EndGame Sequential Plans - America and More

I spoke a lot about the sequentialization of Earth in The Graduation Key. You will find that I continue that thread on this site as well, building upon what you read in Vol II. 

With the American Empire seeking global dominance and the submission of all to the will of Washington, you should consider their propaganda tactics and how they are different from most previous empires. Note the aura that the Darksiders in Washington love to generate: America is 'good' and anyone who disagrees with America is 'bad'. This is not a new concept, but was purposely generated a long time ago to advance the sequentialization of Earth. It is how this concept is being used by American Darksiders today that puts a new slant on that tactic.

Sequentialization must begin with one country and what better country than a sequentially generated one. Enter the United States. The statue of ancient goddess, Semeramis, standing in New York harbor encourages the global riff-raff to enter. This was great public relations especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries. At that time, when the Darkside sequentials in Washington were driving the Native Americans from their homelands, there was a huge amount of open space that needed people to populate. These people needed to be primarily of the lower end of the spectrum. 

As I pointed out in previous segments, the alien sequentials always look for low end people to manipulate. The sequentials were behind the Semeramis statue with her flame of the Illuminati. These icons 'illuminate' the plan of the sequentials on Earth. However, they cover this up with the local riff-raff by telling them that these icons stand for 'liberty' and 'freedom'. While the riff-raff beLIEve this, they are being deceived. Once they beLIEve this, they can be controlled.


All the Darksiders in Washington have to do is drag out the 'liberty' and 'freedom' icons and, like the pied piper, the riff-raff dance to their tune. Their beLIEf is that 'it must be true since they are saying the right words'. The riff-raff fears knowing that it is any different that what Washington says it is.

Yes, this is part of the EndGame experience pattern, but it is to your advantage to know just what is going on and how the public is being manipulated. The American public has become so conditioned by this Dark control that they tend to get highly offended when the lie is pointed out to them.


During the 1930's-40's, it was the Germanic people who were the 'superior' ones. This was just a dress rehearsal for the American situation of today. Instead of basing superiority on a single ethnic group (something the jews still insist on), you have a political unit consisting of many groups. Single ethnic group superiority (again except for the jews - hmmm) is 'bad'. American stew pot superiority is 'good'. You should be able to see the planetary sequentialization in that. In order to fall under the embrace of the sequentialized American group, you must bow to Washington. 

Yet, the nationalism of the Americans is equal to that of the Germans of last century. THIS will have to be eliminated in a sequentialized Earth. Sequentialization demands loyalty to the planet as a whole and not to any single regional political unit. But the American phase is just the latest in the sequentialization of Earth. Unlike the homogenous alien worlds where everyone is the same: reptilians on this world, siliconics on that world, human-ish on another, Earthers, due to different alien groups' genetic manipulations, has elements of many different types of beings (excluding the silicoid and a few others).

This is why it is necessary, from the sequential point of view, for Europeans to be overwhelmed by Asians and Africans. This is why the United States must have its base of western European heritage smothered by Central/South Americans, Asians and others.


The western European base has been the strongest single unit on Earth for a long time due to their expansionist (reptilian) desires. Just as the reptilians conquer and formed their empire, the western Europeans did likewise and it is western European traditions that overwhelmed other cultures. American culture is overwhelmingly western European in flavor. Yet other sequential aliens are patrons to other ethnic areas of Earth.

Yeah, I know - it's complicated. Your Higher Self has the full memories of the galaxy Game even though the incarnations do not. You can also access many facets of the Game in the Library on 27, if you wish. That there is SO much going on now is part of the latter EndGame cycle. The muck gets increasingly muckier as the sequentials move to overpower the simultaneous in wanting to deny our path on Earth.

America is NOT the 'good' guy that it portrays to the world. It implies that all others are less. It says that if you do not tow the American philosophical lines that you are 'bad'. This is why major Darksider von Bush said, "You are either with us or against us".


The sequential mindset lives for polarity and denies Balance. While the bulk of American simultaneous path Higher Selves who live in America will buy the American superiority bullshit, those of the Very Advanced and Awakened Final Incarnations will discover what is really going on.

America can nuke whole cities and is considered 'good'. America and its allies can bomb cities and kill people (considered 'bad' by Washington, London or Jerusalem) with impunity and that's 'fine'. Yet when any American is killed, you get a 3 act Chinese opera over it. Killing ANY American by a non-American is always 'bad'. You see this in Israel as well. See how they are and what's going on? If not, you need to reevaluate where you are and the state of your own awakening.

The fascists in America (primarily the Republican party) use fear and intimidation to attempt to keep the rest of the population in line with their empire building. Flags and control slogans are in abundance with them. They are Darksiders with specific goals. Knowing this, what are you doing? If it is your path to participate, go for it. If it is your path to counter it, go for it. Whatever your path is, enjoy the experiences to the fullest. EndGame is here for all of us. 

Yet the Graduation Key is in place. You have all the keys that you need to spiral out of the Game and graduate.


That is the bottom line for the Earther simultaneous path Higher Selves.