A History of the Inquisition In The Middle Ages
By Henry Charles Lea - 1888

Book 1. Origin And Organization


Chapter I: The Church - Domination of the Church in the Twelfth Century

Chapter II: Heresy - Awakening of the Human Intellect int he Twelfth Century

Chapter III: The Cathari - Attractions of the Dualistic Theory

Chapter IV: The Albigensian Crusades - Policy of the Church towards Heresy

Chapter V: Persecution - Growth of Intolerance in the Early Church

Chapter VI: The Mendicant Orders - Material for Reform within the Church

Chapter VII: The Inquisition Founded - Uncertainty in the Discovery and Punishment of Heretics

Chapter VIII: Organization - Simplicity of the Inquisition

Chapter IX: The Inquisitorial Process - Inquisitor both Judge and Confessor

Chapter X: Comparative Unimportance of Witnesses

Chapter XI: The Defense - Opportunity of Defense Reduced to a Minimum

Chapter XII: he Sentence - Penance not Punishment

Chapter XIII: Confiscation - Origin in the Roman Law

Chapter XIV: The Stake - Theoretical Irresponsibility of the Inquisition


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