by Greg Szymanski
27 Feb 2007

from ArticBeacon Website


The 18 page booklet talks about a five step plan that started 523 years ago.


The Vatican has issued a little known booklet for their private eyes only called ‘Project Vatican.’

The internal document is a blueprint for the “restoration of the global kingdom of Jesus Christ in the third millennium.” Contained within the booklet is also the Vatican’s plan for the domination of America, listing their goals and true evil purposes.

Although the booklet has been kept from prying eyes, Brother R.G. Stair of The Overcomer Ministry has obtained a copy. The document was forwarded to Stair by Brother Mark Hodgson in October 2006.

“This is a revealing document of the Vatican’s true purposes,” said Brother Stair on his web site. “Project Vatican is dedicated to the restoration of the Global Kingdom of Jesus Christ in the third millennium.”

The Vatican blueprint of world domination has a five-prong approach, including:

  1. The Jesuit infiltration of the English colonies on the North American continent

  2. Jesuit control of Christian schools and universities

  3. Roman Catholic Control exercised through Vatican operatives in the United States military, judiciary and media

  4. The weakening of the U.S. military, both in strength and resolve, in preparation for the Vatican-led One World Government

  5. Total control of all institutions and resources on earth, including political, military, economic, educational systems for the purpose of ensuring global peace, prosperity and order.

“Phase 1 through Phase IV have taken 523 years to complete and at the dawn of the third millennium is poised to launch Phase V. This will necessitate cooperation of the citizens of every nation on the planet on a massive scale and in previously untested numbers,” said the Vatican writers’ introduction to Project Vatican.

The writers of the 18 page booklet dedicated their efforts to Phase V, saying strategies have been in full effect albeit for varying lengths of time.


Further, they claimed the execution of their first strategy of Phase V began more than 150 years ago, the strategy being listed as,

“Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the perpetuation of visions, miracles and revelations.”

Other strategies under the Vatican’s Phase V for world domination include:

  • Dilution of the eschatological models of Biblical prophesy.

  • The alignment of the homosexual agenda with religious and racial equality, guaranteeing a support base sufficient in number to Biblical Christian fundamentalism into the category of “hate speech.”

In the core section of this point, Vatican writers reveal how they plan to obtain loyalty to the Pope, saying,

“The Protestants’ lack of a governing authority has resulted in a sheep-like obedience to civil governments. Such social compliance, coupled with capitalistic greed has made Christian fundamentalists extremely vulnerable to social engineering.”

  • International monopolistic control of all financial institutions and transactions. This began January 1, 1993 with the creation of the European Roman Empire (ERE). Visa Corporation is poised to label every citizen with identifying barcode technology.

    Regarding the global financial takeover and VISA, Arctic Beacon reader Greg Colon added:


    • “Brethren are you aware about the Visa card? Info source Project: Vatican

      VI - Roman numeral = 6
      S  - Egyptian symbol = 6 = we perish = anyone who takes the mark on hand or forehead
      A  - Sanskrit = 6

      “There is a long story to how this info originally came into my hands. What happened was one of the residents on my property asked me to hang a picture for her but it had to be on my time not the companies. She showed me a picture of what is known in Catholic circles as the sacred heart of Jesus and Mary. She was told that she would have info in black and white in her hands by Monday explaining that it is the heart of Baal not Jesus.

      “This happened on Friday afternoon and that night by the leading of the Holy Spirit according to Ps. 32: 8 the information on Project: Vatican was in my hands. The original source is not available any longer. This one was just furnished by the Holy Spirit. We have to lift Jesus even higher in these last days for he will draw all men unto himself.. 888 = Jesus, greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world = 666 This is a short version of the incident but it needs to shared now.”

  • The global Eucharistic community, meaning with rampant materialism, environmental destruction and military instability of the capitalist systems, the Vatican backed Roman Catholic Ecumenical Assemblies (RCEA) will be in the position to compel international compliance to Eucharistic adoration and communion… The Global Eucharistic Community (GEC) was formally invoked by the Vatican on Dec. 31 1999, which will preside over the WTO, the GEC and RCEA.

The last section tells Vatican loyalists what they can do in order to speed-up Rome’s plans, adding,

“Attend non-Catholic churches that are not yet RCEA affiliates for the purpose of encouraging their ministries to join the RCEA. Make audio recordings of their responses and deliver these recordings to your RCEA representative. Report all statements by non-Catholics of a racially-biased, homophobic or anti Catholic nature to your RCEA representative."

To read the remainder of the Project Vatican, go here.