Segment Excerpts from the Matrix 5 Material



Changing The Future
The person on the TV show says, "We don't know what the future holds as it hasn't happened yet so it can be changed". This is not going to be a long message to you all but this is an important one to those ready to grasp it. 

In previous Matrix 5 messages, I told you that ALL Earther Higher Self incarnations, the Simultaneous Path, are occurring at the SAME time in all time periods that each Higher Self wants to gain experiences from. Hence, your Atlantean, Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, African, etc incarnations are NOW in the different phases of the Game that we call 'time'.

Knowing this, can you change the future in 3rd density Earth's segments of the Game? NO! This is why I keep telling you that the Game cannot be changed on a global scale. ONLY your participation and Advancement (or not) can be changed. 

The Lightsider fantasy I see over and over about changing the rules and scenes of the Game are completely delusion.

Again, these people are worried about the external rather than the internal. They don't yet grasp the importance of internal development regardless of what the external scenery is. The experiences you gain through ALL your simultaneous incarnations is what matters, not the settings that the Game has arranged. As long as your primary concern is the external (the Game), your progress is slower. Once you realize what I've been saying (or at least much of it) in Matrix 5 AND put it into practice to suit your Path, you progress in a hyper fast mode.

Can you change the Game's rules/settings - again no. Can you change HOW you play/participate IN the Game - YES! The Game continues until ALL, both sequential AND simultaneous incarnations, have completed THEIR parts of the Game. Earther Higher Self simultaneous incarnates are on the FAST track. We complete the Game FAR, FAR sooner than the sequentials. We have things to do and places to go beyond 3rd density, as I've said before. 

It is WHEN you realize that YOU are YOUR central figure and can detach yourself from the Game (as much as is practical) via your Final Incarnation, that you really begin to spiral out of the Game, BUT the Game WILL go on. Once you have all the experiences YOU need, the rest does not matter. The Final Incarnation can gain the lion's share of experiences and is where you tie together all experiences that your other incarnations are living. All the bullshit of 'saving' others is just a distraction from you discovering who your are and also a violation of the Law of Allowance. Imposing your will on another (even if you are correct in your position) is Dark side, but I've talked about this before.

If you still want to participate in breeding, religion, polarity sides, etc, then DO so. It's your Higher Self's individual path and where that incarnation is at this time period. You don't belong reading Matrix 5 materials. You will only upset your physical which still controls you AND I will keep releasing materials that cause the physical and immature spirits consternation. After all, if despite the caveats I have place in Matrix 5 and on this site, you STILL insist on reading materials you are not ready to comprehend, you deserve what YOU stirred up. 

The Game & The Players
As I wrote in 'Changing the Future', the Game's functions are set and only you can free yourself from the Game, thereby winning. Just as when you play a board game, there are rules and certain things that must/will occur during the play of the game. The same goes for the 3rd density Game. The two player groups are the simultaneous and the sequential Higher Selves. These groups are further subdivided within themselves. With the simultaneously incarnating (fast track) Higher Selves, each individual Higher Self operates as an individual unit with experiences, events and time periods chosen by each Higher Self to operate within the Games parameters. Within the sequential Higher Selves, they operate as a group and rarely, if ever, change into another group. Hence, you have the reptilian faction, the Sirian faction, the Andromedan faction and so on. In almost all cases, they proceed/Advance as a planet or group. This is VERY slow because each waits for the others to progress at a planetary rate.

Earther Higher Selves progress independently at their own speed. Not proceeding as a group is daunting to the sequentials as well as not retaining conscious memory of shim's other 3rd density lives. The one time that a Higher Self can 'change sides' is if that Higher Self decides to enter the Earther Higher Self path with all the benefits and the liabilities associated with that path. This type of switching sides IS allowed in the Game. It does not occur very often. Due to the very nature of simultaneous incarnations, it is obvious that a simultaneous can never regress to a sequential path.

That the sequential group stays within a certain race and progresses as a planet, at the minimum, shows much (to simultaneous incarnates) about their limitations. Yes, they have all incarnation memories, but their experiences are limited to that race and racial development. The one element that all sequentials have in common is FEAR. In this case, the fear is in being born to each incarnation without memories of other incarnations. It is a courageous Higher Self that takes the simultaneous path, as Robert Monroe said.

Simultaneous incarnates choose all the different races on Earth and can experience segments of the various alien cultures vicariously through the races that the alien cultures engineered here on Earth after the Orion Empire did their genetic 'thing' to Ancient Earthers. This is ALL part of the Game. Simultaneous incarnations include black African groups, Asian varieties, various European cultures and so on. Each different Earth culture was formed by copying alien races who tampered with Earther humans eons ago. This is an enormous advantage over the single race/evolve as a planet that the simultaneous incarnates Advance in.

Much of the Game's strategies involve working against the simultaneous incarnates. The sequentials use all manner of blocks/obstacles to keep this group from winning at the Game. However the Game IS geared for the simultaneous TO WIN by departing from the Game before the sequentials. The main burden for the simultaneous incarnates is to regain your spiritual identity. Huge clues for your spiritual identity are found within the Laws of the Universe (see Matrix 5). Once you discover YOUR spiritual identity AND live it, you are well on your way to graduating. If you intellectually know it, but choose not to live it, you still have a way to go in your development. The sequential aliens will come in second place, in the Game, but they, too, will eventually graduate and the 3rd density Game will be over. Lots for you to think about here.

Death & The Higher Self  
There is so much hand-wringing over the subject of death that I will give some more information on this topic. Death and the fear of death are both BODY concerns. Remember, until you have become quite Advanced spiritually, the body will rule the spirit making the spirit basically 'along for the ride'. The body fears death more than any other single event that it can and will face. This is the basis for the misleading statement of 'you only have one life' - yes, the BODY only has one life, but YOU have hundreds and hundreds in that many different bodies, ALL of which die.

The Game is vast with a myriad of rules. I have discussed many of these rules in the Matrix 5 materials but that even pales to how many there are. The Game requires the Higher Self to choose the manner of physical body death for each of shim's incarnations BEFORE they incarnate. Just as in Dungeons & Dragons or any other role playing game, you choose your character and the traits that character has, likewise you also do so for each of your incarnations.

The Higher Self will choose a wide variety of deaths to experience since experience is the bottom line of 3rd density incarnations. You will experience deaths through disease, accident, violence and old age - just to name a few. In my own experiences, one incarnation was stabbed during the Roman Empire, another drowned and there was a variety of other gruesome deaths of the bodies. These deaths are all saved within the Higher Self just as all other experiences you have via your physical incarnations. The information will be needed further up in your progression.

Death is one of the 'sacred' topics with Earthers lacking in Very Advanced development. Jokes about death are considered in poor taste by these people. This, of course, is body ID horseshit! Remember nothing is sacred and death is fear based. Earthers will try all kinds of methods/doctors to attempt to extend their physical existence, yet the jock in great shape gets run over by a car and the woman who is religious in everything she eats dies of brain cancer. The examples are numerous. What is going on is that no matter what you do or don't do, the date and the manner of death was set by your Higher Self (thus YOU) before you were born.

The desire to defeat death is mainly an Orion Empire hallmark. The Orion queen and close royals use life extending drugs (the prime one is pronounced 'sma') and cloning. With cloning, they seek to instantly transfer the queen's spirit from the old body into a cloned duplicate. The draining of others' life forces to extend one's own is a well known story on Earth. Vampires and other types of energy stealing (such as in Disney's Hocus Pocus) are examples of these attempts to forestall death of the body by making others existence shorter. This originated with the sequential incarnates and was introduced on Earth by aliens living here. Reptilians on Earth engage in these activities with most of the so called 'missing persons' and the governments know this. These ideas, while interesting to hear, can sidetrack an Earther Higher Self if not Advanced enough because they introduce fear into their belief system and introducing as much fear as possible is an Orion/Darkside & Lightside goal to control incarnates.

Body-ruled people will reject the idea of Higher Selves choosing their own deaths/time and drag out that old chestnut, 'predetermination'. This idea is a feature of some protestant religions, but, again, it's warped. Those whose religion believes in predetermination say there is nothing one can do so you just wander through life. THAT is a Game trap: the idea that someone is shoving a life path on you without your input. However, NO ONE is forcing your Higher Self to do anything. It is YOUR Higher Self and ONLY your Higher Self who chooses your experiences and your Higher Self is the real you. You must be able to grasp that if the Matrix 5 materials are to be of assistance to you on your path. You WILL know (not believe) that by the time you become your Awakened Final Incarnation.

Your body cannot change its manner/time of death. ANY thoughts to that area are strictly body/immature spirit generated. NO ONE can promise and deliver to change that. You cannot 'sell your soul' to a fictitious 'devil' to do so (this topic was covered in previous M5 material). You will understand this topic on death fully when it is time for you. In most cases of death, the spirit has already separated from the body before it physically dies. You will hear how someone 'rallied' just before death to impart some message to those in attendance. The 'rally' is when the spirit briefly re-enters the dying body to give a message.

The body still lives, even when the spirit is elsewhere (as in coma) due to the energy stream from the Higher Self still passing through the body. This is the same thing that keeps the body alive when one sleeps or astral travels. Sleep has also been referred to as the 'small death' as the spirit always leaves the body when it sleeps. The spirit can never die. The body definitely will. When you read this, it will activate certain DNA commands within you in regard to the body being the omega of concerns. This is a lie that wasn't present with Ancient Earthers. This is a lie that all Higher Selves know as part of the Game. Death is nothing to fear for a spirit in control person as it frees you from the bonds of 3rd density and permits you to be so much more.

Aliens ON Earth & The Game  
I have written about aliens, to a certain degree, in many past segments of Matrix 5. I have also stated aliens are on Earth. What I will now discuss, a bit, is aliens ON Earth and the Game.

There are major Lightsider theories about Earth and the quarantine of Earth. One of them says that 'various fields supposedly surround Earth and keep aliens out'. This is a mix of truth and lie. There are different 4th density (astral) fields around Earth. They are the lowest of the astral and Robert Monroe talks about them in his trilogy. These fields do NOT and cannot keep aliens away from Earth. These are astral oriented fields and not protective force fields.

Aliens have been coming and going from Earth since the planet was created. Aliens are here today. Earth was chosen by the Higher Selves incarnating in the 3rd density as the simultaneous incarnating playground. The rest of the galaxy is sequential incarnation playground. The warnings about Earth are due to fear of contamination of sequential incarnates by simultaneous incarnates. I've covered this previously.

When aliens come to Earth, they are STILL sequential. If an Earther Higher Self incarnate is abducted by aliens or voluntarily goes with them to another world, these Earthers are STILL simultaneous incarnations. Likewise any minions removed from Earth are still part of the Earth Planetary Spirit. The center of control for incarnations IS the Higher Self regardless of simultaneous or sequential incarnational paths. As I've also said previously, a Higher Self can choose to leave the sequential path and embark on the simultaneous. The reverse cannot happen. Evaluating the nature of the word, 'simultaneous' should make that clear.

When an alien dies on Earth, that Higher Self is NOT forced into the Earther incarnational path. This is another Lightsider fable. This alien will return in another sequential physical according to shim's Higher Self's Plan. This includes everyone from reptilian to pleiadian to tau ceti and everyone inbetween. This is part of the Game on a wider scale. When the aliens are finally revealed on Earth (one way or another), they will be incarnations of a sequential path Higher Self. Remember, the more technology, the less they rely on the spirit. Don't be taken in by their dazzling technology. They ARE coming in one way or another as the Orion Empire intends to have its way with Earth/Earthers. (Review earlier segments on aliens for more.)

The best perspective one can keep in these very unusual times is to, above all else, remember who you REALLY are and act accordingly with regard to experiences YOUR Higher Self requires. The aliens play their polarity games and also try to keep you ignorant of who you really are. They WILL attempt to sweep you up into the Game at the cost of your Advancement. How you react to this will be in accordance with your Higher Self's plans for that unique incarnation.

The aliens are here already. They have always been here. They, in disguise, pass you on the street. They shape shift into images that make you believe they are Earthers. They are in many positions of Earther authority. They FEAR being overtly discovered by the simultaneous incarnations. Those who use fear are wearing the cloaks of their own fears. They don't want the Game to end...BUT it will and the first to succeed and leave the Game will be those who have chosen - the simultaneous incarnational path Earther Higher Selves.

Alien Technology & the Game  
One alien worshipping, Lightsider site message talks about the technological advancements of the aliens with great awe. The message mentions, "they are in advance to least the beings from Zenetae Andromeda have a lot going for them and yes, having been where we are themselves, they could tell you fairly accurately as to their advancement." This is exactly what the sequentially incarnating Higher Selves want us (simultaneous incarnates) to concentrate on - technological advancement rather than spiritual Advancement. External as opposed to internal progress. This is one reason why sequential incarnates take SO much longer to progress because they crave technological/external advancement.

The aliens have been dazzling Earthers since Earther humans were both genders in one being. Yes, that's been part of the Game, BUT the goal for simultaneous incarnates is to move from the Game. That can be done only by closing down the attraction to alien/technological rhinestone advancements. The cheap dazzle is their lure to be 'like us'. Instead, simultaneous incarnates must learn not to be like them but true to their own Path, which, I've been telling you about in the M5 materials, is unique. One of the parts that the aliens play in the Game is to attempt to delay the simultaneous incarnates from discovering their true nature. Technology has been one of their prime methods of doing so AND it has worked well for them. Low incarnations worship alien technology, mid level incarnates crave alien technology, low through mid-Advanced levels put aliens on pedestals and tag them 'space brothers'. The veil of alien deceptions is torn in the Very Advanced stages and seen for what it is in your Awakened Final Incarnation.

This stage, reached by your Awakened Final Incarnation, is a necessary part of the escape from the Game - when the alien glitter is discovered by you for what it is and, more importantly, what it isn't. A question I've brought up before of why aliens, when seeking contactees, always seem to choose the uneducated or someone who they scan as who will hold them in awe, is now answered. They would avoid anyone who is in a Very Advanced stage or higher (Dominant or Final Incarnates) because these levels have had the alien smoke screen dispersed (by Awakened Final Incarnation). Think of the aliens as the person behind the screen (as in the Wizard of Oz) using technology (big green head with fire and smoke to enhance the image) to dazzle Dorothy & friends. Once Dorothy saw the man behind the curtain (alien veil being removed), she saw the wizard (alien) for what he is and is not. The same happens to you. By your Awakened Final Incarnation, your veil will be taken away and you will see, in this example, the aliens for what they really are.

Since the aliens are not spiritually Advanced (in comparison to those beyond mid-Advanced levels), even though they would like us to think otherwise, they'd be quite insecure with the prospect of dealing with Very Advanced or, <gasp> and Awakened Final Incarnations. This is one of the reasons why they tippy-toe around, look for sycophantic/uneducated Earthers to carry their lofty sounding messages. A favorite alien pastime is skulking about the planet to avoid detection by the planet as a whole and look for other ways to derail Earther Higher Self incarnates. YET, alien groups have invaded other far less technologically advanced planets than Earth, BUT those planets are populated by other sequential incarnates! The 'you aren't developed enough' line is pure horseshit. They know it, but, like the man behind the curtain, they hope you don't.

It won't be much longer before EndGame comes to Earther Higher Self incarnates and we move on to bigger/better things. Then the aliens can crawl along at their spiritual levels with out the fear of Earther Higher Self incarnates.


Observations: Intolerance, Conformity and Earther Incarnations  
One of the hallmarks of difference in Earther simultaneous incarnations, as opposed to alien sequential incarnations, is the great variety of types of people on the planet. As I've written in earlier segments, alien worlds are homogenous in look and culture, with no more than slight differences. Take the planet Acart for example. They dress the same, have the same living styles and, from what I've read, would be terribly boring for me other than a brief visit. These people are progressing as a planet, as do all sequential incarnates. That means slowly and, from a simultaneous point of view, tediously.

Here on Earth, due to the simultaneous incarnating Higher Selves AND the various alien cultures that have tampered with Earther genetics, we have a huge variety of cultures and racial variations. The real bonus here is that, as a simultaneous incarnating being, you can experience true variety without leaving the planet. This assists the incarnating spirit to progress and develop tolerance for being different.

Intolerance comes from body ID viewpoint. When the spirit has not matured enough, the body holds control. Tolerance of differences is seen all over the different higher densities, even with polarities. Superficial 3rd density issues like body races, types, etc are just non-issues among the spiritually Advanced. If anything, being different makes one more interesting to the spiritually Advanced because difference equals change potential. The spiritually Advanced thrive on changes and difference.

Conformity equals stagnation. Stagnation is what the Game would like to occur, yet change exists despite the Game because change overrides the Game. Since the Game cannot stop change, it has made allowances for it.

Conformity is the drive for the Orion Empire and their Dark AND Light allies. Such concepts as 'be like us', 'obey or go to eternal suffering' or the ever-popular use of guilt to stifle independence are all attempts to halt change and progression.

Everyone progresses at their own pace and according to their Higher Self's plan. We have incarnates, at this time, who are everything from 'first' incarnation to Final Incarnation, hence a HUGE variety of attitudes, outlooks, etc. This is why I say that my materials are my observations and experiences and should be regarded as such and not 'thou must' rules that polarities want you to obey. I have also said several times that if you don't like what you read, forget it. I am nobody's "leader". Leaders require followers, which is why I use the pseudonym, 'The Author'. I don't want followers or people who require that I make their decisions for them or camping out on my front porch. You have to be your own leader. If anything I've written helps you decide what you want to do, good. If you aren't interested, good. Meanwhile, my adventures continue and experiences build.

Appreciating people who are different than you or your background indicates a facet of spiritual maturity. I love talking to people different than me and hearing about their cultures, etc. It's like going to a different planet when you immerse yourself in another culture. When you do this, even if it's just for a short time, you widen your appreciation of what's different. This is something your Higher Self wants to experience via shim's incarnations.
Questions and The Game 
While I have written much on a lot of Game topics in the Matrix 5 materials, you may find it interesting to take it one step further by asking questions, not only of other's you are comfortable with, but also of yourself (if the question applies). By doing this, you can gauge, to a certain extent, what your participation in the Game is with these issues. These questions encompass basic low incarnations on up. 

*Why do you feel that you have to/had to get married? This is a good question to see if THEY understand why they do this. I've found that responses heavily favor other people's expectations/controls/conformity. Follow up: why marriage and not just living together? The answer is body ID controls, hence Orion Empire and alien genetic scientists. It's definitely not a spirit thing as marriage is non-existent outside of 3rd density. I talked with one man who said he didn't want to get married but his family "expects" it of him. I said he was conforming. He said he knows it, isn't happy with it, but will do it. Mid-level incarnate. 

*Why do you feel that you have to be romantically/sexually linked to the opposite gender? Make them think about this. Everyone who engages in this activity does it because they're expected to. It used to be drilled into everyone that this is "normal". It's what "everyone" does. Again, others' expectations/controls/conformity. If it's a spirit based attraction, the physical shouldn't matter. The controls of body are physical controls. Sex is the top of that heap. I warned one man, from his horoscope, that his marriage to this woman was going to be hell on Earth. He got mad and said, "If I don't marry this one, I'll marry someone else, but I will get married." I could hear the applause from Mintaka. By the way, I was right with this guy - both he and her are miserable with each other.

*Why do you feel that you have to have children? The alien DNA command 'want sex' is one of the commands in this area. The 'have sex' command is not for fun but rather is strongly under the control of it's twin DNA command to 'have sex to produce children'. This is the command from the alien throne. This second command has weakened considerably over the years, as one can see in today's environment compared to just 100 years ago. This is due to the immense energy field of Earther Higher Self incarnates. 
The weakening DNA command structure is partially behind the return of the Orion Empire, as I have stated in earlier segments.  Hence all the religious prohibitions in regard to sex. We all have to go through this major phase in progression and it's part of low and mid level incarnations. When you get into Advanced stages, ask why do you feel you have to have children when the world has far too many people on it already (and you'll most likely bring in another minion these days)? Don't expect them to give you an answer that makes sense. Most likely they'll just get flustered as the body has no valid responses for this other than conformity-related, stock phrases. 

*Ok, you did the marriage thing once, why do you feel you need to keep repeating the cycle? This is a real kicker. It's the experiential loop in full force. The ‘marriage of the moment’ so popular in Hollywood and mimicked by countless other people. The huzband of the month club so popular with many gays. Why don't they work? They are sex based, first of all. When the sex gets routine, it gets boring. Unless two people are moving in similar directions, it won't work. Those involved are looking in the wrong places for internal, spiritual restlessness. Restlessness that shows itself in physical frustrations. The spirit must exert shimself, through maturity, to break this experiential loop.

*Why do you stay with that person when you are both so miserable? This, again, is the experiential loop with a heavy dose of self-doubt and lack of self-reliance/esteem. The weak woman wails, 'who will take care of me'. Geez, talk about an incarnational dead end. Take care of yourself. Minions love to use this phrase a lot, especially if they had lives as cows, chickens and other barnyard animals where someone always took care of them. Control/conformity issues again fit in. To progress you have to take a personal leap of faith. Faith in yourself, your Higher Self! The minion incarnation will eventually return to the good, old barnyard.  

*Why do you dislike other races (fill in the blank for this depending on who you're talking with/about)? Dislike of other races is body ID and was placed in there by alien genetic scientists. Remember, in previous segments I wrote how other aliens meddled with Earthers after the Orion/Sirian genetic scientists did their thing. When these aliens tampered with their interest areas of the globe, they instilled their dislikes of other alien groups to those Earthers. These dislikes are heightened due to reptilian features of the Earther human brain. When the spirit has matured enough to override the body in this area, you learn to judge people by WHO they are and not WHAT body they occupy at the moment. The mid-Advanced and higher have no time for people who are at the stages where the body is in such control. Yes, we all go through this stage in earlier incarnations, but just because we were in second grade once doesn't mean we hang out with second graders after we are well beyond that stage.


What is really non-spiritual is a comment like: she can't be a fung-shui professional because she's not Asian or he can't be a real shaman because he isn't Native American. Undoubtedly this person, in another frequency incarnation, is this race or that race where specialty trainings exist. This is carried through into other incarnations in the mid-Advanced stages and above. Talk about a dim comment I was told: I asked a Native American traditional about reincarnation and if someone, non-Native American, knew he/she had lives as, say Lakota or Cherokee (or whatever tribe). His response was 'if that was so, how come he/she is not one today?'. That response is typical of a sequential incarnation. The sequential incarnates DO incarnate that way. Ah ha! 

*Why do you do what everybody else does in (whatever) matter? This is a big conformity/please others issue that low and mid levels love to wallow in. This is body ID. The Empire demands conformity. It's those damned Advanced spirits that throw sand in the engine of the Empire. They are forever challenging conformity and questioning obedience to the will of the Empire. The often used, CONFORMITY demanding question of: 'if everyone jumped off a bridge (or something similar), would you?'. This is an attempt to bring you back into line. Both Lightsiders and Darksiders use this, but Lightsiders do it with relish. This is meant to keep one from straying out of the box of imposed rules. You cannot Advance as long as you stay in the box.

These are just a few questions you can make with the information I've given you about the Game. You can compose many more. It's good to ask them, with people you are comfortable with. It gets them to think and self-examine. Most likely they will be flustered by the question and want to give a standard, Empire approved response. However it will register with their spirit and may also get them thinking about why. You just might be pointing them to an escape hatch. Not opening it for them, for they can only do that themselves. Remember not to be obnoxious with these kinds of questions either. Don't be a missionary. You can't save anyone else but yourself. With that in mind, have an interesting time, but start with questioning yourself first.

Observations: The Game is NOT the film "Matrix"
I rejected the submission of a link to a page that glorifies the film 'The Matrix' as if it is The Game discussed in Matrix 5. This site takes many of the film's ideas and compounds them. I went there, and it's full of movie based theories and human superior bullshit. It's an interesting film and there are some similarities to The Game, but giving the film THAT much energy will lead to dead ends and other similar manipulations.

The reason that people are pulled to the film is that there is a subconscious nudge that Earther existence is not what it seems to be and controls are involved. Most of what is in The Matrix is pure Hollywood, which is controlled by the Dark polarity. The polarities love using material that contains only enough truth to catch the unsuspecting. They candy coat (truth) their dead-end lies so that the lies will overwhelm the truth.

I NEVER use the term 'matrix' as that has a connection to the film. 'The Game' is far more accurate as it IS looked on as a Game by those Higher Selves involved in it, both Earther experience and alien (non-Earther born) experience. The film is way too Dark and sinister which does serve the polarities. Matrix 5 explains the Game for what it is - experience and a learning ground for higher experiences. The film is heavily Dark & Light polarity with Neo being the man who will 'save' (external deity) the people, not just help them realize who they are (thus 'saving' themselves), but who actually does physical battle against the Dark. That is NOT the way to win the Game, but rather the way to continue in it!

Of course it's YOUR choice with what you want to do with your incarnation. Choose whatever path YOU want. Your Higher Self will be YOUR guide. 

General Selected Paragraphs
(The 4 paragraphs below do not follow each other in the book, but each provides a tidbit of info from select topics)

"Your Higher Self (YOU) is an absolutely unique living energy being of tremendous capability, which is experiencing life on 3rd density Earth. If your Higher Self is on the simultaneous path, experience is accumulated through a great many different unique incarnational points (all YOU, experiencing) simultaneously throughout the phased space-time continuum on Earth in order to gain experience, maturity, knowledge and wisdom for use as a basis on which to further expand your experience at more refined density levels.  In order to effectively maintain multiple incarnations simultaneously, memory on the incarnational level of pre-incarnational knowledge is blocked, in order to eliminate interference in the experiential process. The Higher Self retains memory of all experience."  

"The predominant incarnational pattern on 3rd density is, however, sequential, in which Higher Selves only experience one incarnation at a time and haven’t evolved to the point where the Higher Self chooses the simultaneous path. Sequential incarnated retain the memory of previous lives, as well as all the baggage, and have continuity fears. Everything ‘alien’ to Earth comes from a sequential format. All the conformity, control, manipulation, racism and divisive patterns have been inculcated on Earth to suppress the unique individuality expressed by incarnations of Higher Selves on the simultaneous path, in order to divert incarnational progress toward more advanced perspectives outside cultural boxes and to ‘protect’ sequential incarnations and societies from the ‘contamination’ of individualism and more evolved perspectives which threaten group mind sets. Earth is an incarnation point in this galaxy for Higher Selves using simultaneous incarnational mode. All of this is discussed in detail within this book. Just enjoy being who you are and making the most out of your incarnational experience."  

"Instead of developing their minds and spirits, discovering who they really are and why they have chosen to be here, religion, government, advertisers and those who have bought into that artificial reality continually bombard the rest of the populace to be your body and keep it within standards set. Paint your face, dye your hair, keep your weight to our standards, wear what we approve of, cosmetic surgery, be seen with the 'right' crowd, eat what we say, drink what we say, have this medical test, take these drugs, smoke these ciggy butts, don't have a good time unless it's doing what we want you only have one life. LIES! "

"You only have one life as your current incarnation, but you have hundreds and hundreds of lives. It doesn't matter if you're short, tall, skinny, fat, bald, grey, wrinkled, average looking or whatever. What DOES matter is are you developing your mind? Are you true to yourself or to others? Do you live for THEM or for you? It doesn't matter if you look like the Wicked Witch of the West or are average or less in looks. It's the inner you, the REAL you that counts. Don't be side-tracked into the "I'm only human" dead end path. When someone tells me "I'm only human", I respond, "Too bad, I'm not".


Body Identification and Sex vs. Spirit Identification and Affection 
Earthers, especially Americans, have warped the word 'love' to mean primarily sex and control of another. How many times have you seen or heard someone say, "I won't let him/her go because I love him/her"? Just watch the parade of minions and low-level incarnations on the Jerry Springer show. These people don't 'love' the object of these statements, they only seek to control and dictate to them, which is anything BUT love. My Sexual Prisoner article reflects some of this intent. Sex is totally of the body. The huge sex drive was notched up by Orion genetic scientists to make people breed for the Empire. Americans are such prudes about sex due to the perverse influences of religion and that it is a Cancer country, astrologically. Since sex, for people who would like to identify themselves with religion (control), so-called decency (control) and similar, is so taboo (Orion genetic command structure), they have twisted the word 'love' to be the substitute word for 'lust'.

Someone meets someone else and wants to hop in bed. This is lust, not love. Love at first sight is the body's way of saying lust at first sight. Any partnership based on sex/sexual needs as primary is doomed to failure. 'Let's make love' someone says, but they really mean is 'let's fuck'. Using 'love' is soothing to their warped ethics. Using 'fuck' forces them to face what they want. Therefore 'fuck' is shunned. Foolish people.

Affection is the spirit ID. This is NOT sex, even though sex may occasionally be the result. Affection is what you take into higher densities. Sex is left behind in 3rd density. Affection is very common in higher densities. Affection translates into non-sexual romance, hugging, cuddling, holding hands, kissing, and similar on Earth. You can love someone and never want to have sex with them because you connect with their spirit and not their body ID. The First Law of the Universe - Like Attracts Like - warns of the folly of cross gender sex, and I've covered this already in other material. However when it's spirit to spirit, the woman's best friend is her female friend or a gay man as sex is not an object. The man's best friend is his male friend. Unfortunately, het men do not tend to mix well with lesbians as gay men do with het women. Another flaw in the het male structure. In Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean countries, people are closer to expressing their spirit without the artificial constraints of German/British Isles/Irish body ID, anti-spirit attitudes.

True to spirit, affection is NOT by any means limited to opposite genders. Many men are affectionate with women as a means to an end. Then, once married (a curse on this Orion command), romance quickly fades. As one man said on TV, 'no use to chase the bus once you've caught it'. That's because the Orion DNA commands are ALL about breeding for the Empire and keeping you away from discovering who you really are. The short circuiting that occurs when male and female get together intimately (as I've already discussed) will reinforce the lie and deny the spirit.

"I feel like a man trapped in a woman's body" or "I feel like a woman trapped in a male's body" are both of the body, NOT of the spirit. The person who says this has not matured enough to grasp the spiritual connections. The spirit is male AND female. When you are body ID, your body controls your spirit, you will only be intimate with the opposite gender (and the Orion Empire is pleased). When you are spirit ID, your body will be intimate with who you desire without regard to gender. When you are spirit ID AND Awakened to the Laws of the Universe, you can have affection for the opposite gender, but will shun sex with it to keep you progressing spiritually and not risk shorting out due to chemical/electrical imbalances in heterosexuality. 

Remember, though, I also said earlier, that an immature spirit in a body where the Orion het DNA commands have naturally collapsed (gay/lesbian), it tends to be body-controlled and sexual revolving-door attitudes are followed. Spiritual advancement is the key.

When you end your incarnation (drop dead), you will eventually be free of all the body's commands that you've been accustomed to. These fade on the astral. The more Advanced you are, the faster these are shed from your astral body. If you're a Final Incarnation, you've come to terms with this and it will not follow you once you're dead. We ALL go through ALL these stages. You are where you are in this incarnation. You WILL progress beyond body ID to full spirit ID. How long, though, is up to you and your Higher Self.

The Earth Human Body and the Higher Self 
The alien genetic scientists split the perfect human body vehicle for a Higher Self to incarnate and created 2 inharmonious genders loaded with Orion/Sirius DNA commands and alien genes as well. The new Earth human body was a servant of the Empire and the greatest challenge for a Higher Self to incarnate into. The body has demands and programs that can only be overridden by a very advanced Higher Self incarnation. This happens in slow stages. Some internal shorts to the DNA program have occurred allowing the First Law of Creation to shine through - Like attracts like in the physical too - homosexual incarnations.

The Dark manipulation of Ancient Earth humans presented a unique opportunity for rapid advancement of those Higher Selves who chose the challenge of Earth incarnations. Robert Monroe, in his trilogy, explores some of these. When the Higher Self begins the Earth mode incarnational process, it realizes it will need many hundreds of incarnations for the spirit to achieve control of the Dark engineered physical body due to the nature of the control.

As the spirit learns, it will begin to try and exert itself over the powerful body controls. Organized religion was created to make a false spiritual cage for a novice to mid-level spirit to flounder in. All organized, major, hierarchal religions have alien control at the highest levels. Try leaving one of these religions and see how family and others who belong will try and shame or pressure you to return. Leaving of a major religion for another, even if for another major religion, is a sign of spirit realizing there must be something better. It can still take many more incarnations for this restlessness of spirit to drop all major religions. 

This is one reason for the New Age religions. These are intended to be the golden cage for the spirit after it leaves the iron cage of the one god religions. That this new cage had to be developed is unsettling to the Empire and a main reason in their consideration for re-engineering Earth humans all over again. Advanced, Dominant and Final incarnations are not what they want. They want to recycle low to lower mid-level spirits into another breeding, productive incarnation. Hence the Light and Tunnel at death trap.

Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to who has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper (See Matrix II for more on which group, a member of the Orion Empire, is involved and where their generator is). If you CHOOSE to follow, you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice. This shows the Empire does have an understanding of the spirit, but it attempts to short this out. The Light and Tunnel trap is a relatively new device, but one that will fail and they now know this.

'Go into the Light' say those who have had near death experiences. They are the salespersons chosen to advertise this alien venture. NEVER enter that light. Go up, left, right, back or anywhere but there. The mass media exposure of the Light and Tunnel trap (seen in the film, 'Ghost' where the hero willingly enters the glittering trap) is to try and get people to buy the destination. This tends to play especially well on the belief structures of the Light polarity. Robert Monroe's works have gone far in educating upper mid-level and advanced spirits into avoiding this trap. The aliens know well of their less than stunning success here.

The body is the gender. It's male or female. The spirit is not the gender as it realizes that genders are a mutation of the spirit on 3rd density. The bodies' commands are numerous as is its survival mechanism. Several DNA commands are time activated. The female demand to control, dominate and transform the male to her wishes is strictly the Orion model. The male desires to breed a dynasty is the Sirian model. As both genetic scientists from Orion and Sirius were involved in the creation of Earth genders, both wanted Earth to be a micro-version of their alliance. Both Orion and Sirius are violent and aggressive. Orion is female dominated. Sirius is male dominated. As above, so below. Sirius attempted (in the very far past) to invade Orion. They lost and the Orion queen formed an alliance with Sirius. Since Orion was far more advanced technologically, the Sirians entered the alliance rather than be destroyed. Sirius has become an arm of the Orion military. (continues in book)