by H.Kenedy

(extracted from 'Satanic Apologetics and The Church Sex Abuse Scandal')

from Macquirelatory Website




(In preceding chapters) all point to a cabal of child molesting and sexually abusive Catholic priests, at least some of whom were involved with various forms of Satanism.


This cabal of Luciferian priests is a very real presence in the world, and considering the support these perverted curates received form the Church hierarchy, Malachi Martin's claim that they constitute an organized fraternity of Satanists, which he referred to as "Lucifer's Lodge," proves true. It functions with the secret support of the church hierarchy on all levels.

Martin alluded to this child-molesting cult several times in his writing.


His assertions are worth reviewing at length, considering that much of what he claimed to be true has recently come to light in the popular press:

Most frighteningly for John Paul, he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops' chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the 'superforce.'


[The] incidence of Satanic pedophilia - rites and practices - was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States. The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel's rites...1

Suddenly it became inarguable that now, during this papacy, the Roman Catholic organization carried a permanent presence,

  • of clerics who worshipped Satan and liked it

  • of bishops and priests who sodomized boys and each other

  • of nuns who performed the "Black Rites" of Wicca, and who lived in lesbian relationships,

... every day, including Sundays and Holy Days, acts of heresy and blasphemy and outrage and indifference were committed and permitted at holy Altars by men who had been called to be priests.


Sacrilegious actions and rites were not only performed on Christ's Altars, but had the connivance or at least the tacit permission of certain Cardinals, archbishops, and bishops... In total number they were a minority - anything from one to ten percent of Church personnel. But of that minority, many occupied astoundingly high positions or rank.


[The] facts that brought the Pope to a new level of suffering were mainly two:

  • The systematic organizational links - the network, in other words - that had been established between certain clerical homosexual groups and Satanist covens.

  • And the inordinate power and influence of that network.

    [Martin quoted:]

In at least three major cities, members of the clergy have at their disposal at least one pedophiliac coven peopled and maintained exclusively by and for the clergy. Women religious can find a lesbian coven maintained in a similar way.2

In a 1996 banned interview for the American Family Association, Malachi Martin also reported that 1 to 2% of priests in the Roman Catholic Church are practicing Satanists who are involved with some form of ritualized sexual abuse (AFA: August 3, 1996).


He drew this statistic from a 1996 secret church study that he received from a Vatican source.


Some of the contents of this study were leaked to the media and have been made public. Vatican officials have never voluntarily released any of their studies concerning the sexual lives of their priests and nuns. All documents were anonymously leaked by well-meaning higher-ups in the Roman Catholic Church.


There are those good Catholics who remain within the Church and leak damning evidence against the Vatican. Without them the injustice of Catholic clergy abuse would continue, and scores of more children and women would suffer at the hands of vile clerics.

Martin also mentions the existence of "Mother Chapels" in the banned AFA video, and states that they were Satanist covens operating secretly in the Catholic Church. The existence of the Black Room and Devil's Room in the previous case studies points to this assertion as fact. There are in reality various ad hoc ritual chambers used by Catholic priests for the ritual abuse of children.

What Martin called Lucifer's Lodge or the Superforce refers to a small cabal within the Vatican that controls certain aspects of church policy and has set guidelines allowing for wide-scale sexual abuse by Catholic clerics - a small number of whom are involved in satanic ritual abuse. This faction is merely a component of a greater conspiracy that operates within and outside of the Roman Catholic Church.

It must be pointed out that the vast majority of Catholic clergy never break their vows of celibacy. Furthermore, the average Catholic cleric who sexually abuses helpless victims is not an overt Satanist or a Luciferian in that they do not worship or mimic the Prince of this World.


However, a very small number of priests do engage in SRA and have caused a huge amount of damage while enjoying the full backing of their respective bishops who bent over backwards to enable them to continue ritually abusing innocent boys and women.

The policy of silence and cover - up promoted by the Vatican is mind - boggling. The vast amount of data which the Vatican collected concerning the sexual activity of clergy makes it clear that the Pope and Curia were well aware of how wide-spread and common the sexual abuse problem was in the Church. It did nothing to redress the situation but continued with a policy of cover - up and silence.


It seems that the only reason the Vatican ordered these secret sex studies was to get a global picture of where they stood and to develop informed strategies for hiding the problem in the future. Never was the welfare of the victims of sexual abuse taken into consideration, nor was the question of broken chastity vows apparently of any real concern.


Although the Church has not released all the statistics it possesses on clerical abuse, the contents that were leaked from the Vatican sex abuse dossier are startling.



The Sexual Abuse of Nuns

"According to the 1996 survey of nuns in the United States (which was intentionally never published by the Church but was leaked by some Vatican insider), it is reported that a minimum of 34,000 Catholic nuns (about 40% of all American nuns) [CORRECT NUMBERS??] claim to have been sexually abused.


Three of every four of these nuns claimed they were sexually victimized by a priest, nun, or other religious person. Two out of five nuns who stated they were sexually abused claimed that their exploitation included some form of genital contact. All nuns who claimed repeated sexual exploitation reported that they were pressured by religious superiors for sexual favors."3

"The 1994 Vatican study by Sister Maura O'Donohue, a physician and Catholic nun, linked the alleged sexual abuse of nuns in Africa to the spread of AIDS.

'Sadly, the sisters also report that priests have sexually exploited them because they too had come to fear contamination with HIV by sexual contact' with other women, O'Donohue stated."4

"In November 2001, Pope John Paul II publicly apologized for the sexual abuse of nuns by priests. But critics observed that the papal apology was one paragraph long and buried within a 120 - page message ("Catholics in Oceania" of all obscure topics) that covered a wide range of issues."5

Organizations, including the National Coalition of American Nuns, are calling to the Catholic Church for accountability.


Their call includes specific allegations against the American Church, for example:

"In the United States, Church authorities shielded a parish priest from prosecution by returning him to the Philippines so that he could elude a lawsuit filed by a woman who as a teenager was sexually abused by him." 6

After seven years of public reports and internal church memos, the truth about the sexual abuse of women by priests is starting to surface.


Articles are beginning to appear in scattered and comparatively low-circulation publications, like Jane Eisner's article in the June 16 Center Daily Times, "Abused Nuns Get Scant Attention."


The reports all ask a version of the same question: When the 300 American bishops recently met in Dallas to formulate policy on priests who sexually abuse children, why was the abuse of women not mentioned?

This situation concerning the poor treatment of nuns at the hands of pervert priest demonstrates that the actions of Father Robert Meffan are far more common than people believe. The extent of the sexual abuse of nuns is huge, and it is not too unlikely that much of this abuse involves the Luciferian sex magic that Meffan was permitted to practice by Cardinal Bernard Law.


The media black-out of the sexual abuse of women by clerics in both ritual and non-ritual cases is a great disgrace. The plight of male children who suffer under abusive priests is, of course, horrifying and should receive wide media coverage.


However, the sexual abuse of nuns and women by clerics is a far larger problem.



The Massachusetts AG's Report on Priest Pedophilia

The Attorney General of Massachusetts, Thomas Reilly, called the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Boston "the greatest tragedy to befall children - ever" in Massachusetts, one that involved far more priests and many more victims than 18 months of traumatic public disclosures have suggested.7

Reilly, in releasing the report on a 16 - month investigation, said that over six decades at least 237 priests and 13 other church employees were accused of molesting at least 789 minors. Reilly said the actual number of victims may be much higher, and probably exceeds 1,000.8

But Reilly also said that, though he wished it were otherwise, he could find no criminal statute under which he could prosecute church leaders, including Cardinal Law.


Nonetheless, he concluded that Law, his two predecessors as archbishop, and numerous subordinate bishops facilitated the years of abuse, protecting priests time and again while leaving children vulnerable.

"The mistreatment of children was so massive and so prolonged that it borders on the unbelievable," Reilly said. Church leaders, he said, "in effect, sacrificed children for many, many years." 9

The report also cited evidence that Law "had firsthand knowledge of the problem of clergy sexual abuse of children for many years"  - even before he became archbishop of Boston in 1984.


Reilly's office, which had to use grand jury subpoenas to force disclosures by church officials, discovered fresh evidence of efforts by Law's deputies, five of whom now head their own dioceses, to hide the problem from the public, and sometimes from inquiring law enforcement officials.10


For example:

"Bishop Robert J. Banks in 1984 urged prosecutors and a judge to be lenient toward the Rev. Eugene M. O'Sullivan, who had pleaded guilty to raping an altar boy. Banks, according to the report, knew something prosecutors didn't - that O'Sullivan had other victims. Banks is now the bishop of Green Bay, Wisconsin, as mentioned in the chapter on Father Kunz." 11


"After a Hingham pastor, the Rev. John R. Hanlon, was indicted on rape charges in 1992, Bishop Alfred C. Hughes did not disclose to the law enforcement officials who contacted him that a second victim of Hanlon had complained to the archdiocese. Hughes is now archbishop of New Orleans." 12

"'Even now' the report said, 'the process protects priests at the expense of victims' when complaints are lodged by giving the archbishop discretion on whether to investigate. Also, Reilly said, the lay review board does not have independence from the archbishop, and there is still no provision to monitor the behavior of accused priests who have been removed from ministry." 13

"The total number of diocesan and religious order priests accused in the Archdiocese of Boston, according to Reilly's report, is 237, which includes a handful of religious brothers. Reilly's report does not say how many of the 237 are diocesan priests. Citing that evidence, the report said that Law 'bears ultimate responsibility for the tragic treatment of children that occurred during his tenure.'


The AG never charged Bernard Law with any crime, claiming that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts had no laws on the books to cover the prelate's action and policies. Law will die a free man and will most likely be able to vote for the next Pope".14



Messiahs in the Sewer

In trying to understand the entire phenomenon of clergy sexual abuse and the Satanic Ritual elements found in some of the cases, one must ask if there is some historical precedent for these occult practices. The answer is yes.


Christian history is full of various heresies that have involved occult sex rituals as part of their theology and spiritual practice. In an earlier chapter, the existence of an "underground sewer" (a metaphor borrowed from Saint Thomas Aquinas) was examined wherein the existence of various church-run brothels was proven.


As mentioned, it is within this underground sewer that various sexual occult heretical practices could have survived right under the nose of the church. There may even have been various cults that continued to exist within this covert world of sex and religion. One heresy that may have survived could explain much of the occultism and sexual abuse rocking the Church in our day.


To understand this heresy, part of which has been covered in earlier chapters, we must trace its roots back to the dawn of Christianity.

"As the Christian Faith began to make inroads in the Roman Empire, it infuriated Jews who saw this new faith as a Hebrew heresy.


Part of their reaction to the success of this spin-off faith was overt hostility by Jews toward Christians. As a means to lampoon Christians, Jewish scholars began spreading rumors that Jesus was sexually promiscuous and unfaithful to his wife.


This rumor appears in the third century Talmud, a Jewish book of learning and philosophy used to train rabbis. The Talmud claims that Jesus was the bastard son of whore and was an evil sorcerer and vile (i.e., sexually deviant) man."15

"This belief that Jesus was corrupt and sexually active was seen again in the writings of Celsus, a Pagan philosopher who lived in the second century AD. Celsus stated that Jesus had many wives and mistresses and that that was why he was hated during his life. Consequently, this belief moved from rumors repeated by Jewish scholars into the mainstream of the Roman Empire."16

"It was not until St. Clement of Alexandria, also in the second century, that any Christian leader overtly denied that Jesus Christ was married. Clement believed that a married Jesus was inconsistent with his role as the Savior of the World. Not that marriage would have disqualified him, but rather that his public ministry was too demanding to allow Him the opportunity for marriage.


Consequently, Clement's rejection of a married Jesus clearly illustrates that many early Christians believed Jesus had a wife. However, this was not a matter of Church doctrine but fell more along the lines of a theological opinion."17

At the same time that this notion of a married and sexually promiscuous Jesus was current, another strange religious belief was fermenting in the ancient world - the belief that certain individuals were the Second Coming of Jesus.


This conviction has been neglected by scholars, and few, if any, historians or theologians have afforded it much examination. It is a larger phenomenon in the annals of Western history than one would commonly believe.


As will be seen, some of these false Messiahs (I use this term to denote only those who claimed to be Jesus Christ) were also extremely active sexually and magical in their theology, suggesting that they may have been influenced by the Talmudic view of Christ.

"Around the time of Constantine's reign a Messiah named Moses of Crete arose, and soon amassed a large following. Moses claimed to be the Savior and recruited Christians into his movement. He formed his own army and, as a means to put his divinity where his mouth was, promised to re - enact the miracle of his famous Old Testament namesake.


Moses of Crete assembled his legion of followers on a beach front and promised these fully armored soldiers that he would part the waters and allow them to travel across the floor of the ocean. Moses must have had a strong belief in his own magical powers; he raised his hands and commanded the water to divide as his troops marched full pace into the ocean.


As the sea rose to their waists some of the soldiers wisely turned back while the more faithful marched in over their heads and drowned when their heavy equipment dragged them down to the ocean floor. When the survivors regrouped on the shore their Messiah was nowhere to be found. Moses of Crete had disappeared into the dustbin of history...


Over two hundred years later St. Gregory of Tours recounts the story of the Messiah of Gevaudon.


In AD 589 a man clothed in animal skins began professing to be Christ... and preached among the poor. He offered magical healing services as part of his ministry and began to attract huge crowds. Soon his congregation swelled to over 3,000 people, comprised mostly of illiterate peasants - but, reports Gregory, he also had devout followers among highly educated priests and religious.


As the 'Savior' moved through France many towns actually capitulated and acknowledged him as 'Christ,' most likely to avoid confrontation with his huge number of supporters, who followed him in droves.18

"Upon approaching the town of Le Puy this God/Man sent naked male followers ahead to convert the local Catholic bishop. These nude Apostles turned somersaults and danced their way into the bishop's court. The prelate considered them to be possessed and saw nothing but trouble coming.


The Messiah of Gevaudon was also the first false Christ reported to be sexually active. Gregory states that 'with him he took a woman who pretended to be his sister whom he called Mary.' The church officials would have none of this and sent assassins to stab this fake Christ to death and send him to next world.


After his passing, Gregory states that many of his followers considered him to be authentic and even believed that his consort (or sister) Mary was divine, reporting that she was worshiped by his followers. Gregory further asserts that he found himself debating with the followers of the Messiah of Gevaudon many years after the 'Savior's' death, thus proving that this cult survived for quite some time."19

"Around AD H44 another Messiah appeared named Eon de Stella (Age of Heaven), who began his ministry in Northern France. Eon had a flair for organizing and, after declaring himself the 'Son of God and Judge of the World,' formed his own church with priests and bishops. Eon's followers consisted mostly of poor folk who divided their time between foraging in the forest for food and hearing their Savior preach on the nature of his own divinity.


Fearing a rival church, the local Catholic bishop of Rouven captured Eon de Stella and imprisoned him. As a means to see if this Son of Man could live solely by spiritual means, the bishop denied him food and Eon de Stella soon died of starvation.


His priests and bishops were burnt at the stake for their belief in Eon's divinity, although nothing is recorded concerning what became of his many poor followers."20

The most famous of the Medieval false Messiahs was Tanchelm of Antwerp, who started out as a courtier in the service of the King of Flanders during the early twelfth century.


After abandoning his career as a diplomat, Tanchelm sported a monk's robe, transformed himself into a freelance preacher, and began ministering to peasants. This strategy of going "straight to the people" proved effective, as Tanchelm soon amassed a huge following.


He assembled twelve Apostles, one of whom was a woman he called Mary, and began collecting huge sums from his followers by commanding them to stop tithing to the Church of Rome and start giving him a small portion of the savings.

"With this new wealth, Tanchelm gave up his monk's robe and began living in the style of a king. He had the finest clothes, luxurious homes, and the admiration of his fanatical followers. In a surreal incident, Tanchelm proclaimed that he was betrothed to the Virgin Mary. In an elaborate marriage ceremony, Tanchelm married a statue of the Blessed Mother and his followers showered the new couple with their own jewelry.


One can only speculate as to whether or not this union was consummated. The Catholic Church could do little about Tanchelm, as his following was huge and he was protected by zealous devotees. The Church resorted to an old trick - they had Tanchelm assassinated by a priest who was allowed to approach him, and he died of a quick knife thrust.


Thus, the Christ of Antwerp suffered the same fate as the Messiah of Gevaudon did almost 500 years earlier."21

"It is clear that the ancient notion of a married Jesus accented the beliefs of at least some of these false Messiahs. But was there any movement that solidified this odd notion and carried it over from the Middle Ages to modern times? Amazingly, the answer is yes. A religious movement called the Brethren of the Free Spirit emerged just after the year AD i200 and preached some very pertinent theological concepts.


This heresy declared that God is within us all and that the Church of Rome is unnecessary for salvation. The Brethren contended that every man and woman is, in effect, his or her own 'Christ,' with no need of any God. As one can imagine, the Vatican had little use or tolerance for such a movement and those who preached the doctrines of the Brethren of the Free Spirit were persecuted by Catholic bishops throughout Europe.


The movement was forced to go underground, where its teachings became even stranger."22

"The Brethren believed themselves divine - each individual was a 'Messiah' - and combined this with the conception that the original Messiah was married and sexually active. Their 'gospel' contended that after the Resurrection, Jesus Christ had sexual intercourse with Mary Magdalene and that He taught a form of sex magic.


They also had even more disturbing beliefs - that incest was permissible and even spiritual; that homosexuality was normal and even a method of enlightenment; that parents should watch their own children being sexually abused, etc."23 (One cannot help thinking of Paul Shanley's odd teachings.)

"A statement by one of the Brethren (called Beghards) in Germany reads as follows: 'And when they go to confession and come together and he preaches to them, he takes the one who is most beautiful among them and does to her all according to his will, and they extinguish the light and fall one upon the other, a man upon a man and woman upon a women, just as it comes about. Everyone must see with his own eyes how his wife and daughter is abused by others, for they assert that one can commit sin below his girdle (waist).'"24

"In the fourteenth century the Black Death devastated Europe and gave the Brethren of the Free Spirit an opportunity to spread their strange gospel in peace. The decimation of the secular and church authorities left a void open for the Brethren to fill. For a short time they dominated the spiritual lives of various cities and villages in France and Germany.


The Brethren allied themselves with the anti-clerical Luciferians - a sect of Devil Worshipers who contended that God had obtained Heaven by revolution. They revised the Lord's Prayer to read 'Our Father who Art in Heaven... if He is in Heaven it is by force and injustice.'"25

"The Luciferians' primary belief was that the rule of God should be usurped by Lucifer, whom they worshiped in their debased liturgy. The Brethren of the Free Spirit and the Luciferians soon merged into a single heretical sect and roamed Europe spreading their devilish doctrine. It was during this period that bas-relief sculptures depicting humans kneeling before the Devil and adoring the Fallen Angel began to appear in various churches and cathedrals throughout France. These frescos were not installed by Roman Catholics but rather by the Brethren and their ideological cohorts."26

"Some of the Brethren formed roving gangs that looted villages and towns, oftentimes killing noblemen and Catholic clergy weakened by the plague. The bubonic bacterium spread quickly via rodents and annihilated entire regions throughout the continent and British Isles. This left no one alive to defend the few survivors from these murderous companies.


Survivors of the plague where sometimes killed by an advance team called the Order of the Mortus, that burned all bodies they encountered, living or dead, as a means to weaken the spread of the plague and protect the advancing plunderers from infection."27

"The most famous of these Luciferian adventurers was named Werner of Urslingen. He formed a company of criminal raiders who pillaged their way through the Italian and German States. Werner wore an amulet around his neck which read, 'Enemy of God, All Charity, and Mercy.'


Another famous Luciferian leader was the former Catholic priest Armaud de Gervole, who was deemed one of the most notorious looter barons of the fourteenth century. 28

In their wake these Devil worshipping marauders cleared the way for the Brethren of the Free Spirit to become the dominant form of Christianity in many parts of Europe.


They frequently took over Christian churches and cathedrals - especially in France.


During this period's worst wave of devastation, between AD 1350 and 1400, there was a mini-Dark Age bought about by the Black Death.

"Before this bitter age, all artistic representations of Lucifer depicted the Fallen Archangel tumbling from Heaven or being subdued or crushed by such heavenly figures as Saint Michael or the Virgin Mother. After the bubonic plague reached its apex (c. AD 1350), the Devil began to be represented in churches as a powerful figure being worship by human beings.


Images of same sex encounters also began to appear in church bas-reliefs. This demonstrates that the Brethren controlled certain edifices and performed Luciferian ceremonies in Houses of God."29

"Scholar Philip Zeigler examined this strange period and stated, 'the terrors of the Black Death drove men to seek a more intense, a more personal relationship with God, who thus scourged him; it led him out of the formal paths of religion and, by a short remove, tumbled him into the darkest pit of Satanism.' Consequently, the Luciferians gained many converts owing to the chaos and fatalities bought about by the plague. 30

When the Black Death started to subside and the Church of Rome began to reassert its influence, members of the Luciferian Brethren of the Free Spirit were bought to justice. Although the Inquisition harmed many innocent victims, such as village herbalists, whom they mistook for Luciferians, one positive consequence of this ecclesiastical court was the suppression of the Brethren.


Female members of the sect, called Beguines, attested to their intent to mimic Lucifer's primordial rebellion and his attempt to become God. Although contemporary scholarship is wary of accepting the records of the Inquisition, which they see as biased and inaccurate, the Luciferian intent of the Free Spirit sect can be confirmed by one of this cult's surviving documents.

"A Free Spirit tract, called Schwester Katrei, states the following:

'the Spirit of Freedom or the Free Spirit is attained when one is wholly transformed into God. This union is so complete that neither the Virgin Mary nor the Angels are able to distinguish between man and God. In it one is restored to one's original state, before one flowed out of the Deity.


One is illumined by that essential light, beside which all created light is darkness and obfuscation. Rejoice with me, for I have become God... I am made eternal in my eternal blessedness.'

One need only recall that Lucifer means 'Illumination' or 'Light Bearer' in Hebrew to understand who the actual deity of the Brethren of the Free Spirit is."31

"The Roman Catholic Church tried hard to destroy this strange sect. When the Church retook the Cathedral of Albi, which had fallen into the hands of the Brethren, they discovered that the heretics had carved a fresco of sodomites engaged in intercourse. As with all the Brethren's diabolic art, this work was likely used as a teaching device.


The various fiendish frescos would most certainly have taken a prominent place in these houses of worship, for example, on the altar, when the Brethren of the Free Spirit were in power circa AD 1350 - 1400. As the Black Death receded and the Vatican regained control of its sacred edifices, the Catholic curates redesigned the artwork and put these diabolical representations in a lesser place in the churches as a symbol of Christ's retaking of His church.


It was more expedient for the prelates to show Christian figures dominating the infernal images in the artwork as a means to make it perfectly clear that the Pope of Rome was once again in power."32

"The Church's degree of success in dismantling this cult is unclear. However, it is certain that around 1550 another Messiah appeared in Germany, teaching the same doctrines as the Brethren of the Free Spirit. This false Messiah's name was Klaus Lugwig, and he formed a church that he called the 'Blood Friends,' proclaiming himself the Son of God.


This new Savior appointed twelve Apostles to serve as the rural spreaders of his sex gospel. His growing congregation enjoyed only one sacrament  - sex. Children born out of wedlock in this church were deemed sacred. Ludwig ordered the Blood Friends to observe strict secrecy and never to reveal the inner teachings of his church to the uninitiated."33

"The group was discovered by the civil authorities and put on trial. The Messiah Ludwig escaped and never faced trial. One of the Blood Friends' apostles admitted to having sex with i6 different women, most of whom were the wives of Church members.


After the trial, the remaining members were forced to join conventional Christian churches."34

The next Messiah to emerge was Jacob Frank (1726 - 91), whose story we told in the chapter on Father James Foley. As mentioned, Frank hoodwinked the Hapsburg Emperor and Empress into believing that he was God and that sex magic was the real gospel of Jesus Christ.


Some 40 years after Frank's death, Joseph Smith began espousing similar ideas in the United States.



Intertwining Sewer Churches

As demonstrated, the notion that Jesus was married and promoted a form of sex magic survived from ancient times to the early nineteenth century.


The Mormons, as illustrated in the chapter on brainwashing and SRA, continued this belief in the 1830s and added to it the belief that they are the blood descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is clear that the ideas of the Brethren of the Free Spirit survived the Petrine Office's attempts to eradicate the sect. Its teachings survived despite a great effort on the part of the Church to discredit its central tenets.


This effort included everything from reasoned debate to burning advocates of this view at the stake.

This is where the ideas promoted in Dan Brown's work of fiction on this subject, entitled The Da Vinci Code, prove false.


Brown follows the premise first stated in Holy Blood, Holy Grail 1980) by Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln, that for centuries the Roman Catholic Church secretly protected the blood descendents of Jesus Christ and his alleged spouse and covertly sought to give this bloodline political power.


Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality the Church of Rome sought to eradicate the followers of this belief, and those who held similar notions, by every means possible. Even the most evil of popes kept the doctrines of the See of Peter intact and fought heterodoxy even though they were personally immoral.


This is not to say that there were not people within the Catholic Church, such as the followers of Jacob Frank, who did hold strange and heretical views that mimicked the teachings of the Brethren of the Free Spirit. However, traditional Roman Catholicism never tolerated such people  - that is, until very recently, as will be demonstrated below.


Before we address this compromise made by the Vatican, we must take a look at the various branches into which the underground sewer, as promoted by the Brethren of the Free Spirit, divided and then reconnected.



The Masonic Branch

As Johannes Nohls pointed out in his masterful and wonderful book The Black Death (1928), when they shook loose from Rome's control and were able to practice their strange beliefs without Vatican intervention, the Brethren of the Free Spirit introduced demonic and pornographic frescos to various church structures.


The artisans who actually produced these sacrilegious and homosexual images would have to have been Freemasons.


In Medieval times only the Freemasons had the skill to create the sort of elaborate stonework and art which now decked the heretical churches and cathedrals. It is not unreasonable to conclude that some branch of the Freemasons was converted to the heretical beliefs of the Brethren and other Luciferian sects in France.


A potpourri of unorthodox groups flourished in Southern France even after the Albigensian Crusade was called to put a stop to these sects.

"After the Church of Rome regained ecclesiastical control, the Freemasons could easily have retained the doctrines espoused by the Brethren of the Free Spirit within their secret society.


Freemasons who were also Brethren could simply have incorporated this heretical theology into their fraternity right under the noses of the Catholic bishops sent to reconvert the local people. It must be recalled that the Brethren were in fact Luciferian in that their strange sex ceremonies mimicked Lucifer's rebellion; their claim to be God was a mini-reenactment of the Fallen Angel's primordial attempt to usurp heaven.


Such sexual activities are a sort of Luciferian power trip in which devotees mock all sexual restrictions established by the Church of Rome. Lucifer is, in fact, worshiped in Freemasonic rituals as the Morning Star, and members are called 'Sons of the Morning Star,' which is a clear reference to Lucifer's rebellion as recounted in Isaiah 14."35

This belief survives in modern Freemasonry.


Consider this quote from Albert Pike, an occultist who helped shape modern Freemasonry:

"LUCIFER, the Light-bearer. Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light... Doubt it not." 36

(Scholar Dr. John Ankerberg has determined that this statement is authentic despite the controversy surrounding the authenticity of the quote.)

In the chapter on SRA and brainwashing, we saw that the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, was a Mason and that he and his successor, Brigham Young, brought the ideas, beliefs, and symbols of Freemasonry into Mormonism.


This constitutes a side-branch of the underground sewer. Mormons even afford Lucifer a high place in their theology, calling him the Spirit brother of Jesus. There is no Devil in the Christian sense within Latter Day Saints' theology.


The Mormons worship Satan as an aspect of God.

"However, is there any proof that Mormons are engaged in the bizarre sex rituals of Brethren of the Free Spirit?


Strangely, the answer is yes. Newsman Kent Larson has reported that the Church of Latter Day Saints is undergoing a pedophile crisis that mimics the situation in the Roman Catholic Church.


According to a lawyer representing victims of abuse in the LDS church, his legal action is just the first step in "the long struggle to expose the Mormon Church's epidemic pattern of providing a safe and secret haven for child molesters."37

Not only that, but Mormon theology has created the likes of Brian David Mitchell, who abducted Elizabeth Smart; it has also produced even more depraved individuals.

"Such is the case of Jeffrey Lundgren - a Mormon who, like Aleister Crowley, had a vision of himself as Jesus Christ on the Cross. Lundgren, who started out as a tour guide at Joseph Smith's original temple, soon broke off from his parent Mormon group and formed his own church.


After gathering a small cohort of followers, Lundgren revealed to his devotees that he was the 'god of the earth,' and demanded that his female followers worship him as Jesus in deranged sex rituals. When he achieved orgasm in these outlandish ceremonies, which he called 'Intercessions,' Lundgren equated his own ejaculations with the spilling of Christ's blood.


Lundgren was worshiped as Jesus Christ in these sex rites. This is astounding when seen in the light of the charges leveled against Father Robert Meffan and Father James Foley, who were accused of doing more or less the same thing."38

The Masonic sewer stream has another branch that flowed down from the Knights Templars, who were allied with the Masons for a time, to Aleister Crowley.


The Great Beast Crowley derived many of his beliefs from Freemasonic offshoots, such as Karl Kelner's occult organization. As we have mentioned, Crowley was the driving force behind rocketry pioneer and occultist Jack Parsons, whose esoteric protégé, L. Ron Hubbard, founded Scientology.


From Scientology arose Robert Moore [IS THIS THE SAME AS DEGRINSTON??] and Charles Manson (Manson studied Scientology in jail before meeting up with Moore after his release).


Both Moore and Manson had their followers worship them both as Jesus Christ and Satan in sex rites - a belief that is found, in whole or in part, in the theology of groups descended from the Brethren of the Free Spirit.


As has been noted, this branch of the underground sewer intersected with Father Paul Shanley in Massachusetts in the 1970s.




The Roman Catholic Branch

The other main branch of the underground sewer that flows from the Brethren of the Free Spirit down to modern times involves, tragically enough, a Roman Catholic offshoot.


Although the Church tried to suppress the heretical Brethren, their beliefs kept re-emerging in Western civilization. Perhaps it remained alive in an oral tradition passed down secretly from generation to generation. This seems quite logical, considering the lack of literacy and of documents before the invention of the printing press.


How otherwise could such similar convictions keep recurring, unless they were passed down orally from the time of the Brethren's reign in France in the mid - fourteenth century? Even the literate would not have had access to Inquisition records and surviving sect tracts, which would be the only written history of this heretical group.


However, even were it only a case of revival based on written records, no one can deny the damage done by devotees of this odd belief system.

We saw in the chapter on Fr. Meffan that recently leaked Church records show that this sick cleric was initiated into a Messiah cult by an unidentified figure called "the mystic," who revealed to Meffan that he was the "Christ of the Second Coming."


It was further suggested that this mystic may have been somehow connected to the cult founded by Jacob Frank - the false Messiah who convinced the Habsburgs that he was Jesus Christ. Perhaps there was a direct link from Frank to Meffan. No one can deny that the Messianic ideas and rituals of Frank and Meffan are virtually identical.


But how could such a connection have survived from the time of Frank in Austria, in 1791, to Meffan who operated his cult in the USA in the 1960s? Frank's daughter Eva propagated her father's teachings well into the early 1800s, but was there any other extension of the Frankist cult? Astonishingly, the answer is yes.

Frankism not only survived, but thrived in the upper echelons of European culture.


Jewish historian Max I. Dimont tells the story of the Frankist Diaspora in his famous book God, Jews and History (1961):

"Many of these baptized Frankists, coming from scholarly Jewish backgrounds, did not lose their learning at the baptismal font. They rose to the highest government posts in Poland and Russia, married nobility and royalty, and may even have fathered liberal elements in the subsequent history of these two nations."

Remember that Frankists converted to Roman Catholicism as a means to promote Jacob Frank as the Messiah, and not because he believed in the tenets of the Church of Rome.


Furthermore, Frank's theology reflected the teachings of the Brethren of the Free Spirit in that he believed sexual encounters during religious rituals represented the original teaching of Jesus Christ.


Much like the Brethren, Frank taught that every man was a "Messiah" and needed to be worshiped as such in esoteric sex ceremonies.


It must be constantly remembered that whether this set of heretical principles came down through a direct line, or re-emerged as a revival based on written records, becomes almost a moot point when one considers the great damage such sacrilegious beliefs and practices have caused to scores of victims over the past 1,500 years.

However, there is no reason not to think that Frank's followers did not covertly continued his theology while they assumed positions of high power in Europe. Perhaps they quietly practiced their Frankism until they saw a chance to hijack the Church of Rome into conforming to Frank's original plan. Dimont mentions that these Frankists were most likely the harbingers of liberal trends in Europe.


Their chance at finally moving into full control of the Petrine Office came after World War II, when liberalism began to become popular among Catholic prelates.

The Second Vatican Council, held in the mid-1960s, brought a new liberal agenda into the Church. Strangely enough, the Church sought reconciliation with Freemasonry, which had been deemed an enemy of Catholicism by several Popes. Along with this openness, a directive to protect Frankist-type priests like Robert Meffan and James D. Foley came as a direct result of the Council.


The Petrine Office's outreach to Freemasonic circles came in the form of a Masonic ceremony held in the Vatican sometime in 1963 by Catholic clergy who had joined the fraternity despite the fact that it was against Church law. This was permitted as part of the liberalism the Council promoted.


Malachi Martin mentions this rite in his final book Windswept House (1996).


Pope Paul VI made a shadowy reference to this ceremony in 1972, when he publicly stated,

We have the impression that through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God: it is doubt, uncertainty, questioning, dissatisfaction, confrontation...


We thought that after the Council a day of sunshine would have dawned for the history of the Church. What dawned, instead, was a day of clouds and storms, of darkness, of searching and uncertainties.39


"If one considers how some Catholic cardinals embraced the Freemasons, Pope Paul's impression seems valid. One such prelate was Cardinal Terrence Cooke of New York. Addressing over 3,000 Masons in NYC in 1980, he stated, "I know of your firm belief in the Supreme Being, the Great Architect of the Universe, and of the holy writings appropriate to the religion of your members, and I salute you for your loyalty to these ancient values."40

"Cardinal Cooke cow-towed to Masonry's most frightening heresy - the worship of Lucifer, which, as Albert Pike wrote, was the ultimate concern of the Lodge. Cooke's comments were permeated with occult meaning. In fact, the Masonic Lodge's 'Supreme Architect of the Universe' is none other than Lucifer, who conceals himself in Lodge rituals with the names of such sinister beings as Baphomet and Abaddon, as well as in other Freema-sonic camouflage."41

"This concession and alliance with the Masonic Lodge exploded in i982 when an elaborate money-laundering scheme orchestrated by the Vatican Bank, the P-2 Freemasonic Lodge, and elements of the Mafia was exposed by Italian authorities. The repercussions of this cabal resulted in the ritual murder of Vatican banker Roberto Calvi in London.


The investigation into the killing of Calvi has recently been reopened by British authorities. This blatant exposure of the Vatican/Masonic cabal caused Church officials to restate its ban on Catholics joining the Lodge in i985."42

"Although the Church reinstated its ban against Catholics becoming Freemasons, several prelates maintained strong links to the Lodge. Cardinals Hume and Bernardine both had clear ties to the Masonic Lodge despite the reassertion of restrictions by the Curia.


Informal gatherings of the Catholic Knights of Columbus and the Freemasons were held in the mid 1990s, with the tacit support of bishops."43

The other major concession made by the Second Vatican Council involves what Malachi Martin called "Lucifer's Lodge" - the cult of Luciferian and Satanist priests who operated covertly in the Church with the protection of Catholic prelates.


Satanist Catholic priests like Sean Fortune and Bernard J. Lane were practicing a form of Luciferian religion even though they did not seek to be worshiped as Christ. Indeed, they performed what Martin referred to as "the culmination of the Fallen Angel's rites"  - i.e., the rape of male children. In this diabolical scenario the child becomes a substitute for Christ.


The Satanist priest destroys the innocence of his victim as an attack upon the innocence of Christ. In this sense the male child victim becomes a proxy for the symbolic destruction of God - a clearly Luciferian practice. Luciferian and Satanist priests are merely different sides of the same diabolic coin, with the Satanists practicing what is considered by this cult to be a somewhat higher form of Devil worship.

The Church policy concerning the protection of this cult was written by Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani in 1962 and was intended to be a secret internal Vatican document to be read only by bishops and cardinals of the Church of Rome.


A copy of this document was leaked by a Vatican insider to CBS News, which reported the following:

The document, once "stored in the secret archives" of the Vatican, focuses on crimes initiated as part of the confessional relationship and what it calls the "worst crime": "sexual assault committed by a priest" or "attempted by him with youths of either sex or with brute animals."


Bishops are instructed to pursue these cases "in the most secretive way... restrained by a perpetual silence... and everyone (including the alleged victim)... is to observe the strictest secret, which is commonly regarded as a secret of the Holy Office... under the penalty of excommunication." Larry Drivon, a lawyer who represents alleged victims, said, "This document is significant because it's a blueprint for deception."


Drivon said this proves what he has alleged on behalf of victims in priest-abuse lawsuits: that the church engaged in a crime  - racketeering. "It's an instruction manual on how to deceive and how to protect pedophiles," Drivon said. "And exactly how to avoid the truth coming out."44

Once CBS reported on the existence of this secret document, Catholic prelates began back-peddling, claiming the document was restricted to sex crimes committed in confession (i.e., priests soliciting sex during the Catholic sacrament of confession).


They claimed it had nothing to do with church policy concerning child-molesting priests. However, they never explained how brute animals fit into the equation (remember, Paul Shanley stated that it is healthy for children and animals to have sex).


But one must ask whether any Satanist priests were protected by a bishop under this policy? The answer is yes.

Irish Times journalist Alison O'Connor reports in her book Message from Heaven (2000) that when Bishop Comisky was initially exposed for protecting the Satanist Father Sean Fortune in 1998, he claimed that he could take no effective action in the matter because the situations involved matters of confession and that he was bound by church policy to remain silent on the matter.


Comisky was, in effect, appealing to the 1962 Ottaviani document and letting his superiors in Rome know that he was following their dictates concerning pervert priests.


Keep in mind that Comisky made this statement years before the document was leaked. This tactic worked, as Comisky was given a reprieve for several years until the BBC exposed the extent to which he protected Fortune and allowed scores more boys to be molested by the priest, after which the bishop was forced to resign.

This leads to an uncanny statistic concerning the priest abuse fiasco. In a report filed on Feb. 27, 2004, Boston Globe journalist Kevin Cullen reported:

Most of the sexual abuse reported to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston over the last half century took place between 1965 and 1982, and more than one-third of the archdiocesan priests accused of sexual abuse in that period were ordained between 1960 and 1969, raising more questions than answers about how and why abuse peaked in that era.

Among the priests, victims, advocates, and clinicians interviewed, some suggest that the priests responsible for the bulk of abuse came of age in a more permissive era, when authority was being challenged at all levels and when the sexual revolution emboldened those who were attracted to children and teenagers.

Others say that seminaries - especially St. John Seminary in Brighton, which is run by the Boston Archdiocese - did a poor job of screening out potential abusers.

Still others say it was a simply a matter of demographics: the numbers of priests who sexually abused minors were highest when the total number of priests serving in the archdiocese was highest, and the number dwindled with the drop in priests and the growing awareness in the wider society of the dangers of the sexual abuse of children.

Cullen's observation really brings home the fact that the Papal policy enacted at the Second Vatican Council set the stage for Lucifer's Lodge to take over the Boston Archdiocese and the rest of the Roman Catholic Church.


By 1982 the seminaries were so packed with gays and pedophiles that potential priests quickly fled their priestly formation. The Luciferians who ran the seminaries would harass and ridicule those who refused to engage in homosexual activity or tolerate pedophile priests. [IS THIS SUBSTANTIATED??]

A case in point is when Cardinal Law recommended that Rev. George Berthold be given a teaching position at a Southern seminary, even though Berthold was dismissed as Dean of Students from St. John's Seminary Boston for attempting to initiate a 19-year-old seminarian into a secret gay cult consisting of priests and seminarians.


Law claimed Berthold had a spotless record in Boston even when removing him for predatory homosexual activity after students repeatedly complained. (Boston Globe May 15, 2002).46 [Many similar examples are chronicled in Michael Rose's Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church (2002)].

The Catholic branch of the underground sewer survived in Frankist liberal ideas held by clerics on the fringes of the Roman Catholic Church, and was what Malachi Martin called "Lucifer's Lodge."


This peripheral movement had most likely existed within the Church since the time of Jacob Frank. It was granted a license to operate freely by the Second Vatican Council and would enjoy the full protection of the Petrine Office until it was exposed in 2002 by the Boston Globe.


Before it was uncovered, however, Lucifer's Lodge may have executed one of the most spectacular diversionary tactics in the history of propaganda.



The Roman Catholic Church and Satanic Panic

In Chapter One the fact that the Roman Catholic Church was at the heart of much of the satanic panic scare of the 1980s was suggested. A closer examination of this assertion illustrates the shadowy hand that the Catholic Lucifer's Lodge had in the spread of this witchcraft hysteria.


The popular book Michelle Remembers (1980) really set the stage for the hysteria that was to engulf the United States and send innocent people to prison. It was written by a Catholic and, although it was later proven to be a fraud, it greatly influenced the policemen, social workers, clergy, and newsmen who fueled this mass panic.


Michelle Smith could not have done a better job promoting an atmosphere of suspicion, fear, and ultimately disbelief concerning the existence of secret Satanist covens that abused children.

Lucifer's Lodge may have exploited the frenzy promoted by this book as a means to divert attention from their own ritual abuse of children.

When the first accusations against child care workers at the McMartin pre-school erupted in California, it was the American Martyrs Catholic Church that spearheaded and organized much of the hype and hysteria that overtook the region.


This led author Paul Eberle to write that,

"the Church was very accommodating with the lynch mob" (and he pointed out that most of the accusing parents were members of the American Martyrs Church. They were strongly urged by the Church to file charges - however absurd - against the clearly innocent child care workers.)

Meanwhile, pedophile priests quietly molested children in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Diocese of Orange County with the full knowledge of the two Chanceries, both quite near where the American Martyrs Church and the McMartin School were located.


While the McMartin family faced a witch trial and the American Martyrs Church kept the media hysteria in full swing, Father Michael Stephen Baker and Father Carlos Rene Rodriguez raped children without fear of being hampered by the civil authorities. They were two of more than 52 priests in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area accused of sexually molesting children.

Strangely, the Bishop of Orange County at the time of the McMartin trial was the Ven. William Johnson - former pastor of the American Martyrs Church. Johnson was appointed bishop in i976 and remained in this position until his death in i986. While his former parish members prolonged the Satanic Panic that overtook Southern California, Johnson was quietly shifting child molesting priests around his diocese.


In 1976 Johnson hired Father Siegfried F. Widera to work in the Orange County Diocese even though he knew this curate had been removed from a parish in Wisconsin for raping children. Widera continued to molest children with the full knowledge of Johnson until 1985, when too many complaints flooded the diocesan office and Widera was transferred out of state.

The McMartin case shifted public and especially media attention off the Catholic Church and gave Johnson the leeway to protect Widera and other sexually deviant priests. His former parish fueled the flames of the McMartin trial as a smoke screen while Lucifer's Lodge went about its vile business in Southern California. It is hard to believe that all of the connecting factors could be a matter of pure coincidence.

The other major Satanic Panic case took place in Malden, Massachusetts at the Fells Acre Pre-school. It must be recalled that Fr. Bernard J. Lane, who operated the Alpha Omega House in Littleton, Massachusetts, had strong ties to the city of Malden. Lane was assigned to Malden Catholic High School and opened his first treatment center for drug addicted youths in Malden.


According to a Boston Globe report by Matt Carroll, filed on March 25, 2002, the Alpha Omega House was actually headquartered in Malden -  just a short walk from the Fells Acre Pre-school - under a nonprofit secular charity called Adolescent Counseling in Development, Inc. (ACD) - founded by Bernard J. Lane and others.


Even after Lane was removed from the Alpha Omega House by state officials, he remained on the board of ACD. This non-profit continued to operate until 1988, when it was officially taken over by the Archdiocese of Boston and changed its name to Life Resources, Inc., which is currently being sued by victims of Lane.

Lane's replacement at Alpha Omega House was Father Rev. C. Melvin Surette, who was later accused of molesting children at Alpha Omega. Even more disturbing are the charges filed against Dr. Scott Ward, M.D., a psychiatrist hired by ACD to work at the Alpha Omega House.


Several of the Alpha Omega boys later accused Ward of molesting them, and after he left Massachusetts and moved to Philadelphia, Ward later faced charges for allegedly abusing a teenage boy in his new state. It seems that Dr. Ward employed some form of mind control or brainwashing technique on his victims similar to the methods used on Elizabeth Smart.


According to another Boston Globe article filed on May 27, 2002, Dr. Ward actually called up one of the boys whom he allegedly sexually victimized in Massachusetts and asked him to speak as a character witness at his trial for child rape in Pennsylvania. Perhaps Ward had planted some hypnotic trigger code in the victim so that he would respond in favorable ways about him if questioned by the police. As a psychiatrist, Ward would have known how to implant and activate such a controlled response.

While the Amirault Family was arraigned at the Malden Court House and was eventually tried and sent to prison, the ACD quietly operated under Lane's guidance.


Many of the parents of the alleged victims at the Fells Acre School were Catholics who belonged to the local parish church where Lane once served. As parents and social workers forced children to concoct stories concerning a "secret magic room" where children were sexually abused, the ACD staff calmly sat around the corner, knowing full well that Lane actually took young boys to a real ritual chamber called the Black Room.

The fact that the Catholic Church had a shadowy hand in both the McMartin and Fells Acre cases strongly points to the reality of a Church-generated diversion tactic to direct attention away from child molesting priests and onto innocent child care workers. Malachi Martin was correct in his assertion that Lucifer's Lodge exists within the Church of Rome. Unfortunately, there are no quick answers as to how to deal with this horrible state of affairs.


Lucifer's Lodge is an ongoing problem.


It is still in operation and should be of major concern to people of goodwill everywhere.



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