in his book "The Roman Catholic Church and the Last Days: A Woman Rides the Beast," page 5: "unquestionably the document will have for reaching repercussions throughout the Christian's world for years to come." This starting development was approved carefully and is published in the daily newspapers.


It is called a historical declaration and was signed by the following Protestants:

  • Pat Robertson and Charles Colson, politically active religious leaders of North America.

  • John White, president of Geneva College and former president of the National Association of Evangelicals, called it a "triumphalistic moment."

  • The heads of the home Mission Board and Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant Denomination of the USA, and Bill Brith, founder of the Campus Crusade for Christ.

  • Mark Noll of wheaten University.

  • Os Guinness, Jesse Miranda (Assemblies of God).

  • Richard Mouw, President of fuller Theological Seminary. J.I. Packer and herbert Schlossberg.

  • Robert Simons, Southern California Chairman of the National Association of Evangelicals, applauded the declaration and said he hoped it would bring increases cooperation between evangelicals and Catholics . . .

Since that date, other leaders have signed the declaration, while others have denounced it as a betrayal of the and that they confirm that we are in the last days.

Regrettably, the 25 page document doesn't mention the most important difference: what it means to be a Christian and to be a Catholic, nor how Catholicism has deviated away from Christianity biblically and has converted itself into a political power.

I recommend pages 6 -9 of Dave Hunt's book, where the Pope John Paul II's new Marian Evangelization, and his phrases "Let the Virgin of Guadalupe reign in Mexico and all America," decreeing and establishing the Queen of heaven and celestial patroness once again, are explain. While evangelicals sign a truce, Rome increases her evangelization of Protestants to convert them to Roman Catholicism. Her campaign Evangelization 2000 is directed from the Vatican. Evangelization to the evangelicals means to guide the people to Christ. Satan is gaining ground and Revelation is being fulfilled. We better get prepared for the persecution of which we are warned about in the messages of the four angles of Revelation 14: 6 -12; 18: 7-6.


A message of mercy which God makes to his remnant people. The hand of God is still with his people -the Remnant.

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Of the three Religious Orders of the Vatican, Jesuits, Dominicans, and Opus Dei, which since their appearance in Spain (1476 -1532) have shown themselves to be the standard -bearers of the Sacred Mafia, the Opus Dei, in the 20th century, excels by its economical power, Roman Legionnaires, Clerics and laities. In the archive of Journalist Manuel Buen Dia, assassinated for telling the truth about the Holy Mafia, I found a dossier which said simply: "The Clergy."


The papel about the clergy's involvement in the political events of Mexico concerned him; and he was able to decipher its alliances with the world National Catholicism and fascist Dictatorship of the ultra right. He was assassinated for it. Thousands of Christian journalists are silenced. In his very documented archive, the organization of Opus Dei (the work of God), and its advances in the financial mediums and political power are analyzed.


He narrates for us in page 113 "The Irresistible rise of the Opus Dei in Francoism." I was a witness in Spain and saw the Opus Dei seize the government and Spanish education. "The Opus Dei," Bven Dia very well tells us, "Cultivates the Secret, the Saint and the sign."


It unites itself to the powerful, whether Christian or not. The Holy Mafia of the Opus Dei is directed from the Vatican; and the Pope John Paul II is the chief of this Holy Mafia; which is now replacing the Jesuits as its members occupy the Nunciatures and bishoprics.


I recommend Bven Dia's book "Behold, thy King Cometh."


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The Vaticanist writer Paul Blanshard, in his book "On Vatican II," 373 pages, made a study on the Vatican which all Catholics should read: A book which all who may be interested in knowing what Christianity is and what Catholicism is, two very distinct histories, should read. His book "American Freedom and Catholic Power" Has also been a best seller. As a Correspondent in the second Vatican Council, he was a witness.


Through 17 chapters he analyzes in depth all the Ecumenical Council's Sessions and the interventions of Pope John Paul II as he prepared, together with the theologians and fathers of the council, who were compromised with the Mafia, his future Pontificate. All subjects -of infallibility, internal and external freedoms, the Jews, Christian Unity, Mary, the scriptures, tradition, sex, celibacy, women, matrimony, divorce, birth control, Church and state, diplomacy, church, state and the schools, and the extremely bad results to which Catholicism has brought us to in the 20th century with the Constitutions, Decrees and official Declarations of the second Vatican council -are analyzed.


In all, some 16 sessions are analyzed; and one can observe for himself that there are no subjects of interests to the Vatican's ambitions than the seizing of power and Catholization of the whole world. The Mafia is winning the war. As a result of his investigations into the Catholic Church, Blanshard also writes another book titled "American Freedom and Catholic Power."


As a renown lawyer, government official and director of the Department of Investigation and Budgets of the city of New York, and as an official in Washington and the Caribbean, he was able to document himself on their archives, including those of the CIA & FBI. His investigations are, in my opinion, as of one of the teachers and Vaticanists who should be studied in the very universities, and his information made known to our youth, as well as the face of a false coin which hides its reality. Read "The FBI story," by Don Whitehead.


From his books, hundreds of editions and millions of exemplars have been published. But because it is included in the "INDEX VATICANUM," they can not be found in the libraries. I had the privilege to find him in the lost shelves of second hand libraries. He also wrote a book "The Irish and Catholic Power, An American Interpretation, Communism, Democracy and Catholic Power" and "The Right to Read the Battle Against Censorship." By these books he wants to arouse and open the consciences of sleeping Catholics, who are ignoring the truth about Catholicism and her powers and alliances with the very Satan.


In my book about the discrimination which exists in the Dioceses of the San Diego California against the priests and Latin Americans which come to the USA, expose the racism of the Anglo-Saxon Irish Church and its union with the Mafia to exploit them with the drug trade. He describes the plan of the Vatican to take possession of the USA and how she has come to be, in the 20th century, owner of one third of its riches.


His book "Religion and the Schools The Great Controversy" shows his knowledge and presents a penetrating study of the conflict between Catholicism and freedom of education in the USA. He is an expert on the decisions of the Supreme Court and of the abuses of parochial schools and national relations. He speaks on the taxes which Catholic businesses should pay and how they have converted themselves into a mercantilism, and how in the name of Christianity her colleges of nuns and friars and her dioceses are taking possession of vast extensions of real terrains, and of undue and unconstitutional privileges.


In my book "The Power of the Vatican in Latin America," I document amply the economical development of the Vatican in the USA and her powers with American dollars in Latin America. I was a witness also in Spain of the arrival of the Catholic Church's dollars made in the USA in alliance with capitalism and how it destroyed the Spanish democracy attacking communism, the same as she has done in all countries.


To call communists her enemies or the enemies of God is incredible. I possess the documentation to prove how the Vatican and her financial agencies use their armaments, which originate in the factories, to exterminate all democratic movements by labeling them as communists. Millions of human beings have been sacrificed, many martyrized, incarcerated; reformer are slandered and vexed by the terrifying inquisition and Mafia of the Vatican.


We historians have known for centuries that by these means she still maintains her powers in the 20th century.

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The author writes some personal notes and explanations in the Prologue of his book which prove veracity of all he writes and the reliable sources on which he bases his affirmations. He tells us: "The events described in this book are true, the characters are real;" that is, he accepts responsibility for all that he writes and for the conclusions to which he comes. His investigation is based on the collection of facts and records of the Detective and Sergeant Joseph J. Coffey Jr., commander in chief of the Organized Crime Affairs to the Chief of Detectives of the New York City Police Department.


The author mentions the means which he has had at his reach to come to the conclusions he has in relation to the billion dollars counterfeited in the hands of the New York Mafia and the Vatican. For that he was availed himself of abundant facts from telephone connections, from the supervised electronic mediums of the Courts, by the order of the laws of the United Stated and of the Federal republic of Germany, in the reports, archives, records and documents of the New York Manhattan Police; also the District Attorney's Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Department of Justice and its organized crime strike force in New York and elsewhere in the United States, Congress, Interpol, the Munich Criminal Police and other investigative bodies of the Federal Republic of Germany and elsewhere in Europe -its courts, processes, Judicial orders, public writs, and on a collection of declarations; but principally from the witnesses which participated in these turbid businesses.


He also bases his affirmations and facts to come to an apodictic conclusion (that is, without a doubt) -on that which he specifies in the very title of his book, in which he proves the Veracity of the connection of the Vatican with the Mafia; and which in his own words he describes as "The Astonishing Account of the Billion Dollar Counterfeit Stock Deal Between the Mafia and the Church;" that is, the amazing story of the billion dollars in securities divided between the Mafia and the church. Very grave and at the same time dangerous accusations if a person does not have in his hands the documents with which to back his affirmations and prove the truth. These affirmations have even amazed this servant. I make the author of them known.


All I do is translate so extraordinary a discovery. I also run the risk of being excommunicated. I continue with my ministerial licenses up to the present, even though the Catholic Church has done all within her power to silence me -short of killing me. I am a better Christian now. And I believe I belong to a church which Christ founded, and not to a church whose fruits, as this author manifests, prove she has strayed away from the strait way and teachings of Jesus Christ. All the chapters of this book will be read with much interest; not only because of the richness of the literary language which he employs which is characteristic of the best police novels, but nonfiction but because it is a novel which, according to the literary laws, we could call scientific, religious and philosophical.


It describes the underworld which deceives the sincere Catholic and hides the truth about its robberies from him: some counterfeiting their finances and using the Catholic's offerings for their luxurious bad living, while others want to make us see white as black, Magnesia as gymnasia etc . . . But their scholastic philosophies and lies in the name of Christianity, in this century of advance technology and new democracies, where our human rights and freedom of expression are respected, we can now prove to be lies; and that the lie is not the truth: the theft and counterfeiting of money and money laundering is illegal and the swindlers should all be punished, even though they may redress and disguised themselves in sheep's clothing and wish to represent the Vatican, which remains untouchable.


For all those lectors who already doubted the false Christianity preached by the Catholic Church, this book shall open their eyes and show them the spiritual way. It shall help him resolve his doubts and all those questions which, as this Monseņor  and doctor, he had been asking himself for years. I doubt no more! And I give thanks to my god and to my efforts for finding the truth. I have now found it; which is Christ, and not the Antichrist. "The Vatican Connection," as the editor Charter Books, N.Y., very well defines it, is an explosive book which contains all the ingredients to stun and amaze any lector -concerning the truth about the Vatican Mafia. In his book, titled "The Astonishing Account of a Billion Dollar Stock Deal Between the Mafia and the Church," he analyzes the criminals.


And when they are discovered by New York Police and by the commander Joseph J. Coffey, an official of the Organized Crime Homicide Task Force, they could not be arrested because they carried a diplomatic passport of the Vatican and accompanied the Chief or Godfather -the Roman Pontif and VICARUS FILLII DEI, your HOLINESS etc . . . He cites the names of Cardinals and administrators of the Vatican, places where they meet, conversations, and the copies and documents which prove how the Vatican Mafia functions.


This book finished opening my eyes to the reality and doubts which I already had about the Vatican Mafia. And it is with this documentation and my personal experiences that I wrote the book "The Mafia in the Catholic Church." My affirmation may seem exaggerated, but Hammer and other authors, as David A Yallop in his book "In God's Name," which documents the poisoning of Pope Paul I in God's name by the Vatican's Mafia, back me. Paul I was poisoned! He was murdered! He was slandered!


And the evangelicals and opponents of the Vatican which discovered it are fanatically persecuted: They continue to deny their participation and accuse them of being enemies of Roman Catholicism. The author Hammer mentions that from 1971 to 1973, the billion dollars, which had been counterfeited, could be found in the international stock markers; and that 14 million, and much more, were found in Vatican banks during the reign of Pope Paul II. He documents it with the pictures and signatures of those responsible of the IOR - the bankers of the Bancos del Vaticano. I recommend that you read my article "The Scandal of the Banco del Vaticano Reappears in Venezuela," in my book "The finances of the Vatican" (pages 56 -59).


In 203 documented articles, I expose the Vatican's Mafia's money and how it acquires its sacrilegious millions. I believe -because of the documentation that I possess -that the millions of the Catholic Church, deposited in Spanish, German and Italian banks, are being sent to Latin America to be used to maintain the fascist dictatorships of the Vatican and National Catholicism.


The Vatican and international fascism, and above all the Spanish dictatorship, of which I was a witness, being a parson in Seville, has been responsible for the world's woes. I come to this conclusion based upon the writings of more than 45 Vaticanist authors. I can demonstrate the economical dominion which the Vatican has with documents of the bank's transactions. His recent visits to Mexico and the United States in January 1999 has also demonstrated it: His mercantilism and juicy businesses, luxuriously equipped airplanes full of capitals which accompany him, the chosen and well-connected journalists, Cardinals, proprietors etc . . .


Show the riches which the Vatican Mafia now possesses in the 20th century. And it's not the offerings, as we are told. Instead of a cross and bottle of coca cola in his Popemobile, he probably has a machine gun, because he is the major stock holder of the businesses in the USA, including armaments and contraceptives' laboratories. What a mockery! Why do they hide the truth and persecute authors a Richard Hammer?


His literature is forbidden and disappears from the libraries, along with freedom of expression and the facts about the truth which expose the Vatican's Mafia in the 20th century.


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