February 26, 2013



Papacy's On-Going Emulation of Secret Imagery Exposes Culpability
Four days after an illustration comparing the Papacy with the "Baphomet" image on brain slice #1095 (from Visible Human Project) was sent on February 7, 2013, from NYC to the Vatican, the Pope announced his mysterious "Plan B" resignation...

It seems like science fiction, but this video proves conclusively that the habitual dress and gesturing of the Papacy throughout history imitates in detail specific brain imagery that The Church had previously and officially labeled and condemned as "Baphomet/Devil worship".


This "Baphomet" image ("Father of the Temple of Peace") is linked to many other secretly hidden brain slice images formerly considered "sacred" by man.

The Papacy's long-standing, continuing, and meticulous imitation of brain imaging in conjunction with the terms "Pontiff"
* and "Father" is de facto evidence of The Vatican's:

  1. acknowledgement of the primary role the brain played as man's bridge to God

  2. conscious, deliberate, fraudulent, and forced replacement of itself as so-called "Vicar of a dead-and-buried Christ" for man's previous dedication to the brain as bridge to God

  3. killing and burying man's knowledge of the brain as bridge to God

  4. doing so in order to gain power as man's sole, intermediary, "gateway" to God


* Pontiff: another term for the Pope. "Pontiff" comes from a Latin word, pontifex, meaning "bridge builder," that was used as a title for some of the priests of ancient Rome. The term originally meant "bridge-maker," or "path-maker." Weekley points out that, "bridge-building has always been regarded as a pious work of divine inspiration." Or the term may be metaphoric of bridging the earthly world and the realm of the gods.



The Pope's "Plan B" resignation is an indictment of evasion of culpability for:

  1. pretending to be a personal and infallible representative of, and gateway to God

  2. engineering and perpetuating false "Gospel" stories incorporating new roles of non-real characters (including and especially "Christ" and "Mary") that similarly emulate images in the human brain (not shown here)

  3. seriously injuring believers and non-believers alike by concealing vital truths

  4. executing those who, past and present, worshipped the very same brain imagery that the Church itself imitates in the form of the Papacy and the "Gospels", in their on-going attempt to cover-up these truths

The Pope's resignation intentionally stirred up a barrage of media speculation regarding ongoing old-news scandals as a smoke screen - part of the continuing cover-up of proof of deliberately perpetrated fraud, hidden for centuries, and spelling an end to The Church.


Monday, 02-25-2013, Vatican City, Italy

A Vatican spokesman also said Monday that Benedict would leave secret a much-speculated-about report on the inner workings of the Vatican, which will be given to his successor to read but not to the cardinals.


The report was commissioned by Benedict in the wake of the scandal over documents leaked by his personal butler, which showed infighting and corruption in the Vaticanís upper echelons.


Italian media have issued reports purporting to reveal the contents of the top-secret dossier, but the Vatican has dismissed the accounts as baseless.

L.A. Times


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